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We of the Senior Class of 1947 differ from other classes in both a tragic and 
a happy sense: we have been in college through war and through peace. Many 
of us have helped pave the road to victory on the battlefield, and all of us still 
face the task of helping to find the pathway to an enduring peace. 

We have given some of our youth and we are glad that we could; but we 
realize the value of our gift and we soberly know that our discomforts and 
pain and grief must have a good and permanent result. We want our efforts to 
aid in constructing a new world for our children which is finer and kinder and 
more free. 

We are determined to become not only the thinking men and women but the 
acting men and women of tomorrow. We face our changing world with sincerest 
faith and high resolve. 


■* -• 

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— - 








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SWe ^oud&ame 


U. C. L. A. 14 





( ieorge Dinsmore Stoddard 
President, I 'niversity o\ Illinois 


Through this page of The lllio it is my great privilege Needless to say, acute shortages prevail. Staff and 

to extend greetings to every member of the vast Illini student housing will be a problem for some time, 

family. while the provision of permanent facilities for resi- 

How we have grown! Once more the men predomi- dence, instruction, research, and assembly will for a 

nate, and especially the men just out of uniform. There decade demand a high priority. 

are 11,000 veterans on the Urbana campus alone! The Less conspicuous but more meaningful to the indi- 

total enrollment for the year, including students of vidual student is the sincere attempt of every staff 

the undergraduate divisions at Chicago and Galesburg, member to maintain a high quality of instruction and 

is expected to reach 26,000. Three thousand additional guidance. We recognize in the return to college of 

college freshmen are "farmed out" to numerous high mature veterans and war workers an expression of 

schools under the supervision of the Extension I)i- faith in learning unparalleled in American history. 

vision. In this way the University of Illinois is fulfill- In memory of the 20,000 Illini who served in the 

ing the promise of the Hoard of Trustees and of the armed forces, and of the gallant company who gave 

leaders in government that the youth of the State their lives, let us renew our pledge of loyalty and 

will be given a full educational opportunity. service to University, State and Nation. 

George D. Stoddard 


a* 5 



Park Livingston, Chicago President 

Harrison E. Cunningham, Urbana Secretary 

Irvin L. Porter, Chicago Treasurer 

Lloyd Morey, Urbana Comptroller 


Chester R. Davis Park Livingston Walter W. McLaughlin 

Chicago Chicago Decatur 

JohnR.Fornof Dr. Martin G. Luken Dr. Karl A. Meyer 

Streatot Chicago Chicago 

Mrs. Arthur P. I lolt Frank I !. McKelve) Kenney E. Williamson 

Flora Springfield Peoria 


Vernon I .. Nickel! 

Superintendent u\ Vtibln- Instruction 

[\ -^N^ 

Park Livingston 
President) Board of Trustees 







,\U- 1 .aughlin 





Harold W. Bailey 
Director of Student Personnel Bureau 

Frank E. Bell 

Manager of the University of Illinois 

Charles E. Bowen 

Executive Director of Alumni 


Harold W. Hannah 

Director of Division of Special Services 

for War Veterans 

Charles S. Havens 
Director of Physical Plant Department 

Anthony J. Janata 
Assistant to the President 

Vernon L, Kretschmer 

Manager <>\ lllini Union Book Store and 

Manager o\ lllini Union Building 

S. Earl I hompson 

Director o) Residence I hills and 

Acting Director o) Student Housing 

( ieorge 1'. Turtle 



Donald E. Dickason 
director of N onacademic Personnel 

Coleman R. Griffith 

Lloyd Morey 

Irene D. Pierson 

Social Director of lllini Union 

Charles C. DeLong 

Josef F. Wright 

Director of Public Information and Director 

of Radio Station WILL 


Airs. Leah F. Trelease 
Dean of Women 

Edward E. Stafford 
Dean of Men 


The major duty of the Offices of the Deans is to 
counsel individual students in regard to personal prob- 
lems, especially those outside of the academic field. 
Each student has the opportunity to see the Deans at 
any time for friendly advice on any phase of university 
life, including social, scholastic, and financial problems. 

Dean of Students, Fred H. Turner, stands at the 
head of Dean's activities. Work pertaining to campus 
events, social affairs, fraternities, extra-curricular ac- 
tivities, organizations, and employment are among the 
many concerns of his office. Dean Turner has been 
associated with the Dean's office since 1922 when he 
was graduated from the University of Illinois and be- 
came an assistant Dean of Men. In 1932 he was 
awarded the full title of Dean of Men and more re- 
cently the title of Dean of Students, Dean Turner is 
nationally known for liis authoritative doctorate thesis 
on the Illinois Industrial University, for his surveys of 
student life which have been published in current 
magazines, and as a popular speaker on student life, 
lie is very interested in student organizations <>n the 
campus and is a member of the lllini Board of Control. 
On a national scope Dean Turner works activelj on 

the Educational Advisory Committee of the Inter- 
fraternity Conference and is secretary of the National 
Association of Deans and Advisers. 

This year Mrs. Leah Trelease has taken the active 
position of Dean of Women after serving as Acting 
Dean of Women last year. However, her popularity 
here on campus had its beginning before this time since 
she previously taught English courses at the Univer- 
sity. In a short time Dean Trelease has won the ad- 
miration of all the coeds at Illinois by her straight 
forward sincerity, her sense of humor, charm, and 
understanding. Her concern for the welfare of women 
students is shown in her interest in housing, scholar- 
ship, and special activities. 

Edward E. Stafford has been Dean of Men since 
1944. His job has reached a tremendous height with 
the arrival of thousands of veterans on campus this 
year, but in spite of the rush at his office he is always 
read) to see students and places the welfare of all 
men students as his foremost concern. 1 lis success and 
popularity as Dean of Men can be attributed to his 
wide experience with university lite ami students and 
his genuine interest in each individual student. 


Leah I lancock 


Robert G. Hughes 

Arthur W, Tompkins 

Richard Faletti 

\ crnon Darner 

Joanna Cavenee 

Thomas Kempner 



Victor F. Cullin President 

Charles E. Bowen Executive Director 


Joanna Cavenee. .Alumni Relations Department Head 

Leah Hancock Freshman Representative 

Robert G. Hughes Sophomore Representative 

Arthur W. Tompkins junior Representative 

Richard Faletti Senior Representative 

Vernon Damcn Galesbwg Representative 

Thomas Kempner Navy Pier Representative 

Charles E. Bowen 

Victor E. Cullin 








Mathew T. McClure 

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers in- 
structions in the humanities, the social sciences, and 
the natural sciences, leading to the degrees of bachelor 
of arts, bachelor of science, bachelor of science in 
chemistry and chemical engineering and in home eco- 
nomics. In addition, it offers the necessary work 
preparatory to medicine, law, journalism, education, 
social welfare administration and occupational therapy. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences, the largest of all colleges, 
attained its present status in 1913, when the College of 

Literature and Arts and the College of Sciences were 

The College is organized with a dean, one associate 
dean, and three assistant deans. The chief function of 
the associate and assistant deans is to give personal 
counseling to students on educational and scholastic 

The Division of General Studies with a curriculum 
built around non-departmental courses is designed spe- 
cificially for students seeking a general education. 

Mathew T McClure has been dean since 1934. 

I jncoln I 



Melvin L. Enger 

The curricula in Engineering are planned to give a 
thorough training in mathematics and the physical 
sciences which are applied in design and construction 
of engineering structures and machines and in indus- 
trial operation. A moderate degree of specialization 
is provided by curricula and options and also by 
special arrangement of courses in the senior year. 

The Engineering Experiment Station, organized in 
1903, \\as the first in any engineering college in this 
country. More than 400 bulletins and circulars record- 
ing the results of investigations in almost every field of 
engineering have been published and are to be found 

in libraries in all parts of the world. The Station is en- 
gaged in many investigations in cooperation with engi- 
neering societies, trade associations, governmental 
agencies including army, navy and air forces, and with 

Since 1934, Melvin L. Enger has been Dean of the 
College of Engineering, which this year is meeting un- 
precedented demands. The enrollment in engineering 
this year is more than twice any previous registration, 
and will tax facilities severely until the projected 
building for electrical and mechanical engineering is 

8ps>f , T 

Engineering Hal 




Walter S. Monroe 

The College of Education believing that "only an 
enlightened people can be free" has as its purpose the 
instruction of those who will teach our children the 
ideals and fundamentals of the American way of life. 

The College offers, on the undergraduate level, pro- 
fessional preparation for high school teachers. On the 
graduate level, it offers advanced professional prepara- 
tion for elementary and high school teachers, super- 
visors and principals and superintendents of schools, 
and prepares faculty members to teach and carry on 
research in education. It includes the University High 
School which is utilized for demonstration, observa- 

tion, research, and student teaching. Through the Bu- 
reau of Educational Research it provides various ser- 
vices to the schools of the State. 

The College of Education had its origin in 1893 
under the influence and teaching of Charles de Garmo, 
Professor of Psychology. In 1900, a Department of 
Education was set up, which became in 1907, the 
School of Education and in 1918 received its present 
title the College of Education. The present dean of 
the College, Walter S. Monroe, has been dean since 

Gregory I la I 



Albert J. Harno 

Democracy is founded in justice, and freedom is 
rooted in law. Liberty and justice complement each 
other; neither can exist without the other, and neither 
is likely to exist in a country that does not have a 
highly trained bar. The College of Law seeks to de- 
velop in its students an appreciation of the highest 
ideals of the profession, a facility in legal scholarship, 
and a consciousness of the responsibility of the lawyer 
to society. It takes pride in the contribution it has 
made, through its faculty and graduates, to the de- 
velopment of law and its administration. 

The College of Law was established in 1 S97, guided 
by Dr. Andrew S. Dooper, President of the University 
and first dean of the College, and the Honorable John 
D. Altgeld, governor of Illinois. The building that 
houses the College is named Altgeld Hall in honor of 
Governor Altgeld and in memory of his interests in 
the College. 

Albert James Harno has been Dean of the College 
of Law since 1922. He has been a leader in movements 
for the advancement of standards of legal education. 

Alt-eld Il-.'.'l 



Frederick S. Siebert 

The School of Journalism is a professional school 
offering training for jobs in the communications in- 
dustry, and in industry whose media of newspapers, 
magazines, radio, movies, and books must help develop 
a world of understanding and trust as the best in- 
surance against further conflict. The task of directing 
those media during responsible days ahead will be the 
task of today's journalism graduate. 

Journalism instruction at Illinois is 45 years old and 
the School is in its 20th year. During those years the 
School has been proud of the distinguished men 
who have served on its faculty and it has become 
proud of the 953 alumni, many of whom have made 

responsible places for themselves in important com- 
munications work. 

Today the School offers training in radio, journal- 
ism, advertising, publication management, editorial 
work, and has a graduate program leading to the de- 
gree of Master of Science in Journalism. It has one 
of the most complete journalism libraries in the United 
States and offers news photography training in the 
most modern photographic laboratories developed in 
any school of journalism. With these aids the com- 
munications student learns that freedom is more than 
a word. 

( Iregory I [all 



1 limni T. Scovill 

The department designated as Courses for Training 
in Business initiated in 1902 and its successor The Col- 
lege of Commerce and Business Administration organ- 
ized in 1915 have had for the period of forty-five years 
the main objective of training young people for posi- 
tions of responsibility in commercial, industrial, gov- 
ernmental, and financial institutions and in professions 
allied therewith such as the certified public account- 

In the current academic year the college, in com- 
mon with most of the others on the campus, has had 
its largest enrollment (over 2500). In addition to those 
enrolled in commerce, about one-half of whom are 

veterans, the college welcomes several hundred others 
who are registered in its various courses but who are 
enrolled as members of the Division of Special Services 
for War Veterans. 

In the emergency which requires the largest teaching 
staff the college has ever had, it was fortunately pos- 
sible to keep the already effective teaching staff and to 
acquire the services of an exceptionally well prepared 
additional staff. The staff members cooperate with the 
placement bureau of the college in trying to obtain 
for all graduates positions which will appeal to them 
and will harmonize w ith their college preparation. 

Commerce Building 




Seward C. Staley 

The School of Physical Education includes two de- 
partments: the Department of Physical Education for 
Men and the Department of Physical Education for 
Women. The current professional enrollment of 550 
undergraduate students plus approximately 65 gradu- 
ate students is the largest in the School's history. 

The School offers professional work in several allied 
fields, namely, teaching physical education, health, 
and safety, coaching athletics, and directing recreation. 
The School also conducts a service program in physi- 
cal education and a program in recreational sports for 
the general student body. 

In addition to the programs mentioned above 

which are carried on the campus at Urbana, the School 
administers programs at the Chicago Professional Col- 
leges, Navy Pier, and Galesburg. 

Because of the excellence of its staff and the un- 
usually fine facilities, equipment, and programs pro- 
vided, the School is commonly recognized as being 
one of the best in the country. One of the School's 
more distinctive features is its Physical Fitness Labora- 
tory. Created during the war, the Laboratory is now 
being used to carry on a broad program of research in 
the areas of motor and organic fitness, and for the 
purpose of giving diagnostic fitness tests to students 
and facultv members. 

I lull ( rymnasium 



Robert B. Browne 


The Division of University Extension has the re- 
sponsibility of extending the educational resources 
and services of the University, other than those pro- 
vided by the Extension Services in Agriculture and 
Home Economics, to all interested persons who are 
not enrolled for study in residence. This is done by a 
variety of educational means: extramural classes, 
courses taught by correspondence, short courses, con- 
ferences, institutes, workshops, and lecture series. 

The student body of the Division is found all over 
the world, and in a wide range of occupations. Some 
of the programs of die Division carry college credit 

courses and some will permit the student to earn credit 
in the Graduate School. 

The Summer Session has become a major enterprise 
since the University undertook year-round operation. 
Approximately 8,000 students were enrolled in the 
1946 Summer Session, the majority of whom were 
students in the University during the regular semesters 
and were in the accelerated program of the University. 
Besides these students, the Summer Session provides 
opportunities for the teachers and librarians who 
come to the campus for further study. 

Illini I i ,,ii 




Henry P. Rusk 

In its residence teaching, research, and extension, the 
College of Agriculture has three major goals: to im- 
prove the quality of the products grown on Illinois 
farms and the efficiency of their production; to ad- 
vance the welfare of those engaged in agriculture and 
its many allied industries; and to bring about a better 
understanding of the place of agriculture in our na- 
tional and world economy. 

A wide range of courses dealing with the produc- 
tion, marketing, processing, and utilization of food 
and clothing materials is offered. A new curriculum is 

being established in the rapidly developing field of 
food technology. 

The teachings of the College are vitalized by the 
work of the Experiment Station, with its hundreds 
of projects designed to test new practices and de- 
velop new knowledge; and by the close contact which 
members of the staff have with the people of the State 
through its well developed and active Extension Ser- 

Henry P. Rusk, dean since 1939, is the spokesman 
of the Illinois farmer through the college. 

New Agriculture Building 



Rcvforil Newcomb 

The College of Fine and Applied Arts has rapidly 
adjusted itself to postwar conditions, enrolling this 
year in excess of 1 300 professional students plus several 
hundred others who have come in from other colleges 
of the University to pursue one or more courses. Es- 
tablished in 1931 by a regrouping of the Departments 
of Art, Architecture and Landscape Architecture, and 
the School of Music, the College offers twelve profes- 
sional curricula leading to appropriate degrees. Grad- 
uates of the College hold important places in their re- 

spective professions throughout the nation and abroad. 

In addition to its instructional program the College 
offers annually free public lectures on various phases 
of the arts, concerts, recitals and a constantly chang- 
ing scries of art exhibits in the galleries in the Archi- 
tecture Building. 

Rexford Newcomb, Dean of the College since 1932, 
heads a faculty of ninety-six full-time teaching staff 

Architecture Building 



Robert B. Downs 

The University Library, through the General Li- 
brary and its branches, provides books needed by stu- 
dents for class reports, theses, and general readings, 
and books, journals, and other publications to aid fac- 
ulty members in their research activities. The Brows- 
ing Rooms, in the General Library and Illini Union, 
for recreational reading, are popular with the under- 
graduates. The Library contains over two million vol- 
umes, a collection increasing at the rate of more than 
50,000 books each year. Three off-campus divisions 
of the Library serve the Chicago professional colleges, 
and the undergraduate colleges at Galesburg and Navy 


The Library School, a professional school for the 
training of librarians, requires college graduation for 
admission. Established in 1893, it is the oldest library 
school west of the Alleghenies. From the beginning it 
has ranked as one of the outstanding library schools 
in America. The curriculum leads to the degree of 
Bachelor of Science in Library Science after one year 
of study, and to the degree of Master of Science after 
two years of study. 

Robert B. Downs has been director of the Library 
and Library School since 1943. 

I'niv ersity Libran 



Robert D. Carmichael 

The principal aim of graduate study is the develop- 
ment of the power and the promotion of the spirit 
of investigation. The student who pursues an extended 
course is expected to obtain a wide knowledge of his 
subject and of related fields of investigation, and also 
to acquire and begin to use the power of extending 
the range of what is known. 

Scholarships and fellowships, established by the Uni- 
versity Board of Trustees, are open to graduate stu- 
dents of exceptional ability and promise. Funds are 
available from several special sources for the support 

of additional fellowships, the purpose of which is to 
promote higher education and to contribute to the 
extension and diffusion of knowledge. Several im- 
portant individual research programs are encouraged 
and helped forward by the aid of the resources which 
have been made available through the Graduate School 
and the Research Board. Some of these are of very 
great value in the social process. 

Robert D. Carmichael has been Dean of the School 
since 1934. 

Administration Building 



Harold W. Hannah 

The Division of Special Services for War Veterans, 
which has been established by the faculty and the 
Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, is the 
University's answer to. the specific question, "What 
can we do to be of greatest service to veterans who 
wish to come to the University of Illinois?" It is a 
pioneering educational venture, breaking traditional 
educational policies, and allowing for an educational 
freedom which will best serve the needs of individual 

The Division offers veterans an opportunity to re- 
orient themselves academically through refresher work, 
reduced programs, and selection of courses; to move 
directly toward an educational objective by adding 

appropriate subjects to previously acquired credit; to 
attain an educational objective which involves subject 
matter offered in several colleges. Accordingly the 
Division administers the educational programs of vet- 
erans whose special needs are not met by existing cur- 
ricula, and can certify such students for the Bachelor 
of Science degree. 

One office of the Division handles veterans' claims 
for subsistence and tuition; another office conducts a 
service program for married veterans. In addition, the 
Division acts as a clearing house for claims, gripes, 
personal matters, and the usual problems which come 
to a dean's office. 

University Armory 



Training of students for the practice of veterinary 
medicine and for positions of responsibility in other 
fields of veterinary service and public health is one 
of the chief aims of the fledgling College of Veteri- 
nary Medicine at the University of Illinois. 

Although students probably will not be admitted 
to the college until the fall semester of 1948, according 
to Dean Robert Graham, many are now taking pre- 
veterinary work at the U. of I. The tentative curricu- 
lum provides for a minimum of two years in pre- 
veterinary instruction and four years of professional 

The first two years in the professional veterinary 
curriculum will be devoted largely to basic veterinary 
subjects, including anatomy, physiology, bacteriology, 

Robert Graham 

parasitology, pharmacology and pathology, while the 
last two years of the professional curriculum will con- 
sist of instruction in clinical subjects such as med- 
icine, surgery or obstetrics. In keeping with modern 
trends in veterinary education, approximately two- 
thirds of the instruction in the senior year will be in 
clinical and laboratory practice in connection with the 
hospital and ambulatory clinics. Here, the student will 
apply the knowledge gained in classroom and labora- 
tory in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of 
animal diseases. 

This new college will be closely affiliated with the 
Agricultural Experiment Station in research and with 
the Agricultural Extension Service in extension work. 

Veterinary Pathology Laboratory 




■ 1 

r J 






Norma Elaine Abels Freeport 

Liberal Ait^ and Sciences 

Chi Omega 
Mini Union ( ommittei ( i I Cast, "Warrior's 

(hirnie Abrams Chicago 

Ad\ i ; 
Delta Phi Epsilon 
Spanish Club; Theta Sigma Phi; The Daily 
Illini (3) 

Sidney Samuel Abrams Chicago 

Accountancy Club; Marketing Club; Pershing 

Jay Adams Champaign 


Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Marion Louise Agnew Ogden 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Political Science and Sociology 

Presbyterian Hall 

University Chorus (1, 2, 3) ; Cast, "Pirates 

of Penzance"; Production Staff, "Beggar on 

Horseback", "Alcestis", "Pirates of Penzance" Airman Marion 

English and History 
L\ ans Hall 
Concert Band (3, 4) 

Southern Illinois Normal University 

Mary Helen Albrighi Owaneco 

( ommen e 
I tinting 

Phi 'In l hi i i Ai ' lub 

[Ul.ll i 'in /; 

I n 

' i/.;/ 

Wcl h Ho 


* A 



Larry Holt Alien, Jr Indianapolis, hid. 



Delta Upsilon 

Skull and Crescent ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Ac 

countancy Club; Basketball Manager (2); 

Second Lieutenant, University Brigade 

Robert Allen Westfield, N. ], 


Civil Engineering 

Phalanx; Tau Nu Tau ; A.S.C.E. ; A.I.M.B.I 

Major, University Brigade 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Quentin Allhands Watsek\ 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Knox College 

Eugene Alt EI Paso 

Electrical Engineering 
Eta Kappa Nu ; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and 
Blade ; Pi Tau Sigma ; Second Lieutenant, Uni- 
versity Brigade 

Jean Ammons Aurora 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Evans Hall 
The Illio (3) 

North Central College ; Kalamazoo College- 

Betty Jean Anderso^— ^ Carboi 

Liberal A^pancrlScicnccs 


Southed Wis N|rr .crsityl 

Carl John Andi rso 


Barton House 

\\'i iglit lunioi ( ollege 


i.u m i l en isi Andi rson . . . . G 

A; I li IllltlK 

Homi •' 

II. .in, 1 co nics ( lub; Rural I if< ( tub 

John Melvin Andbrson. . .Kansas City, Mo 

I- 1, i trical Engineering 
Kansas City Junior College 

Margaret Helen Anderson Dixon 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Price Club 
Illustrators; Alpha Lambda Delta 
Honors Day (1, 2 3): University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 


Na i Amu rson 

al Arts and Science 
Theta Upsilon 
Stephens ( ollege 

^^j^^^^ / 

i c n c c s^^^T^B 

Mary Sylvia Anderson Stewardsou 

Fine and Applied Arts 

Music Education 

Bethany Circle 

Sigma Alpha Iota; Women's Glee Club (3. 

4); University Chorus (1); WILL (3, 41; 

Cast, "Ruddigore" 

Thomas Wayne Anderson. 
Louisiana State University 


Barbara Jeanette Angus. . .Chicago Height 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Spet , h 

Gamma Phi Beta 

Assistant Business Manager, The Illio ; The 

Illio (I, 2 3, 4) 

Philip Anikstein Gloversville, N. Y 

Gym Annex Hall 
Accountancy i lub 

Norman Carsten Anthonisf.n Chicag 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Delta Sigma Phi 
Sachem ; Tribe of Illini ; Major I ; Freshman 
Varsity Wrestling Squad; Varsity Wrestling 
Squad 11, 2, 3), Letter (1, 2, 3) 

Norma Ann Appi i Chit 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Lowry Lodge 
The Illio (2, J); W.A.A. ; Illini Union Com- 
mittee (2 ) 
Honors Day (1, 2. 3 1 

Alyci Virginia Apoyan. .Los Angeles, Calif. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Phi Mu 
Sigma Delta Pi; House President (J I ; Illini 
Union Board (3, 4) ; Illini Union Committee 
(2, 3) ; University Chorus (1), French Club; 
Spanish ( luh 

Albert Jackson Appuhn Du Quoin 

Kappa Delta Rho 
Marketing Club 

Southern Illinois Normal University 

Ferdy Stanley Aramovich Rockford 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 

Phi Kappa Tau 

Freshman Varsity Football Squad ; Varsity 

Football Squad (1, 2, 3) ; Freshman Varsity 

Track Squad; Varsity Track Squad (1, 2) 

Julius Theodore Arenberg, Jr Chicago 

Delta Chi 
Star and Scroll; Hockey Manager (2) 

University of Pennsylvania ; Northwestern 

Mary Alicia Argenbri&ht hlandinsville 


Hume Economics 
Alpha Delta Pi 
Woman's Editor, The Illinois Agriculturist 
(3) ; Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Home Economics 
(lub ; The Daily Illini (1, 2, 3) ; The Illinois 
Agriculturist (3, 4) ; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4) ; 
Production Staff, "Goodbye Again", "The 
Warrior's Husband" 
Honors Day (3 ) 

Janice Eileen Armitage 

Honii Economic 
4-H House 
W.A.A. ; W.A.A. Numerals 


Nancy Jane Armstrong Taylorville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Zeta 
The- Daily Illini (3) ; Conceit Band (3) ; 
German Club (3, 4) 
MacMurray College 







Patricia Loraini Armstrong Springfield Aits and Sciences 
Psy. i 
Illini Hall 
Carroll College 

Carswei la Ji in Arnold Hillrieu 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Pi j 1 bology 

Theta Upsilon 

The Illio (1); The Daily Illini (1) ; Illini 

Union Committee (1): Production Stall", 

"Twelfth Night", "Kins Lear" 

Charles Cletus Arnold Fairbary 

Mechanical Enginei ring 
Pi Tau Sigma , Tau Nu Tau 

Viola Brr Arnold Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Herzel Junior College; De Paul University 

Chris John Arvetis Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Commercial Design 
WILL (1 I 

Morgan Park Junior College 

La Verne Bom in Ascher Chicago 

Illini Hall 
Production Staff, "The Male Animal" 

Joan I i < n i i As< ill RMAN . . . 


. 1,7/ 1 

Hosl ii 

1 I Dail) HI, in (2, 3 

Roos ll Collegi 

l .in. in. hi 

; n i 

M i H 

H (4) ; W.G.S. 

i . 

Prod tion 



i lul. 


Ii (ivii Darrell Ati:r 1/ %eni& 



Middlebury College; Dartmouth College 


Ellen Jam Attebery '...H,m St. hum 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Alpha House 
Illustrators; House President (3) 
Honors Day (2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 


Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Alpha Chi Omega 
Illini Union Committee; Production Staff, 
"Barchester Towers", "King Lear", "Skin of 
our Teeth" 

Wright Junior College 

Onvnir. Edward Augustine Decatur 

Mechanical Engineei ing 
A.S.M.E. ; Gamma Delta 

William Stanley Autrey. . .Jonesboro, Ark. 
Civil Engineering 
Sigma Chi 

Princeton University 

Mary Barcock . . 
Liberal A 


\ Uni- 

Roiunr BuCKMAN Chicage 

Civil Engineering 
Granada Club 

Northwestern University, Hose Polytechnic 

Koiiiiii Argasi Bacon RosevilU 

\. i ,. ultuie 
i.. Ii '.il 
< asion ( lub ; Agriculture < lub 

ROBERT Charms Baddaki r . 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 

U .iittt: an 

Robert James Bail] y Macomb 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; Marketing Club; House 
President (4) ; Illini Union Committee (3) 
Western Illinois State Teachers College 

i hT^M^^i ( i i ) Bairstow .^^^■^/f 


Delta Tan Delta 
President, Senior Law Class; Phi Alpli i 
Delta; Baseball Manager 12) ; Freshman 
Varsity Polo Squad; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (3); 
Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors (4); Major. 
Cavalry, University Brigade 

George Washington University 

Francis Lucille Baker Kankakee 



Illini Hall 

Theta Sigma Phi; The Daily Illini (1, 2, 3) : 

House President (4); Illini LInion Comm't 

tec- (2, 3) 

Joan Baldry Astoria 

I Liberal Arts and Sciences 

La Trienta 
Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Span- 
ish Club; Sigma Delta Pi; House President 
(3) ; Illini Union Committee (2) ; Production 
Staff, "Romeo and Juliet", "Bauhester 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Mary Alyce Bannon Joliet 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
McKinley Hall 
Iota Sigma Pi; W.A.A. ; W.G.S. Execut ve 
Council (4) 
Honors Day (3) 

Joliet Junior College; St. Francis College 

Mary Lou Barber Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Gamma Phi Beta 

Alpha Lambda Delta; Torch; The lllio (I. 

2. 31 ; Star Course, Board of Manage s 12) 

Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Chauncey Harold Barc us Champaign 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
University Orchestra (1); Cast, "No, No, 



Margueriti Lillian Bard Maywood 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Evans Hall 

Ruth Eleanor Bardwick Harvey 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Locke Manor 
W.A.A. ; Production Staff, "King Lear", 
"Pirates of Penzance", "Alcestis", "Beggar 
on Horseback", "Blithe Spirit" 
Honors Day (3) 

Thornton Junior College 

Edward Elmer Bare Youngstown, Ohio 

Civil Engineering 
Phi Mu Delta 
A.S.C.E. ; The Daily Illini (3); Varsity 
Wrestling Squad (3) 
Wittenberg College 

Evelyn Marie Barms Joliet 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Bethany House- 
Honors Day (3) 

Joliet Junior College 

Richard Charles Barnes Woodstock 

Alpha Sigma Phi 
Sachem; Skull and Crescent; Pershing Rifles; 
Alpha Kappa Psi; Phalanx; Cavalry Officers' 
Club ; Accountancy Club ; Blackhawk Troop ; 
The lllio (1) ; Star Course, Board of Man- 
agers (2, 3) ; University Orchestra (1) ; Sec- 
ond Lieutenant, University Brigade 

Ruth Marilyn Barnftt Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Lambda Delta ; Illini Union Committee 
(2) ; Production Staff, "Romeo and Juliet" 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Miriam Marie Barr Beason 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Psycholog v 
Rec-ter Club 
House President (4) ; Women's Glee Club (1) 

Mary Adelaidj Barth (Mrs.1. 
History and Music 
Alphi Xi Delta 
Illinois Wesleyan University 




Mary Pauline Barthi i 

Personnel Administration 
Evans H.ill 
Star Course, Bo.ud of Managers (2) 


Neal Larry Bartoloni Cediti Point 

Division of Special Services 
Theta Delta Chi 
Marketing Club 

LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College 

Russi i i Baruch Chicago 

Division of Special Services 

William Joseph Bash, Jr Champaign 

Mil ini^c mail 

Delta Phi 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Star and Scroll ; Accountancy 
Club; Marketing Club; House President (4) ; 
Interfraternity Executive Council (31 ; 1st 
Regimental Band (1, 2) ; Intramural Man- 
ager (2) ; Alpha Kappa Psi 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Denison University 

Irvin James Batcman 





.Can lun 


Alpha lambda Delta 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illi 

Scholarship Key 

Franklin Harry Bayha. ..Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Engini ei ing 
W. r banical Engini < ring 
Pi i m ligma A. s.M.I . 

Honors Day (2, }) . University of Illinois 
fiol irship Key 

!'. . I . ,|. 

I in. i • \| ! lied 

Alph i ' I'n' ■■■ i' 
W.A.A in 



Marion Lee Beai MonmouM 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Sciences 
Phi Alpha Delta 
Ma-Wan-Da ; Sachem ; Phi Beta Kappa ; 
Tomahawk; Phi Eta Sigma; President, 
Y.M.C.A. ; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (3) ; Y.M.C.A. 
Board of Directors (4); Concert Band (3); 
First Regimental Band (1, 2); Men's Glee 
Club (2. 3) 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Robkrt Jennings Beai.s Decatur 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Chemical Engineering 

Sigma Phi Delta 

Scabbard and Blade; Tau Nu Tau ; A.I.C.E. ; 

A.S.M.E. ; House President (3); Second 

Lieutenant, University Brigade 

Amherst College; United States Military 

Robert Morgan Beam Eranston 



Phi Gamma Delta 

The Daily Illini (1, 2, 3), Ass!stant Editor 

(4); Sigma Delta Chi; Men's Glee Club 

(2, 3) 

Marjory Ruth Bean Vibana 

Gamma Phi Beta 
Mortar Board; Torch; Shi-Ai ; Treasurer, 
Y.W.C.A. ; Mask and Bauble; Y.W.C.A. 
Cabinet (3, 4) ; Production Staff, "Km- 
Lear", "Barchester Towers", "Three Men on 
a Horse", "Twelfth Night", "Romeo and 
Honors Day f 1 ) 

Beverly Bebb Wichita Falls, Tex. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Gamma Phi Beta 
Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4); University Chorus 
(3, 4) 
Honors Day (3) 

Hardin Junior College; Texas State Col- 
lege for Women 

James Jenry Bfc 

Boonrille. Mo 


El)\\ Mil) Bl < KER i 

InJ a 'i rial Administration 

Gratia Becker J/« 

I ilnial Aits and s. il ni 
/'•I, ; 

McKinlej Hall 

I'm ( In 

Helen Wynbtte Becker 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
House President (4) ; W.A.A. 



[AMES Hi (KIR Glen Ell) ii 

Electrical Engineering 
Chi Phi 
Eta Kappa Nu ; Editor, Illinois Tcchnograph : 
WILL (2, 3) ; I.R.E.; A.I.E.E. 
Honors Day (2 ) 

University of Michigan 

Lj». a*. 

^^^P^b Journalism ^r^P^ 

^ m Editorial ~ Q 

StratforcT House 

Theta Sigma Phi 
Honors Day (3) 

Morgan Park Junior College 

Nora Irene Beers Stdell 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
English and Spanish 
Weatherly Hall 
Honors Day (3) 

William Herman Behlinc, Jr., 

West All is, Wis. 
Electrical Engineering 
Alpha Tau Omega 
University of Wisconsin 

Earle Howard Bell Eransiille, hid. 

Mechanical Engineering 
Phi Kappa Psi 
A.S.M.E. ; Concert Band (2, 3) ; First Regi- 
mental Band (3, 4) 

Indiana State Teachers College 

Mary Rose Beliand Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Cagle Hall 
Alpha Lambda Delta ; Production Staff, 
"Twelfth Night" 
Honors Day I I I 

art Cole Bi.asier. .Crosse Pontic, Mich. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Social Sen in e 
Phi Gamma Delta 
Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Skull and Crescent; 
Phi Eta Sigma; Illini Union Board (2); 
President, Freshman Class ; The Daily Illini 
(1) ; Phi Beta Kappa 
Honors Day (1, 2) 



Mu hai i Hi ndas Champaign 

Mi i banical Engineering 
Brown Thresh 
Phi Eta Sigma; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and 
Blade; Tau Nu Tau; A.S.M.E.; Second 
Lieutenant, University Brigade 
Honors Day ( 1 I 

Richard Keith BENJAMIN Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Pershing Rifles; Gymnastics 

Mary Ellen Bennett Champaign 

. [dvertising 
Kappa Alpha Theta 
Production Staff, "Barchester Towers", "The 
Male Animal", "Romeo and Juliet" 
Stephens College 

Barbara Robbins Benson Champaign 

Secondary English 
Farmington State Teacher's College 

Herschel Grover Benson Champaign 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
Psi Upsilon 
Tribe of Illini ; Major I ; Freshman Varsity 
Baseball Squad ; Freshman Varsity Ice Hockey 
Squad; Varsity Ice Hockey Squad (2, 3) ; 
Varsity Ice Hockey Letter (2, 3) 
Farmington State Teacher's College 

Lawrence Mitchell Benzuly. . . .Oak Park 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Epsilon Pi 
The Daily Illini (1) 
Ohio University 

James Bercos 

Mathematic i 
Wright Junior College 


Lois Jane Berger Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
W.A.A.; W.A.A. Numeral; Major I; Ter- 
rapin ; Psi Chi 
Honors Day (3) 

University of Chicago 















Ann Berggren Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Economit < 
Alpha Gamma Delta 
DePauv, University 

Dorothy Hi rki i Belleville 

Liberal Aits and Sucikcs 
Delta Gamma 
Sigma Delta Pi. Spanish Club; French ( lub: 
The Illio (3): Illmi Union Committee (3); 
Production Staff, "King Lear", "The Skin oi 
Our Teeth" 
Honors Day ( 3 I 
Principia College 

Patricia Lotta H i r k ,\m \ Chicago 

Elemt «/,;>) Education 
Pin Sigma Sigma 
The Illio II, 21 : Illini Union Committee (1) 

Rom in Erwin Berry East Molim 

Managi menl 

Stadium Hall 
Tomohawk ; Freshman Council; President, 
Sophomore Class; The Illio (1, 2); Illini 
Union Committee; Chairman, Illini LInion 
Coffee Hours; Chairman, Green Friars; Pro- 
duction Staff, "Nothing Ventured" 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

William Ei.ton BrRRY, Jr Zeigler 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Sat >n ( 
Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi 
Lambda Upsilon ; Pi Tau Sigma ; Scabbard 
and Blade; Production Staff, "Blithe Spirit" 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Barbara Ann Bf.senfei.der. . . .Spring Valley 

Commercial Teaching 
Thcta Upsilon 
Pin ( In Thcta ; Illini Union ( ommittee (2, -f ) 
MacMurray < ollege 

Richard Purvis Besi Columbus, Ohio 

I ;i\ im. hi ol Spi ' ial Services 
I Ihio m. im I nivi rsity 

IVllil i ' I i n III i |r 

I ■ ' 
hi, i 

I I'll, Him 

Phi Mi igi i roll in im , 

' lub i In Igricultui i mi M i'i, 

1 ' I"'' ' 'i.O' in ' I li't .hum ill, II 

V M I \ Bo mi "i l "I- 1 0" i.i Pii 

I' n. oil I I 

II. i 01 I " Mi 



Emily Frank Bivfr GolconS 

. U t ountant y 
Beta Gamma Sigma; Alpha Lambda Delta; 
Phi Chi Theta ; Accountancy Club 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois I 
Scholarship Key 

Robert Josfph Blvfr DanviM 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Alpha ( hi Sigma ; A.C.S. 

John Francis Bianchetta. . .South Standard 
Aeronautical Engineering 
Honors Day I 1, 3) 

Ernest Ludwig Bibfrstein. .Brooklyn. N. Y. 
General Agriculture 
Alpha Epsilon Pi 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Alpha Zeta ; Agriculture Club 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois ■ 
Scholarship Key 

Robert Jackson Billick Bloomington 


Theta Chi 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; Accountancy Club 

Charles Kember Billings E.ulnlh 

Met h&ical ILWgtneertng 


Managt nun: 
Delia Sigma Pi 

Northwestern University 


Kohi h i Byron Bird in , Ml 

i iberal Aits and Si iem es 

. , ■'.-:,.;! Engintering 

Alpha ( III Sigma jj ^jjft 

Phi I ta Sigma , I ,m Hda Pi . Omicrti I 
Kappa \ii i 
I'niMisiiv oi Maryland 

Ri hi Akiini: Birdzeli Champaign 


Economu i 
I lonors Day ( 1 ) 
Eastern Illinois State Teachers College 

Russel Charles Birk Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Granada ( luh 
Honors Day ( J I 

^^ Chemistry W* 


Donald Welch Birks Peoria 

Alpha Tau Omega 
Sachem ; Skull and Crescent ; Track Manager 
Honors Day (3) 

Robert Fulton Bishop Decatur 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Granada Club 
Alpha Phi Omega 

University of Wisconsin 

Robert Leroy Bitzer Collinsville 

Division of Special Services 
Beta Theta Pi 
Ma-Wan-Da ; Sachem ; Skull and Cresient ; 
Junior Prom Publicity Committee (3); Busi- 
ness Manager, The Illio ; The Illio (1. 2, 3, 
4); Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad; 
Varsity Basketball Squad (2) ; House Presi- 
dent (4) ; Interfraternity Executive Council 
(3); Chief Illiniwek (3, 4); Star Course, 
Board of Managers (2); First Regimental 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Charles Thomas Black La Salic 

Theta Delta Chi 
Marketing Club ; Accountancy Club 
LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College 

Minnie Lou Bla< k Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

General Psychology 

Gamma Phi Beta 

The Illio (1, 2) ; Women's Glee Club (3 1 ; 

Production Staff, "Pride and Prejudice", 

"Romeo and Juliet" 


Rh hard Hite Black Olney 

Division of Special Services 
Kappa Sigma 
House President (3) : Interfraternity Executive 
( ouncil (3) 

Alma Kathryn Blackwood Urbana 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 
WA.A. (4) ; Concert Band (3) ; Women's 
Glee Club (3, 4 1 

George Peabody College 

John Walter Blaker. .Klamath Falls, Ore. 
Civil Engineering 
Alpha Tau Omega 
University of California 

Lois Jane Bland Bethany 

Home Economics 
4-H House 
Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Home Economics Club 
(3, 4) ; Illini Union Committee (3) 
Honors Day (3) 
Blackburn College 

Jruce Edward Blansett Winchester 

Division of Special Services 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 

William Calvin Bledsoe 

Mechanical Engineering 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
Eureka College 

. Ingle side 

Gustav Peter Blom Eau Claire, Wis. 

Mechanical Engineering 
Phi Delta Theta 
A.S.M.E. ; Interfraternity Executive Council 
(3); Tribe of Illini (3); Varsity Track 
Squad (3, 4), Letter (3, 4); Varsity Foot- 
ball Squad (3) 
Stout Institute 

Ralph Ulysses Bloom Urbana 



Pershing Rifles; Phalanx; Agricultural Club 















V: J 






. ,' 




John Gerald Bloomfield. 
Sigma ( In 
Honors Day (2, 3) 


Edwin Ellsworth Bly. .San Francisco, Cat. 
Civil Engim 
Chi Epsilon ; A.S.C.E. ; The Technograph 
University of California 

Phillip Edwards Bly Indianapolis, Ind. 

Division of Special Services 
Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (4) 

Indiana State Teacher's College 

Charles Everette Boettcher RockforJ 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Design 
University of Texas 

Robert Lynn Bohon Decatur 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 
Alpha Chi Sigma ; Sigma Tau ; University 
Orchestra (2, 4) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 
Millikin University 

Earl Eugene Boling Peoria 

Mechanical Engineering 
Phi Eta Sigma 

Marion Bollinger ( hicago 

Journa lism 
Gamma Phi Beta 
Mortal Board ["on h Assistant l ditoi . The 
lllio ; Freshman Council; The Illio (I, 2, 
i, I) 
Honors Day (1,3) 



i, i 
l hi l i ilon Phi 
\\ 1 1 ■ i , i | u n ioi Col li 


John Harry Bolt Cittfk 

Met hanical Engineering 
Columbia University 

Lyman Bonner takt Vilm 

Alpha Kappa Psi ; Accountancy Club 

Alvern Noel Bonnett Tus'eom 



Pi Kappa Alpha 

Mask and Wig; Marketing Club (I, 2, 4); 

Accountancy Club (I, 2) ; Cast, "Red Points 

and Blue'' 

University of Pennsylvania 

Kathleen Eloise Boos Carthage 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Evans Hall 
Marycrest College 

Gerald Harrison Borden Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Theta Delta Chi 
Head Photographer, Illini Publishing Com- 
pany ; Interfraternity Executive Council ; Sec- 
ond Lieutenant, University Brigade 

Richard Borns . ^^^^ Chicago 

_E/m iri\ E 

(harms Edward BcW^tikiim n De Soto 

<Ji tend 
Naboi House 
Illini Rural Life ( tub 
Honors Drj i i i 

A i lu ii i ( vni Bo i 1 1\ P, kin 

Di\ ision "i Sek 'ill Sen ices 
i ■ "/< 'i t 

I an Kappa Epsilon 
Phi Mu Alpha; Sinfonia ; kappa Delta Pi; 
Phi Alpha (In. House President in Inter- 
fraternity Executive Council H) ; Concert 

Hand (I. !, i. II. Si.,, i ourse, Hoard of 
Managi rs I '. 1 1 ; Mi n s i llee ( lub ( '. l, 4) ; 
l lniv< rsitj Orchestra i i . I) 

Honors li.u i i . '. i i . I ihm imI\ .'I Illinois 
s, |,ol irship K.s 

Helen Elizabeth Bowditch, 

Lakiwood, Ohio 
Home Economics 
Presbyterian Hall 
Phi Upsilon Omicron ; University < horus ( 1 t 
Honors Day < 1 I 

Betty Jrir Bowen Herrin 


Illini Union Committee (4) ; The Daily lllim 
Southern Illinois Normal University 

IvW^J fh oV' I Hs *NH| 

^^r^P^ Aits Sciences ,^^^^^W 

^ % Chemistry ^ ^ 


Arts and Sciences 
Colonial Manor 
Iota Sigma Pi ; Gamma Delta 
Honors Day I J I 
Aurora ( ollege 

Mary Geraldine Bowers Tiskilwa 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Cyclothem ( luh 

Illinois Wesleyan University 

Mary Catherine Bowersock Hinsdale 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Theta Upsilon 
DePauw University 

Melvin Jerome Boxerman Waukegan 

Division of Special Services 
Alpha Epsilon Pi 
Pershing Rifles II, 21 : Accountancy Club ; 
Marketing flub 

Ernest Boyaris Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
College Hall 
Wright Junior College 

Edward Alvin Boyle Aurora 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Gamma Delta 
Wabash f ollege 

Thomas Brahana Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
\[.illi mam j 
Phi Kappa Sigma 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Pi Mu Epsilon 
Honors Day (1. 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

LEONA Brahin Waukegan 

Biological Science 
Evans Hall 
Arepo ; Mask and Bauble; Production Staff, 
"Warrior's Husband", "H.M.S. Pinafore", 
"Claudia", "Skin of Our Teeth", "Romeo 
and Juliet" 

Norman Herbert Brainin 

Liberal Arts and Science 
Sigma Alpha Mu 
Captain, University Brigade 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 


June Ruth Bramlet Peoria 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Alpha Omicron Pi 
Mortar Board ; Torch ; Shi-Ai ; President, 
Y.W.C.A. ; Pan-Hellenic Executive Council 
(3) ; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3, 4) ; Star Course 
Board of Managers (2) ; Illini Union Com- 
mittee (1) ; Women's Glee Club (1) 
Honors Day (1. 2, 3) 

Columbia University 

Edward Walter Brandt. .. .Glendale, Calif. 
Division of Special Services 
Illini LFnion Committee 
Glendale College 

Paul Carl Henry Brandt, 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
Alpha Rho Chi 
Gargoyle Society ; Tomahawk ; Pershing Rifles ; 
Scabbard and Blade : Second Lieutenant, Uni- 
versity Brigade 
Honors Day (1) 

Hi rbert Allen Brandwein Chicago 

Martagi went 
Phi Epsilon Pi 

Kathleen Branigan Amboy 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Spanish Club (4) ; W.A.A. (1, 2) 
North Central College 



Shirley May Braun Chicago 

Institution Management 
Alpha Xi Delta 
Coe College 

Jerry Phillip Braveman Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Phi Epsilon Pi 
University of Notre Dame 

Lawrence Joshua Breinin. .Hollywood, < al. 


Civil Enginet i ing 

Chi Epsilon ; Sigma Tau ; Tau Beta Pi ; 

A.S.C.E. ; Varsity Basketball (2) 

Montana School of Mine 

Margaret Louise Bremer Danville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Evans Hall 
Spanish Club; Illini Union Committee (1, 2) : 
University Chorus (1, 2); WILL (1); Cast, 
"Three Penny Opera" ; Production Staff. 
"Blithe Spirit", "Beggar on Horseback", 
"Pirates of Penzance" 

Joanna Mae Brenner Cissna Paik 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
W.A.A. (2, 3, 4) ; Women's Glee Club (1, 
2, 3, 4) ; Physical Education Major Club 
(2, 3. 4) 

Leavitta Maxine Brfwer Toledo 

Weatherly Hall 
Greenville College 

Hi i iv I oi I SI BRIGGS Weldon 

i < numeric' 
7 . ,/. hing 
A l| hs I ambda I >< Ita I lousi Pri sident I I ) 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Jai k RUSSEI i Hni i l» 

Comm ro 
Ban kin ana I ' 


Si i "'"I I' i i Band (1 !) Univei I 

Orchestra I i I M rketinj Club : unta n 

I ln|. 


Muriel Helen Broadway Granite City 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Busey Hall 
Sigma Delta Pi ; Production Staff, "Romeo 
and Juliet", "Barchester Towers" 
Honors Day (3) 

Washington University 

Wesley Robert Izzard Amarillo, Tex,\ 

Division of Special Services 
Men's Residence Hall 

Texas Technical University; Texas State j 
Uni\ ersity 

Jean Audrey Mae Brock St. Louis, Mo. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemistry and Zoology 
Illinois Agriculturist (I); Ecology Club (22 
3, 4) 

Ernest Carl Brockschmidt LaGrange 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Men's Residence Hall 
Lyons Township Junior College 

Erna Reeva Brodsky Quincy 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Delta Tau 
The Illio ( 1 , 2 ) ; The Daily Illini ( 1 ) 

Wayne Gottlieb Broehl, |r P<oritt\ 

lkta Theta Pi 
Band ol X; P.erotts ; The Dail) Illini (1); 
Freshman V.usity Golf; Varsity Golf (2, 3); 
Will. (2); Second Lieutenant, University 
Brigade; Cast, "Two On An Island". "Love 
Rides tin Rails" 

I i OKI xii I.imi Bin >m \0i 

I nil and Applied Alt- 

Minn Education 
Theta Upsilon 
University ( horus i *. -i) 
Monii. ello I ollegi 

James Ri \D Brooks, Jr ( / , ,<.■ 

Chi Phi 
Daily Illini II. 2, 3, 4) ; Sigma Helta Chi 

Burton Clifford Brown Chicago 


Phi K.ippa T.ui 
Accountancy Club; Marketing Club; Alpha 
Phi Omega ; The Daily Illini I I ) 

( suitoi d|^frT\t Br< i\v 

(of Special Services ( 
mess Administration 
Alpha ChfRho 
Mens Glee Club (2) ; First Regimental Bind 

Helen Ironsmith Brown. .Kansas City. Mo 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kansas City University 

James Lloyd Brown U> bana 

Delta Tau Delta 
Tribe of Illini ; Major I ; Freshman Vars : ty 
Golf Squad: Varsity Golf Squad (2, 3, 4) : 
Varsity Golf Letter (2. 3) ; Captain, Golf 
Team (4) ; Marketing Club 

Marjory Todd Brown Hillsboro 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Speech Correction 
Zet.i Phi Eta 
Bl.ukhurn College 

Mary Sue Brown Cleveland, Mi. 

Mathematics and French 
Delta Delta Delta 
Illini Union Committee 

Mississippi Delta State University 

Mervin Fowler Browne Vrbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma ( hi 
Concert Band ( 1 ) 
DcPauw University 


Kohiri" Biii. Browne, Jr Vrbana 

H banical Engineering 

Sigma Chi 
A.S.M.E. ; Second Lieutenant, University Bri- 

Ann Bruce Alton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Delta Pi 
The Daily Illini (3) ; Production Staff, "King 

Lindenwood College 

NJ\\( Y Jam Brii i Lockport 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
House President (4); Illini Union Council 
(3); Illini Union Committee II, 2, 3, 4 ) ; 
Spanish Club (3, I) 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

< harles Bernhart Bruggen Berwyn 

Civil Engineering 

Sigma ( hi 
( hi Epsilon ; A.S.C.E. 

Morton Junior College : Northwestern Uni- 
versity ; Purdue University 

Angelina Lucille Brummfr Lincoln 

McKinley Hall 

Lincoln College, Illinois State Normal Uni- 

Mary Elizabi ih Bruner Vrbana 

Fine and Applied Arts Design 

Cedrk Di May BrlTNNER Aurora 

Ct ramie Engineering 
Pershing Rifles; ( ais.son Club; Scabbard and 
Blade ; First Lieutenant, University Brigade 

Evelyn Joyi e Bryant Xenia 

Liberal Arts and Scient es 
Psych . 

House President (2 1 . Spanish ( lub ; \Y A A 






James Buck Council Bluff', Iowa 

Division of Special Services 
Naval Science 
Phi Delia Theta 
Honors Day I * i 

Wabash College ; Ohio Wesleyan Uni- 
\ ei sity 

Mildred Brousi i Chicago 

Liberal Art-, and Sciences 
Ph . 
German Club 
Honors Day I I i 
Northwestern Uni 

KoiuRi Charles Buchman Chicago 

Civil Engineering 
Granada Club 

Robert Michael Buhai Chi, ago 

Zeta Beta Tau 
House President (4) ; Interfraternity Execu- 
tive Council (3) ; lllini Union Committee (1, 
2) ; First Lieutenant, University Brigade 

Howard Bullard Medfortl, Okla. 


Accountancy Club; Marketing Club 
Northern Oklahoma Junior College 

Roger Summers Bullard... 
Managemt nt 
Delta Phi 
Alpha Kappa Psi 


( i i! i is Wii son Bin i [NG, 

Grand Rapids, Mil l>. 
Division oi Spi i ial Sen ices 
Mi n s Ri sidi m i 1 1. ill 
( ji .in.! Rapids Junioi ( ollege 

Theodore August Burgward, Jr.. .Chicago 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Gym Annex 
Wilson Junior College 

John Valentine Burns Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Kappa Psi 

University of Notre Dame; Indiana State 

Edward Everett Burr Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Industrial Design 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
University of Arkansas 

Mary Louise Burtle Quincy 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Mathematii i 
Menomee Manor 
Alphi Pi Delta 
Quincy College 

Arthur Frederick Busboom Gifford 

Business Management 
Phi Sigma Kappa 
Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad; Fresh- 
man Varsity Baseball Squad : Varsity Base- 
ball Squad (2, 3, 4) ; Marketing Club (4) 

Fraxi is Bush man 

St. No i . '.■ Wis. 

( a il Engirii 
Phi Kappa Psi 
Chi Epsilon ; Sigma Tau AM I 
Universitj ol Washington 

I ROL1 I i' 'i Bl I'' i i 


I Ed net. 

/- ' i I mi Alpha 

I and Baubli I In hi sii Produ 
i hi V\ arrior's Hui band . 

in thi Hoi i Skin of Oui 

1 1.. . Mi i, .... . Horsi i ' .il lllini (11 
W A A 


Ml rkii I l'uwc is Be 1 1 I R. .In Rod 

Enginei i ing 
\i. . I anical En gin, 

C In Psi 
Ma Wan Da . Sat hi ni . II. ms, Pri sidl nl (J) 

Football M ana:., : I -I I nU ..I lllini (I I 

Sei ond l n uti n. mi. I Iniversitj Bi; Butler New York, N. Y. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Si iem • 
Pi Lambda Pin 
Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad; Hou .c 
President (3, 4); Interli.iternity Executive 
Council <2, 3) ; Second Lieutenant. University 
Brigade: Rifle ( lub 

William Martin Butorac Chicago 

Fine and Applied Aits 
Honors Day (2,3) 

Pc inn W^M f^/ ARIi 7*H^ 

^^V^V ^ ,ts Sciences ^^^^9 

W % Psychology W % 

Alpha Delta Pi 
Pm Chi; Illini Union Committee (2, 3, 4) : 
Production Staff, "King Lear" 
Earlham College 

Rom rt Harlan Caldwell Jacksonvillt 

General Engineering 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
A.S.C.E. ; House President (3) ; Interfraternity 
Executive Council (2) 
Illinois College 

FiFnrv John Callsen Oak Park 


I General 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Alpha Zeta 

Lyons Township Junior College 

W'ii i [AM Carrol Calvin Vrbana 

Division of Special Services 
Honor Day (3) 

Illinois State Normal University 

Anna Marie Campana Wilmetti 

Fine and Applied Aits 
Commercial Dt ugn 
Delta Zeta 
Illustrators; The Illio (1) ; Women's Glee 
I Club (1); University Chorus 111; H. us: 
President (2 1 
Honors Day ( 3 ) 

Joan Franc is ( am phi li Ch. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Kappa Alpha Theta 

The Illio (II; Daily Illini I 1, 21; HOUS3 

President (4); Illini Union Committee (31. 

W.A.A. I I, 2, }, II 




Marjokii Jam Campbell Joliet 


Busty Hall 

Joliet Junioi ( ollege 

Richard CAMPOBELLO Rockjoid 


Alpha Kappa Lambda 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Accountancy Club 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Samuel Campobfllo Radford 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Account- 
ancy Club 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Leslie Canterbury O' Fallon 

Publit at ton Management 
Sigma Delta f hi 

Charlotte Ruth Cantor Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Iota Sigma Pi ; House President 
Wright Junior College 

George Evans Carapanos Elgin 

Electrical Engineering 
Mull Manor 

Barbara Joyce Carleton Gary, hid. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Alpha Theta 

Robert Lee CarlocK Shirley 


Illinois State Normal University 


» I 






Margaret Ann Carlsten Paxton 

Personnel Managt ment 
McKinley Hall 
Accountancy Club; W.A.A. 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Vincent Lucian Carrubba Chicago 

Division of Special Services 
Sigma Delta Pi; Spanish I lub 

Vera Lorrainl Carter Berwyn 

Busey Hall 
Morton Junior College 

John Jamfs Carv Hmni wood 

Alpha Kappa Psi ; Pierrots ; Marketing Club ; 
Men's Glee Club (3, 4) ; Cast, "Beggar on 
Horseback", "Alcestis", "Devil and Daniel 

Thornton Junior College 

Paul Van Zandt Cary Rockjord 

Illini Union Board (2, 3) 

Harry James Casey, Jr St. Louis, Mo. 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Pi Kappa Alpha 
University of Wisconsin 

[OH . 5TAN] l V ( ASSl I I A [It, ,,i 

< omr 

Marki tin 
Alpha Kappa i ambda 

Mai I ■ ting ' lub ; A intani ) ( lub ; Dail) 

Illini i i, ' i 
i lonoi i Daj (1) 


Liberal Arl md ienci 

I',, l .in 
Alpha Mu 

in /anitj ["racl iquad tnterl ral tj 

i cutivc ( I I I) Willi' .i 



James Evereti Cathey St. Louis, Mo. 

Division of Special Services 
Industrial Management 
Alpha Tau Omega 
Marketing Club 
Honors Day (3 • 

Washington University 


John Cavanaugh Danville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Tau Delta 
House President (4) ; Intramural Manager 

Tom Richard Cavanaugh Danville 

Fine and Applied Arts 

Delta Tau Delta 

Joanna Cavanee Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chi Omega 
Mortar Board ; Torch ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha 
Lambda Delta ; Psi Chi ; Chairman, Home- 
coming Committee (3) ; Chairman, University 
Sings (2); Illini Union Board (4); Illini 
Union Council (2, 3) ; Illini Union Commit- 
tee (1, 2) 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Lucie Margaret Chalmers Wilmetie 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Delta Pi 
Lake Forest College 

Frank. William Ch^manV Hanover 


Four GlTumnl 
Accounta^y Cluh^^pFkcri^^r lub 

Marilyn Louisi < n.iWRS / , 

Fine and Applied Arts 
( mi mi Art 
Delta Gamma 
Student Senate (i, 4); Student Affairs (4) 

Illustrators ; Illini Board ol ( ontiol (}, I ) 

Honors Day (2, 3) 
Maryville < ollege 

Yung ["ing < hen Kunming, Yunnan • 
Liberal Arts and S< iem es 
. vical Engimering 

— .y ^^Kl \,il ioiuI Yunnan Ihmcisitv ol (lima 

Hi nry Allen Childers Urbana 

( ommerce 
/ ign 7 >. i. A and Transportation 

Will. (1 ) 

Row r i Gregg ' hisolm. .Minneapolh Minn. 
( ommerce 
Managi mi nt 
Alpha Tau Omega 
Dolphins. Freshman Varsity Swimming 
Squad; Varsity Swimming Squad (2. 4) 

Kohl Ri 

l^praT Arts and Sciences 
Pin Gamma Delta 

Sciences ^^ B 

Wilson ( hong, 

5;. Andrew. Jamaica. B.W.I. 
Fine and Applied Aits 
An hitet tun 
University of Notre Dame 

Georgianne Christensen Marion 

I Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Busey Hall 
Illini Union Committee 12, 3 1 

Rlorence Emily Christiansen Chicago 

( ommerce 
Pet tonnel Management 

Presbyterian Hall 
McKinley Foundation Council 
North Park College 

Claire Margaret ( hulay Chicag 

Liberal Aits and Sciences 
Biological Science 
Theta Upsilon 
W.G.S. Executive Council (}) ; Illini Linn n 
Committee (2, 3, 4 i . Spanish ( lub 
Honors Day 1 2 I 

Wright Junioi ( ollege 

I'm i i is Hi ih ( HUMBl EY Chii 

Libei al Arts and S. iences 
Chi < 1: 


. Idt i rtising 
llhni Hall 
Wright lunioi ( ollege 

.< bicagc 

c.i ori \ Mm Cimino ( bicai ■ 

Liberal Aits and Si iences 
Busej Hall 
Illini I 'nion ( ommittee I 2 i 

( ARI JOSI I'll ( IPOI LA Chi 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Theta Kappa Phi 
Interfraternity Executive Council; Freshman 
Varsity Baseball Squad; Freshman Varsity 
Basketball Squad; ( ast, "Heaven Can Wait", 
"He Who Gets .slapped", "Her Fatal 
Beauty"; Production Staff, "Ruddigore" 

Cornell University 

Raymond Edward Clancy.. Springfield 

( n il Engint t ring 

Mercer University; University of South 
( arolina 

Colleen Jon i Clark Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Theta Upsilon 
Illini Union ( ommittee (3) 

Joan C lark Puna 

D/i tt lit . 
Alpha Chi Omega 
Torch : Alpha Lambda Delta ; Mask and 
Bauble; Arepo ; Orchesis (II; The Dailv 
Illini (II; Production Staff, "Twelfth 
Night", "Claudia". "The Warrior's Hus- 
band", "Romeo and Juliet". "Kint; Lear"; 
The Illini Theatre Guild Board 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Robert Arthur Cline. . .Youngstown, Ohio 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education and Musii 

Delta Chi 
Phi Mu Alpha; Concert Band II. 2, 3. n . 
I Iniversity Orchestra I i I 

University of Michigan 

Bruc i 1 n\\ MID I InllllM Chi: 

. l./r. rtising 
Si ;ma Alpha Mu 
Pershing Rifles; Freshman Varsity Track 
squad . The Daily Illini I l I 







RoBFRTA JO COALE Mount Will"): 

Ch it i 
Evans Hall 
Southern Illinois Normal University 

Kathryn Avery Cobb Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Ptychi I 
Alpha Chi Omega 
Alpha Lambda Delta 
Honors Day ( 1 I 

Joseph Francis Coffman Mi. Vernon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Scit m . 
Delta Phi 
Second Lieutenant, University Brigade; Cais 
son Club 

Southern Illinois Normal University 

Bernard CoHrs' Chicag 

Four Columns 
Illini Union Committee; Spanish Club 
Wright Junior College 

Geraldine Cohen Vttndalia 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Busey Hall 
Honors Day (2) 

Norman Kenwood Cohn Clayton, Mo. 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architct tin al Enginet ring 

Pi Lambda Phi 

Georo Donavon Con Potomai 

Gt m ml 
Newman Hall 

ilUlK ( lull 

Illinois State Normal University; Eastern 
Illinois Stati Normal Uni' 

I i i i ii ( IOM COL1 $p 

I >r. i,i. hi ..I Spei ill 
/ I 
Phi Ii. iii rheta 

l ' i - ill 

Diegi I 


Patricia Eileen Collins Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Mundelein ( ollege 

Winifred Combs Ohic 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Home Economic i 
Phi Upsilon Omicron 

Richard Nicholas Conte Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 

Louise Dulaney Converse L'lta 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Alpha Theta 
Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3, 4) 

Lawrence Vincent Conway Moline 


Sachem ; Pershing Rifles ; Scabbard and Blade 
Freshman Varsity Cross-Country Squad 
Freshman Varsity Indoor Track Squad ; Illini 
Union Committee (1, 2, 3) 


William Rokfri (iiuniJ Springfield 

Civil Engint 


Ardis Jam CORP N 

1 ilx . \ 1 1 ^ and Si him S 

S ii 

Ma. Mum. IJ I oil I 

Rom Rr Dalj Corzinj Assumption 


Gem ral 

Alpha Gamma Rho 

The Illinois Agriculturist II, 2, 5), Business 

Manager (4); Agriculture Club; Field and 

Pui row 

Martha Lois Cotttngham Danvilh 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Speet h ( orn < lion 

Delta Delta Delta 

Zeta Phi Eta; The Illio (1, 2) ; Illini I'm..,, 

Committee (2, 3) ; University Orchestra III; 

Production Staff, "King Lear" 

i nil 


( 1 1\ i it . . . . 

Arts and Sciences 

Evans Hall 
Torch ; Co-Manager, Star Course ; Student 
Senate (2, 3, 4); Freshman Council, Iota 
Sigma Pi; General Chairman, Sophomore Co- 
tillion; Chairman, Freshman Frolic; Illini 
Union Committee (1) ; Star Course, Board of 
Managers (2, 3) ; Production Staff, "Twelfth 
Night", "Warrior's Husband" ; Audit and 
Supervision Committee (4) 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Joy Helen Covey Poplar Gion 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Mariiil Cowgur Jacksonville 

Home Economics 
Fraker House 
M.u Murray College 

Jay Ashton Cox Ontario, Cal. 

Electrical Engineei ing 
Eta Kappa Nu : Pi Mu Epsilon; Concert Band 
Pomona ( ollege 

Kelly Cox, Jr Honpi uon 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 

Psi Upsilon 
Freshman Varsity Football Squad; V.usih 
Football Squad '?■) 

John Wii i.iam Crane ( bit ago 

( ommerce 

Industrial Administration 

Phi Gamma Delta 

Scabbard and Blade; Alpha Tau Sigma: 

Freshman Varsity Baseball Squad; WIN 

Captain, University Brigade 


Ralph Dedrick Creasman Athens, Tenn. 

( ommerce 
Business Administration 
Alpha Tau Omega 
( arson-Newman ( ollege 

ROBERT Wii iiam (riss Hillsboro 

Phi Gamma Delta 
Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia ; Band of X; House 
President (4); First Regimental Band (1, 2, 
3) ; University Orchestra (2) ; Marketing Club 
(3, ii, Accountancy Club (1,21 

Jetty Lee Cripe Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Illini Hall 






Bazel Erni si ( row l In int , Ky. 

Civil Engineering 

Purdue University; Central College; Rice 

Charlotte Neville Crowe Champaign 

Home Economics 
Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; 
Production Staff, "Guest in the House" 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

William Crum Dallas City 

Mechanical Engineei ing 
Men's Residence Hall 
Pi Tau Sigma ; Sigma Tau ; Phi Eta Sigma ; 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Sc holarship Key 

Shirley Maxine Cruse West Frankfort 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Theta Upsilon 
Alpha Lambda Delta ; Mask and Bauble ; 
Arepo ; Sigma Delta Pi; Illini Union Com- 
mittee (2, 3, 4); Production Staff, "Romeo 
and Juliet", "Blithe Spirit", "King Lear", 
"Three Men on a Horse", "The Male Ani- 
mal" ; Sophomore Manager, Junior Manager, 
Theater Guild ; Spanish Club 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Edward Pi dro < RUZAT Maywood 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
tt onomit > 
Kappa Alpha Psi 
House President (3 1 ; Interfraternity Executive 
i ouncil (3, 4) 





Leo Vincent Curi in Blut Monti I 

Gem ilture 

Alpha Zeta 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Geneviev] Mary Czerwinski Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Cagle Hall 
University Chorus I i, 4 i 
University "I Illinois Scholarship Key 
Rosary ( 

Eileeni Louisi Daehler Chadwick 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha Lambda Delta . Sigma 
Delta Pi; Spanish Club (3, I) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 5) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Ann Marilyn Daigh Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
( hi mistry 
Petite Maisnn 

Carolyn Dallfnbach Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Beta Phi 
Mask and Bauble: Arepo; Terrapin; Zeta Phi 
Eta; House President (4) ; Cast, "Romeo and 
Juliet". "Beggar on Horseback" 
Honors Day (3) 

Evelyn Dorothy Damgaard. Ifiir Milium 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Bdi n i iolog \ 
Illini Hall 
Joliet Junior College 

Mary Margarei Damgaard ii est McHenry 
I iberal Arts and Si ii n< es 
S N iology 
Illini Hall 
Folic) funioi I olli ;i 

Ki H ii i n ■ i i i ' r 1 1 





Donai I) Ray Davidson SnUm 


I 'ocational 
Alpha Gamma Rho 
University ( horns (3 1 ; Agricultural ' lull 

Rum i Mai Davidson Iznnt.i 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Bactt riology 

Rural I. ilc- (4) 

Doris Louisf Davis GlenwooJ 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Delta Delta Delta 
The Ilho (1) ; Illini Union Committee 

James Edward Davis l.nn-hi 

Men's Residence Hall 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; Marketing Club; House 
President HI 
Lincoln College 

John Richard Davis Lawrencerille 

Electrical Engineer ing 
Gym Annex 
ALEE.: Varsity Track Squad (2 1 

Marian Ami] LIuis^*^^ 
I dui .it ion 
/:'.///! ation and ( n it 
Alpha Kappa Alpha 

Bel, ..I < nil, , 

li i ii in.- mi in nil , 

rVgl ii ulluic 
1 1 •■ : 
Buse) Hall 
Soutlu iii Illinois Normal I tnivi 

Hazen Stewari Dean, Js Hinsdalt 

Division ol Special Servii es 
Commt i 1 ( 
Alpha Delta Plu 
Interfraternity Executive Council (4) 
University of Wisconsin 

Pi i,(,s. Jam Dl Bai i Chica 

Libei al Aits and Sciences 
Sodoloi | 
s Hall 
Mundelein College 

iuW^^^s I)i Hoi it . " '■J ^^^ 

W Management ^P 

1st Regimental Band (3) : Men's Glee Club 
is. ii: Marketing Club [i. ^ 
LaCrosse State- Teachers' ( ollcgc 

Floyd Russi i. Deffenbaugh, Jr Dewey 


Mechanical Engim , rin 

A.S.M.E. ; Second Lieutenant, University Bri- 

Emii. John Di martini Chicago 


Newman Hall 
Pershing Rifles; Marketing Club; Accountancy 

Ruth Elizabeth Dennis Paris 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
House President (4 1 ; Production Staff, "King 
Lear", "Blithe- Spirit" 
Monticello College; Welleslc-y College 

Lorne Theodori Denton Peoria 

Alpha Delta Sigma 
Bradley University 

James John Dirks Racine, Wis. 

Fine- and Applied Aits 
Men's Residence Hall 
Gargoyle ; Scarab 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

University of Nntie Dame 

Lrm ST ( iirisiy Di SlGNOR Jol/et 

Gt in ml Engineering 

Jolict Junior ( ol lege 



Elizabeth Ann Deuchler Aurora 


Matht m. iiit i 

Alpha Xi Delta 

Accountancy Club; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3); 

Production Start, "Twelfth Night", "The 

Warrior's Husband", "Pride and Prejudice" 

Ann Louisi DiWnr Mr. Vernon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Gamma Delta 
The tllio I 5 I 
Honors Day (3) 
Shorter College 

Rov Diamond Chicago 

Division of Spe-eial Services 

Tau Delta Phi 
House President (3, 4 1 

North Park Junior College; Yale- University 

Duant. Dickinson Champ lign 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
The Illro (1) ; Basketball Manager (2) 
Denison University 

James Bernard Dickinson River Forest 


Adi ertising 
Men's Residence Hall 
Alpha Delta Sigma; Caisson Club; House 
President (4 1 ; WILL (1. 2, si 

Norma Di i, Diedrich Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Delta 
Zc-ta Phi Eta; Mask and Bauble; President. 
IUini Union; Illini Union Board (4); Illini 
Union (oniicil (2, 3, 4) . ( hairman, Summer 
Prom (3) ; Chairman, Club ( ommons ; Will. 
(1, 2) ; Cast, "Barchester Towers"; Produc- 
tion Staff, "( laudia", "Romeo and Juliet" 

Mi rrii i Davis Dm kin Trivoli 

( ommerce 
Act ountani i 
Theta Chi 
Pershing Rifles; Accountancj Club; Chair- 
man, Sophomore Cotillion; Interfraternity Ex 
ecutive Council III; Lust Lieutenant. Uni- 
versity Brigade 






Virginia Selma Diekmann Chicago 

Liberal Aits and Sciences 

Delta Gamma 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 
(l. 2) 
Honors Day (1) 

Drake University 

Loretta Jean Diiukis Edwardsville 

Agri< ulturc 

Homi Economics 

■1-H House 

The -^Agriculturist (3, 4); Illmi Union Com 

mittee (II ; Home Economics Club; Ruial 

Life ( lub 

Rogi r Mario DiJulio Chicago 

.Mi chanical Engim ■ ring 
Varsity Track Squad (1, 2, -1), Letter (2) 
\\ right Junior College 

M\rv Julia Dillavou Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Honors Day (3) 
DePauw University 

Harriett Helen Dilworth Adair 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Rustic Lodge 
House President I 5 I 

University of Minnesota 

Eugi m Dii.w ori h idaii 

Agricultural Club (3, 4); Hoof and Horn 
( lub is, u 

Western Illinois State Teacher's College 

A i' i lit i' I i i.i -.1 DlNI I', kill 

Mi i banical Engim < rin 
. Kappa Epsilon 
Phal ii Pi i hi Sigma A S M E . Secon l 
i i nii i ii, Brigade 

i • ' a 

En i i 





Rir HARD jAMl s Dl\ II Hiss Canton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
< bemical Engineering 
( hi Psi 
Skull and Crescent; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta 
Sigma ; Phi Lambda Upsilon ; Omega Chi 
Epsilon; Phalanx; Coast Artillery Club- 
A.I.Ch.E.; The Illio (1, 2); Second Lieu- 
tenant, LIniversity Brigade 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key; Bronze Tablet 

PaU] Mori iv DOBSON, Jr Cerro Gordo 

Managt vie in 

Phi Lta Sigma 
Honors Day ( I I 

Dorothy Alice Dolan Rockjord 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
Alpha Phi 
Mortar Board; Torch; Alpha Sigma Nu ; 
Alpha Pi Delta; Orchesis ; W.A.A. Numerals; 
Major 1 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Shirley Ann Donnelly Ohio 

Physical Education 
Teacher Training 
W.A.A .; W.A.A. Numerals; W.A.A. Major 
I ; Physical Education Major's Club 

Ronald John Doran Hamilton 


Cosmopolitan Club 
Amiuntancy Club; Marketing Club 
Honors Day ( 1 1 

University of Washington 

Arnold Dorfma 

■ ... 

Harry Oliver Doty, Jr ,i 

Sigma Nu 
Agriculture (lub; Hoot and Horn Club; 
Second Lieutenant. University Brigadt 


I ir ineei ing 
; ■ . ■ 
Mens Glee i lub I 1 1 
Southc i n Illinois Normal 1 fnivi i sit) 

[ [ Kl DOYI E ' S 

Theta Delta Chi 
Marketing Club 

La Salle-Peru-Oglcsby Junior College 

Richard Kenneth Draki < ornland 

Division of Special Services 
First Regimental Band (4 1 
University of Minnesota 


Rolil R 

Nabor House 


Fine and Applied Arts 
Commercial Design 
Morgan Parle Junior College 

X'.lii ago 

Brauiord Bruce Dressler Chicago 


The Daily Illini (2); Polo; Alpha Delta 

Davis Driscoll Lowell, In J. 

Industrial Administration 
Honors Day (3) 

Donald Dugan Winchester 

Division of Special Services 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 
The Illio (1) ; Football Manager (2) ; Men's 
Glee Club (2, 3) ; Cast, "Rose Marie" 

Raymond Horace Du Hamel. .. .Springfield 
Electrical Engineering 
Chi Phi 
Springfield Junior College 

i i 


Bridgeport, Com;. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Yale University; University of Pennsylvania 

Clarence Leo Dunn Allerton 

Accountant > 
Kappa Delta Rho 
Star and Scroll; Accountancy Club (4) ; Tribe 
of Illini ; Major I ; Freshman Varsity Cross 
Country Squad ; Varsity Cross Country Squad 
(2, 3, 4), Letter (2, 3, 4) 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

William Franklin Dunn Springfield 

Business Management 
Alpha Chi Rho 
Sigma Iota Epsilon ; Accountancy Club ; Mar- 
keting Club 

Springfield Junior College; University of 

Bl i i v Rav Durham Harrisburg 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Alpha Xi Delta 
Sigma Alpha Iota; Women's Glee Club (1, 
2, 3); University Chorus (1, 2, 3); WILL 
(4); Cast, "H.M.S. Pinafore", "Pirates of 
Penzance", "Mirth of a Nation" 
University of Miami 

Walter Dykeman Champaign 

Western Illinois State Teachers College 

John George Early' O'.... 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Loras College 

Dorothy' Marion Eastburn D.K.. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Northwestern University 

( Kent Eastman C />/../. 

Division of Special Services 
Alpha Tau Sigma ; Captain, University Bri- 
g . J e 









Thi ODOR] H \\s Im I 

Fine and Applied Aits 
Lands: apt In bill clurt 
Pi Kappa Phi 

1-1 ni 

Jorgi Manuel Echaurren. .Santiago, Chili 
Enginei i ii" 
( iril i 
College Hall 

Univevs dad I itolii a dc ( hile . University 
of Florida 

Dean Hobert Ei ki Vandalia 

Libera] Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Chi Rho 

Ki u< Grai i Edson Veil Chicago 

Foods and Nutrition 
Shaw nee 
Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Illini Union Com- 
mittee (2) ; Home Economics Club 
Honors Day (2) 
North Central College 

Janii i Rhoda Ehleb Rock Island 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Division of Gemini Studies 
Gamma Phi Beta 
Freshman Council; House President (4) ; 
Treasurer, Pan-Hellenic Executive Council ; 
Illini Union Committee ( 1 ) ; Star Course, 
Board of Managers (2) ; Production Staff, 
"Twelfth Night" 

Lee Eilbracht Vaterloo 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chi mnli ) 
Ma-Wan-Da; Tribe of Illini; Major I; Fresh- 
man Varsity Baseball Squad; Varsity Baseball 
S [uad (2. 3, 4) ; Letter 12, 3, 4) 

K in ai I 1 1 i Woodmi re, N . Y. 

I,//, i tiling 

Mam!' i 
V. A A Hou ■ I'- ■ idi ni i.i 

I : I I I I I i I I I i H ." 

i ommcro 

Pei ! 

i . 
Illini I I n tti .ii i \ . Muni 

n i | ufa ii ii 




Svi via Lisi \ni ]<(, CbictaL 

Home Economic! 
Reenah House 
Central Y.M.C .A. ( ollege 

E\ I I vn Amy Ekard Rockjord 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
( agle Hall 
Rockford ( ollege 

Erii Cari Ekstrom Roikjotd 

( ommerce 

Mai helms;, 
Sigma Chi 
Sachem ; President, Intcrfratcrnity Executive 
Council 12. 3); House President (3); Hlmi 
Union Board (3) ; Golf Squad (2) 

ROBER'J GEORGl Emu Uihana 

Division of Special Services 
American Phytopathological Society 
University of California 

i J \ 

\\ i.i 111 M lit i I'M Nl I'.HH KSON, JR., 

C.iy Ual Lail 

( ommerce 
Vice-President, Junior (lass: Alpha Kappa 
Psi ; Pierrots: Accountancy Club; Junior Prom 
Committee; M.l.W.A. Executive Council; 
Cast, "Barchestei Towers", "The Skin of 
Our Teeth", "King Lear' . Varsity Track 
Squad (1,2) 

Richard Gordon Erskini ... .River Forest 

< ommerce 

, li , ountancy 

Pin Kappa Psi 

Skull and Crescent; Scabbard and Blade; 

( ii. ist Artillery ( lub ; Accountancy < lub; 

Pierrots; Arepo ; Second Lieutenant, University 

Brigade; ( .ist. "Kiss the Boys C dbyc ', 

"Love Rules the Rails ', "Twi .in Island" : 

Production Staff, "Black Flamingo", "Ma- 
dame Butterfly 
Honors Day I 1 I 

•v *v 

• General • 

Reeter Club 
House President I si . Second Lieutenant, Uni- 
versity Brigade 


Lorenzo Espinosa Los Angeles, Calif. 

Sigma Delta Pi; Y.M.C.A. : Spanish Club; 
Agricultural Club; Field and Furrow 
New Mexico State ( ollege 

Maryanni Louisi Essenpreis. .. .Champaign 
Fine and Applied Arts 
Industrial Di lign 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Betty Jeanne Esters Indianapolis, Ind. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha 
VAN '.( .A. Cabinet (3, 4) 

Juni Emii.ii Estes Quint ) 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Welsh House 
Production Start. "Three Men On a Horse", 
"Pirates ol Penzance", "King Lear" 
Honors Day ( 3 I 
University oi ( hicago, Quincy College 

Edward Sii.sbei Eunson Babylon, N. J . 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
i< onomit i 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 
Gymnastica ; Psi Chi ; Freshman Varsity Gym- 
nastics Squad, Varsity Gymnastics 
I niversity of Michigan 

Erskini Phelps Eustice, Jr..., Beardstown 
( ommerce 
. h < ountancy 
Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi; Pershing 
Rilks ; Accountancy ( lub 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University oi Illinois 
Si ship Key 

( haui i s Hudson Evans. 
/ ,„ 

Junior Bar Assot iation 


Elizabeth Rose Evans Murphysboro 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Lambda Delta 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3 1 ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Hi ii \ Rai Evans Chicago 

Liberal Aits and Sciences 
Psyt hology 
Evans Hall 
Northwestern University 

John Edward Evans Harrisburg 

Mining Engineering 

Freshman Varsity Football Squad : Varsity 
Football Squad (2) ; Freshman Varsity Track 
Squad; Marketing t lub; Metallurgy Club 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Maxim Mildred Evans Effingham 

Ac: i il Lilture 
Textih i and Clothing 
Shaw nee 
Illini L'nion Committee 12, 3); Home Eco- 
nomics ( lub 

Harmon Edwin Eveland, Jr Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi K.;ppa Alpha ' 
Pershing Rifles 
Honors Day ( 3 ) 

Evelyn Shirlei Everh ari Petersburg 

Liberal Aits and Sciences 
/'■ ii >' . 

Evans Hall 
The Him (21 : Illini L'nmn Committee (3) : 
Production Staff, "King Lear", "Beggai on 
Horseback", "Pirates ol Penzance", ' Alces- 
I loin n s I )av I * 1 

Illinois ( ollegf 





Charles Raymond Fago . . . Winthrop Harbt 
Civil Engineering 
Pi Kappa Alpha 
Pershing Rifles; A.S.C.E. 

I. i. Fair( mi '; 

Engineei ing 
Mechanic al I vginet ring 
A S ME. 


Arthur Fairman West Lafayette, Ind. 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Commercial Art 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Senior Manager, Illini Theatre Guild ; Illustra- 
tors ' Pierrots ; Mask and Bauble ; Arepo ; 1 lie- 
Daily Illini (1) ; House President (3) ; Inter 
fraternity Executive Council (3, 4); Produc- 
tion Staff, "Romeo and Juliet", "Skin of Out 
Teeth" "Beggar on Horseback . King 
Lear",'"Alcestis of Eurpides" ; Interfraternity 
Ball Committee 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Purdue University 

Richard Joseph Faletti La Salle 


Commerce ami Law 

Phi Kappa Tau 

Beta Gamma Sigma ; Phi Alpha Delta ; Junior 

Bar Association; Illini Union Committee (3) 

La Salle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College 

Loretta Mae Fatland 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Bethany House 
Honors Day (3) 

Joliet Junior College 


Cyril Fefer Chicago 

Division of Special Services 
Pi Mu Epsilon 
Honors Day (3) 

Wright Junior College 

Hov \i'i> Mori ty FelDMAN Geneseo 

I ommerce 
li - ou • 
I) Ita Phi 
Alph i K ippa I'm \ ml im j ' lub ; Market- 
in < lub 
Knos Colli 

i' i ,i i i! Fbloma 

l ili. ill Aii . ind 
/ '■. 
Illini Hall 
i 1 i ..-.i Colli 





Lav rin< i: John Ferolie Rock/or J 

Liberal Aits and Sciences 
College Hall 
Coast Artillery Club; Freshman Varsity Foot- 
ball Squad; Varsity Football Squad (2) ; Sec- 
ond Lieutenant, LIniversity Brigade 

Russel Carl Fin dim, Streafm 

( ommerce 
. !< count ancy 
Theta C hi 
Ma-Wan-Da ; Sachem ; Beta Gamma Sigma ; 
Phi Eta Sigma; Accountancy Club; Illio (1, 
2, 3 ) ; First Lieutenant, University Brigade 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

William Courtney Files Dennison 

Mechanical Engineering 


Gloria Filipoff Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Busey Hall 
German Club 

Wilson Junior College 

Marian Eileen Fillingham PontitA 

Institution Management 
Welch House 
Illinois State Normal University 

Dorothy Louise 


Dorothy Rose Fin^W^T Betwyi 

Physical Education 
Pl>) tical Education 
Stratford House 
Physical I ducation ( lub; W.A.A. (3) . M.iior 
I; Illini Union Committee (3), 

M \in I im lilts/ i 

V il iillin. 

Ditti ■ • 

I vans Hall 

I [ome I . onomii s Club 

i I..I..HS Day i i> 

1 1. 1 I linn... i ..ll, . , Illinois Instituti "i 
l , , hnologi i Inivi i sit) ol t In. ago 

Robfrt Arthur Fischer Bellevillt 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Men's Residence Hall 
Phi Eta Sinma 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Albert Fish DuQnoin 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

ISH .'■■ 

I Commerce ^^^^^^ 

Accountancy ^^ A 

Tera Hall 
Bronze Tablet ; Beta Gamma Sigma ; Beta 
Alpha Psi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Accountancy Club ; 
Captain, University Brigade 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Glen Elwyn Fisher 

Mechanical Engini ering 
Honors Day (1) 
Beloit College 

. Urbana 

John Jeremiah Fisherkeller, Jr., 

Mechanical Engineering 
A.S.M.E. ; Pi Tau Sigma ; Tau Beta Pi ; 
Sigma Tau 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Lyons Township Junior College 

Bertron Reed Fitton Peoria 

Civil Engineering 
Sigma Chi 
A.S.C.E. ; House President (3, 4) 

Steward Samuel Fi.aschfn Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Alma College; Miami University . 

Jean Fleharty Beardstown 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Beta Phi 
Pan-Hellenic Executive Council (3); Der 
Deutsche Verein 

Honors Day (2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

MacMurray College 

Bonnie Jean Flenniken St. Joseph 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music EJ in .in on 
Sigma Alpha Iota; Women's Glee Club (4) 

Evelyn Lois Flodberg Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Delta Pi 
The Illio (2) ; Production Staff, "Three Men 
On a Horse" 

MacMurray College 

Fri m rick Hayden Foard Clinton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chi Phi 
Pershing Rifles; House President (2); Inter- 
fraternity Executive Council (2) 

John Dwight Foch r Centralia 

Men's Residence Hall 
Sigma Delta Chi 

Mary Lou Focht Centralia 

Commercial Teaching 
Chez Nous 
Southern Illinois Normal University 

Hershel Fogelson Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Wright Junior College 

Warren Chen Foin Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 
A.S.M.E. ; Pershing Rirles 
Honors Day (1, 2 ) 

University of New Hampshire 

Marilyn June Folliard Beloit, Wis. 

Fine and Applied Arts 
University Chorus (3, 4) ; Sigma Alpha Iota 
Honors Day (1 ) 











•, r : 

■ ", 



. „ 







■ vm 


David Osr ar Foltz Kansas 

Me< hanical Engineering 


Donald Li i 1 < ■< ■ i i ^^flft^. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

C\ < 1M 

Acacia -% «t '*.' 

Freshman Varsity Rifle Team; Varsity Basket- 
ball Squad (2) ^1. 


Robert Stephen Foote Uibana ^tl^L^ 

Engineering |fl Hm 

Ei/giuming Physics ^K 

Acacia W&W> ' T 

Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Scabbard and 
Blade; Pershing Rifles; Varsity Rifle Team 
(1, 2, 3) 
Honors Day (1.2) 

Robfrt Stafford Forbes. . .Kansas City, Mo. 
Mt t hanit at Engint 1 1 ing 
Sigma Nu 
Kansas City Junior College 

■ni. nk 

Law rence Henry Frost Chicago 

Civil Engineering 
Phi Kappa 
A.S.C.E.; Tribe of Mini ; Varsity Football 
Squad (2, 3, 4) ; Varsity Football Letter (2, 
4) ; House President (3) ; Interfraternity Ex- 
ecutive Council 12 ) 
Georgetown University 

Max TrcE Foster West Bumklyn 

Farm House 
Alpha Zeta 

Honors Day (1, 2) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

John Raymond Fox Peoria 


I, , ■ untant v 
Newman Hall A *• 

Alpha Kappa Psi A nl mi j < lub Market- 
ing < lub 

Bradli - I niversit; 


Do ld J Chic* 

[QUI ''.ill in 


Kappa I i Vlpha igma Delta Chi I In 

Dail; hi :,, , i 

I i i ' . .ii, , , 


Mari.ahi i FOXVOI Chicago 

Publication Management 

Wright Junior College 

Gloria Jane Frank Lombard 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Busey Hall 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Kappa Delta; | 
Pioduction Staff. "Twelfth Night' 
Honors Day I 1 ) 

Howard Bernard Franklin Chicam 

Electrical Engineering 
Alka House 
Eta Kappa Nu ; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Tau ; 
Institute of Radio Engineers; A.I.E.E.; As- 
sociate Editor, Technograph 
Honors Day 1 1 ) 

James Albert Fraui nhoff \innra 

Management and Marketing 
Alpha Chi Rho 
Phi Eta Sigma; Freshman Varsity Golf Squad 
DePauw University; Harvard Graduate 
School of Business Administration 

Bernard Lef. Frazfr Dixon 

Division of SpeVial Services 
Pierrots; WILL (3); Cast. ■'Three Men On 
a Horse", Pierre Pathelin", "Beggar on Horse- 

University of Chicago 

Edward Joseph Fjj^^^^ 8 - kfit 


Raymond Don.uiitWKin B 

I ngincci ing 
Mechat ■ I ■ 
Theta \i 

Doris Marion Fri nch 

i ibi Ai is and s > i< m i - 
/ , | 
Delta Zeta 

(„ nil, in ( lub \\n\\ lllim ( | I 

Vugustana < oli< i i 

Claodi Wallace Frey Lakewood, Ohi 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Archil Yi Inn 
Annex Hall 
Western Reserve University 

hi i ird Allen Frii dm \x. 

],u kson Heights, N. i 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Flagg Hall 

College ol the ( ity oi New Yuk Syracus 
EJniversity ; Purdue University 

•M , MO 


Men's Rcsroenee Hall 
Sachem; Tomahawk; Assistant Ed 
Daily lllini . The Daily Illini ( 1, 
Sigma Delta ( hi ; WILL (1, 2, 3) 

Barbara Whiting Frison Urhana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Kappa Alpha Theta 
last, "Anything Goes"; Production Staff. 
"The Male Animal" 
Honors Day (3 ) 

Smith College 

Ruth Marguerite Frohardt. . .Graniti City 

Price Club 
Concert Band (3, 4) ; University Orchc-st a 
13 1. Spanish Club 
Honors Day ( 3 ) 

Washington University 

P.U'i Ft i hs Chic j. 

Civil Engineering 
Tau Delta Phi 
faterfraternity Executive Council (2); A.S 

Paul Fugami Chn 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Multnomah College; Loyola University 

Imooi m Li i Fulton 

Agric ulture 
Homi Economics 
Kappa Delta 
Monmouth College 

l ilden 


Joan GagAN Oak Park 

I iberal Aits and Sciences 
i hi Omega 
Mortal Hon, I. Torch; Shi-Ai ; Phi Beta 
Kappa. Alpha Lambda Delta. Co-Manager, 
Star ( ourse; Student Senate ( II ; Pan-Hellenic 
Executive Council (3, 4); lllini Union Com- 
mittee ( 1 ) ; Star ( ourse, Board of Managers 
(' s ii ( ast "The Warrior's Husband"; 
Production Staff, "Twelfth Night" 
Honors Day (1, 2, si. University ol Illinois 
s, holarship Key 

( ii \m is Eli is Gaini s Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Phi Alpha 
House President III; Inteiliateinity Execu- 
tive Council I •> i ; lllini Union Council (3); 
Debate Team I 3 I 
Fisk University 

Jean Anne Gam k Chicago 

( ommerce 
( ommi rcial Teat hing 
McKinley Hall 
Phi (In Theta; Accountancy Club; Marketing 

Mary Frani i s Gambino Rociford 

Elementary Education 
Busey Hall 
House President t 2 I 
Rockford College 

Isaiu i i i Gan Chicago 

Home Economit i 
Ivy House 
W.A.A. ( i I 

Illinois Institute of Technology 

Aline Neli i Gantz Industry 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Bethany Circle 
Illini L'nion Committee (2. s) ; Spanish Club 

Adeline June Garfield Chicago 

Liberal Aits and Sciences 
Sot iolog) 
Cosmopolitan ( lub 

Honor Frances Garstang .Kirkwood, Mo. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Delta Gamma 
Alpha Kappa Delta . Psi ( hi 





















Harry Gasson Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Scit nee 
Phi Epsilon Pi 
Football Manager (3) 
Honors Day (1 ) 

University of Wisconsin 

Robert Rudolph Gates Harrisburg 

Civil Engh 
Phi Sigma Kappa 
A.S.C.E. ; The Daily Illini I 1 I 

Juanita Marie Gaumer Danville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Beta House- 
Iota Sigma Pi; The Daily Illini (1) ; House 
President (4) ; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (4) 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Carl Herman Gausewitz. .Milwaukee, II ". 
Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
Sigma Chi 
Kappa Eta Kappa 
Honors Day (3) 

University of Wisconsin 

Patricia Helene Gaynor Cicero 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Illini Hall 
Illini Union Committee (4) ; Production Staff, 
"Three Men On A Horse", "King Lear" 
Morton Junior College 

Helen 1 Joanne Geartts. . . .Escanaba, Mich. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Delta Pi 
House President (3) 

Rl( HARD < Mil (.1 K.I I! 

Gent 1. 1 1 
St . Ambrose ( ollege 


A i i MM M r i i Gertler .Brooklyn, N. Y. 
|oui nali: I' 

( ,'. in Ann. 

f 'i Editor, Thi Dailj lllmi Kappt I au 
Al|.l,., . Sim,. i Delta ' hi I hi I laify llhni 
i . |) 
Hooora I >aj (1) 1 1 sil of 111 ■ hoi 

.ii ,ini i . 
1 1 i i . n ( ollcgi 



Ralph Gher, Jr Vrbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Gamma Delta 
Newberry College 

Barbara Venton Gilbreath Lansing 

Alpha Phi 
Torch; Shi-Ai ; Assistant Editor, Daily Illini; 
President, Freshman Class; Orchesis (1); 
Pan-Hellenic Executive Council (3) ; Illini 
Union Committee (1); Daily Illini (1, 2, 
3, 4) ; W.A.A. (1, 2, 3) 

Howard William Gillen River tide 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Beta Theta Pi 
Pi Mu Upsilon 
Duke University 

Robert Gillis Dubuque, Ioua 


Mechanical Engineering 

A.S.M.E. ; Freshman Varsity Football Squad ; 

Men's Glee Club (3) ; University Chorus (2) 

Northern Illinois State Teachers College; 

Illinois Institute of Technology 

Irma Jean Gillespie Champaien 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Omicron Pi 
Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (2) 

Jacqueline June (Ph-mcWe Roodbousq 

Illini l^jion Co 1 

Diana Ginsburg . ^^0^. ( 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sociolog i 
W.A.A.; Production Stall. "Barchestei 

i i mi Barb mi a Ginzj i Spi 

Liberal Arts and S< k n< i s 
Alpha Oniu ran Pi 
l louse President (4) ; Illini I rnion ( ommittM 
i ! t . Production Staff, "Ban hi stei I"oi 

M s Daj i 1 I 

i )i Pauw 1 Inivi rsit) 

Katherine Margaret Glasgow, 

7 ba> ton, Al/'j 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Elaine Rae Glass Detroit, Mich. 

Liberal Arts .mil Sciences 
Phi Sigma Sigma 
111,,) (l, :); Illini Union Committee 11, .' > 
Production Staff, "King Lear", "Alcestis ol 
Euripides", "Beggar on Horseback", "Three 
Men on a Horse". "Blithe Spirit " 


inoii^ Bll" i ^w^^^s 

Engineering ^^^^^^ 

Mectrical Engineering ^^ j) 
College of the City of New York 

Anita Marie Goby Raymond 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Presbyterian Hall 
Alpha Kappa Delta; House President: Illini 
Union Committee 
Honors Day (3) 
M.icMurray College 

Mary Elizabeth Gochanour Streatoi 

Kappa Delta 
Alpha Lambda Delta; The Illio (1); The 
Daily Illini (1, 2, 3) 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Ralph Hfrald Goebei Mattoon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Mathemalii i 
Stadium Hall 
Eta Sigma Phi ; Gamma Delta ; Second Lieu- 
tenant, University Brigade; Phi Beta Kappa 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Hi niamin LeRoy Goepfi rt Springfield 

Engineei ing 
Civil Engineering 
A.S.C.E. ; Captain, University Brigade 

Ralph Clinton Goetz Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 
Phi Gamma Delta 
Morgan Park Junior ( ollege 

Roberi Eogeni Goetz St. Louis, Mo. 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Landscape Architectun 
Wenai in 
Scarab; Men's Glee Club (1, 2) ; Cast, "Ma- 
dame Butterfly" 

Honors Day n, : }) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Marjorii LOUIS1 GOLDER Chicago 

( ommercc 
l\ i tonnel Management 
Alpha F.psilon Phi 
The Illio (1, 2, 3); W.A.A. ; Chairman, 
Junior Prom; House President (4); Illini 
Union Committee (1, 2); Marketing Club; 
Accountancy Club 

Arnold Aret Goldfaber Chicago 

Herzl Junior < ollege 

Gail Goldsmith Aurora 



Lowry Lodge 

Sigma Delta Pi; Production Staff, "Twelfth 

Night", "Claudia", "H.M.S. Pinafore", 

"Arms and the Man", "King Lear" 

Harold Michael Goldstein Joliet 

Sigma Alpha Mu 
Joliet Junior College 

Jerome Goldstlin Memphis, Tenn. 

Division of Special Services 
Phi Epsilon Pi 
The Daily Illini (3) ; House President (4) 
Carson Newman College 

Shirley Goi dstein Chicago 

Biological Sciences 
Busey Hall 
Production Staff, "Three Men on a Horse" 
I lonors Day i 5 I 
Loyola University 

Fred Clifton Good Oak Park 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
' lomii i 
Sigma Nu 
House President (3): Interfraternity Execu- 
tive Council (3) 





— — — — — 

CHARLES Goodenberger Butte, Mont, 

Mechanical Enginet > Ing 

Elizabeth Jeanne Gooding Knoxt ///■ 

( ommerce 
Commercial Tedi bing 
Kappa Delta 
Monmouth College 

Enid Betty Goodman ( bit ago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Kappa Delta 
Wright Junior College 

Gerald Goodman Kansas City, Mo. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Junior College of Kansas ( it\ 

Aim hi Ansell Gopaul, 

San Fernado, Trinidad 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Cosmopolitan Cluh 

Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Mu Epsilon ; Phi Eta 
Sigma; House President (2, 3, 4) ; Y.M.C.A. 
Board of Directors ( 3 ) 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 
Queen's Royal College 

Glenn Gordon, Jr 

General Agriculturt 


Kenneth Waym Gordon ,. Blut Mound 


General Igrit ultin i 

Farm House 

Alpha Zeta , Agri< ultural ( lub I [ool and 

I [oi ii ' lub . Agrii ultural Ei onomii s Club ; 

First I i' Hi' ii. mi , Qnivi rsitj Bi igadi 

l lonoi i Da) (1, '., !) ; Univei sit) ol III is 

Si ho] M ihip Key 

i ii. An i H i r l i 

In in. . I Mi 

/ iml i 

hi i 'ii ■ " A i I I Va i sii . S« " 

i.i Letter (3) 

ii Da i ' 'i 

l , ill, p, ,., Oglesb I miu I ti 




Judii h Esti i 1 1 Con in ii. 

Do Moines, lotji 
Daily Illini 
Rockford ( ollege 

Frank Alfred Gougler, Jn Urban* 

Metallurgical Engineering 
Pin Gamma Delta 
Phi Eta Sigma; A.S.M. ; A.I.M.M.E. ; Con- 
ceit Band ( 1 I 

DePauw University, LTniversity of Notre 

Paul Graven Madison, Wis\ 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Phi Gamma Delta 
Scarab; Freshman Polo; Blue Pencil; Second 
Lieutenant, University Brigade 

Henry William Graves, Jr ChicaM 

Business Management 

Sigma Iota Epsilon ; Marketing Club 
Central Y.M.C.A. College 

Maurice Elza Graves Princevilli 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha ( hi Riio 
Phi Eta Sigma; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (3, 4); 
Cast, "Pirates of Penzance" 
Honors Day (I, 3 1 

Thomas Thfodori 
Liberal A, 

Chi P 


Saralei GreenblatY^^^PT I 

I. aw 



House President ill; Illini Union Committal 

(1, 2 S i . Production Staff, "King I c.u ', 

"Three Mm on a Horse" 

I Ii hi it i I i i n m i GREEN! V b 1 I I N ^ 
1 )i\ ision "i Sp< 'ill Servici 
Ii . 
Sigma Upha Mu 
Honors Da) i I i 
i ornell I niversit) 

William Alfxandir Greenj \nn-ui 

Mechlin lull Engineering 
Phi Gamma Delta 
Technograph (1, 2); Men's League (1); 
Green Friars (1) 

Rhode Island State University ; University 
of New Hampshire 

Paihk io Grez Santiago, Chile 

Civil Engineering 
( ollege Hall 
University of Florida ; University of Chile 

iK,r^^|^^^ Griffith /^^^^^^;- 

^^f^W ' 1 1 i . ' Education ^^^T^^ 
W Physical Education W 

Delta Gamma 
W.A.A. ; Terrapin ; Physical Education Major 

Washington University 

Alicf Jo Grisham Kennett, Mo. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Busey Hall 

Gfrold Morton Grodsky. . . .East St. Louis 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Zeta Beta Tau 
Head Cheer Leader (4) 

Illinois State Normal University 

Robfrt Dean Gross Iron River, Mich. 

History and Civics 
Lookout Manor 
The Daily Illini (4) 

Emmanuel Missionary College 

Alvin Grossman Chicago 

Division of Special Services 
Sigma Alpha Mu 
Intramural Manager (2) ; Freshman Varsity 
Track Squad ; Interfraternity Executive Coun- 
cil CI 

Northwestern University 

Jayne Alicf Groves Bloomington 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
French arid English 
Alpha Chi Omega 
Torch; Shi-Ai ; Mask and Bauble; Pi Delta 
Phi; The Daily Illini (I, 2); Illini Union 
Committee (1); Cast. "Warrior's Husband", 
"Claudia", "Barchester Towers", "Skin of 
Our Teeth", "King Lear"; Phi Beta Kappa 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 


Martha Ellin Gruba Republic 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Sigma Alpha Iota ; Arepo ; House President 
lit ; Women's Glee Club (I, 2, 3) ; Univer- 
sity Chorus (2. 3, II : WILL 12, 3, 4) ; 
A Capella Choir (I) ; Cast, "The Sorcerer' , 
"Pirates of Penzance", "H.M.S. Pinafore' 
Honors Day 12. si 

Pauline Glckir Monlicello 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Gamma Phi Beta 
Alpha Kappa Delta; Home Economics Club; 
The Daily Illini (II ; Illini Union Committee 
Honors Day I 1 I 

Cameron Charles Gullette, Jr XJrbana 

Civil Engineering 
Phi Delta Theta 
House President (4) ; Mu San; Second Lieu- 
tenant, University Brigade 
Honors Day (3) 

Barbara Gulley Vrbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Speech Correction 
Chi Omega 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Senior Manager, Illini 
Theatre Guild ; Arepo ; Mask and Bauble ; 
Zeta Phi Eta; University Orchestra (1) ; Cast, 
"Warrior's Husband" ; Production Staff, 
"King Lear", "Alcestis", "Three Men On A 
Horse", "Beggar On Horseback" 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Max George Gulo Melvin 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Spanish Club ; Caisson Club 
University of Cincinnati 

Anna Marie Gumz Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Wright Junior College 

Milton Gurfn. Gilman 

Division of Special Services 
University of Akron 

Margaret Weldon Hackerson (Mrs.), 

Textiles and Clothing 
Home Economics Club 


Barbara Arminta Hackett Hindsboro 


Hospital Dietetics and Institutional 


Brentwood Manor 

Home Economics Club ; Phi Epsilon Omicron 

Edward Charles Hagaman Rockjord 


Phi Sigma Kappa 
Alpha Delta Sigma; First Lieutenant, Uni- 
versity Brigade 




Harry William Haines, Jr., 

Fort Smith, Ark 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Newman Hall 
A.I.C.E. ; Second Lieutenant, University Bri 
gade ; Cavalry Club 

New Mexico Military Institute 

Arthur Raymond Hall, Jr Danville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Beta Thc-ta Pi 
Ma-Wan-Da; Phi Delta Phi; Y.M.C.A. 
Cabinet (3), Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors 
(3), President (4); Star Course, Board of 
Managers (2) ; Men's Glee Club (1, 2, 3) ; 
University Concert and Entertainment Board 
(3) ; Cast, "Rose Marie" 

Wendell Rigg Hall Arvada, Colo. 

Bronze Tablet ; Alpha Zeta 
Honors Day (3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Louis George Halla Cicero 

Civil Engineering 
Brown Thresh 
Mu San ; A.S.C.E. 

Robert Moore Hallam. . .Springfield, Mass 
Mechanical hnyim < uuy 
Phi Kappa Delta 
A.S.M.E. . Polo (4) 
Nor v. u h I Iniversity 

. Joliel 

i<ai mu Henry Hallenstein 

loUl n. ilr. in 


M.I W.Hi I), I . S.i, Inn, M i,ui mi' I djtor, I li. 

Daily Mini n i 



.- * 

Galen Marcy Hallett, Jr LaGrange 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pin Kappa Psi 
Illinois State Normal University 

Paul Eugene Hamer Oak Park 

Civil Engineering 
Sigma Chi 
Pershing Rifles ; Tribe of Illini ; Varsity Track 
Squad (3, 4) ; Varsity Track Letter (3, 4) ; 
Varsity Cross Country Squad (4) ; Varsity 
Cross Country Letter (4) ; A.S.C.E. 

William Marvin Hamer Chicago 


Sigma Alpha Mu 
Chairman, Junior Prom ; Illini Union Com- 
mittee (3, 4) ; Alpha Delta Sigma 

Marietta Hamilton Golconda 

Leeman Lodge 
Mask and Bauble; Arepo ; Junior Manager, 
Theater Guild 

Robert Edwin Hamilton Joliel 

Civil Engineering 
Delta Phi 

Joliet Junior College 

Daniel William H^D^rW . . 

Division ofMSpecial Services 
Alpha JPappa^tambcl 

Katharine Virgin 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Alpha Gamma Delta 

MAN. . .Oak Paik 

Kiumii Harden, Jr FairvitU 

Libetal Arts and S< iences 

,\l.i//>( man, I 

Men''. Residence lull 

< arnegie Institute <>i I e< hnologj 

Wi m 1 1 EARL Hardin (. 1 1 II loll 

PhytiKil Education 
Alpha Tau Omega 
Delta Theta Epsilon ; Freshman Varsitj 

Gail Ellsworth Harms Dix on 

Alpha Gamma Rho 
Agriculture Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Illinois Agri- 
culturist (1); Freshman Varsity Wrestling 
Squad; House President 14); Interfraternity 
Executive Council (3, 4) ; Production Staff, 
I' The Women" 

V General 
Nabor House 
Alpha Zeta ; Agricultural Club 
Honors Day (3 ) 

Elmer Ralph Harris Roxana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Alpha Chi Sigma 
'iu Beta Pi ; Sigma Tau ; Phi Lambda Up- 
silon ; A.I.Ch.E. 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Helene Harris 

Illini Hall 
Honors Day (3) 
Wilson Junior College 


John Edwin Hartrick Champaign 

Civil Engineering 
Theta Chi 
A.S.C.E. ; Second Lieutenant, University Bri- 
Honors Day (3) 

Jack Hartzell Beardstoti n 

Electrical Engineering 

Electrical Engineering 
Delta Tau Delta 
A.I.E.E. ; First Lieutenant, University Brigade 

Ch.vrlis Richard Havcorth Georgetown 

Division of Special Services 
Phi Sigma Epsilon 
Gamma Theta Upsilon 

Eastern Illinois State Teachers College; 
University of Nebraska; University of Mich- 

■«fc ~ 


Helen Maril Hawthorne.... 

Home Hi onontit i 

Pin Mu 
Home Economics ( lub 


l.i on Edwards Hay Annua 

Beta Gamma Sigma ; Accountancy Club (2, 3, 
4) ; Marketing Club (2, 3, 4) 
Northern Illinois State Teachers 

Harriet Ella Hav< o< k Springfield 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Pi Beta Phi 
Sigma Alpha Iota ; Arepo ; Illini Union Com- 
mittee (1, 2, 3) ; Women's Glee Club (3, 4) ; 
University Chorus (3, 41 ; A Cappella Choir 
(4); Der Deutsche Verein (2, 3); Cast, 
"H.M.S. Pinafore", "The Sorcerer", "The 
Pirates of Penzance" 

Joseph Claudius Hayes. . .Indianapolis, Ind. 

Fine and Applied Arts 


Lambda Chi Alpha 

Alpha Phi Omega ; Tribe of Illini ; Varsity 

Track Letters (2) 

John McMillan Haygood Vrbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Sigma Chi 
A.I.Ch.E. ; Illini Union Committee 
Honors Day (3) 

University of Florida ; University of North 

Eunice Claire Hazenfield Decatu 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
German Club; House President (3) 
Honors Day (3) 
Blackburn College 

Willard A. Heaton 

At i ountancy 

Men's Residence Hall 

. Victo 

Morris Littlefield Hecker, J*... Champaign 
Businei i Managi men! 
Delta Tau Delta 

Accountancy Club (I) ; Marketing < lub (2) ; 
The Illio (1) 
Honors Day II. 2) 


Gerald Eugene Hedrick Leaf Rivei 


I. . . ritancy 
Accountancy flub (1, 2, 3, 4) 



Harold Thomas Heidbreder Quincy 

Club Topper 
Alpha Delta Sigma; The Daily Hlini (3, 4) 
Honors Day (3) 
Quincy College 

Louise Heidler Mr. Vernon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Zeta Tau Alpha 
Arepo ; The Illio (1) ; Pan-Hellenic Executive 
touncil (3, 4); Illini Union Board (3); 
Illini Union Committee (1, 2) ; Women's 
Glee Club (3, 4); University Chorus (1); 
Cast, "H.M.S. Pinafore". "The Sorcerer" ; 
Production Staff, "Twelfth Night" ; Pan- 
Hellenic Council President (4) ; Illini Union 
Board (3, 4) 
Honors Day (2) 

George Theodore Heinrich, Jr Peoria 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; Accountancy Club ; Market- 
ing Club; House President (4) 
Bradley Institute of Technology 

Dorothy Ann Henderson Rid gel arm 

Busey Hall 
Production Staff, "Three Men On a Horse", 
"King Lear", "Beggar on Horseback" 
Earlholm College 

Macdonald Lincoln Henderson, 

Marshall, Minn. 
Civil Engineering 
Alpha Tau Omega 
Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E. ; 1st 
Regimental Band (3, 4) 
Honors Day (3 ) 

University of Marquette 

Donald Burley Hi negar Tuscola 



Son's Home 

Alpha Zeta; Agriculture Club; Hool and 

Horn (1, 2); Agricultun Economics Club 

mi; s i R, ..,, i Band i I, 2) 

l [onon i >.,; ii. j) 

rri , Eari Hi i'n ks. . . . 

I Hi il r 

rheta i hi 
T.iu Nu I ill I'l. ilan 

Hoi ' ( I i 


( bampaign 

Emily Jean Hensel Piincetor, 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 
Brentwood Manor 
Honors Day (3 ) 

Winfield Frank Hentschel Chicago 

Accountant i 
Theta Xi 
Accountancy Club (3, 4) ; Marketing Club (4) 
Honors Day (2 ) 

DePaul ; Indiana University 

Ina Nancy Herbrig Decatur 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Social Science 
Gamma House 
Mortar Board ; Senior Manager, Theatre 
Guild; Student Senate (3) ; Mask and 
Bauble; Arepo; Marketing Club; Cast, "War- 
rior's Husband"; Production Staff, "Romeo 
and Juliet", "Skin of Our Teeth", "Three 
Men On a Horse", "Pirates of Penzance" 
Honors Day (2) 

Ross Robert Herr Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
Concert Band (1, 2, 3) 

Glen Hester 

First Regimental Band 

.Ml. Vernon 

tiki m 



Mai i oi m Ward HrT^TT KeiiilworM 

General Engineering 
Kappa Sigma 
Skull and Crescent'; The Daily Illini (I. 2. 
5); Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad; 
Varsity Wrestling Squad; Junior I'nnn; 
House President < t) 

Paui August hum 

< ommi n * 

Ii , i ','/./«< i 
Illinois State Normal University; WesteJ 
Illinois State 1 1 ii in is College 

SHIRLEY Edith Himiman Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
£eta Phi Eta; Cheer Leading ill; Mini 
.Jnion Council 121: Illim Union Committee 
;i, 2) ; WILL (1. 2) 
Honors Day (1. 2, J) 

nne Louise Hines 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Buscy Hall 
\lplu Lambda Delta 
tenors Day (1) 


Lew is 



f Special Services 
Junior College 

Ralph Frank Hoeckelman Quincy 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
A.I.C.E. ; Technograph (4) 
Quincy College 

Harold Lloyd Hoffman Decatur 

Mechanical Engineering 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Stanford University 

Jean Grace Hoffman LaGrangt 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Accountancy Club (3, 4) ; The 111 io (2) ; 
lllini Union Committee 
Honors Day (3 ) 
Lyons Township Junior College 

Marguerite Lois Hoffman Gary, Ind. 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Mil sic Education 
Buscy Hall 
University Orchestra (2, 3, 4): LIniversity 
Chorus (4); WILL (2); lllini Union Com- 
mittee (2) 
Honors Day (3) 

Gary Junior College 

John Hohmann ile> in, \ i 

Alpha Kappa Psi ; Finance Officer of U. of I. 
American Legion Post 



Gordon Austin Hoke Arthur 

Edut ation 
Alpha Tau Omega 
Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Football Manager (2, 
31; Basketball Manager (2, 3); Baseball 
Manager (2, 3); Tribe of lllini ; President, 
Athletic Council 
Honors Da> 1 2 i 

John Stanton Holland Brighton 

Division of Special Services 
Air Transportation 
Marketing Club 

Harris Teachers College 

John Henry Holiday Chicago 

Met hanical Engim ei ing 

Sigma Nu 
Pi Tau Pi Sigma ; Dolphins ; Freshman Varsity 
Swimming Squad ; Military Rifle Club 

University of Wisconsin 

Virginia Sue Holloway Decatur 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Gamma 
Shi-Ai ; The Illio (1); lllini Union Com- 
mittee (1, 2) ; Star Course, Board of Man- 
agers (2| 
Honors Day (2) 

Lydia Lou Holmes Quincy 

Home Econotnia 
Cagle Hall 
Culver-Stockton College 

Melba Lee Holmes Champa, g n 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
University Chorus (4) 

Southern Illinois Normal LIniversity 

Zealy Holmes . . . : Edelstt in 

Farm House 
Alpha Zeta ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Scabbard and 
Blade; Field and Furrow; Agricultural Club; 
Illinois Agriculturalist (3) ; 2nd Lieutenant, 
University Brigade- 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Dorothy Ann Holston Nashi tile 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
Alpha Pi Delta; W.A.A. Numerals; Majoi I . 
House President (4) ; Orchesis I I ) 


William Helmuth Holze Elgin 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Industrial Design 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Michael Meyer Holzman Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Men's Residence Hall 

Wright Junior College; University of De- 

M«v Homrighous Oak P.ak 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chi Omega 
Mortar Board ; Torch ; Shi-Ai ; Phi Beta 
Kappa ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; General Man- 
ager, Illini Theatre Guild; Mask and Bauble ; 
Arepo ; Alpha Kappa Delta ; Psi Chi ; Pro- 
duction Staff, "King hear". "Beggar on 
Horseback", "Alcestis", "Pirates of Penz- 
ance", "Romeo and Juliet" 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Fred Byron Honn Champaign 


Illinois State Normal University 

William Sharon Hooks Oregon 

Division of Special Services 
Alpha Gamma Rho 
Intc-rfratcrnity Ex. Council (3) 
Blackburn College 

Eugi \n Frederick Hopkins, 

Eaii Claire, Wis. 
Division of Special Services 
Economit r 
Delta Tau Delta 
Intertiaternity Executive Council (3) ; Market- 
ing Club (3); Accountancy ( lub (3) 
Northwestern Univei sity 

Hi \kii i i a I lORN _t bit ago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Mu 

V.W.< .A ( abinel I I l v. n , Glee ( lub 

(3, 4) ; WILL (3, I); ( ,,, . Pil 

Production, ' Ban hi t< i I owi rs", "I hree 
Mi a Or a Horsi Gi rm in l lub ( i ) 
Wilson [unioi ( ollegi 

CI 1 Hi II ,,...,.,. 

Liberal An and ! 

i ippa Kappa < iamm 
Mu lib., i i i illim ( ' r i ■< >r i ' omrnitt ■ i 
i him r.ii', nl W'im oniin 


X U. 



Robert Keith Horton ....Tolono 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Alpha < hi Rho 

Star and Scroll; Ice Hockey Manager (2, 3)d 

House President (4) ; Men's Glee Club (2, 3) 

Shirley Ruth Horwitz Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Science 
Keeler House 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Illio (1, 2); Illini 
Union Committee (2) 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Walter Leo Hotz Philadelphia, Pa. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
Illini Union Committee (1, 4) 
University of Missouri 

Constantine Harry Houpis, 

Detroit, Michigan 
Electrical Engineering 
Lundgren Hall 
Wayne University 

Barhara J. Howard Mt. Vernon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Medea House 

Lorn Lambifr Lj^^l|c Champ.ugn 


St a ' 
A. I. El 

Llni^^HfllMbi ^Wnsylv 

SHIRLE1 ANN] If^i^b 1'ihiina 

l iberal Arts and Si iences 
Alpha ( In Omega 
The Illio II. 2) ; W.A.A. ; Illini Union ( mu- 
mittee (1, 2, i) ; Production Staff, "Mirth ■ 
a Nation", "Twelfth Night" 
Honors May t l ) 

I I I A\HU J] \\ 1 lll\\ I 1 I 

i.iIh i al Arts and S< iences 
ti .. 
i a I reinta 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Mu Epsilon; I'lu 
Beta Kappa 

Honors Da} (1, !) : 1 niv< rsitj ol Illinois 
s, holarship Kej (3) 

Laurel Emily Hruda Berwyn 


Mechanical Engineering 

( licznous 

A.S.M.E. Arepo, House President 2, Concert 

Band (1, 2, 3, 4); University Orchestra (1, 

2. 3. 4) 

Geni Burton Hubble Fairfield 

Tlieta Xi 
Accountancy Club 

University of Pennsylvania 

^^^Pw ' ^^^F^ 

^^ ^ Accountancy ^^ ^U 

Newman Hall 
Accounting Club 

Southeast Missouri State College 

Jean Clarice Huber Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Leinad Manor 
Morgan Park Junior College 

Donald L. Huckaba Mattoon 

Civil Engineering 
A.S.C.E., Tau Nu Tau, Phalanx 

Elaine Hudak EaSalle 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Fraker House 
Sigma Delta Pi 
Bradley College 

Gloria Jane Hudson....; Nauvoo 

Busey Hall 

lllio 1 

Jean Si.atfr Huelsen. .Saint Allan*, II 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Tlieta Upsilon 
House President (1,2) 


William Bland Huelsen Urbana 

Mechanical Engine el ing 
Sigma Pi 

Ira Huffman Dayton, Ohio 

Ctiiiial Science 
Psi Upsilon 

Audrey Dfan Hufford Fairfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Social Science 
Busc-y Hall 
Torch; Illini Union Council (2); Y.W.C.A. 
Cabinet (3) ; University Chorus (2, 3, 4) 

Wayne Pollard Hufford Mitrphyshoro 

Mechanical Engineering 
A.S.M.E.; Y.M.C.A. 
Honors Day (1 ) 

University of Delaware 

Eric Lester Hughes Victoria, B. C. 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Gymnastica (1, 2) ; Tribe of Illini, Freshman 
Varsity Gymnastics Squad ; Varsity Track 
Squad (3), Letter (3) ; Varsity Cross Country 
Squad (3), Letter (3) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Tames Laughlin Hughes Chicago 

Division of Special Services for War Veterans 
Industrial Administration 

Phi Kappa 
Pershing Rifles; A.S.C.E. 

Syracuse University 

George Malcolm Hughey Greeneville 

Division of Special Services 
Men's Residence Hall Annex 
Illinois State Normal University 

John Walter Hull Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Science 
Chemisti v 
Theta Xi 
Student Senate (4) ; Daily Illini (1, 2) ; In- 
tramural Manager (2, 3, 4) ; Major I (2, 3, 
Honors Day (2) 



^B^^^^^ - ■■ 


Elizabeth Louise Hyde Symerton 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Commercial Design 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Mary Jane Hyland Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Illiana Lodge 
Rosary College 

Bette Jeanne Iles Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sociology and Psychology 

Illini Union Committee (3) 

Frederick William Ilseman, Jr Aurora 

Alpha Chi Rho 
German Club ; Marketing Club ; Accountancy 
Club ; Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad 
Honors Day (1 ) 

William Ince Decatur 

Kemper Military School 

Patricia Zogg Irvine Paris 

Torch ; Theta Sigma Phi ; The Daily Illini 
(1, 2, 3) 
Honors Day (3) 

Elizabeth Joyce Irwin Springfield 

Liberal Aits and Sciences 
Pi Beta Phi 
The 1 1 1 1 ■ » (}) ; Illini l faion < ommittee (3) 
I lonors Day (3 I 

( ottey Junioi ( ollege foi Women 

Dorothy i B Israi r i 

Fini and A] plied Aits 
i 'mm, ,, i,, i Design 
i i ana I [all 
[llusti it< 
Honon Da; (3) 



I ^ 


Lois Cornelia Isringhausen Jerseyville I 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Busey Hall 
Ma L Murray College- 

Row LAND Jackson Mount Sterling 

Accountancy Club 
Honors Day (3) 

Culver-Stockton College 

Priscilla Anne Jacobs Jerseyville 

Busey Hall 
Agricultural flub; House President (4); 
Production Staff, "Barchester Towers" 
Monticc-llo College 

Mary Elizabeth Jacobson Galva 

Home Economics 
Gamma House 
Home Economics Club 

David Lee Jadwin Chicago 

Tau Epsilon Phi 
Accountancy Club ; Marketing Club 
Wilson Junior College 

George William Janj*^^ . . . .Murphysboro 
Agriculttt%L Economics 
Honors D, 

Irwin William Jw^^^FKamas City. Mo. 
Engineering Ph \ • 
Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Conceit Band 
(3) ; First Regimental Band I s) 
1 Conors Day ( i i 

Kansas ( jly JuniOl I "II.. 

Ru iii Aw I inn s Laura 


Horn, I . 
I 11 Mouse 

I'Im LTpsilon Omicron . I he Dailj Illini i ' I 
Illinois Agrii ulturisl i * > ; \\ ..hum's Editoi 
i 1 1 . I lome I conomics < lub 

Patricia Gelaz Jeffries Sterling 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Terrapin ; The Illio ( 1 ) 

Clark Norris Jenkins Lake wood 

Agrh ultural Education 
Eastern Illinois State Teachers College 

— -, -4c 

leering t^^L^ 

trical Engineering ^^ A 

Phalanx; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; A.I.E.E. 

Arnold Norman Johnson Chicago 

Delta Chi 

BETTY Marie Johnson Maple Park 

Physical Education 
Leinad Manor 
Alpha Sigma Nu ; W.A.A. ; W.A.A. Numer- 
als ; Major I 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Charles Earnest Johnson Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 
University of Texas 

Dm i Milburn Johnson Charleston 



Kenneth Hugh Johnson. .Winthrop Harbor 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 
House President (3, 4); Y.M.CA. Cabinet; 
Men's Glee Club 
Lawrence College 



Marilyn Ruth Johnson Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Delta 
Lawrence College 

Mildred Louise Johnson Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Beta Phi 
Miami University 

Oliver Sidney Johnson Chicago 

Division of Special Services 
Alpha Delta Phi 
The Illio (1 ) ; House President (4) 

Russell William Johnson Glen Ellyn 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Elmhurst College ; Gustavus-Adolphus Col- 

Ruth Gertrude Johnson Cennalia 

Home Economics 
Home Economics Club 

William Kenneth Johnson. .. .Middletou/n 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; Y.M.CA. Cabinet (4); 
Accountancy Club 
Honors Day (3) 
Lincoln College 

Dorothy Jean Johnston Vrbana 

Kappa Alpha Theta 
Torch; Illini Union Committee (1); Y.W. 
C.A. ; Cabinet (3); Production Staff, "Clau- 
dia", "Guest in the House", "Barchester 
Towers' ' 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

George Teeter Johnston Murphysboro 

Division of Special Services 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
Freshman Varsity Tennis Squad 

Southern Illinois Normal University 



Ruth Genfvieve Johnston Buckley 

Home Economics 
McKinley Hall 
Mortar Board; Torch; Vice-President, Junior 
Class; Illini Theatre Guild; Mask and 
Bauble; Arepo ; Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Pro- 
duction Staff, "Romeo and Juliet", "The 
Sorcerer", "The Skin of Our Teeth". "Thc- 
Male Animal", "Three Men On a Horse"; 
Home Economics Club 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Esther Lillian Jones Chicago 



Alpha Delta Pi 

Illini Union Committee (3) ; Production 

Staff, "Pride and Prejudice"; Cast, "Letters 

to Lucerne" 

Francis Jones Calumet City 


Marketing Club; Freshman Varsity Tennis 
Squad; Varsity Tennis Squad (4); Fresh- 
man Varsity Basketball 
University of Pennsylvania 

Harold Lee Jones Benton 


Theta Chi 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; Scabbard and Blade ; 
Pershing Rifles ; Accountancy Club ; Market- 
ing Club ; Second Lieutenant, University Bri- 

Katharine Lea Jones Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Gamma Delta 
Sigma Delta Pi; Spanish Club; Cast, "Mirth 
of a Nation" 

Lawrence College 

Leslie Jones Benton 

Mechanical Engineering 
Mull Manor 

Mary Frances Jones Benton 

Home Economii ' 
Busej Hall 

Prk i Dhani JON) S 

Division "i Spei ial Si rvic ■■ 
Radio Journalism 

Phi Mu Alpha Isl Ri g tal Band I i l 

Men ■• Glee ' lub (1, 2, w . I 

( horua (1, 2) WN l < >., v ii . < ast, i In 
Mikado' ', "( armi n", "Pirate i ol Pi n2 


W 1 

Warren Jonsson Oak Park 

Theta Chi 

Proal Berry Judson Evanston 

Mechanical Engineering 
Pi Tau Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; The Illinois 
Technograph ( 3 ) 
Honors Day (1 I 

Mary Ann Jordan La Grange 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Beta Phi 
Shi-Ai; The Illio (1, 2, 3); Illini Union 
Committee (2) ; Theater Guild (1) 

Phyllis Marguerite Jordan Enfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Kappa 
Southern Illinois Normal University 

Alice Elizabeth Joslyn Woodstock 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chi Omega 
Vice-President, Senior Class; The Illio (1); 
House President (4) ; W.A.A. (1, 2) 

Olga Lucille Jur^^s. Chicago 

Liberal Mrts^%J Sciences 


Hous^Presid^^t (4 \ JunisJ^CIub %. 4) 

Gi old, I \\ ii i [AM| 

( "cimnerce 


University ol Pennsylvania 

Mt. Staling 

Si YMOUR K vim AN I 

I ngin '■ 

Mecbai ■ »i iring 

Mci,\ Resident Hall 
ih.n,. is Dai u» 

Bfrt Vk tor Karpf Chicago ^^m^^. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences ^fl |^L 

Chemntii jH "^ 

Men's Residence Hall 

Princeton University <^ ^* ♦, 


Carol Karr /<»<,£ Island 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Gamma Phi Beta 

The 111 io (1. 21; Production Staff, "Pride 

and Prejudice", "Romeo and Juliet"; 

Orchesis ( 1 ) 

1 1 ■!■■' 'i hj Hm* Kassel Bvft' ^^Hfe. 

Accountancy Club 

Honors Day (1) 53% <R* W 

Northwestern University 

Gertrude Miriam Katz Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Busey Hall 
Honors Day (3 ) 

Herzl Junior College; Northwestern Uni- 

Edan Kayne Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Personnel Psychology 
Grevada Chalet 
House President (4) ; Hillel Council (1, 2, 3) 

Ci.ara Vivian Kf.ating Ingleside 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sheffield Lodge 

Dorothy Jeanne Kflley Danville 


K.ipp.i Beta Pi; W.G.S. Executive Council (3) 

Rai ph Kelly Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
< hemistry 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 
Sigma Tau; House President (3); WILL 

n, 2) 

Honors Day (1,2) 

I.orfn Ellis Keefer Grt en I 'allt ; 

Vocational Agriculture 
Bradley University 



Brown Thresh 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; House President (1, 2). 
Accountancy Club ; Marketing Club 
Honors Day (1,2) 

Washington University; Columbia Uni- 

Dorothy Blaine Kfnnfdy LaGrange 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Beta Phi 
Freshman Council; The Illio (1, 2) ; Illini 
Union Committee 

Elfanor Kennedy Plainfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Presbyterian Hall 

North Central College 

Robfrt Daniel Kern Monmouth 

Mechanical Engineering 

Monmouth College 

Mary Martha Kersch Dec aim 


Leeman Lodge 
Illini Union Committee (1, 2, 3); Market- 
ing Club 

Doris Mae Kessler Granville 


Phi Mu 
Accountancy Club ; Marketing Club 

Narbey Khachaturian Teheran, Iran 

Civil Engineering 

University of Teheran 









Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Cagle Hall 
Alpha Lambda Delta 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Ray Thomas Killen, 

Uoydminster, Saskatchewan, Can. 

Electrical Engim ■ tint. 

Phi Sigma Kappa 
Tribe of Mini ; Freshman Varsity Hockey 
Squad; Varsity Hockey Squad (2, 3); Let- 
ter (2, 3) 

Marion Lois Kii.sberg Rockford 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Bethany Circle 
Torch; Sigma Delta Pi; 111 i n i Union Council 
(2, 3) ; Mini Union Committee (2, 31 ; Pro- 
duction, "Arms and the Man", "Pride and 

Ellen Carolyn Kimbrell. . . .Elm wood Park 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Zeta Tau Alpha 
Sigma Delta Pi; House President (4) ; Pan- 
Hellenic Executive Council (4) ; Mini Unicn 
Council (4) ; Mini Union Committee (1, 2, 
3, 4) ; Production Staff, "Twelfth Night", 
"The Warrior's Husband" 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Northwestern University 

Robert Lee Kimmons Greeley, Colo. 

Civil Engineering 
Men's Residence Hall 

Colorado College 

Glendall Lee King Eldorado 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Illinois State Normal University 

Corwin Carl Kingston Weldon 


Men's Residence Hall 
First Lieutenant, University Brigade 

Ri mi < ii is Kiri ham Pipei 

I dui ii 

Histot ■ 
Illinois si. iti Normal Univei 



Ii ■ 


Laura Kirsc h Hot Springs, Ark. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Epsilon Phi 
Pan-Hellenic Council (1) 
Louisiana University 

Helene Krainovitch Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lowell Hall 
Wilson Junior College 

Jfannette Alberta Klemola Evanston 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Fehner House 
Cosmopolitan Club; House President (3); 
Phi Beta Kappa 
Honors Day (2 ) 

Northwestern University 

Paul Leonard Klevatt. . .Kansas City, Mo. 
Aeronautical Engineering 
Sigma Alpha Mu 
Freshman Council; A.S.M.E. 
Kansas City Junior College 

Virginia Lorene Kmet Springfield 

Home Economics 
Bethany Circle 
House President (3); Accountancy Club; 
Marketing Club ; Home Economics Club 



.... River Forest 

Liberal AHs andj> 


^*_ "w" 




Torch ; a 

lask an^Jj^ih 

^epo ; 


lenic Exe 


3) ; 

'. (3) ; 

Production Statf^'King 



ree Men 

On a H"»i''' ^piir- Soi 


of Our 

Teeth" A 

Honors 1 

( 11^" "^ 

On ision of Spec [&1 

Sei n u es 

Busira rj Adm 




;psilon Pi 

Pro\ idence ( ollege 

I 1 1 1 \ M \k 1 1 Knauf / ....■•' 

Libera] Aits and S< iem i s 
Hisi i i 
Alpha \i Delta 
Him 1 fnion i ommittei i - I 
l ,i Salli i'i in ' Iglesb) Junioi t ollege 

William Wilton Knight, Jr LaGrangi 

Division of Special Services 
Industrial Administration 
Lundgrcn House 
University of Iowa 

Donald Row re Knorr. .. .Wauwatosa, Wis. 
Fine and Applied Art-. 
An bitecture 
Chi Psi 
Gargoyle ; Scarab 

University of Notre Dame 

•1^ *1* 

Ai v< ^^■IK^ ^^KW 

^ % Philosophy ™ % 

Chi Omega 
Theater Giuld (2 ) 

William Woods College 

Stanley Koch Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Tara Hall 
Lawrence College 

Theresa Marie Koehnemann. . .Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Parry College; St. Mary's of Notre Dame 

Glenn Ernest Koertge Litchfield 

Mechanical Engineering 
Phi Eta Sigma; First Regimental Band (1, 2) 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Earl Robert Kogen Chicago 

Physical Education 
Phi Epsilon Pi 
North Park f ollege 

Robert Charles Kohncke Hoopeston 

Mechanical Engineering 
A-S.M.E. (3, 4) 
University of Utah 



( arol LOUISE Kolb Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Kapp.i Delta 

Northwestern University, Lawrence College 

Robert Wesley Koyl Barryton, Mich. 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Music Education 
Gymkana ; 1st Regimental Band (1, 2) ; Men's 
Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; University Chorus 
(1 ) ; Cast, "H.M.S. Pinafore" ; Drum Major, 
Football Band 

Carol Kraatz Olmsted 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Evans Hall 
Southern Illinois University 

Joseph James Krage Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Brown Thresh 
House President (3, 4) 

Robert Kreeger Chicago 

Division of Special Services 
Tau Epsilon Phi 
House President (4) 

Raymond Roberts Kreig Oakley 

Alpha Gamma Rho 
Agriculture Club ; Hoof and Horn Club ; In- 
tramural Manager (4) 
Lake Forest College 

Jerome Krivit Chicago 


Men's Residence Hall 
Marketing Club 

John Moore Kromrey Morrison 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 
Freshman Varsity Tennis; Varsity Tennis (2) ; 
Freshman Varsity Basketball ; Men's Glee Club 
Honor's Day (1) 




Paul Krulevc itch Chicago 

Division of Special Services 
Zeta Beta Tau 
George Williams College 

Helen Elizabeth Krumsiek Urbana 

Commercial Teaching 
Spanish Club 

Jerome Hayes Krupp Vandaita 

Liberal Arts and Science 
Kappa Sigma 

Mercer University ; University of South 

Polly Ruby West McHenr) 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Commercial Art 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Mortar Board; Shi-Ai ; Bronze Tablet; Illus- 
trators (2, 3) ; Terrapin (2) ; Ulio (1) ; Tom- 
Tom (3); W.A.A. (2, 3); House President 
(3) ; Pan-Hellenic Executive Council (3, -4 ) ; 
Mini Union Committee (3) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Monticello College 

Glenn Dean Kucera Moline 

Mechanical Engineering 

Peter Nicholas Kulick Elmwood Paik 


I.i onard Louis Kulisek Beiuyn 

Alpha Delta Si K ma 

I I 1/ Mil I II KUN k- >; - : II 

\d\ i rtising 
Honon Day ( i i 


■ t \ ' 


Jfrome Jeffrey Kutzen Detroit, Mich. 

Division of Special Services 
Sigma Alpha Mu 
Oberlin College 

Jane Allen Lace Rockjord 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Journal urn 
Alpha Gamma Delta 
Cast, "Blithe Spirit" 

Betsy Ann Ladd Peotone 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Delta Delta 
Shi-Ai; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mask and 
Bauble; Arepo ; Sigma Delta Pi; The Illio 
(1); Ulini Union Committee (1, 2); Star 
Course, Board of Managers (2); Production 
Staff, "Three Men On a Horse", "Warrior's 
Husband", "Romeo and Juliet", "King 
Lear", "Pride and Prejudice" 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Robert Reid Lamb Champaign 

Division of Special Services 
Delta Chi 
Geology Club 

Illinois State Normal ; Bradley Institute of 

John Herrold Lancaster, Jr., 

Nashville, Tenn. 
Electrical Engineering 
Stadium Hall 
Concert Band (3) ; Men's Glee Club (3, 4) 


Yl KM R I.FF l.ANI . M. . . . M 

Civil Engineering 

fOYCi Mm 1 1 it I am. i Mount Vernon, N. V. 
Liberal Aits and s> iences 

El mn i 

1 vans Hall 

( oncordia < ollegiatt Institute . ( olumbil 

Edvcard (HARIIs I.angille. 

Sigma Phi Sigma 
The Daily Illini (3. 4) 
Texas College of Mines 

Oak Pa<k 

Harry Robfrt Langley. .. .Kansas City, .11". 
Division of Special Services 
Kansas City Junior College 

Mm., i >1P^^ Qnt. Laning CI. 

id Applied Arts 

Sigma Alpha Iota ; Arepo ; Women's Glee 
Club (1, 2, 3) ; University Chorus (1, 2, 3, 
4) ; WILL (2, 3, 4) ; Cast, "The Sorcerer", 
"Pirates of Penzance" 

Lyi i: Lanning Rockjord 

Civil Engineering 
Mull Manor 
Scabbard and Blade; A.S.C.E. ; Second Lieu- 
tenant, University Brigade 

Joseph Guido LaPalombara Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Granada Club 
Sachem ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; 
M.I.W.A. Executive Council (2, 3, 4), Presi- 
dent (4); President, Student Senate (4); 
President, Senior Class ; Phi Beta Kappa 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Bernicf. Ella LaPire Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Illini Hall 
Alpha Lambda Delta ; Alpha Pi Delta 
Honors Day (1, 2) 
Northwestern University 

Doris May Larsen , Evanston 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Omicron Pi 
The Illio (1, 2) ; Illini Union Committee (1, 
2); Production Staff, "Claudia", "Pride and 
Prejudice", "Twelfth Night", "Romeo and 
Juliet", "The Male Animal" 

Ei.don Larson Geneseo 

Alpha Gamma Rho 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Editor, Illinois Agriculturist 
(3, 4) ; Alpha Zeta ; Agriculture Club; Hoof 
and Horn Club; Field and Furrow Club; 
Illinois Agriculturist (I, 2, 3, 4) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

• k 

Arihir Henry Lassers Chicago 

Division of Special Services 
Business Administration 
Men's Residence Hall 

University of Notre Dame ; Indiana State 
Teachers College 

Martin Sanford Leaf Chicago 



Alpha Epsilon Pi 

Marketing Club (1, 2); Accountancy Club 

(2): Rifle Club; Daily Illini (1); House 

President (4) ; Illini Union Committee (3) 

Walter Roger Lecat Moline 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Industrial Design 
Alpha Rho Chi 
Freshman Varsity Fencing Squad 

Robert Lee Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Psi Upsilon 
Columbia College ; St. Louis University 

Richard Andrew Leech 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
First Regimental Band (2) 


Donald Francis Leeseman. Maywood, Calif. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
La Cotorie 

University of Colorado ; University of 

James Ross Leib Bridgeton, N. ]. 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Accountancy Club ; Varsity 
Tennis Squad (3) 
Honors Day (I, 2, 3) 

University of Pennsylvania 

Dale Leifheit De Kale 

Division of Special Services 
Phi Gamma Delta 
Ficshman Varsity Football Squad 
University of Notre Dame 








Arthur Jacob LeiNinGER Naitvoo 

Electrical Engineering 
Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu ; Sigma T.iu 
Pi Mu Epsilon ; Phi Eta Sigma; Editor, Th: 
Illinois Technograph ; A.I.E.E. ; The Illinois 
Technograph i 2 . 3) 

Honors Day (1, :, }) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Robert Joseph Leman Eureka 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political fi 
Chi Phi 

[AMES Duane Lenardson. . . .Detroit, Mich. 
Mechanical Engineering 

University of Detroit 

Bernice Lending University City. Mo. 

Illini Union Committee (2t 
Washington University 

Raymond Lentz, Jr Mounds 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Commercial Design 

Bruce Bert Leonard Kenmore. N. Y. 

Division of Special Services 
Sigma Chi 
Marketing Club 

Ohio Wesleyan University 

Lena Elizabeth Leone Rherton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
( )nondaga 
Spi ingfield |i . College 

i . ■ ii ii i! I d ■■• no) l eventbr. .Brooklyn, N. V 
Liberal Arts and Si i< m es 

•vi/i y 

( niversit) ol Maine . Broolcl) n I olli ge 


Annette Louise Levin Vanda% 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Sigma Sigma 
Psi Chi ; The Illio ( 1 ) ; The Daily Illini (1, 
2) ; Illini Union Committee (2, 3, 4) ; Pro- 
duction Staff, "Twelfth Night" 

Norma Jane Levin Centralia ! 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Delta Tau 
The Daily Illini (1); Illini Union Commit- 
tee (2, 3) 

Rivian Levin Chicago! 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Busey Hall 
Production Staff, "Romeo and Juliet", "Three J 
Men On a Horse" 
Herzl Junior College 

Irving Levine Chicago • 

Accountancy Club 

Wright Junior College ; DePaul University 

Herbert Joseph Leviton Chicagci 



Tau Epsilon Pi 

Agriculture Club; Hoof and Horn Club 

Spanish Club; Interfraternity Executive Coun 3 

cil (3) 

Albfrt Levitt 

Dayton, Ohit 


Janet Louise Le^ .. . .Ijiurelton, V V 
Liberal Arts and Science! 


Hostc House 
French Club; Production Staff, "Bcggai 01 
Horseback", "Alccstis", "King Le»r" 

I DMOND Pi Ml Ills I 

Fine and Applied Aits 
[t i bitt t tuntl Engintgriag 
Northwestern Universih 

Marjorie Albfrta Lidman Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Mu 
Spanish Club; Production Staff, "Blithe 
Spirit", "Three Penny Opera" 
North Park Junior College 



Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Loyola University 

KlN.^IIM^! LIND . ^4M T ' 

^ ..' eclri ..'.'' Engineering ^^ Q 
Honors Day (1) 

Illinois Institute of Technology 

Jean Alice Linden Ferndale, Mich. 

Fine and Applied Arts 

Wayne University 

Li.oyd Adolph Lindenpelser. .. .East Peoria 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Bradley Polytechnical Institute 

Josephine Janell Lindsay Harrisburg 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Piano and Organ 
Brentwood Manor 
Sigma Alpha Iota 
Honors Day (2 ) 

Rex Devon Lindsay Ml. Pulaski 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Honors Day (3) 
Evansville College 

Eugene Liner 

Radio "journalism 
\ Ice Rink 


Oglesby Junior College 



JAMES Con Link Paris 

Division of Special Services 
Businei i Administration 
Beta Theta Pi 
Alpha Phi Omega ; Marketing Club ; Stunt 
Shon (4) 

DePauw University; Princeton University 

Norma Alice Linkon DuQunin 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
S"i inlogy 
Southern Illinois Normal University 

Kathryn Jean I.ipi Homewood 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Gamma Delta 
The Illio (1) 

Donald Lippincott Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
Phi Gamma Delta 
Gargoyle ; Scarab 
Honors Day (3) 

J\mes Hellyer Litchfield Adair 

General Agriculture 
Nabor House 
Agriculture Club (4) ; Rural Life Club (4) 
Western Illinois State Teachers College 

Arnold Powell Litman.. .Kansas City, Mo. 


Metallurgical Engineering 

Tau Epsilon Phi 

A.S.M. ; A.I.M.E.; The Technograph (4); 


Kansas City Junior College 

Esther Little... 1 Farmer City 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Theta Upsilon . 
Abha Lambda Delta; House President (4) 
Honors Day (1) 

Mary Helen Littlemeyer Metropolis 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Teachet Training 



iv" '. v*. 'N ' i ■' \MmmmMmtA 

Chen Hua Liu 

Kunming, China 

Electrical Engineering 
National Yunnan University 

Robert Dewey Llewellyn Evanston 

Division of Special Services 
Psi Upsilon 
House President; Interfraternity Executive 

James Frederick Lochridge Waverly 

Ceramic Engineering 

University of Pennsylvania 

Elizabeth Ann Loewen Chicago 

Hume Economics 
Alpha Phi 
Honors Day (1) 

Frances R. Logan Louisville 

Commercial Teaching 
Alpha Lambda Delta ; Illini Rural Life Club 
(2, 3, 4) ; Accountancy Club (1, 3, 4) ; 
Marketing Club (3, 4) 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Ja< k Mi l.w in Logan Charleston 

Engine c i nit' 
< n il iiiynit tring 
Alpha Tau Omega 
Firsl Lieutenant, University Brigade 

Marii i a ( i ini.l hi. an \u ol a 

Liberal Ah md ciences 
Alpha ( in 

Mil I ilin i ' 

| S//... 

Alpha I 

Phi i ■ ■ . h ■ ■ 

Hoi on Day (I ; I 

Richard Stefan Lopata Berwyn 

Chi Phi 
Marketing Club; House President (3) ; Presi- 
dent, Illini Veterans World War II; Alpha 
Delta Sigma 

Central Y.M.C.A. College; Wright Junior 
College ; Northwestern University 

Mary Ann Lott Downers Grove 

Social Studies 
Cagle Hall 
Lawrence College 

Jean Gerard Louvier Wood River 


Assistant Editor, Technograph (3) ; A.I.M.E. ; 
M.I.S. ; A.S.M. ; Rifle Team (2) 
Honors Day (2) 

Loeta Zoeller Louvier, (Mrs.) . .Gillespie 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Chi Theta ; Ac- 
countancy Club; Illini Union Committee (1, 
Honors Day (1,3) 

Alice Ann Lovejoy Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Beta Phi 
The Illio (1) ; Illini Union Committee (2, 
3, 4) 

Honors Day (3) 
Skidmore College 


Robert Ernest Lo^jj^ .Cathlamct. Wash. 
Engineei ing 
,\li i hanical Engitti 
Phi Gamma Delta 
Secretary-Treasurer, Sophomore (lass; Y.M. 
( .A. Cabinet (l) 


Engini i ring 
Ciramit Engineering 
Phi Kappa Psi 
Varsity Baseball Squad I ' I . I ettei I ' I 

i >, p urn University . in s State Normal 

i nivi rsity 

. Edward Earl Luse Flora 



Sigma Nu 

Agricultural Club; Freshman Varsity Baseball 

I Squad ; Second Lieutenant, University Brigade 

Harry Clarence Lusk Henning 

Intramural Managership (3) 

\v^^^^p>iK>\ (t^n^ 

^^ A Engineering ^F A 

OV// Engineering 
Phi Sigma Kappa 
A.S.C.E. (3, 4); Interfraternity Executive 

Goah Abe Lynch Milford 

Agricultural Club (2, 3) 

Jerome Clement Lyons El Paso 

Honors Day (3) 

Ju Luan Ma Kunming. Yunnan, China 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Chinese Institute of Engineers 

South-West Associated University 

Marjorie Ann Mass Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Epsilon Phi 
William Woods College; Carroll College 

Warren Edward Maas Chit ago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Wheaton College 


John Row rt Mai aim i y r / 

( ommerce 
Industrial Managt mt at 
Delta Sigma Phi 
Star and Scroll; House President (-)); Inter- 
fraternity Executive ( ounul 1 5 1 
University of Pennsylvania 

John Mackey Rockford 

Mechanical Engineering 
Phi Sigma Kappa 
A.S.M.E. ; Caisson Club; Captain, University 

Loreta Ann Macklin Mou eaqua 

Honors Day (1) 

Thomas Alvin Madison Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Cast, "Happy Journey" 
Honors Day (1,2) 

Lucille Ingrid Magnusson Chicago 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Alpha House 
Mortar Board ; Torch ; Alpha Sigma Nu ; 
House President (4) ; Illini Union Committee 
(2); W.A.A. II, 2, 3. 4); W.A.A. Num- 
erals (2) ; Major I (3 ) 
Honors Day (2, J) 

Anna Minnie Mahaffey Carml 

Comma tial Teaching 
Southern Illinois Normal University 

Robert Dale Mahan Kinmundy 

Civil Engineering 
( hi Epsilon ; A.S.C.E. 
Honors Day (3) 

Robert Joseph Makarius, Jr.. .Dayton, Ohio 
Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Design 
Miami University 
















Troy Mallory Sessei 

Division of Special Services 
At countancy 
Accountancy Club; Marketing ( lub 

Southern Illinois Normal University; Wash- 
ington and Jefferson College 

Kennard Joseph Manchester. .Ames, Iowa 
Men's Residence Hall 

Tabor Junior College; William Penn Col- 

Alice Weber Mandei Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Sigma Sigma 
The lllio (1, 2, 3) ; Junior Editor (3) : The 
Daily Illini (2) ; Pan-Hellenic Executive Coun- 
cil (3, 4) 
Honors Day (2 ) 

Evi lyn Marie Mando Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Menomee Manor 
WILL (3, 4) ; Production Staff. "Romeo and 
Juliet ", "The Male Animal", "Blithe Spirit" ; 
Cast, "Alcestis" 
Mundelein College 

Joseph Reece Mann St. Joseph. Mo. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Carson-Newman College 

Pi rry James Manos Chicago 

Physical Education 

Physical Ed matin n 
Delta Phi 
Epsilon Phi Sigma; Dolphins (1, 2); Fresh- 
man Varsity Swimming Squad ; Production 
Staff, "Anything docs' 

Wesley Marchuk Irgo 

Join n.ihsm 

Advt rtising 

Sai hi in ; Alpha I )elta Sigma ; Illini I 

Board I 1 1 Illini i moo < ouni il (3) ; Illini 

I i ' ommitti i i ' i 

i M bci Chict, 

i ' i pecial Servici 

i ommi i 1 1 
Phi l p lilon Pi 
i ersit) ol Mi i ippi 




David William Margulies. . . .Newark, N. /. 
Ei onomit i 
Sigma Alpha Mu 
Pierrots; Cast, "The Women" 
University of Pennsylvania 

Robert Paul Margulies. .. .Davenport, lowi 


Sigma Alpha Mu 
Varsity Squad (1) ; Interfraternity Executive 
( ouncil 
Honors Day ( 1, 2 1 

Rosanne Joy Marschak Chicago 

Phi Sigma Sigma 
Theta Sigma Phi; Daily Illini (1, 2, 3, 4); 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

University of Southern California 

Clark Albert Marsh 

.In 'nautical Engineering 
Sigma Phi Delta 
University of Wisconsin 

. .At wood. 

John Marsh Belleville 

Mechanical Engineering 
Men's Residence Hall 
Phi Eta Sigma 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Elizabeth Ross 


ROBER1 WlLLARD MMHTaLL. .Shfinll. N. V. 

Physical Education 

Pl<\ trcal Education 
Freshman Varsity Football Squad; Freshman 
Varsitj Basketball Squad 

i i \m Lou Martin S M 

I ib< oil Aits .oid Si ieni i s 

I [i xapoe< i.i . I louse Pr< sid< nl (3) 

Aivaro Martinez. San Jose, < tta Rica C. 
Civil Engineering 

Cosmopolitan Club 

Universidad de Costa Rita 

Rosaline Marx Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Illini Union Committee (2 1 ; Women's Glee 
Club (1 ) ; French Club (1,2) 

Pun lP^bA^^M \m . VhH 

^^ J^fhanical Engineering ^* A 
A.S.M.E.; Illini Union Committee (3) 
Bradley Institute of Technology 

Wii liam Maslow Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Herzl Junior College 

Philip Ward Mason Silver Springs, Aid. 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
Kappa Sigma 
Honors Day (3 ) 

Ohio State University 

Eloon Sprague Mathews Alton 

Mechanical Engineering 
The Illinois Technograph (4) ; A.S.M.E. 
Shurtleff College 

Florence Nadyne Mathis Vienna 

Institution Management 
Alpha Chi Omega 
University of Iowa 

Lambert John Mathy Oak Park 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Men's Residence Hall 
Pershing Rifles ; Alpha Phi Omega 



Howard Matson Waukegan 

Mi i h mil al Engim < ring 

Sigma Phi Sigma 
Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade; A.S. 
M.E. ; First Regimental Band (1, 2, 3, 4); 
Second Lieutenant, University Brigade 

Robert Morse Matson Vi'ilnn in 


Accountant y 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

Accountancy Club (4) ; Pierrots (2, 4) ; Star 

and Scroll (2); The Illio (1); Production 

Staff, "Iolanthe", "The Flying Gerardos", 

"Out of the Frying Pan", "Rope's End", 

"The Women" 

University of Pennsylvania 

Edward Kimball Matteson Joliet 

Chi Phi 
Mask and Bauble ; Pierrots ; Production Staff, 
"Seventh Heaven", "Three Men on a Horse", 
"King Lear", "Beggar on Horseback ', "Al- 

Joliet Junior College 

Alvin Henry Matz Riverside 


Lyons Township Junior College 

Sarah Deborah Stork Maurer Chic, 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Herzl Junior College 

Madalyn Maxwell Nashville 


Price Club 
Whitevvortb College 

Fir, ills Ann Maxweli Alt. Veinon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Xi Delia 
Alpha Psi Omega; The Daily Illini (I); 

Lindcnw ood ( ollege 

Jam] s M vi s Ft. Thomas, Ky. 

Division oi Special Services 
En gnu i ring 
Phi Delta Thcta 

University ol Cincinnati; Case School of 
Applied s > ii ni i 






Virginia Curtis Mr Adoo, (Mrs.) 

Downers Grove 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Gamma 
Illini Union Committee (3) 
Stephens College 

David Weslfy McBride Champaign 

Phi Delta Theta 
Accountancy Club ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Band 
of X; Marketing Club; Second Lieutenant, 
University Brigade 
Honors Day (3) 

John Thomas McBride Champaign 

Phi Delta Theta 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; Accountancy Club ; Market- 
ing Club ; Band of X ; Second Lieutenant, 
University Brigade 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Walter Keith McCall Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 

Wright Junior College 

Jane McCammon Carlisle 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
McKinley Hall 
Sigma Delta Pi ; Spanish Club ; French Club ; 
W.A.A. ; First Regimental Band (3) 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Robert Hull McCarty, Jr. .Memphis, Tenn. 

Division of Special Services 


John Forbes McClellan Chicago 

Libera) Arts and S< ien< es 
Central V Collegi 

Aim in i' I l W Is Mi ( i i ii Q II. j. . 

Fini ni'i Applied Arts 

Landst apt Iri bill i tun 

i indscapi Architectui etj Men i Glei 

r lul, (2, >) i ni< i i itj ' horui I 1 i 


William Edward McCommons Flora 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Sigma Pi 

Interfraternity Executive Council (4) ; First 

Regimental Band (I, 2); Men's Glee Club 


Rose Marie McCormick Philo 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Alexander Edwin McCornack, Jr.. .Elgin 
Mechanical Engineering 
Alpha Chi Rho 

Janet Klett McCowan foliel 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Illini Hall 
Joliet Junior College 

Delbert Earnest McCulley Champaign 

Texas College of Mine and Metallurgy ; 
Shrivenham American University 



I LA Rose Mr DonaTS^^ Tritoli 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
/'■ u bology 
i II House 

W.A.A. ; W'.A. Numerals (J); Major I; 
Illini Union Council (II . Illini Union Com- 
mittee ( i I 
( ottey Junioi ( ollege 

foHN Milton McDowell, Jr Robinson 

( ommerce 
/'. i tonnrl Managi meat 
I .in Kappa I psilon 
Pi Tau Sigma , Housi President ( i » 

Arnftt Rffd McFadden . . .Davenport. Iowa 


Animal Husbandry 

John McKay Downers Grove 

Fine and Applied Arts 

Industrial Design 

Delta Upsilon 

Skull and Crescent; The Daily Mini (1, 2) ; 

Gymnastica (2, 3) ; House President (4) ; 

Interfraternity Executive Council (4) 

«4? «l£ 

'^3 B^M'-' ' s ^'' Ki mii /Tj^B^^w 
^^^tlWil Arts Science^*TT^P 



Alpha Xi Delta 
The Illio U) ; The Daily Mini (1, 2) ; Mini 
Union Council (4) ; Mini Union Committee 
(3, 4) ; Cast, "Mirth of a Nation", "Any- 
thing Goes"; Production Staff, "Arms and 
the Man", "Pride and Prejudice", "The 
Male Animal" 

Charlotte McKinney 

Physical Education 
Alpha Delta Pi 
MacMurray College 

Ave sd ale 

Joan Grace McKinney. . .Long Beach, Cal. 
Evans Hall 
University of California at Los Angeles 

Donna Mae McLean Hillsboro 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
The Mansion 
MacMurray College 

Geneva Lydia McLean Atlanta 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Bethany Circle 
MacMurray College 

Jerome Thomas McLean Chicago 

Division of Special Services 
Industrial Management 
Phi Kappa 
*A.S.C.E. ; House President (3); Interfra- 
ternity Executive Council (2) 

Ri< hard ( ummings McLean Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Alpha Sigma Phi 

Carmeta Ann McLeod Evanston 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Delta Delta 
The Illio (1, 2) ; Production Staff, "Pride and 
Prejudice", "Arms and the Man" 

Gloria Lolhsf McRae Evanston 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Accountancy Club ; Mini Union Committee 

(2) ; Production Staff, "Mirth of a Nation" 

Honors Day (3) 

Frank Henry Mealiff ■ Mendon 

General Agriculture 
Nabor House 
Agricultural Club; Rural Life Club 

John Mee 

Men's Residence Hall 
Marketing Club ; Banking Club 
Oglesby Junior College 


William Francis Meehling Marshall 

Sigma Pi 
Scabbard and Blade ; Accounting Club 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Jane Donelua Meek Quincy 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
( agle Hall 
Quincy College 

Marion Irvin Mffkfr Champaign 

l\ i tonm I Management 


NW Jean MelOHN Philo 


Samuel Mendelowitz Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Tau Delta Phi 
Omega Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Phi Beta 
Honors Day (2 ) 

Susan Menkin Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Busey Hall 
Honors Day (1, 2 ,3) 
Northwestern University 

William Henry Merkle Wilmette 

Accountant y 
Delta Kappa Epsilon 
The Daily Illini (1, 2); Blackhawk Troop 
(2) ; Varsity Polo Squad (2, 3) 
Randolph-Macon College 

Donald Metzger Shobnn\ i 

Eastern Illinois State Teachers College 

Eloise Roberta Metzger Shoboniei 

McKinley Hall 
Sigma Delta Pi; Spanish ( lub ; Star Course, 
Board of Managers ( 2 ) 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

I loisi Mai Meyer Fanwood, N. J. 

I Aits and S 

Ps >, bolog i 
Delta Delta Delta 
Illini I mm. ii r ommittee (3 ) 
i >ii l inson ' ollege 

I ' i i 1 1 i ■ i • , m 

Pri ical Educal ion 
/' . .// /■,/;/, at'ton 
Sigm i Pi 

,i,i Football Squad 
i i ' , "i Notn I '.mi' 



Joseph Lane Middleton flora, Miss. 

Sanitary Engineering 

Mississippi State College 

Jeroi. Elaine MlESSLER Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Stradford House 
Morgan Park Junior ( ollege 

Alfred Alan Miller Villa Park 

Personnel Management 
Ruste Armes 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; House 
President ( 1 ) 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Arnold Miller Chicago 


Pi Lambda Phi 
Marketing Club 

Harold Vernon Miller Loam/ 

Personnel Management 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Marketing 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Walter Harry Mnsi™^ Chicago 

Division ol Special Services 
Pi Lambda Phi 
Pershing Rifles; Green Friars; White Horse 

Virginia Mm kin | 

Liberal Arts and Si i< ni i s 
Psycl i , | 
I vans Hall 

I he Illio (3) ; Illini I i I oi ei i 1 1 

North ( < ( olli i . 

James Cleveland Mingee. .. .Jackson, Mis 

Mechanic id Engineering 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E. 
Mississippi State College 

Alh r Louise Misegades .Alton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Busey Hall 
Student Senate (4) ; Iota Sigma Pi; The IlLo 
(2, 3) ; Illini Union Committee (2) 
Honors Day (2, 3); University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Lindenwood College 

John *^£ % JP 

^F A Accountancy ^sw A 

Sigma Pi W ^ 

Alpha Kappa Psi: Accountancy Club; Market- 
ing Club; House President (3) 

James Ferriss Moir OgJ< n 

Division of Special Services 
Joliet Junior College ; University of Wis- 

James Hendrix Money Pans 

Mechanical Engineering 
Theta Delta Chi 

Mary Elizabeth Monger Tuscola 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Leeman Lodge 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Eta Sigma Phi; Illini 
Union Committee ( 1 ) 
Honors Day (1,3) 

Lois Ruth Monroe Redd:< ' 

Home Economic < 
Gamma House 
Home Economics Club ; Rural Life Club 

Barbara Susanne Moody /'. , . 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Division of General Studit I 
Beta . 
Torch ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; W.G.S. Exe u 
tive Council (3, 4) 
Honors Day (1,2) 


Fred Moore, Jr Aurora 


Alpha ( In Rho 
Phi Eta Sigma; Varsity Cheer Leader (1, 2, 
3) ; Head Cheer Leader (2, 3) ; Second Lieu- 
tenant, University Brigade 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Esther Faylene Morford Seaton 

Home Economics 
Monmouth College 

Ruth Morgan Somonauk 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Cagle Hall 
Honors Day (3 ) 

Northern Illinois State Teachers College 

Bernice Morgenstein Chicago 


Emon Kai Teon Club 
Intramural Manager (2) ; House President 
(3); Production Staff, "Barchester Towers"; 
Marketing Club 

John David Morrisey Joliet 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Nu 
Joliet Junior College 

William Edward Moschell. . .Elwood, lnd. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Phi Delta Theta 
Wabash College 

Robert Adair Moulthrop. .Kansas City, Mo. 
Mechanic id Enginet > ing 

Kansas State College ; California Institute 
of Tec hnology 

Hi ii n Louisi Moyers Sycamore 

Hospital Dietetics 
Presbyterian Hall 

1 mimic I i < mil s ( Inli 


- 'I ':- 

WILLIAM Charles Muchow. . .Denver, Colo. 
Fine and Applied Arts 
Chi Psi 
Gargoyle : First Regimental Band 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

University of Notre Dame 

Bernice Margarethe Mueller. .. .Waterloo 

Home Ii< onomit r 
Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Home Economics (~ luh . 
House President (3) I 
Honors Day (2 ) 

Robert Louis Mueller Peoria 

( ommerce 
Pin Gamma Delta 
Ma-Wan-Da ; Sachem ; Senior Intramural 
Manager; Band of X; Freshman Varsity Golf 
Squad; Intramural Manager (2, 3) ; Second 
Lieutenant, University Brigade ; Marketing 
Club; Men's League (1) 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Roberta Nadine Mulliken Urbana 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Sigma Alpha Iota; Women's Glee Club (4) ; 
WILL (1, 2, 3, 4) 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Jeanne Elizabeth Murphy Chicn 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Wright Junior College 

Joseph Francis Murphy 

Met hanical Engineering 
Kappa Delta Rho 
Star and Scroll ; A.S.M.E. 


PATRICIA Ann Murphy Dundee 

i ommerce 
i t ni. mi i 
Evans Hall 
Alpha Lambda D< Ita . Studenl Senate i S i . 

Mini 1 1 < ouni il (2) j Mini Union ( om 

mm- 1 ii, ', (, i i . Marketing I tub . Ac 
i ountam '. Club Spanish Club 
Honors Daj I i I 

^W ^' 

lii.. 1 i i i i i Mi ii |. 


[ourns lism 


■1 ^ 

i ippa i ii li.i 
rorcli i hi ta Sigma Phi ["hi Dail Mini 
(3) w A A Numei il Mini 


Il I i ' i Will 1 ' i 

William Perry Myers Hoopeston 

Mechanical Engineering 
Pi Tau Sigma ; Tau Beta Pi 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Walter Edward Myles Chicago 

Met hanical Engineering 
Honors Day (3) 

Schurz Junior College 

Eugene Thomas Natale. . .Rochester, N. Y. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Rochester Institute of Technology; Uni- 
versity of Rochester 

Eileen Neadell Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Beau Chateau 
Senior Manager, Theater Guild ; Mask and 
Bauble; Arepo ; House President (1) ; Pro- 
duction Staff, "Twelfth Night", "Romeo and 
Juliet ", "The Skin of Our Teeth", "King 
Lear", "The Alcestis of Euripides" 

Thomas Darmody Neal. . .Indianapolis, Ind. 
Division of Special Services 
Business Administration 
University of Notre Dame ; Indiana State 
Teachers College 

Joan Neff 




Constanci Lucif^^^MLsoN. . . .Salina, Kan. 
( ommerce 
Brentwood Manoi 
Illini Union Committee I '. I); M.ukcting 
( luh i i. 4) ; Accountancy < luh ( J, 1 1 
University of Kansas 

Jam An\ Niisos (.hit ago 

Liberal Arts and S< iences 
I vans Hall 

iv i.i.i ( ollege 


. Urbana 

Rita Stiles Nelson 

Fine and Applied Arts 


Sigma Alpha Iota ; Arepo ; University Chorus 

(2, }, 4) ; WILL (2, 3, 4) ; Cast, "H.M.S. 

Pinafore", "The Sorcerer" 

Shurtleff College 

William Eugene Nelson .Rock Island 

Mechanical Engineering 
Chi Psi 
Freshman Varsity Football Squad ; House 
President (4) 

Northwestern University 

VMB rfTxi NETHERTON. t^M^^in 
^^P& Engineering g^^Wfc 

^ ^fcroiiantinil Engineering^ H 



inautical Engineering' 
Beta Theta Pi 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Institute of Aeronautical Sci- 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Oklahoma Agriculture and Mechanical Col- 

Joyce Jeanette Neubauer Hinckley 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
McKinley Hall 
House President (4) ; W.G.S. Executive 
Council (4) 
Honors Day (2 ) 

Herbert John Neumayer Waukega 

Nutrition and Dietetics 

Fredrica Karber Neville Urbana 

Home Economics 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Alpha Lambda Delta; The Illio (2) ; W.A.A. 
<2) ; Production Staff, "Goodbye Again", 
"Claudia", "Pride and Prejudice", "Bar- 
chester Towers", "Twelfth Night"; Home- 
Economics Club (1 ) 
Honors Day (1,3) 

Howard Neville Urbana 


Phi Delta Theta 
Student Senate (2) ; Freshman Council ; Sopho- 
more Class President; Chairman, Sophomore 
Honors Day (3 ) 

Elva Jacqueline Newman. 
Petite Maison 
The Daily Mini (1, 2) 
Millikin University 

. Decatur 


V i 

STANLEY FlSCHEL Newman Chicago 

. I. ronautical Engineering 

Phi Epsilon Pi 
Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; Institute of 
Aeronautical Sciences ; Freshman Varsity 
Baseball Squad 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

University of Tennessee ; Illinois Institute 
of Technology 

Herbert Leonard Newmark. .Trenton, N. J. 
Civil Engineering 
Phi Epsilon Pi 
Chi Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; 
A.S.C.E. ; Technograph (1, 2), Editor (3); 
House President (2, 3) ; Mini Board of Con- 
trol (2, 3. 4) ; Hillel Senior Council (2, 3) 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Charles Dean Newman, Jr.. .San Jose, Cal. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Pi Kappa Alpha 

University of California 

Edson Carl Newquist Moline 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Commercial Design 
Zeta Psi 
Illustrators; Illio (2, 3, 4); Cast, "Mirth of 
a Nation" 
Honors Day 11,2) 

Barbara Anne Nicklaus Chicago 


Alpha Phi 
Kappa Tau Alpha ; Theta Sigma Phi ; Mask 
and Bauble; Arepo; The Daily Mini (2, 3, 
4) ; Production Staff, "Romeo and Juliet", 
"Three Men on a Horse", "Beggar on Horse- 
back", "King Lear", and "Blithe Spirit" 
Honors Day (2, 3 ) 

Carleton College 

Charles William Nixon CarlinvilU 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Cast, "Beggar on Horseback", "Alcestis" 
Honors Day (3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

A N x r Noble Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Division o) General StnJ:<< 
Kappa Alpha Theta 
Torch ; Shi-Ai ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha 
Lambda Delta; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3, 4); 
Illini Union Committee (3) ; Mini Board of 
Control (3, 4); Production Staff, "Twelfth 
Night", "Warrior's Husband", "Claudia", 
"H.M.S. Pinafore" 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Kej 

Wayni E, Nohren Longview 

( ommerce 

Tu.i Hall 
Alpha K.ipp.i I\i, Scabbard and Blade; House 
President (3); First Lieutenant, University 

Honors D.iv ( 1 ) 






Betty Noreen Norberg Rockford 

Chi Omega 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3, 
-1) ; WILL (1) ; Y.W.C.A. Doll Show ( hail 
man, 19-45; Theta Sigma Phi; The Techno- 
graph (3) 

Honors Day (3) I Un.versity ol Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Paulita North /:/ ''•"" 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Presbyterian Hall 
Illini Union Committee (3) 

Mary Kay Northan Chicago 

Gamma Phi Beta 
The Daily Illini (1, 2, 3) ; Illini Union Com- 
mittee ( 1 ) 

Edward Novak, Jr Chicago ^* 

Division of Special Services "V 

Comnn ut m 

Delta Phi 

-» «V- ' 

Donald R. O'Brien Omaha, Neb. 

Mechanical Engineering 
Theta Xi 
Interfraternity Executive Council ; First Regi- 
mental Band 

University of Omaha 

Fi ORA Ann Offner Zion 

Physical Education 

Physical Education \i 

Beta House ^3^. _. Ejjl 

Alpha Sigma Nu ; W.A.A. ; W.A.A. Numer- M 

.ils; Map ii I; Women's Glee Club i^BV^-^^V 

Honors Day (2, 3) ' ^ 

i i in Henry Offner Zion 

Engini g 

\l, i hanit \l I ■- - 
Pi I .mi Sigma Pi i ihing Rifli s A S.M.l 
Honors Da) (1, ' i 

i ,n i ii. in 
. um Pi 
Phi Delta l hcta 

[J rhi ["echnograpl I i) ; Ililn 
ran I i) 

i,i i ■ ,. i,. Collcgi 



Dfimar John Ohren Pocahontas 

Agrii ulture 
Dairy Technology 
Alpha Gamma Rho 
Dairy Technology Club 

Gustavus-Adolphus College 

Loraine Pearl O'Kfffe Pekin 


Speech and English 

Theta Alpha Phi ; Kappa Delta Epsilon ; 

Kappa Delta Pi ; Pi Kappa Delta ; Sigma Tau 


Illinois State Normal University 

Rita Marie Oldham Granite City 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Welsh House 

Illini Union Committee ; Production Staff, 

"Pride and Prejudice", "Romeo and Juliet", 

"The Skin of Our Teeth" 

Clare Marie Olson Highland Park 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Welsh House 

Vice President Junior Class; Illini Union 

Council (1); Illini Union Committee (3); 

Gamma Delta 

Elmer Junior Olson Hoopeston 

General Agriculture 
Farm House 
Alpha Zeta ; Second Lieutenant, University 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Ruby Eleanor Olson 
House Pr, 
Phi Upsi 



Howard Piter Ouii-Bki.^ Chict 

Mi , banical Engini 
A.s.M.E. ; Freshman Varsity Track Squad; 
Freshman Varsity ( ross ( ountry Squad 
Maine Junior < ollege 

Jeanne Ann Ostbi ....BrookfitU 

Bdui ai ion 

Alpha \i Delta 
n.uh [llini 1 1 I . Gi no. in i lub 
Honors Daj 1 1 I 

John William Ostrem Morr;j 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Beta Gamma Sigma ; The 
Daily Mini (2, ; ) ; Business Manager; Alpha 
Kappa Psi : Beta Alpha Psi , Accountancy 
•Club; Second Lieutenant, University Brigads 
Honors Day II, 2, 5); University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Mar 1 1 Agnes (Kirom .Princevillt 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
B.n teriolog j 
McKinley Hall 
Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3; 4); Production Stall, 
"The Male Animal' ' 


Gent '.if Engineering 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
Springfield Junior ( ollege 

^B ^ 


Xi Delt 

> (1) 

The I1U< 




Betty Jean Owen Champaign 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Alpha Omicron Pi 
Physical Education Majors Club; The Illio 

Betty Jean Pace Elmhm >/ 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Delta Delta 
Elmhurst College 

Harold Stanton Paddor.. 

Sigma Alpha Mu 
Marketing ( luh 

I /■/, igc 

Eiiixorp Blanchi Paga< Chicago 

Liberal Arts and S< icnces 
Evans Hall 
Production Staff, "The Skin of Our Teeth", 
"Beggar on Horseback", "King Lear", "Al- 
cestis", "Three Men on a Horse" ; A ( appella 

DePauw University 


Catherine Celia Palecek Colltnsville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Social Studies 
Mortar Board ; Torch ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; 
President, W.G.S. (4); Student Senate (2, 
41; President, Sophomore Class; Chairman, 
J mior Prom; Chairman, Sophomore Cotillion; 
( hairman. Independent Informal (3) ; W.G.S. 
I cutive Council (3, 4) ; Mini Union Coun- 
cil (}) ; Illini Union Committee (1, 2, 3): 
Star ( nurse. Board of Managers (2) ; Phi Beta 

Honors Day (1, 2. 3); University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

James Marshall Palm Roctford 

General Engineering 

Phi Delta Theta 
Freshman Varsity Golf Squad; Varsity Golf 
Squad (1, 2) 

John Russell Palm Rockford 

General Engineering 
Phi Delta Theta 
Freshman Varsity Golf Squad ; Varsity Golf 
S iuad (1, 2) 
Honors Day (1,2) 

William Riley Pame-e Parkersburg 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Eta Sigma; Pershing Rifles; Lieutenant 
Colonel, University Brigade 
Honors Day ( 1 I 

John Michael Panek Perry, N. Y 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Freshman Varsity Football Squad 
University of Texas 

Alvin Loren Park. Biiif.iln 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Ec on omit i 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 
Sachem; Pierrots; The Illio (2); The Daily 
Illini (1) ; House President (3) ; Interfra- 
ternity Executive Council (3, 4) ; Illini Union 
Board (4) ; Cast, "Love Rides the Rails" 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

University of Wisconsin 

lr \.\ Ann Park Mattoon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chi Omega 
Stephens College 

Lois Pa irk h 

Fraker House 
Mundelein < ollege 

. Chicago 




Robert Karl Pattison Ashtabula, Ohio 

Civil Engini t ring 

Baldwin-Wallace College; Ohio State Uni- 
versity; Montana School of Mines 

Edna Betty Patton Chicago Heights 

Bethany House 
Illini Union Committee (2, 3, 4) 
Central Y.M.C.A. College 

Charles Harold Paul Waterloo, la. 


Accountancy Club ; Marketing Club 
University of Pennsylvania 

Elsa Mildred Paul Bridgeton, N. J. 

Hoste House 
Alpha Lambda Delta 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Malvin Bernard Paul.... 
Alpha Epsilon Pi 


Dorothy Marlyn Stanhope Pearce. .Dttpo 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Gamma Phi Beta 
The Illio (1, 2) 

Marvin Pi aim i . Jn Dupo 

Division of Special Services 
Busines i Administration 
I'm Upsilon 
Pershing Rifles; Illini Union Committei (1, 
2 1 , Mi n's i ' agui ii 'i 

ROBl II l I lOM] i l'i RSON. . . 

I lli'lll 
Mechanical ' 
II,. I.. Xi 
A.S.M I lei Hoi key (2 I 



Donald Dean Peasley Lomax 

Sachem; Tomahawk; Daily Illini (4); Dol- 

Phyllis Pfck Los Angeles, Cal. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Harmony House 
Northwestern University 

William Pelletier Kankakee 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Minawa Lodge 
Phi Eta Sigma; WILL (3) 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Sterra Rosalyn Penner. . Youngstown, Ohio 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Delta Tau 
University of Wisconsin 

George Harold Perbix Jacksonville 

Division of Special Services 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Alpha Zeta ; Star and Scroll ; 
The Illio (1) 
Honors Day (I, 2) 
Purdue University 

Clyde Matthew P 

lair Shores, Mich. 


Margie Ann Pirk 


( ommerce 
/', i wnnel Managt mi nt 

Alpha Chi Omega 

Shi-Ai; The Illio (1, 2): President, Pan- 
Hellenic Executive Council; illini Union 

Board; W.A.A. (l. 
Staff, "( laudia", 
Ban hestei I owii 

■. J, ii; Production 
Warrior's Husband", 

Richard Lynn Phrkins Racim, Vis, 

( ommi ,, i 
Marketing and Management 
Alpha I hi Rho 
Marketing < Inb 

Loyd Wayne Perry Danville 

Industrial Education 
Varsity Baseball Squad (2, 3) ; Letter (3) 

Louisf Evelyn Peters Zion 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Beta House 
Alpha Pi Delta ; Physical Education Maiors 
Club; W.A.A. ; W.A.A. Numerals; Major I 


Shi-Ai; Illini Union Committee (1, 2, 3) 

Frank Lindell Peterson. .. .Highland Park 
Electrical Engineering 
Sigma Chi 

Jack Douglas Peterson Rociford 

Ceramic Engineering 
Minawa Lodge 
Keramos ; Alpha Phi Omega ; Y.M.C.A. 
Cabinet (3) 

Guy Oland Petty Lau/rencevilU 

Wenatchee House 
Chairman, Sophomore Cotillion ; M.I.W.A. 
Executive Council (2, 4) 

University of North Dakota ; Biarritz Amer- 
ican University 

John Richard Pfeffer Lebanon 

Division of Special Services 
Phi Delta Theta 
Interfraternity Executive Council (3); Ac- 
countancy Club (3) 

Washington University ; McKendree Col- 
lege ; Arkansas Agriculture and Mechanics 
College; Colorado College 

Robert Walter Pieiffer Chicago 

Libetal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Pi 
Skull and Crescent; The Daily Illini (2, 3) ; 
House President (2); Interfraternity Execu- 
tive Council (2); Illini Union Committee 
(1. 2, 3) ; Cast, "Barchester Towers" 


Marilyn Jean Pelaum Algonquin 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Illini Hall 
MacMurray College 

Eugj \f Phfiefer Monmouth 

Banking and Finance 
Marketing Club; Accountancy Club 
Princeton University 

Pauline Philippi Casey 

Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Chi Theta; Ac- 
countancy Club 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Andrew Phillip Gianite City 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Delta Tau Delta 
Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Skull and Crescent; 
Tribe of Illini ; Freshman Varsity Basketball 
Squad; Varsity Basketball Squad (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Letter (2, 3, 4) ; Freshman Varsity Baseball 
Squad; Varsity Baseball Squad (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Letter (2, 3, 4) 

Frances Phillips Green Valley 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Evans Hall 
Alpha Lambda Delta; The Daily Illini (1, 2) 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

John Daniel Phillips Green Valley 


General Agriculture 

Alpha Gamma Rho 

Agriculture Club (3) ; Hoof and Horn Club; 

House President (3) ; First Regimental Band 

(1, 2, 3, 4) 

Imocene Lou Phipps Bushnell, Neb. 

Personnel Management 
Delta Delta Delta 
Illini Union Committee (2) 

Harry Pickneli D, 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Chi Rho 
The Daily Illini (1) 
DePauw University 









Michael Julian Piftrzak Riverside 

Marketing Club; Accountancy Club; Second 
Lieutenant, University Brigade 

Bert Pigcott Hinsdale 

Physical Education 

Athlein I oat bing 

Kappa Alpha Psi 

Tribe of Illini ; Freshman Varsity Football 

Squad; Varsity Football Squad (i. 2, I); 

Letter (3) 

Daniel Edward Pike Detroit, Mil b. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Sigma Phi Delta 

University of Detroit 

Mary Lou Pike Aurora 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Illini Union Board (4 1, Illini Union Coun- 
cil (4), Illini Union Committee (5, 4) 
Stephens College 

Joyci Margaret Pinault. .St. Cloud. Minn. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Delta Delta 
Stephens College 

Constance Pishos Argo 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Northwestern Um\ c-i sity 

i -I Mai Plaggi Barrington 

t '.mill' M 

Commi n ial 1 1 «/ i 
Bethanj Circli 
Lfnivi in l horui (2, i) ; Produi tion Staff, 

"Ban hcstci rowei R :o and [ulii t", 

"Thi Mil' Animal' . "< laudia" , Account- 
am | ' tub i i ' 
Hi 'I >aj I i. ■ I 

i rbncb Wayne Pli i U 

Division ol pecial Sei ices 
| tlism 

ol Miniii ota I i i' in lllino 
Coll Did tatc Col 



Robert Podell Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Industrial Design 
( liicagO Art Institute 


George Pohn Danville 

Men's Residence Hall 
Pin Eta Si.uma ; Accountancy Club (1, 2, 3, 
■i) ; Marketing Club (2) ; The Illio (1, 2) ; 
Production Staff, "Kiss The Boys Goodbye' 
"Iolanthe", "Love Rides the Rail", "Out 
of the Frying Pan" 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Paul Robert Poitras Rockjord 

Accountancy Club (4) ; Marketing Club (3) 
Blackburn College 

Roberta Makler Polk Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Delta Tau 
Torch ; Shi-Ai ; Freshman Council ; The Illio 
(1, 2, 3) 
Honors Day (3) 

3etty Pauline Pollard VrbatA 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


t Band 

Shirley Thei M.\^h*ffi k Chicago 

Liberal Arts and s, urn es 
I owry Lodge 
1 he Daily Illini (1) ; W.G.S. ( "unci . Star 
I > , ho. ml of Man.ii:. rS 

Roger Allen Pooli Chambosburg I 

l ibi Aiis and Sci< nci s 
U . 
I I igg I lousi 
Honors Dij I ' 
w , stern Illinois s ' iti !"( ichers ( olli i 

John PoPPELREITER Whealon 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Hi Kappa Phi 
House President (4); Freshman Varsity Foot 
ball Squad 

( hamj 

Don \i i> I j ori i r 


Mann i- ■/.'( VI 
Alpha Sigma Phi 
St. Ambrose College 

Hi N«SkAff'o\M ii ; - Q^m0r 

JH(Mi c i: A^JBn 

Sigma Alpha Mu 

Marketing Club; Intramural Manager {2t . 
House President (4) 
Honors Day I 1 I 

Harvey Jordan Post Chit ago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Tau F.psilon Phi : Omega Beta Pi 

Charles Kilburne Preston, Jr Chicago 


Alpha Delta Phi 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Director, Department of Pub- 
lic Relations, Illini Union (4); Student 
Senate (4) : Homecoming Chairman (4) ; 
Illini Union Board (4) ; Illini Union Council 
(3, 4) 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Northwestern University ; Princeton Uni- 

Rebecca Dawson Price Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Commercial Art 
Alpha Kappa Alpha 
House President (1 ) 

Illinois Institute of Technology 

Roberta Prii chard Maywood 


Institutional Manage mem 

Evans Hall 

The Illio (I); House President (3); Illini 

Union Council (2); Illini Union Committee 

<1. 2. S) ; Home Economics Club 

Victoria Prodan . I 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Lambda Delia ; Psi ( hi 
Honors Day (1,2) 


lid M Alma PUCKETT Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sot iolog) 
Abbott House 
Y.W.C.A. Cabinet 

Wilberforce University 

Hi i iv Jane Queen 

Home Economics 
Bethany Circle 
Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) 

( llh J 


Virginia Rliih Rabin Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lowry Lodge 
Illini Union Committee: The Illio (1) ; Cast, 
"Mirth of a Nation" 
Honors Day (1. 2) 

Donald Lewis Raggio Kenilworth 

Division of Special Services 

Phi Gamma Delta 
Freshman Varsity Football Squad ; Freshman 
Varsity Ice Hockey Squad 

University of Notre Dame 

Rosemary Ruth Rahn Pekin 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Evans Hall 
Student Senate (3, 4) ; Vice-President, Sopho- 
more Class; Sigma Delta Pi; Chairman, 
Sophomore Cotillion ; Chairman, University 
Audit and Dance Committee (3. 41 ; Uni- 
versity Chorus (2) 
Honors Day ( 3 ) 

Dorothy Rains II", ft Frankfort 

Busey Hall 
Women's Glee Club (3, 4) 

Southern Illinois Normal University 

John Ralston, Jr Houston, Tex. 

Division of Special Services 
Mechanical Engini ering 

Weber College 

(harms Burton Ramenofsky LaSalli 

( ommerce 
Managt man 
Zeta Beta Tau 
LaSalle Peiu-Oglcsby Junior ( ollege 




CHARLOTTI Krasni Ramenofsky LaSalh 
Liberal Aits and Si Hint'. 
Sigma Delta Tau 
Mortar Board; Torch; Alpha Lambda Delta; 
Shi-Ai; The Illio (2, 3)-, Editor (4); Th: 
Daily Jllini (1); Chairman, Careei Con 
ference; Pan-Hellenic Executive Council (4); 
Phi Beta Kappa ; Student Senate ( l I 
Honors Day (1. 2, 3); University ol Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Marii Ki a< i Chi 

Libera] Arts and Sciences 
< agle Hall 
Production Staff, "Twelfth Night" 


Dorothy Ann Ramm vi r Bloominglon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
The Daily Illini (2) ; Production, "Alcestis", 
"Beggar on Horseback", "King Lear" 

Illinois Wesleyan University; Chicago Art 

William Anno it Randolph Chicag 

Civil Engineering 
Alpha Phi Omega; A.S.C.E. ; Dolphins: 
Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad; Varsity 
Swimming Squad (4) 
University of Cincinnati 

Lola Nadine Ransom Princeton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Zeta 
Shi-Ai; The Daily Illini (1, 2,3 J 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

GR) ic HEN Raube Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Busey Hall 

Gvi i NDOI 1 x Benni it Rav Chicago 

Fine and Applied Aits 
Delta Sigma Tlict.i 
1 louse President ( 1 ) 

Wilson Junior ( ollege , 

Wii i i im Samuel Rai Vi bana 

beral Arts anil s, it ni is 


i) I brne Raymond i ■ 

Liberal Arl 

< 4, 



James Louis Reavy La Salli 

Pin Kappa Tau 
Accountancy Club; Men's Glee Club (3, 4) 

La Salle-Pcru-Oglesby Junior College; Uni- 1 1 f 
versity of Pennsylvania 

Jo Ann Reed Western Sprind 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
( agle Hall 
W.A.A. (3, 4); House President (4); Or- 
chesis (3, 4) ; Terrapin (3. 4) ; Physical Edu- 
cation Majors Club (3, 4) 

Alabama College; Illinois Wesleyan 

Robert McLeoo Reed Arlington Heights 


Alpha Zeta 
Honors Day I : I 

Wii.i ard Alfred Reid Farming/an 

Accountancy (lub (3, 4); Marketing Club 
(3. 4) 

Jl AN R 

■EDY ^^^^^ 

Li1ki.i1 twts andMscienccs 
sV , J ^ 



^elt?^Dclta» i W 


Board :mgr|J ; \^T hi ; 



(2, 3) ; 

rltanBi^Mon CommittejtflB 

r*) , 



Staff, ' i^rchcster To#c7s 

; Phi 



Tino\ Schol- 

Annetti Gardner Re^Ws Taylorvillt 

Liberal Arts and S< icmes 
S . ology 
Christian College ; M.uMun.n Collegi in 
\crsii\ ol Indiana 

Kll H Mill I \ I III I I Kl I \ I s II , 

I !!■ inei rin 

. :' 

\\ i snu n 
\ s \ | \ s c I (.mi Irtillet) i lub 

Mi ., ■ Glei ' lub ii. • .i M.i nivei 

sih B i ■ di 

William (omiv Ruin Memphis, Tenn. 

H Division of Services 


Delta Tau Delta 
Scabbard and Blade; Intramural Managei 
(2); Freshman Varsity Basketball Squad 
First Lieutenant, University Brigade 

Charles Milton Reimek Springfiela 


Farm House 
Stai and Scroll ; Phi Eta Sigma : Freshman 
Council; Scabbard and Blade: The II! io ill; 
Basketball Manager (2); Lieutenant, Univer- 
sity Brigade; Agriculture Club; Hoof and 
Horn < luh 
Honors Day (1,2) 

^P Engineering 
( // // Enginet ring 
Beta Theta Pi 
Chi Epsilon : Sigma Tau; A.S.C.E. 
University of Redlands 

l.Ol IS ROHIRT RllNIRT ( hit ago 

Division of Special Services 
hid /i sir mi Administration 
Phi Kappa 
Interfraternity Executive Council Is. J); 

Wayne University ; University of Mississippi 

Robfrt Frederick Reisch Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Clark House 
Springfield Junior College 

Charles Richard Remki East St. Louii 

Aeronautit al Engint < ring 
Newman Hall 

Pati Alfred Rensch, Jr Evanston 

Division of Special Services 
Commeri • 
Theta Chi 
Accountancy ( lub (4) ; Rifle ( lub il I 

Dai i Edward Riihmuord Danvilli 

( ommerce 


Louisi K it i Shi Idon 

Homt Et onomit i 
Presbyterian Hall 
Home Economics Club (I. 2. 3 4); The 
Auii, ulturist il. 2. 3 I 

Helen Rich Harvard 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Wanda Eei/.amih Rich \Aorton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Speech ( orrei lion 
Production Staff, "Rope's End", "Puck and 

Illinois W'esleyan University 

Louisi Riddi i IL 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chi Omega 
Arepo; Women's Glee Club (1, 2. 3); Uni- 
versity Chorus (1); WILL (3): Cast, "Sor- 
cerer", "Pirates of Penzance"; Production 
Staff, "H.M.S. Pinafore" 

Donald Edward Riesen Champaign 

Mechanical Engint i < in a 
Phi Theta Kappa ; A.S.M.E. 
Springfield Junior College 

Margueriti Riiiviid ...Chicago Heights 
( ommerce 

4-H House 
Torch; Phi Chi Theta; Illini Union Board 
(3, 4); Illini Union Council (3); Illini 
Union Committee (4, 2, 3) ; University Chorus 
(1. 2) 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Gregg College 

Wayni Allan Kim Rockford 


AL , banical Engineering 

Men's Residence Hall 

Pi Tau Sigma ; Sigma Tau ; Tau Beta Pi : 

A.S.M.E.; Varsity Golf Squad 12. Si; 

Letter (2. SI 

University of Notre Dame 

Maio Jam Hi h mi \\, 

Liberal Aits and V iences 
Mcnonicc Manor 
Alpha Lambda Delta. House President (2, 3) ; 
The Daily Illini 111, W'.A.A. 11.21 
1 h.n. ns Day ( 1 , 2 ) 

1 I I 






Ernksi Edward Rittenhouse. .. .Long Point 
M( i bank al I ngim i ring 
Sigma Phi Delta 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Tau Bet.i Phi ; Pi Tail Sigma . 
Second Lieutenant, University Brigade 
Honors Day (1, 3); University ol Illinois 
Scholarship Key ( 3 I 

Georci Wayni (Utter Elmhurst 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

< A, mical Engim i ring 

I Int. i Chi 

Student Senate (3); Junior Class President; 

Sophomore Cotillion (2) ; House President 

tri . Swimming Manager (2) 

Georgi Iohn Ritz Rochester, N. V. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Enginet ring 
Honors Day (I, 2, 3) 

Rochester Institute of Technology 

Clifford Creighton Roan Champaign 

Division of Special 

Harrs. Richard Robbins Point. n 

Electrical Engineering 
Phi Eta Sigma 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

University of Florida, University of Pitts- 
burgh : University of Cincinnati 

James Elberi Roberts Louisville, K). 

Lambda Chi Alpha 
University of Louisville; Rutgers I niversit) 

fi in \« i inn Robj RTS Preemption 

l ngim ei ing 
'.< neral Engini < f»j 


f. inn. ill. in 

i imbda Delta I ipi i I 
Phi i [i u r 


■■I ' M 


Kilns Mi 1 1 oki) Robinson Danville 

w, , hanical Engineering 
Technograph (1, }) ; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (3); 
Men's Glee Hub H, II; University Chorus 
( I . J I 
Honors Das I I I 


Saute Fe, N. M. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Gamma 
1 he Daily lllini 13 1 
Honors Day I 3 I 

Iowa State Teachers College; Northwestern 
I niversity 

Julia Augusta Rocho* Chicago '-. 



Presbyterian Hall 

Assistant Business Manager, The Daily lllini 

(4); W.A.A.: Production, "He Who Gets 


Mai RITA Joan Rodgers Bloomin&ion 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Delta 
Honors Day I 3 I 

Illinois Wesleyan University 

Guy Edward Rodrk.k Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Sigma Alpha Mu 
Intcrfraternity Executive Council (2) 

Georgi Birnard «h,ii« DuQuoin 

Division mi Special Services 


( oncerkBand i*^M Iv\^GIee CIAs < I . 

s,.;itlu^tartHuMis Normal ^jH^WTty 

Edward Romieniei '^h^ CI. tcag > 

Line and Applied Arts 
I 'lecture 

Ml l \ l\ C.u 1D1 N ROSCHI \ I '■ 

I ii' mil ing 

( a il Enginx i ring 
l ,., Bel i Pi; < hi I psilon ; A.S.I I 
Honoi Da: I ' ' D 

Phyllis Jeanne Rosi (/.■.... 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Alpha Theta 
Shi-Ai ; Mask and Bauble: Arepo; The Illio 
(1, 2); W.A.A. ; Production Stall. Malt- 
Animal", "Skin of Our Teeth", "The Sor- 
cerer", "Three Men On A Horse , Kinu 

Janice Ruth Rosen Chicax 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Scient i 
Phi Sigma Sigma 
Terrapin (3, 4) 

University of California at Los Angeles 

Jfi^""""" ^T+ 

w A Agronomy ^r K 

Tau Delta Phi W 

The Illio (1 ) 

LIniversity of California 

Aklkne Frances Rosenstein .Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Phi Sigma Sigma 

The Illio (1, 2) ; House President (4) . Illini 

LInion Committee (1, 2, 3, 4| 

Hflfne Rosin 

Delta Phi Epsilon 
Illini LInion Committee (1 I 

I bicaj 

Rjchard Norman Rosm r. 

Long Island, N. Y 
Division of Special Services 
Zeta Beta Tau 
Varsity Swimming Squad I 3 I 
Syracuse LIniversity 

Shirley Rosner Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Huntleigh Hall 

Mary Frances Ross Galvaslon, Tex. 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engint • ring 
Fraker House 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

»^% is 





IIimi Marilyn Rossman Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Evans Hall 
lllim Union Committee (1, 2); W.A.A. ; 

Sp.inisli ( luh 

Robert Martin Roth Chicago 

Omega Beta Pi : The Daily Illini (2 i 

Maui ha Marie Rothgangei Belleville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Alpha Theta 

Paul Ralph Roiiman Qwncy 

Accountancy Club 
Quincy College 

Barbara Joanne Rowe Kenney 

Delta Gamma 
Shi-Ai; Theta Sigma Phi; Freshman Council; 
The Illio (1); Production Staff. "Twelfth 
Night"; Union Committee (2) 
Honors Day (3) 

Rom i< i ( )livbr Roy C hicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Kappa Psi 

Arkansas Agriculture and Mechanical Col- 
lege; University of Louisville 

Fri-tirk Royalty Danville 

( ommerce 
Accountant v 
Honors Day (3) 

Charles Atilio Rubinelli l.aPim, . ind. 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Design 
Alpha Rho ( hi 
Gargoyle Society; Freshman Fencing Squad 
\\"i mhl lunioi ( ollege 



Jr-ROMl Hiriiiki Rudman Chicago 

Tail Delta Phi 
Accountancy Club; House President (3) 

Mun I i in i i i \ RUETER Gillt tpii 

Comnu 1 1 
. U t ountant \ 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Chi Theta ; Ac- 
countancy ( luh 
Honors Day (I. 3) 

Lauri m i Hazelrigg Ruff, 

Indianapolis, Intl. 
Illini Union Committee (3, 4) ; University 
Orchestra (2) 
Butler University 

Da\ id Bradford Rundd Urhana 

Mathematii • 
Drexel Institute of Technology ; New York 

William Jamis Rusher. .Long Island, N. V 
Mt i banical Engineering 

Edward Henry Russell... 
Alpha Sigma Phi 
The Daily Illini I 2 ) 


Marjorii Ruth /«./ ,i,< 

Fini and Applied Arts 
< ommi rcial In 
( lamma Phi Bi ta 
Illustrators; Y.W.t .A. ( abinel I i 
Olno State I U ii' 


ROBI i' 1 W il in h in DGI 

' ■ ' 

W.; i 


nl Wl i 

i luh ■ ' Clul 



■ ■ 

Ki\i Maurici Ryan 

Gem ral Agricullui 
Farm House 
The Agriculturist (3, m 
Honors Day i l. 3) 

/ < nii i 

Naiaiii Mary Ryan ChicaA 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Theta Upsilon 
The Illio (2); House President (2); Illini 
Union ( ommittee (2, 3, 4) ; Production Staff. 
"Romeo and Juliet". "Skin of Our Teeth", 
' 'Barchester Towers' ' 
Mount Mary ( ollege 

Irving Benjamin Sachs ChicaA Arts and Sciences 
Wright Junior College 

Charlotte Ann Salylrs Momicello 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Kappa Alpha Theta 
W.A.A. (4) ; Production Staff, "Twelfth 
Night", "Claudia", "The Warrior's Hus- 
band". "Barchester Towers", "Pinafore" 

STANI i V Sai /man Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
(lark House- 
Georgia Institute of Technology 

Lincoln Russfll Jjf^r^kON Lake Foieit 


Men^WfeSi^nce nVallj 
< olulbia Url^ 

Robfri Henri msMK Champaign 

Di\ ision of Special Sen ii i s 

Beta Theta Pi 
Pershing Rifles; Co-chairman Mother's Day; 
Mens League; Skull and Crescent; Star 
( oursi 

Hi 1 1 \ I in] Sanders I 

\"| I. ill : 

F/or/i Milan 
Rustii Lodgi 
Housi Presidi nt (4) I Lorii ultural < lub 
Shurtli ii < oll< gi ; Washington Univ< rsit] 

Wii i [am Brow mm, Sanders Gait / v ■ 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Alpha Tau Omega 

Judvox Sanderson, Jr Kansas City, Mo. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lundgren Hall 
Kansas City Junior College 

g^j^^^K SANNER ^^JR 

Hafe':' 1 ' Applied Arts HL^ 

eta DeWa Chi 


L and Applied Arts 
Theta DeWa Chi 
Cast, "Two On An Island", "Se\ent'i 
Honors Day ( 1 I 

Earl Phil up Saper Chicago 

Electrical Engineer ing 
Men's Residence Hall 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Ruth Saposnik Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Keeler House 
Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; House 
President (3) ; Illini Union Committee (2, 3) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Fra\< i s |i anne Satterlee Glen Ellyn 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Price Club 
Alpha Lambda Delta; House President (3, 4) 
Honors Dav (1 ) 

James Roberi Savage Kankaket 

General Agriculture 
Illinois State Normal ; Mississippi Delta 
State Teachers 

John Sai >.i> 


Eh i trical Engineering 

W'n i [AM Hi R(,i r Sayri Galesbut g 

Fine and Applied Arts 
.In hili i law 

( hi Psi 
Gargoyle Society; Cavalry Club; Blackhawk 
Troop; Scabbard and Blade; A.S.C.E. ; Blue 
Pencil; I-F. Ball, 1943; Interfraternity Execu- 
tive Council (3), President (4) ; Illini Union 
Board ISI 

University of Colorado 

Roberi William Schaefer 

Met hanical Engint < miu 
Delta Tau Delta 
Cornell University 





Harry John Schaffer Columbia 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 

Honors Day (I, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Washington University 

Albert Scharf Belltcood 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Tribe of Illini ; Freshman Varsity Baseball 
Squad; Varsity Baseball Squad (2, 3, 4) 
Letter (2, 3, 4) ; Freshman Varsity Wrestling 
Squad; Varsity Wrestling Squad (2, 3) 
Honors Day (1) 

Leslie Alexander Schenk Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Tau Delta 
University Orchestra (3) 
Wabash College 

Dale Robert Scherer San Diego, Calif. 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Landscape Architecture 
Scarab ; Landscape Club 

University of Kentucky; University of Chi- 

Estelle Grace Schermlr Granitt Cit) 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Epsilon Phi 
The Illio (1) ; The Daily Illini (2) ; Produc- 
tion Staff, "Barchester Towers", "The Sor- 
c.:er", "Romeo and Juliet" ; Psi Chi 
I lonors Day (1 ) 

Jams Murphy Schiwx (Mrs.) Rantoul 

Theta Upsilon 
Sit phens ( ollege 



Robert Harry Schiffman Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Sigma Kappa 
Illio (2); Interfraternity Executive Council 
(}) ; German Club 

Howard Leroy Schilt Olne) 

General Agriculture 
Nabor House 
First Regimental Band (2, 3) : Agriculture 
Club (1. 2, 3. II 

Eleanor Schlesinger ( bicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 

Commercial Design 

Orchesis (2) ; Production Staff, "Romeo and 

Juliet", "Warrior's Husband", "Barchester 

Towers", "Skin of Our Teeth" 

Marion Dale Schlieper, Jr.. ..Pleasant Hill 
Vocational Agriculture 
Western Illinois State Teachers College ; 
Western Michigan College of Education 

Bonnif.jean Schmieg Ottawa 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
Chez Nous 
Terrapin; W.A.A. ; W.A.A. Numerals; Maioi 
I; House President (3) 
James Millikin University 

Donaid Eimir Schneider Edwarjsville 


Men's Residence Hall 
Shurtleff College 

John (,i inn S< iim/i fin |h 

Dou m i i Grot'i 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemi</i i 
Luthl i I louse 
Pi i limr Rifles 


I tali n 

Ed i 
< agh Hill 
i hi Daily lllini ( 1 1 
Morton Funioi ' oil 

I 16 


-%* 4* 



I i mi ii Louis Schoenberd. . , Steehilll 

Honors Day (1) 

(il KAI n Schoeneeld Neu York, N. V. 

Division of Special Services 
Tau Delta Phi 
Interfraternity Executive Council (2, 4) 
Columbia University; Massachusetts Institute 
of Technology 

Earnest Henry Schottman Montr o A 

General Agriculture 
Alpha Gamma Rho 
Illinois Agriculturist (I, 2); Gamma Delta; 
Agricultural Club ; Hoof and Horn Club 

Howard Edward Schroeder, 

Milwaukee, W, 
Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Design and Architectural 
Alpha Rho Chi 
Gargoyle Society 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

llniversiry of Wisconsin 

Winona Ruth Schroeder illamintt 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Gamma Delta 
Alpha Lambda Delta; The Daily lllini (1) ; 
Phi Beta Kappa 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) : University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Leland < hrisi ian IMHSfcERT Champaign 

. 1 1 ronaun&l Etjgir, 

Patricia Mardis Scffcii^i Wi 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Delta 
The Illio (1, 2) ; lllini Union Council (3. -i) : 
lllini Union ( ommittee (l, 2) ; Chairman, 
University Sings; Chairman, Dad's Day; Pro- 
duction Stall, "Anything Goes" 

Il \n I OUIS1 Si HUD] it Suminr 


// •■ / !.' 5/11/1 I 

Foui ii House 
lots Sinn. i Pi , Phi I fpsilon ( 'nn. rati 

llonois l>.i\ II. 'I 

Roberi Charles Schuelbb ...WoodRi 



Captain, University Brigade 

Woodstoi k 

John Clinton Schuett. . . 
General Agriculture 
Farm House 
Alpha Zeta ; Agricultural flub; Rural Life 
Honors Day (1,2) 


(l Arts and Si n ru (.•^■r^^^P 
Kappa Alpha Theta 
Terrapin (2, 3) ; Daily Illini (1, 2, 31 ; Mini 
Union Committee (2) ; W.A.A. (2) 
Miami University 

Ramon Schumacher, Jf Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Stadium Hall 
Junior College of Kansas City 

Vivian Rochelle Schutz Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Sigma Sigma 
Psi Chi; The Daily Illini (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Illini 
Union Committee (1, 2) : Star Course. Board 
of Managers (2) ; Production Staff, "Twelfth 

Dolores Jeanelle Schwartz Urban 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Delta Delta 
Torch; Assistant Business Manager .The Dail 
Illini; Omega Beta Pi; The Daily Illini (1, 2 
3, 4) ; Production Staff, "Pride and Preju 
dice", "Twelfth Night". "H.M.S. Pinafore' 
"Guest in the House". "Skin of Our Teeth' 

Thomas George Schwenke 

Mechanical Engineering 

( Union 

Theodore Scott, Jr M/. Vernon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Eta Sigma 
Phi Beta Kappa 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 
Mississippi State College 

'"»*• fMfel 

Georgeni Si-aman Taylorville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Beta Phi 
The Illio (3) ; Illini LInion Committee (3) 
Christian ( ollege 

Robert Franklin Seaman Arthur 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Eastern Illinois State Teachers (ollege 

Ei aim Sfbastian Robinson 

Gamma Phi Beta 
President, Mortar Board; Torch; Shi-Ai ; Pan- 
Hellenic Executive Council (3) ; Star Course, 
Board of Managers (2. 3 I 

Marilyn Sedgwick Pa<;.i 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Commercial Design 
( hi Omega 
Alpha Lambda Delta ; Illustrators 
Honors Day (1, 2. 3) : University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Mn o John See, Jr Decatur 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Sigma 

Mercer University : University of South 
( arolina 

Marshall Dfnnit Segal Chicago 


Tau Epsilon Phi 
The Daily Illini (2 1 ; Interfraternity Executive 
( ouniil (3, 4) 

Ei.aim Ihm Si i ii o\ 11/ Champaign 

Physical Edmation 

Pby iical Education 
Orchesis (I, 2, 3, 4); Illini Union Council 
(3); Illini Union Committee (3); W.A.A. 
(I, 2, 3, i) ; W'.A.A. Numerals (2); Major 
I (3) 

I i mm Mari Mil i Si : i Chicago 

Zeta Tau Alpha 
Mortal Board; Torch; Shi-Ai; Kappa Tau 
Alpha ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Assistant 
Editor, Daily illini ; Theta Sigma Phi: The 
Daily (llini (1, 2, 3, 4) ; W.A.A. (1, 2) ; 
House President (3); Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (3) 
Honors Day ll. 2. si ; University ol Illinois 
Scholarship Key 


— I 

W'adi Parki Seweli Murphysboro 

Aeronautii .// Engineering 
Pin Kappa Sigma 
Skull and Crescent, Student Senate (4) ; The 
lllio (1, J); Interfraternity Executive Council 
(3), President (4); III ini Union Bond (II; 
Illini Union Committee 

Jam i s DETMERS Schacter Chicago 

Omega Beta Pi: Daily Nlini i n ; Men's Glee 
C lub (4 1 

Pai i Wolfgang Shadli Ringwood 

Engineering Physii 
Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

PHVI I Is RkGENIA SHAR1 s Si 01 ill, N. Y. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Lyman Shaw Normal 

Agricultural Economic, 
Wenatchee House 
( aisson ( lub; Agricultural Club; House Presi- 
dent ( 3 I 

Barbara Ji ne Shav Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Busey Hall 
Wright Junior College 

Benjamin Shayman Chicago 

Line and Applied Arts 
In bill • irn, 

Pi Lambda I'll 

11 i ' Bed mi m 1 1 i \ 1 1 \ si i 
( niiif , 
I [i ii Ri iidi nci 1 1 ill 
i Cercli Francai - iuntani i lub I i i 
M ill -in Club (4) 
Pari I 



mt m 


Maim. 'Ki i Shekliton Peoria 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
B.i< ft riology 
Kappa Delta 
The lllio III; Illini Union Board (1, 2) 

Dale Wier Sheldon Upton, Wyo. 

Civil Engineering 
Alpha Tau Omega 
A S.C.E. : ( hi Epsilon ; Sigma Tau 
Montana State School of Mines 

I'.niiRi Haroid SHELF Aurora 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Mathematic r 
Alma College; Miami University 

Phyllis Jane Shimkus Westvillt 

Pi rsonnel Management 
Cagle Hall 
The lllio (I I 

Emmeti Hideo Shintani Chicago 


Elect) ical Engineering 

( osmopolitan 

A.I.E.E. ; Alpha Phi Omega; Tribe of Illini ; 

Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad ; Varsity 

Wrestling Squad (2, 3) : Letter 13) 

Ri< HARD Liddle Shotjji t Rockton 

_ Kappa 
Psi ; Sei 

Wit i iam Erni si S 

St. Louis M 

Elt i trit al Engineering 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 
A. I.E.] . Iti Kappa Nu ; Sigma Tau; Pi Mu 
Epsilon ; < oncert Band ; Men's (dec ( lub 

Washington University 

1 1 w \uo I i i.i s i si in \i \s Morrison 

|ii\ ision "i Sp< 'ill Services 
I . 
Alpha Kappa lambda 
\,, r i Firsl Ri gimental Band (1, ' i . Illini 
Union Board (4) ; Y.M.I \ I abinel i ' I 
Men s Glei I lub n. I) ; \\ II I i I. '. i ' - 
i (st, Nothing \ i nt 1 1 1 . .1 , lolanthi 
Boln in. I i i loi l im> 

Universit; ol '■ Harvard Un 

Franklin Siegai Chicago 

( ommerce 
Managetnt nt 
Phi Epsilon Pi 
House President (3); Technograph ; Inter 
fraternity Executive Council 

. . . .( besle, 

Joan Marii- Siegfried 


Reeter Club 
Alpha Lambda Delta: Pin (hi Theta ; Hou 

President (2, 3); VV.G.S. Executive ( 

(2) ; German Club (1,2) 
Horn lis Day II. 2, 3 1 

*1* «x» 

iH^f^i i m i VMflpv 

^^P% Agriculture ^rF^ 

^ A Home Economit ^^ B 


4-H Hou 

Phi Upsilon Omicron ; W.G.S. Executive 
i Council (3): Illini Union Committee (1, 2, 
3); The Agriculturist (1, 4); Production 
Staff, "The Skin of Our Teeth", "The Sor- 
cerer", "The Male Animal" ; Home Eco- 
nomics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Dawn Derlyse Sillesen Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Theta Sigma L'psilon 
Spanish Club 

Whitewater State Teachers College 

Hm ( i Howard Simpson ...Dearborn, Mich. 
Division of Special Services 
Met banical Engineering 
As. Ml., University Orchestra (4) 
Mu higan state ( ollege 

Eleanor Elizabeth Siitir inna 

Liberal Aits mu\ Sciences 
Evans Hall 
Production Staff, "King Lear" 
Honors Day 13 I 
Southern Illinois Normal University 

John How ard Sjunni sson Chicago 

Civil Engineering 
( ollege Hall 

Tulane University 

Stanley John Slazinski . . . Dearborn, Mich. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemical Engineering 
Sigma Phi Delta 
A.I.C.E. ; Illini Archers 
University of Detroit 



Gaston Jose Silva Santiago, Chile 

Civil Engineering 
L'niversiclad Catolica ; University of Florida 

Morion Silver Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Science 
Flagg House- 
Honors Day (1, 2 3); University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Herzl Junior College 

Robert James Simonds Sparta 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Tau Omega 
| Omicron Delta Kappa; House President (2, 
31; Interfraternity Executive Council (3, i) 
University of Georgia; Ohio Wesleyan Uni- 
versity; LIniversity of Pennsylvania 

Marian Louisi Simonson Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Busey Hall 
Honors Day (3 1 

Northwestern LIniversity 

1* * 

Fri i) Warren Slue 

Farm House 
Pershing Rifles; Agriculture Club 
New York University 


Georgia Evelyn Slinkman Belle, Mo. 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Architectural Engineering 
University of Missouri 

I. II v Ann Sloboda Summit 

Fine and Applied Aits 
Indn ttrial Dt ugn 
Chattel le> 
Daily Illini (I); llhni Union Committee (I) 

Ki in Sluser Chicago 

l'i ) tical Eilm .hi hi 
W.A.A. 11,21 

Northern Illinois State ["eache'rs College 



JL- <«? 


Row ii i Calvin Si yder. . ( bit ay 

Divisicm ol Special Services 
Delta Tau Delta 

Betty Ann Smali M« 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
La Trcinta 
Illini Union Committee <3> : WILL (3) 

Arthur Iohn Smiley Waieiman 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
Tribe of Illini; Major I; Freshman Varsity 
Basketball Squad; Varsity Basketball Squad 
(1, 2, 3, 4), Letter (1, 2, 3, 4); Freshman 
Varsity Baseball Squad; Varsity Baseball 
Squad (3, 4), Letter (3, 4» ; Tomahawk 

Donald Cii i x Smith Ottawa 

Agricultural Law 
Theta < hi 
Pershing Rifles; Agriculture ' lub . Freshman 
Varsity Football Squad, Letter (1) ; Freshman 
Varsity Wrestling Squad, Letter (1); Agri- 
cultural Economics Club 
Honors Day (1. 3) 

Eii/awih RosALII Smiih Chestnut 

Engl is I. 
The Mansion 
Illinois State Normal University 

Forres: Duhammel Smith Greenup 

Eli i n ical Engineering 
Phi Eta s.gma; Pi Tau Sigma; WILL (3); 
First Lieutenant, University Brigade 
Honors Day li i 

' 'i ORG1 SMI III ( hn.iv 

Physical Education 

/'/ i r/'i al Education 
Hut., Xi 

Inti i frati i nit] Exei utivi ( ouni il (4) ; I, 
Hocke; Manage) i ! i 
Oklal .i ' ii i mi, ,Mt\ 

Patricia J i mith / / r,,. , 

l im and Ap| lied Aits 

Ma ii 

Sigma Alpha Iota Stai ( ■ B I ol 

M.< rs i ' i Worm n Glei Club (2 i 
i niyi i ii . ( horus (1 I) nil,, 

■ i ait) I ii and I nti rtainmcnl I rd I 

li W A A i ,1 Pro I . Staff, 

H M s Pinafon rhe i h 

"• Husband Arepi I 

I I, Ml , I || - 


' *■ fJm tm *! 


Phu ip Smith I), mull 

( 01111)11 l( t 

Managi tnt nt 
Zeta Beta Tau 
Accountancy ( lub; Marketing Club 

Row land Smith Urban, 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Concert Band (1, 2, 3, 4) ; University Grebes 
tra (I. 2, 3. 4) ; Pin Mu Alpha; Sinfonia 

Rd\ t iimds Smiih, Jr.. . .Livingston, N. ] 


Eli ctrical Engineering 

Alpha Chi Rho 

Phi Eta Sigma; Star Course, Board of Man 

agers (2 1 ; University Orchestra (2, 3, 4) 

Pershing Rifles; Pi Tau Sigma; Eta Kapp 

Nu ; A.I.E.F.; Second Lieutenant, Universitt 


Theo III Smiih Alto 

Physical Education 

(7< rural 

Chi Phi 

Skull and < rescent ; Freshmaji Varsity Polo, 

Squad; House President (4) ; Interfraternity 

Executive Council ( 3 1 

Wilson New ion Smith Geneseo 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemistry Engineering 
Delta Sigma Phi 
A.I.Ch.E. ; A.C.S. 

John Thomas Sm 

Ril , I ,:,U 

Anna Mai sm ddo* 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Division of (,, rural Sin In i 
Alpha Delta Phi 

Illini Union ( ommittec 1 5 1 
Honors Da, i i i 


( mum hi mi sm 1 1 La C 

I iberal Aits and S( iences 

I ■,■:, ! 

Alpha ( In Omega 
lllim Union ( ommitti i (2, )) ; Productil 
Staff, "< laudia 

Dorothy Snow St. Itasca 

Home Economii 
McKinley Hall 
2nd Regimental Band (3) ; W.A.A. ; W.A.A. 

North Central College 

Dana Paul Snyder Auburn 

Liberal Arts and S< icn, es 
Phi Eta Sigma 
Phi Beta Kappa 
Honors Day ( 1 , 2 \ 

lihlllWlilH ^*H H" ' 

^^PP Engineering ^^T^ 

^ M Crv/7 .Engineering ^^ A 

Phi Delta Theta 

Illinois Institute of Technology 

Walter Monroe Soice, 111 
General Sclent 
Tara Hall 
German Club 

Blackburn College 

- Taylorville 

Virginia Louise Soklik Riversiiit 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Busey Hall 
La Grange Junior College 

. Quint ) 

An rid William Solbrio, Jr.. 
Engineering Physii i 

Flagg House 
Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. Rifle Tean 
(1, 2) ; University Gold Medal (2) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinoi: 
Scholarship Key 

Virginia Polytechnic Institute ; University o 
New Hampshire 

Jerome Solock. Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Psyt bology 
Honors Day ( I ) 

North Central College 

William John Somogyi < ■' ■ 

Mechanical Engineer ing 

Illinois Institute of Technology 



Aii. in Louis Sorem Champaign 

Engineering Physics 
( .ill forni.i Institute of Technolog) 

(.i \di s Bernici Sorensen. . ..Champaign 

Fine and Applied Arts 



Francis I lydj Sorrbntino, Jr. Woodsto 

A.S.M. ; A. M.S.; M.I.S. 
University ol ( hi< .ii;n 

Douglas DeWiil Southgate Normal 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Industrial Design 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Robert Wallis Spangler.... i Imiou. Mo. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Political Sen net 
Alpha Tau Omega 
Carson-Newman College 

Arthiel Lela Spaulding ....... Martinson 

Home E< onomics 
Wc.itl.eily Hall 

Dorothy Lee Spencer Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
\ 'ology 

Alpha Phi 
Ouhesis I 1 I 

Low vrii Pas. ni shi \< i k ( hampaign 


A.S.M. ; Captain, University Brigade 





1 — — 

■ H 

* i 

f I 

Marilyn Rr i>< Spj RO, 

< leveland Heights, Ohio Arts and S( iences 
Political S, it net 
The Daily Mini (1, 2, 5) 

Ai Jami s Springm in Alton 

Fine and Aits 
An bite* tural Enginet ring 
Alpha Rho C hi 
A.S.( .E. 

University ol Nntu Dame 

hois Jam Sproai . . . . Jolit I 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Menomee Manor 
House President (4) 
Joliet Junior ( ollege 

Sally Dell Sproat Decittm 

Liberal Arts and Si iences 
K.ippa Alpha Theta 

James Edward Stallmeyer. . .Covington, Ky. 
Civil Engitn 1 1 ing 
< hi Epsilon ; Sigma Tau : A.S.f E. 
LIniversity of Dayton 

Ruth Stark Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Psi Chi; Alpha Kappa 
Delta; Alpha Pi Delta; W.A.A. (II ; Y.W.. 
C.A. Cabinet (3); Production Staff, "The 
Warrior's Husband'' ; Phi Beta Kappa 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University "I Illinois 
Si holarship Key 

Paul Li wis Stavenger La Grange 

Lib< lal Alts and Si icik is 

( / - m'n .// / ngim i ring 
Alpha Chi Rho 
l nivi i ii < >n In stra (2) 

I ! i i Miii i ii ii Urbana 

i ibcral An', and Si ii n 

■ n i hi mi ' 1) 

i [onoi iii i . i 


Rosswei i Rii hard Steacy. . Malone, N. Y, 
Elet tin il Engineering 

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

Edgar Shin Champaign 


.VI, i banii al Engineering 

Phi Mu Alpha: A.S.M.E. : Concert Band II, 


Day I I I 

Sidney Ma hi i Steinberg ( hitago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Men's Residence Hall 
lewis Institute 

Rohihi Morton Stelzer. . . . Yonicrs, N. V. 

Newman Hall 
Ma-Wan-Da ; Sachem ; Business Manager, The 
Daily II 1 in i ; Alpha Delta Sigma; Gamma 
Theta Phi; Journalism Council; Marketing 
flub; Kappa Tau Alpha; The Daily Mini 
(1, 2, 3, 4); Production Staff. "Let's Get 
Aw ay" 
Honors Day ( 3 ) 

Rl mi ii i \\ \i;m N Si i ri liw w D, 
il . 
I mm and Applied Alls 


Alpha Rho I hi 

Honors Da\ i I I 


Tui Stevenson Rock UlanJ 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Economit j 
Chi Omega 
Torch; Junior Prom Chairman (3); Y.W. 
C.A. Cabinet i 5 1 

Rk hard Gardni ii Sii\\*m / rbana 

( ommerce 
. Ii i ountam i 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Beta Alpha Psi ; Beta Gamma 
Sigma ; Accountancy ( lub . ( oncert Band I 5 I : 
First Regimental Band (1, 2) 
Honors Day (1, _. 5>: Universitj ol Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

hinlJIbhSllliiMi Vto' 

^"Electrical Engineering ™ 

Pi Tau Sigma ; A.I.E.E. 

William Stockhus B, 1L i Hit 

Division of Special Services 
Zeta Psi 
Springfield Junior College 

Harold Melvin Stogsdill Marshall 

Vocational Agri cult tin 
Agriculture Club (1, 2, 3) 

Jack Stout Evanston 

Division of Special Services 
Psi Upsilon 
House President (3, 4 ) : Freshman Fencing 

Lloyd Robert Strang Waukegan 

Fine and Applied Arts 

Music Education 

Men's Glee Club, President; Conceit Band 

(1, 2, 3, 4) ; Men's Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; 

University Chorus I I I ; A < appella ( hoii ( i I 

Rk hard Kirkland Strayer Met ook N /' 
Fine and Applied Arts 
University ol C dorado 

. m 

fW m 

Esther Wiima Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Omicron Pi 
Mask and Bauble; Arepo ; Illini Union Com- 
mittee (1, 2) ; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (2. v I) . 
Production Staff, "H.M.S. Pinafore", "The 
Warrior's Husband", "Romeo and Juliet". 
"The Male Animal", "The Skin ol Oui 

Ri in Martha Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Omicron Pi 
Mask and Bauble: Arepo; Illini Union turn 
mittee (1, 21; Production Staff, "Warrior's 
Husband", "Romeo and Juliet", "Male Ani- 
mal ", "Skin ol Our Teeth", "Barchester 

Elizabeth Ann Si hi id Chi una 

Home Economics 
Gamma Phi Beta 
Phi LJpsilon Omicron , Home Economies t lub 
(I, 2, 5), President (4); The Illio (1, 21; 
The Agriculturist (2) ; Illini Union Com- 
mittee II, 2, 3, 4) 
Honors Day I } I 

Ruth Elizabeth Streid Metemora 

II* »n Ht onomit i 
Busey Hall 
Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4) 
MacMurray College 

Augum Siri ll La Sallt 

Division of Special Services 
( ommerce 
La Salle-Pcru -Oglcsby Junior College 

Gloria Ann Stremstereer Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Illini Union Committee (3, il 
Springfield Junior College 


Liberal Alts and S< lenees 


Frakei House 
Vogue School of Art 

Harold Strom, 

.Detroit, Mich. 


/ /. , trical Engineering 
Men's Residence Hall 
Wayne University; Berea College 



( \hoi Ann Si rub ■' hicago 

Edm ation 
Busey Hall 
The Daily Illini (1) ; House President I 5) 
Northwestern University 

\| M^ ( ITHERIN1 SUI I l\ IN Oak l '-" i: 

Liberal Aits and S< iences 
Zoolog ) 
Busej Hall 
Mpha Lambda Delta. Omega Beta Pi; Pro 
duction Staff. "The Sorcerer", "Skin ol Oui 
Teeth, "Male Animal": Phi Beta Kappa 
Honors Day II. 2, 3) 

Warren Gerald Sui livan < hkago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Delta Tau Helta 

Secretary-Treasurer, Sophomore < lass; Pershing 
Rifles; Scimitar; Tennis Manager < } > ; Fresh- 
man Varsity Fencing Squad; Intel ! laternity 
Executive < oun< il in 
University "l Wisconsin 

C,i haiiiim Sutzer Springfield 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Lowell Hall 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Illustrators 
II. mors Day (1, 2, 3) 

In sMi Chicago 



Stratford House 

The Daily Illini (2, 3) . House President (4) . 

WILL (3, 4); Production Staff. "Barchester 

lowers". The Women" 

Martha Swain • .Vrbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Phi 
Mortal Board; Torch; Shi-Ai; Alpha Lambda 
Delta; Assistant Editor, Daily Illini; The. 
Daily Illini (I. 2, 5, 1) ; W.A.A. (1, 2) ; 
[llini Union Committee (2, i, I); Phi Beta 

Hon,, is Day II. 2, i) ; University ol Illinois 
m hoi ii ship Key 

Virginia Mai Swain Uexanilei 

Agin ultuie 
/ , til, i 

llh. ui. i lodge 

1 1. on I i onoi i I"! I 1 ', l p ilon 

Omii ran 

I'.l ickburn ( olli ; 

Donald Swanso ■ ■ ■ 



nil. m> i 




( Mini Ann Swanson St. Charles 

Liberal Aits and Sciences 
Evans Hall 
Mortar Board ; Torch ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; 
Spanish Club; Sigma Delta Pi; W.G.S. Ex- 
ecutive < ouncil (3, 4) ; Phi Beta Kappa 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Eleanor LOUISE Swanson Plainfield 

Gamma House 
Phi Chi Theta; House President (4) ; Produc- 
tion Staff, "Twelfth Night", "The Warrior's 
Husband", Accountancy Club 
Honors Day II. 2) 

Walter Howard Swanson Maywood 

State Teachers College; University of Minne- 

Fiu n Eiv Sweet, Jr Milwaukee, 11 y is. 

Division of Special Services 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
Marketing Club 

Northern Illinois State Teachers; North- 
western University 

Elisabeth Grace Springer Chicago 

Cagle Hall 
Northwestern University ; Morgan Park Junior 

Theodore Ei-gene S wiga rt. Jr De Land 



Second LMpgcant, %iive^ity Bj| 


[ohn David swh>w* Ik.^J Rockjord 

Division ofjplWal Services 
Theta Delta Chi 
Ma-Wan-Da; Pierrots; Illini Union Committee 
(2, i> ; Cast. "Three Penny Opera", "Beggar 
on". "Seventh Heaven"; Produt 
tion Staff, "Th< Kl i stis ol Buripidi s" ,"The 
Beautiful People 

Al |s, IS Mil I Ml N\ MclN ' 

I du< ation 
Lowell Hall 

Kappa Delia Pi; Sigmi Delta Pi; French 

( lull 

Honors Day I ' I 
North Park I olli f 

Norhi-ki" Michael Szukala. 
Marketing Club (41 
Stanford University 

.Crystal Lake 

Roberi John Szulski Chicag 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Phi Kappa Tau 
Interfr.iternity Executive Council 

JTa i in 1 1 i Vbhb^ 

Commerce ^r^^9 

onnel Management ^~ A 
Phi ( hi Theta : Illini Union Committee II, 2 I 

Jim Dolores Tanck Wilmington 

Ho tpital Dietetit i 
Evans Hall 
Home Economics Club 
Toliet Junior College 

Arthur Tiffin Tanner War/on 

Division of Special Services 
Theta Chi 
Banking Club; Junior Bar Association 
Southern Illinois Normal University 

Guv Eiiwaru Tanner Golconcia 

Agricultural Economit i 
Lookout Manor 
House President (4); Agricultural Club (I, 
2, 3) : Agricultural Economics Club in 

Glenwood Charles Tanton, Jr., 

Ca t noi'ia 
Division of Special Services 
Agronomy and Geology 
Delta Phi 
Pershing Rifles; Agricultural Club; House 
President (3) : Intcrfraternity Executive Coun- 
cil (3, 4 1 

Max Edmund Tarbli Paris 

( Commerce 


Pershing Rifles; Men's Glee Club (1, 2, 3) ; 

Accountancy ( lub (2, 3, 4); German Club 

[2, 3) ; Marketing Club (3, 4) 

University of Chicago 


Hi ill LOUIS] Ivn I.e Roy 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
L\ans Hall 
The Daily Illini (1); W.A.A. (1, 21; Illini 
Union Committee (2,3) 

Hi i i n Francis Tate Girard 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Beta House- 
French Club; Spanish Club; Production Staff, 
Beggar On Horseback" 
Blackburn College 

I w ,ii i i ine Taxman Sidell 


Gamma Phi Beta 
Torch; The Illio (1, 2, 3); Production Staff, 
"Romeo and Juliet", "Pride and Preiudice" ; 

Fran( is Mary Taylor. . . .Martinsville, N. J. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Social Science 

Buscy Hall 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Production Staff, "Beg- 
gars On Horseback", "Pirates of Penzance", 
"Blithe Spirit", "Six Characters in Search of 
an Author" 
Honors Day (1, 2 1 

How ar i H Lrwi.n Taylor Hanna ( ity 

Minawa Lodge 

Hon. us Day ( 1 I 

Li m n C i inton Taylor \l/. I '. rnon 

Mechanical Enginei ring 

Sigma Phi Delta 
House President (4) ; First Regimental Band 
(2 ) 

Wahni i \ Taylor Wataga 

Home lit onomit ■ 
Phi Upsilon Omicron (3, 4) ; Home Eco- 
nomics ( hib (1, 2, 3, 4) ; The Agriculturist 
II. 21 

Honois Day (I, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

A i ii \ I i i 1 1 h<>\ Vrbana 

Fine and Applied Aits 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Shi-Ai ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Mask and 
Bauble; Arepo ; Illustrators; Concert Band 
Honors Day II, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 







Alfonso Tbixbz. . . Bogota, Colombia, S. l 

Chemical Engineering 
Universidad Nacional de Colombia , Bow 
doin College 

Mariha Janf Telling 

Zetn Tau Alpha 
W.A.A i I i 

Elm but it 

Mary Frances Thometz Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Busey Hall 
Omega Beta Pi; Der Deutsche Verein ; < on 
cert Band (4) 
Honors Day (3) 
Mundelein College 

Allen Arthur Thompson. ..Downers Grove 
Agricultural Engini ■ ring 
A.S.A.E. ; A.S.C.E. 


I <ns I I tZABI l H I HURO* . . . 
Ai haea 


Leon David Tikulsm 


Tau Nu Tau ; A.S.M. ; M.I.S. 


Marii Ioni TlLLEY H.nny 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Locke Manor 
W.A.A. ; W.A.A. Numerals; House Presi- 
dent (3); Production Staff, "King Lear", 
"Alcestis", "Beggar On Horseback", Pirates 
of Penzance", "Blithe Spirit" 
Thornton Junior College 

Gioria Ti Rill I.I.I Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


John Andrevc Thompson Elmwood 

Vocational Agriculture 
Alpha Zeta ; Alpha Tau Alpha 
Honors Day (1) 

Neil Huffman Thompson, Jr. Air. Veinou 

Frances Elaine Tick. Paducah, K\ 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Sigma Delt; I lu 
i in lllio (l ) ; House Preside* i I l lllini 

Union ' mittei I I i V.W ( A ( abim I 

\ ! ■ H e 1 len I iu nc i 1 

Jam i Lu I ii' - Oak Pu 

A Educatioi 


Football 'i" ■ 

I )■ I' "i i i 


Helen Todd Hilhkoro 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Busey Hall 
Blackburn ( allege 

Lois Jfan Todd 

l.outn rile 

\\(t\\ /Mill Rl( hard 

Vocational Agriculture 
Agricultural Club 

Western Illinois State Teachers ( ollege 


I iberal Arts and S< it nces 

l i.iniin.i 1 [0U5( 

Alpha I .mil' .l.i Delta . 1'ln Beta Kappi 

1 1 rs Da) (1, '. - ' . Univt rsity "l Illinois 

Si hnlarship Ki \ 

Shirley Anne Tomisek Berwyn 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Leeman Lodge 
Alpha Kappa Delta; Psi Chi; lllini L'nion 
Committee (1, 2, 3) ; Production Staff, 
"Twelfth Night"; Phi Beta Kappa 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Morton Junior College 

Danifi Philip Tormohlen Kockjord 

Division of Special Services 
Caisson Club; Omega Beta Pi; Captain. Uni- 
versity Brigade 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 


Arts Sciences 4^^^^^* 

Spanish ™ 9 


Kappa Delta 
Torch ; Shi-Ai ; Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha 
Lambda Delta; Alpha Sigma Nu ; Sigma Helta 
Pi; Spanish Club; W.A.A. (1. 2. 3, 4); 
W.A.A. Numerals; House President (4); 
lllini Union Committee ( 1 ) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

John Winter Turnbull. .Des Moines. Iowa 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Mens Residence Hall 
Navy Glee Club (2, 3) ; Phi Beta Kappa 
Illinois State Normal University 

Anita May Turner Butler 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Home Ei onomii < 
l-H House 
Torch ; Phi Upsilon Omicron ; House Presi- 
dent (4) ; W.G.S. Executive Council (2, 3, 
4) ; Star Course, Board of Managers (2, 3) ; 
University Chorus (I, 2) ; Cast, "The Sor- 

Elizabeth Anne Turner Riverside 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Commercial Design 
Presbyterian Hall 
Honors Day (3) 
MacAlester College 

Rai ph Tribbey Rankin 

Division of Special Services 
Business Administration and 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Sachem: Phi Delta Phi; Tribe ol lllini; 
Major I; House President: Interfraternity 
Executive Council (3); lllini Union Com- 
mittee (3) 

Wayne Clifford Trost Fu , /"<>/ 

Mechanical Engineering 

David Nathaniel Tunnicliff, 

Dayenport, Ion a 
Civil Engineering 
Zeta Psi 
A.S.C.E. ; Second Lieutenant. University Bri- 

Barbara Tunnicliff . Pans 

Commert e 
Alpha Xi Delta 
Phi Chi Theta ; Der Deutsche Verein ; Hous( 
President (3, 4); lllini Union Council 13 >. 
lllini Union Committee (2, 3, 4i 
Indiana State Teachers College 

(harifs Richard Turnhow i enlralia 

Sigma Chi 
Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class: Sophomon 
Football Manager; Tribe of lllini: Freshman 
Varsity Golf Squad, Numerals (3); Varsity 
Golf Squad (2, 3). Letter (2, si 
Honors Day (1, 2 ) 

t > 

Joanne Turner Vrbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Alpha Theta 
Illio-Soto (2); lllini Union Committee (3) 

Robert James Turner Paxton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Chemical Engineering 

Alpha Chi Sigma 

Phi Kappa Phi ; Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Lambda 

Upsilon; Sigma Tau; Omega Chi Epsilon; 

Phi Eta Sigma 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; University of Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Rom hi Bernard I urpin Chicago 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
Central Y.M.C.A. College 

Ki nyon Stanley Tweedell. . . .Calumet Cm 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Zoolog ) 

Delta Tau Delta 
First Regimental Band ( 1 I 
DePauw University 

Thomas Henry Tw i it hell, Jr., 

Arlington Mass. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Nu 
House President (3, 4) ; lnteifraternit\ Execu- 
tive Council (2) ; Tribe of lllini (2, 3) ; 
Freshman Varsity Ice Hockey; Varsity Ice 
Hockey Lettei (2, si ; Freshman Varsity Foot- 

Hebron Academy 


Maymi Anna Vacketta WeslrilU 

Physical Education 

Phy i/,.// Education 
Frakc-r House 
W.A.A. (l, 2, 3, 4) ; W.A.A. Numerals (3) : 
House President ( I ) 

Donald Poiiir Vail, |r Chica) 

Met hanical Enginei ring 
Delta Tau Delta 
Pi Tau Sigma 
Honors Day II. 2, 5) 
Northwestern Universit) 

El us El Gl m Vani i 

. .Clint <:> 

Physical Education 

Physical Education 

Beta Theta Pi 

Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Skull and 

( rescenl 

Tribe ot Ulini ; Freshman Varsity 


Squad ; Varsity Basketball Squad I 

1 . 5 , ii 

Varsitv Basketball Letter (2. 3, 4) ; 

Freshmd i 

Varsitv Baseball Squad ; Varsity 


Squad Is. 4); Second Lieutenant. 



Honors Day (1, 2) 

Aikkri James Van Deb Werff, 


tnd, Ohio 


Civil Engineering 

Chi Epsilon ; A.S.C.E. 

Miami University 

William Dai.f Vandfrhoof Tnlnno 


Dairy Technology 
Dairy Technology Club ; Agricultural Club 

Maroakit Ann Van Hook Evdvston 

Liberal Arts and Scieni es 
Mini Hall 
( arleton < ollege 

Jesus Harrison Vaughan . Springfield 


Met haui, ,it Engin, 
New,,.,, i Hall 
A S M 1 

Edwin Hamilton Vaosi / tm oln 

i iberal Aits ami Si " "< es 
al Ei let ring 
Alpha I )i lea Phi 
il ull ind ' n ii enl A. I.C.I . Housi Pn sidi nl 

(3) Intcrfratei nit) I tivi ' ouni il i ' i 

I lonoi In hi 

I !8 


Aiiin Davis Veach Vienna 

( ommerce 

Busines i Management 

Sigma Pi 
Phi Theta Kappa; Marketing Club; Account 
ancy ( lub ; Concert Band; University Orches 
ha. Second Lieutenant, LIniversity Brigade 

Wentworth Military Academy 

Joseph Vercellino Mulkeytoivn 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Joliet Junior ( ollege 

Mary Jeanne Vi ruun Odell 


Theta Upsilon 

Pin ( In Theta; Illini Union Committee (3. 
i i ; Accountancy Club 

EMMANI il Vi roara. . .Panama City, Panama 
Fine and Applied Arts 
Cosmopolitan ( lub 
University of Mexico 

Helen Elizabeth Wacker /„/ Sallt 

Alpha Delta Pi 
Theta Sigma Phi: Daily Mini (2, }) ; House 
President (4 1; University Orchestra (2) 

Arvena Maril Wade Rantoiil 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Delta Pi 
Illini Union Committee (2, J) 
Ward-Belmont ( ollege 

Rancis Wagner, '-- Vta 

ne and Applied Art^ 
Tandst .//<< Art bill < na 

Landscape Architecture ( luh . Hirst Lieutenant. 
University Brigade 

Hi ll Walter Wacnjr Poniiat 

Pierrots; Mask and Bauble; WILL (3, 41; 
Cast, "Seventh Heaven", "Ropes End", 
"Blithe Spirit"; Production Staff, "He Who 
Gets Slapped", "Twelfth Night" 

John Martin Waki-:land. 


Margery Wakeman Dt cairn 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Delta 
The Illio (1, 2) ; Illini Union Committee (1, 
2, 5) 

Helen Margaret Waldo, 

Indianapolis, hid. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Omicron Pi 
Mortar Board ; Torch , Phi Beta Kappa . Alpha 
Lambda Delta; Senior Manager, Illini Theatre 
Guild; Mask and Bauble; Arepo ; Sigma Delta 
Pi; Production Staff, "King Lear", "Alcestis", 
"Beggar On Horse-back", "Romeo and Juliet", 

Skin of Our Teeth" 
Honors Day (1, J, si; University ol Illinois 
Scholarship Key 

Alk i Ann Walker Golconda 


Delta Delta Delta 
Kappa Tau Alpha; Theta Sigma Phi; The 
Daily Illini (2, }); House President It), 
Illini Union Council (3); Illini Union Com 
mitte-e (2, 3) 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Sullens College 

Bobbii Philbrick Walker Vergennes 

Civil Engineering 
< hi Phi 
Pi Tan Sigma; A.S.C.E. ; First Lieutenant, 
University Brigade 

Floydi Symons Walker Gibson City 

Nabor House- 
Alpha Zeta (3, 4) ; Agricultural Club; House 
President 14); Honors Day 12 1 

Rom k i Walker < bit age 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Johx WALLAC1 Vlonmouth 


Farm House 
Scabbard and Blade; Second Lieutenant. L'ni- 
\ersity Brigade 

Germaini Florence Waller. .Detroit, Mich. 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Industrial Design 

Harney Manor 

Llnion Junior C ollege ; University erf Hous- 

Georoi Wai i i rs, III 

( ommerce 

.Slum, i ( In 
Illini LJnion Committee I 1 I 
Beloit ( ollege 


H-irry Ward, Jr Granitt < ,/> 

Division of Special Services 
Jom nalism 

Delta ( In 
The Daily Illini 

McKendree ( ollege 

liiii-.i is \i i so\ Ward, Jr.. 

Chambersburg, P, >.•:. 
I in ision "l Spe\ ial Services 
At i ountancy 
fit countam j Club 
Honors Da) (1, 2) 




John I'ai i man WATERMAN, 

Foil Dodge. Iowa 
Division dI Special Services 
Naval Science 
DePauw University; Illinois State Normal 

Spbncer Hunt Watkins Mayfield K; 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chemisti y 
Chi Psi 
House President (si; First Regimental Band 
Honors Day (2, 5) 

I' Agriculture and Mechanical ( ollege 

Kenneth Watson iurora 


Mens Residence Hall 
Marketing Club M. ti. Accountancy ( luh 
(3. 4) 

Waynf William Watson .. Livingston, N.J. 


Agricultural Economit i 

Alpha Chi Rho 

Agriculture Club; Intel fraternity Executive 

Council (4) 

Rutgers University 

William Anderson Watts Champaign 


Phi Eta Sigma ; Marketing < luh 
Honors Day ( I ) 
Indiana University 

Fkii> Weas 

Norris City 


i i , Russei Weathers Ridge/arm 

' ommerce 
Managemt nt 
Pi , ihing Kill, s i ! i . Marketing < lub (4) ; 
A mtam j ( lub (2 

i - ■ i'ii Mo i ii 'i '.ii 

A"i i. nihil. 

I ranom) 


V* j, Sp0> 


John LeRoy W EBB l.a Grange 

Civil Engineering 
\ S.C.E. 

Roberi v Marie Wihh Hatrisburg 

Home Economics 
Busey Hall 
Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Home Economics Club, 
Agriculturist (1, 2) ; WILL (2, 3) 
Honors Day II. 2\ 

I i ireni f Wehf.r Berwyn 

( ommerce 
Act ountancj 

Granada ( luh 
Pierrots, Production Staff, "Three Men On A 
Horse", "King Lear", "Beggar On Horse- 
hack", "Pirates of Penzance". "Alcestis" ; 
Marketing (lub 
Honors Day (3) 

Morton Junior College 

Marilyn Izard Webfr Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Delta 
lllini Union Committee (1, 2) ; Orchesis (1) 

Geori.f William Wlhrle Centralia 

,\L chanical Engineering 
Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E. 
Honors Day I 3 I 

Centralia Junior College 

C.HARI Is WEIGEI , JlT . . ^ Chicago 

Liberal ^rts and Sciences 



1- 1>\\ is Steven Wi iTH^ i 

< ommerce 
Tau Delia Phi 
Marketing Club; Accountancy Club; House 
President i ) i 
Peabodj College 

Ruth Elizabbth Weinard L'rbana 

Joui n.ihsni 

Kaa / nalism 

i In ( Imega 
Freshman Council ; Mask and Bauble; Irepo; 
I lui.i Sigma Phi . ( ast, " II,. Warrior's Hus ' 
band ( luesl in the I louse" ' ["his Property 
Is ( ondemni d", "Beggai On Horseback", 

Uci itfs ■ 
Honors Da (1, J) 

Elliott Lawrence Weinberg, 

Brooklyn, V. V 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Lambda Phi 
Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute 

Ru hard Weiner Chicago 

Fine and Applied Arts 

Commercial Design 

Newman Hall 

Pershing Rifles; Illustrators; The Daily Illini 

(3, 4): Second Lieutenant, University Bri 


Cari SBI^Wmneri ^*^K/ 

^PW^ Engineering ^nP^ 

^^ronantical Engineering ^^ M 
Honors Day ( 3 ) 

Armour Institute of Technology 

Georgette Ann Weiss Chicago 


Stratford House 
Daily Illini (1) ; Illini Union Committee (2, 
il ; Production Staff, "Barchester Towers" 

Thomas Jerome Wfllman, 

Cuyahoga Fall), Ohi 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Sigma Xi ; Men's Glee Club 
Kent State LIniversity 

Luther L'riah Wells Decatui 

Son's Home 
Agricultural Club ; Agricultural Education 
Club ; Field and Furrow Club 
James Mill ikin University 

M« Wi nskunas Georgetou n 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
Phi Kappa Psi 
Ma-Wan-Da; Freshman Varsity Football 
Squad, Letter; Varsity Football Squad (3, 4), 
Varsity Football Letter (3, 4) 
University of Notre Dame 

Romiu Laverne Wenzlaff Streatoi 

Lambda Chi Alpha 
Alpha Kappa Psi; Accountancy Club; Market- 
ing Club; The Daily Illini (2, 3) ; Interfra- 
ternity Executive Council (2); Production 
Staff, "Beggar On Horseback" 

'^Se ~?) 

ROGER Norman Westberc Rockford 



Theta Chi 

Accountancy Club; Marketing Club; Freshman 

Varsity Rifle Team; Varsity Rifle Team (2, 3). 

Letter (2, >) ; House President (3) 

Franki in Huff Wetzel Galena 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Western Illinois State Teachers College; 
South East Missouri State College 

Olin August Wetzel Edwardsville 



Delta Chi 

Tomahawk- Y.W.C.A. Cabinet (2); First 

Regimental Band (1, 2) ; Accountancy Club 

Honors Day ( 1 , } ) 

Morris Jacob Wfxler Chicago 

Division of Special Services 
Men's Residence Hall 
Honors Day (3) ; University of Illinois Schol- 
arship Key 

Betty Jean Whalin Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Delta Delta Delta 

The Illio (2); The Daily Illini (1); Illini 

Union Committee (II; Production Staff, 

"Heaven Can Wait" 

Juin Whipple Oak Park 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
The Daily Illini (1) ; Illini Union Council 
(3, 4); Illini Union Committee (1, 2, 3,); 
WILL (1, 2, 3) ; Cast, "Guest in the House" ; 
Production Staff, "Claudia", "Skin of Your 
Teeth" , ■ 

Anna Lee White Effingham 

Sigma Alpha Iota; Conceit Band 12) ; Uni- 
versity Orchestra (3) 

Roberi Bernard White Watseka 

( ommerce 
. Iccountam v 
Men's Residence Hall 


William Curry Whitenack. .Lexington, Ky. 

Electrical Engitu . ring 

University of Kentucky 

Lolamai Whitley Jerseyvilh 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Histot i 

Nobmi l-i i Whitton Toluca 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Speech Correction 

4-H House 
Secretary-Treasurer, Junior Class; Zeta Pin 
Eta; Arepo; W.A.A. (2 1 ; Illini Union Board 
(4) ■ Illini Union Council (3) ; Illini Union 
Committee (1, 2); WILL (1); Production 
Staff, "King Lear", "Three Men On A 
Horse", "Beggar On Horseback", "Pirates 
of Penzance", "Alcestis" 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Herbert Russil Wickenden . . Oxford, Ohio 

Gt neral Enginei ring 

Beta Thet.i Pi 
Phi Eta Sigma; Y.M.C.A. Cabinet I i > ; Men's 
Glee Club I 4 I 

Miami University 

Mary Louise Widknfr Mattoon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Zeta 
I.A.E.S. ; A.S.T.M. ; Cyclathem Club Ml. 
Illini Union (ommittee (4) ; Production Staff, 
"Blithe Spirit", "Six Characters in Search ol 
an Author" 

University of Alabama 

Robert Liu i WitN Chicago 

Division nf Special Services 
Zeta Beta Tau 
Northwestern University 

Maria\ Hai i Wii sm n 

Liberal Arts and S< 
Sti phi ns ' olli gi 

/', ria 

mm V. IGODNKH < I I 

Division of Special Sei ci 

Men i li I Li 1 1 

I .... i nlli 

i n 

John Wiley Bridgeport, Conn. 

( ommerce 
At i ountancy 
Marketing ( luh Accountancy Club 

Franc is Di i mar Wilken Dan), nth 

Luther House 

Alpha Zeta ; Alpha Tau Alpha ; Plateau and 
Drum (1, 2. 3) ; Agricultural Club (1, 2, 3, 
I I ; Second Lieutenant, University Brigade 
Honors Day (2 I 

Mari < I.ROLYN Wimiiv .Chuag. 
Fine and Applied Arts 
. 'lecture 
Gamma Phi Beta 
Iowa State ( ollegi 

Donald Erndsi Willici 

\ N I 

I iberal Aits and s, i< ni i s 
/' phi 
Brown I niversit\ Drew I'm 

Carol Winifred Willis. . .Western Sp ■ 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Sigma Kappa 
Production Staff, "Twelfth Night". "Male 

Constanci June Wills Danvillt 

Home Economic > 
Alpha Chi Omega 
The Illio (1) : Illini Union Committee (1. 2) 

beral Arts and Sciences ^^ A 
English E<1 in,iii<oi 
Alpha Delta Pi 
Lyons Township Junior ( ollege 

Kenneth Lkhiii Wilson. .Lakewood. Ohio 
Fine and Applied Arts 
Western Reserve; University of Michigan 

Roy (main Wilson 

Mechanical Engineering 
Joliet Junior College 


William Monroi Wilson. .. .Orlando. V-I.i 

Division of Special Services 


Honors Day (I, 2, 3) ; University of Illino 

Scholarship Key 

University of Florida 

Dorris Wilbur Wilton All" 

' Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Toledo University 

Paui 1)w a-, ni Win< hi si i it / ban i 

Engineei ing 

Met banii id Engini < ring 

Varsity Track Squad I SI ; A.S.M I 
University of Notre Dame 

Ami Elizabeth Winslow. Hannibal. Mo. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Bin teriology 
Hannibal I aGrange f ollege 

Ralph Henry Winslow.. .Terre Haute, Ina 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Indiana State Teachers College 

Virginia Li i Win i i R' 



Evans Hall 


Georgi Hi nri Wirth New Athens 

Division of Special Services 

Hi onomics 

Sigma Nu 

Skull and C rcseent ; Phi Mu Alpha ; Basketball 

Managership (2) ; Concert Band (2) ; First 

Regimental Band I I I 

Donai i> Wisi Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Sot iology 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 

Sachem; Interfraternity Executive Council 12 1 ; 

Concert Band (2); Y.M.C.A. Cabinet (2, 

3, 4), Y.M.C.A. Board of Directors (3) 

Beverly Ri ni i Witensky. Chicagt 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Speet h 
Phi Sigma Sigma 
The Daily Illini 111, Illini LInion Com- 
mittee (2) : Production Staff, "Three Men On 
A Horse". "Pride and Prejudice" 

Ru hard Gail Win I D.iL . Ind. 

Division of Special Services 
Indiana Mate Teachers College 

Raphai 1 Will 1 Chi 

( ommerce 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 
House President (3. 1) ; Marketing Club 
is. ii 





Monti Alfred Wolfson New ) >rk, N. >'. 

( Commerce 

Marketing (lub; Freshman Varsity Football 


New York University . Johns Hopkins Urn 
\ crsity 

Morris Win in .........( bicago 

Metallui k> 

Maurici Lynn VVomack (,i.nni, Cil) 

The Daily lllnu (3) 

Western Kentucky State Teacher's College; 
>r loins University 

Jai k Wood Senakh, Mo. 

Division of Special Services 
Landscape Architecture 
Alpha Rho Chi 
Honors Day i 3 I 

Missouri State ( ollege 

Hi i,h Wesson Woodcock Fredonia, S. V. 
Eh ctrical Engineering 

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

John Pa irk k WOODS 

1 ivil Engineering 
A 5 ( .E. 



Libei il Aiis mil Si ieni 5 
/■, .11 Dm 
Alpha Tau Om 
Honors Da) (1) 

1 1. 'i Mario ugh h P/f///«i Oi 


Phi Kappa Pli 

ic h cm I 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 P 

[•he 1 »aily Ulini 11 I, J) 
1 1 , . 1 1 r. • • , 1 




• to 



Samuei Dudley Wright Marion 

Elei u it ,il Enginet ring 
( lai k I louse 
A I I I , ( on, ,11 Band (I, 2, 1) : Men's 
Glee < lub (2 1 

Shir iv Ann Wkigh 1 McLeansboro 

(In ( )mega 
Women's Glee Club (3): University Chorus 
(3, 4) 

Honors Day (4) 
Stephens ( ollege 

Pl MR Yarmoi lik Argo 

Met hanical Engineering 
Men's Residence Hall 

Stanford University; Yale Univeisity 

WOODROW Yon is While Plains. Ky. 

Division of Special Services 
Agricultural Economit 1 

Alpha ( h. Rho 
Agriculture ( luh 
Honors Dav ( I > 

\A. ■ 



Dorothy ( iRiiivs Yakley. .Downers Grove 

Home Economh 1 
Alpha Pin 
The Daily Ulini (2, 31; lllini Union Com- 
mittee I 2 I 

Jean Elizabeth Young Chicago 

Physical Education 
Physical Education 
Leeman Lodge 
W.A.A. ; House President (4) 
Honors Day (3) 

Wright Junior College 

Phyllis Schell Young ,'.. .Vrbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

K '"' H ^V^B Young. .^VNft 

^r Mk Journalism ^^i'fc 

Alpha Delta Sigma; WILL (3) : Second Lieu- 
tenant, University Brigade 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Roy Walter Yunker Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Illinois Institute of Technology 

Ei i in Zaret Chicago 

Busey Hall 
The Daily Illini (1, 4) 
Mundelein College 

Suzanne Zechman Chicago 

Alpha Lambda Delta 
Honors Day (1. 2, 3) 


Niagara Falls, N. Y. 
Electrical Engineering 
Northwestern University, L T mvcisity ot 

mm, Ann Zlrvylkh Hollywood 

Liberal Arts and Scic-nec-s 
Psycholog i 
The Daily Illini (3) 
Washington University 



MniHtii. Jacob Ziarko Chicago 

Alpha Kappa Psi : Accountancy Club 

Wn da ' arol Zilm . . . Varna 

Fine and Applied Arts 
Illustrators; W.A.A. . W.A.A. Numerals; 
House- President (2) ; Women's Glee Club 
I I I 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Emro Zimkoske Macomb 


Floriculture Club (2) 

Western Illinois State Teachers' College 

Norma Gene Zimmerman Pittsfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Leeman Lodge 
Torch; The Illio (1, 2); Production Stall, 
"Pride and Preiudice" 

Evelyn Louisf Zobei Juliet 

Hospital Dicti in i 
Evans Hall 
College of St. Francis 

Lois Ei aim Zornig llomewond 

Fine and Applied Arts 
,Vl//,/i Education 
Presbyterian Hall 
Sigma Alpha Iota; Concert Band (1, 2, 3, 4) ; 
University Orchestra II, 2, 3) ; Production 
Staff, "H.M.S. Pinafore ", "The Sorcerer", 
"Pirates of Penzance" 
Thornton Junior College 

Nora Znx irin Bums, N. V. 

University Orchestra I -4 I 
Brooklyn College 

Francis Thiell Sampson Bloomington 

Division of Special Services 
Engint i urn: 
Phi Gamma Delta 
Interfraternity Executive Conned 
University ot Arizona 



I w, 







Charles C. Caveny 

The Chicago Undergraduate Division of the Univer- 
sity of Illinois was established at Navy Pier as part of 
the program of the State to meet its share of the na- 
tional emergency in higher education, resulting from 
the overwhelmingly increased demand for instruction 
at the University level. 

A city amusement center converted into a Navy 
Training School during the wartime emergency, 
Chicago's familiar landmark — Navy Pier — now houses 
educational facilities for 4,000 freshmen and sopho- 
mores. We are proud that this new division could be 
established to provide educational opportunities for 

this additional number of students, both veterans and 
non-veterans, in the Chicago area. 

Courses at the freshman and sophomore levels are 
offered in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the 
College of Commerce, and the College of Engineering, 
including courses in Architecture. 

The new Undergraduate Division in Chicago, 
through its educational, social, and cultural program, 
will strive to provide its student body with the same 
fine opportunities for development which have been so 
long a part of the University's tradition. 

Charles C. Caveny 





Edwin A. Wolleson 

Dean of Students 

Ruth E. Leitch 
Dean of Women 

Warren (). Brown 

Acting Dean of Men 

Although lacking the familiar elm-bordered Broad- 
walk in Urbana. students on the unique water-bound 
campus at the Chicago Undergraduate Division at 
Navy Pier nevertheless share the traditions of the 
University of Illinois. 

Through Dean Wolleson's office pass all matters 
dealing with student welfare — health service, physical 
education, student committees and organizations, and 
social functions. 

Navy Pier"s Dean of Women, Miss Leitch, acts not 
only as a counsellor to freshman and sophomore 
women, but is also director of social and cultural 

Dean Brown, in his dual capacity as Acting Dean 
of /Men and Director of the Division of Special Serv- 
ices for War Veterans, has as his special responsibility 
both veteran and non-veteran men students — over 85 
per cent of the Pier's enrollment. 

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers 
work at the freshman and sophomore level in eighteen 
of the twenty-three areas offered at Urbana. 

The course offerings include required work in pre- 
medicine, pre-dentistry, chemistry curriculum and 
chemical engineering, as well as the more general 
work in pre-law, pre-journalism, and the teacher 
training curricula. 

The first two years of study in the College of Com- 
merce correspond exactly w ith that work offered in 
the lower division at Urbana. 

The College of Engineering is meeting the heavy 
postwar demand for technical education by offering 
the first two years of training in Aeronautical, Civil, 
Electrical, Mechanical, and other Engineering cur- 
ricula, as well as curricula in Architecture and Archi- 
tectural Engineering. 

Robert H. I [acketi 

Associate Dean n\ Commerce 

Harold VV. Bailey 
sociate Dean of Liberal Arts 
and Sciences 

Randolph P. Hoclsclier 
Associate Dean of Engineering 


Construction ;it the Pier 

First Faculty Meeting 

I Villi .11 Kill 


The Cafeteria 

Between Classes 












ii^ 1 *^^ 






Frederic R. Hamilton 

To University of Illinois students: 

From wherever you have come, veteran or civilian, 
man or woman, greetings. Here we are together shar- 
ing our experience in the unique University of Illinois, 
the Galeshurg Division, proposed, created, and put into 
operation in less than thirty days. With your continued 
cooperation, ingenuity, devotion, and loyalty we will 
make this a pleasurable, profitable, educational experi- 
ence, setting the proper standards and patterns for 
those to come next year. The academic procedures have 
been determined for us at Urbana — but we welcome 
your constructive suggestions for innovations that will 

make possible the most harmonious relations as we live 
together in this, the best equipped supplementary edu- 
cational facilities in the United States in the year of 

Your spirit, your assistance, your interest, your 
ability, your leadership have contributed greatly to 
make this year a happy one for all of us, students and 

With best wishes to all of you for always. 
Sincerely yours, 

Frederic R. Hamilton 
■•.•-». ... Dean 


M. J. Galbraith 
Director of Student Welfare 

William J. English 
Business Manager 

L. O. Kerwood (left) 
Executive and Recorder 

.Miss Lois S. Herran 


L. G. Hernecliech 
Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds 

Dr. H. Lawder 
Director of Student Health Service 



4 B 1 

■L 1 


*> !- ">."'*»t| 



19 i fill 










Andrew C. Ivy 


The University of Illinois Colleges of Dentistry, 
Medicine, and Pharmacy, its Research and Educa- 
tional Hospitals (The General Hospital, The Eye and 
Ear Infirmary, and The Surgical Institute for Chil- 
dren), and its affiliated institutions (The Illinois Neu- 
ropsychiatry- Institute, The Institute for Juvenile Re- 
search, and Rush-Presbyterian Hospital) form a vital 
part of the growing Medical Center on Chicago's 
near west side. 

The University's clinic serves an average of 350 
outpatients daily; its hospital beds will be increased 
from 503 to 723 by a new $6,300,000 hospital addition 
already started; its professional colleges accommodate 
1,500 students; its postgraduate program offers train- 
ing in a dozen specialized fields; its graduate program 

offers training leading to advanced degrees in every 
department in the College of Medicine and in several 
specialties in the Colleges of Dentistry and Phar- 
macy; its curriculum includes specialist training for 
nurses, occupational therapists, and medical illustra- 

This wide teaching and treatment program serves 
the student, the veteran, the citizen, and humanity in 
many fields and in many ways. Quite as valuable to 
all of these is the ever-expanding research program 
which seeks to find the causes and to prevent the oc- 
currence of diseases which afflict man and lessen his 
contribution to society. Research must be the watch- 
word in the steady advance of the healing arts. 

Research and Educational Hospital 


Archway into Quadrangle 

Cornerstone of the Original College 


"Mother Protecting Her Child From Disease' 

Hospital Entrance 




Illinois Neuropsychiatric Institute 

Research and Educational Hospital 

Cook County Hospital 


line b i i 

;c»r r ? ' 

Elillli I 

EEtEEfc 6 i 
LEfcikt b E 
ILHi I | b 

mm i e 

LLL& t b i 





Miss Bullwinkel and Miss Lennarson 



Miss Elizabeth Bullwinkel Director 

Miss Rita Fisher Assistant Director 


Miss Margaret Johnson Director 

Mrs. Helen Bowman Assistant Director 

The Chicago Mini Union during the past five years 
has grown into the center of all student and faculty 
activities. Policies are set by the Chicago Illini Union 
Board which consists of three faculty members and 
three students (one from each college respectively). 
All activities are planned by the three student com- 
mittees — Social, Alusic, and Exhibit. The members of 

these committees are selected from the petitions of 
application which they voluntarily submit. The suc- 
cess of the Union Building activity programs which 
have become more and more popular each year is 
directly due to the planning and initiative of these 
student committees. 

STUD] N I mk iai ' iimmi l II I 
iitmain ' Lapi ro* Edward Upton Bai nstabli . Mi I aughlin 
I nh hi Bi ai h BulNi inkel, Rosell, (ohnson, l raub 





f ^^mJ^I 

sy ■•--j| 

Entrance — Union Building 

iW£ Row: Joel Richert, Gerald Revman, Harold Goodman, Gerald Rowitch 
front Row: Martin Pilot, Robert Green, Betty Bullwinkel 
Nor in Panel: Ralph Hudson, Donald Lindsay 

Barber, Risvold, Markelz, Lansing, Ortiz 



Light AND Fantastic 

The "'Orange Game" 






Men At Work 

Bridge Tournament 

Music Hour 



Allan G. Brodie, D.D.S., Ph.D. 

Acting Dean of the College 

and Professor and Head of the 

Department of Orthodontia 

With the end of the war and the discontinuance of 
the accelerated program the College of Dentistry ex- 
pected a considerable reduction in applications. Many 
applicants with higher scholastic records than in any 
previous year, however, permitted the admission of 
a full class of seventy, having a class scholastic aver- 
age above 3.5. A large proportion were attracted to 
dentistry through their experience while acting as as- 
sistants to dentists in the service. Applications for the 
next two years indicate a continuance of this interest- 
gratifying situation in view of the great need for 

Demand for postgraduate courses on the part of 
dentists who have been in the service has led the 
College of Dentistry to offer courses extending 
through a period of three months to two different 

groups since the first of May. Another is scheduled 
to start the first of January. 

Ten men selected from 400 applicants entered the 
graduate courses in orthodontia in September. Others 
are enrolled for advanced courses in pedodontia, 
histology and therapeutics. 

Dr. Allan Gibson Brodie was born in New York 
City in 1897, and received his D.D.S. degree from the 
University of Pennsylvania in 1919. He studied at 
the Angle College of Orthodontia in Pasadena, and 
joined the faculty of the University of Illinois in 1929. 
Dr. Brodie received his /Master's degree in 1934, and 
became head of the Department of Orthodontia in 
1936. He received his doctorate in anatomy in 1940. 
He was appointed Acting Dean of the College of 
Dentistry on September 1, 1944. 

( )|><.T;iti\ e I )ispensary 


'Lab-" Work 

Oral Surgery Instructions 


Dr. Spence — Operative 

Dr. Gerlach — Children's Clinic 



Robert Anthony Arnold 


Gerald Morton Ascherman 

Lorenzo Gerard Blancherte 

Charles Gustav Blattmachr 

Matthew Felix Borucki 

Walter Kenneth On 

Wendell Napo I 

Ml,. n i ),,| m 


Arthur Seymour Dunn 

James Wallace Dunnan, Jr. 

Robert Lewis Dyer 

Robert Hawks Elwell 

Lawrence Burdette Frey, |r. 

Arthur Gauss 

[sadore Jaj Genzei 

Sol ( roldman 


Edward Charles Haw kins 


Raymond Willis Law, Jr. 

Joe Irving Herbstman 

Bernard Levin 

Francis Michael Higgins 

Devore Eugene Killip 

Daniel Paul Kozakiewicz 

Joseph Willard Krupicka 

Robert Mayer Laff 

Mi las Pari Larson 

William I. Long 

Gorshin Gary Mann 

Thomas .Mitchell McCullough 

Jerome Harold Noskin 




Joseph Koto 

Philip Hugh Pope 

John Ardell Pracyk 

Harold Rabin 

Delmar A. Rensncr 

Joseph Ransom Rice 

I )a\ id Robert Rumaclt 

< harli i I I' in \ 


Stanley Jerome Simons 

Robert Fred Sirimarco 

John Cuthbert Smeeton 

■■ <i 

Walter Asa Sperry, Jr. 

Wayne Smith Stevens 

Richard Ordway Sword 

M k k ( lenon 1 annei 

( Cornelius \ andei lull 


.Marvin Irving Waller 

Harrv Carl Watters 


John Phillip Wersching 

Sam A. Zeidenstein 

John Edward Zur 


Cleanliness Above All 



During the school year the Dental Student Council 
meets on an average of once monthly to integrate 
student-faculty relationships with the aim of smoother 
organization and management of the school of Den- 
tistry. Some of the problems of the student are ad- 
vanced, including new additions to equipment and all 

phases of education from the student viewpoint, and 
once quarterly the council meets with the dean to 
discuss these problems with relationship to both stu- 
dent and faculty ideas. As a result both sides of indi- 
vidual problems are attacked with a resulting solution 
and consequent alteration to meet the problems. 

man Ro tin Ed u ( iifford, Rolli | B it man, It . Lew is Middleman 
R " fohn "•: . i . iimr Alphonsi Lask, Harold Rabin, Howard Redmann 
["nomas McCullough, Kenneth Moore, Lowell Larson 
fl Rot i i h I" i ph Noto I nomas Barbi 



Ernest Muench ; Philip Pope, Grand Master ; Delmar Rensner ; M. Pari Larson 


Delta Sigma Delta is a Professional Fraternity 
organized in 1882 for the benefit of member dental 
students. Its membership is restricted to students and 
practitioners who keep high standards of scholarship 
and strive toward scientific, ethical and professional 

Rho Chapter of the "Delts" has a full social calendar 
which includes the famous "Hobo" dance, the Senior 
Farewell dinner-dance, frequent house parties, and co- 
operates with the Illini Union in various social func- 

Top Row: Joseph Rice, Edgar Gifford, Raymond Law, Jr., Nicholas Tapp, Rolley Bateman, William Bell, Marshall Rozynkowicz 
Third Row: John Peters, Lorenzo Blanchette, Robert Dyer, Charles Shaner, Thomas Humble, Earnest King 
Second Row: Charles Blattmachr, Lawrence Frey, Thomas Barber, Kenneth Beach, Edward Hawkins 
Bottom Row: M. Pari Larson, Philip Pope, Delmar Rensner, Ernest Muench 
Not in Panel: Walter Chmiel, Dan Kozakiewicz, Martin Lee 


Frank Higgins ; Robert Elwel 

Wayne Stevens; Phillip Wersching, Grand Master; Richard Sword 


The object of Psi Omega includes: cultivating the 
social qualities of its members; giving assistance, ad- 
vice and advantages out of individual reach; keeping 
in touch with its members through an international 
journal, and exerting its influence toward the ad- 

vancement of the dental profession. 

Highlights in the social calendar are: the rushing, 
pledge, initiation, tri chapter, and senior farewell 
dances; numerous house parties; and faculty luncheons 
and smokers. 

i i leeton Robi rl Arnold 

I'M- i |,.i,i, /,,, Paul •> oung, losi ph Krupii I a 
Row: John i [ohn ( (ilmi r, Rodi rl I Iwi II, Dah I \\ i 

!'■■" Lowell Larson Fi DeMirza, rhomas McCullough, Frank Higgins 

ns, [ohn Pracyk 


Third Row: David Rumack, Stanley Simons, Herbert Rosen, Jack Noskin, Lawrence Horowitz, Gilbert Albert, Sidney Waldman 
Second Row: Gerald Ascherman, Robert Laff, Irving Skib, Morris Cohen, Albert Dolin, Robert Salk 
Bottom Row: Sol Goldman, Gorshin Mann, Sameus Marcus, Arthur Dunn, Marvin Walovitch, Arthur Gauss 


Alpha Omega, a dental social fraternity, was or- 
ganized at the University of Pennsylvania in 1910. 
The Alpha Alpha chapter at Illinois was organized in 
1928. It is a national Jewish fraternity, including 

members in almost every dental college in the country. 
Aside from the cultural and social aspect, Alpha 
Omega has achieved an excellent sports record. 

Book Work — Orthodontia 

'Bull Session' 



John B. Youmans 
Dean, College of Medicine 

The College of Aledicine, in addition to being the 
largest medical school in the United States, is rapidly 
becoming known the country over for its exception- 
ally fine laboratory equipment and unusual clinical 
facilities. Originally a privately owned institution 
founded in 1881, it affiliated with the University of Illi- 
nois in 1897, and with the Colleges of Dentistry and 
Pharmacy became an organic part of the University 
in 1913. The fact that these three Colleges, all teach- 
ing the medical sciences, are now housed under the 
same roof makes exceptionally fine opportunities for 
each College. The added fact that the University now 
owns and operates its own hospitals (Research and 

Educational Hospitals), and also has affiliation with 
Cook County Hospital and Presbyterian Hospital all 
located within one and one-half blocks of the central 
building has greatly increased the effectiveness of the 
clinical instruction. 

The College is located on the near west side of Chi- 
cago approximately three miles from the Loop, and 
in the very heart of the great west side medical de- 
velopment which the State of Illinois is sponsoring. 
The unusual combination of favorable factors out- 
lined above leads to the general agreement that the 
three Colleges comprising the Chicago Professional 
Campus have, indeed, an exceedingly bright future. 

Quine Library 

Professor Otto F, Kampmeier 
Head o\ Department <>\ Anatomy 


What, No Sleeping? 
Orthopods at Work 
Surgical Dispensary 

Dr. Cole Shows 'em How 


Say "Ah-h" 



Jerome Edward Abrahams 


Richard Reed Allen 

William Jay Andrews 

Paul Richard Ariagno 

John Rector Armstrong 

Thomas Malcolm Auerbach 


Walter Locke Bayard 

Robert Jerome Becker 

Samuel William Becker 

Paul I ester Baker 

Alfred McDowell Bennett 

Stanley Frithiof Bergquist 

William Robert Bertelsen 

William Robert Best 


I )onald M.i Barnard 


Charles Claiborne Blackwell, Jr. 


Bernard Bloc] 

Conrad Frederick Bluncl 

Norman Calvin Bos 

Newell Tollef Braatelein 

Elizabeth Katharvn Brunili.umh 

Gerald Brussel 

William Brice Buckingham 

Allison Lovelle Burdicl< 



)hn Richard Camp 

John Baird Cavenagh 

Carlin Yelde Chenoweth 

1 low ard Rau Christofersen 

John Martin Coleman 

Charles Augustus Crown 

George Edward Cruft 

Leonard Irvine Dagovitz 



Frederick Douglas Dallcnbach „ 

Raymond William Dasso 



Raymond Louis Del Fava 

Thomas Charles Devlin 

John Edward Driscoll 

Harvard Ellman 

John Laurance Falls 

\\ illiam Stanford Foultz 



Jack Weiss ( Janus 

Paul Julius Gethner 

Edward Michael Goldberg 

Melvin A. 


Sidney Goldman 

Sidney Goldstone 

Irving ( ireenspan 

I'.iul I rederick ( irice 


Thomas Lovell Griffith 

Vernon LaMarr Guynn 

Dean Alden Hauter 

Emmett McDonald Herring, Jr. 

John McLeod Hewitt 


Patrick L. Israel 

Francis Wheatley Jeffords 

Richard Marvin Johnson 

Harley Daniel Jones, Jr. 


Elmer Rolfe Kadison 

Edwin Orville Hieb 

Martin Hochhauser 

Walter Indeck 

Jean Phillip Karr 

Gene Bert Kaufman 

Jeanne Emily Kehoe 



Sidnej Beemer Kern 

[ames Patrick Kiely 

Joseph Michael Kiely 

Ben Arthur Kinsman 

Richard Adolph Koestcrcr 

William James Krauser 

1 1 in i \ Peti i Kunli i 

PctCI I'll I 111 -I 


Roger Keith I .arson 


Robert Charles Lebow 

Richard Harrison Leigh 

Burton David Levin 

Lawrence LeVine 

Julius Lieberman 

Wilbert I .iebling 


I )on.ilil ( ieiu I iiuls.iv 


James William Linman 

Clifford Leslie Lorentzen 

John Alan Lowe 

Frank Thomas Maher 

Robert Anthonv Markelz 

Jack Marvin Maxkovitz 

Joseph Israel Marx 

Peter Stew art Mayer 


Warren Junior McKinstry 

lohn Harris McNeil 

Marshall Allan Minner 

I ilward Missavage, Jr. 

Carl Harold Moberg 

Robert Dean Morgan 

Dimitrv Morkovin 

rno Cunthcr Motulskv 



John \rthur Mo) ci 

Williani Parry Vlurphy, Jr. 

James DeGreef Nelson 

Lawrence Frank Nelson 

\ John Henry Noble 

Leland Eugene Noll 


John Vincent Osborne 


Sti vens I hompson \'on ell, [r, 

Philip \nlnn < 


Ralph Pacini, Jr. 

Walter Pinkus 

Paul Pipik 

Nadine HolofTe Pracyk 

Edwin Rush Priest 

Koben Mian Kced 

Pearl [nice KeiiVel 


Dana Foster Richards 


\larv Robinson Richards 

Leigh Milton Roberts 

James Daley Roorda 

Arne Kverett Schairer 

Robert Daniel Schoregge 

I *l 

Gerhard William Schottman, Jr. 

Carl William Schroeder 

Robert Theodore Rottschaefcr 

Howard Bruno Rnssman 


Richard Vlfonso Saavedra ,C 

Leonard Arthur Sarnat 

Melyin Louis Schwartz 

Irvin I.eRov Schweitzer 

Frederick Albert Shannon 

1. ■] ill \natole Slia 



George Joseph ShimUu 

Robert Louis Simons 

Lester Dale Shook 

Max Sidney Small 

Ben Isailorc Smallei 

I lenrv Pan 1 Staub 

I larry Sterling 


I diiiki 1 iorner Stevens 

Ldward Andrew Srika 

William Louis Strecker 

Alfred Bertil Swanson 

Frederick James Swartzendruber 

Mirrin \l:rihim Suinllow 

Doroiln latter 

' ii or Vlarvin Stern 


K.i\ L'.ugcnc fhompson, Jr. 


William Alexander Tompkins 

Charles Michael Van Duvne 

Robert Carlton Weiss 


Donald F. Williams 

David George Wilbur 

Bernard David Zalesnak 

Theodore Winter Zvvemer 

Medical Illustration Studio 

I lematologv Lab 



Anna Francis Baker 

Thelma Leota Bullard 

Dorothy Mae Carlyon 

Jean Phillips Cassels 

Louise Kremens 


Elizabeth Larrance 

Suzanne Sherman 

Suzanne Evelyn Spronz 

Mildred Eleanor Stein 

Martha Grace Thompson 

Grace Frawle) Welsh 

( )ccupavionaJ (?) 1 herapy 

Top Row: Misses Anna Frances Baker, Darleen Lawson, Grace Welsh, Kaye Thomassen 
Third Row: Misses Louise Blackstone, Louise Kremens, Yetra Davis, Mrs. Mildred Stein 

Second Row: Mrs. Ruth Lewis Henderson, Jean Cassels, Misses Marvel Eno, Marilyn Coolidge, Shirley Erickson 
Bottom Row: Miss Elizabeth Larrance, Mrs. Natalie Finch Wallace, Misses Anne Margaret Kevilus, Gladys A. Liddle 


Occupational Therapy was introduced on this 
campus in the fall of 1943, directed by Beatrice Wade. 
The course, the first to be administered by a college 
of medicine, consists of ten semesters of study, six 
given under the direction of the Liberal Arts College 
on the Urbana campus, and four in the College of 
Medicine in Chicago. On November 19, 1944, it was 
accredited bv the Council on Medical Education and 

Hospitals of the American Medical Association. 

Illi-Sota, the official name of the Illinois chapter of 
the Student-Occupational Therapy Association, which 
was recognized as a campus activity in March, 1944, 
seeks through semi-monthly meetings to encourage 
friendship among its members, acquaint them with 
their future profession, and identify themselves as a 
professional group. 

Top Row: Patricia Baer, Janet White, Janis Adsit, Lois Schendel, Blanche Popelka, Virginia Cavins, Donna Benbow, Joan Koehler, Alice Wooters, Phyllis 

Doyle, Mary Lee Pett\ 
Second Row: Althea Volland, Marion Keouahan, Lois Barrow, Arline Goldman, Betty McClure, Joan Finch, Althea Warner, Rose Marie Holston, Beverly 

Lundegaard, Helen Polenske, Alice Kennedy 
Bottom Row: Mabel ValDez, Dorothy Zmich, Frayda Radner, Margaret Corson, Elizabeth Koebrich, Betty Lou Wheeler, Marguerite Eckhardt, Lottie West, 

Shirley Sesenther, Edith M.ied.i, Hetty Brothers 



The Medical Student Council of the University of 
Illinois is an organization consisting of democratically 
elected representatives of the student body of the Col- 
lege of Medicine. It cooperates with the administra- 
tion, faculty, students, and any interested individuals 
or groups in the attainment of its objectives. 

From its membership this Council elects a President, 
Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer. Each class 
in Medicine is represented by its president, three regu- 
lar councilmen and one alternate. Dr. Warren H. Cole 
and Dr. Frederick ('.. Lendrum are facultv advisors 

of the Council. I he Council provides for student 
representation, coordinates the programs of the four 
classes, and acts as liaison agent between the students 
and the faculty. 

Plans tor this year include: Sponsorship of three 
forums on the subject of Socialized Medicine, and 
establishment ot an annual award to the outstanding 
faculty member in each class in the Medical School, 
this award being named in honor of former Dean Ra\ - 
mon B. Allen. 

/ bird Rou Martin Pilot, (olin Liiwi L MtClii /irj mi., Nurrcll 

s, i',>,,l K-.u Ralph Hudson, William I u Isaiah Shan 

Hon, .in Row: Martin Swerdlow, lohn Orti; 

.V-.; in Panel Bob I dwardi Bol B B i ,.,„: 

Main r, Vernon < rii] nn 



Top Row: Pearl Reiffel ; Dorothy Tatter, President; Alice Maynard 
Bottom Row: Nadine Prayck, Fern Rusteberg 


Alpha Epsilon Iota is a fraternity of women in 
medicine whose purpose it is to promote good fellow- 
ship, to maintain a high order of scholarship and pro- 
fessional achievement, and to foster a spirit of moral 

and social helpfulness. At the University of Illinois 
the Delta chapter was founded in 1899. Membership 
is made up of both students and practicing physicians. 

Top Row: Netajean Broome, Anne Moestenberg, Mona Rose, Charlotte Herman 
Seventh Row: Virginia Ploughe, Mary Wieczorek, Pearl Reiffel, Carolyn Hall 
Sixth Row: Catherine Wise, Dolores Goepfert, Mary Johnson, Mildred Ash. Ruth Hartnell 
Fifth Row: Virginia Norrell, Lillian Doerr, Joann Miller, Helen Willner, Fern Rusteberg 
Fourth Row: Gemma Ferrari, Elleva Joslyn, Mary Richards, Jeanne Kehoe, Elizabeth Brumbaugh 
Third Row: Carolyn Esberner, Carol Rehder, Jeanne Blumhagen, Alice Maynard, Inez Santos 
Second Row: Lillian Goldstein, Anna Barnstable, Dorothy Hubler, Elizabeth Lasser, Mrs. Englejohn 
Bottom Row: Phyllis Saxon, Margaret Giller, Dorothy Tatter, Nadine Pracyk 

Not in Panel : Emma Ruth Stevens, Mildred Polniaczek. Lucille Ivan, Bessie Lendrum, Mary Jane Otten, Ruth Dietz, Dorothy Lill, Marie Dugas, Helen Grove, 
Marion Cohen 


Sam Becker ; Ned Nymen ; 


Eric Rosell, President; Warren Haves. Rufus Walker 


Alpha Kappa Kappa was the offspring of a fra- 
ternity at Dartmouth known as "The Ace of Spades," 
founded in 1888. Today it has reached the height of 
being the third largest medical fraternity in America. 
The fraternity has forty-four active chapters, with a 
membership of almost twenty thousand, scattered 
throughout the nation at many of the better known 

medical schools. 

Eta Chapter at the University of Illinois medical 
school is composed of a large active membership, a 
large percentage of whom live in the chapter house. 
The purpose of the fraternity is to better their future 
association in their profession. 

Io/> Row: John Stickland, Rufus Walker. Thomas Pfisterer, Paul Johnston, Harold Wandlm^, Everett Woodworth, Paul Parker, lack Lynn 

Sixth Row: Robert Johnson, Innunl Pimone, Kit haul Rccdcr, Fianus Matvihowuk, ll. hiv Davis, Robert Allison, Richard Still, Clark Green 

Fifth Row: Robert Pianowski, Warren McPherson, Edward Pelikan, George Wham, William Far wig, Charles Ramsey, Robert Bjurstrom, Charles Linke, lames 

' aulfii Id, John Mi Hugh 
Fourth Hon Ned Nyman, David MacFarlane, Ralph Hudson, Robert Myers, Robert II. m, Donald Lulu, Jack Matika, Richard Birich, Loren Smith 
l bird Row: William Morrow, Eugeni Rosenburger, David Sims, Birney Dibble, Rogei Matuon, Robert Mejedley, |ohn Ritter, Mario Mansueto 

<id Hon: Warren Hayes, Arthui Mail - lames Coursey, Robert Biggs, Howard Erickson, Robert Purdy, foel Richert, lohn Mi Neil. Donald Lindsey, 

Erii Rosell 
• Ron Henry Kunka, [ami i Roorda, Waltei Bayard, Dana Richards, William Strecker, Vernon Guynn, ["nomas Devlin, Val Chenoweth, Samuel Beckei 
i B ra 1 1 el ien 
Noi in Panel: Max Barnard, Nobli Correll, Charles Gilpin, William Glascock, fhomas Griffith, Lloyd Kellogg, Allan Norbul Paul Shefflei 



Edward Hays; John Wacker ; John Lowe, President; Alfred Swanson 


Nu Sigma Nu, the oldest medical fraternity, was 
conceived, created and evolved of the need of co- 
operation and fellowship of medical men by Will 
Mayo and four others. 

From this modest initial five, it has grown to a 
proud stature embracing within its ranks some twenty- 
five thousand followers of the cult of Aesculapius, 

and having at this time forty chapters in as many 
selected class "A" medical schools of the United 
States and Canada. 

Functions of Nu Sigma Nu include the annual 
pheasant dinner, interfraternity dances, a campus 
carnival, and impromptu fraternity house gatherings 
which round out another busv vear. 

Top Row: Gerald Modjeska, Jack Lukens, Douglas Dallenbach, John Schewe, James Dowell, Charles Blackwell, Robert Lee, Matthew Price, Richard Leigh, 

John Falls 
Sixth Row: George Gould, Frank Folk, Mark Watson, James Bedell, Frank Jirka, James Nelson, Leslie Reed, Robert Fruin, Edward Hays 
Fifth Row: William Tompkins, Robert Markelz, James Struthers, Tom Samuels, Charles Stanley, William Harridge, Theodore Zwemer, William Andrews, 

George Turke 
Fourth Row: John Wacker, Paul Nicholson, John Louis, James Brown, Robert Stone, James Hill, Fred Ritzinger 
Third Row: Arne Schairer, Ray Thompson, Lee Noll, Richard Utne, Albert Huggins, Ray Annis, Ian Smith, Robert Roth 

Second Row: John McLaughlin, Edward Keller, Richard Cooper, Charles Crown, William Dunn, John Anderson, Robert Reid, Roger Larson 
Bottom Row: John Lowe, John Jacobowitz, Alfred Swanson, Robert Morgan, Robert Edwards 
Not in Panel: Sanford Blackburn, Crawford Hawkins, Lawrence Summerfield, Gilbert Wagoner, Robert Marske, John Borden, Robert Ferguson, William 

Myers, Weldon Sheets, Robert Kaiser 


Standing: Richard Deatrick; ( .irl Berry; John Haskin 
Seated: Paul Harges ; Theodore Wagenknecht ; Banning L.irry, Archon; 

George Wilson 


Phi Beta Pi. having been established at the Uni- 
versity of Pittsburgh in 1891, ranks with the oldest 
medical fraternities. The Iota Chapter was estab- 
lished in 1902 at the College of Physicians and Sur- 
geons and is today one of the strongest of forty chap- 
ters located at even important medical center in the 
United States. 

The Phi Betes have always made an excellent show- 
ing by good scholarship, but they are also present in 
the largest numbers at all school social activities. Last 
year they won most of the important athletic events. 

The many social functions they sponsor for their 
chapter, their alumni, and their large faculty member- 
ship are well remembered by even - Phi Bete. 

' / R •• John Brazos, Harr; Petei Edward Lamphier, John km, Rodnej Clark, Kenneth LaRue, Keith McCormick, Lloyd Wright, Joe Brettnei 

Homei Hanson i an Neubauer, Charles Lofdahl. Donald Grieme, George Martin, Charles Macnamara 

Third Rou Moi in M ■ ilson, Paul Harges, James McCormick, Roberl Braman, David Welsh, Howard Lagerquist, Charles Anderson 

iii kin Gerald Maa Raymond Brown, William Oyen, William Edwards, Richard Owen, Howard Kuhl, Roberl Newton 

' i enknecht, Richard Deatrick, Carl Berry, Dan Cloud, [oseph M. Kiely, Raymond Dasso, Fohn Hewitt, William Foulti 
Pipil Ri hard Ulen, William Krauser, Norman Bos, Roberl McGinnis 

■ R •■ Franl Ha ;lei Donald Will im [ohn Noble, I i Cruft, Allison Burdick, fames Kiely, Banning Larj (President), lohn Camp, Dean 

iberl i li nL . V oil )u n Gerh ird Si 

Not in I i Ison, Ja Lii n, David Wilbur, William Buckingham, Richard [ohnson 



Seymour Shapiro: Robert Becker; Robert Green; Harvard Ellman, President; Robert Kohlenbrener ; Martin 
Pilot ; Gerald Brussel 


This fraternity has been established to promote ment in the science and art of medicine; and to main- 

good fellowship, equality and unity among its mem- tain the highest standard of ethics in the practice of 

bers; to encourage the highest standards of achieve- medicine. 

Top Row: Robert Kohlenbrener, Morton Blum, Jack Markowitz, Irwin Goldstein, Robert Green, Martin Pilot, Allen Postel, Ben Smaller, Wilbert Liebling, 

Peter Mayer, Sidney Goldstone 
Fourth Row: Joseph Marx, Bernard Block, Paul Kalian, Paul Gethner, Paul Baker, Elmer Kadison, William Treiser, Melvin Schwartz, Albert Merkin, Leonard 

Third Row: Walter Pinkus, Leonard Dagovitz, Sidney Goldman, Edward Goldberg. Samuel Hanzel, Robert Bouer, Seymour Shapiro, Marshall Minner 
Second Row: Harold Guodman, Arnold Kaplan, Lawrence Ruchman, Gerald Brussel, Jack Gaines, Irving Greenspahn, Burton Levin 
Bottom Row: Harvard Ellman, Robert Becker, Marshall Greenman, Ralph Swerdlow, Jerome Abrahams, Julius Lieberman. Earl Lipton, Gilbert LanolT 
Not in Panel : Melvin Goldberg, Walter Iwdeck, Howard Russman, Isaiah Share, Robert Simons, Robert Weiss, Bernard Zaleznak, Bernard Goldman, Simon. 
Hornstein, Darwin Kohl, Burton Lasker, Irving Phillips, Louis Rosenblum, Morton Schwartz, Alvin Getz, Donald Koppel, William Leone, Gerald Perl- 
man, Lionel Schour, Norman Tabachnick, Daniel Thomas, Paul Tolpin 


Raymond Yow ; Lawrence Nelson, President ; LeRoy Schweitzer ; Richard Taylor 


Phi Rho Sigma is a closely knit group with exact- members can call themselves truly brothers in the 

ing standards. With cooperation and mutual encour- medical profession, 
agement, scholastically, socially, and athletically, the 

Top Row: Frank Wrighl Hollingi Frank Roemhild, Phillip Moore, fohn Driscoll, Howard Christofersen, Raymond You, Richard 

// "" / ''•"' Georgi himl is, Lei Lloyd Ra Lin |ohn Kostalney, Frederick Shannon, Warren McKinstry, fohn Osboren, Lawrence Nelson 

i Pn ndi nl i 

Sicond Row: Alan I n Faraghan Carl Schroedei Richard Saavedra 

Bottom Row: Guy Dice, Oi ill Dawson, Robert Killougl I R I, ohn Baldwin, Robert Knight. Albert Kohlmeyei 

N>,i in Pantl: I ohn Coleman Glenn I •• rhomas llass 

I VI) 

Vernon Gwynn ; Charles Van Duyne, President ; Alfred Swanson ; John Coleman 


Pi Kappa Epsilon is a professional honorary med- 
ical society. The members are men who are elected 
by popular ballot by the College of Medicine of the 
University of Illinois. The members are derived from 
medical fraternities on the Chicago Campus and from 
the medical faculty of the University of Illinois and 
of Rush Medical College. 

Twice a month dinner meetings are given which 
feature a guest speaker, who leads a discussion on cur- 
rently popular and vital medical questions. 

The University of Illinois Chapter of Pi Kappa 
Epsilon is the Beta Chapter. This medical society was 
founded in 1921 at Northwestern Medical School. 

Top Row: William Tompkins. Richard Taylor, Theodore Wa"enknerht, Rob'rt Edwards 

Fifth Row: Robert McGinnis, Robert Biggs, Vernon Gwynn, Walter Bayard, Jihn McHugh 

Fourth Row: Philip Olson, Joel Richert, James Brown, William Strecker, John Coleman, Robert Hansen 

Third Row: Frank Hamrner<trom. Robert Canham, Elmer Schewe, Raymond Yow. Banning Lary 

Second Row: Thomas Devlin, Robert Morgan, Robert Reid, Arthur Maimon. James Kiely, Leigh Roberts 

Bottom Row: Paul Parker, Charles Van Duyne, Alfred Swanson, Merrill Alexander 


Top Rote: Thomas Aueibach, Gene Kaufman, Morton Schwartz, Robert Canh.m, Robert Green, John Lowe, Melvin Goldberg, John Falls, Samuel 

Becker, Jr. 
Second Row: Lucille Ivan, Pearl Reiffel, Arno Motulsky, Edwin Priest, Morton Alexander, Allen Postel, Max Small, Stevens Norvell, Jr. 
Bottom Row: Bessie Lendrum, Leonard Sarnat, James Linman, Frank Maher, Burton Levin, Richard Allen, Donald Lindsay 
Not in Panel: Mary Richards, Edmond Brophy 


Alpha Omega Alpha is a medical honorary frater- 
nity, membership to which is based upon scholastic 
achievements. It was founded at the University of 
Illinois College of Medicine on August 25, 1902, by 

William Root. At the present time there are chapters 
in 47 medical schools in the United States and Can- 

Top Row: Arno Motulsky, Emil Freireich, Mitchell Hassen, Irvin Susman 
Third Row: Max Small, Robert Lebow, Harvey Gassman, Martin Asch 
Second Row: Harry Garbei Robert Leevack, Mas Forman, Seymoui Langer 
Bottom Row: Martin Swerdlow, Patrick Israel Lawrence LeVine, Samuel Weiss 
Not iii Panel: Sanford Izner, Morton Bramson, Gem Kaufman, [oseph Fischofl 


Phi Lambda Kappa was established to provide recre- 
ation for its members and to encourage interest in the 

medical and social sciences. It is dedicated to the sup- 
port of justice and tolerance. 

J 92 

Study in Hearts 

Believe It or Not 


Slam! Doubled and Redoubled 

What's Her Phone Number? 



Earl Roy Series, Ph.G., Ph.D. 

The staff of the College of Pharmacy welcomes the 
many students who have either entered for the first 
time, or resumed their formal education, as a part of 
a training program in pharmaceutical education. 

We are only sorry that the facilities available were 
not adequate to accommodate all of the applicants. 
The administration of the University is endeavoring 
to meet this greater challenge required of all institu- 

tions of higher learning. The College of Pharmacy is 
likewise seeking expansion of its present facilities, 
adding new staff members, and making such revisions 
in the curricula as are indicated by the advances which 
have been made in the medical sciences. How well 
we succeed in this endeavor will depend, in large 
measure, upon our whole-hearted cooperation within 
the membership of the profession. 

( iniild Be Serious 

Balance - - Then Pencil 


'Let 'er Roll" 

'Pharmacy Fantasies" 


"Hangover tablets" 

"One thought — three minds' 





Joseph David Basinger 

Frank Raymond Celer 

Theodore Dolitsky ^ 

Alex Edelnant 

Harry Earl Goldstein 

I (1\\ anl William Grehn 

I i. ml \. ( irobstein 


Arthur Frank Harasek 

George Andrew Harris 

Robert Clifford Juby 

Aaron Ezra Kaplan 

Clarence Lester Key 

Carl Rov Langenbahm 

Edmond Joseph LeClaire 



Fred Ent Lehning 


Leo Schermeister 

John Henry Paprock 

Raymond Arloe Harks 

William Charles Prellctz 

Hershel Rapoport 

Thomas Franklin Ryan 

Miecislaus Stanislaus Saas 

Aaron Schupack 

Peter Joseph Stoltman, Jr. 

Beri Mihran Varzhabedian 

Leo VV'einer 

Glen Collard Windsor 

James Aubrey Yardley 



John O'Leary; John Kramer; Robert Juby, President ; Calvin Eckstrom ; James Brannon 


The objects and purposes for which this body is 
formed are to conduct a mutual fraternal organiza- 
tion, having for its object the mutual advantages of 
its members; and, to this end to unite in fraternal 
bonds persons of good character and sound mental 
health, by conferring upon them such degrees as are 
prescribed by the ritual of the fraternity, which de- 

grees are designed to exemplify industry, sobriety, 
mutual fellowship and esteem, to inculcate nobility 
and courage of mind and heart; and to further in every 
way possible the advantages of its members, socially, 
morally, and intellectually; and also to foster pharma- 
ceutical research and high scholarship. 

'!„/, Row: Georgi i ehrl Linhart. Thomas Ryan, John Schurman, Richard Kl.tssci 

Eighth Row i.niy Nix, Petei Stoltman, Kenneth Peterson, Edwin Casey William Deckel 
Sevtnth H„,, Georgi Harri Ronald Dull.. Burl Varzhabedian, William King 
Sixth Row: I. v. mi Smith, John Campbell, Georgi I itsards Fred Piera 

Jamei Y.n.ll.y. (,..,111 Koletti , R | n„,i 1 |.;,..„ 1 Parks, Fred Lehning 

| -' 1 '"""" 1 Dauphinan I Michael Lombardi, Ralph Conley, Robert Vagle 
John O Leary, William Prell I l- 1 ':. Kramei 1 im Brani 

Fifth Row: 
Fourth Row: 
Third Row: 
Stcond How. 

1 e«t< ' Ki 1 ! form w unsi ii 

■ ii' Kon n ' I Bi nton, K 

1 1' mi . I'. in| erl Edward I in I Carl Lingenh ihn Ro] 

First Rou lo ph Kore'n Lewi Martin Herbert! Byrl Benton, Ralph Inn Ralph Voial 
Not in Panel: linn-. Bangcrl Edward Ksiazel Carl Ln enhnhn Rm s ., Lestei rraul 


Top Row: Shirley Barnwell, Patricia Sudar, Frances Fenton, lanet Corean, Rc-na Lola 
Second Row: Virginia Klenchuk, June Haeberle, Betty Knauss, Mary Ellen Martin 
Bottom Row: Virginia Risvold, Virginia Stoyas, Gloria Bell 
Not in Panel: Andria Ferrara 


The Gamma chapter of Lambda Kappa Sigma, the courage personality, scholarship, and interest in the 

national pharmaceutical sorority, was founded to en- profession of pharmacy. 

Top Row: Joseph Koren, Clem Stone, Paul Carpenter, Seymour Lampc-rt 

Fifth Row: Boyd Granberg, Ralph Voight, Ernst Kirch 

Fourth Row: George Webster, Leo Schermeister, Elmer Wirth, Ralph Terry 

Third Row: Byrl Benton, Milton Cohn, Ibert Mellin 

Second Row: Esther Meyer, Gershon Heller, Herbert Emig, Lewis Martin 

Bottom Row: Frank Maher. Aaron Schupack, Naomi Brown 


Rho Chi is the national honorary pharmaceutical 
society. The function of this society is to advance the 

science of pharmacy and the related sciences. 



Donald F. Williams, Chairman 

Donald F. Williams 
Mary R. Richards 
Robert /Morgan 
Harvard F.I I man 
Douglas Dallenbach 

Edward C. Hawkins 
Robert A. Arnold 

Edward Grchn 

From an inauspicious beginning a few years ago, 
the Chicago Campus section in The Illio has increased 
in size from two pages to the present size of sixty- 
four pages. This growth has been due to the con- 
tinuing efforts of The Illio staffs of past years who 
have striven to improve both the coverage of Chicago 
Campus events and to increase the space allotted to 

their presentation in The Illio. 

This year's staff is appreciative of the support given 
The Illio by the student body at Chicago, and of the 
efforts of previous staffs, which have made possible 
the publication this year of the largest (and we hope, 
best) Chicago Campus section in history. 

Donald Willia I Arnold, Edward G-ehn, Edward Hawkins, Douglas Dallenbach, Harvard Ellman 



Isaiah Share 

Edward Goldberg 
Business Manager 

The Illini Scope is the Chicago Campus publication that concerns itself with 
student and faculty activities. The monthly editions contain original articles per- 
taining to scientific advancements and current problems in medical education. 

Top Row: Melvin Pollack, Allen Postel, Martin Pilot, Erwin Kaplan 
Third Row: Eric Rosell, Isaiah Share, John Lowe, Robert Leevack 
Scion I Row: Richard Kosterlitz, Earle Upton, Kay Wise 
Bottom Row Phyllis Saxon, Lillian Goldstein 

Not in Panel: William Best, Arno Motulsky, Edward Goldberg, Morton Schwartz, Leonard Dagovitz, Lawrence Ruchman, Leonard Rack, George Stern, 
Aitlu:i Dunn, Simon Hnrcnstcin, Martin Hochauser 





This statue of Apollo was unveiled June 5, 1946, 
to mark the birthplace of Alpha Omega Alpha, Honor- 
ary Society in Medicine. Alpha Chapter of this so- 
ciety was founded on the Chicago campus of the 
University of Illinois in 1902, through the efforts of 
Dr. W. W. Root, and has been followed by forty-six 
additional chapters in the leading medical schools of 
the United States. 

This memorial is the culmination of activity by 
Alpha Chapter members, dating back to a suggestion 
by Dean D. W. Davis (Emeritus) in 1941. It was 
created by Mr. and Mrs. Chaissang, Chicago sculptors. 

The Statue 

Dr. W. I I Cole Delivers the 





Every student of medicine knows Mr. Moon not 
only as a registrar, but as a good listener and sympa- 
thetic adviser. 


'On Your Mark' 

Also Ran 


Still Running 



What About Me? 

Who, .Me: 

No, Me! 


Scalpel, Please 





Put It Back, Dana 

Pin-Up Boy 


What's the Rush? 

We Wuz Robbed 


Strike 1 

Strike 2 





BrT IpS 

m , 1 

r ^ 

Hk v«J 

r* ' ' ™ 

— — * ■» 

^ ■ \^~ 

*"» ■. •^^^ 

"" ' - 




"What's Up, Doc? 

I ).n is or Blanc hard 
I ouchc 

"Ouch, Mj Hand!" 
I uii I hcj Could U.C.I .A. 

When Do We Eat? 

Why, Dr. Bertjeim! 



One to a Customer, Please 

Get 'Em 

While They're Hot 


Men in White 


David and Goliath 


O. T. Workroom 




"Clean Gowns" 


"Allergy Preps'' 

"Sweet with Sweets in I lospital Pharmacy 

mvT ' 



Five o'clock Lecture 

Christian Medical Society 


Main Desk 

Eager Beaver 


j4& 4 * 





Pictures by Paul Stone-Raymor 






Janice Baxter 

Marjorie Bean 

Marion Bollinger 

June Bramlet 

Joanna Cavenee 

Dorothy Dolan 

Joan Gagan 

Ina Herbrig 

Mary Homrighous 

Jean Howerton 

Ruth Johnston 

Charlotte Krasne Ramenofsky 

Lucille Magnusson 

Catherine Palecek 

Jean Reedy 

Elaine Sebastian 

Elaine Sell 

Martha Swain 

Carol Swanson 

Margaret Waldo 


&ittf/i o&tf/icL 

!•■/• K'U Maine Sell, Martha Swain, Jean Howerton, Charlotte Krasne Kami nolsky . Lucille Mat;nusson. < aiol SwgnSOn 

Second Rou Jean Reedy, Joan Gagan, Margaret Waldo, Marjorie Bean, Joanna Cavenee. Catherine Palnek. Poioiliy Oolan 
Bottom It'ii Elaim Sebastian, Marion Bollinger, Mary Homrighous, Janice Baxter, Ina Herbrig, Ruth Johnston 


Marion Bcal 
Robert Bitzer 
Lee Eilbracht 
Robert Rehberg 
Robert Stelzer 
John Sydow 


7 'op Row: Robert Bitzer, John Sydow, Robert Stelzer, Marion Beal 
Bottom Row: Lee Eilbracht, Ray I. Shawl, Advisor; Robert Rehberg 


Suzanne Appelle 
Virginia Baker 
Jo Baysinger 
Virginia Bernard 
Barbara Bienemann 
Marcella Bischoff 
Jane Buescher 
Lorene Carothers 
\ T irginia Davies 
Elizabeth Easter 
Jean Gates 
Gloria Gould 
Betty Gwinn 
Martha Holmes 
Eleanor Icenogle 
Janet Ishihara 
Lois Klein 
Joan Koehler 
Peggy Kramer 
Pat Lauchner 
Meriam Levine 
Lois Link 
Carol Lott 
June Morettini 
Shirley Novack 
Dorothy Ann Price 
Pat Price 

Barbara Robinson 
Catherine Snow 
Laurel A4ae Stiglitz 
Marilyn Unmacht 
Mary Myrth Wallace 
Mary Jo Wedge 
Ruth Weimer 
Letitia Wimberly 
Helen Wolcott 
Marilyn Zimny 

Elizabeth Easter, Marilyn Zimny. Dorothy Ann Price, Laurel Mae Stiglil 
Martha Holmes, Cois Link, loan Koehfer, Helen Wolcott, Virginia Davies, Suzanne Appelle, Gloria Gould, lean. 

riiy Gwinn, 


/ ; i' u Barbara Bienemann, Ruth Weimer 
/ / 

Stcoad Rou fun Morettini, Barbara Robinson, Mar) Myrth Wallace 

Carothers Pal Prici Loi I 

Rou i i mil. ''■ in. I,, rly, I- Bs inger, Vii ini i Bi I I I ithi i in< 

Carol Lol 
Sol a. Pai il ■■ i ii" Bui s< hi r, Meri im I i i ini Shii 1 | Novs 


Pat I .in. in., i. I orene 

Nl.ny Jo Wedge, Eleanoi Icenogle 

snow. Marilyn Unmacht, Janel Ishihara, V ii« 



Lou Agase 
Bill Allen 
John Briggs 
Jack Burmaster 
Boh Davis 
Bob Doherty 
Scott Fleming 
Bill Gallen 
Ralph Johnson 
Art Lindburg 
Wes iYlarchuk 
Herb McKenley 
Bob Menke 
Jim Mohan 
Frank Pacelli 
Alvin Park 
George Piatt 
Don Rennick 
Gene Shalit 
Dave Shapiro 
George Walker 


iw Bob Davis Ralph Johnson, George Walker, Art Lindburg, George Piatt, Dave Shapiro, Frank Pacelli 
Bottom Row Herb McKenley, Jim Mohan, John Briggs. Bill Allen, Lou Agase, Bob Menke, Bill Gallen, Wes Marchuk 
Not in Punt'l- Brice Harris Aihiser, Jack Burmaster, Bob Doherty, Scott Fleming, Alvin Park, Don Rennick, Gene Shalit 



Jack Smiley 
Varsity Basketball 

Elaine Sebastian 
President, Mortar Board 

Seymour Friedman 
Editorial, The Daily lllini 

Marilyn Chapman 
lllini Board of Control 

Gene Vance 
Varsity Basketball 

Catherine Palecek 
President, M'.GS. 

Julia Rochow Robert Rehbcrg 

Assistant Business Manager, The Daily Mini Captain, Varsity Track 

Mac Wenskunas 
Captain, Varsity Football 

Bob Beam 

Editorial, The Daily Mini 

James .Mohan 
President, M.I. A. 

Mary Homrighous 
Manager, Mini Theatre Ciitihi 



Ken Menke 
Varsity Basketball 

Marion Bollinger 
Assistant Editor, The Illio 

Marce Gonzalez 
President, Tribe of Illini 

June Brainier 
President, Y.W.C.A. 

Ralph Hallensrein 
Co-Editor, The Daily Illini 

Norma Lee YVhitton 
Director of Recreation, Illini Union ~ 

~ r^ 



Jane Cover 
Co-Manager, Star Course 

Marion Beal 
President, Y.M.C.A. 

Barbara Gilbreath 
Editorial, The Daily Mini 

Jack Haulcnbeck 
Captain, Varsity Swimming Team 

Elaine Sell 

Editorial, The Daily Illii/i 

Dave Shapiro 
Varsity Wrestling 




Barbara Angus 
Assistant Business Manager, The Illio 

Robert Stelzer 
Business Manager, The Daily lllini 

Joan Gagan 
Co-Manager, Star Course 

Louise Heidler 
President, Panhellenic 

Alex Agase 

Varsity Football 

Lucille Magnusson 
President, W.A.A. 

Herb McKenley 
Varsity Track 

Norma Del Deidrich 
Director of Entertainment y lllini Union 

Gene Shalic 
Sports Editor, The Daily lllini 

William Gallen 
Director of Dances, lllini Union 

Charlotte Ramenofsky 
Editor, The lllio 

Lee Eilbracht 
Varsity Baseball 



Joe LaPalombaro 

President, Senior Class — President, Student Senate 

Buddy Young 
Varsity Football 

Del Schwartz 

Assistant Business Manager 

The Daily lllini 

Wade Seweil 
President, Interfraternity Council 

Marguerite Rietveld 
Director of Student Service, lllini Union 

Alfred Gerder 
Co-Editor, The Daily lllini 

Jerry Borden 
ead Photographer, Mini Publishing Company 

Joanna Cavenee 
Director of Alumni Affairs, Mini Union 

Robert Bitzer 
Business Manager, The lllio 

Martha Swain 
Editorial, The Daily Mini 

Charles Preston 
Director of Public Relations, Mini Union 

Andy Phillips 
Varsity Basketball 












Richard Turnbow, Secretary-Treasurer ; Joe La Palombara, President; Alice Joslyn, Vice-President 

Carla Heiss, Vice-President ; Juan Ramos, President; Mary Dee Kruh, Secretary-Treasurer 








Mary Lou Stover, Secretary-Treasurer ; Lou Fisher, President; Phyllis Lang, Vice-President 


Stephen French 


Carolvne Cornelisen 
Orin Grant 
Richard Harding 
Robert Heath 

Eugene Koch 
Ann Lutz 
Peter Merkle 
William Reece 

Yvonne Wooley 








President Joe La Palombara 

Vice-President James Mohan 

Secretary Lois Link 

Treasurer Louis Stern 


Joe La Palombara 


The Student Senate is composed of fifteen elected 
members representing the four undergraduate classes 
of the University. In addition to the elected members, 
there are ten ex-officio members who represent major 
campus activities. 

The Student Senate has legislative power coordinate 
with that of the committee on Student Affairs over 
such fields as housing regulations, social events, campus 
activities, and professional and honorary societies. 
Those matters falling within the jurisdiction of the 
Inter fraternity or the Panhellenic council are excluded 
from the Student Senate's regulation. Differences aris- 
ing between the Senate and the Committee on Student 
Affairs are settled bv an arbitration committee selected 

from both bodies. 

Standing committees of the Student Senate are Hon- 
orary Organizations, Social Events, Extra-Curricular 
Activities, General Welfare, Elections, and By-Laws. 

The expenses of the Student Senate are paid from 
the Student Senate fund which is maintained by the 
payment of 1.5% of the gross income from all dances 
under the supervision of the Audit and Supervision 

Any student in the University has the right to de- 
bate on the floor of the Senate, subject to approval by 
the Senate at a previous meeting as to the subject of 
the debate and time limitations. 

Hon: Herbert Mendel, Valentin* [obst, Arthui Lindburg, [uan Ramos, John Hull, Wade Sewell, Richard Edn 
■I' , Mai .' mai y Rahn. 

Catherim Palecek, Miriam Baker, Maril n Chapman Frederick Ford 


Sicond Row 

Gordon Dalrymple, Maryi ikellj Roseman Rahn. Alice Misegades, Joan Gagan, Lucilli Magnu 
'alecek, Miriam Baki i Mai il Frederic] Ford 

first Row: I. mi', Stern, Loij link, [o< La Pal bars Dean Helen Hudson, fames Mohan, Karl Windeiheim 


mis. ( li.u les I'n rton 
i harlotti Ramenofsky, Mary il" ghous, 


Rosemary Rahn, Chairman 

Dean V. J. Hampton, Executive Secretary 

Frederick Ford James Mohan 

Jane Cover Arthur Lindberg 

Harvey W. Huegv Wade Sewell 

' W. M. Johnson 




Rosemary Rahn 


All social events and general university functions to 
which admissions are charged are supervised by the 
Student Affairs Audit and Supervision Committee. As 
a section of the Student Senate and the Committee on 
Student Affairs, it is also responsible to them. Actually 
consisting of nine members, this committee claims five 
students selected by the Student Senate. The remaining 
part is composed of one student and two faculty men 
named by the chairman of the Committee on Student 
Affairs, and the executive secretary, Dean Vern J. 

The work of the Student Affairs Audit and Super- 

vision Committee includes approval of the date, place, 
and budget of the functions and events approved by 
the Committee on Student Affairs, and the printing, 
issuance, collection, and audit of all tickets. Guidance 
is given to those in charge of student directed ac- 
tivities charging admission. In addition, the committee 
is charged with responsibility for the patron and com- 
plimentary ticket lists as well as the distribution of 
invitations and of the complimentary tickets. All sea- 
son passes issued to dances and other supervised Uni- 
versitv functions are issued bv the committee. 

Top Row: Frederick Ford, Jane Cover, Professor Harvey Huegy, Rosemary Rahn, Dean Hampton, James Mohan, Arthur Lindberg 
Not in Panel: Wade Sewell, Professor Johnson 




I' resident James Mohan 

Vice-President Herbert Mendel 

Secretary Juan Ramos 

Treasurer Louis Stern 

James Mohan 



The Men's Independent Association is the organi- 
zation of the independent men on campus. Its activi- 
ties fall into the following categories: social, athletic, 
academic, and, most important among them, special 
problems facing the independents on the campus. The 
social activities are varied. M.I.A. sponsors sings, a 
stunt show, banquets and dinners, couple dances, and 
a mixer and date service called "Introductions Please." 
Most of these events are arranged jointly with W.G.S. 
M.I.A. also has intramural sports which are managed 
in conjunction with the Athletic Association. In the 
academic field trophies are awarded to independent 
men's houses for high scholarship. M.I.A.'s most im- 
portant work concerns a problem always facing the 

independent men; that is housing. Combatting this 
common difficulty, M.I.A. continually strives to better 

M.I.A. is governed by the Council which meets 
weekly and is composed of representatives of inde- 
pendent men's houses. Every independent man is auto- 
matically a member of the organization and all are 
qualified to work in M.I.A. functions. In addition to 
the four officers, there are three appointees who head 
the work in different divisions; they are the Social 
Chairman, Membership Chairman, and Intramural 
Sports Director. M.I.A. has an award system by which 
silver and gold keys are given to individuals for out- 
standing service. 

Herbert Mendel 

Juan Ramos 

Louis Stern 



M. I. A 



M.I.A. Meets 

Tommy Dorsey 

Intramural Sports 



for tl 

le Dads 








w .dl 

F^'-<* "*' 


h » 







Marion Beal 

Y M C A 


Philip B. Morgan, General Secretary 

Howard A. Amerman Katherine Whiteside Taylor 

William G. Black Joe R. McArthur 

Laurence R. Cadwcll |. Wendell Walton 

M. Ian Coldwell Adrian R. Wells 


President Marion Beal 

Vice-President Donald Wise 

Recorder Ross Titus 

Treasurer Martin Mosher 

Philip B. Morgan 

General Secretary 

Continuous heavy use of its building by a great 
variety of campus groups and by the largest mem- 
bership in its history, with many former members 
returned as veterans, the extension of cordial rela- 
tionships with foreign students; and a deepening of 
the sense of Christian fellowship and purpose among 
its members have marked the 1946-47 school year of 
the Young Men's Christian Association. The year 
also brought the revival of Freshman Camp and a 
rejuvenated spring Leadership Training Conference. 

Veterans participated in two series of luncheon 
forums, one held each semester. Large enrollments of 
single men, married couples, or young mothers at- 

tended one or more of the courses conducted by Dr. 
Katherine Whiteside Taylor, specialist in Education 
for Family Life. 

Friday and Saturday nights found The Wigwam 
Room a popular spot where YM and YWCA mem- 
bers and their guests gathered for relaxation, for re- 
freshments, for dancing, and for visiting with friends. 

While this was a year of opportunity, it was also 
one marked with deep sorrow for the organization. 
With the death of Henry E. Wilson, for thirty years 
its general secretary, the Association lost its beloved 
"Chief" and the campus lost a distinguished Christian 
leader and a great friend. 

away, Philip Zimmerly, Maurice Graves, \\ iili.i 
Stated: Laurenci Cadwell. Alfred Hcbner, [oseph Brahkey, Marion Beal, Ross Htus, Ralph lohnson, Hamld Hill, Philip Morgan 
Not iii Panel: Donald wise, Roberl Davis, [ohn Bonnett, Thomas Gilpatrick 


Spring Leadership Training Conference at East Bry 

'Icebreaker" welcome for students from other lands 


Group enrolled in "Love 

and Marriage in Changing 

World" Course 

1,1,11 *■■■■■■■■>■■ 

It _ 

8y j3|" ^(r^&m£tll /& 

fry . ^B^^^ J • W/^ ' £_. 

fl ^L^^'^9 


Men of Class of '50 attend Freshman Camp 

Dancers in The Wigwam Room 





Miss Irene Pierson, Social Director, lllini Union 
Mr. George W. Goble, Chairman, 1/litn Union Board 
Miss Norma Del Diedrich, President, lllini Union 

Standing: Art Lindburg, Al Park 

Seated: Norma Zimmerman, Charlotte K. Ramenofsky, 
Mary McLaughlin 


Standing: Mr. V. L. Kretschmer, Mr. C. E. Bowen 

Seated: Miss Carita Robertson, Miss Irene Pierson, Mr. 

George Goble 
Not in Panel: Mr. I. A. Berg 

Standing: William Gallen, Charles Preston 
Seated: Joanna Cavenee, Norma Dtl Diedrich, M. 
gueritc Rictveld, Norma Lei Whitton 





Heated: Mary McLaughlin, Jean Ryan, Helen Newby, Phyllis Chalk, Mary Lou Pike, Ellen Kimbrell, Dorothy 

Hormell, Virginia Luft 
Standing: Barbara Long, Arthur Tompkins, Jean Gates, Alice Apoyan, Willis Snow 

Composed of all major chairmen of the Union, this 
group meets once every two weeks. Each time a dif- 
ferent director takes charge. One of the several pur- 
poses of the council is to train the major chairmen to 
become board members, as board members are chosen 
from this group for the following year. At the meet- 
ings each major chairman gives an accurate report 
of what his committee is doing and what functions are 
being planned for the future. This practice prevents 
overlapping of entertainment between the various com- 
mittees. The meeting also affords the members an 
opportunity to become better acquainted and assist 
each other in planning. 

The Illini Board governs student activities of an 
All-University nature. This year the board published a 
universitv social calendar which was distributed to all 

houses on campus. 

The board consists of three faculty members ap- 
pointed by the President of the University upon rec- 
ommendation of the Dean of Students, the social di- 
rector of the Illini Union, the manager of the building, 
the director of the Alumni Association, the represen- 
tatives for I-F., Panhellenic, M.I.A., W.G.S., and six 
directors of the Illini Union. There are also three ex- 
officio members of the board. 

The board must approve all petitions other than 
house dances put on by the various groups. Any profit 
from Illini Union functions is redistributed to the 
students in the form of free services and entertain- 
ment, in accordance with the budget approved by the 

Seated: Mary Lou Rohling, Anne Burstci, Betty Ann Romm, Willa Whitton, Henry Doney, Elizabeth Easter, 

Virginia Bernard, Pat Schubert 
Standing: William Allen, Ila McDonald, Muriel Lc-nnertz, George Walters 







Joanna Cavenee 


Major Chairmen : Mary Lou Pike, Charles Preston, Joanna Cavenee, Phyllis Ann Chalk, Ellen Kimbrell 

The Department of Alumni Affairs furthers relations between students 
and alumni. Representatives from each class, one from Galesburg, and one 
from Navy Pier make up the Board of Directors. 

This department has charge of all events during Homecoming weekend, 
and the Founders' Day celebration. The Loyalty Committee sponsors the pep 
rallies, send-offs and welcomes for the team, the Warhoops Committee, which 
has charge of the block I, and the award for the athlete of the year. 

Student and Alumni Relations Committee is also handled by this department. 
They sponsor the Gold Star Illini Book, and the Question and Answer Hour 
in connection with the Convocation program. The Traditions Committee 
brings back to the Illini campus old traditions, such as the Hobo Parade, and 
Orange and Blue Day. A student and alumni gathering is held at Christmas. 
-Membership and June Class Reunions also come under the wing of this de- 


1>- m 


V I 

*»-■«"■ J 

lm B'lfl 

\ ' Jl 

\nh Chairmen: Top Row, l.nk Shewalter, Bob Barnes, William Gallen, Man Lou Pike, William Dahlquist, 

Willis Snow. 1 1 las Ward 

Bottom Row: Charles Hopp, Elizabeth Easter, Elisabeth Whitnel, Ruth Nelson, I "ins Mc< reight, Weslej Marchuk 


Traditional Homecoming: Decorations 

"Welcome Home, Fighting Illini! 

'J ;« 

Hobo Parade 

Behind Scenes at the Homecoming Stunt Show 






William Gallen 


Major Chairmen: Jean Ryan, Jean Gates, Helen Newby, Barbara Long, Alice Apoyan 

The Illini Union Department of Dances is divided into five committees which 
function together to make the Union the center for dancing. Illini Union 
Dances are sponsored every Saturday night; square dancing is held every Tues- 
day night, and mixers on Fridays. Various new tangoes, sambas, and jitterbug 
steps are taught at Social Dances on Wednesday nights. During the second 
semester Coke Dances afforded the students a chance to extend the pleasures 
of an afternoon date by dancing in The Commons. 

The Illini Union Department of Dances also sponsors special dances which 
are held in the George Huff Gymnasium. For these special events such big 
name bands as Charlie Spivack, Harry Cool, and Johnny Long are featured. 
The Registration Dances started the semester off with abundant spirit and were 
well attended. The Christmas Cotillion featured one of the country's most 
popular bands. 


Sul Chairmen ' ' R u B rd Miller, William Mann, Darrell [ohnson, [oan Ryan, Marion M ig, [oseph 

Fath, 1 1' in I I '"in v. \\ il li.mi Maddoa 
Bottom Hmr: Patricia Murphy, Evelyn Everhart, Helen Wolcott, Dorothy Mattes, Phyllis Nickelson, Catherine 

( uilis 





Norma Del Diedrich 


Major Chairmen: George Walters, Norma Del Diedrich, Betty Ann Romm, Anne Burster, Henry Doney, 
Carmen McKcmie 

The Department of Entertainment co-ordinates all entertainment provided 
by the Illini Union. 

It supervises Club Commons, the student soft-drink nite club, which pro- 
vides a smooth orchestra for dancing, along with a floor show every Friday 

Although the famous University Sings began late this year, the group singing, 
comedy acts, vocalists and dance band on stage still drew capacity crowds to 
the Auditorium. 

An Open House Committee was set up to plan free weekends for students 
in the Union Building; one at the beginning of each semester introduced fresh- 
men to campus activities. 

The traditional Illini Union Show, written, directed, and produced by the 
students, was planned for the weekend of April 25-26. 

The Union Varieties Committee brought movies along with cartoons and 
short subjects to the Auditorium. 

The major chairmen of the Department of Entertainment conducted audi- 
tions throughout the year, and successfully managed a Talent Bureau which 
provided entertainment from outside sources. 

%ub Chairmen: Top Row: Alvin Gold, William McCommons, Henry Doney, lack Harris 

Bottom Row: Todd Davis, Rosemary rornelli, MiKltol Phillips, Ann Curry, Janice Huston, Bernadette Baudi 







Major Chairmen: Patricia Schubert, Marilyn Murray, Charles Preston, Mary Lou Rohling 

The purpose of the Department of Public Relations is to manage such events 
as Dad's Day and Mother's Day, and to keep before the student body through 
publicity all of the activities sponsored by the Illini Union. 

The Illini Town Meetings Committee is designed to offer to students the 
opportunity to take part in discussions and listen to opinions expressed on out- 
standing current issues. Dad's Day Committee and Mother's Day Committee 
set up programs through which the parents were able to have an entertaining 
time on campus and, at the same time, were able to see the campus activities 
as offered to their sons and daughters. 

In addition the Department of Public Relations is responsible for the dis- 
semination of general information of the policy and practices of the Illini 
Union. Dad's Day and Mother's Day both materially aid in conveying the 
purposes to the public as a whole. 

Charles Preston 


Sub < hairmen: Top Row: Willis Snow. Wesley Marchuk, Robert Garner, William [ensen, Waltei Hot*, Eli; ibeth 

Easter, Marilyn Murray, Robert Deneen, Robert Simon, George waiters, Albert Snanker, John McKinzie 

Bottom Row: Marilyn Ewing, Phyllis Chalk, fean Gate: lean Ryan, Patricia Schubert, Anne Burster, Marilyn 

Swan' liarhara I ii Ml 


Armistice Dav Observance 

Dedication of Kinley Hall 

• ••■'•V/'ll"' - •• ~ " 

Visiting Wisconsin Band F 


Town Meeting 

Every day Scene in the Union Building 






Norma Lee Whitten 


Major Chairmen: Willa Whitton, Muriel Lennertz, Virginia Bernard, Elizabeth Easter 

The Department of Recreation is divided into six major committees which 
cooperate to give the students of the university the best recreational program 
possible. The program is so planned that students of every taste and ability are 
able to use to the fullest extent the recreational facilities of the Illini Union. 
For the lover of classical music, daily music hours are offered in the second 
floor lounge; the popular music fan may hear the latest recordings in the 
Pine Lounge. The Tournament Committee arranges tournaments in ping-pong, 
bowling, billiards, and chess. Hikes are planned for the outdoor enthusiast by 
the Outing Club. Once a week the Coffee Hour Committee provides the stu- 
dents with an opportunity to become acquainted. Social Forums Committee 
goes to a different house on the campus each week to answer various questions 
concerning proper social conduct and Illini tradition and convention. This de- 
partment also provides hosts and hostesses for such occasions as Dad's Day. 

i Mi Athey, lean Loellke, Hazel Sobinsky, Rena Gaines, Nancj Bruce, Feanni Lewi 


Instruction in Billiards 

Coffee Hour and Bridge 

In the Union Library 

Ping Peng, Too 

Singing in the Pine Lounge 









Marguerite Rictveld 


Major Chairmen: Virginia Luft, Mary McLaughlin, Arthur Tompkins, Marguerite Rietveld, Willis Snow, 
Dorothy Hormell 

The Service Committee is in charge of preparing Union activities, pictures 
and copy. It sends Illios to the high schools in the state. 

This committee also plans campus tours, entertains high school visitors and 
special campus visitors, and has student-conducted special tours on occasions 
such as Homecoming or Dad's Day. 

A question box, which is the information booth, is maintained at the ticket 

Behind the scenes is the Offices Management Committee which supervises 
the office work, telephoning, typing, recreation work, mimeographing, and 

Under Red Cross, the current entertainment group provides for bringing 
soldiers from Chanute Field into homes for dinner, and securing tickets for 
dances; the able-bodied unit helps direct soldiers in working with plastics and 
art work. The hospital unit goes on Wednesday nights to the hospital at 
Chanute and presents ward parties. The fourth unit, the Canteen, sponsors 
coffee hours at Chanute on Sundav afternoons. 

Sub Chairmen Top Row: Richard Plain, Gordon Boyd, [ames Parchmann, Donald Bowers, I" tde Pful 
R u Hini. i Bianca Mincer, Jean Hansen, Marjoric Stewart 


'Could you tell me . . . ?" 

Tour on Dad's Day 

Showing Dad the Union 

Mimeographing Service 

Red Cross Pow Wow Parade 




V. L. Kretschmer 

Since the opening of the Illini Union on February 
8, 1941, Mr. V. L. Kretschmer and his capable staff 
have guided the numerous activities. 

It is estimated that about 20,000 people enter the 
Union daily. In order to efficiently accommodate such 
a large crowd, there are six Union managers, each su- 
pervising the functions of one of the divisions of the 
Union's activities. 

The food staff has a huge task; they expect to serve 
a total of 2,000,000 meals, in the Commons, the ball- 
room cafeteria, the Tavern, and the Colonial room. 

The Illini Union Bookstore is a beneficial project 
which pays dividends to the students patronizing the 

Also, a large staff schedules the 2,500 meetings taking 
place each year at the Union building. Another man- 

ager arranges reservations for the many affairs and 
parties held in the student center. 

The sixth large division of the Union is the Special 
Services branch. Among these services are the bowling 
alleys and billiard tables, the guest rooms, and the 

This year the Union administration has undertaken 
the enormous task of installing switchboards that will 
handle all incoming University calls. This system will 
eliminate the necessity of calling different numbers for 
every department on the campus. 

Every student at the University of Illinois should be 
grateful to the administration for their part in making 
our Union a pleasant place in which to spend our 
leisure hours and a conducive place in which to work 
and studv. 

Standing: Mr, 
Seated: Mill 

Ah.* linn, Mi, Charles Wertz. Miss lulu Coderre, Mr, Kenneth Rhodes, Miss Lauralynn Parkerson 
Martha Irwin, Mi. Vernon Kretschmer, Miss Irene Pierson 



Sullivan Richardson 

Dr. Kirtley Mather 




Alan K. Laing, Chairman 

Robert R. Hudelson Virginia Davies 

Matthew T. McClure Joan Frintz. 

Fredrick S. Siebert Rosemary Rahn 

Fred H. Turner Lois Link 
A4ary Lou Rohling 

The University Convocations bring to our campus competent speakers 
on subjects of general interest. The Convocations are open to all without 
charge. Following each address opportunity is provided for a question 
period and an informal discussion in the Illini Union. 

Carl Van Dorcn 

Major General (~\r\ R. Cray, Jr. 

( llifton Utley 


Dr. Harold R. Benjamin 

Captain Robert D. Conrad 

Dr. T. V. Smith 

The first speaker of 1946 was Sullivan Richardson, 
well-known explorer and author, who spoke on "Ad- 
venture South to Cape Horn" and "Good Neighbors 
and Strategic Materials." In January, Dr. Kirtley 
Mather, scientist, editor, and professor of geology at 
Harvard University, presented his views on "When 
Science and Religion Meet." 

Lt. General Ira C. Baker, Chief of Air Staff, stirred 
his audience with the topic: "A Brief Look at Two 
Wars." In May, the internationally famous Carl Van 
Doren, author and Pulitzer Prize Winner, spoke on 
"America's Role in the World of Tomorrow." Later 
in the month, Major General Carl R. Gray, Jr., who 
was in charge of Allied military railroads in Europe, 
discussed "Railroading in Eighteen Countries." 

June brought Clifton Utley, well-known radio news 
analyist, and his topic: "The Age of Super Powers, 
United States and Russia." Design for Waging Peace" 
was the topic chosen for the August Convocation by 
Dr. Harold Benjamin, a prominent figure in interna- 
tional educational relations. 

The fall season was opened by Captain Robert Con- 
rad of the Navy Office of Research and Inventions 
who presented "The Navy Looks Forward with Re- 
search." The last program was given by a former 
congressman and present Professor of Philosophy at 
the University of Chicago who gave his interpretation 
of "Our Educational Hope and Policv in Conquered 

Top Row: Alan K. Laing, M. T. McClure, Robert R. Hudelson, Fredrick S. Siebert, Fred H. Turner 
Bottom Row: Joan Frintz, Mary Lou Rohling, Virginia Davies 
Not in Panel: Rosemary Rahn, Lois Link 


■ ■ ■■—■ M— 1 —MM 


President Wade Sewell 

Vice-President Al Park 

Secretary Gail Harms 

Treasurer Francis Sampson 

Sergeant at Arms Nathaniel Johnson 

Wade Sewell 



The Interfraternity Council is the supervisory and 
governing body of all social fraternities within the 
University. Illinois was the first University to organ- 
ize an I.E. Council. "Its purpose is to provide for the 
general welfare and social, scholastic, and recreational 
activities of the members of the fraternities within the 
council; and to instill in them the highest regard for 
the Illinois traditions and institutions." Wider ac- 
quaintance and fuller cooperations are fostered by the 
very composition of the council because it has a 
junior and senior representative from each fraternity. 
Regular weekly meetings and committee meetings 
provide the setting for getting acquainted and dis- 
seminating constructive ideas for fraternity operation. 

Rules and regulations for rushing and pledgeship are 
determined by this council. The council and Uni- 
versity Y.M.C.A. jointly sponsor an All-Pledge Ban- 
quet for the new pledges. Each spring an Interfra- 
ternity Ball is given for all fraternity men and their 

Various all-campus activities may be attributed to 
this council. The most hilarious of these is the tra- 
ditional Pa jama Race held each fall and spring. Other 
activities vary from year to year. 

The council does not limit its activities to these men- 
tioned, but includes others for which the council sees 
a need. 

Al Park 

Francis T. Sampson 

Nate Johnson 

Gail Harms 



President Edward Boyle 

Vice-President James Stallmeyer 

Corresponding Secretary iYIary Zannini 

Recording Secretary Evelyn Zobel 

Treasurer Margaret Mika 

Historian Jean Doyle 

Rev. Dr. Edward J. Duncan 


The Newman Foundation is the Catholic student 
center on the campus of the University. Its program 
is under the direction of the Reverend Dr. Edward J. 
Duncan, who is assisted by the Reverend Edward W. 
O'Rourke and the Reverend Edgar C. Taylor. 

First among the Foundation's activities is the work 
of St. John's Catholic Chapel, which offers the Catholic 
students several masses daily and Sunday, opportunity 
for frequent reception of the sacraments, and other 
liturgical services throughout the year. Important 
phases of the foundation program include credit 

courses in religion, the choir, the Sanctuary Society, 
the Altar Society, the Graduate Students' League and 
the Married Couples' Group. 

The activities of the Newman Club, official Catholic 
student organization on campus, include corporate 
communions, discussion groups, lectures, dramatics, 
intramural sports, and parties. The Newman Club has 
the following threefold purpose: to deepen the spiritual 
and enrich the temporal lives of its members, to weld 
the Catholic students into a common union, and to 
assist the university and its students whenever possible. 


h - |T 1 



President John Turnbull 

Vice-President Virginia Baker 

Secretary Phyllis Rohde 

Treasurer Llovd DeBoer 

Tap Row: James Hine, Gretchen Plagge, Jennis Barry, Robert Plagge, Arthur Hall 
Third Row: Atha Tehon, Norma Wible, William Newby, Ellis Knox, Lloyd DeBo:r 
Second Row: Warren Day, Margaret DeLong, Florence Christiansen, Jayne K. Taylor, 

Helen Bowditch, Clay Secor 
Bottom Row: John Turnbull, Virginia Baker, Alice Jacobsen, Barbara Anderson, Sue 

Robinson, Mary Jane Ritchie, John Christ 
Not in Panel: Phyllis Rohde, George Clark, Jane Foster, Terry Bell Fey, Joan Huster, 

Ruth Turner, Portia Dorman, Alice Ann Walker 

McKinlev Foundation, die Presbyterian center, is a 
"home away from home" for University students. A 
spirit of fellowship prevails in a program of training 
in the standards and ideals of student religious leaders. 

The programs are planned and directed by the stu- 
dent council, aided by the staff members, Dr. James 
R. Hine, Miss Jennis Barry, Air. and Mrs. Robert 

Interdenominational religious cooperation at the 
University of Illinois is accomplished through the Re- 
ligious Workers Association and the Student Religious 
Council. The R.W.A. consists of staff members of the 
several denominational foundations and the Y.M.C.A. 
and the Y.W.C.A. The Student Religious Council is 
composed of two student delegates from each of thess 

Plagge, and Mr. Arthur B. Hall. Activities of the 
year include Sunday night supper clubs, Wednesday 
afternoon teas and vespers, "Gloom Chaser" teas dur- 
ing exams, big parties on Friday nights, and the annual 
spring banquet. Two Sunday morning worship services 
are held each week in order to accommodate the 

same organizations. The two advisors appointed from 
the Religious Workers Association are Reverend James 
Hine and Miss Vera Voltz. Dr. E. E. Lindstrom is the 
faculty advisor. 

The Student Religious Council sponsors Campus 
Matins, and special campus-wide services on Thanks- 
giving, Holy Week, Good Friday, and Easter. 

Lindstrom, Sigel 
Eugene Hurless, Warren Colclesser, 

Top Row: Harry Gille, Phyllis Brandt, Warren Day, Dr. Hine, Dr 

Davis, Atha Tehon 
Bottom Row: Virginia Baker, Melba Lee Holmes 

Don Wise, Miss Voltz, Eleanor Kennedy 
Not in Panel: Alan Kanter, Gloria Newman, Elizabeth Kun, Barbara Moody, Wayne 

Chambliss. Wilma Landis, June Bramlet, Barbara Thomasson, Joan Koehler, Johanna 

Kramer, Margaret Mika, John Ringness 


President Phyllis Brandt 

Vice-President Alary Jane Alceker 

Secretary Eleanor Kennedy 

Treasurer Alan Kanter 







President James O'Neal 

Vice-President Eugene Hurless 

■Secretary Lois Jean Strubinger 

Treasurer William Cousins, Jr. 

Top Row: Maurice Watkins, Robert Bishop, Glendall King, Robert Kern, William Wight, 
Lynn Coultas, Forrest Orr, George Schweitzer, Roy Lindberg 

Second Row: Virginia Luft, Mary Harner, Rose Marie Holmes, Mary Lou Newburn, Doris 
Dugan, Shirley Wright, Elizabeth Sitter, Melba Lee Holmes, Cornelia Haynie, Clayton 

Bottom Row: Mrs. Edith Offenhiser, William Cousins, Jr., James O'Neal, Lois Jean Strub- 
inger, Eugene Hurless, Mrs. Bonnie Gould, Rev. Paul Offenhiser 

The Roger Williams Fellowship is the Baptist Foun- 
•dation Group for University students. Its center is the 
University Baptist Church, established in 1912 to help 
make vital religion an integral part of Illini life. Rev- 
erend Paul Offenhiser is the Minister and Director, 
and Reverend Monroe Robinson, Associate Director 
•of the Foundation. 

The Student Council, selected on a basis of interest 

The Wesley Foundation is the center for the Metho- 
dist students, providing a church life especially de- 
signed for campus needs. Organized in 1913, this is 
the first of one hundred and twenty Wesley Founda- 
tions now spread throughout the country. Its varied, 
all-the-week program includes the following: church 
services with student choir; student classes; fellowship 
suppers and student vespers on Sunday evenings; 
Freindly Refreshment hours, Wednesday afternoon; 
social events, Friday evenings; Wes-Illini, the Founda- 

and ability, develops the program designed to serve 
students through intelligent worship, religious educa- 
tion, open discussion of vital issues, candlelight suppers, 
and democratic social life. 

The program affords training in Protestant Church- 
manship and includes both week-day and Sunday ac- 

tion newspaper; an annual Wesley Banquet; and varied 
study, drama, and music groups, in which all kinds of 
interest and talents find expression. The Wesley Foun- 
dation majors in friendliness and training for practical 

The Student Council plans and directs this program 
in co-operation with the Foundation staff members, 
Dr. Paul Burt, Mrs. Donald Smith, Mrs. John Parker, 
and Air. Robert J. Trobaugh. 

Top Row: John Keener, William Haebich, Everett Hall, John Rundquist, Ernest Waggoner, 

Harold Sortor, Dale Retherford 
Second Row: William Bettenhausem, Barbara Moody, Sara L. Taylor, Helen Cline, Norma 

McKean, Eleanor Icenogle, Bettie Parker, Robert Trobaugh, Dean Shinneman, Paul Burt 
Bottom Row: Frances Logan, Lois Delap, Mary Jacobson, Richard Reeves, Lois Bruinkool, 

Lawrence Davis, Wanda Sward, Kathryn Smith 
Not In Panel: Ruth Jacques, Jane Gothard 


President Richard Reeves 

Vice-President Lois Bruinkool 

Secretary Mary Jacobson 

Treasurer Lawrence Davis 





President Richard Handel 

Vice-President Phyllis Bender 

Secretary Patricia Poses 

Treasurer Allan Rolotin 

Director Dr. A. L. Sachar 

Assistant Director Rabbi Sanford E. Saperstein 

Assistant to Rabbi Mrs. M. Goldberg 

Director of Student Activities Paul Rubinstein 


Hillel Players Edmund Rosenblum 

Music Work Shop Michael Landis 

Hillel Post Beatrice Chayken 

Town Hall Sol Rosenberg 

Inter-Collegiate Zionist Federation of America 

Sam Kremen 

Art and Publicity David Hacker 

Social Committee Elaine Samson 

Committee on Religious Activities Jerome Fox 

Social Welfare Jacqueline Cooper 

Inter-Faith Group Alan Canter 

Administration and Finance Marilyn Isler 

Gloria New man 


The B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation is the center serv- 
ing the cultural, social, and religious needs of the Jew- 
ish student on the Illinois campus. On the principle that 
the patterns of Jewish life are an important part of 
western civilization and can enrich the resources of 
the campus, Hillel activities are planned as a supple- 
ment to university and extra-curricular life. 

Students are encouraged to develop their own pro- 
grams with the friendly counsel of the directors and 
staff. Through these democratic experiences it is hoped 

that the students will achieve those capacities for re- 
sponsible leadership which will enable them to serve 
their home communities. The workshops and com- 
mittees serve as laboratories where the students may 
give creative expression to their interests. The Hillel 
year is highlighted by events such as the following: 
Hillel Credit Courses, Religious Services, Town Hall, 
Forum Series, Film Classics Series, Coffee Hour Dis- 
cussions, Words and Music, Hillel Plays, Sings, Stunt 
Show, and Carnival. 

Top Row: Lamb, Rosenblum, Sichel, Canter, Solomen, Tannenbaum, Schonefeld, Strom 

Middle Row: Rossman, Koppel, Newman, Becker, Cooper, Chayken, Mandelbaum, Gomberg, DuhorT, Cohn, Goldstein 

Front Row: Goldberg, Rubinstein, Rabbi Saperstein, Hacker, Bolotin, Bender, Handel, Poses, Samson, Eisler, Fox, Rosenberg 



Dr. Stephen E. Fisher, Minister of University Place Church and Director, 

Illinois Disciples' Foundation 
The Rev. Miss Norma C. Brown, Student Pastor and Associate Director of 

Illinois Disciples' Foundation 

Illinois Disciples' Foundation is an incorporated 
agency representing the Disciples of Christ of Illinois 
in serving the religious life of students at the Univer- 
sity with special responsibility for those of Disciple 
preference. It operates in close cooperation with the 
Universitv Place Christian Church. 

Its Student Organization, the Discipilini Fellowship,, 
operates on a functional basis through its officers; its 
cabinet, composed of eleven chairmen; and its council, 
composed of sub-chairmen and members of functional 









Louise Heidler, President 

Illinois Pan-hellenic, which is associated with the 
National Pan-hellenic Council, was formed at the Uni- 
versity of Illinois before 1918. Its membership is com- 
posed of the twenty-five social sorority groups on the 
campus. The elected President of Pan-hellenic pre- 
sides over the two governing bodies; the Presidents' 
Council and the Executive Council. The President of 
each sorority is a member of the Presidents' Council, 
where all the rules pertaining to the sororities are 
voted upon. The Executive Council, composed of the 
Pan-hellenic officers, the Departmental Chairmen, the 
Court of Appeals and Shi-Ai, presents suggestions to 
guide and direct the individual houses according to 
the rules of the Pan-hellenic Constitution. 

The Pan-hellenic objective is to create friendship 

and effective living among the sororities, and between 
Pan-hellenic and other groups. Active interest and 
participation in local and national activities is encour- 
aged. Among Pan-hellenic's philanthropic works is 
the foster child, an underprivileged child in Europe, 
sponsored by the Presidents' Council, and the furnish- 
ing of milk and other necessities to local under- 
privileged children by Shi-Ai. 

Pan-hellenic set a precedent among colleges bv hold- 
ing formal rushing for the first time in the spring last 

Another outstanding event of the year was the 
Pan-hellenic Ball in November, with music bv Dick 

PAN III II I NIC Oil l< I l(s 

Top Row: I". in Gagen, Chi Omega, S 'ary, Charlottt K Ramenofsky, Sigma Delta i.m. I n President; Janic< Ehleb, Gamma Phi Beta 

Bottom Ron Dear R rani Pacult) \drisor, i misi Heidlei Zeta fau Alpha, Prtsidenl 



Top Row: J.-an Fleharty, Pi Beta Phi; Joyce 
Hull, Alpha Gamma Delta ; Billie Jean 
Allen, Delta Zeta ; Lorraine Johnson, 
Alpha Delta Pi ; Mary Barbara Greene, 
Alpha Chi Omega, Shi-Ai President; 
Sally Pfeffer, Kappa Alpha Theta, Schol- 
arship Chairman ; Mary Whitnel, Kappa 
Kappa Gamma, Pledge Advisor; Alice 
Mandel, Phi Sigma Sigma, Rushing Chair- 

Bottom Row: Joy Chapman, Delta Gamma, 
Social Chairman; Mildred Phillips, Delta 
Delta Delta, Activity Chairman ; Pat 
Simpkins. Theta Upsilon ; Eloise Wex- 
man, Delta Phi Epsilon 


Top Row: Betty Jo McCully, Theta Upsilon; Mae Jean Engen, Delta Zeta; Ro Gene Molner, Sigma Delta Tau ; Sue Berlin. Alpha Epsilon Phi; 

Valeri Westtield, Sigma Kappa; Ellen Lauder, Alpha Phi; Carol Smith, Alpha Delta Pi; Beverlee Allen, Delta Gamma; Jane Young, Delta 

Delta Delta ; Nan Schmeling, Alpha Omicron Pi ; Nancy Vollrath, Kappa Alpha Theta 
Bottom Row: Joyce Gordon, Phi Sigma Sigma; Juanita Dillard, Delta Sigma Theta; Marjorie Stern, Delta Phi Epsilon; Irene Ther, Gamma Phi 

Beta; Jane Foster, Phi Mu ; Mary Timlin, Alpha Gamma Delta; Mary Howard, Alpha Chi Omega; Kathv Kee'ey, Kappa Delta; Laurie 

Stencel, Zeta Tau Alpha; Rene Markus. Alpha Xi Delta; Nancy Nelson, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mary Grinter, Chi Omega 


Top Row: Helen Walker, Alpha Delta Pi ; 
Nancy Scharff, Kappa Kappa Gamma ; 
Helen Anderson, Alpha Kappa Alpha 

Fifth Row: Janice Ehleb, Gamma Phi Beta; 
Barbara Christy, Phi Mu ; Mary Louise 
Irish, Alpha Chi Omega ; Alice Joslyn, 
Chi Omega 

Fourth Row: Sally Millis, Delta Gamma 
Winnie Schroeder, Alpha Gamma Delta 
Mary Ruth Treddinick, Kappa Delta 
Francis Tick, Sigma Delta Tau 

Third Roif: Gwendolyn Ray, Delta Sigma 
Tau ; Esther Little, Tau Upsilon ; Carolyn 
Dallenbach, Pi Beta Phi ; Margie Golder, 
Alpha Epsilon Phi 

Second Row: Nadine Ransom, Delta Zeta; 
Margot Flock, Alpha Phi ; Barbara 
Tunnicliff, Alpha Xi Delta ; Ellen Kim- 
brell, Zeta Tau Alpha 

Bottom Row: Arlene Rosenstein, Phi Sigma 
Sigma ; Shirley Novack, Delta Phi Ep- 
silon ; Barbara Ginzel, Alpha Omicron 
Pi; Joan Campbell, Kappa Alpha Theta; 
Alice Ann Walker, Delta Delta Delta 




Catherine Palecek, President 

Woman's Group System is the organization of all 
independent women on campus. Included in the sys- 
tem are the women's residence halls, scattered groups, 
and organized women's houses. The presidents of these 
groups participate in a weekly council meeting; they 
also sponsor activities within their own groups. This 
year there are over 70 organized groups. 

W.G.S. devotes its time to the encouragement of 
scholarship, activities, and social life among its mem- 
bers. Its own activities are varied. Among the major 
group events are the District Teas, the Christmas 
Musical, the Watcheka Sing, and the President's Ban- 
quet. W.G.S. cooperates with M.I. A. in presenting an 
annual stunt show, the Independent Informal and the 

formal MaHila dance. Climaxing the year's activities 
in the W.G.S. Spring Awards Tea, where recognition 
is given independent houses and students for outstand- 
ing scholarship and activity participation. 

The Executive Council of W.G.S. is the policy- 
determining group. This council is composed of the 
district chairmen, the committee chairmen, the offi- 
cers, and the faculty adviser. The officers arc elected 
in the spring for the following year by popular vote 
of all of the members of W.G.S. All other positions 
are appointed by the officers, following interview s of 
all qualified girls who applied for the position. Any 
independent woman may petition for a postion on the 
committees of W.G.S. 


W. G. S. 


Standing: Ruth Weimer, Mary Lou Rohlinj;, Marilyn Zimny 
Setted : Eleanor Iceno'lc, Catherine Snow, Carol Lott 
Not in Panel : I.ynne Kirov 

Shirley Cole, Janice Skelton, Monna Scott, Dorothy Mattes, Mary Bogar, Joyce Lindbloom, Abhie Olson, Marilyn Swanson, Shirley Mraz 
Not in Panel: Beth Rin^strand, Mary Norwood, Mary Rizzoli, Alice Profrock, Frances Kenclrick, Jeanne Leader, Margaruite Beem 


June Bramlet 

Y. W. C. A. 

The Young Women's Christian Association has served as a center for 
Christian living on the University of Illinois campus for sixty-two years. 
Women students, faculty, and alumnae combine their efforts to maintain 
the high standards and ideals of the association and to achieve its purpose 
— "Full and creative life" — for all students. 

Each week the YWCA sponsors Thursday afternoon Vespers, Freshman 
Interest Groups, and social functions. The annual Doll Show brings happi- 
ness to many underprivileged children who find the dolls, dressed by 
women students, on Christmas morning. This year our YWCA was hostess 
to the meeting of the National Assembly of the Student Divisions of the 
YWCA and YMCA, held on this campus during the Christmas vacation. 

Each and every girl is important in the YWCA, but the freshmen are 
foremost in the minds of all. The YW has special interest groups to help 
freshmen women adjust to campus life and later to find a place in one of 
the sixteen departments in the Y. 

All members contribute the annual fee and may participate in all YWCA 
functions. All University women arc invited to take part in the YWCA 

Betty Norbcrg 
First Vice-President 

Vlarie Ostrom 

Set mid Vice-President 

Verna Voltz 

Executive Director 

Mary I. on Cusick 
Assistant Director 

I ,ouisc G nvi i si 
Secretai y 

Marjorie Bean 
/ i eastn ei 

\iin Noble 
Ptiblicit x ( 'oorditiator 

Top Row: Mary Myrth Wallace, Louise Converse, Juanita Gaumer, Marie Ostrom , Mary Beth Hull, Joan Koehler, Helen Alexander, Thelma Butts 

Third Row: Dorothy Price, Mary Jo Wedge, Polly Lauten, Phyllis Rohde, Rita Horn, Billie Jean Allen, Betty Esters, Betty Norberg 

Second Row: Mary Lou Cusick, Irene Puckett, Mary Argenbright, June Bramlet, Marjory Bean, Merriam Anderson, Helen Sieferman, Verna Volz, Barbara Thomasscn 

Bottom Row: Joan Ryan, Lynn Moore, Ester Streger, Marilee Loveridge, Dorothy Ehrhardt, Anne Noble, Lois Klein, Carol Lott 

Not in Panel: Beverly Bebb 

Y. W. C. A. 

iMeetings are Fun! 

Women at Work — 



I ^r^ y 1 fm 

^^ ^f ^m" Tfn 

W 9 \»u 


w*Jr^ \ 

fc^ ^ 

' jSfi 


W. A. A. 

Lucille Magnusson, President 

Any girl planning to lead a well-rounded college 
life — balancing study with recreation, may participate 
in W.A.A. activities. You do not have to he proficient 
in any sport. The opportunity to acquire skill in dif- 
ferent athletics is offered four seasons a year. 

W.A.A. members also take part in special events — 
contests, plavdays with other schools, teas, and recep- 

After completing one sports season, any girl is 
eligible to become an active member. Rewards are 
awarded to those members who merit them. The 
highest award is the Major "I" awarded to those who 
have successfully completed ten sports seasons. Orange 
class numerals go to those completing six sport sea- 

W.A.A. is divided into Interhouse and General. 
Interhouse competition is stimulated by the Inter- 
house trophy, which is awarded in the spring. It goes 
to the house that accumulates the highest number of 
points during the year. Individual girls may compete 
in the General Division. 

Organizations sponsored by W.A.A. are Orchesis, 
an honorary dancing group, and Terrapin, an honor- 
ary swimming group. 

Alpha Sigma Nil, W.A.A. honorary, offers mem- 
bership to any girl completing eight sport seasons, 
and maintaining a University average of a "4." 

W.A.A. activities encourage good sportsmanship, 
future leadership, keen competition, and physical well- 


7,./, k„„ Julia st.,1,1, Trillis Jacks, [am Schoonmakei Helen Becker. Flora Offnei 
Bottom Row: Ila McDonald, Mar) Abbott, Lucille Magnusson, Mar) II. ill, Shirley Donnelly 


Tofi Row: Wilma DeYoung, Norma Miller, Helen Haeger, Marjorie Harris, Elizabeth Morphy 

Second Row: Marilyn Fossland, Theresa Perry, Verna Lathrop, Lila Jeanne Athey, Virginia Myers, Neva Larimore, Edith Miller, Jan McAuley 
Bottom Row: Dorothy Dolan, Ruth Wolfe, Rosalie McLaughlin, Jan Ishihara, Bonniejean Schmieg, Dorothy Fink 


Top Row: Mary Hall, Helen Haeger, Marjorie Harris, Trillis Jacks, Mary R. Abbott. Jane A. Schoonmaker, Neva Larimore 
Second Row: Dorothy Holston, Helen Becker, Janet Ishihara, Lois Bcrger, lulia Stahl, Theresa Perry, Ila McDonald, Mayme Vacketta, Rita Arnold, Dorothy 

Bottom Row: Janice Armitagc, Elaine Selicovitz, Florence Kr.isie, Rrtli Wolfe, Betty Johnson, Dorothy Dolan, Lu Magnusson, Bonniejean Schmieg, Flora 

Offner, Louise Peters, Shirley Donnelly, Isabelle Morello 



Meriam Levine, President 

Orchesis, the modern dance group on campus, gives 
its members opportunity for composition and perform- 
ance. At the beginning of each semester try-outs are 
held for those interested in joining the group. Orchesis 
is divided into two sections, general Orchesis and Con- 
cert Orchesis. In general Orchesis emphasis is placed 
on technique and beginning composition. In Concert 
Orchesis more advanced technique and composition 
are worked on. 

Orchesis presents a Christmas program each year. 
This year the theme was developed on Christinas 
carols and the story of "The Juggler of Notre Dame." 

It was presented in Lincoln Hall Theatre on December 
18th. Orchesis' most ambitious project of the year is 
their annual spring concert. 

Each semester Mrs. Margaret Mains and Miss Anne 
Betts, faculty advisers of the group, and members of 
Orchesis present a lecture demonstration for art and 
music appreciation classes. 

The officers of Orchesis are: president, Meriam 
Levine; secretary, Alice Burke; treasurer, Mary Ab- 
bott; corresponding secretary, Barabara Hunsucker; 
mistress of the wardrobe, Ethel Picard. 

Marilyn Munkers, Carmille Pacelli, June Bickerton, Mary Abbott, 
Alice Burke, Elaine Selicowitz 

Mrs. Mams, Mary Abbott, Elaini Selicowitz, Marilyn Munkers 



Bonniejean Schmeig 

Climaxing a season of diligent yet enjoyable prac- 
tices, was the annual water pageant held in May. Out- 
standing skill, performed individually and as a group, 
was noticeable, as forty-five girls executed intricate 
and original swimming formations. Sparkling cos- 
tumes, colorful scenery, and varied music added to 
the gala occasion. 

Members of the club are selected on the basis of 
tryouts which test their ability in swimming and div- 
ing. These tryouts are open to all University women. 
This year, a new group was started to increase swim- 
ming proficiency for those girls who had not suc- 
ceeded in passing the tryouts. 

Co-sponsoring a women's swimming meet with 
W.A.A. was again one of the activities of the club. 
Enthusiasm was high as the swimmers vied for medals 
and the inter-house trophy. In the spring, Terrapin 
entered a team of outstanding swimmers to represent 
the University in the annual National Inter-Collegiate 
Telegraphic Swimming Meet. 

This year the club was ably guided by jMiss Virginia 
Lee Home, new head of the women's swimming de- 
partment. Successfully directing the club were Bonnie- 
jean Schmeig, president; Carol Schulman, vice-presi- 
dent; Ruth Christiansen, secretary; Janet McAuley, 
treasurer; and Jeanne Murphy, historian. 

Top Row: Nancy Holmes, Joanne Bresce, Alice Mack, Jeanne Murphy, Janet McAuley, Ruth Christiansen, Carol Schulman, Bonniejean Schmieg, Mary Morwood, Barbara 

Shade, Jo Ann Reed 
Third Row: Nancy Burns, Charlotte Keck, Helen Haeger, Trillis Jacks, Dorothy Griffith, Nancy Dunn, Mary Ellen Needier, Donna Caldwell, Pat Cory, Mae-jean Engen, 

Georgia Pahlow 
Second Row: Betty Dyer, Shirley Peters, Joan Rose, Barbara Porter, Maiy Ann Schumacher, Mary Gotti, Jean Campbell, Edith MilUr, Barbara Karkow, Doris Layson, 

Pat Poyten 
Bottom Row: Lois Berger, Pat Frosch. Muriel Parry, Barbara Christy, Marjory Hal vorsen, Lois Kary, Janice Rosen, Doris Neyendorf, Ruth Stouffej 
Sot in Panel: Carole Hass, Nancy Nelson, Joan Pfau, Ann Schellabarger 



■— -— — 7i -]^m 





Ralph Hallcnstcin, Co-Editor 

Al Gertler, Co-Editor 


In its seventy-fifth year of publishing at the Univer- 
sity The Daily Mini was headed by Alfred Gertler and 
Ralph Hallenstein, Co-Managing Editors, who outlined 
the new policy of making the newspaper primarily a 
paper for the University students with national and 
international news secondary to local news. 

Gathering news was divided among various staffs 

headed by Assistant Editors Bob Beam, Seymour Fried- 
man, Barbara Gilbreath, Elaine Sell and Martha Swain. 
In addition to the actual gathering of news, editing it, 
and making up the paper, the editors trained freshmen 
reporters in newspaper work. They were assisted in 
all general editorial work by nine copy editors. 

As tistanl Editot < : Mar 
tha Swain, Seymoui 
Friedman, Barbara 
Gilbreath, Bob 
Beam, Elaine Sell 



Campus Sconls: Jack Putman, Marv Loeb, Sandy Postol, Jack Langan 


B— : A 

* •^ 

■ - 


1 ™ 

! - 


V % 1 1 i . ■ 


Copy Editors: Virginia Davies, Mason Buck, Marilyn Unmacht, Grover Hoff, 
Ilean Linskv 

Copy Editors: Bill Naney, Jane Buescher, Carol Schulman, Larry Kramp 


Top Ron.- Tom Moore, Bob Fitzgibbon, Tom Dodds, John McGlone, John Eckert, Brad Dressier, Dave Cunningham, Duffy 

Marks, Jack Carroll 
Bottom Row: Rita Barnett, Lois Link, Rena Gaines, Nicki Mack, Pat Kimler, Ann Reis, Mcrilyn Rosenfeld, Ruth Mead, Janet 



1 — inn 

:::::••! J IllJll'. 

■ — - 

Julia Rochow, Del Schwartz, Assistant Business Managers 

Robert Stelzer, Business Manager 


Robert Stelzer served as Business Manager, coordi- 
nating the functions of the Business Staff, which in- 
cluded display, classified and national advertising, cir- 
culation, promotion, copy, credit, statistics, and office 

Serving with Stelzer were Julia Rochow and Del 
Schwartz, Assistant Business Managers, and a staff of 
department managers. 

The Business Staff was credited with giving The 
Daily lllini its most successful financial year in a 

Gene Shalit, Sports Editor, followed the "Fighting 
lllini" through an extremely successful athletic year 
with excellent sports coverage and his daily column, 
"What Shalit Be?". He was aided by Jim Brooks, As- 
sistant Sports Editor. 

Staled: Phyllis Steinkamp, Margaret Young, 

Peggy Conard, Virginia Bernard, Allic 

Lou Keighin 
Standing: Al Corey, Don Robertson 


Top Row: Marilyn James, Gordon Taylor, Bill Bahlman, Alfred Gould, Lloyd Carn3han, Ramona Boehmer 
Third Row: Kathy Mathis, Helene Wolf, Nancy Schmeling, Betty Bowen 

Second Row: Janet Birch, Edna Kennedy, Cynthia Mcllhenny, Norma Prudent, Miriam Cowan, Lois Dungan 
Bottom Row: Myra Major, Phyllis Roth, Edith Fantus, Grace Zimring, Marilyn Robinson, Lois Holstine 


u \ 


Kbv> l 

MHM wr 


Betty Rowan, Robert Roth, Harold Heidbreder, Richard Halpern, Richard Morgan, 
Victor Day, Knute Crebbe 

James Brooks, Assistant Sports Ediloi : Gene Shalit, Sports Edit: 


Top Row: Isaac Jacobsen, Stewart Buhai, Pauline Dolan, Gene Shalit. Robert Hughes 
Second Row: Kenneth Lindsay, William Broom, Jack Collins, Edgar Wilks, Orrin Benjamin 
Bottom Row: Burton Freireich, Sander Postol, Ruth Tosenstiel, Joseph Fouchard, Richard Martin 




Charlotte Krasne Ramenofsky 

The publication of The lllio of 1947 was under the 
direction of Charlotte Ramenofsky, Editor and Marion 
Bollinger, Assistant Editor. They plotted the course 
the Junior, Sophomore and Freshmen staffs followed 
throughout the year. The art work for the entire book 
was done by Ed Newquist under the supervision of J. 
William Kennedy, Assistant Professor of Art. 

Marion Bollinger 
Assistant Editor 

Junioi Editors: George 1'l.itt, Gloria 
Gould, Pal Lauchner, I'.it Price, 
SI. i. Icy N.iKi-11 


Top Row: Marilyn Hagen, Jane Kurrus, Barbara Seaquist, Roger Purdy, Fred Lederer, John Westenhaver, Nancy Wilson, Norma Peller, Sonya Ades, Blythe 

Third Row: Nancy Van Noppen, Miriam Sommer, Millicent Simonds, Edie Wells, Vida June Kersch, Betty Lou Bailey, Irene Tlic-r, Lois Sprague, Nancy 

Second Row: Gwen Fuchs, Maizie Hagier, Mary Howard, Barbara Brockmeier, Joan Bergquist, Ro Jene Molnc-r, Miriam Baker, Dorothy Belnap 
Bottom Row: Lee Cadwell, Yvonne Gardner, Karin Johanson, Ann Finch. Rhoda Hess, Sue Lerner, Claire Levin, Martha McLean 




91 9m J-^' mL 


• s iXP 

' ^gpr' 



Jerry Borden, Staff Photo^raplicr 

Staff Photographers : Charles Scott, Charles Roblee, William Blank- 
enberg, George DeMers 

Junior Editors: Perky Gates, Janet Wynn, 
Keith Hunter, Lois Klein, Jo Ann 




Bob Bitzcr 
Business Manager 

Bob Bitzer, Business Manager, and Barbara Angus, 
Assistant Business Manager, headed the Business Staff in 
keeping the books in order, selling lllios, selling adver- 
tisements, and handling all the financial matters of the 
yearbook. They had a very successful year by having a 
complete sell-out of The IMo. 

The photographers of the staff headed by Jerry 
Borden were kept busy taking the pictures for The lllio. 
Thev worked hard and the results were rewarding. 

Barbara Angus 
Assistant Business Manaeer 

jiiiiim Busintsi Managers: Laurel Stiulitz, 
Dorothy Ann Price, Jeanne Sharfenberg, 
Bill Newby 


Top Row: Bob Lane, Jim Roantree, Marian Scheineman, Caryl Brunnemeyer, Madalyn Gretzinger, Florence Walter, Adeline Dc-Biasio, Jane Davis, Thomas 

Third Row: Mary Lou Walling, Helen Crain, Barbara Bickel, Phyllis Skiles, Dorothy Wolfe, Joan Boriske, Marilyn Weiss, Dolores Timm 
Second Row: Jackie Galliga-n, Ann Lutz, Barbara Bradley, Helene Rubin, Marda Spielberger, Jean Swanson, Jane Nelson, Lee Ann Layton, Corinnc Gre son 
Bottom Row: Marilyn Knight, Ruth Lil|a, Pat Orland, Kathy Keeley, Mary Ann Holland, Barbara Stateler, Mary Bandy, Alice Dee Chapman, Margie Marx 


Staff Photographers : Bob Crane, John McGlone, Janet Hoy, Lyman 

Not in Panel: Al Malelo, Bill Wilcox, Richard Davies 

Art Staff : J. William Kennedy, Edson Newquist 

Junior Business Managers: Mary Porter, 
Elizabeth Easter, Lois Bolle, Lila 



BEEfc 1 


Sealed: Ruth Jaques, Women's Editor; Eldon 

Larson, Editor 
Standing: Robert Corzine, Business Manager 

The Illinois Agriculturist is the student publication 
of the College of Agriculture. The aims of the maga- 
zine, which is published six times during the school 
year, are to keep the students informed of achievements 
in the field of scientific agriculture, to report to them 
on the current activities about the Ag Campus, and to 
acquaint them more fully with the staff and depart- 

ments of the College of Agriculture. In this, the fifty- 
first year of publication of the Illinois Agriculturist, 
Eldon Larson is Editor; Ruth Jaques is Woman's 
Editor; and Robert Corzine, Business Manager. The 
staff is assisted by a Faculty Advisory Board of which 
O. H. Sears is chairman. The other members are: 
R. H. Wilcox, A. S. Colby, C. S. Rhode, and Miss 
lesse Heathman. 

Top Row: Esthei Seiman, Merli LeSage, Robert Kern, James Whitcomb, John Irwin, Jean Neese 

Third Row: William Zuiiiwalt, Mary Argenbright, Hetty Johnson, Paul Vogcn, (harks Nicholson. Arthur Howard, Hetty Reynolds 
Second Row Rom Ellen Disbrow, Mirian Wrigley, John Albricht, Russell Lewey, Roger Himkin, Oren Miles, Maigeiy woodburn 
Bottom How Royce Hinton, Mary Hansen, Dons Kieinielter, Frank Roll, Jeanne Dierkes, Lila Jeanne Athey, Earl Uruh, Julia Ruth Stahl 

Not itl Panel: Kent Ryan, Hetty black, Keith Sdieif/, Kenneth C:heatham, Roi;er Osteihai, Donald Duvick, Ross Hostettei 



Edward Bader 
Business Manager 

Arthur Leininger 

Established in 1 885 the Illinois Technograph, the 
student publication of the College of Engineering, 
has been serving the students for sixty-two years. It 
is a member of Engineering College Magazines Asso- 
ciated and has always been in high standing with the 

The Technograph presents feature articles of tech- 
nical and semi-technical nature, new developments, 
personalities of professors and students, news of 
honorary and departmental societies, joke page, and 
other news of current interest. A new feature added 

this year is the indoctrination page. This page car- 
ries articles of information for new students in the 
college. Free copies of the magazine are sent to 650 
high schools in the state of Illinois. 

The staff, after struggling along during the war 
years, is now back to its normal complement. Progress 
is being made to re-establish the Technograph as one 
of the best magazines in the E.C.M.A. helped by the 
advice of Professor J. A. Henry and Professor A. R. 

Top Row: Don Halperin. Professor J. A. Henry, George Foster, George Kvitelc, Francis Green, Edwin BIy, Toby Levinson 
Second Row: Barbara Schmidt, Martin Sabath, James Leeming, Edward Bader, Dorothy Collier, John Harrington 
Bottom Row: Ruth Bone, Gene Robinson, Arthur Leininger, Robert Johnson, Robert Eisberg 

Not in Panel: Howard Franklin, Karl Hilgendorf, John Dick, Jerry Matthews, Tom Moore, Bill Morgan, Charles Straus, Rudy Vergera, Ed Witort, 
Marshall Bryskier, Robert Hagenberg, Ralph Hoeckelman 


Cecil A. Moyer 
Chairman, Board of Control 

F — 


W mm ^W 

• r^i-*" 

t a 


— • 


1 ■ 


- : - .' ' ' 

Donald S. Hocbel 
Company Manager 

Frederick S. Siebert 
I 'ice-Chairman, Board of Control 


The Illini Publishing Company under the direction 
of Don Hoebel, company business manager and stu- 
dent advisor, and Cecil A. Moyer, chairman of the 
board of control, provides the best printing service 
available at the minimum cost. 

The company has under its supervision the various 
university student publications The Illio, yearbook; 
The Daily Illini, newspaper; The Agriculturist, maga- 
zine published by the students in the College of Agri- 
culture; and The Technograph, magazine published 
by the students in the College of Engineering. 

Eight directors control the company's affairs. Four 
of these are students, serving a period of two years 
and elected by the student body. The other four 
are chosen by the president of the university and are 
faculty members, serving a one year term. 

This board of control chooses the students to fill 
vacancies on the publication staffs. Recommendations 
are given the board by the student heads of the pub- 
lications. The board acts as an advisory committee, 
encouraging student initiative. 

■ — 

Miss Jessie- Heathman, Marilyn Chapman, Herbert Newmark, Ann Noble, Mi. Cecil Moyer, Dean Fred Turner, Joy Chapman 


. . . AT WORK 








Mi^s Elizabeth Harris, Mr. Charles Shattuck, Mis. Lyle 

McKinley, Mr. Wesley Swanson, Miss Lucille Hall 

Standing: Joan Clark, C. C. Gullette, Vernan Lewis, 

Mary Homrighous 
Sitting: Brice Harris, Sylvia Sitavich, A. R. Knight 


During 1946 and 1947 the Mini Theatre Guild conscientiously developed into 
an experimental workshop which presented to the University of Illinois the most 
extensive theatrical program ever witnessed. The expanded enrollment of the 
University brought about increased interest in the drama. Continuing as Super- 
vising Director of Dramatic Productions for the University is Professor Wesley 
Swanson. Professor diaries Shattuck is the Associate Director of the Guild. Mr. 
|a\ Allen is in charge of musical productions. .Miss Elizabeth 1 [arris is Technical 
Director tor scenery construction, painting, properties, and lighting. .Miss Lucilla 
1 lall is I echnical I )irector for costumes and makeup, and I )irector of the I .altora- 
tory Theatre, 


Top Row: Nancy Noble, Elizabeth Bond, Mary Hadricld, 

Mary Homrighous. Margaret Waldo, Barbara Gullcy 
Bottom Row: Jayne Alice Groves, Eileen Neadell, Arthur 



Top Row: Carla Heiss, Peggy Kramer, Ray Dahlgren. 

Carolyn Linnard, Mary Ellen Damon, Charles Baker, 

Russell Wagner, Nancy Radeke, Johan Donald 

Bottom Row: Joyce Hull, Beverly Haferman, Ruth Wein- 

ard, Margaret John, Shirley (ruse, Lorene Carothers 


Supervision and organization of Mini Theatre Guild is divided among nine 
senior managers. Each is in charge of a department activity. 

This year Nancy Noble, Elizabeth Bond, Arthur Fairman, Alary Hadfield, 
Mary Homrighous, Jayne Alice Groves, Margaret Waldo, Barbara Gulley and 
Eileen Neadell hold the key positions. 

Junior Managers are the crew chairmen for each production. These fifteen 
managers rotate as chairmen in business or production. Sophomore Managers 
assist the Junior Managers and Senior Managers in running the crews. 

Both the backstage crews and actors found working with unusual theatre tech- 
niques this past year extremely interesting. Experimentation in the use of various 
levels in stage and areas in the Globe Theatre was done by cast and crews of the 
Shakespearian drama. 

A new type of audience contact through the use of arena staging was tried 
in the "out front" scenes of "Lear" and "Alcestis." 



Shakespeare's powerful "King Lear" 
roared across the Illini Theatre Guild's re- 
production of the old Globe Playhouse for 
the first production of 1946. The repro- 
duction of Shakespeare's original playhouse, 
complete in its details, enhanced the dra- 
matic content of the play for its modern 

It was the first time in over three hundred 
years that this type of staging had been 
used in the production of "Lear." Four 
separate acting areas were available to the 
large cast which utilized them in rapid suc- 
cession in the fast-moving tragedy. 

The play, produced under the direction 
of Charles Shattuck, featured Charles Fran- 
cisco as King Lear, Lorena Ross as Cordelia, 

Jane Alice Groves as Goncril, and Alio 

Wolff as Regan. 


"Beggar on Horseback," the dream 
spectacle of George S. Kaufman and 
Marc Connelly, directed by Wesley 
Swanson, was the Illini Theatre Guild's 
April production. It delighted campus 
audiences with its flashy dream sequences 
and bright dialogue satirizing the ma- 
terialistic idea of modern life. 

The play was expressionistic — a series 
of brief scenes, in stylized settings, with 
abstract, symbolic and puppet-like char- 
acters. Making the fanciful plot even 
more entertaining, was a lyrical inter- 
lude, "A Kiss in Xanadu." 

This pantomine, written by Winthrop 
Ames and set to the music of Deems 
Taylor, was another of the dream wan- 
derings of the hero of the play, Neil 
McRae, played by John Briggs. 



For Mother's Day, the Mini Theatre 
Guild presented its annual Arepo comic- 
opera, Gilbert and Sullivan's "Pirates of 
Penzance" or "The Slave of Duty" under 
the direction of Jay Allen. The forever 
popular story was highlighted by unusually 
effective backdrops designed and rendered 
by Arthur Fairman. 

The illogical tale of a young lad mis- 
takenly apprenticed to a pirate band keeps 
its audiences laughing with its highly en- 
tertaining improbabilities. 

Bright costuming and an excellent or- 
chestra, made up of members of the School 
of Music, added to the general gaiety of the 
sellout performances. 

Wallace Sturm portrayed the Major- 
General Stanley, Wesley Schwcngcl, the 
Pirate King, and Ralph hens, Frederic (the 
Pirate Apprentice). 



All the brightness and gaiety of Noel 
Coward at his best was seen in the Mini 
Theatre Guild's production of "Blithe 
Spirit," produced under the direction of 
Professor Wesley Swanson during the sum- 
mer semester. The action of the play takes 
place in the living room of Charles Con- 
dommine's house in Kent, England. 

The play, because of its sophistication, is 
an extremely difficult one to do, but it was 
handled well by veteran Guild actors. 

The backstage crews of "Blithe Spirit" 
played an even greater pait than usual in 
making this production successful. The set- 
ting ^as designed by Jean Rogers. Unusual 
lighting effects and stage magic baffled and 
delighted the audiences. 



Standing: Mariellen Damon 

I (irene Carothcrs, Atlia Tehon, Ray Dahlgren, Joan Clark 

The purpose of Mask and Bauble, the all-university 
dramatic honorary society, is to develop and foster a 
greater interest in student dramatic productions, and 
to recognize students who have helped in these pro- 
ductions through their sustained contributions in act- 
ing casts and working on backstage crews and business 

Ray Dahlgren led the organization this year as presi- 
dent with Mariellen Damon as vice-president. Other 
officers are: secretary, Lorene Carothers; treasurer, 
Atha Tehon; and historian. Jack Hasch. 

Mask and Bauble was first formed at the University 
of Illinois in 1904 by Thatcher How land Guild, and 
since that time the organization has functioned to 
create the interest in dramatics which makes the Illitii 
Theatre Guild one of the largest campus activities. 
In 1924 the active chapter of Mask and Bauble be- 
came a chapter of the national dramatic fraternity, 
National Collegiate Players. At that time a new or- 
ganization was formed which has continued to the 
present time. 

'/ op Rou Russell W.mnu . < hai Lc< Fi n 

1 .l« ard Matteson, [ayn< Vlici Grovi 

Fifth Rou 

... Jack Hasch, 

Nancy Radecke, Norma Del Diedrich, Nancj 
Noble, Beverlj Haferman, Ruth Weinard 

//,<;/ Row: Martha Holmes, Elizabeth Hon. I. Virginia 
Davies, Margarel Waldo, Marjorj Bean 

Third R u Margarel John Barbara Gulley. Barbara Ni.l. 
laus, Shirlej Dean, [ear Naramore, Shirlej Crus( 
n,l Row: Foyce Hull, Marj Homri^hous, Prank Pacelli 
Charles Baker, Ina Herbrig, An Fairman, Ruth Streger, 
Betsy I. ul.l. Ray Dahlgren 

Betsy I add, Ray Dahlgren 
Bottom Rou ■ Eileen Neadell, Carolyn Burgess, Carla Heiss, 
Carolyn Dallenbach, loan Clark, I si | (t , Streger, Loreni 
Carotners, Mariellen Damon, Margarel Kramei 




Top Row: Sylvia Sitavitch, board representative; In.i 
Herbrig, president; Martha Gruba, treasurer 

Bottom Ron : Margaret Kramer, secretary; Eileen Ne.ul 
ell, tocial < bah i>jli>! 

Each year an operetta, usually by Gilbert and Sulli- 
van, is produced by the University of Illinois students 
for those who enjoy light opera. A number of stu- 
dents devote their talents to making the operetta more 
successful each year. Not only musicians are neces- 
sary, but also a large backstage crew must attend to 
the scenery, costumes, props, and make-up. Therefore, 
Arepo is the musical honorary founded to honor these 
students. Members are chosen on the basis of the time 
and effort they have contributed to each show. This 
year's operetta, Gilbert and Sullivan's "Patience", was 
given during the spring semester. 

Other activities of the organization included dinners 
and parties with the .Mask and Bauble and Pierrots. 

Top Row; Mr. and Mrs. J. Allen. Sylvia Sitavitch, Betty Bond, 
Barbara Nicklaus, Harriet Haycock, Dorothy Stockdale, Joan 
Clark, Beverly Hafcrman, Martha Gruba 

Second Ron: Pat Smith, Lois Zornig, Rita Stiles Nelson, Mary 
Homrighous, Louise Riddle. Lorene Carothers, ( arlene Hectman, 
Margaret John, Ruth Weinard 

Bottom Row: Peggy Kramer, Martha Piehon, Eileen Neadcll. Evan- 
geline Petters, Ruth Streger, Esther Streger, Norma Lee Whitton, 
Carolyn Dallcnback, Mariellen Damon. 




Top Row: John Briggs, John Sydow, Clarence Weber, Charles Francisco, Robert Weidrich, Robert White 

Second Row: David Morgulies, John Smithson, Warren Glenny. Russel Wagner, George Minor, Bernard Frazier 

Bottom R'tt: Charles Baker, Henry Coppolillo, William Yagemann, Paul Brace, Ray Dahlgren, John Flannigan, Frank Pacelli 


Pierrots, the honorary dramatic fraternity for men 
of the university, began at the start of the spring se- 
mester last year to build to its pre-war standing after 
three years of very limited activity due to the man- 
power shortage. In the past Pierrots has been widely 
known for its annual productions. Last spring the or- 
ganization gave its first show in several years when it 
presented "The Naughty Ninety Revue" at the Red 
Cross Pow Wow. Directed by Jack Sydow and featur- 
ing a burlesque of an old-fashioned melodrama, the 
show received wide praise. Faculty advisor for Pier- 
rots is Professor Wesley Swanson, Supervisor of dra- 
matic productions for the University of Illinois. 


Top Ron: Richard Ullrich, tecretary; Paul Brace, 
treasurt > 

Bottom Row: Russel Wagner, vice-prssidsnt ; Charles 
Francisco pi 


Top Row: Mr. C. C. DeLong, Professor Pembroke Brown, Patricia Smith. Mr. Donald Dickason, Mary Homrighous 
Bottom Row: Frances Drennan, Professor G. L. Clark, Professor P. V. B. Jones, James Hogan 
Not in Panel: Director F. B. Stiven 


The University Concert and Entertainment Board sponsors the Star Course 
Series. Besides choosing Star Course managers, the Board makes the final de- 
cision in the selection of concert artists from the suggestions of staff members and 
other interested persons. 

Since its birth fifty-five years ago. Star Course has been outstanding in bringing 
cultural entertainment to the University of Illinois. As early as 1883, the Philo- 
mathean and Adelphic Literary Societies sponsored lectures by eminent men 
and women of that time. These occasional lectures proved so popular that in 
1891 the Star Lecture Course was begun and remained for twenty-six years under 
the auspices of these literary societies. In 1931 the University Concert and Enter- 
tainment Board was organized to supervise all public entertainment at the Uni- 
versity for which admission is charged, and Star Course was placed under its 

Jane Cover and Joan Gagen 
Senior Managers 

Director Frederic B. Stiven 



--- ■*>; 

Betsy 1 [all, Frances Wacaser, ISill Wright 
junior Wajiagers 

Patricia YVimberley, Martha Holmes, Virginia Baker 
junior Managers 


The Star Course staff consists of two senior managers, six junior managers, 
and a sophomore staff, all appointed by the University Concert and Entertain- 
ment Board. The senior managers act in an executive and supervisor) capacity, 
working closely with and under the Board. The junior managers are chosen 
from the sophomore staff at the end of the school year. Under the seniors' 
supervision they handle Star Course accounts, make arrangements for publicity, 
supervise ticket sales by the sophomores, carry on routine correspondence, and 
help to entertain the artists. The juniors are directly in charge of managing 
concerts and the box office. Sophomore staff managers, who are chosen for their 
freshman activities, scholarship, and interest, do filing, typing, and other office 
work in addition to selling tickets and ushering. Staff membership includes the 
privileges of concert attendance and more personal contact with the artists 

Top Row: Suzanni Swarts, Alice Ionian. Mary Ebcrharl |im Reed , Barbara 

ilsi ' ei Stevens Betrj [can Bryant, Bcverh Bennet rem Belli Top Row: M.m Lou Solomon, M.mlvn Mezek, Alice Pi. .hoik, Jack Stocker, D o 

l , I rhardt, U Baily, Miriam Bauer, Royal ( loyd 

/, „ r Man Lou Baer, Burta Fleharty Marietta Ripli lun Krabbe, Bottom Row: Phyllis Skiles, Alia Ross. Lois Dungan, Bettj Gammon. Annetti McAdams 

M„n„ Not "j Panel: Marilyn Murphy, Carolim Quinn, Milton Sabin, John Sylvi \ 

Jsjot 111 Panel Mar> Bath, [ohn Bonnet, Charles Delbridgi Hcleni Falk, Offenhisei 

Geoi " Mi ' li ■ I.- 


The Sr. Louis Symphony Orchestra 

Vladimir Golschmann 



On December 6, the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, 
one of the nation's foremost, presented a concert under 
the baton of its distinguished conductor, Vladimir 
Golschmann, Russian by blood and French by birth. 
The orchestra, the country's second oldest, has made 
its greatest strides since 1931 when Mr. Golschmann, 
violinist and pianist, was appointed permanent con- 

Igor Gorin, famous young Russian baritone, sang 
for the first program of the 1946-47 Star Course Series 
on October 16. Mr. Gorin established his reputation 
in opera and on the concert stage in Europe before 
he came to this country in 1934. Since his arrival in 
the United States, he has become a very popular artist 
through his radio, concert, and operatic perform- 

Igor Gorin 





The Chicago Symphony Orchestra 


Under the direction of Desire Defauw , the Chicago 
Symphony Orchestra, in its fifty-sixth season, brought 
its 100 musicians to this campus to present a stirring 
concert on March 10. The teamwork exhibited be- 
tween the musicians and their conductor combined to 
present an evening of perfect harmony. 

Desire Defau\ 

Maryla Jonas, who is rapidly being hailed as one 
of the leading pianists of today, brought her magical 
touch here November 7. A native of Poland, Miss 
Jonas escaped from the Nazis when Warsaw fell and 
fled to Brazil. After three years of concerts in South 
America, she came to New York to make her Carnegie 
Hall debut in April, 1946. 

Maryla Jonas 


Tossy Spivakovsky, the brilliant young Russian 
violinist, performed on February 6. He made his 
debut at the age of ten and played in concerts 
throughout Europe. He was heard this season in 
many recitals on his first transcontinental tour of 
the United States and Canada, as well as soloist with 
many of the leading symphony orchestras. 

Tossy Spivakovsky 



Bidu Sayao, petite and lovely Brazilian soprano, 
gave her concert March 24. Since her introduction 
to the country by Toscanini, she has been widely 
praised for her work with the Philharmonic Sym- 
phony Orchestra. In 1937 she was engaged by the 
jMetropolitan Opera Company where she has starred 
in lyric and coloratura roles. 

Bidu Sayao 


Ill Incti 

1 r^l 




/ « i ill 




E. Power Biggs 

Alexander Schneider and Ralph Kirkpatrick 

Violinist and Harpsichordist 


Besides the regular series, Star Course sponsored two 
additional recitals. On January 31, E. Power Biggs, 
America's foremost organist, presented a concert in 
the University Auditorium. Air. Biggs' brilliant per- 
formance proved his reputation as a great contempo- 
rary artist and his true masterv of his instrument. On 

March 21, Alexander Schneider, violinist, and Ralph 
Kirkpatrick, harpsichordist, presented an outstanding 
evening of chamber music in Smith Recital Hall. The 
collaboration of these two celebrated artists has made 
it possible to hear some of the finest Eighteenth Cen- 
tury music in the colors in which it was conceived. 

The London String Quartet, one of Britain's 
finest ensembles, presented an outstanding 
complimentary concert on February 13. The 
quartet, founded in 1908, has given over three 
hundred concerts in London, performed in all 
the major European cities, and has made six- 
teen transcontinental tours of America. The 
present members of the quartet arc John Penn- 
ington ami Laurent Hafleux, violinists; Cecil 
Bonvalot, violist; and C. Warwick I' vans. 

The London String Quartet 


Wilbur Hod 


A. Austin Hardiru 

Clarence E. Saw hill 
Assistant Director 


(Names in capita! letters indicate those who wear the varsity band emblem. I 

B-ftal Clarinets 

a. j. Mcdowell 




W. W. Lutz 
Robert Webb 

M. S. Cherkas 

A. G. Nibbelin 
Marv Thometz 
H. F. Boyd 
I. J. Maloney 
W. I. Day 
A. W. Walker 

E. E. Landrey 

Alio Clan iicl, 

Jean Wiersema 

Ba 1 i Clui met i 
W. E. Shoulders 
M. R. Altenberg 

( ontra-Bass Clarinets 

Flutes and Piccolos 





Eva Engel 

J. R. Ross 



J. W. Trumbull 

G. B. Rogers 

E-flat Flute 



F. T. StockstiH 

English Horns 

Alio Saxophones 

J. W. Lane 

Tenor Saxophones 
W. J. Jensen 
L. H. Schneider 

Baritone Saxophone 


H. O. Pu S h 
H. E. Hindsley 
Betty Reeder 

< . T. MEYER 

( ornets 






( . E. LEACH 

A. D. VEAr H 

1 i limpets 


F. C. Mead 
H. J. Melvoin 

K. G. Bensen 
F. L. Zeisler 

French Horns 

C. B. Harker 
W. R. Shelton 

D. C. Collins 



Fred Simon 


L. R. Strang 


Bins Trombones 
A. M. Carter 

Baritones and Euphonium* 
E. G. Knox 
T. L. Emrick 
D. W. Tucker 

String Ba< les 
J. A. (ox 
R. A. Anderson 
Jeanne Leader 


J. B. Brown 
M. R. Kornmeyer 
K. W. Chamhliss 


Alyce Hitter 


Janis Adsit 



Snare Drums 

L. D. Wise 

Bass Drum 







Mark H. Hindsley 


B-jlat Clarineti 
W. W. Shaw 
R. F. Schwerdt 
R. A. Watson 
R. L. Niblack 
M. J. Beagle 

C. E. McFadden 
R. S. Hallman 
R. K. Drake 

R. A. Leech 

D. E. Coble 
T. A. Schulte 
M. H. Meyers 
R. J. Schreiber 

B. R. Robinson 

D. M. Vander Stoep 
J. H. Kalivoda 

C. S. Finley 
V. C. Wolff 
L. J. Weber 
H. T. Matson 
T. E. Mouritsen 
G. A. Lofquist 

S. Sosin 
P. M. McCray 
H. D. Gotti 
A. K. Williams 
W. C. Sachtleben 
D D. Weber 

< ornets 

E. W. Loftis 
M. F. Reichert 
R. L. Miller 

J. H. Lancaster 
W. D. Parsons 
B. A. Myhre 
W. D. Beckenholdt 
W. A. Zieglei 


W. A. Anderson 

Alto Clarinet 
J. H. Hobbs 

Bais Clarinet 
M. A. Ash 

Tenor Saxophones 

F. F. Berry 

L. C. Bernardoni 

Baritone Saxophone 
D. B. Davis 

Altu Saxophont i 
H. R. Von Huben 
S. J. Thomas 


Ethelyn Mosgrove 
L. T. Whitney 
D. C. Harrison 
J. D. Phillips 

French Horns 
G. B. Tatman 
V. O. Nicolai 
Dorothy Sherrard 
C. A. Clinard 
R. R. Hunter 
L. G. Hoener 
J. F. Walzer 


H. C. Fingerhut 
M. I. Sabin 
G. J. Hoerner 
C. P. Martin 
H. P. Yung 
C. E. Garrison 
M. C. Workman 
W. R. Bigelow 

Flutt s and Piccolos 
Ethel Brown 
S. Lambdin 
Verna Van Velzer 
Marian Albert 
C. E. Heinzman 
R. A. Jeffris 
Dolores J. Lowe 


R. H. Huss 
J. E. Armstrong 
A. M. Hartman 
J. G. Ronchetto 

Bass Drum and Cymbals 
R. H. Volkman 
M. S. Winer 

Snare Drum 
H. J. Dragich 
J. C. McEldowney 

J. Fuchs 


Emily Hensel 



tV$> v $P ash*;. ?$ % "®^^ 

» r R»^ >!*f^>: 


Li* . t "%■ $ 

''',. i\ h ) % 


■ ■ 


'-1'. ^C 

I* I 



Walter L. Roosa 

1 n>h)i 1 

Violin 11 

1 iola 


Paul Rolland 

( liai les Bergland 

Peggy Russell 

William Skelton 

Lois Stern 

June Armstrong 

J. Robert Kelly 

Russell Pugh 

Wolfgang Kulin 

Oscar Kaufman 

Marguerite Hoffmann 

Max Kaplan 

James Kalal 

Mary C. Hecteman 


Robert Oppelt 

Le Roy H. Shanin 

Joanna Stern 

Rowland Smith 

Marvin Mutchnik 

Bruce Simpson 

Ludwig Zirner 

William Michael 

Barbara Ann Garvey 

John F. Maguire 

Laurel Hruda 

Norman Remer 

Michael Kondzella 


James Davidson 

Sylvia Gettmann 

Virginia Goodwine 

Louis Potter 

Byron Allan 

Gladys Lester 

Barbara Livergood 


Beth Martin 

Marie Marek 

Dean Smith 


Doris Layson 

Dorothy Stockdale 

Robert Weihiouch 

Walter Skarzynski 
Lawrence Berlin 

Deward McNeil 

Don Weber 


Herbert Lcrner 

Norton Bell 

Harold F. Lorcnz 

Frank Werber 


Helen Johansen 

Martha Pichon 

Mary Isbcll 

Albert Leach 

Martha Morgan 

Frank Stockstill 

Roy C. Smith 

Gene Stephens 

Carol Peterson 

Richard Faller 



Dorothy Hayes 

Mary Lou Skelton 

Harry J. Gille 


Vcrna Van Velzer 

Kenneth Moore 


Harold R. Luttenbacher 

Miriam Albeit 

Dorothy Albert 

Lawrence Freeman 


Joan Hitter 



Russell H. .Miles 

Rosamund P. Bell 
Janet Bromage 
Bud Bromley 
Kenneth Burns 
Sue Carol Carr 
Phillis Ann Chalk 
Lancer M. Cooper 
Margaret Ann Cox 
Doris Crittenden 
Norma Crow 
Genevieve Czerwinski 
Charles C. Davis, Jr. 
Marjorie Defreitas 
Eleanore C. Dowling 
Robert G. Downey 
Doris Dugan 
Betty Ray Duram 
Jean Edwards 
Delores Eisenstein 
Marie Esrom 
Paula Frederick 
Janet Ruth Fults 
Barbara Ann Garvey 

Mrs. Katherine H. Gempler 

Alfred Griffin 

Martha Gruba 

Joan Guard 

Jean Hamilton 

Mary Hammans 

Harriet Haycock 

Marguerite Hoffman 

Lee Holmes 

Audrey Hufford 

Stella Jean Hunter 

lcko I ben 

Sigrid Iben 

Ralph W. Ivens 

Edith C. Jones 

Neil Kelsey 

Alice Lou Keighin 

Richard L. Knodle 

Gertrude Kumerlen 

James William Lane 

Marguerite Laning 

loan Latowsky 

Mariella Mapes 

Mary Jane Martin 
Robert W. Mayer 
Mrs. Tom Merlo 
Mrs. Richard Mesnard 
Herbert L. Miller 
Shirley Mraz 
Margaret Neile 
Rita Stiles Nelson 
Heinz G. Neumann 
Janet B. Peterson 
Camille J. Placzek 
William C. Reeser 
Raymond Render 
Tom V. Ritchie 
E.'A. Robinson 
Jo Ann Robinson 
G. W. Rodebach 
Ruth Rohde 
Wesley Schwengcl 
R. I. Shawl 
Dorothy B. Simpson 
Sylvia Sitavich 
Dean Elwin Smith 

Patricia J. Smith 

Maxine Stavnoulakis 

Marilyn Susman 

Robert B. Syman 

Norma L. Tedford 

James C. Tillitti 

Arnold H. Trotier 

Eva M. Trotier 

Henry O. Vaag 

Mary Louise Vander Kloot 

Janet Van Matre 

Virginia Walden 

Mrs. Harold L. Walker 

Elvin S. Warrick 

loan Webster 

Martha Wetzel 

James White 

lanet L. White 

Jean Wilk 

Vera Lea Williams 

Letitia Wimberly 

Lila Mae Winterhoff 

Dorothy Wojciechowski 

Shirley Ann Wright 


Top R 





ow: Lutz, Speirs. Smith, Anderson, Blackwood, Mosgrove, Fletcher, Purvis, Rains. Exter, Minnich Cryder 
Row: Mulhken, Guard, Broom, Nifong, Burlison (director), Dahlstrom, Kary, Burster Rohde' 

Row: Van Mater, Flenniken, Delap, Banner, Weber, Schroeder, Singer, Sherrard, Killian' 
Row: Sayler, Dolgonos, Hammons, Eisenstaedt, Bond, Wolf, Robertson, Cohen, Goldberg 
Row: Eisenstein, Susman, Myers, Naramore, Rains. Barton, Brenner. Wimberly, Graham 

Mary Anderson 
Marolyn Banner 
Patricia Barton 
Kathryn Blackwood 
Betty Bond 
Joanne Brenner 
Elizabeth N. Broom 
Ann Burster 
Phyllis Cohen 
Cylinda Cryder 
Iris Dahlstrom 
Margaret Delap 

June Dolgonos 
Elaine Eisenstaedt 
Delores Eisenstein 
Patricia Exter 
Bonnie Jean Flennikin 
Gloria Fletcher 
Lois Goldberg 
Mavoureen B. Graham 
Joan Guard 
Mary Hammons 
Lois Kary 
Virginia Killian 

Libbie Lutz 
Janet Van Mater 
Marianna Minnich 
Ethlyn Mosgrove 
Roberta Mulliken 
iMarian Myers 
Jean Naramore 
Harriet Nifong 
Dulcena Purvis 
Betty Rains 
Dorothy Rains 
Jeanne Robertson 

Phyllis Rohde 
June Sayler 
Jeanne Schroeder 
Dorothy Sherrard 
Shirley Singer 
Bethany Smith 
Francie Speirs 
Marilyn G. Susman 
Evelyn Weber 
Letitia Wimberly 
Ione Wolf 


Rmli I Ickn Burlison 



Clarence E. Sawhill 


Victor Arnopolin 
James Allen 
Harry V. Anderson 
Charles Becken 
Edwin Brodie 
John Cary 
Richard Clark 

Albert Leach 
Donald Lord 
Robert McMillen 
Franklin Meyer 
Carman Potter 
Arthur Price 
William Purcell 

Charles Conner 
Charles Finley 
John Funk 
William Garrels 
Delbert Goranson 
William Gries 
Richard Hahn 

James Reavy 
Otis Render 
Olin Richards 
George Rogers 
Robert Root 
Edwin Sauer 
William Shoulders 

Clemens Hemzmann 
Charles Helwig 
Wilbur Hoel 
Eugene Ice 
Ralph Ivens 
Robert Kane 
Dale La Baren 

Richard Sibley 
Dean E. Smith 
Lloyd Strang 
Henry Vaag 
Andrew White 
Robert Wilkinson 
Emerson Wineman 


William Allaway 
Robert Black 
Edward Creek 
Herbert Green 
James Harris 

James Shacter 
Kenneth Sibley 
Ralph Silberman 
Edward Silverman 
Ward Smidl 

Donovan Heinle 
David Keeling 
Melvin Kornmeyer 
Harold Lewis 
James Lewis 

Stanley Spaeth 
Eugene Stephens 
Thomas Tolmie 
John Vick 
Thomas Wellman 

William McCommons 
David Meyer 
Daniel Moore 
Heinz Neuman 
Robert Neuscbwander 

Lewis Robinson 
Dale Rush 
Warren Schuetz 
Gerald Sedgewick 

Willis Birch 
Albert Bottin 
Carroll Brown 
Robert C. Brown 
Lloyd De Boer 

Mack Dougherty- 
Robert Downey 
Thomas Gothard 
Ralph Gulder 


Earle Haley 
Jay Harnick 
Robert Hedgecock 
Robert Jefferis 

Wallace Jobusch 
John Kalivoda 
Ellis Knox 
Robert Koyl 

Paul Larsen 
Richard Mertz 
Arba Oetjen 
Thomas Ritchie 

Douglas Weitzel 
Edward Wickenden 
Earl Wood 
Harry Zerebniak 

Top Row: Richards, Goranson, Shoulders, McMillen, Reavy, Gothard, Wellman, Allaway, Rush, Silberman, Weitzel, Dougherty, Jefferis 
Fourth Row: White, Creek, Stephens, Finley, Wilkinson, Heinzmann, La Baren, Sedgwick, Heinle, Brown, Oetjen, Gulder, Knox, De Boer 
Third Row: Hahn, Conner, Cary, Garrels, Smith, Black, Keeling, Spaeth, Hedgecock, Haley, Jobusch, Birch, Wood 
Second Row: Strang, Potter, Leach, Sibley, Brodie, Sauer, Allen, Lewis, Neuscbwander, Smidl, Harnick, Bottin 
Bottom Row: Helwig, Kane, Ice, Root, Clark, Hoel, Sawhill, Harris, Schuetz, Brown, Zerebniak, Hedgecock 








The Summer From, held on August 10, brought 
many Mini to the Union Ballroom. Four hundred 
couples danced to the music of Sy Leaner and his 
orchestra. Under the direction of Jean Gates and her 
committee, the prom highlighted the summer social 

Jean Gates, Chairman, and Bill Gallen 



Johnny Long's orchestra welcomed back old and 
new Illini September 23rd at the Registration Dance 
in Huff Gym. Two cardboard figures, a fellow and 
girl bewildered by their registration blanks, were the 
decorations. The dance was a sell-out, in fact, demand 
for more tickets was so great that a second dance was 
held in the Union Ballroom, where students danced to 
the music of Dick Cisne. Miss Jean Gates was chair- 
man of the dance. 



Confetti and balloons poured down on a crowd of 
2,200 at the Senior Ball as they danced to the music 
of Bob Strong. The main theme of the dance held in 
Huff gymnasium on May 29 was a huge cut-out of a 
couple decked with mortar boards. 


Margaret Hann, Virginia Tomasian, Gloria Pagliarulo, Eileen Stock, Gloria Gould, Ruth Weimer, Dan Weiss, 
Robert Muehrcke, Henry Doney, William Allen 


One of the main events of the Christmas Season 
was the Junior Prom of the class of 1948. An almost 
capacity of 1,100 couples filled the Huff Gym on 
Friday, December 13, to dance to the music of the 
"old woodchopper," Woody Herman. 

The feature of the evening was the grand march 
followed by the crowning of the Junior Prom Queen, 

Georgianna Gates, and the introduction of her court 
of honor, Natalie Ecklund, Gloria Gould, Pat Sim- 
kins, and Juanita McKean. All were presented with 
a dozen red roses. 

Another feature was Herman's playing of "White 
Christmas 1 ' while artificial snow floated over the dance. 

Top Rotr: Pat Simkins, Sharon Cole, Catherine Chambers 
Second Row: Georgiana Gates, Ju3nita McKean, Natalie Ecklund, 
Bottom Row: Rose Enevold, Lois Wanen, Allie Lou Keighin 

Gloria Gould 


Tommy Dorsey turned Huff Gym into "something 
to remember" when he appeared' against the skyline 
backdrop with his orchestra for the 1946 Sophomore 

T. Dorsey proved an outstanding favorite at the 
dance, which was well planned bv Elizabeth Easter, 
Cotillion Chairman. 



One of the gayest social events of the season was 
the annual Freshman Frolic, planned and presented 
by the Freshman Council. 

Traditionally an informal dance, freshman fell into 
the gay atmosphere and thoroughly enjoyed their 
springtime Frolic. 



Top Row: Leon LeBcau. Virginia Tomasian, Herbert Mendel, Norma Zimmerman, James McCarthy 

Bottom Row: Dorothy Mattes, Paul Davey, Florence Christiansen, Louis Stern, Joyce Lindblom, Joseph LaPalombara, Betty Tate, Guy Petty 

Not in Panel: Lois Link 


November 1 was the date for the Independent In- 
formal Dance sponsored by W.G.S. and M.I.A. 
Tommy Dorsey's orchestra and a 20-girl string en- 
semble played a special concert preceding the dance, 
that consisted of special instrumental arrangements. 

Silver notes on blue crepe paper streamers sus- 
pended from the balcony in Huff Gymnasium carried 
out the theme of the dance. Behind the orchestra on 
a blue backdrop was a silver caricature of Tommy 
Dorsey and his trombone. 

The chairman of this annual affair was Herbert D. 
Mendel. It was the first big dance of the year. 



Illinois Coeds picked out their choice dates and 
waltzed to Huff Gym for the Pan-Hellenic Ball, Nov- 
ember 23. Dick Jurgens and his dance band provided 
the favorite melodies of the season . . . Their back- 
ground, a large silver candle against a dark blue back- 

Celebration of the Fighting Illini Victory over 
Northwestern for the Big Nine football championship 
made a delightful occasion to celebrate at the Pan- 
Hellenic Ball. 



Top Row: In. Bckstrom, [pan Campbell, Al Park, Dick Kosobud, Fritz Cass man, Dick Shepard, lerry Battz, An Fairman, Sally Pfeffer, Sam Sampson 
Bottom Rou lean Pari Dorothy Seeman, Frayda Radner, Lois Shepard, N.nm.i Ul Deidrich, Lois Riggs 



The Inter-Fraternity Council presented their annual 
Sweethearts' Ball at Huff Gym on April 12, 1946. 
Carrying a bouquet of red roses, Mary Lou Barber, 
Gamma Phi Beta, was crowned queen of the ball by 
Dick Shepard, dance committee chairman. 

Reigning in the queen's court were Gloria Gould, 
Sigma Delta Tau, Natalie Fxkland, Delta Gamma, 

Jackie Opp, Pi Beta Phi; and Irene Palenik, Theta 

The sparkling music of Alvino Rey's orchestra and 
his famous singing guitar entertained a capacity 
crowd. His numbers included his popular rendition 
of "My Buddv". 



Girls' Rolling Pin Throwing Champion 

Box Lunches and Camp Fires 


lllini Milkmaid 

A traditional event on the agriculture campus each 
fall is All Ag Field Day. The outing is sponsored 
bv the Home Economics Club and the Agriculture 

About 500 students leave their books and assign- 
ments for an afternoon and evening of fun. 

Climaxing the games, dancing and contests is the 
crowning of the king and queen. Iris Dahlstrom and 
Lex Xanders are regents for 1946-47. 


Uoiilr Babies in ;i I *< » i > Drinking Contest 

Top Row: Charles Nickolson, Hubert Wetzel, Joe Foster, Floyd Walker, Ernest Shotman, Dale Schleeper, Bill Lahvic, Ray Kreig, Bob Corzine, Ralph Burnett, 

Del Ohren, Eldon Larson 
Second Row: Kent Ryan, Frank Mealiff, Elizabeth Ann Streid, Louise Rice, Mary First, Roberta Pritchard, Esther Siemen, Jean Neese, Lila Jean Athey, Jean 

Dierkes, Dale Sinclair 
Bottom Row: Ruth Jacques, Bernice Martin, Pat Beavers, Elaine Chum, Alice Profrock, La Vonne Rehbeina, Roberta Webb, Helen Lehman, Doris Klinefalter 


The Plow Boy Prom is a tradition highlight for the 
Agriculture campus each spring. 

Plaid shirts and cotton dresses made informality the 
key word for the evening, and everyone abided by it. 
Box lunches prepared by the coeds for their dates were 
one of the unique events of the evening. 

The orchestra led by Griff Williams proved to be 
a favorite of the students on the Illinois campus. 

The Plow Boy Prom is a cooperative function of the 
Agriculture and Home Economics clubs. 

Bid Signing by Band Master 


William Grady, Judge 

Head of Talent Department 

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures 







I d £ 


7*71 £ A 
















Colonel Harry A. Buckley 

Colonel John H. McGee 
Lt. Colonel George W. Power 
I.r. Colonel John B. Laugerman 
Lt. Colonel John I". Oliver 
Lt. Colonel Morris H. Shcdd 
Major William G. Phelps 

Major George Z. Helbcr 
Captain Addison W. McLintock 
Captain Frank J. Kent 
( Captain Thomas H. Cooper 
Captain George L. Barton 
( laptain William A. Burke 

Colonel Harry A. Buckley 

Back Row: Lt. Col. G. W. Power, Lt. Col. M. H. Shedd, Maj. \V. G. Phelps. Maj. G. Z 
Front Row: Capt. G. L. Barton, III, Lt. Col. .1. B. Laugerman, ( ol. J. H. McGee. Col. H. A. 

Helber, Capt. A. 
Buckley, Capt. T. 

Cooper, Lt. Col. J. E. Oliver 

Reserve officer training on a full postwar scale has 
been resumed this year with the establishment of sev- 
eral new units, the corps now including Infantry, field 
Artillery, Armored Cavalry, Engineers, Signal Corps, 
Quartermaster ( orps, Air Corps, and Transportation 
Corps. The objective oi the program is to preserve and 
expand the Reserve Officers' Training Corps organiza- 
tion in anticipation of postv ar Reserve officer require- 

The present program is designed to have cadets, 
during their first two year: ol participation, take ele- 

mentary or branch immaterial subjects, thereby de- 
ferring until their enrollment in the Advanced Course 
the study of tactics and technique characteristic of the 
branch of their selection. Honorably discharged ser- 
vicemen may be credited with up to two years ot ele- 
mental"} training for having previously served with 
the armed forces, and maj be immediateh enrolled in 
the specialized Advanced Course. 

The Universit) ROTC, long one of the largest and 
finest ol the country's units, captured national honors 
last \ ear when its rifle team was proclaimed National 


Top Row: T/Sgt. R. Winkler, M/Sgt. A. Karva, T/Sgt. C. R. Rubart. lst/Sgt. D. Lee, M/Sgt. G. W. Burton. Sgt. E. C. McCord, T/Sgt. H. I. Haugaard, 

S/Sgt. J. Kazmeirski, M/Sgt. R. W. Meeker, M/Sgt. S. W. E. Swanson 
From Row: M/Sgt. B. V. Dickerson, T/4 O. Reynolds, T/4 F. E. Johnson, 1/4 R. E. Harrison. M/Sgt. O. E. Phillips. M/Sgt. G. E. Tiffany. lst/Sgt. J. S. 

Knight, Sgt. C. O. Hodge, M/Sgt. J. T. Lynam 

ROTC Rifle Champions for 1946, and was awarded rhe silver 
William Randolph Hearst Trophy. Pershing Rirles, an honorary 
organization for selected cadets in the Elementary Course, has been 
reestablished at battalion strength. 

Col. H. A. Buckley, Col. J. H. McGee, ( apt. A. \V. McLintock 


^r" f 


——————————— i 


Captain I. eland R. Lampman 
Commanding Officer 

R. O. T. C 

Sherman G. Smith ; Vincent J. Paskus ; John W. Schwartz; James A. Gallo, Ir. : Stewart R. Foutz ; Carter B. Jenninys. (..Jr. USN; Leland R. Lampman, 
Copt. USN; David A. Frank. Ir. ; /./. Cdr. USNR; William B. West (sc) USN, Donald A. Binns, C.B.M.; Lloyd L. Babbitt CQM; Robert F. Hoffsetz. 
CSK; Hubert V. 

The NROTC Unit at the University of Illinois was 
established on I November 1945 in conjunction with 
the Navy \ -12 program. The \ -12 program was ter- 
minated on 16 June 1946 and the NROTC program 
began its first peacetime year with the opening of the 
fall semester in September, 1946. 

The mission oi the Naval Reserve Officers' Training 
Corps is to provide l>\ a permam ni system of training 
and instim Hon in essential naval subjects at civil edu- 

cational institutions a source from which qualified offi- 
cers may be obtained for the Navy and .Marine Corps 
and the Naval Reserve and the .Marine Corps Reserve. 
In carrying out this mission the NROTC at Illinois 
intends to give full weight to the dictum of John Paul 
Jones: "It is by no means enoughl that an officer of 
the \av\ should be a capable mariner. 1 le must be 
that, ol course, but also a great deal more. I le should 
be, as well, a gentleman of liberal education, refined 


Commander Carter B. Jennings 
Executive Officer 

manner, punctilious courtesy and the nicest sense of 
personal honor". 

"Regular" students were selected for the Fall Term 
by the Professor of Naval Science. In future years, 
however, "Regulars" will enter the NROTC as a result 
of a nationwide competitive examination. The first 
such examination was conducted on 18 January 1947. 

The program is based upon studies in any field lead- 

ing to a Baccalaureate degree that the student desires. 
Included in these studies are a minimum of twenty- 
four semester hours of Naval Science, plus summer 
training cruises. These Naval Science courses are de- 
signed to teach basic work in essential naval subjects as 
a foundation upon which further studies and experi- 
ence afloat, both as a .Midshipman and as a junior offi- 
cer, will result in a capable, educated naval officer. 




FIRST PLATOON — Top Row: James Williams, Francis Eckel, Henry Gassmann, John Hayes, William Moschell, William Thomas, Ronald Berson, Raymond Fisher 
Second Row: Paul Robinson, Charles Blood, Ralph Behler, Joseph Wleklinski, Edward Bader, Charles Tarbell, John Edwards, Richard Kuennen, William Ebert, 

Milo See, Leonard Weinstein, Kenneth Cheatham, Stanley Heden, William Autrey 
First Row: Robert Jones, James Mingee, Donald Scheid, Robert Sanford, Richard Rosner, Herbert Shaffer, Donald Guinane 

SECOND PLATOON — Top Row: Hyman Elias, James Cunningham, Paul Merchantek, Charles Nagel, Xavier Villanueva, Edwin McLean, John Marcus, Her- 
bert Willis, Arnold Bitterman, John Irwin 

Second Row: Burton Boukamp, Allen Cooper, George Hughey, Henry Devoss, Avcil Jones, Robert Karkow, James Sanders, Richard Wexler. Steward Flaschen, 
James Johngedyk, Ralph Winslow, John Suydam, George Polk, Joseph Scheurrich, John Waterman 

First Row: William Brown, Richard Heda, Lee Sullivan, Kc-lton Bush, Gerold Grodsky, Stanford Brown, Keith Knott, Kenneth Berliant, Raymond Pigozzi 


) (h *f~; 

;<J< ,ff* ff> ^, <" *> '"> • Wi 

V V 

s • • 


f * i 

( f x i i m 


FIRST PLATOON — Top Row: Thomas Neal, Joseph Clark, Aubrey Dickerson, Keith Stroupe, Robert Blucke, Russell Miles, Alan Dixon, Richard Bowers 
Second Row: Frank Bruns, Kenneth Kugler, Donald Torrence, Edwin Schlosser, Carl Friz, James Williams, Paul Powell, Donald Ledbette, Robert Roy, Ray- 
mond Carnine, Kennard Hamilton, Jerome Heil, James Kanel, Robert Larson, Richard Huston 
Bottom Row: Davis Spires, Karl Reinke, Roger Wolin, Leslie Heideman, Daniel Peace, Thomas Laycock, William Graham 

SECOND PLATTON — Top Row: Robert White, John Rasmussen, Edward Dillon, James Stallmeyer, Arthur Leininger, Lewis Thomas, Richard Nash, Bill Conard 
Second Row: Phillip Bly, Stanton Ericson, Harold Strom, Walter Wilson, John Ammon, Richard Judy, Robert Spangler, Morris Leighton, William Pickett, 

Robert Blodgett, John Greyer, Wendell Bowers, Arthur Lassers 
Bottom Row: Matthew Metzger, George Holloman, Carl Uchtmann, Rodger Murray, William Gries, Harold Sitton, Daniel Branigan 



Top Row: Robert McCracken, Thomas Armstrong, Paul Hubbs, Edward Boyle, Edward Sanford, Marvin Wiss, Martin Sabath, James Whitworth 
Second Row: Edwin Toll, Robert Bills, James Doerr. Keith Chambliss. William Johnson, Warren Day, James Baughman 
first Row: Lindell Hunsley. William Newton, Donald Lewis, Richard Bell, Robert Clancy, William Hewitt, George Zellmer 



Lt. (jg) James Buck, Lt. Comdr. Darrell Jarvis. CPO Donald Brc-nnan, Lt. Galen Hallett 

Lt. Oliver Brigfjs. Jr., Lt. (\g) Gerald Grodsky, Lt. (jg) Robert Sanforc 

Lt. Francis Bushman, Lt. (jg) Leslie Heideman, Lt. (jg) Rodi;ci Murray, CPO William Ganzer 


. ... .1. , „ ,, .... , .,, 













'■-■ ■'■«"■ 





Itfll it • 


Im * ■ 

* M v 1 

i 1 ■ " 1 

L l <T| ^ftvj 

m 1 

■ H 1 

ll 1 

'■\ I ' 






Dancing to Dick Jurgens 

Terrapins at play 

Shi-Ai Stunt 

Pershing Rifles 


| B 




f\ % h 


\ 1 



1 J 

. * ^?xt:^^m*m^X-SZM£ 

I /ft: • J4& 

«*^-. i < lA* "T" fc3r -- - -V J*_fiXk, -dSfc 4BQSLi '.a. ^ lljn 


, <,4 *«/*«• * *{.. . fr«% . V . ^Mf^Mj 


I. I l| laMH ^i^«M|P 



Pan-] tellenic Ball, IW-46 

"Saturday Night" 


Loudest Pajamas 

The Last Touches 


Hayloft Party 








Director of Athletics 


Illinois long will remember 1946 as its year of championships! Competing in 
ten intercollegiate sports, the Fighting lllini paced Western Conference compe- 
tition in five — football, indoor and outdoor track, wrestling, and tennis. Added 
to these laurels were victory in the Rose Bowl football game, a national title in 
track, and third place nationally in wrestling. 

We naturally are proud of the fine showings which Illinois teams made in every 
sport. Not only were our young men champions on the field of play. They were 
gentlemen, true sportsmen, and splendid representatives of their great University. 

We are perhaps more proud of another fact. In 1943, when war calls began 
to take heavy toll of the young men who were competing in athletics, members 
of the athletic staff began to look forward to the time when they could return 
to Illinois. No greater tribute could be made to our program of intercollegiate 
athletics or to the University as a whole. 

Illinois looks confidently toward the future as far as athletics are concerned. 
This year most of the sports which were discontinued because of the war have 
been restored to our program. Intramural activities have been increased a hun- 
dredfold. With continued development both of our athletic programs and fa- 
cilities for intercollegiate and recreational sports, we can visualize at an early 
date an expressed goal — to have every able-bodied male student participating in 
some form of competitive athletics. 

Douglas R. Mills 

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics 




Clyde W. Lyon 
B 1 1 si 1 1 ess Manage r 

Charles E. Flynn 
Publicity Director 

Waldo B. Ames 
G. B. Weisiger 
L. E. Card 


Marc C. Norton 
Robert B. Browne 
Lowell Spurgeon 

Frank Beach 
C. E. Lovejov 
C. W. Lyon — 


John Hull 
D. R. Mills 
Sidney Trelease 
F. S. Siebert 


Max Rowe 
J. G. Thomas 
W. J. Putnam 
Helen Bishop 

Norman Anthonisen 
Paul Kent 
A. R. Knight 

Student Officers: 
Max Rowe, President; 
John Hull, Vice-President 



Norm Anthonisen 


Alex Agase 
Louis Agase 
Norman Anthonisen 
Thomas Barber 
Frank Bauman 
David Bedell 
Hamilton Biggar 
Lester Bingaman 
Harold Bootz 
Bruce Brenneman 
Lloyd Brown 
Jack Burmaster 
Joseph Buscemi 
William Buster 
Ray Ciszek 
William Cooley 
Hal Craig 
Robert Cunz 
James Devero 
George Dimit 
Lou Donoho 
William Dopps 
Robert Doster 
Rober Downs 
Arthur Dufelmeier 
Clarence Dunn 
dwight eddleman 

Lee Eilbracht 
Scott Fleming 
Ray Florek 
William Franks 
Thomas Gallagher 
Joseph Garcia 
James Gates 
Leo Gedvilas 
John Genis 
Marce Gonzalez 
Charles Gottfried 
Fred Green 
Stanley Green 
Ray Grierson 
Carl Grunwald 
John Haulenbeek 
William Heiss 
Gordon Hoke 
Richard Houcek 
William Huber 
Eric Hughes 
Dwight Humphrey 
Harlan Johnson 
Roy Johnson 
Gerald Kaires 
Michael Kasap 

Louis Kachiroubas 
James Kilbane 
Anthony Konstant 
Bernard Krueger 
Eugene Kwasniewski 
Myron Lakin 
George Leddy 
Louis Levanti 
Ted Lucht 
Donald Maechtle 
achille maggioli 
Robert Malley 
William Mann 
Kenneth Marlin 
John Martin 
Al Mastrangeli 
William Mathis 
Ray McClure 
Herbert McKenley 
Robert Menke 
Ben Migdow 
Lester Miller 
Perry Moss 
Walter Mroz 
William Myers 
Carl Ockert 

Isaiah Owens 
Paul Patterson 
Jack Petry 
Robert Phelps 
Jack Peirce 
Bert Piggott 
Edwart Planert 
Robert Possehl 
Robert Prymuski 
Melvin Randoll 
Stanley Raney 
Robert Rehberg 
Robert Richards 
Frank Richart 
Wayne Ring 
Harrison Rose 
Marvin Rotblatt 
Robert Rowe 
Julius Rykovich 
Albert Scharf 
Vern Seliger 
Ralph Serpico 
James Seyler 
David Shapiro 
Donald Shuman 
Herbert Siegert 

Jack Smiley 

Harold Stange 

Stanley Stasica 

Fred Steers 

Russell Steger 

Thomas Stewart 

William Tomaras 

Eugene Trandel 

Charles Turnbow 

John Twomey 

Victor Twomey 

James Valfk 

Raymond Von Spreckelson 

Marvin Wahlstrom 

Robert Wakefield 

George Walker 

Glen Weber 

William Weiler 

Joseph Welyki 

Mac Wenskunas 

Roy Wiedow 

Robert Wilson 

John Wrenn 

Arthur Wyatt 

Claude Young 

Thomas Zaborac 

Samuel Zatkoff 

• i ' 

Top Row: Agase, Kwasniewski 
Bottom Row: Tribbey, Anthonisen, Law, 


Alex Agase 

Herb McKenley 




1 he Most Valuable Player Award for 1946, made on the basis of a 
poll of his teammates, was awarded to Alex Agase, guard on the Western 
Conference Championship eleven. 

A three-time All-American by virtue of his herculean defensive 
achievements and outstanding offensive feats, both from the guard po- 
sition, Agase was further honored by being named the Most Valuable 
Player in the Western Conference, an award which has not come to an 
lllini since it was received by the immortal Red Grange two decades ago. 


Herb McKenley, star of the University of Illinois' undefeated track 
team, was the winner in 1946 of the Lion Gardiner Award made annually 
to the outstanding athlete of the year at Illinois. 

A formidable array of opponents, all stellar lllini in their own sports, 
bowed to AlcKenley in a poll of students and faculty members conducted 
by the Daily lllini. The winner's leading claim to the honor lay in his 
record-setting propensities in the 440 yard event, which culminated in a 
world record :46.2 in the Western Conference Championships in 1946. 


The Conference Medal, awarded each year to the Illinois athlete 
thought best to have combined superior prowess in his athletic endeavor 
with high proficiency in scholarship, was presented to Robert Phelps 
in 1946. 

A chemical engineering major, Phelps completed his academic train- 
ing with a 4.2 average, fie was a four-letter winner in track, served as 
team captain in 1946, and holds the Illinois indoor pole vault record of 
13 feet, 11 inches, set in 1945. 

Robert Phelps 



School spirit, which has been sadly lacking at the University of 
Illinois for many years, began to rise to new heights in 1946-47. 
Many attributed it solely to the rise in the fortunes of the athletic 
teams; in truth, of no less importance were the tireless efforts of 
the cheerleaders in attempting to resurrect the glorious spirit of 
years gone by. 

Huge pep rallies, parades which greeted the conquering heroes 
•on their return from important games, and the revival of the Block 
I cheering section — all played their part in molding the student 
body together into one vociferous mass, solidly behind the school's 
-every athletic endeavor. The cheerleaders of this first post-war 
year deserve a great deal of praise and thanks for the added en- 
joyment of college life that has been and will be fostered by this 
renaissance of Illini spirit. 

Jerry Grodsky, head cheerleader; Phyllis Chalk, 

pep chairman 

<1. to r.): John Fin.i, Robertson, Weber, Walk-n, Falkner, Grodsky, Langan, Storako, Hughes, Joe Fina 








Ray Eliot 


Horatio Alger could have told the story of the 
Fighting Illini of the 1946 gridiron far better than 
could any writer of the present day. "Strive and 
Succeed," "Sink or Swim," "Try and Triumph" — all 
would be fitting titles to describe the magnificent 
comeback accomplished by the Orange and Blue. 

Illinois' title hopes had never seemed brighter than 
before the opening game. The Illini were conceded 
by many to be the team to beat in the Big Nine, if 
not in the entire nation. A scant four weeks later, 
the dreams of Western Conference glory had never 
seemed more impossible of realization. The team 
to beat had been soundly spanked by Notre Dame, 
edged by Indiana, and made to look almost bad, even 
in overwhelming victories over Pittsburgh and 

The trail ahead seemed impossible. Looming 
largest on the horizon was the contest with Michigan, 
near-conquerers of mighty Army. But a staunch 
line and steady backfield, filled with a new determina- 
tion at Homecoming, began to roll down the come- 

Mac Wenskunas 

back trail, defeating Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa and 
Ohio State, all in the last quarter, and taking the title- 
wnining game from Northwestern, 20-0. 

Loud and bitter were denunciations of the nation's 
fans as the Illini prepared to meet UCLA in the Rose 
Bowl, on January 1. It was felt that Illinois was 
definitely over-matched, that undefeated UCLA 
would turn the usually close contest into a rout. They 
did — but it was through their weakness and the 
strength of the Fighting Illini that the score was a 
lop-sided 45-14, in favor of the Big Nine Champions. 
A greater combination of offensive and defensive 
power than that unleashed by the Illini in Pasadena 
on New Year's Day has seldom been seen on the grid- 
irons of America. That it was even more — an "upset" 
victory — makes the feat likely to become one of the 
leading legends of college football. 

Ray Eliot had coached and Mac Wenskunas had 
captained an Illinois eleven that was, if not the great- 
est in Illini history, the one most deserving of the 
title, "Fighting Illini!" 

1» ««•?»• ** t3i*i6*» 

59 9? <se 12 * 9 56 id 

Top Row: [ohn Tarwain, end coach Pattei on Gotl i d, Piggott. Dufelmeier, Stegeri Maechtle, Buscemi, Bauman 

Third Row: Gallagher, Stewart, Kwasniewski, Wrenn, Bingaman Florek. Curtz, Maggioli, Valek, Seliger, Hill 

Second Row: Burl Ingwersen, lint coach, Prymuski ' Ikoff, Donoho, rCasap, Huber, Heiss, Siegert, Mastrangeli, Franks, Ralph Fletcher, backfiild 

Bui hanan 
Bottom Row. Leo Johnson, head I Eliot,/ \ \ isi Rykovich Voung Weskunas, I Agase, Serpico, Owens, ronj Blazine, lim i 

Bulloi i 



U. C L A. 14 

William R. Buchanan 
Senior Manager 

Sixty minutes is not a long span of time. Yet, on 
New Year's Day it took just one hour for the Fight- 
ing Mini football team to send a whole nation scramb- 
ling from one side of the fence to the other. 

At the beginning of that hour, Illinois was a team 
scorned. Because weather conditions had made effec- 
tive practice impossible, the Mini were considered 
an almost hopeless underdog to mighty, undefeated 
UCLA. Spurned by some Pacific Coast schools, who 
wanted their champion to meet Army; despised by the 
Southern strongholds of the sport, irate because the 
Big Nine was now monopolizing half the lucrative 
Rose Bowl gate receipts; even chided by fellow Big 
Nine members, many of whom felt that it was not 
the best, but the most fortunate of their number who 
was representing them in the new endeavor — the Mini 
might well have been feeling rather inadequate as game 
time approached. 

But inadequacy was a feeling discarded early in the 
season as Illinois started to roll toward the Big Nine 
championship. There was just one emotion that burned 
in the hearts of the Fighting Mini as they took the 
field — an anger that gave birth to a cool confidence and 
a driving desire not only to win, but to triumph so 
overwhelmingly that all who doubted them would be 

The resulting explosion resounded from Los Ange- 
les to Bangor, from Seattle to Miami. Unbeaten 
UCLA had bowed to the Fighting Mini by the un- 
believable score of 45-14! 

The color-bearers of the Orange and Blue were 
as unorthodox in their methods of scoring as in the 
terrific total they attained. Almost as soon as the game 
began the "second-raters" had scored, Perry Moss 

passing to Julie Rykovich on the first play, to set up 
a touchdown three plays later. 

Again in the second quarter, when trailing 7-6, Illi- 
nois lined up in an unusual spread formation and Buddy 
Young raced deep into UCLA territory. He then 
scored, to give the Mini a lead they never relinquished. 
And two of the touchdowns the victors made were 
of the type that had brought them the title of "oppor- 
tunists" during the season — pass interceptions by Russ 
Steger and Stan Green. Completing the Mini total 
of forty-five points were touchdowns by Paul Patter- 
son and Perry Moss, and three extra points by Don 

Illinois was superior to UCLA in every phase of the 
game. The larger Bruin forward wall was pushed 
around all afternoon by the inspired Mini linemen, 
their backs were crushed at every turn and their 
vaunted passing attack was all but ineffective. On the 
other hand, every Illinois player blocked, tackled, ran, 
passed or kicked like an All-American. Indeed, late 
in the fourth quarter, when UCLA had advanced to 
the Illinois five-yard line, on a penalty, the victor's 
fourth team stiffened and held the Bruin stars with- 
out a gain for four downs. 

Ninety thousand stunned fans looked at the score- 
board in disbelief as they prepared to leave the sta- 
dium. Then began the quick scramble onto the Mini 
bandwagon which spread to the four corners of the 
nation. The team that had been jeered was now praised 
to the skies and feted all the way from Los Angeles 
to Champaign. And their loyal fans rejoiced in the 
realization that, in just sixty minutes of playing time, 
the Fighting Mini had written a page in sports history 
which should not be surpassed for many years. 

Not in Panel : 

Larson, Felsenthal, Sindell, Corwin, Berliner 
Junior Managers: Meyer, Pawlowski, Twichell, Marks, Rietz, Gasson 


Ross And* 


Bee Coach 




















. . 26 





























Ohio State .... 







. 7 





Northwestern . . . 

Ohio State 

Northwestern . . . . 









Won 8- 


-Lost 2 


Illinois Bee Squad, IW> 




The season's opener, its final score notwithstanding, was a bitter dis- 
appointment for followers of the Illini. The team of stars which had 
been boomed to the skies for months before the opening kick-off was 
not performing according to notices. 

Writers had cried for sympathy for Illinois' opponents, who had to 
face ail-Americans Julie Rykovich and Alex Agase, the incredibly swift 
Buddy Young, the entire line from a great Illinois team of 1942 which 
had won a championship for Purdue while in Marine training there, 
Perrv Moss, Bill Huber, and a host of others whose names read like a 
Who's Who of Football. 

Lowly Pitt was unimpressed. Indeed, they were primed for an upset, 
and only the depth of the Illinois squad denied them. In the first two 
minutes, Buddy Young had scored for the Illini; for the next twenty- 
eight minutes, the Orange and Blue were in the shadows of their own 
goal posts. Pitt tied the score with a long march and threatened again 
and again, and the half ended with the count 7-7. 

Illinois reserves entered the game early in the second half, and, finally 
finding some scoring punch, ran up a presentable score. Art Dufelmeier 
sparkled for the Illini, as occasionally did Young and Patterson, but the 
lowering of Illinois' prestige, which was to continue for several weeks, 
had begun. 

Chick Maggioli 

John \ v 

G «l> 

^l C gnter 

v\§ eV 

Mike Kasap 

"°U A 


In 1946 a great football rivalry was brought to an end. At least for 
the next few years, the annual Notre Dame-Illinois game, one of the 
biggest attractions in the nation, will be no more. 

1946 offered a fitting end to that great series. A record-breaking 
throng of over 75,000 was on hand to see the first big game of the season. 
Celebrities were everywhere, and hosts of Irish and Illini fans had gath- 
ered in Memorial Stadium from all over the country, attracted by the 
pre-game build-up of both teams. Many hoped to see the color-bearers 
of the Orange and Blue emerge with their first victory over the Irish in 
sports history. 

In that, they were disappointed; the record books still contain the 
unbelievable fact that Illinois never has bested Notre Dame. The game, 
however, was no disappointment. Two collosi of college football, one 
eventually to be heralded as the top team in the country, the other to 
emerge from a long uphill fight as Champions of the Western Conference 
and one of the four best teams in national ratings, slugged it out toe to 
toe for nineteen minutes. The Illini had a slight edge over this period 
of time, and when Tom Gallagher made a perfect kick to the Irish one 
yard line, the wearers of the green were really in. trouble. Two plays 
later, however, the complexion of the game was changed completely, as 
Emil Sitko raced eighty-three yards to set up a Notre Dame score. 

The sudden turn of events seemed to knock the spirit out of Illinois' 
drives and the tenacity from its defense, and the Illini were never in 
command again. The Irish counted three more times, once on a power 
drive, once by capitalizing on an Illinois fumble, and once with an assist 
by Lou Donho, who, attempting to intercept a pass, succeeded only in 
batting it into the hands of the receiver. 

Illinois' lone tally came late in the fourth period on a long pass to 
Rykovich to Heiss, offering but little consolation for a sound defeat. 


Bouncing back from the crushing defeat of the week before, the Mini 
scored almost at will against an out-classed Purdue eleven. The expected 
passing duel between Illinois' Perry Moss and Purdue's Bob DeMoss 
never materialized, for all the touchdowns save one were scored on the 

But Moss was definitely the outstanding player of the day, cleverly 
mixing his plays and taking advantage of a Boilermaker weakness to 
execute ten successful quarterback sneaks. 

This game was indeed a preview of what the Mini had to offer later 
in the season. Stellar defensive work by Sam Zatkoff and Ike Owens 
completely smothered Purdue's end runs and kick returns. The center 
of the line was invulnerable, the pass defense almost so. The Mini's big- 
gest edge was in kicking. Versatile Dwight Eddleman finished the day 
with the incredible average of fifty-four yards per punt, and time after 
time put Purdue in such a spot that Illinois touchdowns soon resulted. 
He also ploughed and sprinted for the longest run of the day, fifty-six 
vards to a touchdown. 


CV*- eVv 



Russ Steger 




The Illinois collection of veterans of many varied football and military teams 
still was not operating as a smooth unit when the Illini met the defending 
champion, Indiana, early in the season. 

It seemed, for the third time of the year, that title hopes were doomed to 
die from that mysterious malady of 1945, which had seen strong starts but 
weak finishes cost them game after game. For the first few minutes, it was 
Illinois' ball game, as a pass from Moss to Patterson was completed for an easy 
score. But the Hoosiers came back strong later in the quarter and again in 
the final stanza, led by Ben Raimondi, with a stellar passing display that netted 
two touchdowns. 

After the original lapse, the Indiana defense never again faltered, and the 
final result seemed inevitable even before the game-winning score. Time and 
time again the Illinois goal line was threatened, but each time the stubborn 
forward wall of the Orange and Blue gave a preview of its championship 
form and hurled the invaders back. It remained for Raimondi, often seem- 
ingly reckless with his passes, to abandon ground play in the final stanza and 
take to the air with a barrage that confounded the Illini pass defenders and 
culminated in the fourth period winning tally. 


The Illini have risen to unbelievable heights on Homecoming Day. 
History was made in the days of Red Grange when a great Michigan 
team was pushed around at will by an even greater Illinois eleven. Years 
later, the Orange and Blue, in one of its weakest seasons, fashioned its 
answer to those who said Harmon of Michigan was greater than had 
been Grange, toppling the Wolverines in perhaps the greatest upset of 
all time. 

The capacity crowd of Homecomers in 1946 could not have asked 
for a more thrilling addition to Illini Homecoming history. You can 
mark down Don Maechtle as the boy who fashioned the Illinois Big Ten 
and Rose Bowl Championships. A slip of his usually unerring toe kept 
the Illini from tying the game late in the final period. Had this not oc- 
curred, his team-mates would no doubt have settled for a tie. The col- 
lision between Alex Agase and Art Dufelmeier added to the victory, as 
their painful exit from the game gave the Illini even more fighting heart 
than had their presence. 

The spirit and drive shown in this game proved the turning point in 
what might have otherwise been a mediocre season. Buddy Young re- 
turned to form, taking passes and cutting off tackle for many long gains. 
Perry Moss came through with stellar passing; Julie Rykovich at last 
rediscovered himself on the Illinois gridiron; fierce line play by first- 
string members and particularly substitutes such as Babe Serpico and 
Lou Agase stopped one Badger threat on the goal line and many others 
deep in Illinois territory. 

Comebacks such as this happen only in books and in Memorial 

Stadium, where the Fighting Illini spirit refuses to admit defeat! 




,cV G °' 

tit* A 


j ' 

Stanley Green 




S„J u ^a n 



The accent was definitely on defense one October day in Ann Arbor, as 
the Illini disposed of their toughest competitor along the title trail, 13-9. 

Michigan was hammering at the Illinois goal all day, but was able to garner 
only one touchdown and a safety. In the fourth alone, the Wolverines had 
twelve plays from within the twenty-yard line. Each time they were stopped 
a few feet closer to the goal; each time it seemed that the Illini forward wall 
could not hold again. These three drives were halted on the seventeen, the 
eight, and the four, the last with but one minute to play, and the Illini then 
stalled the closing minute for a victory. 

Paul Patterson drew first blood in the second quarter when, dropping back 
to pass and finding no receivers open, he spurted and dodged sixteen yards for 
a score. Twice he seemed trapped; once he was broken away by a well-placed 
block; the other escape was accomplished by his own slippery qualities. The 
Wolverines came back in the same quarter to tie the score, and the game con- 
tinued on even terms until midway in the third quarter. Then Sam Zatkoff, 
a Michigan Illini having his own personal Homecoming, intercepted a Michi- 
gan pass and ran fifty-two yards with the game-winning tally. 

The fourth quarter followed with constant difficulty for the Illini. Eddie- 
man, deep his end zone, had a punt blocked for a Michigan safety. The rest 
of the story was that of a brilliant Illinois line. Babe Serpico, Alex Agase, Joe 
Buscemi, Lou Agase, Jim Valek, Bob Cunz, Mastrangeli, John Wrenn and 
Vern Seliger, far different from the starting line, hurling back a dozen vicious 
Michigan attempts. 


The game with Iowa, which put the Illini in undisputed possession of 
first place, was one of yeoman defense and sputtering offense, of inter- 
cepted passes and a fourth quarter come-back. 

It looked for the entire first half as if the Illini were at the end of the 
title rope. An alert, aggressive, keyed-up Hawkeye eleven marched 
down the field time and again, taking advantage of every Illinois slip, and 
threatening to set up a score on four separate drives. Three times pass 
interceptions, one each by Ray Florek, Bernie Krueger and Dwight 
Eddleman — the last deep in his end zone — saved the day; on the other, 
the stubborn Illini line halted attempted plunges. 

The final story was one of superior reserve power. The Hawkeyes 
were rapidly tiring as the third period drew to a close; and the signs of 
an Illinois victory were beginning to be seen. Early in the fourth period 
Eddleman started the winning drive with a fifteen-yard punt return. Julie 
Rykovich and Buddy Young added valuable yardage as the march gained 
momentum. Perry Aloss sandwiched in two short passes to Bill Heiss to 
break the monotony, and from there on it was Russ Steger's ball game. 
Three times he plunged the necessary yardage for first downs; he gained 
twenty-six yards of the sixty-eight yard drive, all at crucial times; and 
four of the last five attempts were his, the final one ending in a score. 

The Illini were in command the rest of the game, except for one Hawk- 
eye surge which died in mid-field as the game ended. 


;• ' 




ain Zarl 


Paul Patterson 


The courage and strength of the Illinois line comes from a bottomless 
reservoir! That fact was written indelibly on the minds of all present as 
the Illini battered their way toward the title, deep in their own territory 
time and again, for the fourth consecutive week. 

These linemen held Ohio's great Joe Whisler on the half-foot line at 
a time when victory hung in the balance. They held him again, inches 
away from important first downs, on the four, the fifteen, the nineteen, 
and the twenty-seven. Only once did Ohio score. 

The wind was a big factor in that measure of success the Buckeyes 
attained. The Illini, forced to punt time and again from their own end 
zone, saw the ball push against that wind but twenty to thirty yards, and 
the lineman would have their job to do all over again. 

The first Illini score was set up by a flat pass to Buddy Young, who 
twisted and turned along the sideline in as fine a tight-rope performance 
as has ever been seen in Ademorial Stadium, escaping tackier after tackier, 
and finally being driven out of bounds on the two-yard line. Later in 
the second quarter, Sam Zatkoff broke through and blocked an Ohio 
punt in the end zone, for a safety. 

In the final minutes of the third quarter, with the wind again assisting 
the Buckeyes, the Illini were driven back once more into their own ter- 
ritory. Ohio then attempted a flat pass, with the game in the balance, 
but Julie Rykovich intercepted it on his own one yard line and raced 
through a sea of mud ninety-nine yards to score the clinching touchdown. 


Playing its best game of 1946, a great fighting Illini team completely over- 
whelmed the Wildcats, 20-0. Two precedents fell by the wayside when the final 
gun sounded for the victorious Illini. This was the first conference championship 
for the University of Illinois since 1928. And it was the first time since the start 
of the long uphill climb to the championship, dating back to the final period of 
the Wisconsin game, that a fourth quarter rally or goal-line stand was not neces- 
sary to victory. 

Perhaps the greatest difference between the team that had started the season 
and the Western Conference Champions was the fine blocking which was shown 
in this game. This enabled the Illini to shake loose their vaunted sprinters for 
fifteen long runs, ranging from eleven to fifty-three yards. Art Dufelmeier was 
the individual star of the day, gaining one hundred twenty-three yards in ten 
attempts. But Buddy Young's fabulous speed was effectively unleashed; Perry 
Moss and Bernie Krueger quarterbacked the team as never before; and Dike 
Eddleman played his best ground game of the year. 

The Wildcats never threatened to score. Indeed, they gained only one hundred 
yards in the whole afternoon — this in spite of the fact that until this game they 
had led the conference in rushing. 

This victory gained for the Illini, in addition to many Big Ten honors, the Rose 
Bowl bid, and with it the chance to elevate itself into UCLA's fourth place 
national rating. 

^ v r G 

e n ti 








Douglas R. Mills 

There are many in this nation who think that a 
legend was shattered in 1947. The fabulous Whiz Kids 
had returned to the college hardwood, and with them 
had come unbelievable tales of pre-war prowess. Blind 
to the fact that the returning members of the greatest 
team in basketball history were four years beyond that 
magnificent season of 1943, admiring fans were un- 
wavering in their rash predictions of an even greater 
year in the golden post-war era of Illinois sports. 

Even as the season opened with a number of one- 
sided victories, it slowly became evident that the Whiz 
Kids has lost some measure of their old greatness. Then, 
on that fateful Western trip in December, as the walls 
came tumbling down on an erratic Illinois team, doubts 
as to the truthfulness of the legendary tales of glory of 

that last pre-war season began to appear in the minds 
of the nation's fans. 

Those of us who saw the Whiz Kids at the peak 
of their career are loud and bitter in our denunciation, 
of these doubters. If perfection can be attained on the 
basketball court, that team had accomplished the feat. 
Every move was sheer poetry in action, whether indi- 
vidual attainment or unmatched teamwork, the out- 
standing example of which was the most perfectly 
played game in history, when the Illini defeated a great 
Northwestern team by more than forty points. 

True, in 1947 the Whiz Kids had lost their great- 
ness of years gone by. But let it not be said that such 
greatness never existed! 

The Whi Kids: Phillip, K™ Menke, Jack Smiley, Gene Vance 



Max Rowe 

Senior Manager 





Illini 50 


Illini 35 


Illini 47 


Illini 31 





Illini 42 





Illini 41 

Cornell 39 

Marquette 40 

Pittsburgh 31 


California 36 


Nebraska 37 


Mexico 36 


Northwestern 40 

Ohio State 42 

Wisconsin 37 

Ohio State 58 


Iowa 36 

Indiana 50 

Northwestern 51 

Michigan 36 


Illinois Won 14 — Lost 6 



















Sophomore Managers: 

Top Row: Widemirc, Hagcr, Schmelzle, Nelson, Sim 
Bottom Row: Wollbrinck, Xanders, Morris, Macdonald 


Bill Erickson 

Dick Foley 


The 1947 basketball season would have been considered mod- 
erately successful in ordinary years. The Illini won fourteen, lost 
six, and tied for second place in the conference with Indiana, each 
having a record of eight and four. But in this era of undisputed 
championships and outstanding Illinois teams, it seemed almost a 
dismal failure. For the Whiz Kids had returned and failed to wihz 
as of old. 

The season opened with perhaps the easiest game of the schedule, 
a 87-39 win over Cornell College. Although the fans were treated 
to some expert ball handling, those who had seen the Whiz Kids 
at their peak were uncomfortably aware that this was not the kind 
of basketball that would win a championship. 

The next game was something more of a test and the Illini looked 
rather impressive in winning 73-40. But the following week they 
displayed their erratic nature as a stalling Pittsburgh team slowed 
them to a walk. It was not until the second team entered the lineup 
for Illinois that the final score of 58-31 was attained. 

With this unimpressive series of wins at home under their belt, 
the Illini started on a trip west to meet equally unimpressive Missouri 
and a highly touted California team, toast of the Pacific Coast. In 

Fred Green 

Bentom Odum 


the first road game, Missouri was primed for what seemed at the 
time to be the upset of the year. The Whiz Kids had not lost a 
game to a college team since 1942. Although obviously the smoother 
team, the Illini were completely outfought and went down to defeat 

Illinois bounced back the next game, however, as a great Cali- 
fornia team bowed 58-36. Fired by the loss to Missouri, the Whiz 
Kids set a terrific first half pace and were leading 23-2 at the end of 
nine minutes play. This was one of the best exhibitions that the 
Illini of 1947 made, and it appeared for twenty-four hours, that the 
Whiz Kids had begun to whiz again. But in the second game of the 
series, an enraged California team struck back 53-35, to even the 
series. Returning home, Illinois won its last warm-up game before 
the opening of the conference race, downing Nebraska, 72-37. 

The next game was a bitter disappointment for followers of the 
Illini, and a day of vindication for Wisconsin fans. The last four 
times the Badgers, defending champions in 1941, had met the Whiz 
Kids, they had been dealt ignominious defeats. Jack Smiley, w 7 ho 
had made a great name for himself before the war by holding the 
great John Kotz of Wisconsin scoreless or nearly so time after time, 

Jack Smiley 

Ken Menke 


was now completely unable to shackle Bob Cook of the 1947 
Badgers, who scored twenty points to lead his team to a 53-47 

The Mexico game, extremely lop-sided with the record-breaking 
score of 94-36, was followed by one of the lowest-scoring games 
of the season, a 34-31 defeat at the hands of Minnesota. The Blini 
probably looked worse in that game than in any other, averaging 
only .156 on their shooting and being outrebounded, two to one. 

The Illinois team began to pick up momentum as the new year 
got under way. Northwestern bowed, 55-40, in a truly team vic- 
tory, and Ohio State also felt the sting of defeat, 61-42. In the latter 
game, Smiley led the scoring with twenty-two points, and con- 
tributed to the stellar guarding exhibited by the entire team as Ohio 
made but one field goal in the first half. 

The Whiz Kids were definitely on the upsurge as they met Wis- 
consin with the last title hopes of the Ulini at stake. Again they 
looked almost like the team of old as Smiley held Cook to five 
points, Menke scored thirteen, and the team as a unit worked more 
smoothly than at any other time in the season, to score a decisive 
upset, 63-37. 


This was followed by a close victory over Ohio State, 59-58, in 
which the Illini were forced to come from behind in the closing 
minutes to avoid defeat. But in the next game, the title pursuit was 
again dealt a savage blow, as Purdue stunned the Illini, 51-42. 

Smiley turned in a magnificent job of guarding high-scoring 
Murray Wier, as the Illini stopped Iowa, 45-36. And the erratic 
Illini were once again a great team the following week, defeating 
Indiana in the last home game for the Whiz Kids, 59-50. 

Title hopes were once again being revived late in the season as 
Wisconsin started to waver and the Illini skimmed by North- 
western, 52-51, Gene Vance tipping in his own rebound in the last 
seconds of the game, and rallied to defeat Michigan, 45-36. 

But the finale of the Whiz Kids in collegiate basketball was 
blemished. Although rallying time and again to close almost hope- 
less gaps, the Illini lost to Indiana, 48-41, as Andy Phillip surpassed 
the old three-year Big Nine scoring record by four points. 

The Illini of 1947 had not been a truly great team. But due to 
the concerted effort of the Whiz Kids, Fred Green, Bob LaVoy, 
Bill Erickson, Walt Kirk, Jack Burmaster, and many other reserves, 
it was on outstanding team in an unusual year. 

Bob Lavoy 








Robert Phelps 

A galaxy of colorful stars, broken records by the 
score, overwhelming victories over teams that would 
have won meet after meet hands down in any ordinary 
year, the unstinted praise of the nation's sports writers 
— all these memories and many more will remain in 
the minds of Illini track fans as they think back over 
their school's athletic prowess in the latter 1940's. 
Certainly the best group of track men in Illinois his- 
tory was performing for the Orange and Blue in the 
spring of 1946 — there were few who doubted that this 
was the greatest collegiate track team in the history 
of the sport. 

In 1946 the Illini lost not a single meet. Sports his- 

tory was written as Coach Leo Johnson sagely split his 
squad at the season's openers, the Drake and Penn 
Relays, and, using his super-abundance of material to 
the utmost, swept in the lion's share of titles at both 

Taking their schedule of four dual meets without 
losing stride, the Illini proceeded to conquer the best 
the Western Conference, the entire Midwest, and the 
nation could offer, scoring victories over Ohio State 
in the Big Ten meet, Wisconsin in the Central Col- 
legiate, and powerful Southern California in the 

9 S — 

Wv'v * 

Top Row: Dick Kali«h, LeRoy hi. ami. hill Cooley, Eugem Trandel, Dave Bedell, Coach In. T. Johnson, William Wcilcr, 
' li ni I rinoli, Harry Andi r«. in 

Second Row: Carl Ockerl I ■■ Ikei Bob Richard Bob Phelps, Bob Rehberg, [ack Pierce, Herb McKenley, Dwighl E 

Bottom Row: Don Shuman, Erii Hughes, lohn I Marci Gonzalez, Hill Matnis, Vii fwomey, Bruce Brenneman 

John Martin, Julian Lauchner, 


Leo T. Johnson 

Illinois Track Coach 

Any who still doubted Leo Johnson as the greatest 
track coach in the nation after 1945 were surely con- 
vinced of that fact in 1946. This man, who had in 1937 
started the uphill task of putting the Mini back on top 
of the conference in track and field, after many dark 
years in the '30's, finally attained his goal. 

Narrowly missing conference crowns in 1943 and 
1944, his team turned the 1945 outdoor meet into a 
rout and returned in 1946 to trounce all opponents 
and emerge as the top team in the nation. The Mini 
were in the championship headlines for the first time 
since the Whiz Kids had put them there in basketball 
in 1943. 

Johnson's task was not an easy one. His was not the 
route whereby stars flocked to his side and performed 
in a championship manner while he watched. It was 
necessary to discover talent, to revive interest in track 
at Illinois, and to build for the future. It required years 
of unwavering perseverance before results were seen. 

Hard work, a great feeling for sports and sportsman- 
ship, endless drive, true ability in coaching, and a justi- 
fiable pride as he sees his boys return with laurels 
piled high — all these make him one of the greatest 
coaches the University of Illinois has ever known. 
For this we pay tribute to Leo Johnson. 


Dave Bedel] 

Bruce Brenneman 


If true greatness in athletics is measured by the 
praise of one's contemporaries, the cinder-path Ulini of 
1946 were truly great, as individuals and as an aggre- 
gate. The plaudits of the crowd, of their vanquished 
foes, and of the nation's writers still ring in the air. 

An outstanding track team must, of necessity, be 
composed of a group of stars. There was Herb Mc- 
Kenley, brightest in the galaxy, breaker of records in 
every meet, holder of the Lion Gardner Award as 
the Athlete of the Year, and two- and three-event 
winner week after week. The squad boasted Bob 
Rehberg, always the victor in the most grueling of 
races, the half mile and mile, and always with the 
stamina to run a brilliant leg on the record-holding 
mile relav team. 

And it had George Walker, whose legs carried him 
to many a double victory in the hurdle events, Bill 
A lathis and Jack Pierce, sprinters extraordinary, John 
and Vic Twomey, always point winners in the two- 
mile run, and Carl Ockert, who, although he cracked 
the Big Ten 440 record wide open, had to be content 
with a second place behind iMcKenley. 

In the field events, the one Illini "weakness", there 
was versatile Dike Eddleman, usually the victor in the 
high jump and often using the magnificent spring in 
his legs to bring in broad jump points, and Bob Rich- 
ards and Captain Bob Phelps, rarely missing pole vault 

All these stellar performers in their own right; on 
anv ordinarv track team thev would have been lion- 


ized to the extreme. Yet, here, among many individ- 
uals stars competing for glory in their own right, there 
existed a camaraderie, a team spirit that captured the 
hearts of the fans everywhere. 

The outdoor season opened with Illini victory in 
the traditional Drake Relays. Shattering all precedent 
and stealing headlines throughout the country, Coach 
Leo Johnson accomplished the feat with only part of 
his squad — the socalled "second team". Travelling to 
Penn with his stars, he saw them fashion the other half 
of an amazing double sweep. Only by disqualification 
of the 880 team did the Illini miss winning every relay 
at Franklin Field, capturing the sprint medley, the 440 
and the mile. These, with Eddleman's victory in the 
high jump and numerous minor places, gave Illinois 

Bob Rehben? 

leading honors. 

The Illini then travelled to West Point to meet 
Army, Dartmouth, and Columbia in a four-way meet, 
and overcame their discrepancies in the weights by 
such overwhelming victories in the other events that 
Army was bested, 80 to 48, with the others far behind. 
Double wins by Walker, McKenley, and Eddleman 
paced the Illini, Herb smashing two records on the 
way and Dike tying the high jump mark. 

Illinois continued its record-breaking ways as it 
played host to Purdue a week later with a crushing 
90-32 win. Thirteen marks were erased, by Illini, as 
Mathis set new times in the sprints, McKenley broke 
three records, including the Big Ten, with a :46.7 
quarter, Walker tied those existing in the low hurdles, 

Bob Phelps 

Herb McKenley 

Eric Hughes 


and Eddleman smashed three with a 6-foot 6 7 /$ inch 
high jump. 

Probably the toughest dual meet of the season was 
next on the schedule, but the color bearers of the 
Orange and Blue scarcely paused in their trek to the 
national crown to take Michigan into camp, 80-42. 
The Illini took first in every running event, scored a 
slam in the pole vault, and won first in the high and 
broad jumps, to crush the Wolverines before a record 

Tuning up for the Western Conference meet, Illi- 
nois took the measure of a strong Minnesota squad, 
75-41, with nine firsts and a clean sweep in the dashes 
and the mile run. 

June 1, 1946, dawned cloudy and chilly, and many 

a disappointed fan moaned that the records were safe 
and that the Big Ten track finals that day would be 
dull and uninteresting. Nothing could have been 
farther from the truth. As the field events were being 
completed and the fans started leaving Memorial 
Stadium to warmer and drier spots, the loudspeaker 
boomed: "Today has vividly demonstrated the fact 
that rain does not hurt a track! Today the Fighting 
Illini from the University of Illinois have rewritten 
the record book, smashing fourteen records in six 
events!" Illini Herb McKenley had broken the 
world's record, and the Big Ten, Stadium and Illinois 
marks for the 440 in the unbelievable time of :46.2. 
The Illinois and Stadium times had fallen when Mc- 
Kenley took the 220 in :20.6, as Walker leaped to 


victory in the high hurdles in : 14.2, and when Reh- 
berg ran a 4:17.3 mile. And new Big Ten, Illinois, 
and Stadium marks were set when the magnificent 
mile relay team, made up of Gonzales, Rehberg, 
Ockert and McKenley, went the distance in 3:12.4. 

The Illini thus took the conference crown with 
66y* points, more than double the total of their near- 
est rival, Ohio State. 

Two weeks later, Illinois travelled to Milwaukee 
for the Central Collegiate Track meet. Not compet- 
ing at full strength, the squad still was able to mark 
up a score three times as great as Wisconsin, the sec- 
ond place team, as Rehberg, running a great half and 
mile, won the John P. Nicholson trophy for the out- 
standing performance of the meet. McKenley was 

withdrawn from the 440, as his deserving teammate, 
Carl Ockert, gained the first quarter mile win of his 
collegiate career. 

The NCAA meet had been boomed for weeks as a 
two-team dual between favored Illinois and Southern 
California. On paper, the writers had the teams fig- 
ured even, and 14,000 spectators turned out to see the 
expected duel. In that they were disappointed, for 
the Illini rolled up 78 points to 43 for the Trojans. 
McKenley won the 440 and 220, while Aiathis furn- 
ished a surprise by defeating Lloyd LaBeach of Wis- 
consin, his three-time conquerer and Big Ten Cham- 
pion. Obviously pointing for the U.S.C. athletes, the 
Illini entries bested the Trojans in every event but two. 

George Walker 

Carl Ockert 

Bill Mathis 








Walter H. Roettger 

The 1946 baseball Illini, comprising a handful of 
men back from the 1945 squad, a few others resum- 
ing collegiate careers interrupted by war, and the rest 
rookies, getting their first taste of college competition, 
emerged from a twenty-one game schedule with thir- 
teen wins and eight losses. 

Starting strong in conference play, while accom- 
plishing such feats as snapping Michigan's two-year, 
27-game winning streak and dropping powerful 
Indiana twice in a single week-end, Illinois saw its 
title hopes go glimmering at the season's end as can- 
cellations caused by rain, and a brilliant pitching job 

at Iowa, gave the Illini a Big Ten record of six wins 
and three losses, for second place behind Wisconsin. 

Although brilliant pitching was the rule, occasional 
lapses in fielding and impotence at the plate were the 
outstanding weaknesses which were responsible for 
several losses. The calibre of the opposition, which 
included professional teams such as the Danville 
Dodgers and the St. Joseph Autos, was the highest 
in many years. 

The success of the baseball team in 1946 did its part 
in presaging the renaissance of the Fighting Illini as 
the outstanding power in the Western Conference. 




Top Rou Roy Wiedow, Bill M< 

Second Row: (.onion Hoke, Managii Gerald I lires, Les Miller, Harold Stange, Smiley. Coach Walter II. Roettxei 

nullum Kan: James Kilbane, Jamea Di Ed Planert, Lei Eilbracht, l*oli Malley, Marv Rotblatt, Leo Gedvilas 



Gordon Hoke 


Conference Games 




Illini 7 

Illini 6 




Illini 1 

Chicago 1 


Ohio 5 



Michigan 3 

Indiana 6 

Indiana 1 


Non-conference Games 




Illini 5 




Illini 6 

Illini 3 



Illini 4 

Chanute 4 


St. Louis 1 



Chanute 2 

Washington 1 



Gt. Lakes 

Gt. Lakes 4 


Won 6; Lost 3 

Total Record: Won 13; Lost 8 


Roy Wiedow 

Jack Smiley 

• ■ ' 

Bob Malley 

Bob Wakefield 


Long in the Illinois Athletic Hall of Fame will live 
the names of the Number One battery of the 1946 
baseball season, Marv Rotblatt and Lee Eilbracht. In 
close pursuit for any individual honors there might be 
for the year would be Al Scharf, Jim Devero and 
Bob Wakefield — but such thoughts seemed out of 
place at the end of a very successful season made pos- 
sible by outstanding team play in almost every game. 

The Illini opened by trouncing Chanute Field, 16-4, 
as Rotblatt, pitching the first five innings, held the 
Planesmen hitless. The game was highlighted by dis- 
plays of power hitting, 1945's most sadly lacking com- 
modity, on the part of Wakefield and Roy Wiedow, 
and a Brooklyn-style base-line exhibition and stellar 
defensive work on the part of Eilbracht. 

The second game, with Valparaiso, resulted in a 

10-0 victory for Illinois, with Scharf allowing only 
three hits. Errors and walks given up by the gentle- 
men from Indiana stretched the Illini hit total of six 
into ten runs. Three days later, with barely enough 
time to recover from this base-running exercise, St. 
Louis University put the Illini through their paces 
again, allowing the locals twelve runs on ten hits for 
a final score of 12-1. 

The conference season opened with a farewell 
series with nine young men from the University of 
Chicago, making their last appearance in Champaign- 
Urbana as members of the Western Conference. The 
Illini, no sentimentalists, turned in a 7-1 victory the 
first day, and followed it a day later with a 16-0 
trouncing, which featured the first home run of the 
season, by Bill Butkovich. Scharf and Rotblatt shared 


** - i 

■'"is&k t vt 


vu^ 1^7 

■Hi' JH p^v 


Vwnt«M -. 

p^ VP> , JJPF" 

^H HL 


■ 1 ,^i», «nMft, .1 iif^flHfffll^llWIPlBWMWIHi 


^&* ^Er 


X '--*■- 



pitching honors, each allowing three hits in his game. 

Those two pitchers, although held in high esteem 
in collegiate circles, were completely unable to cope 
with the invasion of the Danville Dodgers, a profes- 
sional club in the Three-Eye League. Their team- 
mates, shackled by the pro team's hurlers, collected 
only nine hits in the two games, and went down to 
defeat for the first time of the young season, 13-5 and 

Illinois rebounded later in the week with an 8-5 
win over Ohio State, behind the six-hit pitching of 
Rotblatt, to take the lead in the Big Ten. The little 
left-hander batted his own game into the victory col- 
umn with two timely hits for three runs, following 
the lead of Bob Possehl, who drove in four of the 
tallies. But the Illini followed this game with their 

first loss to collegiate competition as the Buckeyes 
turned the tables with an 8-7 decision on a homer in 
the ninth inning by an Ohio rookie. 

Many fans thought the series the following week 
would decide the conference championship, for the 
displays of power thus far had come from Cham- 
paign and Ann Arbor. The largest crowd of the sea- 
son was attracted to Illinois field to see the Illini and 
Michigan split a double-header, 6-8 and 4-3. Two 
scalps should have been hanging in the home team 
dressing room, for it was through four Illinois errors, 
setting up six runs, that the Wolverines were able to 
win the first game and run their winning streak to 
twenty-seven in a row. Eilbracht was the individual 
star of the afternoon, with six hits in seven trips to 
the plate, three perfect throws to second base to cut 

Les Miller 

Harold Stange 

Jim Dcvcro 

Man Rotblatt 

Bob Posschl 

Bill Meyers 


down potential steals, and credit for the winning run 
in the tenth inning of the second game — hatted in by 
Les Miller. Scharf was the winning pitcher as the 
Illini snapped the Michigan string of wins in the sec- 
ond game, allowing no runs after the fifth inning. 

The Chanute Field Planesmen again travelled to 
Urbana in vain, as a lineup liberally sprinkled with 
reserves took their measure, 12-2. The end of the 
week saw the Illini unhappily watching the rain at 
Lafayette, knowing full well that the cancellation of 
the two-game series with the weak Boilermakers of 
Purdue would inevitably cut their title chances. 

Washington University was the next to feel the 
sting of the Illini batsmen, as the Illinois nine collected 
ten hits, three by Kaires and a triple by Wakefield, for 
a 4-1 decision. 

Another visit from a professional team, the St. 
Joseph Autos, proved too much for the collegians, 
9-6. Although the Illini outhit the pros, leaving four- 
teen men on base proved a costly practice, as did 
granting nine bases on balls by three Illinois pitchers. 

Conference play was resumed with a double win 
over powerful Indiana, rated as perhaps an even more 
astounding feat than the snapping of the Michigan 
win streak. The first game, a 10-6 decision, was won 
in a sixth inning rally led by Devero, Malley and 
Wakefield. The second was again Pitcher Rotblatt's 
day, as he held the Hoosiers hitless until the eighth 
inning, and drove in what proved to be the winning 
run early in the game. 

Chanute Field gave the Illini a surprise in their 
third meeting of the season by administering a 5-2 


spanking, aided by four ill-placed errors by Illinois 
infielders and the invincibility of a star pitcher, Don 
Van Nest, with men on base. He allowed nineteen 
opponents to reach first base, but managed to strand 
seventeen of them before they completed the circuit. 

Travelling to Iowa the next week, Illinois faced the 
necessity of winning both games to keep title hopes 
alive. The title trail ended in Iowa City, for the Hawk- 
eyes, intent on a second-place tie with the Illini, ham- 
mered Scharf for seven hits and four runs, and a 5-1 
victory. The second game was rained out, leaving 
Illinois with a conference record of 6-3, for second 

The season ended with a three game series with 
Great Lakes. The sailors dropped the first decision 
4-0, Rotblatt fanning twelve, and the second, 6-4, with 

homers by Wakefield and Devero furnishing the vic- 
tory margin. But they were able to spoil the Illini 
finale the next day, when Scharf walked four men in 
the eighth to bring the score to 5-4, Great Lakes. 

Eilbracht was honored by his teammates at season's 
end by being chosen most valuable player and captain- 
elect for 1947. He also won the Big Ten batting 
championship with a .484 average. Rotblatt, who for- 
got that pitchers are not supposed to hit, took batting 
honors for all games, finishing more than 60 points 
above his nearest teammate, Eilbracht. 

Coach Wallie Roettger, looking back on a success- 
ful season, can also look forward to 1947 with the 
realization that all of this year's squad plus a host of 
returnees should be a strong contender. 

Ed Planert 

Leo Gedvilas 

Gerald Kaires 

Bill Butkovich 

t iHfa 

**HV ' 









Ralph E. Fletcher 

1946 was not a banner year for Illinois golf. The 
team made but an average showing throughout the 
season, winning three dual meets while losing five, 
and slumped to ninth place in the conference meet, 
three strokes out of sixth, with an erratic putting 

The team lacked balance, for beyond the first three 
men the play both on the fairways and on the greens 
was very unsteady and unpredictable. Frank Richart 
was the outstanding golfer of the year for Illinois, 
invariably leading his teammates by several strokes, 
and always comparing favorably with the best the 
opposition could offer. 

Illini 9V Z 

Illini 13 1 /: 



Illini V/i 

Illini 12 


Illini 12 

IOWA 145/ 2 


Indiana 6 

Purdue 7 

OHIO STATE 23'/ 2 


Indiana 12 


Won 3 — Lost 5 

1 1. 1, i, , 

' in 

'1 urnbow 







Howard I. Braun 








... 1 




.. . 




.. . 3 



Michigan State 
Ohio State 

.. . 4 



.. . 4 








.. . 4 




. .. 



Northwestern . . . . 

.. . 1 

Won 10 — Lost 

Illinois' netnien of 1946 were probably the most 
outstanding in the history of the Fighting Illini. Al- 
though possessing two of the top sixteen players in 
the nation, as demonstrated in the NCAA when Roger 
Downs and Ben Migdow advanced to the final strata 
of eliminations, the team balance was no less importan* 

in the season's success. 

The team, coached by Howie Braun, swept its ten 
dual meets without a loss and went into the Big Ten 
Meet the heavy favorite. Migdow suffered his first 
defeat of the season in the Number Two position, and 
Downs was eliminated in his quest for the Number 
One championship. But the lesser lights of the team 
paved the way to the victory as Captain Ray Von 
Spreckelsen and Mel Randoll won the Numbers Four 
and Six Titles, respectively, and the Gates-Migdow 
and Steers-Randoll combinations took two of the 
three doubles crowns. 

In the NCAA Meet the Illini could not hope to win 
the team crown against such powerhouses as Southern 
California and Texas. Concentrating on individual 
play, Migdow and Downs advanced to the quarter- 
finals in doubles and both reached the final play-offs 
in singles. 









(Maxwell R. Garret 

The Illini competed in fencing in 1947 as defending 
champions from 1943, the last year in which the Big 
Ten recognized an intercollegiate champion. Having 
also won the title in 1942, and having several promis- 
ing newcomers in a year when every team was com- 
posed almost entirely of untried men, the Illini had 
bright hopes of annexing an unprecedented crown. 

The only returning letter man was Lee Lipson, im- 
mediately joined on the varsity squad by Bill Abraham 

and John Blazick, who were to get their first taste 
of intercollegiate competition. Warren Sullivan, who 
started the season at a managerial post, so successfully 
absorbed the teaching of Coach Mac Garret that he 
won a position on the starting nine, at Number Three 
saber. The success of Illinois' 1947 fencing team was 
to depend upon just such rapid improvement of the 
newcomers in the sport. 

Top Row! Blazick, J"<ly, Clink, Swen Bengard, Atkin, Mac Garret, (>./</>.■ 'Minmpson, Kii/niisky. Osinski, Lipson, C i.iK .itcrr.i. Stilt-be, Sulli- 

van, Managt > 
Bottom Row: Larimer, Brielofl Greenbei Coppolillo, in. .is, Reed, Strempler, Anderson, Kusin, Saady, Scanlon 



Leo T. Johnson 

The fortunes of the cross country team followed the 
trend set by other sports in the Illinois post-war boom. 
The Illini, who had occupied a lowly sixth place berth 
in 1945, and who were not thought to be particularly 
packed with power for the new season, completed 
a moderately successful year by taking third place, 
behind favored Indiana and Wisconsin,, in the Big 
Nine meet. They were paced by John Twomey, who 
won third place in the conference event, after having 
won three consecutive first places in triangulars and 
the Lovola Invitational Meet. 

The schedule opened with a defeat for Illinois, in 
a triangular meet with Wisconsin and Indiana, fol- 
lowed by a a second place rating behind Indiana and 
over Purdue the following week. In the final warm- 
up for the Big Nine run, the Illini looked impressive 
in winning the Loyola Invitational, by a large margin. 

In addition to Twomey, the team's undisputed 
leader, team balance was furnished by Clarence Dunn, 
Bruce Brenneman and Joe Welyki, who consistently 
aided the Illinois cause. 

Top Row: Welyki, Rehberg, Twomey. Dunn, Brenneman 
Bottom Row: Downs, Timmerhaus, Cabrera 



I [artley 1). Price 

Illinois' 1947 Gymnastics Team faced the world 
with a fine tradition to maintain. Before the sport be- 
came a war casualty in 1942, the Mini had never fin- 
ished worse than third in the Big Ten. Included in 
their impressive record were six conference titles, 
seventy dual victories in eighty-four starts, and the 
only National AAU title ever won by a college team. 

Coach Hartlev Price, also back from the war, faced 

the problem this year of building a squad that could 
successfully defend its 1942 title. On hand to help in 
this difficult task was a squad of nineteen men, includ- 
ing Joe and John Fina, carrying on a long family tra- 
dition in Illinois gymnastics; Gay Hughes, also a very 
promising newcomer; and Don Von Ebers, who gave 
valuable depth to the squad. 

Top R»w: Hotchkiss, Edward I P ../. , Von Ebers, foe Fina, l>>lin Fina 

Bottom How: Roller, Bralower, O'Hei Harrington, Monroe, Reedy, manager, Hickey, Leavitt, <■ Hughes, E. Hughes, Barenbrugge, Mizrahi, 




Illinois approached the 1947 swimming season with steadily rising 
prospects that promised a much better record than that of the sixth 
place squad in 1946. Team balance was promised as versatile John 
Haulenbeek, always a winner in the sprints or breast stroke, and 
sprinters Richard Houcek and Marvin Wahlstrom, returning from 1946, 
were joined by veterans Robert Gerometta, the most promising young 
swimmer of pre-war days, Henry Mautner, sprint specialist, Don 
Scherwat, distance swimmer, and Bert Sevier, breast stroke star. Even 
further depth and balance was given by Dave Jensen and William 
Keller, back strokers, Robert Wulfort, Carl Kratz and Wilbur Huff- 
stutler, divers, and William Baugher, a transfer student with great 
abilities both in the distance and sprints. 

Edward J. Manley 


The Western Conference's defending champions seemed to have 
great possibilities of repeating their 1946 success as they faced a difficult 
schedule in 1947. All the veterans of the previous campaign but two 
were on hand for the new year, as Lou Kachiroubas, Joe Garcia, Ken 
Marlin, Norm Anthonisen, Dave Shapiro and Chuck Gottfried 
greeted Coach Harold Kenney, recently returned from service. 

The greatest depth of material in many years was in evidence, as 
Bill Mann, Dean Ryan, Lynn Marcus, Bob Pigozzi, Stan Lee, Leonard 
Feldman, Gilbert Gaumer and Arthur Archer were pushing the letter- 
men to the limit when the season opened. With such an array of stars, 
a brilliant showing was inevitable. 

I larold E. Kenney 








Hartley D. Price 

Intramural Director 


Phi Delta Theta 57054 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 461 

Theta Xi 31 1 54 

Alpha Tau Omega 302 54 

Phi Epsilon Pi... 276 

Sigma Alpha Mu 248 

Phi Gamma Delta 228 

Phi Kappa Psi 22054 

Beta Theta Pi 201 

Zeta Beta Tau 196 

Delta Tau Delta 19454 

Sigma Nu 191 54 

Sigma Chi 172 54 

Phi Kappa Sigma 15554 

Tau Delta Phi 127 

Tau Epsilon Phi 126 

Alpha Epsilon Pi Ill 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 109 

Chi Psi 83 

Kappa Sigma 82 

INTRAMURAl < I lAMPIONs. 1945 16 Phi Delta Thets 
:, I., ,1m,. Snyder, < oli . Blom, Russell, Wolfe, Hill 

f i Picfcen, Sugden, Barker, II ipson, Perkins, Severns 

i '..liiii Minalga, froupe, Watt, Holmes, Jobannson, Pfeffei 


Keith Hutson, Charles Petranoff, Junior Aianagers ; Teddy Eddleman. Intramural Secretary; 
Jack Dillavou, Junior Manager 


The Department of Intramural and Recreational Sports began 
in 1946 where it had left off before the war, and before the year 
was over had started a rise to a peak of achievement far beyond the 
fondest dreams of those planning its growth in pre-war days. 

Illinois received national recognition for its outstanding Intra- 
mural program early in January, largely as a result of many inno- 
vations which were introduced during the past year. A sportsman- 
ship trophy has been added to the huge I. M. collection to foster a 
better spirit of fair play; rules clinics have been held to discuss 
new or little known phases of a sport's technicalities; an officials' 
club was organized to improve the caliber of officiating; and many 
purely recreational activities were introduced to play their part in 
helping the overflow of students now on campus to get more out 
of college life at Illinois. 

Dr. Hartley Price, back at his old post of Intramural Director, 
together with Senior Managers John Hull and Robert Mueller, has 
mapped a long range program for even greater expansion than in 
1946, which saw over 6,000 students take part in 26 sports and 
other recreational events. 

Robert Mueller 

John Hull 
Senior Managers 

Top Ron: Kretz, Silherman, Eck, Stuebe, Hertenstein 


Bottom Row: McCarthey, Frey, Benjamin, Randall 


Sigma Phi Epsilon, 

Softbcill Champions 
Top Row: Phillips, Baird, Galbreath, Eck, Wasliewski, Pickens, Schroeder 
Bottom Row: Moore, Allen, Schamyer, Erickson, Sandberg 

Turkey Run: Eck, manager; Rosenstein and Billow, Phi Sigma Sigma; Spieler, co-winne. 
Chalk, pep chairman; Lieberman, co-winner 

Intramural Trophy Collection, 1946-47 

OFFK iai v (i i i. 
Top Row: Hitchen, Jennings, Thompson, Sundmacl 
Second Row: < rane, Seiden, Smith, I mi Bu 

Bottom Row: Smith, Harden. RotbUtt, MarCUl ' lltntil 

Phi Gamma Delta 
Golf Chnntpiom 
McCartney, individual runntr-itp; Van Auken, Individual champion, Matter, Muellj 


Many were the innovations brought into the Intra- 
mural and Recreational Sports program in 1946 to 
assist in meeting the onslaught of more participants 
than have ever before registered in IMREC activities. 

To further the cause of fair play and good sports- 
manship, which operate under a decided strain when 
the competition increases four to six-fold, as it did this 
year, a travelling sportsmanship trophy was instituted. 
The team that has had the trophy in its possession 
for the most times over a two-year period — the right 
to possession being determined by a poll of the oppon- 
ents of each team at the close of each sport's season — 
will gain permanent ownership. This trophy proved a 
valuable incentive, and examples of bad sportsman- 
ship were at a minimum during the year. 

The Intramural Officials' Association was organized 
in 1946, with a membership of over thirty members, 
to assure uniform officiating in all the Intramural con- 
tests. This club met often, discussed the rules of the 
various sports, and monitored all games in the major 

The newly organized Rules Clinics did its part in 
helping the officials in their duties and in fostering 
good sportsmanship. Before each team tournament was 

to begin, the Intramural Department sponsored dis- 
cussion and demonstration groups to acquaint all par- 
ticipants with recent rule changes. 

IMREC, in conjunction with The Daily Illmi, also 
carried out even further the pre-war All-Star selec- 
tions, awarding certificates of merit to athletes in Fall 
and Spring softball, football, vollevball and basket- 

Coeducational activities were rejuvenated in the fall 
of 1946, as IMREC came out of war-time dormancy. 
The revival of the annual turkey run, in which each 
sorority and organized women's residence hall is repre- 
sented by men from the various men's houses, was won 
by Phi Sigma Sigma, for whom Alpha Epsilon Pi 
Fraternity ran. Mixed gymnastic activities and splash 
parties were also planned and carried out successfully. 

The fruits of months of planning among members 
of the various branches of the University, Medical, 
Illinois, Navy Pier and Galesburg, was scheduled to be 
reaped at the first annual MING Festival, April 5, 
when trophies were awarded to the winners of Intra- 
mural Tournaments for the year and when the champ- 
ions of the various branches of the University of Illi- 
nois met for the All-Universitv titles. 






Singles Krulewitch, Phi Epsilon Pi 

Doubles Lewinthal-Krulewitch, Phi Epsilon Pi 

Tabic Tenuis 

Singles Freeman, Zeta Beta Tau 

Doubles Mann-Freeman, Zeta Beta Tau 


Singles Remmler, Independent 

Doubles Grafton-Doyle, Zeta Psi 

Free Throw 
Tau Delta Phi 

Indoor Track 
Phi Kappa Psi 


Water Polo 

Delta Phi 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Phi Kappa Psi 

Beta Theta Pi 

Delta Tau Delta 

.Johnston, Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Singles. . 

.Tull- Johnston, Sigma Alpha Epsilon 


Singles Lynch, Independent 

Team Phi Delta Theta 


Singles Grigby, Phi Delta Theta 

Doubles Silberman-Leighton, Phi Delta Theta 

Gym Annex 

Outdoor Track 
Phi Kappa Psi 


Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Gym Annex 


Singles VanAuken, Phi Gamma Delta 

Team Phi Gamma Delta 

Turkey Run 
Phi Sigma Sigma 

Gym Annex 

Singles House, Sigma Nu 

Sportsmanship Trophy 
Kappa Alpha Psi, Zeta Psi (tie) 















Top Row: Frank Frandsen, Robert Garrity, George Frandsen, William Vineyard, Robert Terp, Fred Hartmann 
Dean Preston Earl Terp Charles Herzog Edward Radeke, Richard Dickinson, Kenneth Bunchman, Leslie 
Sheets, John Williams, William Tonkin, Eugene Swager, Kenneth Lindsay, Donald Kincaid 

Third Row: Edwin Foutch, Wilho Williams, Lavern Hoener, Richard Ball, Leo Gorenz, Leades Rollman 
David Turner, William Wiebmer, James Preston, Ralph Gould, John Graham, William Cheely David 
Andrews, Alonzo Burnham, Richard Stroker, Rowland Morken, Richard Fulrath, Eugene Bengard, Paul Powell 

Second Row: John Webb, Roy Ferrette, David Monson, Eugene Alt, Jack Kilby, Joseph Cook,' Jack Brink, 
Edward Miller, Shelton Downey, Edgar Kelly, Raymond Gregg, Edward Verkler, Wilton Wilcox, Reid Antle 

Bottom Row: William Zieglei .Thomas Moore, Jack Jackman, Ira Bliss, Roy Terp, Howard Oleson Philip 
teldman, Richard Sibley, Edwin Lemmon, Bruce Radcliffe, Bruce Esmond, Burton Koepke 

Not in Panel: Jack Tuthill, William James, Robert Foote, Donald Foote, Richard Pedrick 


Illinois Chapter 

501 East Daniel 



Top Row: Harry Picknell, Dwight Humphrey, Woodrow Yonts, John Lewis, William Dunn, Maurice Graves, 

Richard Giltert, Wayne Given, Walter Miller, Leo Lauzen, Charles Schunk, Thomas Wright, John Watson 
Third Row: Carroll Brown, John Leslie, James Hogan, Otto Ripple, Carl Mayer, William Wright, George 

F.sher, Richard Davis, Loren Miller, Richard Love, Karl Franson, Floyd Kringer, Jr., Richard Johnson 
Second Row: Fred Moore, Philip Benfield, Dean Ecke, Paul Stauenger, Wayne Watson, Robert Horton, Richard 

Perkins, John Smithson, Alex McCornack, James Frauenhoff, Earl Fox 
Bottom Row: Erwin Bauer. Norman Mayheld, Robert Davis, Dale LeBaron, Samuel Riggs, Robert Thompson, 

Carl Dietz, Richard Harding, James Reedy, Robert Peterson. 
Not in Panel: Frederick Ilseman, James Hill, Robert Hunter, William Hunter, Charles Perkins. Thomas 

Wiley, Roy Smith, Tient Knepper 


Phi Kappa Chapter 

311 East Armory 


r " /> n/"' ; p Fr f nk F p a 1 ds -£ n ' Robert Garrity, George Frandsen, William Vineyard, Robert Terp, Fred Hartmann 
Sheets Tnhn^WMfL Jf P W^| harleS T H l r? ° 8> p E3ward c Rad ^e Richard Dickinson, Kenneth Bunchman te"lie 
Sheets, John Williams, William Tonkin, Eugene Swager, Kenneth Lindsay, Donald Kincaid 

Jorenz, Leades Rollman, 

Third Row: Edwin Foutch, Wilho Williams, Lavern Hoener, Richard Ball, Leo G U1 , 

David Turner. William Wiebmer James Preston, Ralph Gould, John Graham, William Cheely D™"d 

Andrews, Alonzo Burnham, Richard Stroker, Rowland Morken, Richard Fulrath, Eugene Bengard Paul Powell 

Second Row: John Webb, Roy Ferrette, David Monson, Eugene Alt. Jack Kilby, Joseph Cook' lack Brink 
Edward Miller. Shelton Downey, Edgar Kelly, Raymond G?egg, Edward Verkler, Wilton Wlcox Reid Antle 

B °" V,\A R ^ : p^"'rci,' egler c J Tho r S Moore ^ Jack J^kman, Ira Bliss, Roy Terp, Howard Ol'eson Philip 

Feldman, Richard Sibley, Edwin Lemmon, Bruce Radcliffe, Bruce Esmond, Burton Koepke P 
Not in Panel: Jack Tuthill, William James, Robert Foote. Donald Foote, Richard Pedrick 


Illinois Chapter 

501 East Daniel 


Top Row: Harry Picknell, Dwight Humphrey, Woodrow Yonts, John Lewis, William Dunn, Maurice Graves, 

Ricrurd Gilbert. Wayne Given, Walter Miller, Leo Lauzen, Charles Schunk, Thomas Wright, John Watson 
Th':rd Row: Carroll Brown, John Leslie, James Hogan, Otto Ripple, Carl Mayer, William Wright, George 

F.sher, Richard Davis, Loren Miller, Richard Love, Karl Franson, Floyd Kringer, Jr., Richard Johnson 
Second Row: Fred Moore, Philip Benfield, Dean Ecke, Paul Stauenger, Wayne Watson, Robert Horton, Richard 

Perkins, John Smithson, Alex McCornack, James Frauenhoff, Earl Fox 
Bottom Row: Erwin Bauer. Norman Mayfield, Robert Davis, Dale LeBaron, Samuel Riggs, Robert Thompson, 

Carl Dietz, Richard Harding, James Reedy, Robert Peterson. 
Not in Panel: Frederick Ilseman, James Hill, Robert Hunter, William Hunter, Charles Perkins. Thomas 

Wiley, Roy Smith, Trent Knepper 


Phi Kappa Chapter 

311 East Armory 


V J -*- 

Top Row: Gould Morehead, Russell Wolfe, Dwight I.aiimer, Ricluid Tyson, Burton Schmidt, Royal Smith, Glen 

Frazier, Dewitt Lane, William Helms, Robert Patrick, Harold Tyson, Gerald Anderson 
Third Row: John Desmond, Hazcn Dean, Kent Hobart, Harper Abbott, Robert McMillan, Herbert Shaner, John 

Hill, Edward McBroom, Thomas Henderson, Norman Lillibridge, Joseph Wall, Roger Sabo 
Second Row: Rollin Tomberlin, Traver Tomberlin, Edwin Vause, Eugene Davis, Oliver Johnson, Robert Filhey, 

Richard Twist, Edson Murray, Charles Preston, Creed Tucker 
Bottom Row: Robert Twist, Donald DeVogtlaere, William Gries, Robert Bennett, Robert Graham, William 

Keslei, Robert Kesler, Javier Urquiaga, Charles Potter, Philip Hartman, Stanley Lee, John Keeney 
Not in Panel: Norman Meyer, Robert Meyer, Jessie Dowel 1 


Illinois Chapter 

310 East John 


Top Row: Sylvan Levinson, Justin Sugar, Robert Cottle, Nathan Brenner, Harold Epstein, Norman Mandel, 
Herbert Joss, Marvin Glink, Harold Price, Ronald Levey, Stanley Feldman, Donald Merdinger, William 
Lasdon, Howard Baker, Seymour Zimmerman, William Knapp 

Third Row: Eugene Orenstein, Jules Levin, Henry Bartelstein, Lawrence Hollander, Earl Lane, David Wins- 
berg, Avery Landy, Herbert Rosengard, Robert Spieler, Curtis Brook, Sheldon Chazdon, Norman Wasser, 
Donald Bronstein, Sheldon Schaps, Jules Beskin, Milton Gassel 

Second Row: Edward Cohen, Myron Lifshitz, Earl Auerbach, Jerome Schwartz, Melvin Boxerman, Malvin 
Paul, Keith Chulock, Rapheal Wolf, Martin Leaf, Leonard Marcus, Ernst Biberstein, Jack Kornick, Sherwin 
Eller, Ronald Weiner, Richard Glaser, Clifford Moes 

Bottom Row: Joseph Levinson, Jordan Rosengard, Mark Levinson, Lee Alport. Herbert Wolf, Orville Lieberman, 
Jerome Kitzes, Theodore Roe, Burton Landy, Richard Rosengard, Marvin Friedman, Harold Trotcky, Stanton 
Piatt, Alvin Passman, Frank Cole 

Not in Panel: Robert Doctor, Milton Sabin, Lawrence Solomon 


Delta Chapter 

302 East Gregory 




i %4l 


1 f ftM 



£7\ BBBB ; 2 

UamUK Blfcl 



Top Row: Dr. Karl Gardner, Pascal Allen, Orland McAllister, Donald Davidson. Hubert Green, Robert Corzine. 

Ga I Harms, Ha'ry Roland, Richard Gray, Eldon Larson, Charles Nicholson, ( arl Hcepke, Robert Ford, 

Robert Kern, Blaine Rooth, James Stephenson 
Third Row: John Patterson, Paul Kimmelshue, Richard Elliott, William Velde, William Hookes, Raymond 

Kreig, Ralph Castenson, Paul Frederick, lames Robison, John Phillips, Robert Edgar, Ernest Schottman, 

Kenneth Cheatham, ( harks Bcatty 
Second Row: Hubert Wetzel, Robert Smith, Merrill McAllister, Orcn Miles, Frank Rolf. George Iftner, Russell 

Jeckel, Paul Scott, Ernest Painter, Robert Osteihur, Royce Hinton, William Jenkins, Earl Urish, Edwin Sauer, 
Bottom Row: Phillip Stansfield, Charles Davison, James Whitcomb, Merle LeSage, William Morrison, Arthur 

Howard, Fred Sauer, Jay Firth, Delmar Ohren, John Irwin, Donald Davis. Arnold Taft 


Alpha Chapter 

58 East Gregory Drive 


Top Row: Howard Shuman, Richard Hong. Rohert Davis, John Fucik, William Welsh, Ellis Knox, Theodore 

Eunson, Forest Orr, Thomas Bear, Mike Sielaff, Richard Stewart, Gus Barrick, Robert Herget, Richard 

Campobello, David Jackson, Henry Tovey, Charles Taylor 
Tbir'/ Row: Lee Sullivan, Robert Bailey. Alvin Park. Malcolm Clark, Bud Casella, Donald Shuman, Lloyd 

McCleary, Wayne Varland, Ralph Hartshorn, William Eygabroad, Robert Williams, Gilford Hennager, 

Robert Reid, Robert Bohon, Ruth Blansett, John Kromrey 
Second Row: David Keeling, Walter Karkow, Carl Johnson, Ralph Kelly, James O'Neal, Thomas Roder, Glen 

Bruce, Russ Kauffman, James Wolter, Gene Cady, Duane Wenderoth, Dan Handlin, Harlan Johnson, James 

Wetzel, Ward Schaffer, Jack Dunley 
Bottom Row: Richard Anderson, David Hauck, Hamilton Riddle, Donald Dickey, Leo Green, Bud Crauer, James 

Power, Robert Root, Bernard Rogers, Bert Kelly, Edgar Carpenter, Harold Hull, Robert Karkow, James 

Sanders, Gene Hurless 
Not in Panel: John Bonnet, Albert Carpenter, William Brannon, William Downs, Arthur Price, Richard 

Rodemacker, Roy Ross, Sam Smith, Jack Swaim, Phillip Watt, Douglas Weitzel, Donald Dugan, Charles 

Spaeth, George Perbix 


Gamma Chapter 

401 East Daniel 


Top Row: James Garcia, James Moody, Elon Calahan, William Franklin, Nathaniel lohnson 
Tlnul Row: Plato Jones, Herbet Jones, Roland Stewart, Elihu Scott, William Jones 

Second Row: Paul Scott, Charles Pinkston, Robert Claybrooks, Robert Stone, Claybon Jones, Carl Smith 
Bolton: Row: Benjamin Duster, Charles Duster, Laurence Young, Kidd Moore, Charles Gaines, Emmett Bashful 
Not in Panel : Emmett Sims, James Seaberry, Harvey Alexander, Mason Wilkes, Homer Chavis, Richard Overbey, 
David Snyder, Frank Smith, Robert Norwood, Randle Pollard, William Stewart, Donald Haley 


Tav Chapter 

1301 West Clark 




™ " M 



— •■ t ryi^^r T^ 

■ — "' ^P^^^^^ir 


.'.aB* * 


^^ I 

MH^flHfc § 

'"1 F *k 
Wei St, « 


7 > *1 

B . 


■_" ^H 

«i . »^ .was 


■Jl^flHni Br^rl 

■J^^lBBW V^m. U 

l Na 

*^Wf M&H 

-^ ^ 

*gf ^6^*i 





ibc> / r 


jc ^H 






To; Row: Joseph LaPaglia, John Rubinelli, Pelayo Llarena, Don Brooks-Miller, Jim Wallace, Maurice Des 

Marias, John Thompson, John Geiger, Wallace Jobusch, Tony Kampf, Dean Robinson 
Third Row: Henry Engan, Warren Schwulst, William Dowling, Jack Wood, Norman Grewe, Otto Lentz, 

Miles Brown, Gerald Perkins, Richard Albyn 
Second Row: Chas. Walters, Ned Fischer, Robert Steuerwald, Luke Vortman, John Guyer, Paul Brandt, Harold 

Kolb, Al Springman, Howard Schroeder, Charles Rubinelli 
Bottom Row: Walter Brooks, Dean Porter, Robert Celander, Edward Zagorski, John Geister, Franz Szymanski, 

Kenneth Koehler, Allen Karl, Robert Flint 
Not in Panel: Willis Snow 


Anihe.mios Chapter 

1108 South Fir: t 

^ <*mjygMj pp3r' 


Top Row: Edward Jaacks, James Tabaka, James Oldfield, Roger Spiegler. Chester Podosek, James Pratt, Robert 
Lang, Richard Einhecker, Robley Evans, William Mosher, Richard Hogan, Joseph Ribordy, Jay Cristy, 
George Hager, Donald Bertossa, John Lewis 

Third Row: Neal Hennegan, John Barr, Samuel Stotlar, Francis Paluck, Francis Barenbrugge, Richard Irwin, 
Donald Thompson, Jack Glendening, Paul Weller, Robert Freeland, George May, Lyman Johnson, Wendell 
Tozer, Jack Stillwaugh, Robert Hofmann, Roy Koepke, Jack Caveney, Milton Alexander 

Second Row: Warren Mitchell. Dale Dickson, Paul Sutcliffe, Richard Barnes, Thomas Campbell, William Hall, 
Eugene Karl, Mrs. June Polk, William Terry, Robert Toomey, Richard McLean, Edward Russell, Glen Stice, 
Edward Karl, Eugene Howard 

Bottom Row: Ralph Swan, Edward Reid, John Devine, John Thornton. William Keyser, Arthur Curme, Paul 
Veatch, Paul Drews, Howard Bogash, James Kennedy, Gordon Boyd, Lawrence Witherspoon, Werner Hoff- 
man, Gregory Curme, William Elliott, Richard Gerrity, James Stice, William Hanft 

Not in Panel: Raymond Hoglund, Frank Worack, Archie McCorvie, Donald Porter, Thomas Isaacs, Bert Miller. 
Glenn Booker, Alfred St. Pierre, Alfred Thoman, Louis Levanti, Glen Bachmann, Al Johnpeter, Howard 
Santer, Joseph David 


Eta Chapter 

211 East Armory 





© •*, 




9 • r 

If* ■ •* a 




11. I 

*fc»' ,* 




" * * 


*_ **- 

Y~ %JT' ■•' >- j£.*~ < - -*-» m - - '- *■ ' **•■ ** » ' ■ - *. 

7«/> R»«'.- Wayne Watkins. Robert Kersey, Herman Hertenstein, Robert Chisolm, Robert Simonds, Donald Olsen, 
John Karns, David Moffet, Nicholas Woolard, John Haulenbeek, Donald Scherwat, John Davis, Lawrence 
Badylak, James Doster, Ralph Creasman, Lewis Dunn, Clarence Zermer, Donald Brennan, Ernest Nelson, 
Franklin Meyer 

Third Row: William Mitchell, William Behling, Donald Robertson, David Maher, Gordon Anderson, Richard 
Hughes. Dale Sheldon, William Stoneberg, Robert Ruskamp, Jefferson Giller, Jack Logan, David Vaughan, 
Henry Hahn, MacDonald Henderson, John Knodell, Peter Johnson, Stephen Worland, John Twomey, Walter 

Second Row: Paul Peabody, Donald Barrick, Dann Wood, Robert Spangler, Donald Scheid, Karl Schneider, 
Orrin Benjamin, John Blaker, Hal Craig, Thomas Crews, Robert Dickey, Norman Wells, Wesley Hardir.. 
Robert White, Alexander MacPherson, Richard Meinke, Robert Barrick, John Simpson, Stewart Daniels, 
Griffin Nelson 

Bottom Row: Rodney Miller, Edward Mountz, Harry Andersen, William Schnirring, John Bradley, Carl Dieck- 
mann, Bertil Erickson, Vern Echols, Jerald Russ, Roger Stankey, Burdette Thurlby, Milford Schueler, Robert 
Heath, Stephen Stoddard, Henry Beall, Richard E. Ehrhardt, Robert Turner, Harry Lindahl 

Not in Panel: Robert Clark, Walton Kirk, Richard Allen, Donald Birks, John Hahn, Karl Hilgendorf, Gordon 
Hoke, Hilmer Landholt, Edward Lennon, Carl Meyer, Arthur Nieve, William Sanders, John Soldwedel, 
Robert Steffens, Adrian Wells, Nathan Corwith, Nathaniel Gray, Ernest Moore, Thomas Schulte 


m *..' 

Gamma Zeta Chapter 

1101 West Pennsylvania 

%■■■• *i.*b£r.&* 

"*? II »* "V" 

* '* --■ ^m Jv ■?• *' • 

■k;.ir^ ' " ^" ^ 

if Bi I 

' 1 

1 N I -., lu fl 





Top Row: Robe-t Albicz. lames Evans. John Gray, Lloyd Moore, John Jones, Georpe Thomson, Robert Ruff, 
Richard Lawler, Gordon Johnson. John Christiansen, Donald Stewart, David Bristow, James Piatt, James 
Andrews, Henry Jones, Charles Andrews, Ben Horton, Warren Ely, Addison Goodell 

Third Row: Robert Schaeffer, Edward Gumplo, Robert Nelson, David Griffin, Robert Hahn, Thomas Halpin, 
Richard Mertz, Robert Lane, Walter Drew, Lawrence Gage, Thomas Koritz, William Erwin, George Piatt, 
James Gallavin, Loren Aufdenkamp, Willis Elliott, William Johnston 

Second Row: John Stables, James Link, Wesley Kessler, Mike MacLean, Gene Netherton, William Buckley, 
Robert Bitzer. Kenneth Cowser, James Bresee, Herbert Wickendon, Robert Franklin, Frederick Reimers 

Bottom Row: Charles Anderson, Keith Knott, Roger Drew, James Countryman, Ray Troxell, Lee Hinnen, George 
McBride, David Brown, Gene Johnson, William James 

Not in Panel: William Keifer, James FitzPatrick 


Sigma Rho Chapter 

202 East Daniel 











JHVi 1 






i ' 



^fck.Ci ^ 



£33, *^* 

I' ^ 





f 4 \, 




X»/> i?o«'.- Bill Banister, John Cuthbertson, J. R. Hart, George McTaggert, Edward Bourke, Lester Teachout, 
John Knobloch, Richard Jones, Robert Reitz, Herbert Holt, Carl Pempek, Robert Berg, Bernard Christiansen, 
Blaine Barnes, Walter Rietz 

Third Row: Frank Coleck, John Hug, James Kearns, William Thompson, George Hammersmith, James Lee, 
Robert Mersbach, Richard Bugelski, Robert Kearns, Mason Wallace, Charles Studt, Neil Foster, Charles Kane 

Second Row: Earl Wolf, Robert Leman, Leonard Johnson, Frederick Foard, David Fischer, Theo Smith, Donald 
Walker, Edward Matteson, Jay Staley, Richard Lopata, James Brooks, Donald Rice 

Bottom Row: Theodore Gray, Frederick Marsbach, Theron Bushnell, Eugene Lembo, Robert Malmquist, Joseph 
Tomes, Edward Woleben, William Beach, Mahlon Neal, Herbert Sundmacher 

Not in Panel: Raymond DuHamel, George Ruckman, Howard White, James Griffith, John Senneff, Cal Hamil- 
ton, George Meyer, Michael Pietrzak, James Becker, Richard Tobin 


Sigma Chapter 

303 East Chalmers 


Alpha Zeta Delta Chapter 

Top Row: John Kraeger, Samuel Denton, Thomas Moffett, Gordon Graham, Robert Gifford George Dickson, 

Robert Speckmen, Thomas Taylor, Herbert Beck, Scott Shelton, Gene Saalwaechter, Donald Knorr, Richard 

Zieman, Alpaslan Reyhan, George Bargh, George McGehee, George Stubblefield 
Third Row: William Preble, Richard Schoenberger, Richard Hauptfleisch, Donald Bowman, William Creason, 

Gerald Cleary, John Regnell, William Lauth, Thomas Hurysz, Frank Huffman, Paul Kaiser, Charles Noth, 

Harry Keeley, Harvey Bunke, Robert Lembkey, Earl Dieken 
Second Row: Charles Becken, Merrill Butler, Richard Divilbiss, James Ward, Charles Ohlsen, Donald Hoyt, 

William Muchow, William Nelson, Eugene Ice, Robert Forsythe, Ralph Porter, Spencer Watkins, George 

Wescott, Harold Lund 
Bottom Row: Henry James, Ralph McGraw, Richard Halleman, Donald Oliver, Philip Lembkey, John Divilbiss, 

Albert Becken, Arthur Hccker, Eugene Hoadley, Richard Harvey, Jay Torrey, Edwin Roberts 
Not in Panel: Carl Freedlund, John Gill, Stanley Iverson, Joseph Patrovsky, Herbert Schultz, John Stephenson, 

Richard Johnson, William Sayre, James Stout, Raymond Benson 






* % 

*rttr% 8 




Top Row: Cevdet Erzen, Keith Rabinov, Necati Akcaglilar, Dogan Akad, Jean Picard, Mazzaffer Gocek, Peter 

Third Row: Emin Ozgor. Udom Bhasavanich, Svleyman Ustun, John Kiriakos, Farough Farman-Farrr.aian, Ray- 
mond Laschober, William Eng 

Second Row: Wallace Kagawa, Emmanuel Vergara, Albert Gopaul, Alvaro Martinez, Frank Machala, Eduardo 

Bottom Row: Inocente Moreno, Raoul Weil, Mehmet Atamer, Emmett Shintani, Rowell Debysingh 

Not in Panel: David Amado, Joseph Brankey, Peter Plaut, Chi-Yu Teng, Steve Ivancevich 


Illinois Chapter 

605 East Daniel 

Top Row: Gene Swenson, Melvin Beagle, Robert Konigsfeld, Warren Knowles, Richard Powers Frank Mallek 
Dan Snyder, Donald Coleman, Dean Wilson, Walter Sturm, Karl Reinke, Robert Wollbrinck 

Third Row: Earl Bixby, Robert Sternloff, Lynn Rowells, John Spencer, Richard Fahlstrom, Richard Archibald 
Robert Jensen, John Sanderson, Travis Freeman, Ernest Hepp, Haynes Bebout 

Second Row: Charles Camillo, Robert Waters, Arnold Johnson, Richard Dolan, J. T. Arenberg Robert Cline 
Olm Wetzel, Alvm Quinn, Edward Mueller, William Malatesta, William Thompson, Roy Massey 

Bo "°Z', L R ? w , ; L ran1 ^ R? itz - Calvin Agger, Robert Walsh, John Lindemann, Paul Braner, Lorin Lossau, Jr James 

Whitlock, Martin Benham, Theodore Samuelson, Harry Ward 
Not in Panel: Gene Hansen, Jack Peters 


Illinois Chapter 

1111 South First 



Top Row: Thomas Hostetler, Rich; 


'; '■■• 

*■?*& '. 



V.,' -'ii 

. V&35 1 


Top Row: Thomas Hostetler, Richard Alberts, George Bailey, John Smith, John Eaton, John Wallace, Roy 

Bowen, Robert Nelson, Robert Macdonald, Harlington Wood. Eugene Ryan, Mabbett Reckord, Russel Olson, 

Franklin Hartzell, Frederick Spurgeon 
Third Row ■ Orrin Wolf Marvin Eaton, John Penn, Willard Shoemaker, Frederic Grossmann, Robert Lowry, 

William Guernsey, George Mead, Gustave Banthien, Thomas Trafton, Kenneth Ebi, William Merkle, James 

Savage, John Macdonald 
Second Row ■ John Kittermaster, Jerome Hayes, Peter Hamilton, Robert Day, William Edwards, Edward Brown. 

Roy Davies, Mrs. Orton, Terence Jackson, Marshall Ley, Donald Fegles, John Davis, William Winkler 
Bottom Row: James Lewis, Everett Dalbey, Robert Mohr, John King. Donald Franz, Thomas Barber, Robert 

Black, Alexander Mackimm, William Welch, Howard Weldon, Bartholomew Hagerty, Charles Rile, Frank 

Not in Panel: James Collins, Donald Sommer, Howard Raymond, Frank Hays 


Delta Pi Chapter 

902 South Second Street 


7 op Row: James Tambini, Anthony Tangalos, William Reece, Philip Randall, Edward Glenn, Walter Houghton, 

Julian Johnson, Arthur Wachholz, Frank Jordan, David King 
Tbiri/ Raw: Frank Niesen, James Rieke, Robert Borden, Alan Seder, John DeBoice, Louis Stuebe, James Schwctz, 

Henry Tanton, Robert Groen, Paul Novak 
Second Row: Samuel Givler, Robert Martin, Howard Feldman. Edward Novak, Roger Bullard, William B."sh, 

Perry Manos, David Nichols, Joseph Coffman, Glenwood Tanton 
Biitlnm Row: William Anderson, Eugene Hoffman, Robert Novak, Rawley Handtury, Thomas Maher, Wilbur 

Gibbs, John Reece, William Heise, John Manos, Harry Lashmet 
Not in Panel: Paul Mooney, Lyle Button, Robert Hamilton, Hurshal Tummelson, Joseph Lynch, Alfred Hebner, 

Lawrence Berbaum, Stanley Burnham, Albert Jacobson, Wilfred Nelson 


Tau Chapter 

1008 South Fourth 


Top Row: Robert Hedgcock, Jack Gordon, James Lash, Willis Masemore, Robert Wakefield, Ron Guild, Tom 

Jones. Al Bebout, James Wakefield, David Mellon, Frank Thompson, Warren Gustafson, Armour Titus, 

Dale Phillips, Louis Uetei 
Third Row: Robert Cryder, Mac Maupin, Jack Stocker, Robert Curran, William Kiss, William King, Edward 

Rudnicki, Bud Rasmussen, Robert Kirkwood, Carl Falk, Al Hermanson, Harry Zerebniak, William Mattheessen, 

Frank Dumars 
Second Row: Wilson Smith, Jack Greene, Richard Gary, James Murray, Larry Kiss, Dr. J. F. Bell, John Macauley, 

Keith Hutson, Luke Wilkes, Howard Scott, Ed Dyer, Donald Radcliffe 
Bottom Row: Frank Somers, Mel Peterson. George Wear, Charles Grenko, Harry Obarski, Robert Corbridge. 

Robert Gait, Chandler Smith, George Taylor 
Not in Panel: John Eberly, Kenneth Moore, Robert Gilmore, Harry Fries, Arthur Witthoefft, Norman Anthonisen, 

Glenn Mann, Richard Harms, Warren Brunke 


Alpha Alpha Chapter 

106 East Daniel 

Top Row: John Cavanaugh, John Patterson, William Tamminga. Robert Swan, Edwin Howell, James Gardiner, 

Eugene Hopkins, Charles Roos, William Reilly, Richard Bairstow, William Amling, Robert Slyder, Jack 

Hartzell, Andrew Phillip. Ernest Pool, Julius Rykovich, Warren Sullivan, Robert Schaefer, Donald Vail, 

Kenyon Tweedell, Glen Yankee, Edward Riehle, Samuel Young, Owen Anderson, Roger Derrough, Tom 

Third Row: William Krall, John McClow, John Farley, Walter Lin2ing, Louis Moutz, Martin Bleeker, Donald 

Unteed, John Allexan, Donald Hosch, Robert Ferris, John Roos, Richard Listug, Donald Sangdahl, Leslie 

Brand, Louis Denoyer, Edward Smithers, Charles Urban, Hubert Johnson, John Hamilton, Samuel Edgerton, 

Houston Meyer, Robert Dageforde, Richard Peeples, Donald Schaller 
Second Row: Roger Tobin, William Gothard, Alfred Smith, William Dallenbach, Lee Berry, James Crowley. 

Dewey Dearing, James Thompson, Don Miles, Harold Workman, Robert Pearson, Donald Pearson, Edward 

Lamm, Roy Meurisse, Calvin Vogel, Daniel Melrose, William Luedeka 
Bottom Row: William Peeples, Robert Newell, Harry Hall, Albert Hall. Richard Faville, William Krautheim. 

James Kyndberg, Richard Kruse, Charles Thorsen. Harry Anderson, Robert Clapp, Howard Walker, Murney 

Lazier, William Bairstow, David Howell, Philip Dierstein 
Not in Panel: James Brown, Herbert Carten, Roger Downs, Morris Durham, Dale Fagan. Allan Goodman, Harold 

Hallstrom, James Hoekstra, Owen Ooms, Ralph Serpico, Dudley Simpson, Clifton Smith, Donald Wernicke, 

Robert Whitfield, Richard Ramey 


Beta Upsilon Chapter 

302 East John 








v >W 

Top Row: Daniel Stookey, Robert Smith, Tom Bartlett, William Eberle, Bradley Rippel, Daniel Durfee, Eugene- 
Fisher, Chance Hill, Clifford Waibel, John Cairns, William Plunkett, Ray Pierobon 

Third Row: John Gems, John McKay, Georee Waxier, Stephen Edwards, Bryant Proctor, John Snyder, Home: 
DaBoll, William Farthing, Elliott Young, Larry Allen, Levon Biolchin, Howard Bailie, John Mudge 

Second Row: Fred Schieb, Robert Gerometta, William Kolens, James Buchanan, John Whisenand, Franklin 
Kissinger, Edward Hardesty, Nels Soderholm, William Everham, Eben Cleveland, James Cossitt, Willard 
Avery, George DeWolf 

Bottom Row: Paul Cation, David McKay, Winslow Vebel, John Harney, Robert Stauder, James McKay, Edward 
Scranton, Raymond Deist, Charles Carll, John Grable, Ralph Riggs, Robert Reedy 


Illinois Chapter 

312 East Armory 


Top Row: Ralph Dr.ille, Elmer Olson, Leland Wright, Ralph Burnett, Willard Thornburgh, Wendell Bowers, 

John Schuett, Robert Vogen, Charles Finley, Fred Slife, Zealy Holmes, William Bettenhausen, William 

Third Row: John Wallace, Rolf Vogen, Howard Hextell, Charles Reimer, Ronald Elliott, Warren Berner, 

Robert Mulch, Gene Mitchell, Kent Ryan, Kenneth Gorden, Robert Brandes 
Second Row: Ralph Johnson, Robert Thompson, Paul Finkenbinder, Roger Hemken, Harold Wallace, Fred 

Francis, Stanley Terrill, Cecil Smith. Marvin Clark, Dale Liable, Ronald George, Wilbur Robertson, Ernest 

Bottom Row: Russell Farley, John Abbott, William Phelps, Howard Hedtke, Philip Edgerley, Estel Neff, Harold 

Guither, John Wright, Keith Robertson, Richard Allen, Paul Vogen 
Not in Panel: Keith Vogen, John Hahn 


Illinois Chapter 

809 West Pennsylvania 




■ — ■ 

■ — 

— - 

i -— 

— f 

■ -__. 











— J: 










— — 

1 ~"^^r 

— \i 





% V ^B 

I V^H 

To/; Roa/; David Jones, Rueben Huff, James McCray, Frederick Ford, Paul Grisham. Fred ( rockett, Harry Davis 
Third Row: Ralph Turner, Robert LaRue, Emmett Ingram, Isaiah Owens, Philip Turner, William Cousins 

George Walker 
Second Row: Edgar Shands, John McWells, Charles Nesby, Ramon Rivera, Ralph Hines, Joseph Mitchell. Bert 

Piggott, John Branion, Richard Younge, Joel Cochrell, Paul Daniels, Forrest Cox, Daniel Ashby, Marion 

Mayo, Earl Neal 
Bottom Row: William Alexander, Joseph Watson, William Brown, Leslie Bond. Edward Cruzat, Zedrick Braden, 

Masco Young, Robert Nolen, Lucian Garrett 
Not In Panel: Paul Patterson, Wilbut Tuggle, Joseph Kimbrough. Welton Taylor, Theodore Robinson, Cecil 



Beta Chapter 

707 South Third 



Top Row: Denny Engnehl, Phillip James, Ted Anderson, Ed Francetic, George Wright, William Dent, John 

Hughes, Robert Ehy, Phillip Simmons, John Jones, Alfred Zorn, William Smith 
Third Row: Richard Hercher, Leonard Andler. Harold Lueder, Harold Jacobs, Donald Lindstrom, Robert Nettnin, 

LeRoy Latall, Robert Schlesinger, Edward Rechel, William Buechner, Norbert Giese 
Second Row: Hubert Blazina, Junior Charley, Milton Tauchen, Joseph Murphy, Edward Graham, Harry Elder, 

Charles Beile, LeRoy Vranek, Joseph Cicciarelli, Albert Appuhn, Joseph Grove 
Bottom Row: Richard De Witt, John Loprieno, Stuart Helffrich, Russell Miles, William Herzstock, Jerome 

Wachter, James Humphreys, Paul Dunn, Robert Fleischer 
Not in Panel: James Austin, Don Coleman, Clarence Dunn, Joseph Husted, John Ross, Charles Sechrest, Charles 

Schmidt, William Bettcher, Fred John, Chester Gawlik 


Eta Chapter 

1110 South Second 

V A - 



Top Row: Keith Nelch, Robert McClun. Kennetli Lundgren, Robert Garrett, Richard Erkert, Robert Blodgett, 

lames Roantree, Robert Alcorn, John Beattie, John Thomas, Edward Bowers, Fred McCarthy, Carl Beltz, 

Joseph Wleklinski, Lloyd Schipfer, Robert Saar, Charles Stephens, Duane Rowe, Thomas Daugherty 
Third Row: Thomas Gilroy. John Megran, James Doerr, Mason Parker, Kenneth Carey, Edwin Schlosser, James 

McQuillan, Charles Scholz, John See. Dan Smith, Raymond Dahlgren, George Fisher, Paul Schipfer, Eldon 

Marquardt, Clayton Davis, Robert Pilkington, Bill Slater, Richard Black 
Second Row: John Meyer, Vernon Lewis, John Edwards, Melvin Randoll, Robert Falkenstein. Richard Abbot. 

Thomas Chamberlain, Turney Buck, Malcolm Hill, John Manson, Richard Usborne, Kenneth Rowe, Richard 

Hoover, James Everhart, Wilson Harris 
Bottom Row: Robert Lane. Glen Krieg, Jack McQuillan, Jordan Hauss, Edwin McC lean, Richard Everhart, 

Warren Baldridge, Fred Berry, William Frazier, John McDonald, James Reeves, James Lewis 
Not hi Panel: Harold Ames, Lee Bransford, Bruce Brenneman, Clayton Cole, Willis Culberson, Frederick King, 

Lester Miller. Wendell Zemina 


Alpha Gamma Chapter 

212 East Daniel Street 

/> Rnu : Donald Olander, Robert Matson, Harlow Staley, Torn Thompson, Richard Seehausen Albert Hoovei 

Richard Klein, Robert Wenzlatf, Ross Herr, Stanley Roszkouski 
Third Rnu: Richard Weiman. Walter Hntz, Joseph Hayes, George Dupre, ( arl Schacht, Hal Wilson James 

Mingee, Robert Moore, Sidney Wood, Donald Miller, William Joynt 
Second Row: Robert Pollock, John Fina, Jack Wallace, George Reihmer, James Roberts. William Dahlquist, 

Earle Martin, Joseph Drabek, LeRoy Frey 

Bottom R"tt : Burton Carter, Robert Fietsam, Ralph Smykal, J.i 
Not in Panel: Conrad Kozlicki, William Schoenherr 

Foreman, Donald Gn 


Chi Zeta Chapikr 

209 Fast Armory 


11 >! 



V * 


Top Row: George Sugden, Jack Jelliffe, Michael O'Byrne, Richard Grassrield, Richard Mooney, Charles Russell, 
Delmar Johannsen, Raymond irwin, George Taylor, Richard Leighton, Ralph Silberman, Robert Semerns, Paul 
McCreery, Charles Sagle, Edward Hegeler, Lawrence Minalga, Alfred Parritt, Thomas Hartley, Elver Wulf, 
Robert Holmes, George Pilkenton, Charles Pollard, Robert Miller, John Senger 

Third Row: Robert Hill, Kenneth Siegel, David Bailey, Newton Krabbe, Howard Baughman, Robert Parkin l) , 
Russell Stephens, John Picken. Philip Dadant, James Sheldon, Morris Leighton, Paul Watt, Frank Murphy, 
William Barker, William Back, Richard Mullen, Elmer Huss, Arthur Dufelmeier. Joseph Weishar, Jack 
Powell, Alonzo Hunter, Louis Bectold 

Second Row: Peter Blom, Stratton Springer, Walter O'Brien, Richard Snyder, Northam Friese, John McBride, 
William Ernst, Kenneth Cole, David McBride, Philip Coldwell, Robert Hughes, Ralph Dady, Clyde Perkins, 
John Pfeffer, Robert Troup, Donald Welsh, James Ogden, John Cullinane, John Palm, James Palm 

Bottom Row: Louis Mills, Albert Hoss, Wayne Eberhardt, Will Lewis, Edward Dobbratz, Jacob Chambers, John 
Weiss, Richard Reuhing, Thomas Boswell, Philip Parker, David Woodward, John Brearley, Hubert Dodds, 
Leon Sheldahl, Jack Chambers. William Brandt, Walter Stumpe 

Not In Panel: Albert Clubb, Richard Foley, Freeman Lane, Robert Downs, John Hauck, Oral Dold, Lloyd 
Thompson, James Mays, Howard Randall, Paul Eitel 


Illinois Eta Chaptkr 

309 Fast Chai .mkrs 


AalkL^f iJf' ""^K ' , ~' , ~* r *0¥_ 

Tnl> Row: Henry Mautner, Robert Gold, Buitnn Rissman, Paul Leichenger, Robert Postelnek, John Strauss, 

Lawrence Krulewitch, Robert Berman, Santord I.cwinthal, Alan ( ltron, Charles Marcus, Ronald Esscrman, 

Blair Patur, Charles Peters, Lawrence Diamondstone, Alan Steen, Alvin Weinstein 
fourth Row: Phillip Fleishman, Jay Harnick, Alan Caplan, James Hertz, Paul Weininger, Lowell Weissman, 

Robert Pressman, Myron Chapman, Marshall Orloff, Allan Kantor, Earl Kogen, Sidney Schnitz, Seymour 

Greenberg, Samuel Schiflf, Robert Green, Gerald Rosenheld, William Friedman 
Third Ron : Arthur Blum, Lee Adelson, Mark Goldberg, James Felsenthal, Lester Slavick, Harry Gasson, Matthew 

Metzger, Ray Nusinow, Milton Rich, Ralph Gandelman, David Pochis, Monroe Ruekberg, Franklin Feder, 

Richard Heda, Vernon Caplan, Harold Toppel 
Second Row: Phrllip Levine, Leonard Adler, Herbert Newmark. Sheldon Berman, Lawrence Benzuly, Herbert 

Brandwein, Jerome Goldstein, William Brill, Joseph Kahn, Stanley Newman, Jerry Braveman, Jack Mosow, 

Richard Eiseman, Warren Mendelson, Dan Brusslan 
Bottom Row: Lowell Slack, Jerold Greenbaum, Howard Goldsmith, Harold Neer, Don West, Harold Schwartz, 

Jerome Rosenstone, Bernard Miller, Morris Friend, Herbert Spector, Robert Brandwein, Mayer Weinstein, 

Merle Samuels, Howard Schultz, Robert Shapiro, Jerome Berkowitz, Jack Baras, Norman Chauncey 
Not in Panel: Robert Broday, Franklin Conn, Lester Dess, Jerry Epton, Vernon Fitch, Myron Friedlander, Robert 

Hirsch, Charles Kramer, Maynard Pullman, Jules Rithofz, Franklin Siegal, Donald Silvertrust, Irwin Stovroff, 

Fred Taich, Bernard Weinstein 


Fsi Chum ik 

907 South Third Street 



I mM^T 

ft I W 

1 .; 

'»; V 

■" "m 

iSr"'— -k^**' Itmrw- 


"" « .■ 

— ■ 




Top Row: William Greene, Robert Beam, Robert Mueller, Stewart Blasier, Ralph Goetz, Robert Faith, Herbert 

Matter, Donald Maechtle, Robert Cress, Donald Raggio, Melvin Toepke, John Crane, Robert Lowry, Francis 

Sampson, Milton Helm, Dale Leifheit, Paul Graven 
Third Row: William White, Carl Christoph, Frank Gougler, John Jones, Francis Cavette, William Young, Robert 

Wilson, Robert Eyster, John Watkins, Kenneth Baker, Leonard Knopf, Jack Frank, Thomas NickcTl, Ernest 

Second Row: Correll Striegal, John Stevenson, Robert McNeil, Lawrence Whitney, Douglas Helm, David Atkins, 

Robert McCartney, David Mills, George Stevens, Bruce Hiser, James Hutchinson, Charles Kritzer, Thomas 

Bunting, Thomas Cunningham, Richard Haas 
Bottom Row: Alan Fisk, George Killoren, Robert Herting, Robert Kesel, Clifford Young, Eugene Bridges, 

Theodore Himes, Frank Van Auken, Robert Sullan, Frederick Ballantinc, Charles Raper, Frank Roberts, 

William Poust, Stanley Spaeth, David Cunningham, Robert Mosher 
Not in Panel: John Eckert, Robert Deffenbaugh, Edwin Little, Ralph Gher, Earl Shapland, Otto Randolph 


Chi Iota Chapter 

401 Fast John 



Top Row: John Scofield, Raymond Real, Gerome Kelly, Edward Pinger. Donald Perille, Edward Mite, James 

l.indsey, John Regan, George Schmidt, George Leger, Robert Prymuski 
Third Row: Frank Zeimetz. Frank Murphy, Ezekiel Farmer, James Holet, Theodore Schmitz Leo Hart Robert 

Doherty, William Scofield, Robert Clancy, Pasquale Civiteflo, Edmund Grabowski, John Lichter 
Second Row: Jerome McLean, James Hughes, Louis Reinert, Lawrence Forst, John Hulla, Vernon Winter Ettore 

Serangeli, John Rosauer, Harold Tech. in 

Bottom Row: Robert Ramsey, Robert Nickels, Gerald McMahon, John Groves, Limes Sweeney Robert Krunpe 
Kenneth Quirk ' 

Not In Panel: Patrick Regan, Thomas Davies, Arnold Bitterman, Robert Weiss 


Be i \ Chapter 

3 10 Fast Chalmers 


lop Row: Howard Wallin, Earl Bell, Kenneth Clapper, John Barthel, Lowell Roberts, Philip Mitchell, Charles 
Tobermann, Earnest Frazer, Alvin Colles, Barney Regan, Frank Bushman, Thomas Lunak, John Burns. 
Robert McNeily, Gay Hallett, John Kaneski, William Ganzer, William Barker, Ray Florek 

Third Row: Melvin Roske, Henry Abelmann, Donald Erskine, Byron Watkins, John Hunter, Gene Durren, 
William Brown, Darrell Jarvis, Douglas Footh, George Sibons, William O'Connell, Joel Ware, Robert 
Messer, Frank Whiting, Gene Erwin, Richard Haffner, Ronald Bontemps, Reid Howe, Frank Gartner 

Second Row: Graeme Pieters, Richard Fackler, John Jaacks, Edward Thuman, Walter Hagen, Charles Faulkner, 
Robert Broach, Jack Pierce, Luther Harp, Thomas Landise, John Lundin, Richard Erskine, Jerome Holsinger, 
Edwin Harp, Donald Foster, Joseph McAdam, Thomas Gibson, Richard Martin, Harold Krause, Harold 
Lindahl, Spencer Quick, Donald Hubbartt 

Bottom Row: William Mitchell, Frederick Gray, James Rouse, John Zintel, James Ward, John Rouse, Allen 
Trelease, William Hensold. Lee Merrion, Robert MacCaa, Charles Abelmann, Thomas Kelly, John Hogan, 
Robert Roy, Andrew Fay, James Hoult, George Rossman, David Jensen, William Palmer 

Not in Panel: Francis Wright, Richard Long, James Roberts, Mac Wenskunas, Ray Ciszek, Donald Prentice, 
Robert Scott, Wesley Spears, John Burke, William Steffy, Kenneth Norgaard, Thomas Tiearney 


Illinois Delta 


911 South Fourth Street 


Top Row: Gordon Gustavson, John Wurtsbaugh, Richard Evans, Joseph Prezorski, William Weber, Albert 
Lowe, Thomas Dodo, Hugh Huber, Arthur Bovenkerk, Frank Deneen, Gerald Nordstrom, Gene Lebwick, 
William Carlson, Tor Meeland, William Bigelow, William Zink, Donald Bahr, Evald Anderson 

Third Row: Roger Etnyre, George Fischer, Arthur Archer, John Johnson, Carl Ball, Robert Hartung, Gordon 
Peterson, Walter Klein, John Westenhaver, Robert Kneupfer, Patrick Sullivan, Gaston Foote, Robert Cowsert, 
Nicholas Krasowsky, Philip Stewart, Charles Smith, James Pierson 

Second Row: Perry Huie, James Love, Robert Deneen, John Neveling, William VanDuzor, Wade Sewell, Donald 
Kieffer, Thomas Brahana, Burton Trick, Robert Renneckar 

Bottom Row: Paul Larsen, Robert Manning, Norman Delicath, Harry Weber, George McGinn, Edward Woare, 
Donald Lewis, Alexander Lamont, Robert Horter, Donald Johnson, Roger Purdy, Jackson Pierce, Steven Napier 

Not in Panel: Theodore Hobein, William Bacon, Paul Nelson, Robert Malley, George Stampar, Howard Egeland, 
Robert Carlson, Bruce Bailey, Kendall Siegfried, Ernest Weber 


Rho Chapter 

313 East Chalmers 



Top Row: Carroll Nelson, James O'Neal. Don Kramer, William Prentiss, Rodger Olson, Charles Mottier, 

Clarence Hinderer, Benton Odum, William Welch, James Huff, William Eaton, Robert Dinius, Allen Nibbelin, 

Ray Killen 
Third Row: Robert Spengler, Robert Pittman, James Gongaware, William Nicholas, Edwin Strand, Frank 

Bauman, Paul Brothers, Robert O'Neal, Arthur Vyse, Donald Robinson, Jay Bundy, Robert Gates, William 

Kirton, Kelton Bush 
Second Row: Thomas Stewart, Donald Omohundro, Richard Rezanke, Eugene Barta, John May, John Gainer, 

Cyril Deitch, John Lyddon, Robert Schiffman, Robert Baechle, Harry Gotti, John Coath, Joseph Buscemi 
Bottom Row: Richard Price, Lynham Jones, Richard Laseter, Donald Pearson, Elton Long, Robert Pearson, 

Richard DeBaugh, David Kramer, Arthur Busboom, John Thiemann, Edward Roderick, Earl Norregaard, 

Ernest Barta 
Not in Panel: John Mackey, Grant Paul, Daniel Schifeling 


Alpha Deuteron 

1004 South Second 


Top Row: Wayne Stanford, Richard Schaller, Richard Keller. Wendell Winklemann, Harmon Eveland. William 
Roush, Harry Casey, Jr.. Edward White, Richard O'Hair, James (ue, Roland ( arreker, Jr. 

Third Row: Kendall Bates. George Sinclair, Gene Donner, James Waters, Charles Face, Akerd Kruda,s, Asteit 
Claeyssens, John R. Solin, Harold Callahan. William D. Grumbley 

Second Row: George Berg, Alvern Bonnett, Howard Schwalb, Donald Schertz, Jack Endicott, John Munger, 
Robert Hogg, Jr.. Louie Donoho 

Bottom K„u ■: James Burdett, Jr., Joseph Morgan, William Sands, Sam Ariola, < .irl Roach, Graham Dohhie, 
William Simon 

Not in Panel: Duane Maunder, William Mumford, Thomas McCormick 


Beta Eta Chaptfr 

402 East Daniel Street 


To/> Row: Ben Fisher, Myron Winer, Victor Trubitt, Paul Bleustein, Herbert Clamage, Morris Ellis, Ronald 
Weinress, Edward Cohen, Sol Davis, Leo Rudnick, Eugene Roth, Irving Waller, Irwin Price, Norman 
Berliner, Alan Lapping, Herbert Sterling, Seymour Sacks 

Third Row: Robert Drucker, Paul Goldstein, Stuart Bonem, Seymour Weinman, Earl Brown, Stanley Sultar, 
Harold Lonoff, Sande Wische, Norman Kahn, Eugene Gold, Leonard Graivier, David Follender, Marvin 
Cooper, Kenneth Freedman, Robert Lourie, Leonard Oppenheimer 

Second Row: Phillip Koenig, Robert Reimer, Richard Cardozo, Norman Cohn, Paul Cocose, Malcolm Schoenberg, 
Wallace Butler, Elliott Weinger, Wally Milstein, Arnold Miller, Isaac Allen, Harlan Schwartzbach 

Bottom Row: Lester Sadowsky, Marvin Zwillman, Marvin Levinson, Donald Banovitz, William Trubitt, Charles 
Weisz, Joseph Kaplan, Howard Lehr, Albert Rosenthal, Arnold Lamm, Marvin Reichenstein 

Not in Panel: Marshall Cherkas, Donald Goodkind, Richard Greenberg, Stuart Narrod, Elliott Samuels, Benja- 
min Shayman 


Alpha Kappa Chapter 

52 East Armory 


Top Row: Thomas Davis, Horace Hardy, Fred Zandier, Theodore Ranney, Robert Schmidt, Grant Nelson, 

Robert Lee, Jack Stout, Robert Llewellyn, Warren Alcock, Jr., Gene McCarthy, Donald Swett 
Third Rou-: Alan Keenan, David Lamoree, Arthur Rodger, Herbert Jackson, Charles Cram, William Burriss, 

John Culp, Lawrence Fischer, Alvin Griffin, Kelly Cox, Linell Bock, Gene Kwasniewski 
Sen/rid Row : James Cunningham, Edward Fischer, Donald Acer, David Pyle, Franklin Fischer, George Culp, 

Houston Neeves, Charles Hopkins, Frank Cunningham, Richard Leonard 
Bottom Row: William Lee, Thomas Emrick, Thomas Callinan, Leonard Weber, Bruce Macdonald, Jack Tallman, 

James Schmidt, Herman Nebel, Walter Kenyon 
Sot hi Panel: Richard Machamer, Charles Hurter, Ira Abbott, Frederick Fischer 


Omicron Chapter 

313 East Armory 


Top Row: George Haupt, William Falls, Robert Redfearn, William Bahan, William Augustine, David Morris, 
Richard Kelly, William Wheelan, Richard Hall, James Warren, Paul Behan, William Huber, James Bryant, 
Donald Nelson, Jerome Evans, Arthur Tompkins, Jack Cannon, Andy Offenhiser, Edmund Rayburn, Richard 
Henry, Bud Brown, Jack Langan 

Third Row: Neal Newton, Jack Johnston, Paul Bradley, Ross Cornwell, Otho Kile, Kay Ross, Budge McCown, 
John Tarrant, Charles Young, Thomas Bradley, Donald Robinson, Ruppert Borgsmiller, William Snyder, 
Jack Stevenson, Donald Vollmer, Charles Clemens, William Buchanan, David Hanson 

Second Row: Marce Gonzalez, Robert Menke, George Johnston, Robert Caldwell, Duane Dickinson, Donald 
Caldwell, Stanley Koenig, William Graf, Robert Whitmer, Otho Bartholow, Arthur Lennon, Fred Carrier, 
Jack Otto 

Bottom Row: Fred Sweet, William Tull, Ben Overstreet, Joseph Boynton, Thomas Palmer, Ralph Chaney, William 
Devor, Harmon Freeto, Robert McClure, Richard Plain, Alby Plain, Bud Chambers 

Not in Panel: William Van Leeuwen, Charles Petranoff, Donald Benoist, Robert Casey, Robert Cowan, Charles 
Curtis, Jack Dillavou, Charles Dillavou, Fred Green, John Jacobsen, William Koster, Herman Landon, Ray 
Mathisen, John Martin, William Madden, William Newcomb, Robert Parker, Alfred Sanford, Scott Smart, 
Jack Smiley, Phillip Swatek, William Wiley, Jerome Murphy, Robert Simpson, Richard Squires, Bud Walters. 
James Woodhouse 


Illinois Beta Chapter 

211 East Daniel 







7"oft K«« : Arthur Johnson, Norman Esserman. Kan Lippitz, Isaac Dolginow, Sheldon Robin, Jay Wilner, Sydney 
Pollack, Fred Nagel, Martin Jams, Sanford Jaffc, Marvin Yarmo, Armand Lofchie, Harold Bernstein, Jerome 
Stein, Marvin Hecht, Melvin Sans, Ben Migdow, Lawrence Weisberg, Joe Wiess, Howard Weinstein 

Third Row: Howard Sachnoff, Sherman Wolf, Robert Gordon, Robert Grayson, Marvin Wiss, George Silverman, 
Harold Lasser, Robert Lubin, Herbert Fox, William Karson, Allen Zelken, Sheldon Rosenthal, Joseph Seller, 
Lowell Goldman, Burton Goldberg, Stanley Louis, Alvin Grossman, Alan Orlove, Arthur Salk, Bruce Clorfene, 
Gelbert Blechman 

Second Row: Louis Guthmann, Robert Margulies, Julius Goldberg, Norman Brainin, Henry Posner, Fritz Cass- 
man, Harold Goldstein, Harold Paddor, William Mann, Aaron Cushman, Robert Silver, Arnold Dorfman, 
William Hamer, Paul Klevatt, Herbert Rosenthal, Stanley Herman, Guy Rodrick 

Bottom Row: Martin Weber, Leo Lev. as, Henry Davis, Harold Smith, Clifford Wolper, Jerry Cohn, Harold 
Duffy, Larry Lazar, Perry Goldberg, Thomas Kalcn, Manuel Present, Marvin Rogoff, Marvin Spinner 


Rho Chapter 

1008 South Fikih 






• , 

& r £ * 4- 





m 1 


' - "if -»' 

3t> -• 

7"»/> Row: Harold Lankford, Donald Smith, Ranny Davis, Robert Terry, Alvin Gold, James Nelson, Vernon 
Green, George Walters, Wolcott Ely, Robert Wham, Robert Bischotf, Roy Will, James Corwin, Jack Ferris, 
Charles Bruggen, Robert Groll, James Bayne, David Walton, Mason Bittinger, Ralph Harpham, F.rk Ekstrom, 
Richard James 

Third Row: Charles Barber, Perry Moss, Russ Steger, George Mullins, Joseph Zearing, Donald White, ( harks 
Armour, John Coburn, William Jensen, Phillip DeCamp, Frank Peterson, Dare Moore, Paul Hamer, Forrest 
Cothern, Richard Rost, Sam McCollum, James Staton, Warren Ramshaw, Jack Blackman, Austin Marx, 
Neal Hammon, Benny Tudor 

Second Row: Joseph Crow, Thomas Hemstreet, Gene Fairbank, Jack Bond, William Heiss. Sonnv McCall. 
Vince Lapham, Bert Hayes, Bert Fitton, Gene Wood, John McKinzie, Richard Carlson, Jack Harris, Charles 
Hopp, John Treumper, William Costigan, William Hayn, Ben Fisher, Joseph Saban, Richard Turnbow, 
William Harleman 

Bottom Row: Thomas Hollingsed, Jack Vaniman, Julius Fiebig, Ralph Walton, Lloyd Carnahan, James Leeming, 
Robert Bills, George Herrick, Herbert Rowe, Philip Stoddard, Chet Trost, Jud Collins, Robert James, Gene 
Koch, Harold Prichard, Alan MacDonald. Don Johnson, James Dowling, George Gildncr 

Not in Panel: Fred Steers, James Farris, John Haygood, Robert Haygood, Ken Marlin, Robert Brown, Mervin 
Brown, Karl Aron 


Kappa Kappa Chapter 

410 East John 


; •• v 

& **?A 


Mm-*"* ■ & 


he * .. v ^K^P^^ 

»• '■" 

1 1 


ft, *£■ 


*>< -'.. 

To/> Rom.- Edward House, William Harris, John Ross, Fred Good. Ralph Green, George Rumsey, George Martin. 

Albert lohnson, James Ticer, John Van Duzor, Robert Schaeffer, Bernard Ardisana, John Kanberg, Thomas 

Czaja, Lee Draper 
Third Row: Leonard Wilson, James Zemek, James Dolan, Stanley Raney, William Lyman, David Parsons, 

Thomas Dolan, Louis Agase, John Burmaster, Donald Doerscher, Warren Glenny, Richard White, Vincil 

Swearingen, Armen Avedisian, James Allen, Roland Putcetti, Robert Slayman 
Second Row: John Holiday, Edward Luse, John Morrisey, George Hughes, William Abraham, Thomas Twitchell, 

John Czaja, George Wirth, Harry Doty, Donald Rennick, Staff Forbes 
Bottom Row: Jack Cullinane, Frank Thorne, Albert Meyer, Melvin Cruger, James Kenyon, Richard MacDonald. 

Earl Odom, William Kastor, William Mailers, Kenneth Doty, John Krebs, Edward Olson, Robert Scanlan 
Not in Panel: Joseph Bessette, Lester Bingaman, Martin Brubaker, Charles Gilson, Richard Heidinger, Bruce 

Marshall, Joseph Oberfranc, Charles Price, Donald Doody, Byron Dixon. Carl Ricker, Richard Cashmore, 

Ladd Faulkner, Cyrus Mayer, Kenneth Menke, William Davis 


Gamma Mu Chapter 

1009 West Pennsylvania 


n n a B| i:j . li 
f'Jl | P' fi R - 



Top Row: Stanley Slazinski, Edwin Witort, Robert Sorensen, Kenton Opperman, Kenneth Hanks 

Fourth Row: Charles Janke, Clark Marsh, Paige Burbank, George Beresheim, George Reiter, David Simmons 

Herbert Schultz, Earnest Rittenhouse, Melvin Reiter, James Burton, H>-sh Connolly, Kenneth McOwan 
Daniel Pike, Richard Hammack, Robert Newbold, Lloyd Taylo- Villiam Trader, Prof. Fredrick 

Third Row: 
Second Row 

Bottom Ron' 

Robert Stephens, Robert Beals, Maurice Kimbrough 


Delta Chapter 

103 West Illinois 


Top Ron: Robert Woolley, William Gregg. Lionel McAleer. John Comerford, Liddell Parchman, Jr.. Charles 
Delbridge, Fred Weik, Ted Kendrick, David Allen, Thomas Phillips, William Pipher, Robert Strom, Frederick 
Howe, Achille Maggioli, Robert Highland, Richard Lifvendahl, Frank Carter, Donald Flaherty, Vincent 
Wasilewski, Alvin Blasco, John Janosik, Jack Runyon, Jesse Bushee, James Swanson, Donald Lashley 

Second Ron: Russell Gates, Thomas Stonier, Arnold Erickson, George Shamyer, William Bnnker, Helmuth 
Holze, Howard Ross, Robert Eck, Dale Arvidson, Ted Bockman, William Sennett, Richard Faber, Jack 
Levy, Robert Reck, John Strom, Mike Kasap, Philip Kretz, Leo Ambrose, Robert Avery, Thomas Yates, 
Charles Phillips, Robert Galbreath, Arthur Moberly, Frederick Lowery, Joseph Cirricione 

Bottom Ron: Ivan Elliott, Jack West, Robert Baddaker, Kenneth Pickens, Willis Adams, Donald Weichert. 
Arthur Fairman, William Schroeder, E. D. Smith, Norman Sebastian, Kenneth Johnson, E. G. Derringer, 
Russell Prat, Harry Sandberg, Lester Mapes, Douglas Southgatc, Howard Dobbs. Robert Limacker, Robert 
Allen, Garland Fieser, Wayne Kiestcr 

Not in Panel: Robert Ardaugh, John Baird, Max Gulo, George McKay, Robert Wilson, Raymond Grierson, 
John Moore, Chris Katsinas, Donald Friedag, Darrel Hauus, Ernest Kowal, William Gilbert, Louis Fina, 
James Karlos. Norman Elliott 


Illinois Alpha Chapter 

1 105 South Fourth 



Tup Row: Richard Philip. Homer Erzinger, Richard Hookanson, Alphonse Wrzesinski. Richard Johnson. Neil 

Pfulb, Beecher Zachary, Chris Steier, Robert Dannehl, John Sylvester, George Morrow, Edward Hede, Lee 

Turnbull, Kenneth Connel, Robert Vrdsky, Donald Svitak 
ThirJ Rou : Perlee Tintary, George Bard, Harlan Baker, Albeit Leach, Frank Addis, Robert Pfeitfer, Edwin 

Callahan, William Anderson, John Boone, Raymond Nelson, Willard Drukker, Albert Kaufman, Eul 

Ruesch, James Dewhirst, Lyle Smith, Robert Seifert, Wayne Anderson 
Second Rou : William Meehling, Arthur Skale, Allen Veach, William Nancy. Robert Keppner, John Mizialko, 

Charles Weigel, Lourde Pfulb, William McCommons, Charles Grupp, Delmar Meyers, George Asselin 
Bottom Rou: Richard Callahan, Frank Grupp. Stanley Thomas, David Krafft, Glenn Gustafson. Roger Gustafson, 

James Strunck, Philip Lewis, Trevor Jones, Robert Hughes, Len Olson 
Not in Panel: Martin ( hase, George Weber. Jr.. Arthur Fleming. Robert Stouffer, Frank Addis. Robert Duff. 

Joseph Tintary. Thomas Hayden, John Albrecht, John McCarthy, Thomas O'f onnor, John Player, Ronald 


Phi Chapter 

402 Fast Armory 


7V//; Ron : Ted Eisenberg, Njt Seigal, Stewart Koppcl, Arthur Perbohner, Arthur PollakofT, Donald Hurwich, 

led Berg, Herbert Gomherg. Richard Gamsu, Dave Shapiro, Sid Polansky, Leonard Feldman, Leo Rosenthal, 

Robert Warsaw, Calvin Kaminsky 
Third Row: Leonard Kaminsky, Lawrence Shatzman, Philip Margolis, Theodore Berkson, Leonard Harris, Morey 

Slodki, Walter Perlmutter, Gerald Schoenfeld, Joseph Oshiver, Seymour Sherman, Marshall Chemers, Gene 

Lowenthal, Melvin Katz, Eugene Ornstein, Ned Fleishman, Leonard Marks 
Second Row: Arthur Leshin, Burton Freireich, Jerry Braun, Andrew Frank, Charles Karp, William Dorf, Morris 

Spector, David Rosenfeld, Samuel Mendelowitz, Jerry Rudman, Roy Diamond, Edwin Weiman, Myron 

Gerber, Dan Weiss, Don Lewis, Harold Tenenbaum, Eugene Millard, Norman Brotman 
Bottom Row: Sheldon Rosen, Martin Ackerman, Edward Cann, Jack Silberberg, Larry Kassover, Howard Porte, 

John Marcus. Jerry Levant. Earl Deutsch, Siggy Blum, Lester Burack, Jordon Rizer, Robert Heiman, Alan 

Libman, Philip Weiss, Charles Cooper 
Not in Panel: Leonard Soroka, Perry Schwartz, Ernest Schneider, Hillel Rosenthal, Harold Bruno, Irving 

IVuinv mil 


Pi Chapter 

1105 South First 




Top Row: Sherwin Herzog, Bernard Cohen, James Metcoff, Michael Altenberg, Joseph Fineberg, William 

Kupferberg, Daniel Comm, Roger Stroll, Richard Karzen, Charles Holleb, Robert Grombach, Jerome Gearson, 

Lawrence Rosenberg, Morris Weiss, Walter Servos, Eli Timoner 
Third Row: Al Hoffman, Marvin Lebovitz, Richard Lowitz, Alan Wasserman, Robert Solomon, Ira Penn, 

Jerome Berman, Leigh Rosenblum, Sheldon Nemerovski, Burton Posner Louis Pollen, Julius Newman, Edwin 

Michaels, Gilbert Eckerling, Hal Kaufman, Edward Wittert, Russell Fishman 
Second Row: Burton Zoub, Harvey Post, Melvin Barkan, Emanuel Lazerson, Saul Lipnick, Richard Borns, 

Jerome Raffel, Robert Kreeger, Marshall Segal, Lawrence Borns, Herbert Leviton, David Jadwin, Milton 

Schwartz, Marvin Loeb 
Bottom Ron.- Everett Pritikin, Russel Goldfisher, Burton Ross, Arthur Baker, David Simons, Gene Coyne, 

Robert Solomon, George Finkel, Kurt Karmin, Philip Pollack, Howard Weinper, Mickey Burnstine, Harold 

Chukerman, Howard Blum 


Psi Chapter 

105 East Armory 


Top Row: Harry Haltcrman, Harold Hebenstreit, Jean Haltcrman. Ralph Tribbey, Robert Zellmer. Henry Callsen, 
Guy McCune, Howard Matson, Burton Seidler, Robert Kiel, Robert Smith. Harold Hoffman, WiUiam 
Mifcesell, Richard Larson, Wayne Goodman, Harry Caldwell, Harry Sholota. Wilbur Krighaum, Lloyd 

Fourth Row: John MeDowell, Robert Hoffman, Walter Fackler, Mnns Hansen, William Doyle, James DePauw. 
Ward Smidl, Wdliam Shoulders. Jack Nance, Arthur Livergood, James Duncan, James Ochs, William 
O'Connor, John Eby, Paul Jewell, Bert Mitchell, Guy Downs, William Gallen, Eugene Trandel 

Third Row: Hugh Foster, -Bernard Miller, Eugene Ginoli, Joseph Fath, Melvin Sorenson, Morris Johnson, George 
Heinrich, Albert Bottin, Russell Bugan, James Davidson, Gerald Lofquist, Ervin Zieman, James Kreidler. 
Wayne Wilson 

Second Row: John Flint. Donald Faulknor, John Von Bergen, Richard Rolander, Howard Wakeman, Arthur 
Dini, Robert Liska, Robert Miller, William Langenbach, Donald Livergood, Allen Anderson, Jack McMorrow 

Bottom Row: Ray Duncan, Walter Kochnuk, William Garrels, John Negard, Kenneth Engclbrecht, Kenneth 
Wilson, ( hris Krueger, Donald Burnett, Douglas Laurent, Steve French. Richard Anderson 


Gamma Chapter 

H)8 Fast Armory 





Top Row: Rodney Jones, Bruce Everitt, Philip Carroll, William Walker. Richard Hart, Thomas Brock, Robert 
Shaw, Robert Paulson, Victor Lewcovich, William Franks, Marshall LeSueur, Robert Spenader, Judson Terrell, 
George Clark, Philip Rack, Charles Broderick, Gene Sullenger 

Third Row: James Bartley, Jack Shewalter, Richard Burgess, Harold Konrad, Joseph Palmer. Elmer Fogelsong, 
Robert Doner, Norman Schneider, Ramond Baxter, Louis Schaumberg, William McVay, Duncan Reed, 
Donald Robinson, Norman Mayer, Henry Wiley, William O'Connor, Paul Pomeroy 

Second Row: John Hartrick, Arthur Tanner, Robert Billick, Harold Jones. Richard Rueckert, George Rittcr, 
Robert McCarthy, Russell Fielding, William Larsen, Merrill Dieken, Francis White, Laurence Greene 

Bottom Row: Robert Guick, Robert Olsen, Howard Simmens, Ernest Tedford, John Bayer, Gene Kessinger, Jack 
Sim, Harold Sorter, Stanley Icenogle. Kay Azar, Edward Harrison, Warren Johnson, Donald Lundahl 


Rho Chapter 

505 East Chalmers 





Third Row: Doug Hager, Dave Streff, William ( hittiden. Dean Schrader, Dale Kirkpatrick, Joseph Gambino, 

Stanley Stanczak, Joseph Sharpe, Joseph Steidl, Ralph Tilden, Charles Flitcraft, Luke Doyle, Charles Morrison 
Second Row: John Compton, Neal Bartoloni, Ronald Skold, Ted Pierzynski, Richard Carlson, Edward Asmus, 

Robert Webb, John Ingrassia, Robert Asmus, Charles Black, Joseph Schroeder, Herb Beckermire, George 

Monency, Robert Mallary 
Bottom Row: Jerry Borden, Robert Wells, Martin Kestner, Richard Waldorf, James Money, James Devero, 

William Donne, Phil Hospers, John Sydow, Edward Shaw, Elwood Pederson 
N >t in Pttncl : Tom Purl, Francis Brylski 


Kappa Deuteron Chapter 

901 South Second 


Top Row: William Behrendt, Joseph Crawford, William Mogge, Earl Flanagan, Edward Elliott, Charles Perkins, 
Thomas Gallagher, Max Cary, Charles Carlyle, Donald Dahl, Robert Kaufmann, Robert Aylesworth, Orville 
Bolte, Robert Slavik, Jack Renner, Eugene Grassmick, George Dimit, John Coogan 

Third Row: James Schneider, Edward Cooney, Harry Von Huben, James Olson, LeRoy Reitter, Donald Bowers, 
Winfield Hentschel, Thomas Norris. Roger Fellows, Thomas Jarvis, Robert Naas, Charles Larson, Arvid Carl- 
son, Elwood Smith, Harry Ralston 

Second Row: Osker Reynolds, Raymond Fregan, Edward Fregan, George Smith, Albert Gilbertsen, Robert Pearson, 
William O'Heran, Richard Kothlow, Robert Coltman, James Sternburg, Gene Hubble, John Hull, Paul 
Rensch, Hermann Wagner. 

Bottom Row: John Damore, David Logan, Roger Tilkemeier, Harris Anderson, Joseph Howell, Frank DeBartola, 
Joseph Fina, Joseph Garcia, Eugene Baggett, Richard Kane, John Scott, William Jacobson, John Padgett 

Not In Panel: Kenneth Brunn, Charles Gottfried, Albert Chaps, Donald O'Brein, Robert Klein, Clyde Seli>:, 
William Yagemann, Eugene Stinson 


Alpha Beta Chapter 

205 East Armory 






7./' Row: Paul Schaffer, Walter Stuenkel, Hutchins Kealy, Carl Rebok, John Kibbee, Richard Conklin, Carl 
Lantau, John Eisle. Edward Day 

Third Raw: John Rausch, Richard Senseman, Harry Goettel, Robert Rappl. Charles Miles, William Brown. 

Henry Cooley, Henry Youn^ 
Second Row: Edward Miles, William Cooke, Phillip Spain, Professoi Ralph Crossman, Richard Williams, Henry 

Kidder, Charles Arnold 

Bottom Row: John Mayer. Richard Johnson, Robert Lebduska, Allen Wherry, John Parish. Charles NaRel, Carl 


Illinois Chapter 

1 12 East Daniel 


Top Row: Robert Marx, Nelson Reichman, Robert Saizow, James Adelson, James Newmark, Charles Wilens, 
Norman Krevitt, Sheldon Rosenstein, William Carr, Ted Sternberg, Richard Rosner, Dave Berkson, Bernard 
Goldstein, Don Mitchell, William Weinberg, Dave Ashe, Stanford Sholem, Kenneth Witt, Robert Eisberg. 
Jay Agatstein 

Third Row: Norman Hirsch, Charles Ramenofsky, Harold Abrams, Ben Schoenstadt, Howard Seifer, Leonard 
Bressler, Charles Wenk, Harold Strum, Gerald Strum, Howard Vactor, Justin Simon, Richard Seidel, Phil 
Smith, Stanley Molasky, Robert Witensky, Donald Richman, Robert Goldman, Charles Sternberger, James 
Feldman, Bernard Milgrom, George Ziskind, Clayton Rautbord, Harold Chapman, Morton Rothstein, Milton 

Second Row: Joseph Libman, Paul Krulewitch, Robert Wien, Ronald Resnick, Henry Snyder, Charles Wolf, 
Robert Buhai, Mrs. Sarah Davidson, Marvin Freeman, Stewart Buhai, Edward Ex, Byron Krulewitch, Gerald 
Grodsky, Edward Meyers 

Bottom Row: Bruce Littman, Ralph Livingstone, Robert Sider, Sidney Mayer, Jerry Leavitt, Andrew Stein, 
Raticoff, Sheldon Gross, Jack Silbergeld, Donald Cornbleet, Robert Merens, Edward Gettleman, Roland 
Sheldon Cohn, Richard Kriegel, Robert Garner, Robert Simon, Gene Berenholtz, Stanley Rubel 

Not in Panel : Mark Goodman 




Rho Chaptkr 

907 South Folk hi 

m : 4^Hiii 


f i IN*'*- v i 

J L 

: v 

£ ^0 


•.. 'u - 

)i ft 





To/i Row: Frank Gaudio. Harold Carlson, Karl Upstone, William Strawbridge, Lindsay Lenhart, Julius Efflandt, 

Robert Marx, Harry Richards, Ralph Jezierski, Harry Lorenz, William Bassler, Michael Musko, Ted Ritter, 

Ray Anderson 
Third Row: Ronald Dierolf, Jack Beidelman, Robert Klann, Leslie Roby, Erwin Kozeluh, Robert Ehmann, 

Herbert Sieck, Jack Vander Veer, Dyne Bowers, Lester Heller, Richard Ulrich, Lewis Hicks 
Second Row: Truman Tracy, Robert Bone, Ralph Bennitt, Charles Nelson, Odell Simmons, Jean Traub, William 

Stockhus, Gordon Houser, Edson Newquist, Ted Charlwood 
Bottom Row: Paul Barnard, Richard Conners, Sam Wilson, James Watson, Hubert Collins, Howard Hankins, 

Bernard Moore, Thomas Greene, Robert Frank, Arthur Houghton 

' •••" • t 

I. ** 


Alpha Epsilon Chapter 

201 East John Street 




First Rou : Richard Coleman, Paul Phinney, George Dowd, William O'Donnell, Robert Morris 
Second Row: Walter Stiles, Theodore Ebel, Leonard Atkins, Gilman Thrane 
Bottom Roiv: Ronald Scheck, John Roeser, John Poppelreiter, Richard Motz 








t- *t ,! f t t. f f f- ft 

* » t 

f f 

.-«.' \~*- ? ' 

Top Ran.- Shirley Nagcll, Mary Lou Solomon, Mary Lou Smith, P.»tricia Gihson, Nancy Mason, Sue Pennell 
Jackie Gebhard, Ann Porter, Mary Misch, Nancy Schmitt, Nancy Knight, Annette McAdam, Mary Bar Greene 

Fourth Row: Marjorie Hawthorne. Janet Benham, Marilyn Mueller, Mary Ellen Christie, Patricia Brown, Jane- 
Brown, Nancy Cress, Bobbie Porter. Eileen Huebner, Dorothy Stockdale, Dorothy Doolen. Patricia Lau'chnc-r. 
Nancy Brown, Emily Bacwn 

Third Row: Peggy Harlan, Eleanor Loomis, Jayne Alice Groves, Kathc-rine ( obb. Margie Perkins, Joan Clark 
Mary I ouise Irish, Patricia Atteberv. Nadine Mathis. Shirley Howard Carol Snell Theola Field Nancy 
Noble, Patricia Burgctt 

Second Row: Carla Heiss, Janet Jones. Winifred Brown. Jane Hicks, Phyllis Donahoe. loan 

Barbara Brockmeier, Martha June Smith 
Bottom Ron : Marianne Foucek, Mary Howard, Mary Ellen Green. Ingrid Vodicka, Jean Ann Z 

Tomlin, Jean Michaelson, Barbara Soltow, Phyllis Howard 
Not in Panel : Barbara Crumley 

loan Be-<;uist, 



Iota Chapter 

904 South Lincoln 


Top Row: Dorothy Hilbert, Charlotte McKinney, Betrv Carnahan. fo'inne Greeson. Let Ann Layton. Virginia 

McElrath. Nancy Blaker, Pat Boodell, Shirley Smidl, Betty Lou Bailey, Dorothy Buzzard, Marcia Pierzynski, 

Clara Willi.:ms, Carol Smith, Shirley Mix 
Third Row: Martha Winkelmann, Barbara Claypool, Anna Mae Sneddon, Mary Glen Myers, Jane Wildeman, 

Marilyn Siuda, Vyra Deene Gurney, Dorothy Ellis, Marilyn Rudd, Evelyn Flodberg, Millicent Moffett, Beverly 

Wilson, Arvena Wade, Leah Hancock, Ann Bruce 
Second Row: Esther Jones. Lorraine Johnson, Mary Argenbright, Jacqueline Finerty, Joanne- Geartts, Mrs. Kelly, 

Helen Wacker, Marion Mirring, Jeanne Ruzek, June Smith 
Bottom Row: Arlene Ives, Frances Wacaser, Phyllis Roth, Phyllis Stc-mkamp. Beverly Bear, Elaine Y.iculik. 

Jo Ann Emory, Barbara Canady, Carol Grosstephan 
Not in Pond : Bettv Gammon, Barbara Davis 


Sigma Chapter 

202 West Ni \ u>< 

gSGG&Bti&w?' *±&M. 

« jififfjwJBK'Cr?^' ^?Jt 

wSawSffidr '■■ ■agj 


C^*ai5SSfcv . • -#*■! 


Jp^Pslc >Jgfl 


I ■ _■> *** te^iii' ' * *i^y i; jiB 

IIF^HPMaafTBfc "' .tTSmmv^^^jB 

BV * "*' 

" 'i^^wL£;, -^53 

- - "8 Kf T^P>da 


«■ '^.TpVta H6p^".<^*5| 

K^^^J' ^li|j|H 




Top Row: Phyllis Wolnei. Melva Ycllin, Sonya Ades, Marjorie Mandelbaum, Sue Berlin, [Catherine Mathes, 

Helene Wolfe. Jayce Tokman, Judy Albert, Edith Fanh's. Delores Cohn 
1 bin/ Rmr: Mariorie Baer. Phyllis Silberman, Marilyn Polk, Arlene Goldman, Sue Rivkin, Audrey Cohn, 

Marjorie Mann, Rena Gaines, Barbara Brown, Rema Stone, Janyt Spahn 
Second Row: Z Ida Stone, Marjorie Maas, lois Holstine, Estelle Schermer, Marjorie Golder, Mis Kruger, 

Barbara Robinson, P.itsy Rosenthal, Laura Kirsch, ( harlotte Karcftmer, Laurel Stiglit/ 
Bottom Row: Marjorie M.irx, Ro<=alyn, Rhorla Hes*. Jean Anne Rodgers, Marjorie Silver, Janet Wolfson, 

Miriam Cowan, Sue Lerner. ( harlotte Jacobson, Jeanne Harrison, Riti Barnett 
N ■ in Punt ! Amelita Glicx 


Mi Chapter 

V(i4 South Third Sikh i 



J Up Rnu : Mary Midnight, Georgia Rutherford, Isabelle Sampou, Sally Armour, Elizabeth Edwards, Phyllis 

Moore, Betty Blomquist, Betty Walsh, Marijane Shemwell, Patricia Lincoln, Barbara Foy, Joy Hiser, Mary 

Dempsey, Jacqueline Schmied, Charmaine Casey 
Third Row: Priscilla Potter, Marilyn Harnquist, Marilyn Unmacht, Ann Potter, Rosemary Corbly, Dorothy 

Cutler, Joann Wetzler, Sharon Cole, Marilyn Thomas, Mary Madsen, Margaret Hackett, Shirley Fleming, 

Helen Young, Helen Spanabel 
Second Row: Barbara Gassmann, Rosemary Weber, Joyce Hull, Margaret Clevenger, Winona Schroeder, Kathryn 

Lipe, Ann De Witt, Mariella Mapes, Anna Berggren, Jane Lace, Katharine Jones, Katherine Hanneman, 

Patricia Vawter 
Bottom Row: Lois Bartholomew, Mary Timlin, Laura Leseman, Dorothy Clevenger, Marilyn Roe, Xenia Radatz, 

Marilyn Halverson, Joan Busch, Alyce Hitter, Joan Welch, Elaine Eichstaedt 
Not In Panel: Virginia Sindelar, Mary Hamilton, Elaine Kozler, Nancy Radeke, Helen Allott 


Sigma Chapter 

1106 South Lincoln 


w> * 

\J& * 

Marjorie Joyce-, Joyce Spurlock, Jerrilenc Ode 


Top Row: Odessa Cooper, Marian Daves, Ann Bank 

Alexander, Fredis Burton, Thelma Pickens 
Third Row: Shirley Powell, Elizabeth Trammell, Merry Price, Erla Robinson, Dolores Boyd, Cynthia Chandle 

Ima Pointer, Lenore Francois, Florence Cunningham 
Second Row: Clarice Boyd, Mildred Harris, Ruthe Cashe, Betty Esters, 

Holden, Shirley Stewart, Louistine Ford 
Bottom Row: Shirley Glenn, Eulah Mae Burton, Mary Lou Moore, 

Frederick, Erlene Collins, Betty Hursey, Rosalie McClendon 
Not tit Panel: Mary Butts, Violet Cooper, Sangenella Myers 

Helen Anderson, Lorraine Savage, Odette 
Romona Smith, Dorothy Holden, Paula 


Gamma Chapter 

1201 West Stoughton 



Top Row: Frances Ingram, Jean Ryan, Marilyn McClure, Barbara Werstler, Martha Ingram, Barbara Lannon, 

Shirley Odegard, Alice Ross, Marilyn Hagen, Sue Halcott, Betty Prather, Betty Ann Stahl 
Fourth Row: Janet Birch, Polly Lauten, Bonnie Lee Smith, Georgianna Baker, Frances Steger, Marilyn James, 

Jean Wiersema, Ramona Boehmer, Alice Wolff, June Keine, Shirley Corduan 
Third Row: Margaret Kramer, Joan Ryan, Madeline Lang, Mariellen Damon, Jane Wilson, Pat Ryan, Lois 

Dungan, June Bickerton, Irene Davis, Marilyn Gregg 
Second Row: June Bramlet, Winnie Baylor, Margaret Waldo, Celeste Miller, Doris Larsen, Leah Ginzel, 

Ruth Streger, Esther Streger, Marilee Loveridge, Laura Dexter 
Bottom Row: Gwendolyn Fuchs, Sylvia Andrews, Elaine Stout, Nancy Schmeling, Edna Kennedy, Natalie Conron, 

Lois Adams, Barbara Hibbard, Helen Hastey 


Iota Chapter 

706 South Mathews 


..'$■ ■'* 

? f ^ 

i S a '# a 

v tr <g ^ « 



•**.-» .*. 


'/'»/) Row: Georgia Leahy, Bette Samson, Portia Wells, Norma Hayes, Mary ( . C oapstick, Mary Millizen, Betty 

Mc( lure, Mary Marshall, Maxine CofTman, Ann Johnston, Phyllis Travis 
Third Row: Rozanna Uebenheim, Doris Dietz, Annice Buckner, Jean Long, Barbara Bienemann, Jane Ann 

Schoonmaker, Doris Parsons, Beverly d'Etchegoyen, Lucile Stice, Gertrude Anderson, Shirley Heimerdinger, 

Elizabeth Stephans 
Second Row: Joyce Gothwaite, Louise Teller, Barbara Gilbreath, Elizabeth Loewen, Patricia Smith, Margot 

Flock, Aline Fairbanks, Dorothy Spencer, Dorothy Rogers, Dorothy Yakley, Barbara Nicklaus, Dorothy Dolan 
Bottom Row: Ellen Lauder, Delroys Okerson, Joan Grout, Florence Moss, Adele Mason, Katherinc- O'Connor, 

Doris Buehler, Jean Latimer, Helen Nack, Marjorie Getz, Marcia Spaeth 


Beta Alpha Chapter 

506 Fast Armory Street 


M* ># 


42 -dS 

S3 A 

■H — WWII 

7'a/i Row: Bernadette Baude, Mary Krebs, Alice Chapman, Patricia Cilerum, Patricia Schnipper, Pauline Dolan, 
Elizabeth Harding, Ruth C. Turner, Mary Bandy, Dolores Chappell, Elizabeth Schabel 

Third Roiv : Margaret Haan, Patricia Ducey, Letitia Wimberly, Norma Robinson, Alyce Barton, Janice Caudill, 
Donna Finch, Lorene Carothers, Shirley Larsen, Isabel Hendel 

Second Row: Jane Rosenau, Maxine Ourada, Elizabeth Deuchier, Ellen Knauf, Betty Ray Durham, Carmelita 
McKemie, Barbara Tunnicliff, Jeanne Ostby, Naomi Peters, Mary Alice Kyndberg-Robinson, Phyllis Maxwell 

Bottom Rou>: Sue Dorris, Elizabeth Stenger, Marguerite Ehkhart, Marilyn Baird-Smith, Betsy Becker, Elinor Ander- 
son, Phyllis Lehn, Mary Smith, Joan Hawthorne, Marjorie Macy, Kathrynlee Flesch, Renee Markus 

Not in Panel: Frances L. Grant 


Kappa Chapter 

715 West Michigan 

irffl TMflME 

■ ■■-■■- * : ' :: ---Jm iT 

W\\\\ IMMMHftte_ 

IliiiJlll IJlSWinLzb 

. : ■ Oil; 

111! if : f T'l'ilJl 

' '''■■'..:■. ■:■ 

'^^•Bil *^^Hj IHHf* 





Ki * 


.-— '■'.&!** 

'/".//> Row: Glisson, Alice Jordan, Frances Harrison, Joan Parkes, Ruth Gorman, Betty Gher, Suzanne 
Hanscom, Madonna Caldwell, Janice McCann, Dorothy Henn, Barbara Trowe, Carolyn Nordstrom, Mary 
Rhoads. Jeanne Church, Patricia Champion, Beverly Bennett, Jean Doerscher, Jeanne Kettler, Doreen Embs, 
Marilyn Anderson 

Third Row: Jean Park, Jean Finch, Bonnie Preston, Mary Wedge, Marilyn Sedgwick, Bettie Muyres, Joanne- 
Knoll, Ann Wickert, Carolyn Stuhr, Mary Hadrield, Mary Porter, Martha Jelliffe, Betty Hitch, Janice Abels 
Dorothy Judd, Betsy Hall, Betty Altpeter, Barbara Thommason, Jean Naramore, Jean Gates' 

Second Row: Shirley Wright, Barbara Gulley, Louise Riddle, Norma Abels, Tui Stevenson, Mary Homrighous, 
Alice Joslyn, Joan Gagan, Ruth Weinard, Joanna Cavenee, Phyllis Chumbley, Betty Norberg, Alyce 
Knudson, Harriet Krell 

Bottom Row: Beverly Munger, Nancy Hopkins. Beverly Asplund, Ginever3 Little, Yvonne Wooley, Mary 
Grinter, Nancy Zeigler, Mary Clay, Barbara Seymour, Martha Campbell, Jean Hooper, Delores Saurs, Virginia 
Stewart, Edith Wormood, Lois Dumelow 

Not in Panel: Helen Palmer, Therese Lahey 


Omicron Chapter 

907 Sou m 



1 9i 



To/) Rou'; Patty Neal, Harriet Carrier, Barbara Garvey, Betty Jean Bryant, Mildred Phillips, Norma Mack, 

Madge Berkey, Joanne Choisser, Irene Birkeland, Sally Hagerty, Betty Golinvaux, Carolyn Young 
Third Row: Betsy Ladd, Evelyn Johnson, Betty Burgess, Joyce Prnault, Dorothy Seeman, Emma Lou Browning, 

Jean Hansen, Carol Wolff, Priscilla Gates, Ruth Schneider, Margaret Secondino 
Second Row: Carmeta McLeod, Betty Jean Pace, Jean Reedy, Martha Cottingham, Alice Ann Walker, Eloise 

Meyer, Doris Davis, Shirley Dean, Dolores Schwartz, Betty Whalin, Mary Brown, Helen Devine 
Bottom Row: Betty Jean Hanson, Margaret Halligan, Carolyn Kopp, Catherine Greisedeick, Nancy Helme, Patricia 

Andrews, Patricia Kimler, Jean Neville, Delores Grow 
Not in Panel: Imogene Phipps, Marilyn Mezek, Janice Paton, Mary Carmichael 


Delta Pi Chapter 

508 East Chalmers 


Top Row: Muriel Parker, Jo Ann Baysinger, Patricia Taber, Carolyn Quinn, Gloria Davis Charlene Umbright. 

Gretchen Lewis, Shirley Freeman, Betty Rnwen, Natalie Eckland, Margaret Metzler. Barbara Hubbard, Nancy 

Dunn, Ruth Ann Allott 
Third Row: Jeanne Scharfenberg, Jane Schmuckal, Sally Schickler, Jerry Metcalf, Jean Sutherd, Jean Temple. 

Helen Krabbe, Carmen Crown, Mary Wade Parthemer, Ginger Myers, Jean Bruder, Ann Veirs, Patricia Hirons, 

Beverlee Allen, Jane Peterson 
Second Row: Joy Chapman, Marilyn Chapman, Margaret Robinson, Dorothy Berkey, Honor Garstang, Sallv 

Millis, Virginia Holloway, Barbara Rowe, Dorothy Griffith, Margaret Sloan, Henrietta Dalbey. Faith Cech 
Bottom Row: Janice Lindell, Jackie Frost, Greta Gee, Barbara Conlin, Jane Nelson, Jean Swanson, Ann Finch, 

Miriam Sommer, Norma McHoes, Muriel Boyd, Carolyn Cornelison, Margaret Sinclair 


Iota Chapter 

1207 West Nevada 



Top Row: Lois Kamin, Greta Morganstine. Shari Brown. Muriel Blum. Hurleen Feltman, Bernice Richter. 

Adiicnnc Goldstone, Vivian Rosenblum, Edith Nudelman 
Third Row: Eleanor Somer, Seena Donchey, Judith Baskin, Geraldinc Kessler, Sylvia Stein, Joanne KatzolT, 

Renee Novick, Beverly Novack, Gloria Shalowitz, Delores Eisenstein 
Second Row: Charlotte Tennes, Lorraine Motel, Marjorie Epstein, Leonore Shalowitz, Shirley Novack, Mrs. 

E. R. Spiro, Eloise Wexman, Geraldine Weinstein, Chernie Abrams, Annette Newman. Helene Rosin 
Bottom Row: Norma Axelman, Joyce Zimbler, Rochelle Kagan, Eva Adele Weisman, Marcia Hackner, Elyse 

Pitzele, Reatha Hamburg, Marjorie Stern, Lois Feder, Beverly Kliff, Iris Nemeroff, Jacqueline Jarre 
Not in Panel: Bernice Danovitz 


Run Chapter 

110 Gregory Dri\j 

•»_ ^ * — -O 


• s - 

A 9. 

* T s 


Top Row: Dorothy Ausfahl, Jo Ann Hejda, Margaret Young, Bobbie Roberts, Dorothy Hormell Irma Ran 
Suzanne Swarts, Barbara Baxter. Patricia Stutsman, Billit Allen. Vera Kratky, Shirley M.imcl Barbara Barlow' 
Martha Ryder 

Third Row: Kathryn Zarub, Ruth Mutchler, Mae Engen. Charlotte Wallace, Marianna Minnich, Barbara 
Schmrdt Joanne Krenzkc, Patricia Hoffman. Mary Ebcrhardt, Georgianna Gates, Eleanor Shirk Jacqueline 
Coccia, Lois Keebler, Marilyn Melhcrg 

Second Row: Georgia Cahlow, Jean Shimp, Dorothy Disman. Nancy Armstrong, Nadene Ransom Mary Widener 
Anna Campana, Doris French, Joan Flesher, Mildred Wall 

Bottom Rnw: Barbara Blaker, Dclpheen Berg. Ellen Funk, Leslie Dearing, Sylvia Sward Norma Pndent Pat' : cii 

Frosch, Grace Young 
V: in Panel: Ellen Strecker 


A i i»ii \ 15k i \ Chapter 

"10 West Ohio 





To/> Row: Lois Sprague, Yvonne Gardner, Alice Jacobsen, Millicent Simonds, Edith Wells, Nancy Van Noppen, 

leanne Harshbarger, Blythe McCradie, Mary Lou Walling, Jeannette Jefferson, Phyllis Skiles, Frances Brahan.i. 

Mary Beth Hull, Janice Clark, Dorothy Ehrhardt, Jeanne Potter, JoAnn Markee. Delores Diehl, Suzanne White 
Fourth Row: Helen Sieferman, Ruth Buschman, Martha Holmes, Constance Carlson, Gloria Pagliarulo, Dorothy 

Price, Joan Koehler, Marilyn Prust, Helen Dunn, Betty Gwinn, Lois Bolle, Patricia Williamson, Jayne Conley, 

Sally Witherspoon, Margaret Engel, Sally Johnson, Mary Ann Holland, Jane Davis 
Third Row: Pauline Gucker, Barbara Angus, Mary Kay Northam, Marjorie Bean, Minnie Lou Black, Marion 

Bollinger, Elaine Sebastian, Mary Lou Barber, Janice Ehleb, Carol Karr, Jackie Tatman, Annajean McDonald, 

Elizabeth Streid, Beverly Bebb, Caroline Williams, Mariorie Ruth 
Second Row: Virginia Brunkow, Shirley Smith, Irene Ther, Jane Batts, Jean Gwinn, June Barber, Maribelle Cies, 

Dorothy Potter, Suzanne Hasselquist, Delores Davidson, Margaret Bohne, Patricia McKay 
Bottom Row: Joan Lr.towsky, Barbara Stateler, Martha Innis, Karin Johansson. Lee Cadwell, Mary Jo Pond, 

Maizic- Angier 


Omicron Chapter 

1 1 10 \Yi si \i 





%• \/ 

r«/> Row: Betty Wilcox, Grace Schulze, Patricia Duify, Shirley Moore, Dorothy Pearson, Nancy Vollrath, Marilyn 
Munkers, Miriam Bauer, Catherine ( hristie, Jane- Michel, Sally Wetter, Terry Fey, Eleanor Lang, Mary Eastman 

7 /•//,/ Row: Joanne Grigg, Nancy Moore, Jean Nihan, Barbara Earned, Marguerite O'Brien, Nancy Noonan, 
Francoise Rose, Barbara Schultz, Marilyn Wilber, Catherine Chambers, Peggy Conrad, Patricia Siott, Joyce- 
Davis, Margaret Alcock, Charlotte Salyers 

Second Row: Mary Bennett, Shirley Noble, Joanne Turner, Margaret Schumacher, Dorothy lohnston, Margaret 
Church, Phyllis Rose, Joan ( ampbell, Dorothy Knaphurst, Martha Rothgangel, Barbara ( arleton, Dora 
Herrick, Sally Sproat, Eouise C onverse 

Bottom Ron: Betty Cox, Nancy Dillavou, Jacqueline Weaver, Martha Cory, Shirley Racine, Carolyn Clark, 
Mary Schumacher, JoAnne Becker, ( arolyn Nelson. Jane Bowen, Margaret Yeager, Mary Graham, Shirley Bash 



Deli a Chapter 

611 East Daniel 



Top Row: Eloise Willison, Marilyn Knight, Sue Carol Carr, Barbara DeForest, Arah-Dean Scheele, Muriel 

Madeson, Diane Coatsworth, Marcia Dietrick, Peg Crossley, Lois Riggs, Barbara Mitchell, Madalyn Groctz- 

inger, Joan Roach 
Third Row: Evelyn Kennedy, Jean Loellke, Ruth Bone, Dorothy ( oilier, Phyllis ( halk, Janice Youmans. Bett) 

Foss, Mary Ellen Lewis, Cathy Cooper, Lois Wanen, ( aria Reyner, Lois Schecter, Helena Magnusson. lean 

Lamkey, Marjorie Blood 
Second Row: Marilyn Ewing, Margaret Walton, Mary Jane Martin, Elizabeth Easter. Norma Del Diedrich, Man 

Ruth Tredinnick, Marilyn Murray, Margaret Shekleton, Patricia Schubert, Margery Wakeman, Mary Gochanour, 

Marno Johnson 
Bottom Row: Jeanne Lee, Patricia Orland, Alice Adolphson, Marjorie Stockenberg, Marilyn Freeman, Linda 

Ermisch, Helen Ogden, Kathleen Keeley, Mary Cummings. Martha McLean, Jacqueline Galligan 
Not in Panel : Carol Kolb, Gloria Hanson. Ruth Lill.i 


Sigma Omicrok Chapter 

1204 South Lincoln 


7 op Knii 

Elizabeth Whitncl. Sally Lotuiimt, Adelc Messenger, Jane Kurrus, Barbara Bickel, Agnes Goldman. 
Barbara Seaquist, Nancy_ Barker, Marilyn Murphy, Bonnie Ilten, Carolyn Gerstenberger, Helen Crain, Suzanne 

Love, Shirley Wallin, Dorothy Belnap, Carroll Lowitz 
Third Row: Mary Ellen Needier, Patricia Price, Roberta Cooke, Ellen DeMoss, Ruth Nelson, Virginia Hudelson. 

Suzanne Appelle, Janet Wynn, Jeanne Sullivan, Marilyn Braband, Mary Whitnel, Shirley Roberts, Nancy 

Nelson, Mary Ann Stout 
Second Row: Mary Lou Pike. Nancy Hornung, Janet Ellington, Polly Kuby, Gloria McRae, Nancy ScharfT. 

Barbara Lane, Jean Hoffman, Juin Whipple, Jane Cooke, Caroll Longeway 
Bottom Row: Carol Brunnemeyer, Marion Scheineman, Patricia Mangier, Barbara Bradley, Katherine I.utz, Rita 

Messer, Nancy Wilson, Barbara Bradley, Mary Ury, Nancy Cook, Jean Beiriger 
Not in Panel: Janet Hoy, Ruth Stouffer. Atha Tehon, Marjorie Weller, Dorothy Ramseyer 


Beta Lambda Chaptkk 

1 102 South Lincoln 










9m • ** 

k - 

*ft 1 i MM 

•*?. jfe 



5 ' f j£ . * * 


■ >T 

' r -' V-v 



l r 




' ■*" 3 

rA ■■ 


HmH^ - ■**» 

wiF* r "SH 




f i . 




il 1 



3'/ ^ 

4 » 

in i 




Top Row: Jean Sullivan, Kathleen Guinney, Teddy Fisher, Dorothy Peterson, Donna Wehman, Lois Sandquist, 

Marilyn Swanson, Jean Connerton, Doris Kessler, Jackie Dolby, Jean Ray 
Third Row: Frances Jerry, Dolores Timm, Rosalie Werner, Alice Webber, Marilyn Welch, Alice Muschler, 

Betsy Rasmussen, Carmen Leonard, Lois Albertson, Elayn Gran, Cory Conrad, Marguerite Johnson 
Second Row: Kay Braun, Peggy Welsh, Barbara Christy, Helen Marie Hawthorne, Rita Horn, Marge Lidman, 

Alice Apoyan, Dorothy Hoeb, Pat Thomas, Audry Weibler 
Bottom Row: Jane Foster, Camille Pacelli, Betty Kay Heck, Kathryn Scott, Mary Somers. Pat Graybill, Ann White 
Not in Panel: Ann Adair 


Delta Beta Chapter 

1010 South Thiru 



<3 JM^* -*s* jftv& 

4^ ' *^ 

y,./> Ron;: Marcella Rubenzick. Jewel Marco, hind Fund, Edith Chilow, Su« Jac< 

Koplan, Ruth Pclk-r, Irma Katz, Shirley Barland, Illyne Zeidman 
Third Row: Estelyn Smith. Naomi Leaf, Corrine Simcm, Barbara Post, Helene Fal 

Merle Cotten, Esther Brenner, Shirley Ozeron, Elaine Weisman 
Second Row: Annette Levin, Janice Rosen, Roseanne Marschak, Arlene Billow, A 

Elaine Glass, Vivian Schutz, Patricia Berkman, Norma Pellar 
Bottom Row: Eileen Sternberg, Beverly Warsaw, Emelyn Brodsky, Pc^y Paddor, Jerry 

( onnie Mincer, ( harlotte Schneider, Rhoda Levin 
Not in Panel: Barbara Berkman. Gloria Somberg, Joyce Gordon, Doris Silverman 

Lorraine Eisenstaedt Sherr 
Phyllis Jaffe, Miriam Baker 
ic Rosenstein, Ellen Garson 


Paula SchultZ, 


The i \ Chapter 

306 Easi Gregory 


w.""""W ▼ 


v. ~ *»"' 

Top Row: Mary White, Grace Hartman, Mary Lou Marsh, Joanne Northam, Joanne Keepers, Sally Lovejoy, 

Donna Lee Benbow. Elinor Case, Jane Palmer, Frames Willis, Patricia Wallace, Betty Altenburg. Barbara 

Blanchard, Barbara Smith, Joanne Dillavou, Carolyn Zimmerman, Jeanette Denning, Virginia Burr, Ann! 
'third Rvu ■: Myra Jean Major, Joyce Mauney, Shirley Nay, Patricia Daniel, Marilyn Meyers, Joan McGinnis, 

Peggy Peterson, Dorothy Carmichael, Charlotte Allen, Phyllis Lang, Barbara Sands, Ruth Munkxnld. Burt.i 

Fleharty, Marilyn Sheppard, Dwayne Dalton, Marietta Ripley. Joan Bresee 
Second Raw Alice Lou Keighin, Frances Drennan, Phyllis Weeks, Bette Livingstone, Barbara Rosenburger. 

Lucille Duff, Mary Myrth Wallace. Mary Willis, Susan Burnside. Roselyn Leonard, Jacqueline Opp, Marilyn 

Johnson, All is Dennett 
Bottom Row: Dorothy Kennedy, Alyce Lovejoy, Harriet Haycock, Carolyn Dallenbach, Georgene Seaman, Jean 

Fleharty, Mary Anne Jordan, Elizabeth Irwin 
Not in Panel: Barbara Hunsucker, Mary MacLaughlin, Ruth Breen, Nancy Holmes, ( harlotte Keck, Barbara 

Long, Joyce Applegate. Sada Walling 


Ii linois Zei \ Chapter 

1005 South Wkh.hi 





■MStiBBSfek *3S 


Sfefe - 

Top Row: Lois Goldman, Helene Rubin, Audrey Glassberg, Frayda Radner, Barbara Roscnzweig, Judy Flesch, 
Mary Ellen Rubinitz, Lois Cohen, Margie Paley, Eileen Schermer, Marcia Rubin, Elyse Abrams, Harriett Glenn 

Third Row: Marcia Silberman, Gloria Kaplan, Sonia Snyder, Gloria Newman, Marda Spielberger, Bebe Green- 
man, Audrey Cohen, Shirley Goldman, Harriet Rosen, Marilyn Weiss, Judy Jaffe, Idell Lautmann 

Second Row: Charlene Cohen, Betty Ann Romm, Charlotte Ramenofsky, June Mell, Gloria Gould, Frances Tick, 
Lois Klein. Reeva Brodsky, Bobbie Polk, Stc-rra Penner, Norma Levin, Ethelyn Fink 

Bottom Rou j : Evelyn Grossman, Bernie Halperin, Maxine Neiburger, June Entine, Claire Levine, Rojene Molner, 
Doris Pactor, Flo Adler, Dorothy Peskind, Ruth Korngold, Jackie Lewis, Louise Franzel 

1V01 in Panel: Frances Cohn 


Kapp.a Chapter 

104 Wesi Ne\ ADA 




". 1 





Top Row: Evelyn Gray, Barbara Harris. Lucille Rhymer, Marilyn Long, Mary Marsden, Barbara Sang, Marilyn 

Rohe, Joyce Killian, Barbara Sheldon, Ilene Glasgow, Marilyn Nathan 
Third Row: Danise Smith, Barbara Lanman, Dorothy Wolfe, Sue Jarvis, Martha Langham, Pauline Rist, Eileen 

Barfknecht, Mary McLoughlin, Joanne Shanks, Patricia McKee, Jeanne Flesher 
Second Row: Virginia Warffuel, Phyllis Jordan, Carol Willis, Alyda Ratajik, Mary Hecteman, Helen Wolcott, 

Jo Rigg, Dorothy Trummel, Doris Cluever, Sara Benson 
Bottom Row: Anne Flint, Rose Capodice, Valerie Westfield, Patricia Borden, Mary Napier, Jean Rasch, Betty 

Thatcher, Eleanor Pregl, Carolyn Penwell 
Sot in Panel : Rosalie Hunt. Ann Harrison 


Theia Chapter 

713 West Ohio 

/ op Ron : Virginia Stevens, Muriel Stahnke, Joyce Kruet;er, Eileen Tressler, Lilian Cholod, Wilma Carson, 

Corinne Kloska, Pat Simpkins, Shirley Peters, LaVon DaVito, Dorothy Tosovsky, Virginia Atwater, Dorothy 

Third Raw: Nancy Anderson, Janet Bromage, Shirley C ruse. < arswella Arnold, Mary Bowersock, Mary Anderson, 

Natalie Ryan, Jackie Gil more, Jeannie Verdun, Claire ( hulay. ( olleen ( lark, Esther Little 
Second Row: Betty Schiermeyer, Mary Lou Ross, Loretta Schultz, Charlotte Schmitz, Sally Plitt, Barbara Besen- 

felder, Marjorie Thorson, Kaye Galvin, Wilna Davis, Betty Jo MtCully 
Bottom Row: Shirley Grady, Mary Eagan, Grace Cooley, Rosemary Ryan, Elizabeth Erwood, Mary Alice Enright, 

Sue Lahl, Loraine Sroczynsk, Shirley Hynes 
Vv,' in Panel: Janice Murphy Schewc 


Gamma Chapter 

?03 F.asi John 




Top Ron : Ruth Allen, Carolyn Burgess, June Jones. Ruth May, Joanne Lewis, Norma Miller, Janet Kaminke, 

Li la Jones, Dorothy Rees, Martha Telling, Jane Stockwell, Ingrid Kjellander 
Thin/ Row: Barbara Dickenson, Shirley Parker, Ruth Hayworth, Peggy Longacre, Phyllis Nickelson, Carolyn 

l.innard, Mary Bartsch, Virginia Waldc-n, Edith Biowski, Jean Duncan, Nancy Thomsen 
Second Row: Lorraine Stencel, Bettye Cross, Jane Buescher, Mary Hall. Joan Huster, Ellen Kimhrell. Louise 

Heilder, Catherine Curtis, Jean Christian, Elaine Sell, Elinor Schneider 
Bottom Ron.- Birgit Swenineson. Virginia Sorsen, Janice MacDougall, Lois Dean, Vivienne DeBaets, Joan Ptau, 

lune Blandint;. Grace Balazs. Janet Kline 


Alpha Kappa Chapter 

808 Wes-i Vermont 







5 1 3 






1'op Row: Ruth Hafermann, Barbara Cunningham, Beverly Hafermann, Joyce Keslinger, Pauline Treder, Dolores 

Wilson, Julia Hazzard, Mary C osner 
Third Ron-: Geraldine Hamilton, Dons Klinefelter, Lucy Parish, Carolyn Stuckv. Bets\ Kennedy, Florence Walter, 

Dorothy Corson, Geneva McLean, Dorothy C rahtrce, Marilyn Breneman 

Second Ron: Frances Plagge, Virginia Kmet. Mary Anderson, Edna Patron. Ruby Olson. Betty Queen, Aline 

Gantz, Evelyn Barnes, Dorothy Kclley 
Bottom Row: Mary Alice Royer. Mary Pnncc. Arlinc Young, Patricia Pavnc. Charlotte Klossing, Dorothy Dorch, 

Loretta Fatland 
No; in Panel: Wanda Gracey, Barbara Liggett, Dorothy Larue. Coralie McCart) 


6<) 7 Kasi Daniei 


Top Row: Marilyn Deardorff, Emily Hensel, Roberta Kirkpatrick. Norma I.indenmuth. Josephine- Lindsa; 
Third Row: Elaine Marozick. ( harlene Workman, Mary Condit, Beverly Andersen. Helen Wyckoff, Na 

Stibolt, Norma Hartman, Barbara Haekett, Jean Shaw, Clara Kulesza 
Second Row: Carol Hafner, Caryl Anderson, Vivian Changnon, Patricia Whitehead, Patricia Kennctt. Ins 

Oahlstrom, Marion Hediger, Kathryn Einbeckcr, Marian Crammer, Jean Plambeck, Constance Nelson Patricia 

Bottom Row: Mary Helen King, Mary Nichols, Mary Catt, Virginia Killian. Rose Strunges, Mrs. Charity Pidco I 

Wanda Zabierek, Peggy Place, Lois Sancken, Harriet Bragdon, Constance Albaugh 


"OS Soi in M \ i in- \\ -. 

Top Row: Eloise Kreiling, Peggy DeBall, Norma Crow, Helen Kasten, Joan Rewey, Gloria Cimino, Marilla Logan, Lois Todd, Betty Lipari, Margaret Barrett, 

Shirley Haven, Elizabeth Davis, Mary Thometz 
Third Row: Betty Blair, Dorothy Henderson, Ellen Zaret, Gloria Frank, Ruth Hoikman, Dorothy Haye, Alice Misegades, Helen St. Clair, Janet Fults, Shirley 

Milstein, Esther Alexander, Marforie Campbell, Leona Fincke, Gloria Filipoff 
Second Row: Dorothy Urdangen, Essie Share, Susan Menkin, Alice Bird, Lois Lesser. Joan Geymer, Helen Head, Martha Foltin, Ruth Macabee, Gertrude 

Katz, Shirley Goldstein, Vera Carter 
Bottom Row: Carolyn Kreiling, Irene Kohler, Jane Brachman, Mary Gambino. Adele Kiesele, Marion Simonson, Vera Williams, Gretchen Raube. Donna Selleg, 

Geraldine Schramm, Florence Krase, Lucinda Firebaugh, Nancy Heal 


f * 

' wmm mm bj 

, ;?, i.iT ¥ ly* ft ,M 9 f i 

Top Rou Helen Andi ra, Carol Strub, [eannette Althoff, Betty McFarlane, Juanita Davis, Margaret Martin, Elizabeth Koebrich, 

Harriet Nifong, lanel Van '< ■• Loi Birkeland, Georgianm Christensen, Rosemary Jeffries, Betty Ommen, Roberta Green 

Third Ron ■ Betty Santer, Doi Loi Barrow, Ann Manley, Bonnie Knutzen, Lois Isringbausen, Alice Grisham, Elizabeth Taylor, Ruth li.i\. Helen 

Todd, Marj Burnett, Irene Clai L id I Ann Hartsnorn, Coralii McCarty, Frances Taylor, Priscilla Jacobs, Helen Weeks 

Second Row: Beverly Markus Ali Marilyn Rascher, Mary Glodich, Frances Jones, Ruth Streid, Margarel Mackie, Wilma DeYoung, Helen Zell 

man, [can Zellman Mai Hoi i i Wilson, Harriet Staley, Audrey Hufford 

Bottom Row: Bettj Herman Li '■ hurson Roberta hilnn.Mii. Patricia Smith, Patricia lohnson, Joan Bailey, Corrine Billian, Jean Cihal, Virginia LaMantia, 

Marilyn Fossland I ■ ■■■ ■ 



i ^k^^M^il 

Ruth Veile, Gloria Cundall, Marion Kurz, Barbara Belknap, Mary Gerty, Lenora Powell, Roberta Webb, Mary Stanfield, Betty Borchert, Ellen 
Rosemary Holleb, Barbara Shay, Shirley Bunshaft, Joan Frintz, Muriel Broadway 

Top Row: 

Third Row: Betty Anderson, Geraldine Cohen, Marilyn Kurtz, Cylinda Cryder, Eleanor Scholes, Gloria Hudson, Patricia Beavers, Monna Scott, Barbara 

Annegers, Betty Mather, Joyce Helmer, Malvina Bartosiewicz, Anna Hampton, Barbara Maxwell, Rivian Levin 
Second Row: Elizabeth Broom, Jeanne Robertson, Jane Di Vail, Virginia Chapin, Mary Gambino, Phyllis Shaw, Mary Stover, Mildred McPhee, Betty Wheeler, 

Norma Harrison, Virginia Davies, Mary Grylls, Martha Samelson, Shirley Erickson 
Bottom Row: Betty Luse, Anne Himes, Gerry Toland, Joan Fagerburg, Joan Williams, Virginia Soklik, Constance Kinneman, Virginia Schlickan, Patricia Casey, 

Mary Sullivan, Shirley Cunningham, Betty Rains, Charlotte Bradley, Mynne Schmidt, Ardis Corp 


1111 West Nevada 


Tup Row: Jean Dilley, Verlee Billings, Leona Brahin, Celeste Mishkin, Grace .Szosz, Dorothy Mlsna, Dolores Mlsna, Rosalind Cook, Ada Gemeny, Betty 

Trudgen, Norma Brown, Muriel Lennertz, Dorothy Meyer, Eleanor Balslcy, Ruth Wiegand, Roberta Pritchard 
7 bird Ron-: Phyllis Doyle, Jeanne Schroeder, Joyce Rose, Marilyn Stiegelmeier, Dorothy Dennis, Dorothy Hepfer, Mildred Winkleman, Kathleen Boos, 

Mary Welch, Janis Adsit, Carolyn Bluhm, "Ruth Vinckas, Renee Rossman, Betty Roscr, Joan Howard, Carol Kraatz 
Second R»u : Janet Parett, Virginia Milton, Jean Ammons, Charlotte Mueller, Jane Hansen, Janice Greenberg, Mrs. M. Gustavson, Beryl Liechtenstein, Pearl 

Schiff, Lorraine Bonaguidi, Marion Godow, Jean Decker, Maxine Wolff 
Bollnm Row: Norma Joley, Elaine Reed, Carolyn Rausch, Camille Placzck, Doris Leva, Phyllis Landerman, Mary Rohling, Patricia Murphy, Lois Jedlicka, 

Mabel Val Dez, Ruth Heilbronner 


Top Row: Virginia Fuller. Bertha Stukus, M.n\ Barthel, Cathi Cover, lean Vandt Voorde, 

Dorothy Israel, Alio I Hi I n Ri nnaki i . [un< ["anck, I li anoi Sil ti i 

Third Rou Bettj I it Mai ril Bard Rosemar; Rahn, Virginia Winters, Adel< Nettei Carol Swanson 

Doroth) Petrunich, Dolon Zi I Quintella Km:', Isabel] Holmgren 
Second Rou Bctt) Mickey, Patricia \ Ro rta Coale, Rita Downing, Virginia Koontz, Henriel 

Mai ioi ii Pi ti i ion, Mai iella \ikman 
Bottom Row: Barbara Mill i Rutin Cash i nnakcr, [am Goldthoip Sail) McKeown Enid Epsteii 

Mr it Inn- ] «i-lin 

Doris Neumann, Shirlej ( hase, Helen Finley, 

[ren( Berntsen, Janel White. Lucit Chalmers, 

[lean l imk\, Patricia Baer, Donna Hanneken, 

. Billii ( hrvsler, Nan« I osby, Isabel Norton, 


Top Row: Joyce Perbix, Muriel Smith, Alice Baranowski, Greta Carlsen, Jean Voigt, M.irv Newburn, Ravmona Cotta, Helen Evans, Margaret Brenner, Evelyn 

Thiiil Row: Mary Przypyszny, Mary Firzst, Patricia Dixon, Patricia Ringger, Ellen Menzel, Jo'an Boriske, Ramona Donahue. Miriam Backs, Shirlee Herbst, 

Leona Bramen, Sally McKeown, Elaine Taubman 
Second Row: Frances Hallet, Evelyn Everhart, Lois Finkenbinder, Anita Shapiro, Miriam Sacks, Jessie Christiansen, Elizabeth Syrclc, Helen Williams. Sybil 

Weaver, Dolores Barchick 
Bottom Row: Ruth Miller, Frances Phillips, Marjorie Ballinger, Joyce I.ange. Marcia Dreymiller, Rachel Larner, Elinor Levin, Anne Mlinarich, Isahelle 



1115 Wesi Nevada 


iroth) Wojciechowski, M.iry Cunningham, Mane Reace, Nancy Simmons, Margaret Ha 
Betty Reeder, Phyllis Trecker, Norma Wible, Deborah Deylitz, Lydia Holmes, Viv 


Anderson, Betty Keeder, Phyllis Trecker, Norma Wible, Deborah Deylitz, Lydia Holmes, Vivian Wood, 
Rosann Bugarsky, Jane Monahan, Dorothy Weinz, Lila Winterhoff, Evelyn Baird, Darlene Daggett, Shirley 
Critchlow, Nancy Burns, Florence Wrobel 
Third Rou 

d Row: Elizabeth Springer, Dorothy Kallio, Evelyn Ekard, Mary Lott, Jane Meek, Evelyn Olson 
Kirchberg, Elizabeth Gooding, Eleanor Polka, Huram Turner, Joyce Hildebrand, Marilyn Diehl, G 
Czerwinski, Lois Link, Rita Arnold, Mary Belland, Carol Wagle, Margery Shols, Norma Schaloske, Ca 

son, Neysa 


larol Lott 

Bottom Row: Mary Bartlett, Elizabeth Gaebe, Alice Burke, Ann McNamara, Olive Bateman, Mrs. Hitzman, 

Beverly Solliday, Wilberta Anderson, Frine Marzano, Phyllis Shimkus, Nancy Worsham, Loretta Kientzle, 

Ruth Boggs, Barbara Shade, JoAnn Reed 

Bottom Row: Marguerite Petlak, Imogene Fulton, Glenellyn Musgrave, Ruth Morgan, Jean Friess, Shirley Klass, 

Helen Porterfield. Beryl Bonner, Margaret Hughes, Elinor Schoback, Carolyn Henning 


301 East Armory 


£ % ® 





-* ■ 

7"«/» Rote : Willa Whitton, Doris Bjelland, Lynette Phelps, Marilyn Swanson, Patricia Dowling, Betty Johnson, 

Charlyn Leener, Lila Athey, Jean Neese, Jeane Swinehamer, Sarah House 
Third Row: Helen Garbbert, Marcella Bischoff, Jeanne Fitton, Cecil Myers, Alice Virgin, Marjorie Shattuck, 

Margaret Hampton, Eleanor Icenogle, Julia Stahl, Harriet Masley, Rose Disbrow 
Second Row: Janice Armitage, Marguerite Rietveld, Norma Whitton, Esther Siemen, Anita Turner, Lois Bland, 

Rosemary Storm, Ila McDonald, Jean Schuder, Loretta Dierkes, Ruth Jacques 
Bottom Row: Rosemary Black, Mary Hansen, Mary Bland, Margaret Brazier, Mary Danncr, Mildred Stahl, 

Jennie Ford, Marjorie Harms, Carol Hatland, Ruth Tutledge, Patricia Joyce 


202 East Green 


$* "S 

fill I 



T«/> Rou/; Clair Blaufarb, Mary Fletcher, June Ell, Mary Baujan, Dorothy Hays, Margaret Fisher, Marilyn 

Schickedanz, Frances Baker, La Verne Ascher, Eileen RuefT, Mary Coogan, Mary Rosenburgh, Irene Hoelzel 
Fourth Row: Marian Handlin, Patricia Armstrong, Mary Erkman. Elizabeth Durward, Roberta Jacobus, Emily 

Stern, Margaret Hance, Audra Briggs, Patricia Barton, Eleanor Erkman, Dorothy Zmich, Norma Bielawski 
Third Row: Helene Harris, Belva Pearson, Margaret Van Hook, Bernice La Pire, Mary Mathews, Lois Brandt, 

Doris Robinson, Jo-Ann Ator, Carol Tourtellott, Rachel Converse, Elvira Vigna, Helen Lockhart, Marjone 

Second Row: Mariette Ekstein, Betty Bond, Rose Enevold, Virginia Bernard, Marilyn Pflauni, Sylvia Ziecina. 

Doris Raney, Evelyn Damgaard, Mary Damgaard, Dorothy Knaus, Sonya Karlen 
Bottom Row: Carol Schulman, Marjorie Galutia, Dolores Duda, Ruth Feldman, Mary Scheri, Hazel Sobinsky. 

Rachel Ciavarella, Patricia Gaynor, Margaret Johnston, Helen Lanmore, ( onstance Roark. June Snow, 

Norma Miller 
Not in Panel: Safa Akrepe, Marcella Andrews, Aline Benoist, Dorothy Bercher, Delores Bouras, Frances ( ampbell, 

Betty Cripe, Betty Dahlberg, Virginia Diekmann, Helen Driscoll, Marjorie Durward 


725 South Wright 

Top Row: Grace Zimring, June Sherman, June Meyer, Ruth Barnett, Adele Levine, Marilyn Stern, Leah Meisel, 

Naomi Ginsburg, Lorraine Meyer, Dorothy Miller, Virginia Halper, Rhoda Solomon, Rita Robin 
Third Row: Jean Chubat, Dolores Cherney, Louise Schneider, Lolita PincorTs, Betty Rosenthal, Bernice Latter, 

Paula Companion, Renee Brown, Charlotte Rosenzweig, Connie Rubin, Rita Kurtz, Phyliss Spiegel, Mildred 

Spiegel, Gwen Goldstein 
Second Rou 1 : Miriam Bahcall, Lois Feldstein, Cynthia Leban, Phyliss Cohen. Rose-Lee Ross, Charlotte Wenig. 

Mrs. Florence Godfrey, Saralee Greenblatt, Meriam Levine, Elaine Samson, Enid Goodman, Natalie Dresden, 

Anita Morwitz 
Bottom Row: Hermine Gratch, Charlane Bernstein, Renee Brody, Lynn Hillman, Donna Zimnng. Malka Leavitt, 

Lois Reich, Gloria Kallick, Caroline Wolper, Meriyln Rosenfeld, Blanche Long, Jeanne Fox 


1 106 South Thikd 


Top Row: Gloria Zering, Lila Ellman, Serene Leavitt, Sarah Raizen, Phyllis Anovitz, Jacqueline Richards, 

Elaine Engert, Dorathea Brash, Nancy Fine 
Second Row: Helen Kuenstler. Marcia Tannenbaum, Dorothy Sparberg, Helene Linet, Barbara I.iebman, Dolores 

Sher, Joan Heilbronn, Gladys Yaffle, Lylus Geliebter, Marilyn Fierman 
Bottom Row: Aylene Stupner, Shirley Berkson, Patricia Poses, Lillian Helfand, Mrs. Sarah Braverman, Dorothy 

Seratan, Elaine Mincer, Phyllis Berger 
Not in Panel: Shirlev Cohen, Lois Dry, Judith Horuitch, Mollie Kamin, Nanette Mided, Charlotte Sebel 


307 East John 


Top Row: Delores Roudonis, Mary Rizzoli. Phyllis Pretzman, Patricia Scherer, Vida Kersch, Johan Donald, 

Marietta Hamilton, Shirley Brown 
Second Row: Mildred Cutler, Norma Zimmerman, Marian Stone, Charlotte Bretscher, Muriel Bedell, Ellen 

Hansen, Mary Morwood, Ellin Hinton, Shirley Bell, Lois Beggs, LaVonne Anderson 
Bottom Row: June Yeaman, Mary Monger, Diana Jones, Mary Kers,ch, Virginia I.auher, Jean Young, Corinne 

McCauley, Shirley Tomisek, Alice Profrock, Margueritte Beem 
Not in Panel: Frances Kraft 


309 East John 



Top Row: Marion McMillan, Marcia Grahfelder, Marjonc Hyer. Helen Alhrevich, Vera Shislow, Sally Welham, 

Elaine Jahnke, Jeanne Young, Marguerite Volini, Kathleen Callery 
Third Row: Gloria Walker, Loris Klinkey, Donna Wolfhope, Mary Rudolph, Martha Darmstadt, Joan Etnyrc, 

Sarah Cox, Dorothy Hopkins, Margaret Hauter, Billie Houy 
Second Row: Mariorie Miller, Prinda Harlan, Olga Jurenas, Jane Hustcd, Mrs. Abernathie, Gloria McGuire, 

Minerva Roe, Bernice Ruddy, Colleen Dunning, Elsie Blaha 
Bottom Row: Juanita Haynes, Geraldine Sutzer, Dolores Capalety, Alison Symon, Carol Laegeler, LaVonne 

Spurgeon, Gwen Laufer, Mary Baer, Mary Crichfield, Carol Jacobs 
Not in Panel: Ruth Akey, Helene Krainovich, Barbara Larsen 


706 West Ohio 


■ ^H 

Top Row: Patsy Elliott, Anna Gumz, Mae Grupe, Grace Olsen, Dawn Sillesen, Helen Crane, Phyllis BrjnJt, 

Elizabeth Ringstrand, Renee Cermak, Idamay Dinsmore, Barbara Byrnes 
Third Row: Joyce Moore, Donna McLean, Rosalie Smith, Marjorie Dunlap, Marylou Winandy, Martha Fire- 

baugh, Sally Dutcher, Betty Mcintosh, Maurita Rodgers, Alice Shimer 
Second Row: Marian McClintick, Harriet Himes, Marilyn Markel, Kitty Teach, Margaret Phelps, ( harlotte 

Karlson, Patricia Houlihan, Mona Dean, Martha Behr, Ann Kent 
Bottom Row: Jean Krieger, Ethel Rogers, Carol Marquardt, Virginia Lawson, Vesta Anderson, Lorraine 

Siemiewiec, Joan Moodie, Audrey May 
Not in Panel: Susan Kunce 


410 East Green 


Top Row: Joyce Hooper, Mary McPherson, Mary Bath, Lois Lacy, Helen Caveney, Joan Jones, Lois Kary. 

Merriam Anderson, Marydell Pfeffer, Muriel Patterson, Joy Stiernberg, Angelina Brummer, Mary Keneipp, 

Shirley Shewhart, Norma Plotner, Barbara Karkow 
Third Row: Melva Baughman, Millie Alford, Charlotte Altheide, Estaline Ulmer, Meta Keller, Marilyn Edwards, 

Gayle Neubauer, Mary Petty, Ethelyn Mosgrove, Frances Kendrick, Virginia Cavins, Ruth Medendorp, Mary 

Livingstone, Billie Fathauer, Dorothy Quintan, Barbara Christiansen, Jacqueline Whynot, Pat Hanford, Ann 

Jinkins, Dorothy Rust 
Second Row: Helen Beilke, Mary Bryant, Jean Galek, Eloise Metzger, Mary Banon, Frances Wilmeth, Mary 

Kruh, Joyce Neubauer, Emily Stock, Feme Douglass, Margaret Carlsen, Anna McCammon, Gratia Becker, 

Mary Moore, Bernadine Porter, Clara Adrian 
Bottom Row: Ethel Brown, Marilyn Robinson, Mary Crawford, Anne Butzow, Gwen Gray, Betsy Perteit, Dorothy 

Sherrard, Joanne Dowell, Betty Claycomb, JoAnn Robinson, Dorothy Degenkolb, Marion Schwetz, Peggy 

Pool, Koreen Krapf 
Not in Panel: Dorothy Hawver, Marie Nicewander, Lucy Chin, Helen Gurkow, Marie Ostrom 


801 SOU IH \\ RIGHT 


Top Row: Tressa Kimble, Julienne Renaud, Barbara Howard, Rose-Marie Holston, Wahneta Taylor, June 

Baum, Phyllis Faytak, Jean Parke, Jane Bremer, Vardith Levy 
Third Row: Jean Carmody, Emily Kuras, Elaine Zworykin, Donna Butler, Juliette Dean, Mary Albright, Connie 

Albright, Roberta Bobsin, Agatha Schmidt, Marianne Spencer, Audrey Jones 
Second Row: Kathleen Eads, Mary Moore, Florence Karwacki, Doris Davenport, Dorothy Holsten, Sylvia Wacker, 

Dolores Capoun, Helen Stone, Elizabeth Evans, Phyllis Shafts 
Bottom Row: lone Wolf, Loretta Guintoli, Edna Gallanis, Beverly Biendenkoff, Marie Brader, Betty Jane Dyer, 

Charlotte Maxwell, Shirley Wallin. Nancy Erickson, Lois Ross 


412 East Green 


Top Rim: Rose Jemsek. Jeanne Leslie, Janet Olson, Helen Schwerdt, Beverly Addic»o, Maxine Cargill, Barbara 

Bonne, Charmian Chase, Joan Collins. Evelyn Jackowski, Beverly Bell. Helen Polenske, Audrey Anderson, 

Caryl Morse, Anna Bell Johannes, Mary Louise Burtle 
Third Row: Adora Del'Grano, Delphinc Baldwin, Francis Robinson, Mary Zonnini, Sylvia Sitavich, Margaret 

Nebehay, Elizabeth Bonnes, Shirley Hawk, Bettie Mintun, Helen Zamis. Edna Snyder, Lolita Seghetti, 

Anita Rehorst, Patricia Scott, Erene Fredell, Virginia Tomasian 
Second Row: Adele King, Bernice Calderone, Lois Sproat, Mary Lou Cole, Mary Ellen Bainter, Evelyn Mando. 

Maria Cosmas, Mildred Johnson, Minnie Giachetto, Mary Ritchie, Ann Harey. Joyce Elledge, Ruth Sinks, 

Lila Andersen 
Bottom Row: Catheryn Bowen, LaVerne Jurasin, Helen Pearn, Sally Luchs, June Branding, Lorraine Mantas. 

Benita Schreiber, Imelda Dwyer, Mary Zuliani, Mary LaPlante, Evelyn Jazak, Rita Anderson 
Nor in Panel: Colette Bergen, Bonnie Johnson, Mary Savina, Bernadine Klein. Edna Nadworny 


313 East John 



■ , 1 



— — t 

t 1 

— 1 

' . 



+ 1 



; J 







* - 


■ H 






m B 




' fl 

: ■ 













T«/i Row: Katherine Mon-an, Helen Moyers, Paulita North, Rosemary Robinson, Lois Zornig. Betty Reeder. 

Eleanor Moore, Portia Dorman, Marion Agnew, Barbara Anderson, Juanita Roush, Virginia Baker 
Third Row: Shirley O'Neil, Winifred Jennings, Florence Christiansen, Patricia Towers, Patricia Connolly, 

Phyllis Rohde, Alice Martz, Carolyn Wildman, Julia Rochow, Louise Rice, Norma Wallis, Phyllis Riedesel, 

Norma Johnston, Eleanor Kennedy 
Second Row: Jean Creighton, Emily Hensold, Elizabeth Turner, Ruth Rohde, Anne Burster, Anita Goby, Helen 

Bowditch, Margaret Taylor. Dorothy Lanham, Helen Newby, Eva Engel, Agnes Shaw 
Bottom Row: Gloria Weidner, Carol Laube, Mierley Brown, Lois Miller, Helen Johansen, Joan Rapp. Doris 

Rosendale, Sally Karstetter 
Not in Panel: Ann Curry 


405 East John 



- - 

^ ?§5 

H» ^, 


*q i j£jn 


Top Row: Margy Woodhurn, Eileen Daehler, Gwen Hackerson, Virginia Luft, Nona Bruns, Dorothy Mattes, 

Marie Knippel, Joyce Lindblom, Barbara McMahon, Doris Taylor, Beverly Veech, Dorothy Vernor, Jean 

Parker, Mary Meagher, Barbara Harnden 
Second Row: Ruth Edson, Juanita Taylor, Norma Swanson, Jeantttc Houpt. Audrey Franklin, Janet Olson, 

Jean Walker, Marjonc DeFreitas, Marye Skelly, Jane Pichon 
Bottom Row: Peg Montgomery, Maxine Evans, Marjorie Stewart, Roberta Effland. Nancy Bruce, Kathleen 

Branigan. Catherine Palecek, Abbie Olson, Betty Blomquist 


1004 West Nevada 

5 34 

Top Row: Helen Pletsch, Ruth Muska, Mrs. Patricia Jeffries, Patricia Spitz, Suzanne Cutler, Patricia Collins, 

Kathryn Mau, Joyce Anderson, Doris Kotek 
Third Row: Nita Hamilton, Eloise Crouse, Marilyn Schultz, Elaine Kuderna, Mavis Westgor. Virginia GeLaz, 

Wanda Rich, Ra Chella Smith, Georgia Wilson 
Second Row: Mary Anderson, Dorothy Seegmiller, Dorothy Finger, Margaret Rogers, Marilyn Zimny, Jenice 

Lupien, Patricia Callery, May Mahan, Joy Covey 
Bottom Row: Rosemary Tomello, Carol Grunwald, Doris Schaad, Ruth ( hristiansen, Roma Hartman. M. 

Sperlakis, Shirley Mraz 


1011 South Sixth 


# a; & ® 

7'«/> Rrt/r: Sylvia Visbaras, Jane McConnell, Violet Darchun, Ruth Rosenstiel, Phyliss Jones, K.itliryn Treballas, 

Prist ilia Applegate. Evelyn Larson 
third Rote: Lois Lundegard. Jean Riley. Betty Reynolds, Dorothy Taylor. Helen Vitous, Lucille Serepinas, 

Joan McCutcheon 
Second Row: Virginia Apple-gate. Georgette Weiss, Dorothy Fink, Jerol Miessler, Jeanne Becker, Lee S\ec. 

Ruth Eckcrt 
Bottom Row: Beverly Kubat, Evelyn Weber, Catherine Taylor, Mary Taylor, Shirley Smith. Janet Anderson. 

( arolyn Chester 
Sot in Panel: Roseman Morthorst 






« 11 

*V/i i 

Third Row: Lillian Frizzell, Lynn Heizman, Charlotte Soukup, Vera Gussman, Elene Moore, Betty MoggS, 

Frances Bird 
Second Row: Mary Bemis, June Maier, Jacquelyn Henry, Kathryn Meilinger, Arthiel Spaulding, Nora Beers, 

Carolyn Rudorf, Helen Focht 
Bottom Row: Beulah Kimber, Maxine Berman, Mina Woods, Ieavitta Brewer, Janice Kuhns, Jana Ransdell, 

Sally Weiner 
Not in Panel : Mary Caldwell 


212 East Chalmers 


Top Row: Mary Patrick, Jane Wolf. Mary Danforth. Shirley Braun, Phyllis Paulsen, Betty Jo Hart, Shirley Harris, Neva Nell Hudson 
Third Row: Marjorie Wesley, Gilda Hasemeyer, Shirley Sanders, Wilma Hasemeyer, Lois Lehman, Catherine Attebery, Rosemary Butler, Clara 
Olson, Doris Dugan 

Second Row: Mary Kraft, Lois Stern, Barbara Attebery, Eileen Janda, Martha Lynn Baker, Shirley Bolliger, Shirley Cole, Beverly Kafka, 
Shirley Stremmel, Janice Skelton 

Bottom Row: Nancy Carlson, Winifred Crookston, Louise Krebs, Baibara Ann Sumner, Rita Oldham, Catherine Leone, Barbara Heinz, Marian 


1005 West Nevada 



Top Row: Florence Witges, Sarah Stull, Julann Brya, Alice Riechman, Mary Renner, Mary Kruse, Dorothy Small, Ruth Belyea, Mary Roberts 
Second Row: Doris White, Jean Thompson, Virginia Metzler, Joanne Terry, Lorraine Watkins, Mary Stoufler, Mary Bruner, Mary Beedle 
Bottom Row: Betty Small, Mary Cannon, Norma Tanner, Margaret Cox, Sigred Iben, Doris Kirkpatrick, Joan Webster, Evelyn Wilson 

Not in Panel: Judith Johnson, Edith Maeda, Rose Meaney, R. Jerauldine McClurg, Jeanne Robertson, Francie Speirs, Mildred Stewart, Georgia Van Buskiik, Althea 


Top Row: Hellen Tomic, Marjorie Reed, Velma Bland, Jean Wilk, Dons Nelson, Vcrna Flesner, Lucille Magnusson, Ellen Attebury, Letha Skeeters, Berle Ganett 
Bottom Row: Katherine Krone, Norma Withum, Martha Gruba, Betty Schwab, Shirley Granzow, Irene Dawson, June Rumery 



Top Row: Shanno Wike, Marilyn Swartswalter, Luoise Peters, Stella Frank, Winifred Combs, Eunice Jacobek, Blanche Popelka, Doris Evans, Lois Hanselman 
Second Row: Phyllis Davis, Flora Offner, Helen Cline, Juanita Gaumer, Ruth Wolfe, Evelyn Lind, Barbara Moody 
Bottom Row: Helen Tate, E. Darlene Bradley, Verna Lathrop, Amy Heltzel, Jeanne Leader, Dorothy Manby, Miriam Wrigley 



Top How: lily Sloboda, Nam Louisi Monson, Beverly Sens, Mary Bowers, Nancy Hall, Anna Robinson 

Second u<,u LaVerne Nowakowski Carol 1 H I |m a n, Barbara Basse, Nadine Duerwachter, Beverly Erven, Darlene [ggsl i 

Bottom Row: Silvia Vidalakis, Helen Bai I fo \nn Strubinger, Lois Garbulski, Margaret Lowe 




Top Row: Lenore Rogal, Ruth Perz, Mary Johnson, June Pack, Lillian Faustner, Katherine Hawks, Jeanne Postlewaite, Florence Hulla, Mary Perkins, Katherine Felt, Shirley 
Michal, Barbara Wilkening, Jean Small 

hy . 
Marietta Provancal, Lois Bowers, Patsy Patch, Patricia Green 


Top Row: Ina Johnson, Laurel Hruda, Neva Larimore, Margaret Wilson, Mary Foclit, Anita Johnson 
Bottom Row: Gloria Stremsterfer, Bonniejean Schmieg, Mrs. Nellie Duncan, Wanda Doyle, Barbara Hughes 



Top Row: Doris Talman. Sandra Bernstein, Esther Slavick, Rochelle Levin. Rhoda Chayken Elaine Steinberg 

Third Row: Janice Brown, June Weis, Shirley Shapiro, Lois Goldberg. Thelma Serlin. June Dolgonos 

Second Row: Elaine Berg, Rena Allegan, Bernice Morgenstein, Mrs. Elizabeth Bell. Evalee Gomberg, Rollie Savitt Gloria Holland 

botiom Row: Loretta Dover, Amelia Lewis, Norma Kleinman, Beverly Malow, Barbara Wise, Joanne Hyman 


Top Row: Mary Rom, Barbara Crusi Mary Cam| B iall. Eli Hudak, Marcia Tenezai 

Third Row: Mayrni Vacketta, lean Itr. ei PI lli fit] Uthea Volland, Martha Shannon, I) s \Y lard. Nanette Reddock 

•d Row: ^Marilee Cowgur .Ann G Helen hari Mrs Frakei Regina Boianowski. Carolyn Hamrick. Jenny Segelhorst 

(1, '"' Hammer, lamci Corn in Ruth Courtright, Wilma Pellizzari. Nancy Rose Elizabeth Mi 

Pint Row 
No/ in Pant! 

Marge Hagi, Phyllu Harbi i |um Ma Alia I '--.I I ois Patrich, M 

try Mini. iv, Joy Williams 



Top Row: Barbara Hobson, Nancy Engandela, Mary Beth Jacobson, Dulcena Purvis, Kathleen Ellickson, Margaret Neill, Eleanor Swanson, Lois Monroe, Ina Herbrig 
Bottom Row: Phyllis Amacher, Nancy Johnson, Toni Toraic, Catherine Snow, Lynette Kirby, Margery Cushman, Janet Hickman 
Not in Panel: Shirley Johnson 




Top Row: Marilyn Howard, Lillian Parker, Mary Binkley, Betty Ater, Marjorie Kammerer 
Second Row: Wilda Zilm, Betty Fisher, Ida Stiner, Marian Cremer, Nadine Jarand 
Bottom Row: Evangeline Willett, June Stribling, Evelyn Bryant, Marian Haines, Eleanor Graham 
Not in Panel : Peggy Nienhaus 


Top Row: si, .nice Davis, Kathryn Boyd, loan Gardnei ;i B ii Ray, Patricia Brown, Nancy Cook, Mary Ruff 
Second Row: Ruth Studeny, Janice Howard, Rosemary Evans, Marj Coiliflower, Cornelia Haynie, Roberta Rayburn 

Bottom Row: Helen Storm, Fairlene Kirchl r, Lorraini Walker, Shirley Rosner, Kathryn French, Joyce Sillier 

Not "i Panel: Norma Press, Valetta Press 



Top Row: Elizabeth McRae, Loretta Grabarek, Lois Green, Betty Kostial, Mary Hyland, Matilda Fazekas, Mrs. Elmer Rogers 
Second Row: Loretta Skorupu, Nancy Minteer, Virginia Swain, Marie Ostrom, Patricia Robinson, Joan Kuhns, Louise Richardson 
Bottom Row: Catherine Hyland, Emma Kopp, Jeanette Jacobs, Marjorie Sagraves, Marion Benna, Anne Klein 
Not in Panel: Anne Shellabarger 



Top Row: Bernice Ozeran, Lucille Galler, Anne Shklair, Elaine Berry, Roslyn Reinglass. Evelyn Zipperstein, Carola Tacobson, Carolyn Korb 

Third Row: Ronny Blumberg, Gloria Sage, Ellen, Rosaline Marx, Eva R.ese, Shirley Singer, Yvette Hirschficld Muriel Schulm.m Murky Pohn 

Second Row: Marillyn Pinkus, Edith Kasper, Jean Block, Charlotte Cantor, Suzanne L.tvak, Bernice Lending, Norma Linkon, Ruth Bender 

Bottom Row: Charlene Palman, Carol Zivof, Henrietta Klapman, Barbara Kaplan, Alice Fox, Ruth Berkowitz 

Not in Panel: Elaine Blum 



Top Row: Amy Fuhrberg, Jessie McLuckie, Gloria Fletcher, Virginia Bowton, Dorothy Anderson, Nancy Hess, Mary Ware 
Second Row: Muriel Huber, Jean Cahill, Lois Gee, Mrs. Bertha Essenpreis, Betty Johnson, Pearl Sabath, Elizabeth Morphy 
Bottom Row: Margaret Close, Jean Huber, Betty Tountas, Betty Brothers, Virginia Mero, Caroline Perry, Carol Cathcart 


Top Rou Ruth Kunkle, Marjorii Huddlcston Marii I B r, Marjorii Bauer, I).. us Holsman 

Bottom Ron: Elizabeth Roberts, Ruth Bard icl H Norma McKean Donna Holsman, Alice Coopei 

J 46 


Top Row: Helenann Taymor, Rose Feigen, Fern Ferguson, Phyllis Bender, Gail Goldsmith, Marilyn Isler, Helene Kirshenbaum 
Second Row: Norma Kaplan, Ann Yavitt, Evelyn Duboff, Arlene Trilling, Shirley Greenschlag, Raiza Tuchman, Norma Appel 
Bottom Row: Helen Eisen, Shirley Pomper, Betty Burstein, Ruth Plotnick, Virginia Rabin, Seema Kahn, Shirley Sugerman, Delores Goode 


Top Row: Marilyn Will, Elaine Wilson, Ruth Sebens, Romona Hart, Katherini Sim] 
Second Row: Ruth Rasmussen, Betty Howard, Marilyn Daigh, Mary Babcoc, Winifre 1 Mo 
Bottom Row: Rosalie Thompson, Ethel Wood, Adeline Kulig, Katherine Whil 



Top Row: Barbara Yunker, Dorothy Albert, Elinor Hopkins, Elaine Rozmarek, Edith Miller, Kathleen Kelly 
Third Row: Ann Schoenoff, Marian Dubsky, Helen Allen, Donelda Rockwell, Ruth Frohardt, Margaret Williams 
Second Row: Marilyn Young, Doris Mallory. Frances Satterlee, Ruth Coultas, Barbara Mouritsen, Mary Hr.nning 
Bottom Row: Margaret Anderson, Shirley Esenther. Virginia Mysiak, Marilyn Hopkins, Margaret Kaschak 
Not hi Pttnel : Ruby Moore, June Saley 


Top Ron: Ruth Robinson, Ph Hi: lohnson lean Campbell, [anel Bui SI rl Hartman, Salt) Zerwekh 
Bottom Row: Helen Motko, Vilma Boubelik, R na Russell, loan Ncfl Marii Engelman 



Top Row: Dorothy Eastburn, JoAnne Schmidt, Margaret Reed, Elma Drenan, Dolores White, Vera Madsen, Irene Jones, Naomi Speckman, Esther Brittingham, Barbara 

Guffey, Marian Leigh 
Second Row: Katherine Thompson, Olga Kalapaca, Joan Siegfried, Mariam Barr, Edna Meadors, Louise Welch, Betty Kornegger, Valeria Vore 
Bottom Row: Fleta Beisner, Eloise St. Clair, Mary Allen, Katherine Baker, Normajune Luthy, Patricia Brockhausen, Patricia Roller, Norma Willis 


Top Row: Jane Alayu, Rachel Davidson, Martha Carlisle, Sylvia Hall, Adeline Garfield, Shirley Hall, Florence Jacobson 
Bottom Row: Sylvia Helper, Frances Patrick, Anita Rice, Patricia Bean, Eva Dreikurs, Jeannette Twichell 
Not in Panel: Katherine Glasgow, Marian Davis 



Top Row: Lois Talcott, Mary Richards, Helen Brown, Frances Bartholomew, Dolores Rossi, Barbara Holland, Hazel Rummer 

Second Row: Elsie Holloway, Bette Duck, Helen Kohout, Rose Grippo, Ruth Cervenka, Laura Barnard, Gloiia Tiritilli, Mary Crory, Jean Thomson 

Bottom Row: Beryle Harris, Lois Brumitt, Connie Pishos, Joyce Brumback, Alice Seleski, Dorothy Olson, Suzanne Palmer, Lois Barnard 

Not in Panel: Mary Vandenberg, June Young 


Top Row: Wesley Km/', Maurici ' itl Charlej fohn Huberl Watton, George Bucket Donald Brown, Lee Lutz 1 

Fourth Roif: Jeromi I lose, William Hahn (ohn Havens, Vernon Klockzien, Kenneth Baker, Walter Mcrker, Robert Smith, Edwlid Levin, Jack Spencer, Ralph Fisher, 

Michael Simon " 

Third Row: Edward O'Donnell, Donald (ol rraindafillidis, Walter Ross, Kenneth Elliott, Everett Sachnoff, Thomas Stem, Ronald Brown, Nathan Kroncn- 

berg, Robert Bass 
Second Hun-. Bruno Dombrowskr, Charli n i ello I enneth Gray, Earl Prince, David Goldstein, Victor Drawer, Sidney Goldberg, Charles Ise, Prank Verego, John 

Bottom Ron I i, Eubank, Harold i id G Ba illiam Hoke, Harold Oelke, Warren Reinhold, Julian Pallasch 


Top Row: Alexander Kundrotas, Russell Birk, Robert Buckman, Bill Blankenberg, Lennart Anderson, Rex Wiederanders, Bob Sprunger, Ted 

Levy, Arthur Ikenn, Bernard Mack, Donald Croxton, Melvin Lewin, Ralph Swedlund, George Ehrlich, Melvin Straus, Kenneth Litchfield, 

Robert Scharmer — ■ 

Third Row: Tom Gallanis, Dean Rasset, Richard Blomberg, William Schubert, Jim Georgakas, Warren Wille, Robert Johnson, Norman 

Sadewater, James St. John, James Reinschreiber, Edward Wickersham, Harold Harvatin, Robert Boyd, Eugene Kolkey, Jean BJackwelder 
Second Row: Delloyd Stranahan, Jerome Lipin, Allen Jeter, Donald Page, Frederick Hook, Donald DeThorn, Jack Allison, Willard Tesch, 

Bernard Snyder, Thomas Barschak, Paul Bradford, Lee Trachtenberg, Richard Spitz, Howard Johnson 
Bottom Row: Louis Fischer, Joseph LaPolombara, John Stuhl, Paul Kostyniuk, George Kouros, Joseph Levon, Robert Bishop, Robert Squires, 

Slavomir Hanus, Bernard Anderhous, Howard Abrams, Burton Young, Daniel Steinberg, Jerry Kharasch 


1004 South Fourth 


Top Row: Steve Krc, Anthony Rusch, Elmer Luber, Charles Watkins, James Campbell, Aldo Caucig, Daniel Shapiro, Richard Arms, Robert Karow, Robert Williams, Clifford! 

Gotaas, Harold Malstrom, Leonard Macewicz, Charles Watkins, John Hickey, Ralph Matusiak, Sheldon Mells 
Second Row: Harold Meyer, William Donahue, Rodney Breunlin, Stanley Weller. Howard Farr, Wayne Drom, Raymond Fisher, Frank Miller, Neal Suppiger, John Painter, 

Keith Stroupe, Edgar Kleiner, Louis Brown, Donald Gervens, Clifton Tiss, Alex Roter, Glenn Scharp, Elmer Kostka 
Bottom Row: David Alton, Lee Ehrlich, Philip Nicolosi, Charles Jacoby, Chester Kohl, Harold Leeds, Dominic Princyrali, William Rhodes, Harold Briggs, Albert Krueget, 

Claude Frey, William Parsons, Harold Dusenbury, Edward Gibala, Nelson Gordy, Erwin Besserer, Norman Hollenback, Harry Novak 


Top Hon: Arnold Learner, AM. mi Rosenbei Herman Quinn, Seyi u Vogel, Irving Kampf, Philip Ruin, Sanford Remington, Carl Wilson, Jack Stein, Marshall Linsk 

William Niggemeyer, Moms Rubin, Leonard Lacnowrcz, Pump nnikstcm 
Second Row: David Learnei Li ei tl I ippin Edwin hlosser, [ulian Saper, Frederick Lederer, John Brazinskis, Michael Ordanik, Bernard Gothelf, Erwin Kohn, Jl 

Bruer, Martin Parisot, Gordon Fishei Gerald Balentyne, Aix Harrison, Joseph Eisenberg 
Bottom Rou Harold Franz, Roberl I bejl Otl n, Robert Sidlo, William McKenzie. William < "\, Harold Pittel, Norman Simmans, Samual Anikstein, Mefl 

Torch, [ames Saul fohn Richard Davis, William Maxim, Arthui Gottschalk, Robert Spaulding 


Top Row: Robert DeCaluwe, Kenneth Gelms, Robert Monsarrat, Lloyd Dunnett, Lewis Ahlin, Ted Burgwald, Burton Cordry, William Rosenthal, John Browning, James 
Smith, Paul Guerretass, Earl Mizell, Kay Blin, Medill Bienenfeld, Philip Seely, Michael Siveik, Carl Johnson, Robert Frost, Louis Matusiak, Patrick Flannery 

Second Row: William Davis, Thomas Kelly, Robert Seal, Elmer Schmitz, William Green, Lowell Stevenson, Cyrus Kirshner, Burleigh Cooper, Richard Dellefield, Glenn 
Burgwald, Thomas MacAdoo, Jack Goss, Howard Westerholt, Gene Laurenzi, David Rogow, Leonard Waitches, Don Tucker, Edward Perlman, Richard Ling 

Bottom Row: Edward Lundquist, Victor O'Brien, William Thompson, Carl Johnson, William Arthur, Ernest Krivi, William Rosen, Wayne Shadwick, Louis Erdelyan, 
William Burns, Odell Kirk, Morris Recktor, Charles Moore, Allan Krell, Vernon Lucas, Robert Hardy, William Guiette, Louis Wappel 


Springfield and Romine 



To/7 Row: Wayne Ring, Sylvan Jaenke, Joseph Poskin, Thomas Neal, Phillip Bly, Donald Berning, Paul R. Powell, Ancil Jones, Loren Kabbes, 

Robert Redman, Bernard Friedman, Michael Simon, Bertram Karpf, Jerome Siegel, Leonard Staugas, Peter Yarmoluk, Richard Witte 
Third Ron-: James McCarthy, Kenneth Watson, William Knight, John Mee, Morris Wexler, James Dickinson, John Cress, James Davis, 

Frederic Richter, Michael Holzman, Robert White, Willard Heaton, George Pohn, Stanley Salzman, Sidney Steinberg, Curtis Bunting, George 

Hughey, Arvid Norman 
Second Row: Edward Brandt, Donald Schneider, Carl Anderson, Ernest Brockschmidt, Kennard Manchester, Seymour Friedman, Morton 

Silver, Constantine Houpis, Judson Sanderson, Arthur Lassers, Harold Strom, James Derks, Robert Reisch 
Bottom Row: Glendall King, Edward Webb, Seymour Kaplan, John Turnbull, Samuel Wigodner, Orville Kahn, John Ralston, Orland Shefve- 

land, Leslie Schenk, Richard Schaller, Edward O'Donnell, Edward Boyle 



1215 South Fourth 

) ^ 


Top Row: James Johnston, Alan Medendorp, John Pollard, Robert Huffman, Carl Walter, Jack Boyd, Richard Galavan, Robert H. Johnston, 

Donald Thurow, Ernest Fifles 
Third Row: George Ricker, Robert Hodge, Lorimer Crews, Richard Hunter, Alfred Miller, Clarence Westlake, John Steenhausen, John Allen, 

Wallace Strow, Gerald Parker 
Second Row: Harry LaPlante, George Smith, William Pape, Rex Holmes, Arthur Lindburg, Victor Day, Bill Baker, Francis Strehl, Joseph Stiz 
Bottom Row: Harold Kemp, Maurice Baxter, Don Lesswell, James Egbert, Dan Hon, Robert Bengel, Robert Bannon, Lawrence Brown 


404 East John 


Top Row: Frank Farley, Jack Carey, Lyman Shaw, William Adams, George Burridge, Chris Karras, Albert Bumgardner, George Tilton, Robert 

Chenalloy, Clyde Anderson, James Mohan 
Third Ron : Randall Beasley, Duke Silverstrini, Stephan Tonsor, Theodore Reed, Frederick Bauling, Robert Londrigan, William Maddox, Russel 

Sherer, Paul Fenoglio, George Lawrence, James Garner, Earl Antrim 
Second Row: Vince DiGiulia, Charles Cantrell, Arthur Eger, Myron Browning, John Maguire, Robert Moffet, Howard Wachtel, Harold Larson, 

Jack Schneider, Howard Stewart, Robert Davlin, James Londrigan 
Bottom Row: Charles Jones, Kenneth Nelson, Edward Sweeney, Calvin Merkle, Richard Lindholm, Ervin Nommensen, Mrs. Besse Curzon, 

Robert Jones, Robert Wehrle, Richard Zogg, Keith Jordan 
Not in Panel: Louis Ruffolo, Chuck Maddox, William Haven 


805 West Pennsylvania 


' * tfC/_r^ '*^*P~K' '** 


1 wL llm ' '^ 




Top "«><.• >'"'ia'= l f^-nrhy. Howard McBride, Samuel Rosenberg, Gaston Silva, Jorge Echaurren, Donald Sartore, Samuel Zeman, Al Zimmerman, Howard Phillips, Joseph 

Kyonka, Pete Gregonis, William Ziegler, Wesley Mundil 
Second Row: William Keiley, Chris Veremis, Omer Green, Harold Terry, James Woods, Walter Pagel, Harry Vanderbilt, Robert Bedford, Ernest Boyaris, Robert Danley, 

Leroy Dougall 
Bottom Row: Albert Malelo, Robert Flink, James Craig, Patricio Grez, Samuel France, Norman Bolotin, Andy Zacek, Carl Barnhart, Leroy Johnson 


lop Row: Parke Barnard, Arthur Hemming, Charles Reace, Marvin Wahlstrom, James Leigh . 

Second Row: William Skelton, Robert Fenity, William Gibler, Richard Morgan, Homer Crouse, Charles Zaloga, Richard Coderre, William Messer, James Gilchrist, Oscai 


Bottom Row: Joseph Mortimer, Robert Bohl, Joseph Slaker, John Brophy, Harold Lewis, Frederic Zeisler, Walter Vivrett, George Kopchak, John Forbes, James Fritz 



Top Row: Jack Collins, Robert Allan, Donald Schlickan, William Ditzler, Charles Austin, William Thrasher 
Second Row: Robert Fessler, Maurice Womack, Richard Garner, Edward Wright, Howard Koontz 
Bottom Row: Walter Kevern, George Sailor, John Harrington, Ross Leib, William Berkey 


Top Row: Richard Ranp, Allyn Morgan, Arthui Rose, Charles Biegel, Roberl Gross, Everett Hopson 
Second Row: Arthui Muehlinn, Frank Duloui, llmli lli.i.hsh, ivtn Bruni, Richard SI ottow 

liottam Row: Miarlcs Muchlin^, John M.K.r.kir lur, I, er, How. ml Rapp Di in Hopkins, Robert Metzger 

Not m Panel : Thomas Burton 



Top Row: Thomas Peters, Edwin Wright, Herbert Woolsey, F Ioyde Walker, Ernest Ozier, Everett Smiley, Lee Farlow 
Second Row: Lowell Gardner, John Curry, Keith Schertz, Frank Mealiff, Walter Fehrenbacher, James Litchfield, William Hartel 
Bottom Row: Allan Mueller, Leroy Schilt, Clarence Oeth, Paul Ferree, Robert Drake, Donald Duvick, Carman Potter 
Not in Panel: James McCurdy 


Top Row: Edward Stachyra, Albert Van der Werff, George Lulich, Robert Miller, Carl Peter, Harry Weisman, Robert Sheppard, Norman Rotenberg, Joseph Tomaskovic, 

Peter Contos, Barton Cross, John Rock, Arthur Salzman, Melton Bartosek ,..,,, ,„, • .. 

Fourth Row: Joseph Ziculich, Harry Smith, Victor Wall, Carl Ricker, Norman Stanton, John Lukosus, Charles Mareda, William Weigerding 

Third Row: Robert Rosencranz, Charles Ransford, Howard Morey, Lawrence Blaida . Carl Lenz, Richard Lindstedt, Ralph De Werff, John Armstrong, Victor Willis 
Second Row: Roger Hitzeman, Bernard Barrish, Louis Mylius, Charles Hammond. Ralph Ried, Leonard Micklich, Earl Price, Clarence Nowacki, Norbert Kummer 
Bottom Row: Robert Kotlarz, Chester Pietrzak, John Dewey, Norman Harrison, William Smith, Robert White, Louis Stern, Charles Helwig 








Alice Koehler 


Mary Lambert 
Jeanette Lindsay 

La Verne Bloomberg 

Dorothy Litherland 

Norman Bollis 

Jean Lovendahl 

Edward Colin, Jr. 

Alice Meserve Lane 

June Collier 

Edith Fisher 

Eleanore Greenwood 

Meyer Gunther 

Alice Harmon 

Margaret Haygood 

Robert Henning 

Elizabeth House McReynolds 

Betty Issacs 

Norman Jones 

Doris Judson 

David Kalin 

Howard Kasik 

Carol Koepke 

Nancy Kollman 

Lorraine Mieschke 
Robert Mosborg 
Bernice Ranz 
Sidney Rushakoff 
John Schumaker 
Marcia Shurte 
Janet Sisson 
Margaret Stewart 
Raymond Van Paucke 
Ruth Wahlberg 
Helen Whitson 




Chancellor Andrew Harris 

Censor Donald Henegar 

Scribe Ernst Biberstein 

Treasurer Ralph Burnett 

Chronicler Ralph Johnson 

The Morrow Chapter of Alpha Zeta, at the Univer- 
sity of Illinois, is an honorary agricultural fraternity 
with a membership of twenty students and over one 
hundred faculty men. The object of this fraternity is 
to inspire high standards of scholarship, morals, and 
culture, to promote the advancement of agriculture, 
and to train its members to be leaders in every line of 
this great science. 

Members are chosen from the students in the Col- 

lege of Agriculture who have demonstrated outstand- 
ing scholarship, leadership, and character qualifica- 
tions during their first three semesters. These men fur- 
ther develop their ability through close association 
with the faculty members, and by practical application 
in inspiring other students to attain the goals of leader- 
ship, scholarship, and character which Alpha Zeta 

Top Row: Delmar Wilken, Ralph Burnett, John Schuett. Ralph Johnson. Eldon Larson, Wilman Davis 

Second Row: Zealy Holmes, John Thompson, Floyde Walker, Charles Reimer, Leo Curtin, Donald Henegar 

Bottom Row: Ernst Biberstein, Kenneth Gorden, Wendell Hall, Prof. Franklin Reiss, Andrew Harris, Dr. David Wimer 

Not in Panel: George Carlisle, Elmer Olson, Gerald Miller, Bernard Kaufmann, Robert Hinton 




President James Derks 

Vice-President Howard Schroeder 

Secretary William Muchow 

Treasurer Charles Richardson 

The purpose of the society shall be to advance archi- 
tectural and allied interests; and to promote a spirit 
of good fellowship among its members. 

Gargoyle, national scholastic honorary society of 
architects, was founded at Cornell University. On the 
Illinois campus a local honorary named Psi Mu, 
founded in the spring of 1914, became the Beta chapter 
of Gargoyle on January 4, 1917. 

A4embers are elected on the basis of scholarship, 
personality, and character, with emphasis placed on 

the students' scholastic average. Awards are presented 
annually to undergraduate students for outstanding 
work in architectural design and architectural engi- 
neering. The society provides an impetus for high 
standards of work in the school of architecture. 

Honorary members may be elected from members 
in the college and University faculty and from those 
who won special distinction in the field of architecture 
and allied fields. 

Top Row: Charles Rubinelli, Albert Hoover, Warren Schwulst, Paul Biandt, Myron Sielaff, William Sayre, Charles Richardson 
Second Row: Donald Knorr, William Muchow, George Clark, William Benson, Allen Rudolph, Benjamin Shayman, Wallace Kagawa 
Bottom Row: Howard Schroeder, James Derks, Cyrus Palmer, Rexford Newcomb, Newlin Morgan, Driver Lindsay, Sakip Altay 
Not in Panel: William Butorac, Glen Frazier, Donald Lippincott, Joseph Oberfranc, Richard Schcenberger, Stanley Thier 



President Arthur Leininger 

Vice-President Wayne Ring 

Corresponding Secretary Lawrence Breinin 

Treasurer William Myers 

The history of Tau Beta Pi, since its founding in 
1885 by Edward Higginson Williams, Jr., has been 
one of constant expansion. From its beginning at 
Lehigh University it has grown to its present size 
of seventy-nine active chapters. 

The fraternity was conceived to recognize those 
who confer honor upon their Alma iVlater by dis- 
tinguished scholarship in undergraduate work, or by 
their achievements as alumni in the field of engineer- 
ing; and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the 

engineering colleges of America. 

Tau Beta Pi was one of the six original members 
of the Association of College Honor Societies, formed 
in 1925 as a result of endeavors to clarify the situation 
regarding honor societies. 

In 1897 Illinois Alpha became the fifth chapter 
founded. Today its membership includes eighteen 
undergraduates, over one hundred and fifty faculty 
men, and numerous graduate students. 

Top Row: Arthur Skale, Macdonald Henderson, Lawrence Breinin, Paul Shadle, Wayne Ring, William Myers, Melvin Rosche 
Bottom Row: Alfred Solbrig, Jean Traub, Pete Fenoglio, Professor W. N. Espy, Arthur Leininger, Elmer Harris, William Curtis 
Not in Panel: Walter Kottemann, John Leek, Victor Mazzucco, Frederick Wunder 





President Marilyn Murphy 

Vice-President Edith Wells 

Secretary Mary Hull 

Treasurer Norma Mack 


Vivian Allard 
Mary Louise Baer 
Doris Leile Baity 
Mary Jane Bartlett 
Mary Alice Bartscli 
Elizabeth Marie Barwig 
Ruth Doris Bender 
Dorothy Ann Bercher 
Barbara Ann Bickel 
Doris Rae Bjelland 
Joan E. Borisde 
Ruth Evelyn Breen 
Alice Jane Brown 
Earlene Brown 
Patricia Ruth Brown 
Lois Eileen Brumitt 
Mary Louise Burnett 
Greta Carlsen 
Ruth Cerkel 
Grace Elaine Charlet 
Cloetta E. Coll 
Audrey Myrna Comer 
Mary Margaret Condit 
Shirley Ann Connor 
Marian E. Cremer 
Dwayne Dalton 
PhylHs Marie Davis 
Virginia R. Dawes 
Irene Mary Dawson 
Marcia Jean Deitrick 
Dorothy Gertrude Dorch 
Jacqueline Dorm 
Lois Ellen Dungan 
Mary Jean Eberhardt 
Dorothy Jean Ehrhardt 
Marilyn Fink 
Burta Fleharty 
Shirley Grace Fleming 

Kathryn Rose French 
Marian Pauline Fulton 
Yvonne Lee Gardner 
Patricia Ann Goers 
Barbara Rose Golden 
Leah S. Grodinsky 
Beryle Virginia Harris 
Rose Theresa Hartman 
Dorothy Johnstone Hawver 
Norma Carol Hayes 
Jacqueline Patricia Henry 
Rose Marie Holmes 
Janice Helen Howard 
Mary Elizabeth Hull 
Carola Vivian Jacobson 
Ann Jinkins 
Judith Jaffe • 
Marguerite C. Johnson 
Phyllis Ann Jones 
Evelyn V. Kimpel 
Helen Klier 
Ellen Kodish 
Jean Leader 
Joanne E. Lewis 
Mary Jane Livingston 
Barbara E. Long 
Suzanne Love 
Norma Dorene Lowry 
Norma Frances Mack 
Dorothy Jean Mattes 
Annette McAdams 
Blythe Audrea McCradie 
Rosalie McLaughlin 
Mary Rose McPherson 
Josephine O. Meek 
Marilyn Jean Murphy 
Virginia Mysiak 
Charlotte Peterson 
Mariette G. Provancal 

Caroline Quinn 
Jane Lee Ransdell 
Patricia Jane Ransdell 
Betsy Rasmussen 
Alyda R. Rataiik 
Dorothy Ann Rees 
Eva Riese 
Alice Eleanor Ross 
Marilyn Rosenfeld 
June Anne Rumery 
Elaine Samson 
Lois Lillian Sandquist 
Constance Shirley Savat 
Gerry Schramm 
Barbara Ann Seaquist 
Anna Ruth Sebens 
Dorothy Catherine Seeman 
Donna Jo Selleg 
Dorothy Lois Seratan 
Shirley Sherman 
Nancy Simmons 
Millicent Anne Simonds 
Harriette Singer 
Phyllis Jean Skiles 
Joanna E. Stern 
Phyllis Ann Travis 
Estaline Dean Ulmer 
Mary Lou Walling 
Freida Weiner 
Marilyn Weiss • 
Edith M. Wells 
Frances E. White 
Carolyn Wildman 
Jean Frances Wilk 
Margaret Louise Wilson 
Mildred J. Winkleman 
Charlene Workman 
Dean Leah Trelease 

Alpha Lambda Delta, National Scholastic Honor- 
ary for Freshman Women, was originally founded 
here in 1924 at the University of Illinois by Dean 
Maria Leonard for the purpose of "promoting intel- 
ligent living and a high standard of learning among 
the freshman women in our institutions of higher 
learning." There are now 49 active chapters. 

Qualifications for membership are: a scholastic aver- 
age of 4.5, and a full program of academic work. 

The activities of Alpha Lambda Delta include a tea 
given for all women with an average of 4. or better 
at the eight weeks' period, in order to encourage them 
to achieve eligibility for membership in this honor- 

ary; a Spring Initiation tea at which the Senior woman 
with the highest scholastic average is honored by be- 
ing presented with a National Award, and certificates 
of Honorable Mention arc presented to all Seniors 
who have maintained the 4.5 average for their four 
years of college; the maintenance of a library of text- 
books for the use of girls who rind college financially 

Pledging ami initiations are held each semester. The 
1946 pledge class totaled 114 members. 

The sponsor of the organization is Airs. 1 lelen 
Maddock Hudson, assistant Dean of Women. 



Phi Eta Sigma, scholastic honorary for freshmen 
men, was founded at the University of Illinois in 1923 
by Dean Thomas Arkle Clarke. Since its founding, 
chapters have sprung all over the country, in forty- 
nine leading colleges and universities. 

Requirements for membership are two: candidates 
must be freshmen, and must earn a 4.5 average during 

their first semester in the University or by the end of 
their first year. 

Although membership showed a big drop during 
the war years, over 100 men Mere initiated at the end 
of the first semester, 1945-46. Dean E. E. Stafford, 
faculty advisor, predicts a larger number will be 
initiated during this year. 

Top Row: Thomas Wright, Warren Mara, August Hoeflinger, William Broberg, Marvin Wahlstrom, John Marcinkoska, John Penn, Jack Merwin, Elbert Smith, 

Robert Schlageter, Gordon Boyd, Alfred Bent, Keck Dawson, Leo Fryman „„.,,. , ^-, i r- ,, , , ™ u 

Seventh Row: Thomas Bloomer, William Wayne, Arnold Warlin, John Lawless, Phillip Watt, Nolan Crayer Wi ham Loomis, Charles Cooper, Hubert Walton 
Sixth Row: Dean Vander Stoep, John Hope, James Parchmann, John Goodell, Kenneth Unteed, Lawrence Irish, Harold Rasmussen, Donald Shanatelt, \\ ilium 

Winter, Edward Gempler, Thomas Gallanis ,, , .. T . , „ . .. . ., c . 

Fifth Row: Robert Nelson, Ellis Hutcheson, Arnold Bensew, William Hahn, Robert Sieberman, Kenneth Engelbrecht, Kenneth Lindsay, Fred Nagel, Morton Shane, 

Lowell Goldman . _ . ., ml, r i u u i 

Fourth Row: Ellis Leighty, Howard Rapp, Fred Berry, Robert Sprunger, Carl Freedlund, Morns Wexler Jack Gordon, Allen Nibbe in, John Hampel 
Third Row: Keith Chulock, Calvin Merkle, Albert Bumgardner, Dean Smith, Robert Muehrcke, Jack Vertrees Boris Glayash, Wi bert Morgan Rollm Workman 
Second Row: Charles Schenk, Burton Shapiro, Donald Taylor, Charles Cantrell, Gene Henderson, Willis Elliott, Robert Stenberg. Earl Dieken Robert Baechle 
Bottom Row: Nathaniel Brody, Harold Gourley, Daryl Papke, James Martin, Charles Muehling, Marvin Johnson, Richard Ames, Charles Boetto, Robert Hacker 



OFFICERS Kappa Tau Alpha was founded at the University 

President Frederick S. Siebert 

Vice-President Warren Lutev or 'Missouri in 1910 as an honor society to recognize 

Secretary Alfred Gertler 

and encourage outstanding scholarship in schools of 
Treasurer Manning I). Seil 

MEMBERS journalism. The University of Illinois chapter, acti- 

John Davenport Barbara Nicklaus 

,, _ ., _ _ , vated in 1925, is one of eighteen presently active. 

Donald roxvog Mary Lou Roberts 

Alfred Gertler Elaine Sell ~ , , r . . , , 

Unly upperclassmen or high scholastic rank are m- 

Theodore Kimble Robert Stelzer 

Warren Lutev Alice Walker vited to become members. 


Pi Tau Sigma, a national honorary fraternity for 
mechanical engineers, was founded at the University 
of Illinois in 1915. The purpose of the organization 
is "to foster the high ideals of the engineering pro- 
fession, to stimulate interest in co-ordinate depart- 
mental activities, and to promote the welfare of its 

members." It aims "to establish a closer bond of 
fellowship to those men in the study and in the pro- 
fession of mechanical engineering, who by their aca- 
demic or practical achievements manifest a real inter- 
est and marked ability in their chosen work." 

Top Row: Professor John Miles, Proal Judson, David Offner, Wayne Ring, Franklin Bayha, Robert Saar, William Myers, Donald Vail, Professor Horace Macintire, 

Professor Kenneth Trigger 
Second Row: Professor William Espy, Robert Melicher, Edward Bader, Burton Bouwkamp, George Wehrle, Ernest Rittenhouse, Walter Amberg, Richard Bushmeyer 
Bottom Row: James Mingee, Professor Will Worley, Stanley Newman, Ralph Behler 

. - ua> 



Jean Atchinson 
Joan Baldry 
Aiarion Berkowitz 
Stewart Cole Blasier 
Marie Louise Boddy 
Gene Brucker 
Flora Beth Case 
Joanna Cavenee 
Flora Arlene Correll 
Betty Croft 
Eileen L. Daehler 
Ida Mae Farlow 
Joan Elizabeth Gagan 
Mary Nancy Girhard 
Ralph Goebel 
Albert Ansell Gopaul 
Jayne Alice Groves 
Meyer Samuel Gunther 
Sylvia Helper 
Evelyn Bernice Hines 
Mary Elizabeth Homrighous 
Eleanor Howell 
John Hyde 
Jean Betty Klein 
Jeanette Klemola 
Joseph LaPalombara 
Samuel Mendelowitz 
jHarie H. Muehrcke 
Shirlev Anne Noble 

Paul Richard Olson 
Catherine Palecek 
Helen Palmer 
Jo Anne Perrine 
Victoria Prodan 
Dorothy M. Purcell 
David Irwin Rabinov 
Charlotte K. Ramenofsky 
Helen Jean Reedy 
Bernice Richter 
Ruth Saposnik 
Lawrence Sasek 
Winona Schroeder 
Theodore Scott 
Betty Lee Sing 
Dana Snvder 
Ruth Stark 

Jeanne Eleanor Starkey 
Muriel Vera Stuart 
Mary Catherine Sullivan 
Martha Swain 
Carol Swanson 
Mollye Mae Tillma 
Toni Tomic 
Shirley Tomisek 
Mary Ruth Tredinnick 
John Turnbull 
Margaret Helen Waldo 
Vallee Willman 



President W. C. Huntington 

Vice-President S. C. Staley 

Secretary A. L. Young 

Treasurer Sylvia Gilmore 

Historian Mrs. A. R. Crathorne 

Phi Kappa Phi is primarily a scholastic honorary, 
and the only one recognizing high scholarship on the 
part of students from all the colleges and schools of 
the University. Undergraduates are elected when 
seniors, the number so honored being restricted to 
five percent or less of those graduating. Graduate stu- 

dents are usually elected, when scholastically eligible, 
from those that are candidates for the Doctorate. 
Faculty members may be elected in recognition of 
outstanding achievement. (Names of 1946-47 initiates 
will be listed in the 1948 Illio). 








Hubert Wetzel 


The purpose of the Agriculture Club is to foster and 
promote the interest of students in the profession of 

The Agriculture Club is open to all students in the 
College of Agriculture. Affiliated with the Agriculture 
Club are several subsidiary clubs for students special- 
izing in the various technical fields — Hoof and Horn, 
Field and Furrow, Poultry Science, Dairy Technology, 

Dairy Production, Horticulture Club, Agriculture 
Education Club, Agriculture Engineering, and Agri- 
culture Economics. 

Outstanding events of the year sponsored by the 
Agriculture Club and subsidiary clubs and in some 
cases with the Home Economics Club are: All Field 
Day, Plow Boy Prom, Little International, Spring 
Judging Contest, and All Agriculture Banquet. 


President Hubert Wetzel 

Vice-President Wendell Hall 

Secretary Barbara Carson 

Treasurer Frank Mealiff 

Reporter Robert Drake 

OFFIi ' 

Wendell Hall, vici president; uson, secretary; Robert Drake 

a porti i . I link Mi .1 hit . treasure) 

Standing: Andrew Harris, Kenneth Gordon, Harvey Woods, pail Harms, 

Robert ' orzine, Jim woods 
Stated: William Erwin, Ralph Johnson, Hubert Wetzel, Fred Francis, 

l lerbi it < .mil, l ],lnn l arson 


Top Row: Bob Craft, John Phillips, Floyde Walker, Donald Henegar, Wayne Ozier, Reyburn Kraft, Laverne Jenne, Jesse Dowell, Hubert Wetzel, Russell 

Fifth Row: Herbert Woolsey, Paul Ferree, Keith Schultz, James McCurdy, Frank Maeliff, Walter Fehrenbacher, William Hartel, Karl Gardner, Stanley Mus- 

grave, William Irwin, Gail Harms 
Fourth Ron: William Bone, Ronald George, Robert Corzine, Leroy Schilt, George Drake, Richard Lowe, Ralph Painter, Frank Rolf, Orland McAllister, William 

Vanderhoof, Delmar Ohren 
Third Row: Ralph Johnson, Paul Finkenbinder, Harold Guither, Edwin Wright, Lee Farlow, Lowell Gardner, James Litchfield, Donald Davidson, John Irwin, 

Herbert Green, Donald Smith 
Second Row: David Cash, Ed Loechelt, Earl Urish, William Jenkins, Edward Hawker, Charles Davison, Royce Hinton, Ralph Hunter, Paul Kimmelshue 
Bottom Row: Andrew White, Irwin Smiley, Donald Duvick, Edwin Saurer, Merle Le Sage, Eldon Larson, Pascal Allen, Arthur Howard, Arnold Taft 


John Albrecht 
Pascal Allen 
Thomas Anderson 
Clay Appenheimer 
Alvin Backman 
Donald Baxter 
Charles Beatty 
Albert Becken 
Warren Berner 
William Bettenhausen 
Ralph Bloom 
Charles Botterbusch 
William Bone 
Robert Brandes 
George Brauer 
Centon Brazes 
Frank Bredar 
Donald Brekensiek 
Arthur Brighton 
Henry Brouwer 
Paul Brown 
Jerome Burke 
Ralph Burnett 
Ralph Buswell 
Rathell Buzzard 
Barbara June Carson 
David Cash 
Bruce Cerling 
Kenneth Cheatham 
John Christ 
Leonard Clark 
Fred Cline 
George Cmarik 
George Coil 
Kenneth Condit 
Robert Corzine 
Robert Craft 
Maurice Crane 
Stearns Crapnell 
Frank Crawford 
John Curry 
Leo Curtin 
William Dahlquist 
Carroll Dall 
Robert Dasso 
Don Davidson 
Don Davis 
Charles Davison 
Dave Dell 
Lyle Deuth 
Donald Dickenson 
William Dillon, Jr. 
Eugene Dilworth 
Don Dolan 
Argyle Dolziel 
Jesse Dowell 
Bob Drake 
Georee Drake 
Ray Duncan 
Christian Dupuy 
Donald Duvick 
Philip Edgerley 
Kenneth Elliott 
Richard Elliott 
Ronald Elliott 

Bill Erwin 
Lorenzo Espinosa 
Ruben Eubanks 
James Evans 
John Farrell 
Lee Farlow 
Walter Fehrenbacker 
Paul Ferree 
Paul Finkenbinder 
Charles Finley 
Jay Firth 
Howard Fleming 
Richard Freeh 
Paul Frederick 
Stanley Friedman 
Arnold Gaft 
Lowell Gardner 
Jerry Gates 
Dick Geiger 
Ronald George 
Albert Gilbertsen 
James Gilchrist 
Mark Goodman 
Kenneth Goodrich 
Kenneth Gorden 
Robert Gorecki 
James Graff 
Eleanor Graham 
Franklin Graham 
Dick Gray 
Herb Green 
Thomas Green 
Harold Guither 
Wendell Hall 
Henry Halterman 
Frank Hanlon 
George Hansen 
Ernest Hardy 
Gail Harm 
Andrew Harris 
Alexander Harris 
Richard Harris 
Burton Hasselberg 
William Hartel 
Edward Hawker 
Clarence Hays 
Keith Heaton 
Carl Heedke 
Roger Hemken 
Donald Henegar 
Elmer Highland 
Harold Hill 
Gordon Holderman 
Eugene Holford 
Paul Holmes 
Zealy Holmes 
Harold Holz 
Bill Hooks 
Bill Horin 
Bob Horin 
Arthur Howard 
Bill Huml 
Carl Hunding 
Ralph Hunter 
George Iftner 

John Irwin 
Maurice Irwin 
Robert James 
Russ Jeckel 
Bill Jenkins 
Laverne Jenne 
Harry Jensen 
Ralph Johnson 
Henry Jones 
Herman Jones 
Howard Jongedyk 
Don Jording 
John Julian 
Roland Kane 
Richard Kao 
Dale Kaufman 
John Kaufman 
Aloysius Keller 
Robert Kern 
Paul Kimmelshue 
Gordon Knowles 
Ellis Knox 
Herbert Kobler 
John Kraeger 
Reyburn Kraft 
Raymond Kreig 
Ed Laechelt 
William Lahvic 
Dale Laible 
Merle Le Sage 
Calvin Lau 
Alles Lawrence 
George Lawrence 
William Lay 
Ellis Leighty 
Russell Lewey 
Merwyn Lindstrom 
James Litchfield 
William Livingston 
Burton Logue 
Herbert Lovekamp 
Richard Lowe 
John Lukosos 
William Luther 
Jerome Lyons 
Eugene Mandel 
Glenn Marlow 
Charles Martin 
Forrest Mattix 
Merrill McAllister 
Orland McAllister 
Paul McCabe 
Donald McCaslun 
Erwin McCraw 
James McCurdy 
Harold McMahon 
John McMahon 
Milford McRaven 
Frank Mealiff 
Robert Meyer 
Oren Miles 
Donald Miller 
Gerald Miller 
Leslie Miller 
Patrick Miller 


Charles Miner 
Robert Mitchell 
Arnold Moeller 
Earl Moeller 
Max Moeller, Jr. 
Robert Moffett 
Reese Morrison 
William Morrison 
Emil Mosser 
Robert Mulch 
Lowell Murphy 
Stanley Musgrave 
Paul Neef 
Kenneth Nelson 
Ellsworth Netherton 
Robert NiBlack 
James Nichols 
Paul Noland 
Charles Novak 
Clarence Oeth 
Delmar Ohren 
Donald Olson 
Robert Osterbur 
Wayne Ozier 
Ralph Painter, 
Ernst Parsley 
Otis Pepple 
Carl Pfeiffer 
Bill Phelps 
Don Phillips 
John Phillips 
Clint Pickett, Jr. 
Eugene Pohl 
Carman Potter 
John Pratt 
Manuel Ramon 
Bob Reed 

William Robertson 
James Robison 
Harry Roland 
Frank Rolf. Jr. 
Leslie Rogers 
James Rogers 
Larry Rosenberg 
Martin Rosinski 
Morris Rubin 
Kent Ryan 
Donald Sang 
Ernest Saucken 
Ed Sauer 
Fred Sauer 
Gerald Sawtelle 
Keith Schertz 
Leroy Schilt 
Ernest Schottman 
Don Schuey 
John Schvelt 
Stanley Schwartz 
George Scott 
Paul Scott 
Lyman Shaw 
Newton Short 
Bert Sinclair 
Warren Slife 
Everett Smiley 

Don Smith 
Donald Smith 
Gaines Smith 
Irwin Smith 
James Smith 
Robert Smith 
Warren Smith 
Warren Spring 
Kenneth Soderstrom 
James Somers 
Thomas Stevenin 
Casimir Strozewski 
Robert Summers 
John Surgeon 
Jack Swanson 
Guy Tanner 
Maurice Thomas 
|ohn Thompson 
Robert Thompson 
Willard Thornburg 
Howard Tolley 
Lyle Topke 
Edward Trouillion 
Earl Urish 

William Vanderhoof 
Grace Van Winkle 
Howard Varney 
Bob Vedell 
Bill Velde 
Daryl Vinson 
Carl Vinyard 
Paul Vogen 
John Wallace 
Floyde Walker 
Robert Walker 
Jack Wasson 
Fred Wease 
Edward Webb 
Lawrence Weber 
James Wehrly 
Luther Wells 
George Wescott 
Orville Westlake 
Hubert Wetzel 
lames Whitcomb 
August Wickert 
Dewilt Wildemire 
Delmar Wilken 
Anthony Wilson 
Dwight Wilson 
Elwyn Wilson 
Fred Winterowd 
Marvin Wirtz 
Dave Wise 

Lawrence Witherspoon 
Eugene Wood 
lames Wood 
Floyd Woods 
Herbert Woolsey 
Edwin Wright 
John Wright 
Leland Wright 
Lex Xanders 
Wood row Yonts 
Emro Zimkaske 


The purpose of the Accountancy Club is r<> foster 
and maintain a sincere interest in the science of ac- 
counting; to bring to the members professional infor- 
mation; to acquaint rhe members with the ethics of 
the accounting profession; to bring before the mem- 
bers information concerning educational and honor- 
ary achievements in the College of Commerce; and 
to promote friendly contact between students, faculty, 

and members of the accounting profession. All stu- 
dents in the University who have received credit for 
two semesters of accountancy are eligible for mem- 

Each semester four meetings are held. The high- 
light of each meeting is a talk by a member of the ac- 
counting profession or the accountancy faculty. 


Second Semester 1945-'46 First Semester 1946-'47 

Barbara Dickson President . . .Samuel Campobello 

Gene Erickson. . . . Vice-President \lbert Chaps 

Pauline Philippi. .Secretary-Treasurer . .Lila Andersen 

Top Row: Talbert Hill, Paul Branding, Harold Axness, William Heckenbach, Cecil Sumner, Anton Doleis, Charles Paul, Maurice Workman, Max Tarble, 
Milo Curtis, Guy McCune, Philip Peyrot, Frederick Ilseman, Norman Sadewater, Ludvvig Kulovsek, Thomas Ward, Louis Matusiak, Bud Cassella, Her- 
bert Beck, Leon Hay, James St. John, James Young, William Herleman 

Third Row: Robert Coltman, Troy Mallory, Eugene PheifTer, Mel Sorenson, Roland Sandel, Dan Firzlaff, Gene Voorhees, Bruce Baily, Carl Reichart, 
Harold Merrill, Jack Hoffman, Lee Lutz, James Parchmann, Aleck Johnson, Herman Huber, Mitchell Ziarko, James Shafter, Richard Campobello, 
Ernest Childs, Lloyd Williams, Dean Harrison, Paul Rensch 

Second Row: Lawrence Lenz, Orin Witzel, Konald Shubert, Robert Anderson, Donald Birks, Robert Lew, James Dickey, Thane Mains, Howard Schultz, 
Dick Drake, Everett Davis, Reidar Claffy, Merwyn Adelman, Gerald Hedrick, Robert White, Alphonse Koziol, John Vick, Arvid Carlson, Ralph de 
Werff, Willard Heaton, Beill Elliott, William Hentschel, Albert Chaps 

Bottom Row: Philip Anikstein, Louis Pierce, Thomas Garvey, Lowell Miller, Ruth Birdzc-11, Joan Siegfried, Lila Andersen, Constance Nelson. (Catherine 
Einbecker, Merle Cotton, Joan Boriske, Mildred Hedrick, Patricia Murphy, Eleanore Swanson, Jean Riley, Margaret Hall, Bet'y Gooding, Barbara 
Bickel, Howard Greenberg, Glen Hester, Paul Poitras, Howard Hankins, Samuel Campobello 


Alpha Kappa Psi, the first and oldest commerce fra- 
ternity, was founded on October 5, 1904, at New York 
University. Since 1904, sixty-two student chapters 
have been installed in leading educational institutions 
throughout the country. 

The aims of Alpha Kappa Psi are "to further the 
individual welfare of its members; to foster scientific- 
research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and fi- 
nance; to educate the public to appreciate and demand 
higher ideals therein; and to promote and advance in 
institutions of college rank, courses leading to degrees 

in business administration." 

Epsilon of Alpha Kappa Psi was the fifth chapter to 
be installed, and it was formed on April 16, 1913 at 
the University of Illinois. 

Membership is based on good character, scholarship, 
and satisfactory ability for potential business success. 
Many faculty members are members of Alpha Kappa 
Psi and the opportunity is provided for meetings, 
parties, and educational lectures between faculty mem- 
bers and student members. 


President Hugh Foster 

Vice-President Jerome Brodnick 

Secretary James Davis 

Treasurer Melvin Sorenson 

Top Row: William Steffy, Edward O.Donnell, William Lauth, Al Miller, John Havens, Sam Campobello, Joe Lowery, John Cary, Harvey Bunke, 

Jerome Brodnick, Guy McCune, Gene Trandel 
Third Row: Jack May, William Preble, Melvin Sorenson, John Cassella, Robert Doner, James Kriedler, Howard Feldman, William Bash, Al Bent, 

Richard Barnes, Edward Sefcik 
Second Row: John McKenzie, Harold Sortor, Erskine Eustice, Jr., Charles Clemens, Allan Hoganson, Leslie Hansen, John McDowell, James DePauw, 

Professor Paul Van Arsdell, Professor Robert Mayer, Hugh Foster 
Bottom Row: William McVay, John Fox, Paul Jewell, Harold Miller, Ken Sayers, George Heinrich, Roger Bullard, Richard Campobello, Joseph 

Slaker, Professor Pembroke Brown 





■ [ 







Through the Isabel Bevier Home Economics Club, 
the girls who arc enrolled in the home economics cur- 
riculum at the University of Illinois become better 
acquainted with each other, as well as with the field 
of Home Economics. 

Contests, relays, an outdoor supper, and square 
dancing composed the program for the All Ag Field 
Day held October 10 by the Home Economics and 
Agriculture Clubs. Miss Florence Harrison, head of 
the Home Economics department at the University 
of Missouri, spoke to the club on November 14, the 

birthday of the club's founder. Miss Isabel Bevier. 

The highlight of the year, the Plowboy Prom, was 
sponsored by the Agriculture and the Home Eco- 
nomics Clubs. The fellows, dressed in blue jeans, 
greeted the gingham-clad lassies with vegetable cor- 
sages, ready for a gay informal evening of dancing. 
Home Economics Club members honored their 
mothers with a tea on Mother's Day weekend. At 
the formal spring banquet, initiation was held, newly- 
elected officers were introduced, and scholarship 
awards were presented. 


President Elizabeth Streid 

Vice-President Esther Sieman 

Secretary Ruth Stahl 

Treasurer Jean Dierkcs 

Top Row: Elaine Wychoff, Barbara Hackett, K3thryn Causey, Mary Binkley, Esther Morford, Dolores Wilson, Barbara Cunningham, Virginia Swain, Mary 

Funkhouser, Alberta Reitz, Ramona Whitson 
Seventh Row; Vivian Changnon, Margy Woodburn, Dorothy Crabtree, Blanche Long, Hattie Mae Wardell, Lucy Parish, Barbara Basse, Helena Lawson, Patricia 

Wallace, Roberta Green, Kathryn Whirenach, Helen Wolcott 
Sixth Row: Betty Braden, Melva Baughman, Betty Forsythe, Meta Keller, Margaret Rogers, Jenice Leepien, Mary Anderson, Lois Mae Gee, Mary Beedle, Connie 

Walker, Harriet Nifong, Roberta Webb, Betty Reynolds, Esther Schulmann, Virginia Kellian 
Fifth Row: Nesta Mann, Betty Johnson, Jane Bland, Ruth Johnson, Alice Jacobson, Janice Youmans, Ruby Olson, Betty Queen, Jackie Galligan, Sonya 

Karlen, Evelyn Zobel. Norma Swanson, Marjone Stewart 
Fourth Row: Betty Mickey, Phyllis Pretzman, Jean Neese, Mary Cloapstick, Mary Ann Allen, Koreen Krapf, Pat Scherer, Muriel Smith, Joyce Rose, Mary 

Firszt, Mary Lou Newburn, Elaine Chum, Ruth Edson, Maxine Evans 
Third Row: Maria Fe Atienza, Glenellen Musgrave, Rozanna Uberrhein, Dolores White, Marjorie Harms, Doris Neumann, Marian Wrigley, Maizee Angier, 

Naomi Fork, Libby Hafner, Virginia Mero, Dorothy Manby, Mary Argen bright 
Second Row: Ruth Rutledge, Beverly Gibbs, Lois Finley, Dorothy Snow, Mary Hansen, Julann Bryce, Ruth Monroe, Willa Whitton, Shirley Johnson, Joyce 

Hancven, Marchyn Ewing, Ruth St. John, Virginia Stewart 
Bottom Row: Imogene Fulton, Joan Clark, Lila Jeanne Athey, Eleanor Icenogle, Jean Dierkes, Elizabeth Streid, Esther Siemen, Doris Klinefelter, Sue Halcott, 

Delores Diehl, Miss Whitesel 


The Marketing Club, a progressive organization for 
future business men and women, was organized May 
11, 1939, and reactivated last spring following inac- 
tivity during the war. The club, working toward its 
pre-war membership, now has three hundred mem- 

The purpose of the club is to provide a source of 
information to its members of the opportunities that 
are open in marketing, salesmanship, credit manage- 
ment, transportation, and other fields of industry. 

The club meets once a month throughout the school 

year, and at each meeting a well-known executive is 
asked to discuss the marketing problems facing his par- 
ticular field. These meetings are helpful to the members 
in deciding what phases of business they would like 
to enter, and what courses they should take to be 
assured of the right training for the position they 
desire after graduation. 

The membership, formerly limited to -marketing 
majors, is now extended to anyone who is interested in 


President Olin Richards 

Vice-President Conley Foster 

Secretary Constance Nelson 

Treasurer Harvev Bergren 

Top Row: Charles Sternberger, John Cary, Olin Richards, II, Harvey Bergren, Richard Lopata 

Bottom Row: Alvin Matz, Henry Graves, Jr., Constance Nelson, Professor Paul Converse, Margaret McAuslan, Harry Ebe, George Maitin 


The purposes of the national organization of Sigma 
Delta Pi are to foment a wider knowledge of and a 
greater love for the Hispanic contributions to modern 
culture; to stimulate a greater interest therein on the 
part of students in colleges and universities of the 
United States; to foster friendly relations and co- 
operative spirit between the nations of Hispanic- 
speech and of English speech; and to reward those 
who show special attainments and interests in Hispanic 

Every year Lambda chapter at the University of 
Illinois has assumed the responsibility of sponsoring 
certain activities intended to further these purposes. 
During the fall semester it has sponsored a reception 

for Latin-American students on the campus, both to 
welcome them to our university and to fulfill its pur- 
pose of promotion of friendly relations between our 
own and the Spanish-speaking countries. In the spring 
Sigma Delta Pi presents a Latin-American movie to 
the public. 

Students who have attained to a certain standard 
of excellency in their studies of the Spanish language 
and literature are given formal recognition of their 
achievements by their initiation into active member- 
ship in the organization, and honorary membership 
may be held by members of the faculty and other 
supporters of the cause of Hispanic cultures. 


President Paul Olson 

Vice-President Joan Rosenthal 

Secretary Elaine Hudak 

Treasurer Katherine Jones 

Top Row: Eileene Daehler, Eloise Metzger, Alice Apoyan, Shirley Cruse, Vincent Carrubba, Joan Baldry 

Bottom Row: Mary Stephens, Alison Symon, Gail Goldsmith, Joan Rosenthal, Paul Olson, Muriel Broadway, Elaine Hudak 


Dedicated to the task of increasing interest in the 
Spanish language and culture and of making closer 
the bonds of friendship between the United States 
and countries of Spanish speech, the Spanish Club 
served these ends through its yearly program. Meet- 
ings held twice monthly throughout the fall and spring 
semesters were regularly attended by faculty mem- 
bers and students, including many of the Latin-Ameri- 
can students who were on the campus this year. 
Among the programs of greatest interest this year 
were a talk on Guatemala by Professor Arthur Hamil- 
ton, a group of movies on Mexico, a "variety" pro- 
gram, an art lecture, and a Christmas fiesta. 

The club also presents one Spanish-language film 

every year in a public meeting, and for the benefit of 
students desiring practice in speaking Spanish it has 
sponsored several informal gatherings of students and 
faculty members for afternoon coffee. A chorus under 
the direction of Miss Catalina Spinetto was organized 
to lead singing and to present special numbers at 
regular programs. 

Spanish Club was founded by a group of students 
who began to meet in the home of the late Professor 
J. D. Fitzgerald about the year 1907. At that time it 
was known as El Circulo Literario Espanol, and this 
has been retained as the official name of the present 


President Alison Symon 

Vice-President Paul Olson 

Secretary Nancy Bruce 

Treasurer Vincent Carrubba 

Top Row: Feme Douglass, Ethel Brown, Marjorie Miller, Eloise Metzger, Helen Caveney, Jane McCammon, Lois Lacy, Shirley Hattis, Alyce Apoyan 

Third Row: Mary Babcock, Romona Hart, Eileene Daehler, Ann McNamara, Jerrene Johannesen, Kathleen Branigan, Miki Tannenbaum 

Stcond Row: William Thrasher, Carolyn Rudorf, Margaret Bremer, Cynthia Mcllhenny, Leslie Dearing, Elizabeth Stephens, Shirley Cruse, Joan Baldry, Muii 

Bottom Row: Alison Symon, Paul Olson, Nancy Bruce, Vincent Carrubba, Gail Goldsmith, Joan Rosenthal, Elaine Hudak 


Slii-Ai, first known as Yo Ma, has been active on 
this campus since 1907. During that time it has estab- 
lished closer relations between sororities and arranged 
inter-sorority activities. This year has seen two major 
changes, the extension of membership to twenty-two 
sororities and the merging of Shi-Ai with Sophomore 
Pan-Hellenic Council, which together create a more 
functional and efficient organization. 

The fall activities are concerned with pledging. At 
an informal party the juniors make arrangements for 
the choosing of two pledges from each sorority on 
the basis of their participation in activities. The new- 

pledges then visit each member house, entertaining 
them with an original stunt. 

The Shi-Ai Sing has been a highlight of the 
Mother's Day Week-end each spring. The Sing, in 
addition to presenting sorority group songs, sponsors 
a milk fund drive. The money received is used to 
provide milk for needy families in Champaign and 

Shi-Ai affords an opportunity for friendship to be 
strengthened between sorority girls as individuals and 
as groups, as well as serving the campus and com- 


President Mary Barbara Greene 

Vice-President Jo Ann Baysinger 

Secretary Beverley d'Etchegoyen 

Treasurer Mary Jo Wedge 

Top Row: Barbara Robinson, Phyllis Rose, Barbara Se3quist. Mary Betli Hull, Martha Swain, Jane Buescher, Naomi Peters, Elizabeth Easter, Carmen 
Leonard, Marjorie Mann, Alice Wolff, Lois Bolle, Mary Homrighous, Elaine Sebastian, Mariella Mapes, Joyce Hull 

Third Row: Margaret Secondino, Annice Buckner, Lois Sandquist, Letitia Wimberly, Barbara Gilbreath, Rena Gaines, Terry Fey, Suzanne Appelle, 
Betsy Ladd, Mildred Phillips, Lila Jones, Margery Bean, Marty Holmes, Phyllis Steinkamp, Mary Frederick 

Second Row: Bette Samson, Barbara Harris, Joyce Davis, Peggy O'Brien, Lois Dungan, Sue Carr, Jo Ann Baysinger, Mary Greene, Beverley d'Etche- 
goyen, Mary Jo Wedge, Barbara Foy, Jean Naramore, Jean Chastain, Ann Rees, Mary Solomon, Sally Aimour, Phyllis Roth 

Bottom Row: Joanne Katzoff. Gerry Kessler, Phyllis Travis, Lucille Rhymer, Ruth Turner, Nancy Anderson, Virginia Stevens, Miriam Baker, Helene 
Falk, Norma Mack, Marilyn Murphy, Pat Champion, Beverly Bennett, Dorothy Ehrhardt, Miriam Baker, Irene Davis, Caroline Quinn, Betty Carna- 
han, Margaret Walton 


Skull and Crescent Fraternity regained much of its 
pre-war prominence this year after a period of war- 
time inactivity. All of the twenty-five prominent 
campus fraternities which make up the membership 
of Skull and Crescent were again active, and a full 
membership of fifty men was realized second semester. 

The members of the fraternity are picked from out- 
standing activity freshmen, who are then active dur- 
ing their sophomore year. Two men are picked from 

each house, the idea being to promote good will 
among the fraternity members. Initiation" of these 
new men was held both in May and in October. 

In addition to the regular bi-weekly dinner meet- 
ings, the traditional Skull and Crescent Pa jama Race 
was held with great success. The formal Christmas 
dance was also revived, and the fraternity looks for- 
ward to an even fuller year in 1947-4S. 


President Charles Sagle 

Vice-President Thomas Crews 

Secretary Fred Berry 

Treasurer Thomas Davis 

Top Roir: George McGehee, Robert Nelson, Robert Schaeffer, Franklin Nelch, Robert Dannehl, Richard Einbecker, Harry Richards, Russell Wall, 

Robert Baechle, Ronald Dierolf, Thomas Davis 
Third Row: Walter Volkmann, Thomas Crews, Bruce Hiser, Kenneth Marlin, Elmer Wulf, Frederick Green. Gene Trandel, Paul Brothers, Larry 

Minalga, John Eaton, Linell Bock, Earl Wolf, Jr. 
Second Row: Walter Preston, Alan Zachary, Earl Terp, Richard Carlson, Francis Paluck. Charles Sagle, Jerry Hayes, James Cossitt, Robert Kruppe 
Boiiom Row: Esrl Diekcn, Edward Gumplo, Frederick Berry, James T icer, Jay Staley, Robert Reedy, Robert Cowseft 


Dick Bairstow 
President, First Semester 


First Semester 

President Richard Bairstow 

Vice-President Eugene Price 

Secretary James Roach 

Treasurer Leonard Michaelson 

Second Semester 

President Edward Lynn 

Vice-President Francis Conner 

Secretary Carroll Fuller 

Treasurer Richard Dunn 

Edward Lynn 
President, Second Semester 


Senior Cane Committee 

Leonard Michaelson, Chairman 
James Wollrab 
Francis Conner 
Richard Dunn 

Entertainment Committee 

Robert Acton, Chairman 

Jeanette Stafford 

Ward Cassell 

Colin Handlon 

Top Row: [ohn Stentz. [ames Wham Helen Brekke, Marian Martin, Jcancttc StalFnul, Ruth Paic 
Fifth Row. Colin Handl 

Ion, Martin Corbell, Carl Meyer, [r., Robert McDonald, Robert Trogdon, Eugene Price. Charles Hendrix, Joseph Diver, Edward Mclntire 
Fourth Row: Richard Dunn, William leffn Richard Welch, Harry Marberry, Jr., Stuarl Mamer, Richard Allen, Joseph I us. Robert Acton, Carroll Fullei 
Third Rou • fames Roach, ward ' as ell I mei Wollrab, [ohn < ribbet, Francis Brittingham, Harold Mautner, Francis ( onner, Earl ( ameron 

Second Row: Professoi Alfred Conard Roberl Wilson, A Rudasill, Leonard Michaelson, Richard Bairstow, Edward Lynn, William Prather, Professor Russell Sullivan 
Bottom Row: Professor Georgi Gol ' on Voung, Dean Albert Harno, Professor Holt, Professor William Britton, Professor Mcmll Schenbly, Professoi 

Georgi Weisiger, Professoi Kenneth Carlston Professoi Edward Cleary 
Not ;;/ l', hi, I Thomas Burns, Marvin Knoblich Ralph Thomson 

4'% t I; 

V T 

Top Row: Walton Cannon, Donald Miller, John Farley Wilson Maxim, Harry Davis, Hubert Watton, Harry Robbins, James Hoean 
Bottom Row: Herman Koenig, Professor Ernest Reid, Arthur Leininger, William Shoulders, John Davis, Maxwell Freudenberg,' Gilbc 
Gassaway, Harold Strom 

A. I. E. E. 

"The electrical industry of the future will depend 
upon the college student. How shall he prepare him- 
self to measure up to the new demands?" 

This is one of the many problems which presents 
itself at the frequent meetings of the student chapter 
of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers. 
Every young engineer joins his fellow students in the 

co-operation which underlies progress in the indi- 
vidual and in the industry. 

At present the A.I.E.E. meets jointly with the local 
student branch of the Institute of Radio Engineers. 
The meetings are varied and include student get- 
togethers as well as lectures given by members of the 
faculty and representatives of industry. 

Top Row: Robert Weiter, John Sjunnesson, Herbert Newmark, Elmer Schmitz. Fr3nk Anderson, Marvin Salisbury, Richard Reeves, William Randolph, Lee 

Jones, Frederick Reimers, Ralph Greene, Dale Dunn, William Miller, Edward Bolden, Lyle Lanning, Irby Hickenlooper 
Third Row: John Bedford, Charles Fago, Paul Fuchs, George Booth, Robert Gites, Bazil Crowe, James Keith, Robert Wright, Herbert Schroeder, Bernard 

Ditchik, John Woods, James Stallmeyer, Robert Kimmons, William Allensworth, Dale Sheldon, Edward Bare, Frederick Judd, Thomas Warnock, John 

Second Row: Thomas Thomas, Robert Walker, Joseph Middleton, Mulford Martin, Raphael Pasternak, Chester Kohl, Townsend Smith, Narbey KhachaUirian, 

Bernard Schmidt, Lawrence Breinin, Renan Dominguez, Francis Bushman, McDonald Henderson, Raymond Clancy, Louis Halla, Robert Mahan, William 

Bridges, Isaic Forbes, William Autrey 
Bottom Row: Professor James Clark, Donald Huckaba, William Smith. John L'Engle, Nils Kluksdal, Melvin Rosche, James Halsey. Monte Moss, Ray 

Pefeis, Robert Kronst, Hal West, William Ebert, Warren Day, John Briscoe, Frederick Oehlert, Professor M. Schmidt, Professor Walter Hanson 

#\. O. v^. L.. 

The student chapter of the American Society of 
Civil Engineers at the University of Illinois accepts 
membership from any civil engineering student whose 
grades meet the standard set by the College of Engi- 
neering. The object of the society is to acquaint the 
student with the practical phases of engineering; to 
develop in him a professional point of view; to provide 

for and foster fraternal spirit among engineering- 
students; to familiarize the student with the purpose, 
parliamentary procedure, and objectives of a profes- 
sional engineering society; to arrange for and sponsor 
inspection trips; to encourage, promote, and support 
student publications and professional and social ac- 
tivities of the College of Engineering. 

Top Row: Stanly Slazinski, Donald Hornbeck, John Haygood, William Pellctire, Paul Scavenger, George Ritz, Robert Kelvin, Roy Reid, Edward Johnstone 
Second Row: Dan Pike, Harry Schaeffer, Ralph Loeckelman, Roger Mauterer, Elmer Harris, Martin Rhodes, Dale Glass, Robert Fisher, John Drickhamer 
Bottom Row: Seymore Rosenthal, Harry Haines, Gerald Goodman, Robert Beals, Lawrence Freeman, James Ryan, Richard Divilbiss, Robert Comings 
Not in Panel: Shelton Downey, Victor O'Brien, Leo Resnik, James Byerly 

A. I. C E. 

All sophomores, juniors, and senior chemical engi- 
neers are eligible to join the student chapter of the 
Institute. The members meet to discuss problems con- 
cerning their work and their profession, and also to 
acquaint themselves with successful men in the pro- 
fession for further information concerning the aspects 
of the field. The student chapter of the Institute 

strives to promote a closer bond of friendship and 
professional spirit between the classes of chemical 

The officers of A.I.C.E. are Robert Beals, president; 
Stanly Slazinski, vice-president; Elmer Harris, Jr., 
secretary; and Richard Divilbiss, treasurer. 

Top Row: A.ilim Webej Robert Whitaker, Phillip Watt, Neil Bogner, Professor Arthur Young 

Third Row: Professoi Emil Lehmann, Eugeni Barnes, Richard Reeves, Fames Wehrly, I<k' Fohnson, David Cash 

Second Ron: Harlan Baker, [ame: Curtis Benjamin [ones, Fredrick Berry, Kenneth Gleichman 

Bottom Row: Allen Thompson, Leo toebei form Cress, Albert Rust. Hershel Hill 

/\. O. /\. L, 

The membership of the Student Branch of the 
American Society <>l Agricultural Engineers includes 
students enrolled in agricultural engineering courses, 
lis purpose is 10 create a professional interest and per- 
mit students to participate in programs featuring dif- 
hi (in phases ol agriculi ural engineei in". 

I h< activities include regular semi monthh meei 

ings with special programs where agricultural engi 
neering subjects are discussed. Speakers at manj ol 
these meetings are men from outside the University. 
\ picnic and a banquet are held each year. A lunch 
stand is operated during Farm and Home Week as a 
service to visitors and to provide funds lor student 
nips to national meetings. 

To/? Row: Franklin Bayha, James Mingee, Gustav Blom, Lester Teachout, Bernard Simpson, John Foster, Richard Verdick, Seymour Kaplan 
Fifth Row: Henry DeVoss, Wayne Ring, Robert Browne, Jr., Howard Matson, David Offner, James Ogden, Richard Davis, Phillip Spam 
Fouilb Rnw: Cevdet Uzonur, Professor Ham, Robert Gillis, Robert Severns, Wendell Miller, Carl Johnson, Martin Sabath, George Schrader, 

Floyd Deffenbaugh, Jr., George Wehrle 
Third Row: Professor Greffe, Arthur Dini, Edward Bader, Robert Moulthrop, William Myers, Phillip Maser, Alex McCornack, George Jones, 

Charles McCabe, Robert Melicher 
Second Row: David Locklin, Ernest Rittenhouse, Richard Powers, David Foltz, Donald Huling, James Murphy, Richard Love, Dwight 

Humphrey, Walter Amberg, Robert Kohncke 
Bottom Row: Professor K. Trigger, Wen Chen, Teh-Sen Chang, Lee Jones, Walter Stiles, Charles Treadwell, Charles Arnold, Robert Ander- 
son, Walter Myles, Laurel Hruda 

A. S. M. E. 

The Student Branch of the American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers functions primarily for the 
purpose of familiarizing the embryo engineer with a 
knowledge of the various fields open to him as well 
as to develop in him a professional spirit and code of 
ethics. At the regular meetings, significant develop- 
ments and new ideas pertaining to iMechanical Engi- 

neering are presented and discussed. 

To further acquaint the student with recent trends 
in Mechanical Engineering the parent society pub- 
lishes a monthly periodical which contains informative 
and interesting articles. 

Members of the Student Branch are eligible to com- 
pete for various prizes and awards. 


When the American Ceramic Society authorized the 
formation of student branches in schools offering cur- 
ricula in ceramic engineering, one of the first charters 
granted was to the University of Illinois in 1925. 

The purposes of the organization are to stimulate 
the professional interest of ceramic engineering stu- 

dents in their field and to familiarize them with the 
activities of the national organization. Meetings arc- 
held for discussions on current topics of interest and 
for lectures given by important men in their respective 
fields on modern developments and trends in the 
ceramic industries. 

Top Row: Stanley Zagol, Paul Brace, Paul Andrews, William Pistorius, Alexander Gulis, Ralph Gulder 

Second Row: Robert Maxey, Robert Donahue, Robert Chejlava, Vincent Wasilewski, Ray Bushey, Hector McAllister 

Bottom Row: Alfred Coury, Charles Whitmore, Virginia Applegate, Arthur Blair, Arthur Muellen, Ray Quinlan 


The American Veterans of World War II 
(AMVETS) was formed by veterans, for veterans, 
and so constituted as to be run by veterans. Each mem- 
ber of every post is given the opportunity to vote on 
every question of organizational policy before any 
action is taken nationally. 

Campus AMVETS Post No. 65 was organized to 

aid and serve veterans attending the University. 
AMVETS work to secure adequate housing, to pre- 
vent unjust rental practices, to increase subsistence 
benefits, and to institute any action necessary to the 
welfare of the veteran and the general community. 
Membership is open to all honorably discharged vet- 
erans of World War II. 

rle I ilc is. Robert Stdzer, Nc 


sky MarchuK, Richard 

Second Row: Melvin Randoll, David Si n, [ames Dickinson, Lome Denton, Warren Lutey, Earl Asburyi [ohn Fedor, Bradford Hicsskr 

Bottom Row. Leonard I I ncoln Samelson, Harold Heidbreder, Robert Roth, Bruce Clorfene, "" 

Not in Panel: John Da Iward Hanna, Lawrence Riddle, Robert Young 

Richard Gruslin, Donald Hurwidi 
John Fedor, Bradford Dressier 
William Hamer, Frank Senger, Professoi Ame Rac 


The Charles II. Dennis chapter of Alpha Delta 
Sigma, national advertising fraternity, was reactivated 
in 19-H for students and professional men actively in- 
terested in advertising. 

Professional men are invited to speak at the semi- 
weekl) meetings, \DS aids newspaper associations 

with their advertising contests, and makes an annual 
award to the outstanding junior in the school oi 

The officers arc: Robert Stelzer, president; Ted Den- 
ton, vice-president; Warren Lutey, treasurer; James 
I Hckinson, secretan . 

Top Row: Max Kaplan, Ulrick Steuer, Walter Breyman, Robert Gardner, Ernest Hiller 

Second Row: Mary Homrighous, Ruth Stark, Shirley Tomisek 

Bottom Row: Helena Lopata, Enid Goodman, Anita Goby, Gloria Frank, Pauline Gucker 


Alpha Kappa Delta is a democratic, non-secret or- 
ganization dedicated to the scientific study of social 
phenomena for the promotion of human welfare. 

Membership selection in this organization is based 
on superior scholarship and a serious interest in sociol- 
ogy. To be eligible for membership, a student must 

have sociology as his major or minor, must have a "B" 
average in all his academic work, and must be approved 
by three-fourths of the chapter members. 

Alpha Kappa Delta has as its ideal to help create a 
world-wide culture in which all men co-operate for 
the good of all. 

:£ r-*y 

Top Row: Alice Kennedy, Janet White, Marcia Spaeth, Norma Wallis 

Third Row: Blanche Popelka, Joyce Rose, Betsy Rasmussen, Deborah Deyhtz, Ruth Stark, Katie Hamnck 
Second Row: Lois Barrow, Lucile Stice, Martha Boror, Mary Gebhart, Wini Jennings, Mary Moore 
Bottom Row: Jo Ann Ator. Sue Jarvis, Barbara Lanman, Olive Bateman, Clara Castelo, Mabel Val Dez, Marjone Blood 


Alpha Pi Delta is an organization in which an effort 
is made to bind together all girls interseted in a con- 
tinuation of the scouting program for girls of college 
age. The members of Alpha Pi Delta strive to serve 
the community, the local Girl Scout council, and the 
university, as well as participating in the other popular 
phases of scouting. Alpha Pi Delta is open to all girls 

of college age interested in scouting. 

The officers are: president, Katie Hamrick; vice- 
president, Helen Cline; secretary, Clara Castelo; treas- 
urer, Mary Moore; social chairmen, Alice Kennedy 
and Mabel Val Dez; publicity chairman, Betsy Ras- 

Betty Garner. Marcia Shurte, Joyce Yarnell, Gai! Hamilton, Virginia Fedowsky, Lucille Magnusson, Marion Berkowitz. Betty Johnson 
Nat ;« Panel; Dorothy Dolan, Irene Churan, Mary Tredinnick, Flora Offner 


In 1919, a group of W.A.A. girls decided that the 
girls in the Woman's Athletic Association should have 
something higher to work for — an organization that 
would be an incentive to girls interested in athletics, 
health education and scholarship. It was decided to 
call the organization Alpha Sigma Nu, the first letters 
of which were taken from the Greek translation of 

"Strength in Body, Mind and Spirit." The following 
requirements for membership have been established: 
( 1 ) junior or senior standing in the University, (2) A 
4. all-university average, ( 3 ) Exceptional ability in 
physical education activities and superior leadership 
qualities, (4) Six sport season credits in W.A.A. 

Top Hou Richard Hade, William McCommons, Richard Nightingale, Robe-t Evans, Harn Burruss, Maynard Meyers, Charles Whitmore, Lestei Clutter, 
Howard (ongedyk, Bruci ' hri ty, Warren Asa, Richard Wienke, Aubrey Berman, Robert Hays, Kenneth Gerler, waltei Retberg, Everett Ma reight, Waltei 

Second Row: lohn McGloni Harri III Ma Freudenberc Morris Finney Donald Coli Stewarl Moore, William EmshofI, Burton Brown, John Biggers, 
Willis Sn 

/, uio 


1 harli Mathi Pi or 1 I Deturk, Robert Renwick, James Grant, Sol Rosenberg, Robert Bishop. Professor A. R. Knight 

Alpha Phi Omega is :i national service fraternity 
composed of college and universit) men who are or 
have been previously affiliated with the Bo) Scouts. 
Being a service fraternity, ii crosses all lines of honor- 
arj , social, and professional I ratei nil it 

One of its manj campus activities is service to the 
student bod) bj participating in acti\ ities ol the < luide 


and Travel Committee of Mini Union. 

Service to local scouting organizations is provided 
by the many members who are leaders in local scout- 
ing groups. Another service to scouting is the presen 
tation of a weekly radio program to aid the local scout- 
ing movement. 

Top Row: Dale Sheldon, Lawrence Breinin, James Stallmyer, Macdonald Henderson, Charles Bruggen, Ernest Kunicky, Herbert Newmark, 
Joseph Briscoe, James Keith, Arnold Dunham 

Second Row: Paul Lopinat, William Mollenhauer, Isaac Forbes, Bernard Pitchik, Robert Krug, Arthur Skale, William Oliver, James Perry, 
Edwin Bly, Richard Lichtenberger 

Bottom Row: Townsend Smith, Harold Luther, Warren Day, Robert Mahan, Frederick Reimers, Jr., William Curtis, Frank Bushman, John 

Since the spring of 1922, when Chi Epsilon was 
founded on die campus of the University of Illinois, 
it has become one of the largest honorary societies for 
civil engineers. Scholarship, character, personality, 
and sociability are traits which the society endeavors 
to develop. The basic objective of the fraternity is to 
increase the efficiency of the civil engineering profes- 


sion as an instrument of social betterment. This is ac- 
complished by gathering together a nucleus of cap- 
able men of high standards who will apply the widen- 
ing scientific principles to the practical needs of so- 
ciety. Chi Epsilon sponsors lectures, engineering 
forums, technical movies, dinners, and dances. 

D <f 5BBT '■■■ 

Top Row: Marvin Banlither, Lyle Hurless, Herman Quinn, William Hooks 

Fifth Row: Stanley Hyncs, Robert Francis, Albert Nordheden, Edward Didicr, Donald Miller 

Roland Foster, Russell Scherer, John Hutchins, Frederick Danner, John Bishop 
Burton Trick, Leroy Stanek, Robert Kamp, Ruth Weinard, Roy Hempel 

Frederick Winterowd, Robert Deitsch, Emro Zimowski, Donald Shubert, Marjorie Shattuck 

Thomas Cunningham, Elizabeth Syrcle, Carolyn Bluhm, Dorothy Tosovsky, Betty Fezekas, Barbara Shade, Betty Sanders, John Hall 

fourth Row 
Third Row: 
Second Row 
Bottom Rou 


The membership of the Floriculture Club consists 
of students majoring in floriculture. The club was 
organized to promote fellowship among the floricul- 
ture students and to give them an opportunity of ex- 
ploring the fields closely related to noricultural work. 
Guest speakers are invited from these fields to lecture 

at the monthly meetings. The Floriculture Club also 
elects a committee to assemble news items of present 
and former floriculture students, which are published 
in a mimeographed paper entitled "The Illini Floro- 
graph" and mailed several times a year to all alumni 
and distributed to undergraduates. 

Top Row: Alan Walker, Ronald George, Donald Davis, Earl Urish, Ernest Scl 
John Thompson, Frank Rolf 

n, Kenneth Cheatham, Charles Beatty, Roy Kreig, 
joiin inompson, rranic rum 

Third Row: Walter Fehrenbacher, Keith Schertz, Harold Guither, Herbert Leviton, Ernest Painter, Jr., Carl Heepke, Ralph Hunter, John 
Irwin, Merrill McAllister, Gail Harms 

Second Row: Herbert Woolsey, Leroy Schelt, Dale Laible, Keith Heaton, Kenneth Elliott, James Rogers, John Phillips, Eldon Larson, Wil- 
liam Phelps, Harry Roland 

Bottom Row: Lowell Gardner, John Curry, Frank Mealiff, Edwin Wright, Robert Moffet, James Litchfield, John Julian, Arnold Taft, Merle 
LeSage, Pascal Allen 


The Hoof and Horn Club, a subsidiary organization 
of the Ag Club, was organized to enable agricultural 
students interested in Animal Husbandry to become 
better acquainted with others in their field and to 
broaden their knowledge and outlook in livestock 
production and management. 

The regular club meetings, which are held once a 

month, often feature guest speakers who have dis- 
tinguished themselves in the field of Animal Hus- 
bandry. Besides holding the regular meetings, the 
Hoof and Horn Club sponsors two events, the Little 
International in the fall and the Livestock Judging 
Contest in the spring. 

Top Row: Edward ' risl James Reinschreiber, Stanley Slazinski, Kenneth 1 Links, Francis Green, Donald l.ipman, Daniel Pike 

Bottom Row: Douglas Trevallion, James Bono, Joan Etnyre, Loris Klinkey, Janet Doyle, Gene Laurenzi, Anthony Campus 

Not in Panel: Robert Bills, Carl Boettcher, Marry Dea, Robert Pfeiffer, George Rogers, Ritta VVhitcscl, Robert Beard, Richard Timet, Dorothy Timet 

The lllini Archers, a club formed in promote inter- 
est in field, hunting, ami targei archery was organized 
in September, 1946. [tsonlj restriction to membership 
is a keen interest in the interesting and skillful sport 
of archer) . 

The club was started bj Students interested in 
archery and the line code of sportsmanship which it 
m\ oh < s. Soon membership increased to a point w lure 


satisfactory compel it ion was possible, reams were 
formed, ami the final result was archery meets with 
other schools. 

The club meets weekly at the archery range. Oc 
casionally the lllini Archers meet indoors to discuss 
club activities or to see movies on some fascinating 
phase of the ancient sport of archery. 

Top Row: Lewis Williams, Atha Tehon, Polly Kuby, Ray P.rlman, Warren Glenny, Leo Segedin 

Third Row: Helen Williams, Wilda Zilm, Marjorie Ruth, Gladys Sorenson, Elizabeth Hyder Anne Veirs 

Second Row: Agatha Schmidt, Dorothy Israel, Elsie Holloway, Maryanne Essenpreis, Marilyn Sedgewick, Gloria Pagliarulo, Geraldine 

Sutzer, Ann Campana, Marilyn Chapman, Wolcott Ely, Charles Broehl 
Bottom Row: Marilyn Gregg, Elizabeth Turner, Margaret Anderson, Ellen Attebery, John Raushenberger, Frank Mula, Jean Rogers, Jacke 

Tucker, Fairie Havens, Joan Frintz 


The activities of Illustrators consist of pledging, 
formal initiation, student-faculty mixers, smokers, and 
receptions for prominent lecturers. Illustrators rein- 
stated the Fine Arts Costume Ball as a major dance. 
The Illustrators promote good fellowship between 

the students and faculty. 

The officers for the year are: Ellen Attebery, presi- 
dent; Margaret Anderson, vice-president; Jean Rogers, 
secretary; Frank Mula, treasurer. 

Top Row: Vernon Van Heyningen, William Winter, John Schlotman, Richard Hartley, Paige Burbank, George Zanotti, Carl Weinert, Donald Swanson 
Third Row: Vernon Netherton, Earl Williams, Edwin Lemmon, Charles Badewitz, Clyde Routt, George Kramer, Gordon Nelson, Clifford Felt, Lelan-; 

Second Row: Irving Silkin, Charles Jones, Charles Kelber, Robert Levin, Jack Bruin, Ross Patrick, Henry Cheney, Edgar Bourke, Gaylord Ellis 
Bottom Row: Norman Delicath, True Surber, Sherwood Brasch, John Beggs, John Harrington, Paul Klevatt, John SennefT, Robert McCloy 



The student branch of the IAS at Illinois gives the 
Aeronautical Engineering Students an opportunity to 
form friendships among men of like interests. It also 
enables them to meet the professors and instructors 
under whom they will study. At the meetings, held 
the first Wednesday in each month, there are movies 
and discussions on aeronautical subjects which are 

designed to encourage interest and to show applica- 
tions of the courses in the Aeronautical Engineering 
Curriculum. The national IAS is comprised of the 
big names in the Aircraft Industry, and we, as stu- 
dent members, derive the advantages from such asso- 

Top Ron : Ralph Weiss, Ernest Pullman, Lee Trachtenberg. Herzl Ragins, K nl Hobart, David Voris 
Second Row: Catherine Sullivan, Mary Frances Thometz, Chuck Kaplan, Janic ■ Greenberg, Harold Visotsky 
Bottom Row: Sheldon Shoenberg, Leigh Rosenblum, Jerry Kharasch 


The purpose of Omega Beta Pi, a pre-med honor- 
ary, is to promote a better understanding among pre- 
medical students of the problems, aims, and high 
standards of their future profession. With this ob- 
jective in mind, the organization has endeavored to 
present to the pre-medical body relevant programs, 
including movies and lectures. 

Seeking to stimulate and encourage the attainment 
of superior grades, Omega Beta Pi presents a $25.00 
award each Spring to the Pre-Med who has attained 
the highest average in physical sciences for three 
semesters, and accords recognition to the freshman 
who has achieved the highest average in his first 

Top Row: Dorothy V :, Florence Witges, Mar) Albright, Barbara Brenem in, lean Voight, Lillian Frizzell 

I Rou I- i Verdun [oa v gfried |i in Fitten, (Catherine Mau, Eleanoi Swanson, Jean Hamilton, Ruth Rasmussen, Frances Wacassei 

Bottom Row: Mm fohnson Ruth I ilbott, [i in Galck, Virginia Lauher, Lynette Kirby, Loetta Louvier, Gilda Hasemeyer, Pal Bunyan 
Not in Panel I mil', Bevci Lilia Anderson, M i ueril Rietveld, Virginia Bo .vten, Mary Ellen Rosenburgh 

Phi Chi Theta is a professional organization for 
girls enrolled in the College of Commerce, ["he pur- 
pose is to promote the canst' of highesi business cdn 
cation and training for all women, Sigma < hapter, 
one "I the twenty five active chapters over the nation, 
Ikis rushing, pledging, and initiation for selected girls 
once each semester. Each prospective pledge musi 


have at least sophomore standing and a 5.3 all Uni- 
versity average, leas are given for the commerce in 
scructors ana students; the organization also sponsors 
lectures. Through the planning and execution oJ 
these functions, the spirit of i<> operation, a neces 
s;ir\ quality for bus'nsss women, is encouraged, 

Top Row: William Shelton, Robert Weihrouch, Carl Leach, Robert Simmergen, P. Jones, Richard Faller, Gordon Pentz, Dale Shepherd, 

Morris Carter, Daniel Po u, 
Second Row: Lyman Starr, William Davidson, Edgar Stein, Albert Bottin, Paul Stroud, Melvin Kornmeyer, Virgil Stephens, Heinz Nuemann. 

Wilbur Hoel 
Bottom Row: Rowland Smith, Lloyd Strang, Alfred Griffin, Warren Schuetz, Professor Sherman Schoonmaker, James Davidson, Eldon PretzlafF, 

Albert Leach, Tom Ritchie 
Not tit Piinel : William Brophy, Wallace Jobusch, Harry Gillc, Fred Hubbell, Kenneth Moore, John Stables, John Graham 


Phi Mu Alpha is a national professional and honor- 
ary musical fraternity. Membership is determined 
primarily by musical capacity and ability. 

During each year, two recitals are presented. One 
is given by the chapter members, and the other by 
the pledges. Also, a radio broadcast series was in- 
augurated this year. 

Several dinners and other varied social events arc 

held during the year. Receptions are given for the 
many Sinfonians who come to our campus during 
the school year as distinguished musical guests. 

The officers are: Rowland Smith, president; Lloyd 
Strang, vice-president; William Brophy, secretary; 
Alfred Griffin, treasurer; Warren Schuetz, pledge- 
master; Prof. Sherman Schoonmaker, faculty adviser. 

Top Row: Ethylyn Taylor, Charlotte Crowe, K thryn Cansey, Winifred Coombs, Dorothy Price, Helen Bowditch. Eleanor Iceno;le. Justina Lathrop, Julia 
Bottom R„w: Janet Hickman, Ruth Edson, Jane Bland. Mary Argenbright, Anna furrier, Jem :.liu!ci. Csthei Sicman, Shirley Haven 


Phi Upsilon Omicron, a national and profession il 
honorary organization, was founded at the University 
of Minnesota in 1909 for the purpose of establishing 
and strengthening the bonds of friendship, promoting 
the moral and intellectual development of its mem 
bers, and advancing and promoting Home Economics 
One of its projects is the collection of material for 
the bibliography of Miss Isabel Bevier, former head 

of the Department of 1 tome Economics at Illinois ami 
a pioneer and outstanding leader. Another project is 
the dressing of a figurine in the prevailing fashion of 
the year, and keeping a scrapbook of incoming trends 
of fashion and design. 

The officers are: president, Helen Bowditch; vice- 
president, Shirley Haven; secretary, Dorothy Ann 
Price; and treasurer, Ethlyn Taylor. 


Richard Ball 
I toward Bernard 
La Verne Bloomberg 
Marie Boddy 
Thomas Brahana 
Cevdet Erzen 
( a ril Fefer 
Roland Florin 
Albert Gopaul 

Helen Hoffman 
Ailecn Hostinsky 
Donald Hoyt 
Ray Langebartel 
Chang Keng Lui 
Roger Livesay 
Charles Mathews 
Frances .Morfoot 

Francis Pulliam 
John Schumaker 
Eugene Shanks 
Omar Sidcbottom 
Annette Sinclair 
Laurie Snell 
Melvin Springer 
Dorothy Williams 
William Worlev 


The aim of Pi Mu Epsilon is "scholarship for the 
individual members in all subjects and particularly in 
mathematics; the advancement of the science of mathe- 
matics; and the mutual and personal advancement of 
its members." Pi Mu Epsilon was founded at Syra- 
cuse University, May 25, 1914. The charter of the 

Illinois chapter was granted on the twentieth day of 
May, 1924, to thirty-two members of the faculty and 
student body. At the annual spring initiation banquet, 
the undergraduate senior or seniors especially outstand- 
ing in mathematics are awarded the Pi Mu Epsilon 
scholarship prize. 

Top Row: Anita Goby, Eunice Hazenfield, Victoria Prodan, Jane Wildcman, Dotothye Buzzard, Katliryn Cobb. Shirley Tomisek 

Second Row: Weston Risdon, Priscilla Gates, Eloise Meyer, Esther Schulman, Ruth Stark, In s Ber er, lolin Bartley 

Bottom Row: Enid Goodman, Helen Palmer, Joanna Cavenee, Annette Levin Bernicc LaPire, Camille DiBella, Gratia Becker 


Psi Chi, the University of Illinois psychology club, 
is a national honorary societ) , composed of psychology 
majors and minors. To be eligible for membership an 
individual must have a 4.0 average in all psychology 
courses and a 3.5 average in all other courses. A speci- 
fied number of hours in the field of psychology must 

also have been completed. The officers for 1 946 are: 
president, Ruth Stark; vice-president, Dorothy Buz- 
zard; secretary, Helen Palmer; treasurer, Joanna ( a\ 
enee; membership chairman, Annette Levin. Speakers 
in the field, movies, and informal discussions comprise 
the meetings of Fsi ( Ihi, 


Top Row: Walter Fehrenbacker, John Curry, Robert Mitchell, Edward Laechelt, Dick Drake, George Drake, Eldon Larson, Hugh Wetzel, 

Delmar Ohrens 
Third Row: Jean Neese, Mary Arcenbright, Betty Johnson, Bob Howard, James McCurdy, Lowell Gardner, Louise Rice, Helen Newhy, 

James Litchfield 
Second Row: Milla Whitton, Mary Hansen, Eurenia Tord, Marjorie Harms, Donald Snoreley, Robert, Betty Snyder, Cecil Louis: 

Meyers, Ruth Monroe, Lola Benwitz 
Boitom Row: Frances Logan, Doris Barty, Ila McDcn.ld, Clarence Oeth, Paul Ferre:, Frank Mealiff, Charles Botterbusch, Meta Keller, Jean 

Dierkes, Lila Athy 


The membership of the Illini Rural Life Club is not 
limited, but open to everyone who is interested. 

The objectives are: to increase the contacts and 
stimulate fellowship among young men and women 
who are interested in rural life; to gain a more thor- 
ough knowledge of rural life by an understanding of 
the problems in rural life, and to create a desire in and 

develop the ability to solve these problems; to develop 
an understanding and appreciation of the growing 
inter-relationship between rural and urban people. 

The officers are: president, Charles Botterbusch; 
first vice-president, Doris Barty; second vice-president, 
Meta Keller; secretarv, Lila Athv; and treasurer, Frank 

Top Row: Olaf Fjelde, Cyrus Palmer, Frank Lescher, Granville Keith, Rexfo-d Newcomb, Loring Provine, William Scheick 
Boitom Row: James rjerks, James Smith, William Sayre, Paul Graven, Donal Knurr, Oista\c- u..ntlncn 


Scarab, the National Architectural Fraternity, aims 
to orient its members with the technical, ethical, and 
social tenets of the architectural profession. 

One phase of its program is the development through 
competition for the three Scarab Medals in Architec- 
ture. These medals are awarded on the following 
bases: one to the sophomore or junior designer whose 

problem is selected as the best, and one to the junior 
engineer who has achieved outstanding academic and 
social proficiency. 

The Fraternity also sponsors exhibits and lectures 
by those who have proven themselves professionally 
in architecture and its allied arts. 

Top Row: Sue Carr, Bonnie Flenniken, Ethelyn Mosgrove, Mary Anderson, Sylvia Sitavich, Roberta Mullikcn, Anne Burster 

Third Row: Marguerite Laning, Jean Blick, Rose Holmes, Marie Marek, Janet Van Matre, Rita Nelson, Virginia Baker 

Second Row: Martha Pichon, Patricia Smith, Norma Lindenmuth, Aline Fairbanks, Lucille Rhymer, Janice Kuhns, Letitia Wimberly, Mav- 

oureen Graham 
Bottom Row: Betty Bond, Lois Zornig, Marjone Galutia, Josephine Lindsey, Anna White, Evangeline Petters, Betty Durham 
Not in Panel: Harriet Haycock, Martha Gruba, Sharon Cole, Mariella Mapes, Phyllis Chalk, Marilyn Folliard, Joan Guard, Mary Hadneld, 

Donna Nelson, 1 ois Stern 


Sigma Alpha Iota is a professional fraternity for uni- 
versity women in the field of music. Membership is 
based on excellence in scholarship and musical ability. 
All women enrolled in the School of Music are eligible 
for membership. 

S.A.I, is particularly active in presenting musical 
programs — two public concerts a year, a monthly 

musicale, and a radio program on WILL every Satur- 
day at ten o'clock. Every year each chapter awards 
a pledge cup to the outstanding pledge, and Honor 
Certificate to the senior with the highest scholastic 
average, and the Sword of Honor for exceptional 

' /• Rout: John June. Facult) \d iso Glenn Dowler, William Nancy, Grovei Hoff, Harold Hill, Donald Foxvog, Seymoui Friedm; 

liotiom r,u: |ami ii i [ohn Coll [oseph Patrick, Thomas Rice, Hieo. 1 ore Kimble 

Not in Panel: Roberl E [am I- ol Lestei ' anterbury, Roberl Hallcnstein, John Prowell, Arnold Yellin 

Suspended during the war, Sigma Delia Chi, pro 
fessional journalism fraternity, was re-activated in 
February, 1946. It sponsored the fust journalism 
awards convocation, June, 1946, and secured Philip 
\dler, editor of the Kcwanee Stai < ourier, as the 
ipeaker. fheodore Kimble was selected .is the oui 


standing male journalism graduate thai semester. 

Reviving "The College TUMOR An Outgrowth 
of the Student Body," Sigma Delia Chi published a 
homecoming edition in October, 1946, and used the 
proceeds to staid their official representative to the 
ii ii ional com union. 

Top Row: Arthur Leininger, Herbert Newmark, Lawrence Breinin, Wayne Ring, James Stallmeyer, Elmer Harris, James Harp 

Bottom Row: Pete Fenoglio, Frederick Reimers, Jr., Francis Bushman, Professor Crandell, William Shoulders, William Curtis, John Leek 


Sigma Tau, an honor society for engineers, was 
founded February 22, 1904 at the University of 
Nebraska, but in the years immediately following the 
fraternity's establishment, the national expansion was 
discouraged. How ever, following the election of the 
first National Council in 1912, the history of the fra- 
ternity has been one of constant expansion. On 

March 3, 1930 Sigma Tau was admitted to full mem- 
bership in the Association of College Honor Societies. 
In the thirty-two years of its existence, Theta of 
Illinois has maintained a high standard by putting 
emphasis on three qualifications: scholarship, prac- 
ticalitv, and sociability. 

Top Row: Leslie McClure, Advisor; Rosanne Marschak, Chernie Abrams, Mary Roberts, Matilda Fazekas 
Second Row: Betty Norberg, Barbara Rowe. Barbara Nicklaus, Patt Irvine 
Bottom Row: Helen Wacker, Jeanne Becker, Ruth Weinard, Alice Walker 
Not in Panel: Fiances Baker, Elaine Sell, Virginia Wells, Marilyn Murray 


Seven women students at the University of Wash- 
ington in Seattle established the honorary professional 
fraternity known as Theta Sigma Phi on April 8, 1909. 
Its objectives are to unite women engaging in or 
planning to engage in journalism or letters; to achieve 
definite standards in journalism and letters; to improve 

working conditions for women in these fields; to in- 
spire members to greater individual effort. 

Theta Sigma Phi's major campus activity is the 
Matrix table, an annual dinner for members and guests, 
featuring a speech by a prominent person working in 
the journalistic field. 

Top Row: Marie Sheer, Barbara Gulley, Alice Wolff, Severina Nelson, Naomi Hunter 

Second Row: Marjorie Brown, Lois Bolle, Shirley Dean, Mary Greene, Polly Lauton 

Bottom Row: Martha Cotingham, Norma Whitton, Carolyn Dallenbach, Mary Kruh, Shirley Hindman, Marjorie Hawthorne 

Not in Panel: Norma Diedrich, Shirley Freeman, Charlene Umbright 

Zeta Phi Eta, national professional speech arts fra- 
ternity, is composed of women students from all 
phases of the speech curricula. Its members are chosen 
not only for scholarship, but for high ideals which 
will maintain the standards of the organization. Each 
year Zeta Phi Eta sponsors a "curtain raiser" — a pro- 
gram which brings an outstanding speaker to the 
campus. Another tradition is the Zeta Phi Eta plaque, 


upon which are written the names of those senior 
women who have done outstanding work in the field 
of speech. 

The officers are: president, Carolyn Dallenbach; 
vice-president, Norma Whitton; recording secretary, 
Doris Mellon; corresponding secretary, Barbara Gul- 
lev; treasurer, Marjorie Brown; and marshal, Mary 

Top Row: ll.i.ilnni K.n.iU. Miilnitni (»/yurt, Dogan Akad, Haluk Akol, Kcmali Ustun, Talat Itil, Irfan Ozacar, Hilmi Knrtay 

Second Ron et Yurtman, Ccvdel Uzonur, Muammer Unal, Suat Atay, Nevzat Erkun, Emin Ozgor, Muzaflcr Gocek, Nccati Akcagilar 

Bottom /<■"" Rail Basci Faruk Mutman, Muvahhit Atamer, Sahir Erispaha, Gani Turkberk, Nejat Denizman, Nevzat Gomcc, Sakip Altay 
Not in Panel: Safa Aktepe, Zcki Aleind.injil, Resat Aynoglu 


The Turkish Student Association is a social and 
cultural organization ol Turkish students on the 
campus. It was formed in November 1944 and now it 
is affiliated to the National headquarters in New York. 

The main object of the association is to introduce 
the Turkish group to the campus and thus create a 
stronger belief in their ideas of mutual friendship and 

international brotherhood. 

Activities consist ot giving speeches about Turkey 
to all kinds of gatherings, of holding Turkish Coffee 
I lours and of participation in sports. The members 
feel much obliged for the interest the campus has 
shov n them. 

George Asselin 
Benjamin Ay cock 
Robert Chambers 
Robert Clark 
Aiinor Coon 
Alden Crittenden 
Robert Divilbliss 
Isaac Feldman 
Joseph Fuchs 


Elmer Harris 
Henry Holtzclaw 
Hung Kao 
Leon Katz 
Harry Kaufman 
Hermin Levine 
Scott McKenzie 
Elliott Marvell 

Richard Maxwell 
Seymour Meisel 
William Ruyle 
James Saunders 
Carl Sievert 
Donald Starr 
Tzi-Lieh Tan 
Elmer Trumbull 
John Young 


Phi Lambda Upsilon was founded in 1899 at the 
University of Illinois. The purpose of the organization 
is to honor outstanding scholarship and encourage 
original research in the pure and applied branches of 
chemistry. Phi Lambda Upsilon has grown into a 
national society comprising 39 chapters and over 
10,000 members. Only upper classmen and graduate 

students of the highest scholastic rank are asked to 
become members. To further the purpose of the group 
Alpha chapter sponsors lectures and awards an annual 
prize to the sophomore in chemistry or chemical engi- 
neering who maintains the highest scholastic average 
during his first three semesters' work. 

Marion Berkowitz 
Mary Carpenter 
Flora Correll 
Vera Diffenderfer 
Virginia Eckert 
Angelina Gaziano 
Alice Ford Hilker 
Charles Hudson 
Lizzie Johnson 


Jane Jordan 
Vera Kaden 
Mary Lambert 
Ruth Lewis 
Renee Maruszczak 
Doris Mellon 
Neva Miner 
Leonard Nelson 
Thomas Reid 
Dorothv Rundle 

John Schumaker 
Kathryn Seed 
Ann Setzkorn 
A-larcia Shurte 
Charles Stout 
Nancy Tice 
Alison Symon 
Elizabeth Tyler 
Ruth Waglberg 


Kappa Delta Pi was founded at the University of 
Illinois in 1911 by William Bagley, Truman Kelley, 
and Stephen Calvin. It seeks to encourage high pro- 
fessional, intellectual, and personal standards and to 
recognize outstanding contributions in the field of 
education. It is the onlv national coeducational honor 

society in American education that opens membership 
to undergraduate and graduate students and members 
of the education and allied faculties. Alpha Chaptcr 
maintains a loan fund and makes an annual award to 
the outstanding senior in the College of Education. 



Beta Gamma Sigma, the national honor society ex- 
clusively for students of commerce, was organized 
on February 26, 1913, with chapters at Illinois, Cali- 
fornia, and Wisconsin. Designed solely to honor out- 
standing scholastic accomplishment in the held of 
commerce and business administration, membership 
is limited to those men and women students who rank 
in the upper two per cent of the junior class or the 

upper ten per cent of the senior class and who give 
promise of marked success in their chosen field. 

Today, with chapters at fifty of the leading schools 
and colleges of commerce throughout the United 
States, alumni number in excess of fifteen thousand 
and include many of the leading businessmen and in- 
dustrialists of the countrv. 


President Prof. J. F. Bell 

Vice-president Prof. C. A. Mover 

Historian Prof. A. C. Littleton 

Secretary Treasurer Prof. N. D. Wakefield 


The Pershing Rifles is a National Honorary Mili- 
tary Fraternity. The members of the unit are selected 
by instructors in the Military Department who sub- 
mit names to the officers of Pershing Rifles. These 
men are invited to attend drill meetings to determine 
eligibility tor membership in the organization. 

The work of the Pershing Rifles consists mainly 
of drill. It has a drill team which competes against 
other universities in drill, as athletes compete in their 
respective sports. The unit has instituted a National 
Rifle Association rifle team. 






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Cable Piano Company 621 

Daily Mini 623 

Deere, John 605 

Gregg College, The 619 

Grubb, G. R. and Company 613 

Hayes Hotel Corporation 623 

Illio of 1948 ■ 621 

International Chemical Company 621 

Ohm Mills Studios 617 

Page Engineering Company 619 

Pantagraph Printing and Stationery Company 611 

Sexton, John B. and Company 623 

Underwood Corporation 617 

University of Illinois Alumni Association 609 

Weber Dental Manufacturing Company 607 




Abbot, H. L 438 

Abbott, I. R., Jr 470 

Abbott, J. R 456 

Abbott, Mary R 272, 273, 274 

Abbott, R. L 459 

Abelmann, C. B 465 

Abelmann, H. W 465 

Abels, Janice C 498 

Abels, Norma E 46, 498 

Abraham, W. J 420, 474 

Abrahams, J. E 172, 189 

Abrams, Chernie 46, 501, 597 

Abrams, Elyse S 510 

Abrams, H 485 

Abrams, H. K 551 

Abrams, S. S 46 

Acacia 436 

Accountancy Club 574 

Acer, D. W,, Jr 470 

Ackerman, M. E 478 

Activities 214 

Acton, R. D 582 

Adair, Elizabeth A 507 

Adams, J 46 

Adams, Lois J 495 

Adams, W 556 

Adams, W. J 476 

Addiego, Beverly R 532 

Addis, F. R 477 

Adelman, M. H 574 

Adelson, J. L 485 

Adelson, L. H 462 

Ades, Sonya M 283, 492 

Adist, Janis 307 

Adler, Floretta S 510 

Adler, L. D 462 

Administration 18 

Adolphson, Alice A 505 

Adrian, Clara E 530 

Adsit, Janis E 183, 520 

Afton, D. N 562 

Agase, A 226, 375, 376, 380 

383, 386 

Agase, L. ...221, 375, 380, 384, 474 

Agatstein, J. W 485 

Agger, C. K 450 

Agnew, Marion L 46, 533 

Agriculture 38 

Agriculture Club 572 

Agriculturist, Illinois 286 

Ahlin, L. E 553 

Aikman, Mariella 46, 307, 520 

Akad, D 449, 598 

Akcaglilar, N 449, 598 

Akey, Ruth E 528 

Akol, H 598 

Akrepe, S 524, 598 

Alayu, Jane T 549 

Albaugh. Constance J 517 

Albert, Dorothy J 307, 310, 548 

Albert, G 169 

Albert, Judith Z 492 

Albert, Marian L 308, 310 

Alberts, R. D 451 

Albertson, Lois L 507 

Albiez, R. G 446 

Albrecht, J. R 286,477, 573 

Albright, Connie 531 

Albright, Mary H 46, 531, 592 

Albyn, R 443 

Alcock, Margaret K 504 

Alcock, W. J 470 

Alcorn, R. M 459 

Alemdargil, Z 598 

Alexander, Esther 518 

Alexander, H. R 442 

Alexander, Helen J 271, 494 

Alexander, M 191, 192 

Alexander, M. J 444 

Alexander, W. M 457 

Alfirevich, Helen M 528 

Alford, Millie J 530 

Allan, B 310 

Allan, R. S 558 

Allard, Vivian 566 

Allaway, W. H 238, 313 

Allegan, Rena F 542 

Allen, Beverlee J 267, 500 

Allen, Billie. J 267, 271, 502 

Allen, Charlotte A 509 

Allen, D. J 476 

Allen, Helen E 548 

Allen, 1 469 

Allen, T. K 474 

Allen, James R 313 

Allen, John R 555 

Allen, Joseph 299 

Allen, Juliet V 46 

Allen, L. H 46, 455 

Allen, Mary A 549, 576 

Allen, P. E 440, 573, v>() 

Allen, Richard 188, 192 

Allen, R. B 445, 582 

Allen, R. F 456 

Allen, R. E 428, 476 

Allen, R. J 46 

Allen, R. R 172 

Allen, Ruth 513 

Allen, W. D 319 

Allen, W. W 221, 241 

Allensworth, W. B 583 

Allexam, J. R 454 

Allhands, Q. C 46 

Allison, J. L 551 

Allison, R 186 

Allott, Helen L 493 

Allott, Ruth A 500 

Alumni Association 27 

Alpha Chi Omega 490 

Alpha Chi Rho 437 

Alpha Delta Phi 438 

Alpha Delta Pi 491 

Alpha Delta Sigma 586 

Alpha Epsilon lota 185 

Alpha Epsilon Phi 492 

Alpha Gamma Delta 493 

Alpha Gamma Rho 440 

Alpha Kappa Alpha 494 

Alpha Kappa Delta 587 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 441 

Alpha Kappa Psi 575 

Alpha Lambda Delta 566 

Alpha Omega 169 

Alpha Omega Alpha 202 

Alpha Omicron Pi 495 

Alpha Phi 496 

Alpha Phi Alpha 442 

Alpha Phi Omega 558 

Alpha Pi Delta 587 

Alpha Rho Chi 443 

Alpha Sigma Nu 588 

Alpha Sigma Phi 444 

Alpha Tan Omega 445 

Alpha Xi Delta 497 

Alpha Zeta 563 

Alport, L. M 439 

Alt, E. E 46 

Altenberg, M. R 307, 479 

Altenburg, Betty J 509 

Altheide, Charlotte E 530 

Althoff, Jeanette 518 

Altpeter, Betty J 498 

Amacher, Phyllis M 543 

Amado, D. E 449 

Amberg, W. W 568, 585 

Ambrose, L. R 576 

Amerman, H. A 238 

Ames, H. F 459 

Ames, R. N 567 

Ames, W. B 374 

Amling, W. H.. 454 

American Ceramics Society 585 

American Institute of Electrical 

Engineers 583 

American Society of Civil Engi- 
neers 583 

American Society of Mechanical 

Engineers 585 

Amvets Post No. 65 586 

Ammon, J., Jr 345 

Ammons, Jean R 46, 520 

Anderhous, B 551 

Andersen, Beverly J 517 

Andersen, H. E., Jr 445 

Andersen, Lila M 532 

Anderson, Allen 480 

Anderson, Audrey C 532 

Anderson, Barbara Jane 260, 522 

Anderson, Barbara Jean 533 

Anderson, Betty J 46, 519 

Anderson, C. J 46, 554 

Anderson, C. L 517 

Anderson, C 188 

Anderson, C. H 446 

Anderson, C. M 5 56 

Anderson, Dorothy J 546 

Anderson, Elinor J 497 

Anderson, E. 466 

Anderson, F. W 583 

Anderson, G. K 438 

Anderson, Gertrude R 496 

Anderson, G. W 445 

Anderson, Grace L 46 

Anderson, H. E 483 

Anderson, H. L 402 

Anderson, Harry V 313, (54 

Anderson, Helen A 494, 518 

Anderson, Helen L 267 

Anderson, Janet E 536 

Anderson, John 187 

Anderson, John M 47 

Anderson, Joyce E 5 35 

Anderson, LaVonne 527 

Anderson, Lilia 574, 502 

Anderson, L. N 551 

Anderson, Margaret H...47, 548, 591 

Anderson, Marilyn E 498 

Anderson, Mary A 535, 576 

Anderson, Mary F 47, 512 

Anderson, Mary S.. .47, 312, 516. 596 

Anderson, Merriam M 271, 530 

Anderson, Nancy J 5 12. 580 

Anderson, O. A 454 

Anderson, R v: ! 

Anderson, R. L 486 

Anderson, R. A 307, 480 

Anderson, R. M 441 

Anderson, Rita A 532 

Anderson, R. H 585 

Anderson, R. W 574 

Anderson, T. E 458 

Anderson, T. W 47, 523 

Anderson, Vesta E 529 

Anderson, Warren A 308 

Anderson, W. H 477 

Anderson, Wilberta J 522 

Anderson, William A 452, 477 

Andler, L. P 458 

Andrews, C. B 446 

Andrews, J. B., Jr 446 

Andrews, Marcella 524 

Andrews, Patricia A 499 

Andrews, P. W 586 

Andrews, Sylvia J 495 

Andrews, W. J 172, 187 

Angier, Maizie J 503, 576 

Angus, Barbara L. ..47, 226, 284, 503 

Anikstein. P 47, 552, 574 

Anikstein, S 552 

Annex Hall 552 

Annis, R 187 

Anovitz, Phyllis 526 

Anthonisen, N. C...47, 374, 375, 453 

Antle, R. M 436 

Antrim, E. V 556 

Apoyan, Alice V...47, 241, 244, 507 

578, 579 

Appel, Norma A 547 

Appelle, Suzanne 220, 506, 580 

Appenheimer, A. C 573 

Applegate, Joyce 509 

Applegate, Priscilla R 536 

Applegate, Virginia G 536, 586 

Appuhn, A. J 47, 458 

Ariagna, P. R 172 

Aramovich, Ferdy S 47 

Archer, A. E 466 

Archibald, R 450 

Ardaugh, R. J 476 

Ardisana, B ■ • 474 

Arenberg, J. T 47, 450 

Arepo 2 99 

Argenbright, Mary A.... 47, 271, 286 

491, 576, 593, 595 

Ariola, S. A 458 

Armitage, Janice E 47, 273, 519 

Armour, C. R • • ■ • 473 

Armour, Sally F 493, 580 

Arms, R. E 552 

Armstrong, J. E 308, 559 

Armstrong, J. R l '~ 

Armstrong, Nancy J 47, 310, 502 

Armstrong, Patricia L 48, 524 

Armstrong, T. R |™ 

Army / ■ "° 

Arnold, Carswella J ■;■■■**' \U 

Arnold, C. C 48, 484, 8 

Arnold, Rita I V •■?"' Ill 

Arnold, R. A 162, 168, 200 

Arnopolin, V *lj 

Aron, K 473 

Arthur, W. H 553 

Arvetis, C. J 48 

Arvidson, D. P 476 

Asa, W. J '«» 

Asbury, E. E 58° 

Asch, M ■ ■ ■ 192 

Ascher, La Verne B 48, 524 

Ascherman, G 1^ 

Ascherman, Joan L 48 

Ash, Mildred 185 

Ash, M. A 308 

Ashby, D. M 457 

Ashe. D ■■•• 485 

Asherman, G. A ■• 162 

Ashkanazy, Jeanne L 48, 54 1 

Asmus, E. W 482 

Asmus, R. C...... 482 

Asplund, Beverly J -■•• 498 

Asselin, G 477, 599 

Atamer, M. M 449, 598 

Atay. S. A 598 

Atchison, Jean 'W 

Ater, Betty J 544 

Ater, L. D ■■ 48 

Athey. Lila J 250, 273, 286, 32 

523, 576, 595 

Athletic Administration 370 

. l/A/i tic Association 374 

Athletics 368 

Atienza, Maria F 576 

Atk.n, 1 420 

Atkins, D. R JM 

Atkins. L 487 

Ator. Jo Ann 524, 587 

Attebery, Barbara M 538 

Attebery, Catherine J 538 

Attebery. Ellen J 48, 5 ■". ' 

Attebery, Patricia J 48, 330, 490 

A 1 win 1. Virginia F 512 

Auerbath, E 439 

Auerbach, T. M 172, 192 

Aufdenkamp, E. L 446 

Augustine, 48 

Augustine, W. J 471 

Ausfahl, Dorothy E 502 

Austin, C. E 558 

Austin, J. O., Jr 458 

Autrey, W. S 48, 344, 583 

Avedisian, A 474 

Avery, R. F 576 

Avery, W. C 455 

Axelman, Norma J 501 

Axness, H. K 574 

Aycock, B. F 599 

Aylesworth, R. G 483 

Aynoaglu, R 598 

Azar, K. L 481 

Azzarello, C. A 450 


Babbitt, L. L .' 342 

Babcock, Mary E 48, 579 

Bachman, A 573 

Bachman, G 444, 585 

Back, W 461 

Backs, Miriam 521 

Bacon, Emily M 490 

Bacon, W 466 

Baddaker, R 49, 576 

Bader, E 287, 344, 568, 585 

Badewitz, C 591 

Badylak, L 445 

Baechle, R 467, 567, 581 

Baer, Marjorie L 492 

Baer, Mary L 302, 528, 566 

Baer, Patricia 83, 520 

Baggett, J. E 483 

Bahan, W 471 

Bahcall, Miriam 525 

Bahlman, W 281 

Bahr, D. W 466 

Bailey, Betty L 283, 491, 518 

Bailey, B. H 302, 466, 574 

Bailey, D. 1 461 

Bailey, G. B 451 

Bailey, H. W 24. 139 

Bailey, R. J 49, 441 

Bailie, H. H 455 

Bainter, Mary E 532 

Baird, Evelyn M 522 

Baird, J. P 428, 476 

Baird-Smith, Marilyn 497 

Bairstow, R. R 49, 454, 582 

Bairstow, W. R 454 

Baity, Doris L 566 

Baker, A. D 479 

Baker, Anna F 182, 183 

Baker, B. Virginia 302, 533 

Baker, B. L 555 

Baker, C. E., Jr 300 

Baker, C. L 293, 298 

Baker, Frances 49, 524, 597 

Baker, Georgianna 495 

Baker, H. H. 477, 5°4 

Baker, H 439 

Baker, Katherine W 549 

Baker, K. A 550 

Baker, K. D 463 

Baker, Martha L 5 38 

Baker, 'Miriam ...234, 283, 508, 580 

Baker, P. L 172, 189 

Baker, Virginia 220, 260, 596 

Bakazs, Grace 5 13 

Baldridge, W 459 

Baldry, Joan 49, 569, 578, 579 

Baldwin, Delphinc- 532 

Baldwin, J 190 

Balentyne, G. J 552 

Ball, G. C 466 

Ball, R 436, 594 

Ballantine. F. W 463 

Ballinger, Marjorie A 521 

Balsley, Eleanor P 520 

Banchy, M. A 557 

Band 546 

Bandy, Mary J 285 . 497 

Bangert, H. C 108 

Banister. W. C 447 

Banks, Annie M 19 1 

Banlither, M 589 

Banner, Marolyn G 312 

Bannon, Mary A 40, 5 30 

Bannon, R. P 555 

Banovitz, D. S 460 

Banthien. G. H 45 1. 505 

Barancik, Rosalyn K 402 

Baranowski. Alice H 521 

Baras, J. L 462 

Barber, C 157, 16" 

Barber, C. H 473 

Barber, Mary Lou 49, 503 

Barber, Nancy 1 503 

Barber, T. H 375, 451 

Barber, T 166 

Barchick, Dolores G 5:1 

Barcus, C. H 49 

Bard. G. W 477 


leril I 49, 520 

Bardwick, Ruth E 19, 5 16 

I I 19, 583 

Barenbruggc, F. E 142, (44 

hi, Eileen I Ml 

Bargh, G. H., Jr 448 

M >^> 

Barker, Nancy J 505 

Barkei \V. I i !6, (61 

Barker, \Y\ R 465 

Barland, Shirley R 508 

Barlow, Barbara A 502 

Barnard, D 172, 185 

Barnard, Laura A 5*0 

Barnaul, I ( 550 

Barnard, P. S 557 

Barnard, P. W 486 

Barnes, B 447 

Barnes, E. F 584 

Barnes, Evelyn M 49, 516 

Barnes, R. H 575 

Barnes, R. C 19, 242, n I 

Barnett, Rita 1 219, i " 

Barnett, Ruth M 19, 525 

Barnhart. C. I "7 

Barnstable, Anna 156, 18". 

Barnwell, Shirley 19; 

Barr, J. W 444 

Barr, Miriam M 49, 5 '> 

Barrett, Margaret F 5 18 

Barrick, B. B 411 

Barrick, D. ( 445 

Barrick, R. M 445 

Banish, B 559 

Barrow, Lois A 183, 518, 5H7 

Barry, lennis 269 

Bars, hak, T 55 1 

Barta, E. R 467 

Barta, E. P 467 

Bartelstein, H. H 439 

Barth, Maty H 49 

Barthel, ). E 465 

Barthel, Mary P 49, 520 

Bartholomew, Frames A 550 

Bartholomew, Lois 493 

Bartholon, O. F 471 

Bartlett, Mary J 5:; 566 

Bartlett. T. H 455 

Bartley, Helen M. B 543 

Bartley, I. M 481 

Bartley, j. R 594 

Bartoloni, N 49, 482 

Barton, Alyce 497 

Barton, G. L 338 

Barton, Patricia M 524, 312 

Barton House 5 5(1 

Bartosek, M. J 55.) 

Bartosiewicz, Malvina 5 19 

Bartsch, Mary A •s 1 3, 566 

Bartunek, G. E 550 

Barty, Doris 595 

Bartz, J }24 

Baruch, S. R 49 

Barwig, Elizabeth M 566 

Basci, F 598 

Baseball 408 

Bash, Shirley L 504 

Bash. W. J., Jr 49, 452, 575 

Bashful, E. W 442 

Basinger, J. D 196 

Basil tball ... 392 

Baskin. Judith Mil 

Bass, R. A 550 

Basse, Barbara 540 576 

Bassler, W. A 4 (6 

Bateman, 1. f 4) 

Bateman, Olive J 522, 587 

Bateman. R ' 167 

Bates, K. P 11, ■; 

Bath, Mary F 302, 5 so 

Batts, Margaret 1 506 

Baude, Bcrnadettc- J 246, (97 

Bauer, I F 437 

Bauer, Marjorie R 5 1 

Bauer, Miriam 1 302, 504 

Baughman, I .' 346 

Baughman, H. B k.i 

Baughman Melva F sso, 576 

Baujan, Mary B 1 

Bauling. F. G 

Baum, G. June (9, 531 

Bauman, F. 1 375, 380 is/ 467 

H. 1111111111.1, (. P (70 

Baxter, Barbara I so • 

Baxter, I) . B 57s 

Baxter. Jaime 

Baxti 1 , M. G 555 

Baxter, R. W 48 1 

Bayard, \V. 1 1 

Bayi 1. I A 

Bayha, F II [9 

Bayloi , \Virihi< 1 

Bayne, J 1 • . 

B 1 sin/ • 1 (0 Ann ' !0 :( . 500, 580 

Beach, F 1 6 < 

Beach, K 166, 1.. 

Beach, \V A 147 

Bi Igll M I li i0 

Beal, M.iiMin 1 19, 219, 225, 23H 

Beall, III 11 

Beal K 1 49, 475, 584 

Bi am, R M 19, 123 ! '8 16 i ■■»■ 

Bi in, Ma R 1 111 170, 271 

HI, 580 

Bean Patrii ia A 

B. 11 Beverly J 191 

B ai I. T hi 

Beard. R. W 590 

Beasley, R. 1 556 

Beattie, J. A 459 

Beatty, ( . I.., Jr 140, 573, 5 10 

,1 .28 

Beavers, Patricia A 327, 519 

Bebb, Beverly 19, 271, 503 

Bebout, A. E (53 

Bebout, H. M (50 

Bechtold, I. H 4; 

Bschtold, L. F 1 .1 

Beck, H. H 118. 574 

Be.k. W. 1 585 

Becken, A. ( ., Ill 448, 573 

Becken, ( . W 313, (48 \V. D ills 

Becker, Betsy P p7 

Becker, E 49 

Becker, G. A sso 

Becker, Gratia M 19, 550, 59) 

Becker, Helen W 51, 272, 273 

Becker, J. F 51 

Becker, Jeanne G 51, 536, 507 

Becker, |.> Anne so 1 

Becker, R. J 172, 189 

Becker. S. W 172, 186, 192 

Becker, Shirley R 543 

Beckermire, H 482 

Bedell, D. T 675, III', IOI 

Bedell, J 187 

Bedell, Muriel B 527 

Bedford, I. G 58} 

Bedford, R. ( 557 

Bcedle, Mary L 539, 576 

Be. m, Margueritte R 269, 527 

Beers, Nora 1 51, 537 

Biggs, J. C 591 

Be a s, Lois P 527 

Behan, P. F 471 

Behler, R 344, 568 

Behling, W. H 51, 445 

Behr, Martha L 529 

Behrendt, W. F 483 

Beidelman. J. L 486 

Beile, C W 458 

Beilke, Helen M 530 

Beiriger, Jean M 506 

Beisner, Fleta M 549 

BelknaD, Barbara J 5 19 

Bell. Beverly A 532 

Bell, E 51, 465 

Bell, E. E 24 

Bell, Gloria 199 

Bell, J. F 453 

Bell, "N. W 310 

Bell. R. R 346 

Bell, Rosamund P 311 

Bell, Shirley J 527 

Bell, W 167 

Belland, Mary R. A 51, 522 

Bclnap, Dorothy 28s, 506 

Beltz. C. J 459 

Bc-lyea, Ruth V 539 

Bemis, Ma'y 5 37 

Benbow, Donna L 183, 509 

Bc-ndas, M 51 

Bender, Phvllis S 262, 547 

Bender, Ruth D 545, 566 

Benetiel, P. B 437 

Bengard, E. D 420, 436 

Bengel, R. R 555 

Benham. Janet 490 

Benjamin, H. R 257 

Benjamin, O. E 281, 427, 445 

Benjamin, R. K 51 

Benna, Marion D 5 is 

Bennett, A. M 172 

Bennett, Beverly J 302, 498, 580 

Bennett, D 585 

Bennett, Mary E 51, 504 

B.-nnitt, R. A 486 

Benoist, Aline F 524 

Benoist, D. L 471 

Bensen, K. G 307 

Bensew, A. W 507 

Benson, Barbara R 51 

Benson, H. G 5 1 

Benson, R. A I is 

B 11 son, Sara L 511 

Benson, W. E 564 

Bent, A. E 567, 575 

Benton, B 198, 199 Lola M 595 

Benzuly, L. M 51, 462 

Berbaum, I F 152 

Bi rcher, Dorothy A 524, 566 

1 *■ ...... J 5| 

Bi n nholt2 (. 185 

B 1 hi im, ( .. C, Ir 475 

Bi 1 1 ii Iphei n s 502 

Bi • ■ 11 1 542 

B G 11 168 

B 1 'in 

Bei R 1 447 

Berg, 1 1 478 

I*, i.i" .1, I oli ic I 532 

I. U 180 

r, Lois J I, 273. 275, 594 
B rger, Phyllis 

Bi rggn n, Ann.. M 52 I93 

Ri n land, ( I . |. . 

Bi rgquisl I . . 1 [93 

Bergren, H. E 577 

Berkey. Dorothy 52, son 

Beikey, Madge 499 

Berkey, W. W 558 

Berkman, Barbara M son 

Beikman. Patricia L 52, sot 

Berkowitz, 1 462 

BerkowitZ, Marion 569, 599 

Berkowitz, Ruth 545, sks 

Berkson, D (85 

Berkson, Shirley M 520 

Berkson, T (78 

Berliant. K 344 

Berlin, 1 310 

Berlin, Suzanne B 207, 192 

Bei liner, N 381, (69 

Berman, A 588 

Berman. I. M 479 

Berman, Maxine R 537 

Berman. R 462 

Berman, S 462 

Bernard, E 594 

Bernard, Virginia 220, 241, 250 

280, 524 

Bernardoni, L. ( 308 

Berner, W 456, 573 

Berning, D 554 

Bernstein, H 472 

Bernstein, Sandra F 542 

Bernstein, Sharlane 525 

Berntsen, Irene V 520 

Berquist, L. F 172, 190 

Berry. C 188 

Berry, Elaine 545 

Berry, F 308, 459, 567, 581, 584 

Berry, L 454 

Berry, Robert E 52 

Berry, W. E., Jr 52 

Berson, R 344 

B.rtclson, W. R 172 

Bertossa, D 444 

Besenfelder, Barbara A 52, 512 

Beskin, J 439 

Besserer, E 552 

Bessette, 1 474 

Best, R. P 52 

Best. W. R.. .. 172, 201 

Beta Gamma Sigma 600 

lltiti House 540 

Beta 'I beta Pi 446 

Bethany Circle 516 

Bettcher, W 458 

Bettenhauscn, W. C, Jr 52, 261 

576, 456 

Bever, Emily F 52, 592 

Bever, R. J 52 

Bhasavanich, U. S 449 

Bianchetta, J. F 52 

Biberstein, E. L 52, 439, 566 

Bickel. Barbara A.. 285, 506, 566, 574 

Bickerton, June L 274, 495 

Biedenkopf, Beverly J 531 

Biegel, C 558 

Bel awski, Norma K 524 

Bienemann, Barbara 220, 496 

Bienenfeld. M. J 553 

Bigelow, W. R 308. 466 

Biggar, H 375 

Bi.;gers. J. T 588 

Biggs, E. P 306 

Bi»"S, R 184, 186, 191 

Billian, Corinne D 518 

Billick, R. J 52, 481 

Billings, C. K 52 

B.I lines. Verlee 1 520 

Billow, Arlene H 428, 508 

Bills. R. S 346, 47s, 590 

Binder, W. B 52 

Bin»aman. L. A. ..375, 380, 390, 47 1 

Binkley. Mary F 544, 576 

Binns, D. A 342 

Biolchin, L. P 455 

Biowski. Edith A 513 

Birch, lanet W 281, (95 

Birth, \V. T sis 

Bird, Alice M 518 

Bird, Frames A 5 37 

Bird. R. B 52 

BlrdzeM. Ruth A 53, 5" 1 

Birk, R. C 53, 551 

Birkeland, Iiene S 499 

Birkeland, Lois M 518 

Birkhimer, R. () 53 

Bnks, D. \V 52. 4 15, 574 

Bischoff, Mar.ell.i 1 220, 519 

Bis. holt, R 473 

Bishop, Il.lcn 374 

Bishop, 1. E 589 R, F 53, 261, 551, sss 

Bitti iiM.m, A. A 344, 164 

Bittinger, I M 473 

Bitzer, R. 1 53, 219, 229, 284, (46 

Bixby, E. R 450 

Biellund, Dons R 519, 566 

Biurstrom, R 186 

Black, Betty Mae !8S 

Black, ( . T 53, 182 Minnie Lou 53, 503 

Black, R, II 53, 159 

Black, R. A im K. I H3 

Black, R, 1 477 

Black, Rosi mar) M'i 

Black \V (. !38 

Blackburn, S 187 

BI.. 1 km. in, J. ( 473 

Blackstone, Louise 183 

Blackwelder, Jean H 55 1 

Bl.ukwcll. < . C., Jr 172, 187 

Blackwood, Alma K 53 

Blackwood, Kathryn 312 

Blah... Elsie E 529 

Bl.iida, L. J 559 

Blair. A. F 586 

Biaker, Barbara J 502 

Biaker, J. W 53, 115 

Biaker, Nancy 1 491 

Bl.inehaid. Barbara 509 

Blanchette, L. G 162, 167 

Bland, Lois J 53, 52s, 576, 593 

Bland, Mary B 526 

Bland, Velma M 539 

Blanding, June R 513 

Blankenbcrg, W. 1 55 1 

Blansett, B. E 53, 441 

Blase, 1, A. J 476 

Blasicr, S. C 51, 463. 569 

Blattmachr, C. G 162, 167 

Blaufarb, Claire 524 

Blazich, I. 1 420 

Blazina, H. E 458 

Blazine, T .380 

Bleehman, G. D 472 

Bledsoe, W. C 53 

Bleeker, M. J 454 

Bleustein, P. K 469 

Bliek, Jean 596 

Blin, Kay C 553 

Bliss, I. J 436 

Block. B 173, 189 

Blo.k. lean E 545 

Blodgett, R. \V 345, 459 

Blom. G. P 53. 426, 461, 585 

Blomberg, R 551 

Blomquist, Betty L 534 

Blomquist, Betty R 493 

Blood, C 344 

Blood, Marjorie 505, 587 

Bloom, R. U 53, 573 

Bloomberg, L 562, 594 

Bloomer, T. C 567 

Bloomtreld, J. G 54 

Blueke, R. W 345 

Bluhm, Carolyn R 520, 589 

Blum, A. J 462 

Blum, Elaine L 545 

Blum, H. Z 479 

Blum, M 189 

Blum, Muriel R 501 

BUim. S 478 

Blumberg, R 545 

Blume, J. T 585 

Blumhagen, Jeanne 185 

Blunek, C. F 173 

Bly, E 54, 287, 589 

Bly, P. E 54, 345, 554 

Bodiil of Trustees 2 2 

Bohsin, Roberta J 531 

Bock, L. 1 470, 581 

Bockman, T., Jr 576 

Boddy, Marie L 569, 594 

Bod--nstein, S. J 543 

Boehmer, Ramona E 281, 495 

Boettcher, Carl E 590 

Boettcher, Charles E 54 

Boette, C 56" 

Bogaf. Mary M 269 

Bogash, H. E 444 

Boggs, Ruth A 522 

Bngncr, N. F 584 

Bold, R. W 557 

Bohon, R. L 5 1. 111 

Bohne. Margaret A 503 

B.11. mow ski, Regina L 5 12 

Bol.len. E. I.., Jr 583 

Boling, E. E 54 

Bolle. Lois M 285. 503, 580, 598 

Bolliger. Shirley J 5ss 

Bollinger, Marion 54, 218, 22 I 

282, 503 

Bollis, N 562 

Bolotin, A. D 54, 262 

Bolotin, N. R 55- 

Bolt, J. H 5 1 

Bolte. O. G 483 

Bonaguuh, Lorraine A 520 

Bond. Betty R 307, 312, 524, 596 

Bond. Elizabeth [..293, 298. 299, 596 

Bond, I. I 47.3 

Bond. 1.. F (57 

Bom, R. G IS" 

Bone, Ruth M 28". 505 

Bone, \Y. R 5-; 

Boneni. S. J 469 

Bonni . Barbara 1 532 

Bonner, Beryl D 522 

Bonn. I. I . 1 51 

Bonnes, Elizabeth 1 532 

Bonnet, I. D 'is. (02, (41 

B i. A. N 54, 168 

Bono, 1 590 

Bontimps. R. Y 165 

Bo.,.1,1, Pal 1 491 

Book. i. (,. S, HI 

B , I. R (77 

Boos. Kathleen 1 54, 520 

Booth, (.. M.. Ji s S i 

Bool/. M, 11 s-5. 418 

Boi.hut, Betty I 5io 




,S applied to American farm- 
ing, there's more than a fragment of truth in the old saying, "As the twig is 
bent, the tree inclines". 

We in America, with traditions deep-rooted in our hearts, have chosen 
to be guided by those traditions rather than to be bound by them. We cling 
to the old as long as its value is proved, yet quickly cast aside the traditional 
way when a better method proves its basic worth. The swing to power 
farming, the ever broadening use of the combine, the increasing trend to 
conservation farming — each may be considered, each was considered in 
its time, a break with tradition. Yet as intrepid pioneers established and 
proved new methods — new, easier, faster, more convenient ways of doing 
the farming job — the American farmer has been quick to adapt them to 
his own use. 

The great, sturdy tree of American agriculture is deep-rooted in the rich 
soil of our country, yet it is a living, changing, vital tree, adapting its de- 
velopment as the twig is bent. 




Borden, G. H 54, 22'), 283 

284, 482 

Borden, J 187 

Borden, Patricia J 511 

Borden. R. B 452 

Borgsmiller, R. J (71 

Boriske, Joan E...285, 521, 566, 574 

Borns, L. W 479 

Borns, R. E 54, 479 

Borror, Martha J 587 

Borucki, M. F 167 

Bos, N. C 173, 183 

Boswell, T. E 461 

Botterbusch, C. E 54, 573, 595 

Bottin, A., 513, 387, 480, 593 

Boubelik, Vilma M 548 

Bouer, R 189 

Bouras, Delores 524 

Bourke, E. R., II 447, 591 

Bouwkamp, B. H 344, 568 

Bovenkerk, A. C 466, 585 

Bowditch, Helen ..55, 261), 533, 593 

Bowen, Betty J 55, 281 

Bowen, Catheryn 532 

Bowen, C. E 24, 240 

Bowen, Jane 504 

Bowen, R. G 451 

Bowers, D. A 252,483 

Bowers, D. V 486 

Bowers, E. H., Jr 459 

Bowers, Lois R 54, 541 

Bowers, Mary G 54, 540 

Bowers, R. J 345 

Bowers, W 345, 456 

Bowersock, Mary C 5 1 2 

Bowman, D. C 448 

Bowten, Virginia E 546, 592 

Boxerman, M. J 55, 439 

Boyaris, E 55, 557 

Boyd, Clarice 494 

Boyd, Dolores L 494 

Boyd, G. L 252,444 

Boyd, H. F 307 

Boyd, J. R 555 

Boyd, Kathryn 544 

Boyd, Muriel A 500 

Boyd, R. L 551 

Boyer, G. F 567 

Boyle, E. A 55, 259, 346, 554 

Boynton, J. C 471 

Braatelein, N. T 173 

Braband, Marilyn J 506 

Brace, P. H 300, 586 

Brachman, Jane L 5 18 

Braden, Betty J 576 

Braden, Z. T. , Jr 457 

Brader, Marie L 531 

Bradford, P. C 551 

Bradish, H. A 558 

Bradley, Barbara B 285, 506 

Bradley. Barbara L 506 

Bradley, Charlotte L 519 

Bradley, Eloise E> 540 

Bradley, J. L 445 

Bradley, P 471 

Bradley, T. R ' ' ' 47 1 

Bragdon , Harriet J 517 

Brahana, Frances M 503 

Brahana, T 55_ 455" 594 

Brahin, Leona ...55' 520 

Brainin, N. H \ 55' 472 

Bralower, L. J ', . _' 422 

Braman, Leona C 521 

Braman, R ' jgg 

Bramlet, June R....55, 218, 224' 2'0 

n », 270 ' 271 > 495 

Bramson, M 197 

Brand, L. G., Jr 154 

Brandas, R. E 45^ 575 

Branding, June E ' 531 

Branding, P " 574 

Brandt, E. W '.'." 55' 554 

Brandt. Lois L '524 

R ran t- o\ Si ■„ "■ 44 '3', 564 

Brandt, Phyllis D 260 529 

Brandt W R 4^ 

Brandwcin, H. A 55 4(J2 

Brandwein, R. F ' ' 4(>-> 

Braner, P. F " ' ' 4^0 

Branigan, D. M ' 345 

Branigan, Kathleen ....55 534 579 

Branion, J. M., Jr.. . . ' ' 457 

Brankey, J J '.'.'.238', 4(9 

Brannon, J iqa 

Brannon, W. W [', m 

Bransford. L. W , 

Brasch, S. F , ,| [ 591 

Brash, Dorothea '. 526 

Brattelien, N ' 1 hc 

Brauer, G. M ' 571 

Braun, H J | 19 

braun, J. J , - H 

Braun, Kathryn 1 507 

Braun, Shirley M ■,,. 

Bravi man, J. P ,,,. [<; ■ 

Braverman, Sarah 

Brazes, A. A 57^ 

Brazier, Margaret I 

Brazinskii, J. P 552 

B'. <<"''•. J 188 

Brearley, J, ( i< 1 

Bredi '.1 R S73 

Brei 11. Ruth 1 509 ■< 

Bn inm 1 I 6 565, 5H3. 58 1 
Brekensiel I) ./ 

Brekke, Helen G 582 

Bremer, Jane C 531 

Bremer, Margaret L 56, 579 

Breneman, Barbara 592 

Breneman, Marilyn J 516 

Brennan, D 347, 445 

Brenneman, G. B 375, 402, 404 

421. 459 

Brenner, Esther J 508 

Brenner, Joanna M 56, 312 

Brenner, Margaret 521 

Brenner, N. G., Jr 439 

Brentwood Matwr 517 

Bresee, J. C 446 

Bresee, Joanne 275, 509 

Bressler, L. M 485 

Bretscher, Charlotte M 527 

Brettner, J 188 

Breunlin, R. D 552 

Brewer, Leavitta M 56, 537 

Breymann, W 587 

Bridges, E. H 463 

Bridges, W. R 583 

Brieloff, S 420 

Briggs, Audra J 524 

Briggs, Betty L 56 

Briggs, H. E 552 

Briggs, J. L 221, 300 

Briggs, O. H 347 

Brighton, A. L 573 

Brill, J. W 462 

Brink, J. R 56, 436 

Brinker. W. J 576 

Briscoe, J. W 583, 589 

Bristow, D. A 446 

Brittingham, Esther E 549 

Brittingham, F 582 

Britton, P. W 582 

Broach, R. W 465 

Broadway, Muriel H 56, 519 

578, 579 

Broberg, W. E 567 

Brock, Jean A 56 

Brock, T. W 481 

Brockmeier, Barbara 283. 490 

Brockschmidt, E. C 56, 554 

Broday, R. F 462 

Broderick, C. R 481 

Brodie. A. G 160 

Brodie. E 313 

Brodnick, J. E 575 

Brodsky, Emelyn D 508 

Brodsky, Erna R 56, 510 

Brody, N. H 567 

Brody, Renee C 525 

Broehl. C. R 591 

Broehl, Jean K 56 

Broehl, W. G „ 56 

Brokhausen, Patricia J 549 

Bromage, Florence J 56, 512 

Bromage, Janet 311 

Bromley, B 311 

Bronstein, D. S 439 

Bronze Tablet 562 

Brook. C. A 439 

Brook, P 56 

Brooks, J. R., Jr... 57, 281, 447, 596 

Brooks, W. T 443 

Brooks-Miller, D. L 443 

Broom, Elizabeth N 312, 519 

Broom, W. W 281 

Broome, Netajean 185 

Brophy, E 192 

Brophy, J. A 307, 551 

Brophy, W. R 307, 593 

Brothers, Betty J 183, 546 

Brothers, P. L 467, 581 

Brouwer, H. J 573 

Brown, Alice J 566 

Brown, Barbara B 492 

Brown, B. C 57, 588 

Brown, C. W 57, 313, 437 

Brown, D. E 446 

Brown, D. Q 550 

Brown, E. C 469 

Brown, Earlene 566 

Brown, E. T 451 

Brown, Ethel N 308, 530, 579 

Brown, H. G 471 

Brown, Helen 1 57, 550 

Brown, James 187, 191 

Brown, J. L 57 

Brown, Jane L 490 

Brown. Janice R 542 

Brown, I. B 307 

Brown, L. R 552, 555 

Brown, L. D 375 

Blown, Marjory T 57, 598 

Brown, Mary S 57, 499 

Brown, Micrley J 533 

Brown, M. G 443 

Brown, Nancy V 490 

Brown, Naomi 199 

Blow n, Norma A 520 

Brown, N, ' 263 

Blown, P 575 

Brown Patricia 566 

Blown. Pati icia J .11 

Brow n, Pati icia 1 I90 

Blown. P. IV 573 

Blow 11, Pembrol 1 i01 

Brown, Phylliss K. . 

Blow n, R. ( 1 

Blown. K .188 

Blown, K. nit I , 523 

Brown, R. H 550 

Brown, R. S 501 

Brown, Shari H 501 

Brown, Shirley R 527 

Brown, S. E 344 

Brown, W. 139 

Brown, W. B 344, 465 

Brown, W. H 484 

Brown, W. M 457 

Brown, Winifred E 490 

Browne, M. F 57 

Browne, R. B., Jr. ...37, 57, 374, 585 

Browning, Emma L 499 

Browning, J. C 55 3 

Browning, M. E 556 

Brubaker, M. E 474 

Bruce, Ann D 57. 491 

Bruce, G. D 441 

Bruce, Nancy J 57, 250, 534, 579 

Brucker, G. A 569 

Bruder, L. Jean 500 

Bruer, J 552 

Bruggen, C. B 57, 473, 589 

Bruin J 591 

Bruinkool, Lois E 261 

Brumback, Joyce E 550 

Brumbaugh, Elizabeth K 173, 185 

Brumitt, Lois E 500, 566 

Brummer, Angelina L 57, 530 

Bruner, Mary E 57, 539 

Bruni, P. L 558 

Brunke, W. G.. ... 453 

Brunkow, Virginia A 503 

Brunn, K. R 483 

Brunnemeyer, Carol A 285, 506 

Brunner, C. D 57, 585 

Bruno, H. R., Jr 478 

Bruns, F. J 345 

Bruns, Nona J 534 

Brussell, G 173, 189 

Brusslan, D 462 

Brya, Julann C 539, 576 

Bryant, Betty J 302, 499 

Bryant, Evelyn J 57, 544 

Bryant, J. R 471 

Bryant, Mary C 530 

Brylski, F. E 482 

Bryskier, M. J 287 

Buchanan, J. B 455 

Buchanan, W. R 380, 381, 471 

Buck, J 58. 347 

Buck, M. P 279 

Buck, T. E., Jr 459 

Buckingham, W. B 173, 188 

Buckley, H. A 338, 339 

Buckley, Mildred B 58 

Buckley, W. M 446 

Buckman, R. C 48, 58, 551 

Buckner, Annice S 496, 580 

Buechner, W. H 458 

Buehler, Doris L 496 

Buescher, Phyllis J 220, 279, 513 


Bugan, R. J 4S0 

Bugarsky, Rosann 522 

Bugielski, R. C 447 

Buhai, R. M 58, 485 

Buhai, S. W 281, 485 

Bullard, H. G 58 

Bullard, R. S 58, 452, 575 

Bullard, Thelma L 182 

Bullock, M 380 

Bullwinkel, Elizabeth 156, 157 

Bumgardner, A. 556, 557 

Bunchman, K. A 436 

Bundy, J. H 467 

Bunke, H. C 448, 575 

Bunn, J. F 467 

Bunshaft, Shirley 519 

Bunting, C. W 58, 554 

Bunting, T. C 307. 463 

Bunyan. Patricia Y 592 

Burack, L. L 478 

Burbank, P. B 475, 591 

Burdett, J. F 468 

Burdick, A. L 173, 188 

Burgess, Betty 499 

Burgess, Carolyn F 58, 298, 513 

Burgess, R. H 481 

Burgett, Patricia 490 

Burgwald. G. M 553 

Burgwald, T. A 58, 553 

Burke, Alice L 274, 522 

Burke, J. J 573 

Burke, J. F 465 

Burke, W. A 338 

Burlson, Ruth H 312 

Burmaster, J. H...221, 375, 398, 474 

Burnett, D. R 480 

Burnett, Mary 1 518, 566 

Burnett, R. W 327, 456. 563, 573 

Burnham, A. F 436 

Bumham, S. 1 452 

Burns, J. V 58. 465 

Burns, K 3ii 

Bums, N.ituy P 275, 522 

Burns, T. A 582 

Burns, W. H 553 

Burnside, Suzanne A 509 

Burnstine, M 479 

Burr, I •:. I: 58 

Bun. Virginia C 509 

Burndge. G. S 556 

Biiinss. \V, K 1 'II 

Buiiiiss. H, I 5H8 

Burstein, Betty 547 

Burster, Anne 241, 246, 248, 312 

533, 596 

Burt, R. P 261 

Burtle, Mary L 58, 532 

Burton, Eulah M 494 

Burton, Fredis E 494 

Burton, G. H 339 

Burton, J. W 475 

Burton, T. J 558 

Busboom, A. F 58, 467 

Buscemi, J. A 375, 380, 467 

Busch, Gladys D 58 

Busch, Joan C 493 

Buschman, Ruth 1 503 

Busey Hall 518 

Bush, K. G 344, 467 

Bushee, Jesse R 428, 476 

Bushey, J. R 586 

Bushman, F. X 58, 347, 465, 583 

589, 597 

Bushmeyer, R. W 568 

Bushneli, Theron S 447 

Buster, W 375 

Buswell, R. D 573 

Bute, Janet E 548 

Butkovich, W. P 415 

Butler, Donna J 594 

Butler, M. F., Jr 58, 448 

Butler, Rosemary H 538 

Butler, W 87, 469 

Butorac, W. M 87, 564 

Button, L. A 452 

Butts, Mary T 271, 494 

Butzow, Anne P 530 

Buzzard, Dorothye E 87, 491, 594 

Buzzard, R. D 573 

Byerly, J 584 

Byrnes, Barbara 331, 529 


Cabrera, E 421 

Cadwell, Lee M 238, 283, 503 

Cady, E. L 441 

Cagle Hall 522 

Cahill, Jean M 546 

Cahlow, Georgia 502 

Cairns, J. H 455 

Calahan, E 442 

Calcaterra, D. C 420 

Calderone, Bernice A 532 

Caldwell, D. 1 471 

Caldwell, H. N 480 

Caldwell, Madonna M 275, 498 

Caldwell, Mary E 5 37 

Caldwell, R. H 87, 471 

Callahan, E. I. J 477 

Callahan, H. R 468 

Callahan, R. 1 477 

Callery, Kathleen L 528 

Callery. Patricia A 535 

Callinan, T. C 570 

Callis, C. F 261 

Callsen, H. J 87, 480 

Calvin, W. C 87 

Cameron, E. C 582 

Camillo, C. C 450 

Camp, J. R 173, 188 

Camp, Mary J 542 

Campana, Anna M 87, 502, 591 

Campbell, Frances L 524 

Campbell, lean 275 

Campbell, j. M 552 

Campbell, Joan F 84, 267, 324 

504, 548 

Campbell, J 198 

Campbell, Marjorie J 87, 518 

Campbell, Martha B 498 

Campbell. T. C 444 

Campobello, R 87, 441, 574. 575 

Campobello, S 87, 574, 575 

Campos, A. M 590 

Campus Leaders 216 

Canady, Barbara A 491 

Canhan, R 191. 192 

Cann, E. W 478 

Cannon, J. D., Jr 471 

Cannon, Mary J 539 

Cannon, W. W 583 

Cansey, Kathryn 593 

Canter, A 262 

Canterbury, L. B 87. 596 

Cantor. Charlotte R 87, 545 

Cantrell, C. W 556, 567 

(apalety, Dolores 528 

(apian. A. C 462 

( apian, V. 1 462 

Capodice, Rose M 5 11 

Capoun, Dolores M 531 

( arapanos, G. E 87 

Caravossos. Ann J 5 12 

( aid, I.. 1! (74 

( ardozo. R. 1 169 

( arey. K. X 459 

( argill, M.ixinc J 5 32 

Carleton, Barbara 1 87. 504 

1 arlisle, Martha I i49 

< aril, C. 1 455 

( arlock, R 1 87 

( arisen, Greta 1 521, 566 

( arlson, A. H 183 

( arlson, 1 onstance A 503. 574 

Carlson, II. A is,. 



stage perfectly set for a great performance. 
Each major item of equipment . . . Weber 
Chair, Majestic Unit, RayDex X-Ray . . . 
is the last word in efficiency and beauty. 
Each is a model selected to suit exactly the 
practitioner's needs and preferences, 
located so that his individual operating 
techniques may function with maximum 

skill and minimum effort. Plan now to 
"star" in such a "picture." 

A complete Weber office designed and 
equipped especially for you will be a wise 
(and surprisingly moderate) investment 
that will pay big dividends in professional 
prestige and income for many years. Why 
not consult your Weber Dealer, and also 
write Weber for descriptive literature. 






( arlson, Nancy L 538 

i, R. E 466, "l 

i, R. H 482 

( arlson, W. H 466 

I arlsten, Margaret A 60, 530 

i arlston, K 582 

( arlyle, C. G 483, 563 

Carlyon, Dorothy M 182 

Carmichael, Dorothy 509 

Carmichael, Mary E 499 

Carmichael, R. D II 

Carmody, Jeanne 531 

Carnahan, Betty M 491, 580 

Carnahan, L. G 281, 473 

Carnine, R. P 345 

Carothers, \V. Lorene. . .220, 29 

■'»), 497 

Carpenter, A. R., Jr 441 

( arpenter, E. A Ill 

( arpenter, Mary 599 

C arpenter, P 199 

( an, .Sue ( $11, 505, 580, 596 

(.jit, W. B 485 

Carreker, R. P 468 

C arner, F. W 471 

Carrier, Harriet M 499 

Carroll, J. M 279 

Carroll, P. M 48] 

Carrubba, V. L 60, S78, 579 

Carson, Barbara J 572. 573 

Carson, Wilma L 512 

( aiten, H 454 

Carter, A. M 307 

Carter, B. D., Jr 460 

Carter, F. S 476 

Carter, M. M 593 

( arter, Vera 1 60, 5 1H 

Cary, J. J 60, $13, 556, 575, S77 

Cary, M. E 183 

Cary, P. V 60 

Case, Elinor N 509 

Case, Flora B 569 

( aselli, J. D 574 

Casentino, C. A 428 

Casey, Charmaine 493 

Casey, Edwin 1 9H 

Casey, H. J., Jr 60, 468 

Casey, Patricia M 519 

Casey, R. F 471 

Cash, D. E 573, 584 

Cash, Ruthe C 494, 520 

Cashmore, R. P 474 

Cassell, W 582 

Cassella, J. S 60, III, S7S 

Cassels, Jean P 182, 183 

Cassman, F. S 60, 324, 472 

Castelo, Clara E 587 

Castenson, R. F 440 

Cathcart, Carol L 546 

Cathey, J 60 

Cation, P. C 455 

( att, Mary C M7 

Caucig, A. D 552 

Caudill, Janice R 497 

Caulheld, J 185 

Causey, Kathryn R 576 

Cavanaugh, J. B 173 

Cavanaugh, J. W 60, 45 1 

Cavanaugh, T. R 60, (5 I 

Cavenee, Joanna ....27, 60, 21m, 2 u ) 

240, 242, 498, 569, 594 

Caveney, Helen L 530, 579 

Caveney, J. E i i i 

Caveny, C. C 1 s» 

Cavette, F. E (63 

Cavins, Virginia 1 1 83, 530 

Ce< h. Faith A son 

Celander, R. E 443 

(tier. F. R . lor, 

Cerkel, Ruth 543, 566 

( tiling, 13. A .' S73 

' < iin.ik, Renee ( 529 

( crvcnka, Ruth 1 , . sso 

< balk, Phyllis Ml, 242, .' 18, 31 I 

377, 428, MIS, so i 

C halmers, Lucie M 60, !0 

( hambei lain, T [59 

( hambers, c atherine J 310 so 1 

( hambers, G. \V.. Jr. .'.. 1 1 

( hambers, J. R 461 

( hambers, I. (. i.i 

( hambers, l< R 399 

' hambliss, K. \V 160, .0 I li 

1 1 > ■ ■ ' 1 1 1 ion, I'.iin, 1.1 1 r 11 

( handli r, Cynthia 1 (94 

' I). in- . H 1 1 

' hang, T. S shs 

' hangnon, Vivian I 517, 576 

( hapin, Virginia K 19 

' hapman, Alia I) !l 

' hapman, I \V. ... 60 

' hapman, I 1 1 1 267, • 

( hapman, Marilyn . . . .222. 234 !l 

00 91 

' ii.ii man, M 1 60, 462 

Chappcll, 1 tolon 1 197 

' haps, A 1 

' l-nl. 1, Grai 1 1 S66 

( harh 1 I D 

< had wood, I 186 
' I1.1 ■■' 1 harmian N 

Chaie, M. N 1 

' base, ihii li yanni s.'o 

I I. : I HI. || .III V , BO 

1 hath >l . II ill i 10 

Chauncey, N 162 

( havis, H 442 

Chayken, Beatrice 262 

( hayken, Rhoda A 542 

Chazdon, S. Z 439 

Cheatham, K. L 286, 3 1 1, 1 in 

573, 190 

( hejlava, Bohumil 552, 586 

( hemers, M. B 478 

( hen. Wen H S8S 

( hen, Y. T 60 

( henalloy, R. V 556 

( heney, H. C 591 

( henoweth, < . \' I"3, 186 

1 herkas, M. S 307, 469 

( herney, Dolores J 525 

( hester, ( arolyn 536 

1 /', Noui 541 

( bh ago Campus iso 

1 /.;, ago Profi 1 uonal ( ollegi < 1 52 

1 hi Epsilon S89 

I hilders, H. A 61 

Childs, E. E., Jr S74 

Chilow, Edith A S08 

( hin, Lucy M 530 

( hi Omi ia 198 

( /■/ Phi 147 

Chi Psi 448 

( lush, ,lm, R G 61, 445 

Chittenden, W. A 482 

( hmiel, W. K 162, 167 

( hodera, R. D 61 

( hoisser, Joanne 199 

( holod, Lilian M 512 

( hong, W 61 

Christ, J. H 260, 573 

Christian, Jean 513 

Christiansen, Barbara A 530 

( hristiansen, B. J 447 

Christiansen, Florence E 61. 260 

322. S33 

Christensen, Georgianne 61, S18 

Christiansen, Jessie 521 

Christiansen, j. V 146 

Christiansen, Ruth W 275, 535 

( hristie, Catherine M so4 

( hristie, Mary E 490 

Chiistolersen, H. R 173, 190 

( hristoph, C. E 463 

Christy, Barbara E 267. 275, S07 

Christy, B S80 

Chrysler, B. J 520 

C, lean B 525 

Chukerman, H 479 

Chulay, Claire M 61, 512 

Chulock, K. E 430, 567 

Chum, Elaine A 327, 576 

Chumbley, Phillis B 61, 498 

Churan, Irene S88 

Church, Jeanne H 498 

C hurch, Margaret A 504 

( iavarella, Rachel 61, S24 

Cicciarelli, J. P 458 

Cies, J. 582 

ties, Maribelle 503 

Cihal, Jean 518 

Cimino, Gloria M 61, 518 

Cipolla, C. J 61 

Cii ne nine, J. R 476 

Ciszek, R. A 375, 385, 465 

Citron. A. R 462 

( ivitello, P. A 464 

< hieyssens, Astere E 4SS 

Claffy, R. D S74 

I lamage, H. M 469 

( Luiey, R. E 61, 346, 464, sgs 

Clapp, R. V,, Jr 4S4 

Clapper, K. H 465 

Clark, Carolyn C 504 

( lark, ( ollccn 1 61, 512 

c lark, G B 564 

( I 11k, G. 1 301 

Clark, G. M 260 

( lark, [anice A 503 

c lark, loan . .61, 298, 299. 490, 576 

c lark, I C, S83 

c lark, J. P 345 

( lark, I E 573 

( lark, M. M 441 

C lark, M. E 456 

' lark, R 188 

Clark, R. D 313 

C lark, R. E 145 

c lark, R. K son 

< lausi 11. In ne II s 18 

1 lay Mary G 198 

C l.iyhiooks, R. E 142 

' I 1 • omb, Bitty J 530 

1 laypool, Barbara R 191 

Cleat 1 S82 

Cleai , G V 11 

Clemens 1 w h 1 -| 575 

' level tnd, I S 155 

Cleven 1 I >oroth> 19 1 

1 li 1 ""' 1 Margarel 193 

< I111.11.I. I . A 11 -: 

' lim 1 \V 573 

1 lim 1 li len 1 '..1 11 

Cline, R. A 61 

1 I ne. B W 61. 472 

t losi .Margaret 1 ... 546 

' loud, I) 1 

1 loyd, R II 

1 1 1, 1, 1, A R 161 

1 In. ver, I >orii I 1 

( luteer, L. W S88 

Cmarik, G. F S7.3 

t oale, Roberta J 62, 520 

C oapstick, Mary C 406, 376 

( oath. J. R 467 

Coatsworth, Kathrine D 505 

Cobb, Kathryn A 62. 490, 594 

( oble, D. E 308 

Coburn, J. T... 473 

Coccia, Jacqueline C S02 

( ochrell, J. E 457 

( ocose, P 469 

I odei re, Juliette A 254 

1 oderre, R. A 557 

t oe. |. S 468 

1 offiman, J. F 62 

( oilman, Maxine R 496 

( ..lien, Audrey B MO 

Cohen, B 62, 479 

Cohen, Charlene B SKI 

c ohen, E. B 469 

( ohen, E. H 439 

Cohen, Geraldine B 62, S19 

( ohen, Lois M sin 

( ohen. Marion 183 

( ..hen. M. S 169 

( ohen, Phyllis S 312, S2S 

( ohen, Shirley 525 

Cohn, Audrey E 492 

( olin, Delores J 492 

C ohn, Frances B 510 

( ohn. Jerry 472 

C ohn, M 199 

C ohn, N. K 62, 469 

C ohn, S. F 485 

Coil, G. D 62, 373 

C ok lesser, W, E 260 

Coldwell, P. E 461 

c ole, C . c 4S9 

( ole, D. W S88 

Cole, F. A 439 

Cole, K. G 62, 426, 461 

Cole, Mary L S32 

Cole, Sharon J 319, 493,595 

Cole, Shirley 1 5 38 

( oleek. F. H 447 

Coleman, D. L 458 

C oleman, D. F 4so 

Coleman, I. M....173, 184, 190, 191 

Coleman, R. H 487 

Colin, E. C S62 

Coll. Cloetta E 566 

College Hull 557 

Colleges ,11 Vrhana 29 

Colics, A. R 465 

Collier, Dorothy H 287, 505 

Collier, June 562 

Colliflower, Mary J 544 

Collins, D. C 307 

( i ill ins, Erlene L 494 

Collins, H. J 486 

Collins, J. L 281 

( ollins, J. T 5S8 

Collins, J 451 

Collins, loan T S32 

C ollins, 1. J., Jr 545 

Collins, Patricia E 62, 535 

Colonial Manor S41 

Colter, John M 596 

C oilman. R. A 483, 574 

Combs, Winifred M 62, 540 

Comeforo, J. E 585 

Comer, Audrey M 566 

Comerford, J. E 476 

Comings, R S84 

Comm, D 479 

Commerce 35 

Companion, Paula J 525 

Compton, J, D 482 

C onard, B. N 345 

Conard, Peggy A 280 

( oncert Bun J 307 

Condit, K. J S73 

Condit, Mary M 517, 566 

Conklin, R. L 484 

< onley, R 198 

Con ley, Jayne 503 

c onlm, Barbara 1 sno 

Conn, F. E., Jr 462 

c onnell, K, j 477 

Conner, C. E ^13 

c onner, F. D 582 

t onners, R. R. V 486 

c onnolly, 11. H 475 

( onnolly, Patricia 1 S33 

( onnor, Shu ley A 566 

I ton, lean (i 507 

( onovitz, Ellen S 545 

t ,11,1.1,1, A 582 

( onrad, M. c ordelia 504, 507 

c onrad, R D., Capt 157 

( onion, N. 1 495 

c onte, R. N 62 

c ontos, P. G sso 

c onverse, Louise D.62, 170, !71, 504 

1 onvi rse, Rat Ik I M 524 

( mm ay, I . V 62 

1 00 un. I. II 483 

I .111. M 62, 524 

k, [oseph M 136 

k, Nancy A 506 

1 00k Nancy I mi 

I . R, M S8s 

Rosalind A 520 

' 01 |ani c 506 

Cooke, Roberta A 506 

Cooke, W. R 62, 184 

Cooley, Grace 512 

Cooley, H. E 484 

C ooley, W 37S, 402 

Coolcdge, Marilyn 183 

Coomb's, Winifred 593 

Coon, Minor 599 

Cooney, E. D 483 

Cooper, Alice M 546 

C ooper, A. E 344 

Cooper, B. H SS3 

Cooper, C. G 478, 567 

Cooper, Jacqueline S 262, 543 

Cooper, L. M 311 

C ooper, M 469 

Cooper, Odessa M 494 

Cooper, R 187 

Cooper, T. H., Capt 338 

(ooper, Violet 494 

Copeland, F. W 451 

Coppolillo. H. P .300. 420 

C oibell, M. J 582 

Corbly, Rosemary 493 

Corbridge, R. 453 

Cordry. B. L 553 

Corduan. Shirley J 495 

Corey, A 280 

C organ, Janet 199 

Cornbleet, D 483 

Cornelisen, Carolyn G 233, 500 

Cornwell, R. E., Jr 471 

Corp, Ardis J 62, 519 

Correll, Flora A 569, 599 

Correll, N 186 

Corrigan, Janice J 542 

Corson, Dorothy J 516 

Corson, Margaret L 183 

Corwin, J. M 381, 473 

Corwith, N 445 

Cory, Martha W 27, 504 

Corzine, R. D 63, 286, 327, 440 

S72, 573 

Cosby, Nancy J 520 

Cosmas, Maria J 532 

Cosmopolitan Club 449 

Cosner, Mary C 516 

Cossitt, J. N 45S, 581 

Costigan, W. F 473 

Cothern, F. W 473 

Cotta, Raymona J 521 

Gotten, Merle S08 

Cottingham, Martha L...63, 499, 598 

Cottle, R. P 439 

Cotton, M 574 

Cotton. W. N 162 

Coultas, Ruth L 261, 548 

Countryman, J. A 446 

Coursey, J 186 

C ourtright, Ruth E S42 

Coury, A. P 586 

Cousins. W., Jr 261, 457 

Cover, Catherine J 63, 225, 520 

Cover, lane 235, 301 

Covey, joy H 63, 535 

Cowan, Miriam F 281, 492 

Cowan, R. H 471 

Cowen. Iris Z S4 3 

Cowgur, Marilee 63, s42 

c owser, K. E 146 

Cowsert. R. P 466. S81 

C ox, Betty A S04 

Cox,' F. R 437 

c ox, LA 63, 307 

C ox, K,. Jr 63, 470 

C ox, Margaret A 311. 539 

Cox, Sarah S2S 

C ox. W. L SS2 

Coyne, E. H 479 

C rabtree, Dorothy R 516, 376 

C raft, R. E S73 

( raig, H. B 373, 399, lis 

( raig, I. V sst 

C i.iin. Helen M 285, 506 

Cram, C. D 470 

Crammer, Marian R si7 

c randell. I. S 597 

( Helen 529 

c rane, I. W 63. 428. 463 

( rane, R. M 2Sy 573 

( i.ipnell. S. B S7S 

( raver. N. C 441, S67 

( rawford, F 573 

c rawford, J. A 183 

( i.iu I, ml, Mary A 530 

C reasman. R. D 63, 1 ' s 

1 reason, W. II.. It 448 

c rebbe, K 281 

Creek, E. M $07, $13 

1 reighton, [ean M 533 

c remei . E 544, 566 

( less, 1 A SSI, SSI 

< less. N.uhv E 190 

1 ress, R W 63, 163 

Crews, 1 . I sss 

1 rews, T. R lis. 591 

Cnhlxt. I. 1 s< 

( richfield, Mary I 

c ripe, Betty 1 63, 5 '• 

(nst, 1 . F son 

( nstv, 1. W 144 

( 1 I. hl,,\\ . Shu lc\ 522 

( ritcenden, A 

1 1 hi, 11, li 0. Doris $11 

( rockett, F, I I?7 




of the 

Official Representative of more than 150,000 lllini. Here are a few 
of the things it does: 

— Publishes Illinois Alumni News, which helps you to maintain contact with your 
lllini friends and tells you what is taking place on the campus of your Alma 

— Selects outstanding lllini who have been successful in business and their pro- 
fessions to work with the faculty and administration to help modernize the curricula 
so that the most practical instruction and training can be given. 

— Cooperates with students in sponsoring Homecoming, Founder's Day, Class Re- 
unions and other occasions for the benefit of alumni who return to the campus. 

— Maintains records and addresses of more than 80,000 alumni. 

Keep us informed of your address at all times — so that you may receive Illinois 
Alumni News. 

Our best efforts are dedicated to serving the University and its alumni and former 
students at all times. 


ANNUAL MEMBER $3 Including one year's subscription to Illinois Alumni News. 

ANNUAL FAMILY MEMBER $4 (Husband and Wite) including one year's subscription to Illinois Alumni News. 

FIVE YEAR MEMBER $13 Including five years' subscription to Illinois Alumni News. 

FIVE YEAR FAMILY MEMBER $18 (Husband and Wife) including five years' subscription to Illinois Alumni News. 

LIFE MEMBER Including LIFE subscription to Illinois Alumni News. 

] (A) $60 Cash Q (B) $15 Down Payment then four annual installments of $12.50 each. 

FAMILY LIFE MEMBER (Husband and Wife) including LIFE subscription to Illinois Alumni News. 

\ (A) $85 Cash ] (B) $25 Down Payment then four annual installments of $17.00 each. 

C. E. Bowen '22, Executive Director William H. Rice '41, Director of Field Activities 


Croft, B. M 569 

Crookston, Winifred 538 

Crory, Mary 150 

Cross, B. L 559 

Cross Bettye L 5 13 

Crossley, Mary M 505 

i rossman, K 484 

Crouse, Eloise M s 55 

Crouse, H. L 557 

Crow, J. B 473 

(row. Norma E 311, s 18 

Crowe, B. E 63, 583 

Crowe, Charlotte N 63, 593 

Crowley, J. B 454 

Crown, Carmen D SCO 

Crown, C ls 

Crown, C. A 173 

Croxton, D. S 55 1 

Cruft, G. E 173, 188 

Cruger, M. J 474 

Crum, W 63 

( ruse, Barbara J 542 

Cruse, Shirley M 63, 293, 298 

512, 578, 579 

Cruzat, E. P. T 63, ' 

Cryder, Cylinda A 312, 519 

Cryder, R. W 45} 

Culberson, W. ( 459 

Cullin, V. E 27 

Cullinane, J. V 474 

Cullinane, J. R 461 

Culp, G. S 470 

Culp, J. D., Jr 170 

Cummings, Mary E 505 

Cundall, Gloria M 519 

Cunningham, Barbara F 5 16, 576 

Cunningham, D. F 279, 463 

Cunningham, Florence L I'M 

Cunningham, H. E 23 

Cunningham, J. A .. 544 

Cunningham, J. O -170 

Cunningham, Mary 522 

Cunningham, Shirley G 519 

Cunningham, T. P 463, 589 

Cunningham, W. F 470 

Cunz, R. W 375, 380, 383 

Curme, A. A 444 

Curme, G. L 444 

Curran, R. F 453 

Curry, Ann 246, 533 

Curry, J. W 559, 573, 590, 595 

Curt.n, L. V 64, 563, 573 

Curtis, Catherine 244, 513 

Curtis, C. C 471 

Curtis, J. 584 

Curtis, M. E 574 

Curtis, W. A 565, 589, 597 

Cushman, A. D 472 

Cushman, Margery M 543 

Cusick, Mary Lou 27;), 271 

Cuthbertson, J. C 447 

Cutler, Dorothy A 493 

Cutler, Mildred L 527 

Cutler, Suzanne C 535 

Czaja, J. E 474 

Czaja, T. R 474 

Czerwinski, Genevieve M 64, 311 



DaBoll, H. F 455 

Dadant, P. M 426, 461 

Dady, Ralph J., Jr 461 

Daehler, Eileene L 64, 534, 569 

578, 579 

Dageforde, H, R 454 

Daggett, Darlene 522 

Dagovitz, L. 1 173, 189, 201 

Dahl, D. A 483 

Dahlberg, Betty J 52 J 

Dahlgren, I. R....293, 298, 300, 459 

Dahlquist, W. G 242, 460, 573 

Dahlstrom, Iris J 242, 312, 517 

Daigh, Alice M 64, 5 17 

Daily Illini 278 

Dalbcy, E. L 451 

Dalbey, Henrietta S 500 

Dall, C 57} 

Dallenbach, Carolyn ....64, 267, 298 

299, 509, 598 

Dallenbach, D 187, 200 

Dallenbach. F. D 174 

Dallenbach, W. ( 454 

Dalrymple, G. B 234 

I lalton, 1 Kvaync 509, 566 

Damgaard, F.velyn D 64, 524 

Damgaard, M.ny M 64, 524 

Damon, Manc-llen 293, 298, 299 

I I; re, J. F IKS 

Danforth, M.ny C 5}8 

Daniel, Patrii is (. 509 

l lanii Is, P. W 457 

Daniels, S D., h 145 

I). mky, R. A 557 

Dannehl, R.I 177. 581 

I'. hum i. p, e 

I >ann< I , M.ny 1 523 

I '.HI. i It/, I'm Mill • Ill 

Dan hum, Violel 1 536 

Darmstadt, Martha 528 

Darner, K II 

Dasso, R. F 57} 

Dasso, R. W 174, 188 

Daugherty, Thomas 459 

Dauphinais, R 198 

Davenport, Doris E 531 

Davenport, J. S 568, 586 

Davey, P. W 322 

David, J. M 444 

Davidson, Delores A 503 

Davidson, D. R 64, 440. 573 

Davidson, J. L 307 

Davidson, J. W 307, 310, 593 

Davidson, James 480 

Davidson. Rachel M 6 1, 549 

Davidson, W. R so} 

Davies, R., Jr 45 1. 585 

Davies, T. E 585 

Davies, Virginia A 220, 256, 257 

279, 298, 5 19 

Davis, Barbara J 491 

Davis, Charles Clayton 459 

Davis, < harles < ., |r 311 

Davis, ( . R 23 

Davis, D 5)0 

Davis, D. B 308, 440, 57 i 

Davis, Dons L 64, 499 

Davis, Elizabeth C 518 

Davis. H 4.8, 574 

Davis, Gloria A 500 

Davis, Harry 186 

Davis, H. A 457, 583 

Davis, H. J 472 

Davis, Irene J 495, 580 

Davis, J. E 64. 554 

Davis, Jane V 285, 50} 

Davis, John Booth 4 15 

Davis, John Ransford, Jr 473 

Davis, John Richard 64. 552, 583 

Davis, Joyce A 504, 580 

Davis, Juanita J 518 

Davis, Lawrence E 261 

Davis, Leland E 64 

Davis, Marian A 64, 494, 549 

Davis, Phyllis M 540, 566 

Davis, R. L., Jr 437, 585 

Davis, Robert E...221, 238, 285, 437 

Davis, R. S 441 

Davis, Sharlee T 544 

Davis, S 260, 469 

Davis, T. R 246, 464, 470, 581 

Davis, W. E 474 

Davis, W. L 553 

Davis, W. E 56} 

Davis, Wilna J 512 

Davis, Yetra 183 

Davison, C. D 440, 573 

DaVito, La Von T 512 

Davlin. R. E.. 556 

Dawes. Virginia R 566 

Dawson, Irene 539, 566 

Dawson, K. R 567 

Dawson, Orville 190 

Day, E. L 484 

Day, R. C 451 

Day, Ruth E 64, 518 

Day, V. A 281, 555 

Day, Warren J 238, 260, 346 

583, 589 

Day, William J 307 

Dea, H 590 

Dean, H. S., Jr 65, 438 

Dean, Juliette 531 

Dean, Lois M 513 

Dean, Mona L 529 

Dean, Shirley L 298, 499, 598 

Deardorff, Marilyn L 517 

Deanng, D. G., Jr 454 

Dearing, Leslie 502, 579 

Deatrick, R 188 

DeBaets, Vivienne M 513 

DeBall, Peggy J 65, 518 

DeBartola, F 483 

DeBaugh, R. H 467 

De Biasio, Adeline 285 

De Boer, L. M 65, 260, 313 

Debysingh, R 449 

DeCaluwe, R. A 553 

De Camp. P. A 473 

Decker, Jean B 520 

Decker, W 198 

Defauw, D 504 

Deffenbaugh, F. R.,Jr 65, 585 

Deffenbaugh, R. W 45} 

De Forest, Barbara 505 

De Freitas, Marjoric 311, 534 

Degenki.lli, Dorothy M 530 

Degenkolb, R. S 585 

Denning [eanette R 509 

Deidrich, Nuima Del 227 

Deist, R. II 155 

Deitch. ( . I iii.' 

Deitrii I I cia J sos, 566 

Deitsch. R 589 

I '1 H, I R 450 

Delap. ' 1 261, 312 

D< Ibridgi . ' . B ,02 176 

DelFava, K 174 

Del'Gi Kdora. J .532 

Delicath, N. G |, 

Dell, D. P 

I '■ Ill h. Id, R 

IV Long, C. < .01 

Delta Chi 150 

Delta Delta /', lla 1 1 "' 

Delta Gamma 

Delta ^ <;/'/',< Epsilon 451 

Delta Phi 452 

Delta Phi Epsilon 501 

Delta Sigma Delta 167 

Delta Sigma Phi 453 

Delta Tan Delta 4.30, 454 

Delta Upsilon 455 

Delta Zeta 502 

Dcmartini, Emil J 65 

De Mers, George 283 

De Mirza 168 

De Moss, Ellen 506 

Dempsey, Mary 493 

Deneen, F. M 466 

Deneen, R. G 248, 466 

Denizman, H. N 598 

Dennett, Allis C 509 

Dennis, D. T 65 

Dennis, Dorothy 520 

Denoyer. L. A 45 4 

Dent. W. C, Jr 458 

Denttstry, College of 160 

Denton. L. T 65, 58 , 

Denton, S. B 448 

De Pauw, J. R 480. 575 

Derks. J. J 65, 554, 564. 595 

Derringer, E. G 576 

Derrough, R. A 45 I 

DeSignor, E. C 65 

Des Marais, M. R 443 

Desmond, Lawrence 438 

Dess, L. E 452 

D'Etchegoyen, Beverly 496. 580 

De Thorn, D. J 551 

De Turk, E. E 588 

Deuchler, Elizabeth A 65, 497 

Deuth, L. 573 

Deutsch, Earl L 478 

Devero, J. M 375, 410, 414, 482 

Devine, Helen H 499 

Devine, J. C 444 

Devlin. T 174, 186, 191 

De Vogelaere, D. J 438 

Devor, W. E 471 

De Voss, H 34, 585 

De WerfT, R. E 559. 574 

Dewey, John 559 

Dewhirst, J. D 477 

De Witt, Ann L 65, 493 

De Witt, R. R 458 

De Wolf, G. E 455 

Dexter, Laura E 495 

Deylitz, Deborah 522, 587 

De Young, Wilma J 273, 518 

Diamond. R. S 65, 478 

Dibble, B 186, 462 

Di Bella, Camille A 594 

Dice, Guy 190 

Dick, J. 287 

Dickason, D. E 25, 301 

Dickason, Patricia B 413 

Dickenson, D. D 573 

Dickerson, A 345 

Dickerson. B. V 339 

Dickey, D. E 441 

Dickey, J. J 574 

Dickey, R. F 445 

Dickinson, D. N 65, 471 

Dickinson, J. B 65, 554, 586 

Dickinson, Richard L 436 

Dickson, Barbara 574 

Dickson, D. E 44 

Dickson, G 448 

Didicr, E. J 589 

Dieckmann, C. E 445 

Diedrich, Norma D 65, 240, 246 

298, 324, 505, 598 

Diehl, Delores 1 503, 576 

Diehl, Marilyn J 522 

Dieken, E. H 448, 567, 581 

Dieken, M. D 65. 481 

Diekmann. Virginia S 66, 524 

Dierkes, Loretta J 66, 286, 327 

523, 576, 595 

Dierolf, R. K 486, 581 

Dki stein, P. G 454 

Dietz, C. H 437 

Dietz, Doris J 496 

Dietz, Ruth 185 

Dilfcnderfer, Vera M 599 

Di Giulia. V. S 556 

Dijulio, R. M 66 J, Juanita E 267 

Dillavou, C. T 471 

Dillavou, loAnn B 509 

Dillavou, .1. G 427, 471 

Dillavou, Mary J 66 

Dillavou, Nancy G 504 

Dilley, Jean K 520 

Dillon, "E. 1 345 

Dillon. W. M., Jr 573 

Dilworth, Harriett H 66 

Dilworth, K. E 66, 573 

Dimit, G 575, 483 

Dini. A. E 66. 480. 585 

Dinius, R. W 167 

Dinsmore, Idamay 529 

Disbrow, Rose I 286, 519 

Disman, Dorothy C 5112 

Dili Ink. B 66, 58> 

Ditzler, W. S 5S8 

DiVall, Fane A 519 

Diver, I I 582 

1 iii ilbiss, I. E 148 

Divilbiss, R. J 66, 584, 599 

Division of Special Studies 42 

Dixon. A. J 345 

Dixon, B. 474 

Dixon. Patricia 521 

Dobbie, G. J 468 

Dobbratz, E. J 461 

Dobbs, H. L 476 

Dobson, P. M., Jr 66 

Doctor, M. R 439 

Dodds, H. D 461 

Dodds, T. P 279 

Dodo, T. J 466 

Doerr, J. M 346. 459 

Doerr, Lillian 185 

Doerscher, D. W 474 

Doerscher, Jean W 498 

Doherty, R. J 221, 464 

Dolan, D. E 573 

Dolan, Dorothy A 66, 218, 273 

496, 588 

Dolan, I. C 474 

Dolan, Pauline A 281, 497 

Dolan, R. E 450 

Dolan, T. E 474 

Dolby, Jacqueline 507 

Dolch, E. W 307 

Dold. (). B., Jr 461 

Doleis A. A., Jr 574 

Dolginow. I. M 472 

Dolgonos, June R 312, 542 

Dolin, A 162, 169 

Dolitsch, T 196 

Dolz el, A 573 

Dumb owski, B. A 450 

Dominguez, R. G 583 

Donahoe, Phyllis 490 

Donahue, Ramona M 521 

Donahue, R. C 586 

Donahue, W. R 552 

Donald, Fohan R 293, 527 

Doner, Robert 481, 575 

Doney, H. E 241, 244, 246, 319 

Donnelly. Shirley A 66, 272, 273 

Donner, G. L 468 

Donoho, L. W 375, 380, 388, 468 

Donovan, Jeanne A 541 

Doody, D. P 474 

Doolen, Dorothy H 490 

Dopps, William 375 

Dora, J. C 585 

Doran, R. J 66 

Dorch, Dorothy G 516, 566 

Dorf, W 478 

Dorfman, A. . 66, 472 

Dorm, Jacqueline 566 

Dorman, Portia A 260, 533 

Dornoch 557 

Dorris, Due F 497 

Doster. J. Robert, Jr 375, 397. 445 

Doty, H. 66, 474 

Doty, J. K 474 

Douchey, Seena 501 

Dougall, L. A 557 

Dougherty, M. X 66, 313 

Douglass, Feme E 530, 597 

Dover, Loretta B 542 

Dowd, G. M 487 

Dowell, J 187 

Dowell, Jesse M., Jr 438, 573 

Dowell, Joanne 530 

Dowler, G. H 596 

DowLjng, Alice M 542 

Dowling, Eleanore C 311 

Dowling. I. W 473 

Dowling, Patricia J 523 

Dowling, W. K 443 

Downey, R. G 311, 313, 454 

Downey, S. L 436, 584 

Downing, Rita L 520 

Downs, G. W 480 

Downs, Robert B 375, 461 

Downs, Robert B 40 

Downs, Roger H 419 

Downs, W. F 441 

Doyle, Janet P 590 

Doyle, lean A 259 

Doyle, L. E 67, 482 

Doyle, Phyllis M 18}. 520 

Doyle, R. 1 307 

Doyle, Wanda-Lee 541 

Doyle. W. M 480 

Drabek. J. J. B 46:1 

Dragich, H., Jr 308 

Drake, G. E 573, 595 

Drake. Richard K.. .67, J08, 574, 595 
Drake, Robert E 67, 559, 572 

5' , i. V 

Di.illc. R. D 45(5 

I) 1. 1 pel , A\ anclle 67 

Draper, L. H 474 

Dreikurs, Eva 549, Lima M 549 

1 in iin. in, Frances 1 301, i09 

1 Iresden, Natalie 525 

Dressier, B. B 67, 279, s ss 

Drew, R. 1 11 - 

1)1, iv. \\ 1 II" 

Drews, P. G 144 

Dreymillei , Man 1.1 1 521 

Dricklamer, 'ohn 584 

Driscoll, D, I 

Driscoll, Helen I 

Driscoll, 1 174 190 

Drom, W D 552 







, V 150 

R. I i" 1 ' 

. \V. I) • I 

i ir; I ois 1 526 

i >uboff, Evelyn )47 

Dubsky, M irian 1 548 

Patricia I 

Duck, Bette 1 150 

Duda, Dolores M >24 

Duda, W. B 507 

Duerwachter, Nadine A 540 

Dufelmeier, A. J 575, 580, 583 

589, i 'i 

Dull. I. mile E 509 

Duff, R. E„ ft 477 

Duffy, H. 'I'..' 172 

Duffy, Patticia I mm 

Dufour, P 558 

Dugan, D. \V 67 mi 

Dugan, Doris M 261, 511, 5 18 

Dugas, Marie 185 

DuHamel, R. 11 67, i 17 


Dulla, R 198 

Dulmage, 11 67 

Du Mars, F 153 

Dumelow, Lois E 498 

Duncan, J. R (80 

Duncan, Jean E Mi 

Duncan, R. 1 480, 573 

Dungan, Lois E 281, 502, 195 

566, 580 

Dunham, A 589 

Dunlap, Marjorie 1 529 

Dunley. J. F 141 

Dunn, A. S 162, 169, 201 

Dunn. C. L 67, 375, 421, 458 

Dunn, D. E 583 

Dunn, Helen A 503 

Dunn, L. J in 

Dunn, Nancy 275, v u 

Dunn, P. E 458 

Dunn, R. T "SKJ 

Dunn, VC 187 

Dunn, W. F 67, 437 

Dunnan, J. W.. Jr 162 

Dunnett, L. W 55 3 

Dunning, E. Colleen 528 

Dupre, G. T 46!) 

Dupuy, C. J 57} 

Durfee, D. A 455 

Durham, Betty R...67, 311, 497, 596 

Durham, M. D., Jr 45 I 

Durren, G 465 

Durward, Elizabeth I 524 

Durward, Marjorie E 5 2 1 

Dusenbury, H. F 5 5 2 

Duster, B 442 

Duster. C. E 44 2 

Dutcher, Sally 529 

Duvall, Ann son 

Duvick, D. N 286, 559, 573 

Dwyer, Imelda A 532 

Dyer, Betty J 275, 531 

Dyer, E. F 453 

Dyer, R. L 162, 167 

Dykeman. W. Z 67 


Eads, Dorothy K 531 

Eagan, Mary E si: 

Eai "ly. J- G 67 

Eastburn, Dorothy M 549 

Easter, Elizabeth L 220, 241 24^ 

248, 250, 285, 505^ 580 

Eastman, (.. K 67 

Eastman, Mary A . 504 

Eaton, 1. 451, 581 

Eaton, M. L 451 

Eaton, W. E " '467 

Ebe, H '"577 

|bel, T. H 68, 487 

Eberhardt, Mary J 302, 502, 566 

Eberhardt, W. W ,,,1 

liberie, W. G " 455 

Eberly, J. I [ 453 

|b?rt W. M 344, 583 

l.l>i. K 1 , 1 

Eby. J- R '.'.'.'.'. (so 

Iky, R. W .458 

I 1 naurren, J. M 68, 557 

Ei hols, V. E 11, 

li. k, R. E 427. 428', 476 

!'[': ',' !' 61 

bckel, F. E 3 f j 

Eckei line, G [79 

J'jvcrt, J" 179 

I 1 ki rt, Ruth M 

Eckert, Virginia 559 

1 • khardl . Margarite I) 

I 1 kl.inil, Natalie J 119 hi 

Eckstrom ( 19a 

1 . 1 itrom, 1 , 1 

1 ddleman, T. I) 175, v 

111 ! in-, 1 ! 

1 di Im in. IV verly 1 , 

1 di In. mi. A 196 

1 dgar, R A , ,,, 

I dgerli ■/. P. ] 156. 573 

I dgi ii'. 11. 5 

1 dmond», I R !34 

1 ,i,,i,. Ruth '. 68, i 1 

"i 52 

Edwards, A 156, 1 ' 

I dwards, Elizabeth 1 493 

I dwards, J. T 344, 459 

Edwards, Jean 511 

1 dwards, Marilyn 1 MO 

Edwards, R 181, 187, 191 

1 dwards, S. \V 455 

Edwards, W ihh 

Edwards, \V. \\, |r 451 

I (Hand, Roberta R 534 

I fflandt, J. R 186 

Egbert, J. ( 55s 

1 : 1 land, H. B 166 

Eger, A 556 

Ehkhart, Marguerite 497 

Ehleb, Janice R 68, 266. 267, 503 

I hmann, R. \V 186 

I hrhardt, Dorothy J 271, 302, 503 

566, 580 

Ehrhardt, R. E 115 

Ehrlich, G ">5i 

Ehrlich, L. D "2 

1 ii hstaedt, Elaine S 493 

I igenbrodt, G 190 

Eilfbracht, L. P 68, 2 19, 227, 375 

410, 113 

1 ilen, Rhoda 68 

1 lies, M. A 586 

Einbecker, Kathryn 68, 517, 574 

Einbecker, R. C 444, 581 

I null, R 186 

Eisberg, R. M 287, 485 

I isele, I. S 481 

I iscman, R. J 462 

Eisen, Helen 5 17 

Eisenberg, J 552 

Eisenberg, Sylvia 68 

Eisenberg, T. D 478 

Eisenstaedt, Lorraine 508 

Eisenstein, Delores R 311, 312, 510 

Easier, Marilyn 262 

Eitel, P. T 46! 

Ekard, Evelyn 68, 522 

Hkstein, Mariette 524 

Ekstrom, E. C 68, 473 

I Ider, H. E 458 

Elias; H. J in 

Eliot, R 380 

Ell. lune 524 

Elledge, Joyce T 532 

Eller, S 439 

Ellickson, Kathleen ^4 3 

Ellington, Janet F 506 

Elliott, E. R 483 

1 lliott, Helen P 529 

Elliott, I. A., Jr 576 

Elliott, K. B 550, 573, 590 

Elliott, N. J 476 

Elliott, R. R 440 

Elliott, R. L 456 

Elliott, W. J 444 

Elliott, W. B 446, 567, 571 

Ellis, Dorothy L I'M 

Ellis, G. 591 

Ellis, M. H 469 

Ellis, Patricia J 517 

Ellman, H 174, 189, 203 

1 llman, Lila F 526 

Elwell, R. H 162, 168 

Ely, W. R 473, 591 

Embs. Doreen F 498 

Emge, R. G 68 

Emig, H. 198, 199 

Union Kai Teon Club 5 12 

Emory, Jo Ann 491 

Emrick, T. L 307, 470 

Emshoff, W. G 588 

Endicott, J. B 468 

Enevold, Rose D 319. 524 

Ens;, W 68, 449 

Engan, H. G 443 

Engandela, Nancy R 543 

Engel, Eva D 307, 533 

Engel, Margaret P 503 

Engelbrecht, K. W 480, 567 

Engelman, Marie E 548 

Engen, Maejean 267, 275, 502 

I nger, M. 1 31 

1 ngert, Elaine 526 

/ ngim , ring 31 

En »lejohn, Mrs 185 

I 11 jlish, \V. J 1 17 

Engnehl, D. R 458 

I ii". Marvel 183 

1 mi hi Mary Alice 512 

I ntini , lunc 1 510 

Epstein I S 68 

Epstein, I nid ' 520 

I pst( in, II. I (39 

Epsti in, Marjorii I 68, 501 

I pton, I 162 

I rdi 1 I . A 553 

In. kson, A. It 128, i 7 6 

1 ii. 1 ion, B. W 596, 1 15 

on, II 186 

Erickson, 1 A 574 

Erickson, Nancy L.. , .531 

Ericl ion, Shirley A 

1 ii, I ion, W 1 

1 1 1. ...11 3 I 1 ,43 

Erisj lha S M 

Erkert, R 1 

1 il 1 1 ■ in. 1 

I il "1 in. Mary Ann 

Erkun, N. M 598 

Ermisi Ii, Linda 1 5 ,5 

I 11, si, \Y. A 461 

I rskine, D. E 465 

Erskine, R. G 69, 465 

Erven, Beverly G 540 

Erwin, Gene 465 

Erwin, W. W 238, 416, 572, 573 

Erwood, Elizabeth E 512 

Erzen, C. A 449, 594 

Erzinger, H. J., Jr 477 

Esarey, Kermit E 69 

Esbernet, Carolyn 185 

Esenther, Shirley E 548 

Esmond, B. L 436 

I spinosa, L 69, 57s 

Espy, W. N 565, 568 

I snini, Marie si 1 

Essenpreis, Maryanne L 69, 591 

Esserman, N. S 472 

Esserman, R. E 162 

Esters, Betty J 69, 271, 194 

1 Mis, Emily J 69 

Etnyre, Joan L 528, 590 

Etnyre, R. L 466 

Eubank, F 450 

Eubanks, R. K 573 

Eunson, E. S 69, 441 

Eustice, E. P 69, 57 s . 

Evans, C. H 69 

Evans, Doris J 5-iO 

Evans, Elizabeth R 69, 531 

Evans, G. W 471 

Evans Hull 520 

Evans, Helen R 69, 521 

Evans, J. C 573 

Evans, J. E 69 

Evans. J. H 446 

Evans, Maxine M 69, 534, 576 

Evans, Nancy J 540 

Evans, R 466, 588 

Evans, R. D 444 

Evans, Rosemary 5 It 

Eveland, H. E 69, 468 

Evcrham, W. F 455 

Everhart, Evelyn 69, 244, 521 

Everhart, J. W 459 

Everhart, R. L 459 

Everitt, B. W 481 

Ewing, Marilyn L 248, 505 

Ex, E. S 485 

Extension 37 

Exter, Patricia 312 

Eygabroad, W. R 238, 441 

Eyster, R. M 463 


Faber, Miriam 543 

Faber, R. H 476 

Fackler, R. C 465 

Fackler, W. V 480 

Fagan, D. W 454 

Fage. C 468 

Fagerburg, Joan 519 

Fago, C. R 70, 583 

Fahlstrom, R. J 450 

Fairbank, G 473 

Fairbanks, Aline M 307, 495, 59o 

Fairchild, J. L 70 

Fairman, A. ..70, 293, 298, 324, 476 

Faith, R. L 463 

Faletti. R. 1 27, 70 

Falk, C. W 453 

Falk, Helene B 302, 508, 580 

Falkenstein, R. R 459 

Falkner, C 377 

Faller, R. W 307, 310, 593 

Falls, J. L 174, 187, 192 

Falls, W. H 471 

Fantus, Edith G 281, 492 

Faraghan, W 190 

Farley, F. B 556 

Farley, J. E 454, 583 

Farley, R. C 456 

Fallow, Ida Mae 569 

Farlow, L. H 559, 57.3 

Farman-Farmaian, F 44; 

Farmer, E. E 464 

tin m House 456 

Fan, H. 1 552 

Farrell, J. W 573 

Farris, J 473 

Farthing, W. D. P 455 

Earwig, W 18 6 

Eath.J. E 2 14, 480 

Fathauer, Wilhelmina M« 

Fatland, Loretta M 70, 5 16 

Faulkner, C. D 465, 480 

Faulkner, L. W 174 

l.iiistiier, Lillian A 541 

Fautz, S. R si ' 

Faville, R, S 154 

Pay. A. F 165 

Faytak, Phyllis 1 531 

Fazekas. Matilda V 545, 597 

Feder, F 11 162 

Feder, Lois M Mil 

li'l'il. I. .1 586 

Fi do\» sky, Virginia 588 

Fefer, ( 70, 591 

li D, B.. Jr IM 

1 ' bacher, w. 1 559, 573, 590 


Feigen, Ruse L 547 

Feldman, H. M 70, 575 

Feldman, 1 599 

Feldman, J. H 485 

Feldman, L. B 478 

Feldman, N 478 

Feldman, P. D 436 

Feldman. Ruth I , ■ 1 

Feldman. S 1 ,1 

Feldstein, Lois M 525 

Fellows, R. 1 483, 5K5 

Eeloman, Ruth 1 70 

Eclscnthal, J. G 381, 462 

Felt, C. C 591 

Felt, ^Catherine 5 11 

Feltman, Hurlecn 501 

Felts, Betty J 518 

Fencing 420 

Eenity, R. D 557 

Fenoglio, P. J 556, 565 

Fenoglio, P 597 

Eenton, Frances 199 

Ferguson, Fern R 547 

Ferguson, Rnbert 187 

Ferolie, L. J 70 

Eenara, Andria 199 

Ferrari, Gemma 185 

Fence, P.J 559, 573, 595 

Ferrette, R. J., Jr 436 

Ferris, J. H 473 

Ferris, R. ( 454 

Fessler, R. G 558 

Fey, Terry B 260, 302, 504, 580 

Fczekas, Betty 589 

Fiebig, J. W 473 

Field, Theola P 490 

Fielding, R. C 70, 481 

Fierman, Marilyn 526 

Fieser, G. E 476 

Fietsam, R. C 460 

Firles. E. G 555 

Filbey. R 438 

Files, W. C 70 

Filipoff, Gloria 70, 518 

Eillingham, Marian E 70, 5 38 

Fina, J. J 377, 422 

Fina, J 377, 422, 483 

Fina. L. R 460, 476 

Finch. Donna J 183, 497, 498 

Finch, Lois A 283, 500 

Fincke, Leona M 518 

Fine, Nancy E 526 

Fine and Applied Ails 39 

Finebury, J 479 

Finerty, Jacqueline L 491 

Finger, Dorothy L 70, 535 

Fingerhut, H 308 

Fink, Dorothy R 70, 273, 536 

Fink. Ethelyn 510 

Fink, Marilyn R 566 

Einkenbinder, Lois M 521 

Finkenbinder, P. H 456, 573 

Finley, C. S 308, 313, 456, "573 

Finley, Helen A 520 

Finley, Lois 1 576 

Finney, M. L., Jr 588 

Fircbaugh, Lucinda 518 

Firebaugh, Martha E 529 

Fireside 558 

Firszt, Mary J 70, 327, 521, 576 

Firth, J. A 440, 573 

Firzlaff, D 574 

Fischer, D. B 447 

Fischer, E. R 470 

Fischer, F. H 470 

Fischer, F. A 470 

Fischer, G. F 466 

Fischer, L. W 470 

Fischer, N. E 143 

Fischer, R. A 71 

Fischoff, J 192 

Fish, A 71 

Fish, R. E 71 

Fisher, B. C 473 

Fisher. B. H 469 

Fisher, Betty J 54 I 

Fisher, Edith 562 

Fisher. E. A 455 

Fisher, George L 159 

Fisher. G. W 437 

Fisher, G. E 71 

Fisher, Gordon 1 552 

Fisher. Julie J 507 

Fisher, 1 233, 551 

Fisher, Margaret H 524 

Fisher. Natalie 543 

Fisher, R. W 450 

Fisher, R. T 344, 552 

Fi shcr, Robert 584 

Fisher, S. E 263 

Eislic.kcllci. I. J 71 

Fisherman, R, 1 179 

Fisk, A. W 463 

Fitch, V I6S 

Eitton. BR 1 

Eitton, M. [eanne 523 

Fitzgibbon, C. R.. lr 

Fit /pat ink. ID I In 

Fitzpatrick, \Y n 585 

Fjelde, Olai 593 

Flaherty, D, 1 176 

Flanagan, I 1 183 

Flanigan, LA too 

II, inn. iv. P 1 553 

Flaschen, *> S 71. 144 



No matter where they are used — in year- 
books, literature, or advertising— poorly 
reproduced illustrations give many readers 
the same impressions as paintings of a 
"ham" artist when compared with the 
works of a master. That's why so many 
schools, colleges, and universities, as well 
as prominent advertisers, insist upon fine 

engravings— as produced by master crafts- 
men at G. R. Grubb & Co.— for true repro- 
ductions of all illustrations. For nearly 
forty years this company has been serving 
such institutions and business firms in 
every section of the country— and its repu- 
tation has become more enviable every 
year. You, too, can depend upon 







Fleharty, Burta A 252, 3d 

Fleharty, Elizabeth J 71, 267, 509 

Fleischi i I 458 

Fleishman, N. A 478 

Fleishman, P. N 462 

Fleming, A.N 477 

Fleming, H. L 57i 

Fleming, R. S 221, 375 

Fleming, Shirley G 493, 566 

Flenniken, Bonnie J 71, 312, 596 

Flesch, Judith C 510 

Flesch, Kathrynlee 197 

Flesher, Jeanne W 502, 511 

Flesner, Verna L 539 

Fletchi i. Gloria V 312, 546 

Fletcher, Mary P 524 

Fletcher. R. E 380, us 

Flink, R. B "7 

Flint, Anne B 511 

Flint, J. P 480 

Flint, R. P 443 

Flitcraft. A. J 482 

Flock, Margot L 267, 496 

Flodberg, Evelyn 1 71, I'M 

Florek, I. 1 380, 586 

Florek, R. F }75, 165 

Florticultiite Club 5H l > 

Florin, R. E 594 

Flynn, C. E 374 

Foard, F. H 71, 447 

Focht, Helen A 537 

Focht, J. D 71 

Focht, Mary L 71, 541 

Fogelson, H 71 

Fogelsong, E. B 481 

Foin, W. C 71 

Foley, R. H 396, 461 

Folk, F 187 

Folk, N 187 

Follender, D. B 469 

Folliard, Marilyn J 71, 596 

Foltin, Martha E 518 

Foltz, D. 72, 585 

Football 378 

Foote, D. L 72, 436 

Foote, G. W 466 

Foote. R. S 72, 436 

Footh, D. 1 465 

Forbes, I. G 583, 589 

Forbes, lohn L 557 

Forbes, R. S 72, 474 

Ford, F. C 234, 235, 457 

Ford, Jennie E 523 

Ford, Louistine E 494 

Ford. R. E 440, 595 

Foreman, J. L 460 

Forest, L. H 464 

Fork, Naomi R 576 

Forman, M 192 

Fornof. J. R 23 

Forsythe, Betty A 576 

Forsythe. Robert William 448 

Foss Bettv I sos 

Fossland. Marilyn L 273, 518 

Foster, C. N 447, 577 

Foster, D. R 465 

Foster, G. R 287 

Foster, H. 480. 575 

Foster, J. J., Jr 327, 585 

Foster, Margaret J 267, 507 

Foster, M. T 72 

Foster. R. E 589 

Foucek, Marianne C 490 

Fouchard, J. J 281 

Foultz, W. S 174, 188 

Fonr-H House 523 

Foutch. E. W 436 

Fox, Alice E 545 

Fox, E. F 437 

Fox, H. L 472 

Fox, Jeanne W 525 

Fox, J. L 575 

Fox, John R 72 

Foxvog, D. R 72, 56s, 59 . 

low.,", Margaret E 72 

Foy. Barbara A 493, 5P0 

Fraker House 542 

France, Maxine A 5*3 

France. S 557 

Frani etic, I (58 

Francis. F 456, 572 

Frani is, R. I sro 

Franc isco, C. J 2')K, 30(1 

Franc ois. I e riorc M r ' i 

Prandsen, F. H 136 

Frandsen, ( ,. L 436 

Frank, A. J -178 

Frank, D. A I i • 

Frank, Gloria J 72, 5IH, 587 

Frank, J. E -163 

Frank, J. K 

Frank, Stella M 10 

Franklin, Audrey M A 

Fiankhn, II . H 

Franklin, R m 

Franklin, W. M 

Flanks, B 385 

Franks, W. (, }75, J80, (81 

Franion, K I) in 

Franz, DM 

Franz, II. E 552 

I ranzi I I ouisi 510 

/ rail tiuin . 

I nhoff, I. A i 


Frazer, B. 1 72 

Frazier, B 300 

Frazier, E. K 465 

I i i. i. r, G. G 438, 564 

Frazier, W. T 159 

Freeh. R. W 573 

Fredell, Erene H 532 

Fredei ick, Mary 580 

Frederick, P. H 440, 573 

Frederick. Paula Y 311, 494 

Freedlund, C. O., Jr 148, 567 

Freedman, K. M 469 

Frecland, R. D 44 

Freeman, I.. E 307, 310, 581 

Freeman, Marilyn N 505 

Freeman, M. G 430, 485 

Freeman, Shirley J 500, 598 

Freeman, T. W 450 

Freeto, H 471 

Fregan, E. J 72, 483 

Fregan, R. D 2, 483 

Freireich, B. P 281, 478 

Freireich, F. 192 

French, Doris M 72, 502 

French, Kathryn R 544, 566 

French, S. C 233, 180 

/'Yc i Frplii 321 

Freudenberg. M. C 583, 585, 588 

Frey, C. W 73, 427, 552 

Frey. I- 167. 460 

Frieday, D 476 

Fnedberg. A. 1 585 

Fi icdlander, M 462 

Friedman, B 73, 554 

Friedman, M. D 439 

Friedman, Seymour 73, 222, 278 

5 54, 596 

Friedman, Stanley 57 3 

Friedman. W. H 462 

Friend. M. W 462 

Fries. H. J.. Jr 453 

Friese, N. B 461 

Eriess, Jean K 522 

Fnntz, Joan R 256, 257, 519, 591 

Frison, Mrs. Barbara W 73 

Fritz, J. S 557 

Friz, C. T 345 

Frizzell. Lillian C 537, 592 

Frohardt. Ruth M 73, 307, 548 

Frosch, Patricia J 275, 500, 502 

Frost, L. H 72 

Frost, R, E 553 

Fruin, R 187 

Fryman, L. R 567 

Fuchs, Gwendolyn 283, 495 

Fuchs, J 308, 599 

Fuchs. P 73, 583 

Fucik, J. E 441 

Fugami, P. M 73 

Fuhrberg, Amy 546 

Fuller, C. W 582 

Fuller, Virginia J 520 

Fulrath, R. M 436 

Fulton, Imogene L 73, 522, 576 

Fulton, Marian P 566 

Fults. Janet R 311, 518 

Fund, Enid J 508 

Funk, Ellen M 502 

Funk, J. W 313 

Funkhouser, Mary C 576 

Gaebe, Elizabeth A 522 

Gaft, A 57.3 

Gagan, Joan E 73, 218, 226, 234 

266, 301, 498, 569 

Gage, L. E 446 

Gainer, J. F., Jr 467 

Gaines, C. E 73, 442 

Gaines, J. W 174, 189 

Gaines, Rena S. ...250, 279, 492, 580 

Galaven, R 555 

Galbraith, M. J 147 

Galbreath, R. V 428, 476 

Galek, Jean A 73, 530, 592 

Galesburg 144 

Gallagher, T. B 375, 380, 483 

( rallanis, Edna M 531 

Gallanis T. ( 551, 567 

Gallon, W. M., Jr 221, 227, 240 

242, 316, 480 

Galler. Lucille 5 is 

Galligan, Jacqueline A 2£5, 5i|5 

5 76, I. H 446 

Gallo, J. W 542 

Gait, R. A 453 

Galutia, Marjorie A 307, 524, 596 

Galvin Mary K s i _> 

Gambino. J. F Ik; 

Gambino, Mary F 73, 518, 519 

Gamma 1 1 543 

Gamma PI. i Bel, . sos 

302 191 

' lamsu, R. < 17H 

< ..hi. Isabi He 1 

Gandel 1, E ,462 

1 Aim. N 1 516 

I ■ inzi 1 W. |., Jr.., ,47, 465 

Garbbcrt, Helen 1 19 
Garbcr, H 

1 , hi id- 1 1 Lois G in 

Garcia, J., Jr 442 

1, Joseph 375. 483 

Gardiner, J. R 454 

Gardner, Joan P 544 

Gardner, K 440, 573 

Gardner, L. E 559, 573, 590, 595 

Gardner, R, V 587 

Gardner, Yvonne 1 283, 503, 566 

Garfield, Adeline J 73, 549 

Gargoyle 564 

Gai ner, Betty 588 

Garner, J. R 556 

Carner. Richard W 558 

Garner, Robert W 248, 185 

Garrels, W. H 313, 180 

(.arret, M. R 420 

Garrett, Berle E 5s9 

Garrett, L. P 457 

Garrett, M. R 420 

Garrett, R. D 459 

Garrison. C. E 308 

Garrity, R. B 436 

Garson, Ellen C 508 

Garstang, Honor F 73, 500 

G.citner, F. R 465 

Garvey, Barbara A 310, 311, 499 

Garvey, T. P 574 

Gary. R. Y 453 

Gassaway, G. G 583 

Gassel, M 439 

Gassmann. Barbara 493 

Gassamann, H 192, 344 

Gasson, H. H 74, 381, 462 

Cites, Georgians 333, 319, 502 

Gates, J 375 

Gates, P.Jean 220, 241, 244, 248 

316, 317, 498 

Gates, Priscilla A 283, 499, 594 

Gates, R. A 476 

Gates, R. R 74, 467, 583 

Gates. S, J 422. 573 

Gaudio, F. J 486 

Gaumer, Juanita M 74, 271, 540 

Gausewitz, C. H 74 

Gauss. A 162, 169 

Gawlik, C. J 458 

Gawsner, Shirley A 543 

Gaynor, Patricia H 74, 524 

Gaziano, Angelina 599 

Geartts, Joanne H 74, 491 

Gebhard, Jacqueline A 490 

Gebhart, Mary F 587 

Gedvilas, L. L 375, 410, 415 

Gee, Greta 500 

Gee, Lois M 546, 576 

Geiger, J. H 443 

Geiger, R. C 74, 573 

Geister, J. H 443 

Ge Laz, Virginia E 535 

Geliebter, Lylus R 526 

Gelms, K. J 553 

Gemc-nv. Ada L 520 

Gempler, E. B 567 

Gempler, Mrs. Katherine H 311 

Genis, J. F 375, 455 

Genzer, I. J 162 

Georgakas, J 551 

George, R. W 456, 573, 590 

Gerber, M. J 478 

Gerler, K. E 588 

Gerometta, R. K 455 

Gerrity, R. J 444 

Gerson, J. H 479 

Gcrstenberger, Carolyn 506 

Gertler, A. M 74, 228, 278, 568 

Gerty, Mary F 519 

Gervens, D. W 552 

Gethner, P. S, . 174 

Gettmann, Sylvia 310 

Getz, A 189 

Getz, Marjorie A 496 

Geymer, Joan L 5 18 

Gher, Betty L 498 

Gher, R., Jr.... 74, 463 

Giachetto, Minnie L 532 

Gibala, E. S 552 

Gibbs, Beverly J 576 

Gibbs, W. E 452 

Gibler, W. N 557 

Gibson, Patricia J 490 

Gibson, T. M 465 

Giese, N. I -158 

Gethner, P 189 

(, E 166, 167 

Gilbert, R. H 437 

Gilbert, R 448 

Gilbert, W. R 476 

(iilbertsen. A. O., Jr 483, s 7^ 

Gilbreath, Barbara V 74, 225, 278 

196, 580 

Gilchrist, J. A 557, 57s 

Gildber, G. F 473 

Gill, J 148 

Gillc, H. J 260, 307, 310, 593 

Gillen, H. W 74 

Ciller. 1 445 

Giller, Margaret 185 

I iilll '.|ii , Mis lim.l R 74 

Gillis, R. M 74, 585 

Gilmer, J 168 

(.illume . I.i. queline 1 7 1, 5 1 ,• 

Gilmore, R, I 453 

1 lilpatrii k, 1. V 238 

1 lilpin, ' 186 

Gilro; I I !85, 159 

Gilson, ( . P., Jr 474 

Gimple, Joan 543 

Ginoli, E, E 480 

( .ll, G 402 

Ginsburg, Diana 74 

Ginshurg, Naomi J 525 

Ginzcl, Leah B 74, 267, 495 

G11I1. ud, Mary N 569 

Given, W. W 437 

Givler, S. F 452 

Glascock, W 186 

Glasser, A. R 439 

Glasgow, Dolores 1 511 

Glasgow, Katherine M 75, 549 

Glass, D. S 584 

Glass, Elaine 75, 508 

Glassbcrg, Audrey 1 510 

Clatter, J 585 

Glavash, B. | 567 

Glee Club, Men's 313 

Glee Club, Women s 312 

Gleichman, K. T 584 

Glendening. J. A 444 

Glenn, E. A 452 

Glenn, Harriet 510 

Glenn, Shirley M 494 

Glcnny, W. S 300, 474, 591 

Glerum, Patricia A 497 

Glick, Amelita 492 

Glickcr. 1 75 

Glink, M, J 420, 439 

Glisson, Mary F 498 

Glodich, Mary L 518 

Goble, G. W 240. 582 

Goby, Anita M 75, 533. 587, 594 

Gocek, Muzaffer 449, 598 

Gochanour, Mary 75, 505 

Godfrey, Mrs. F 555 

Godow, Marion J 520 

Goebel, R. H 75, 569 

Goepfert, B. L 75 

Goepfert, Delores 185 

Goers, Patricia A 566 

Goettel. H. J 484 

Goetz, R. C 75, 463 

Goetz, R. E 75 

Gold, A. J 246, 473 

Gold, E. B 469 

Gold. R 462 

Goldberg, B. 1 472 

Goldberg, E 174, 189, 201 

Goldberg, Julius 472 

Goldberg, Lois S 312, 542 

Goldberg, M. A 174. 189, 192 

Goldberg, M. L 462 

Goldberg, P. J 472 

Goldberg. S 550 

Golden, Barbara 566 

Golder. Marjorie L 75, 267, 492 

Goldfaber, A. A 75 

Goldman, Agnes R 506 

Goldman, Arline H 187, 492 

Goldman, B 189 

Goldman, Lois J 510 

Goldman, L. N 472, 567 

Goldman, R. H 485 

Goldman, Shirley 510 

Goldman, S 162, 169, 174, 189 

Goldsmith, Gail ...75, 547, 578, 579 

Goldsmith, H. N 462 

Goldstein, D 550 

Goldstein, Gwen 525 

Goldstein, H. E 196 

Goldstein, H. M 75, 472 

P.oldstein. 1 189 

Goldstein, J. J 75,462 

Goldstein, Lillian 185, 201 

Goldstein, P. E 469 

Goldstein, S 485 

Goldstein, Shirley 75, 518 

Goldstone, Adrienne J 501 

Goldstone, S 174, 189 

Goldthorp, lane W 520 

Golinvaux, Betty J 499 

Golsc hmann, V 303 

Gomherg, Evalee 262, 542 

Gomberg. H 478 

Gomec, N 598 

Gongaware, J. V 467 

Gonzalez, M 224. 375, 402 

407, 471 

Good, F. C 7.75, 474 

Goode. Dolores R 547 

Goodell, A., [r 446 

Goodell. J. D 567 

Goodenburgcr. C 76 

Gooding. Elizabeth I. ...76, 522, 574 

Goodkind, D. R.. ..'. 469 

( loodman, A. R 454 

Goodman, Enid B 76, 525 

581, 594 

Goodman, G. M 7c, 584 

( dman, II 157, 189 

Goodman, M. < .. h 485, 57s 

Goodman, W. K 480 

Goodrich, K I) 573 

( i.ioiKc mc, Virginia 110 

Gopaul, A. A...... .76, 149, 569, 594 

Goranson, D. A S07, m 

(.. Helen, K \Y 156 

( iiiiclnn. ( rlenn 1 1 76 

Gordon, I. B 567 

Gordon, I. R 4J3 

Gordon, foyce, !67, 508 

( I 11, is w '6, 563, 





Established 1868 

Member F.D.l.C. 
and Federal Reserve System 


The degree of success your book or catalog 
enjoys may well depend on the binding you 
choose. Select an experienced bookbinding or- 
ganization — one whose expert knowledge assures 
quality and whose craftsmanship assures correct- 
ness and lasting wear. 

Brock and Rankin have a background of book- 
binding experience and craftsmanship which as- 
sure skilful performance of all operations, and 
sincerity in maintaining the most exacting stand- 
ards of bookbinding. 

A good book is worthy of being well bound. 


Book and Catalog Binders Since 1892 

619 South LaSalle Street 
Chicago 5, Illinois 



Gordon, R. ( 

ly, N G 

Gore, S A 

Gorecki, K. I 

Gor< n .' I . .1 , Jr 

( ,i in, I l' 

Gorman, Ruth 

s I ' 

Gotaas, < W 

Gothard, T 

Gothard, \V. A 

Gothelf, B 

( ,othw aite, (oyce 

Gottfried, C. E 575, 380, 

Gotti, H. D .us 

Gotti, Mary A 

Gottlieb, In. lull E 

Gottschalic. A. R 

( Hlllllk'l , F. A.. |l 

Gould, A. K 

c lould, ( 

( lould, Gloria A.. .2 !0 !82, 519 
Gould, R. \V . .. 

Gourley. H. V 

* ii .ill ink. Loretta G 

( Irabff Ider, Marc ia E 

| ll I 1 . Ir 

Grabowski, 1". 1 

Gracey, Wanda I 

Grady, Shil ley E 

Graf. W, S 

Graff, I. G 

( iraham, E D 

( Iraham, Eleanor H 544, 

Graham, F. P 

Graham, Gordon < 

Graham, I. R 307, (36, 585, 

Graham, Ma ry G 

Graham, Mavoureen B 513, 

(,i .1- m R 

Cm Him. R I 

Graham, W. H 

( ,' ,m\ i< •" F 

Gran. Flavn R 

Gran • 'a Club 

Granbe" - B 

r..,nf r. ._ I 

Grant, J. E., |r '.'. 

Grant O. B 

Granzow. Shirley L 

Gi.i-.Wrlt. I R 

GrassmiV' E. R 

Gratch. Herr-iine 

Gi iven p H 76, 465. 

(.i ivi s, H W., Jr 76. 

Cm < M. E 76, 238, 

dav. P\c-I"n 

Gray F. C 

' Irai Gwendolyn B 

Gray. ' O 

Gray, K 

Gray, N. L 

Gra 5 R. r 440, 

G,.,\ T T 76, 

Grayhill, PaHcia A 

Grayson. R. A 

C ncc-n, f 

Green. D. H 

Green. F P 287, 

Green. F S, 575, 596, 471. 

G.reen. H. H 513, 440. 572^ 

Green. L. R 

Green ' lis I 

Gri , E. . . 

Gre-n, O I 

Green. Pit'ic ia A 

Green, R 

G'een. R F. 

Green. Roberta A 'SIS. 

Green R 157, |84, 1 so, 

G'een. S r 575 jgi 

'.1 en, T. I 
G'een v r 

Grc r. W. F 

Greenhpnm I 

Grei "I"!". H. M. . 

Greenlvr... 1 mi • R . . . 580 

G-i ■ hi i". Phyllis I .' 

R. A 

' i I" mi, S N 

1 itt, Ruth s 

Greenblatt, Saralee 76 

Greene, H I 

Greene. J. A 

1 , ni ■ . 1 S, 

' in • ii- Mary B >67, 190 80 

' i . R. 1. 

Green 'I P 

\V A 
Grei man, M 

' ,■ r i fin Ml, Ml II 

G r ei nsi ) 1 1 .1 j • Shirli v M 
Greenspan, I 11 

' ■ I Eleanoi 

1 . I. 
Grej Marilyn [9 

R. R.. Jr.. 

W N 

Grei onis P 

Gn on C01 inni 1 "-1 ■ 

Gn lin, I 196, 

' .11 nl 11. ( 

Grctzinpei Madalyn 
' N. P. 



1 in 


1 1 
1 ,6 
5 15 
5 !8 

si ' 

I- R 









5 'S 



I I ■ 


1 17 


4 11 

5 ••> 

1 ! 




1 i ', 




i > 


1 , , 

1 '6 

!' .. 
1 I 

1, J. E its 

Gn z, P 7", s,7 

( Irieme, D 188 

Grice, P, F 174 

(,ii. .mi, R. G i^ s (76 

Gries, \V. L 515. 545, I ■ 

Grii si dieck, ( athei ine 499 

( ilium, A 511, 593 

Griffin, A. F (70 

Griffin, E. 145 

( iiilliii. I I 585 

Griffith, < R 25 

Griffith, Dorothy D 77, 275, 500 

Griffith, T 175, 186 

1 Irig, loan 504 

Grim, D. B 160 

Grinter, Mary C 2d", 198 

Ci ippo, Ruse B 550 

Grisham, Alice J 77, Ms 

Grisham, P. B (57 

Grobstein, F. A 196 

Grodinsky, Leah S 566 

Grodsky, G. M 77, 144, 147 

577, 485 

Groen, R. F 152 

Groetzinger, Madalyn M 505 

(mill. R. G (73 

Grombach, R. H 179 

G'OSS, R. D 77. 5SK 

Gross, S. A 485 

Grossman, A 77, 172 

Grossman, Evelyn 510 

Grossman, F 45 1 

( irosstephan, Carol 1 1 > 1 

Grout, loan H 496 

Grove, Helen 185 

Grove, J. P 458 

Groves, fayne A 77, 293, 298 

490, 569 

Groves, J. R 164 

Grow, Dolores A 499 

Gruba, Martha E 77, 299, 3U 

539, 596 

Grumbley, \V. D 168 

Crumley. Barbara A 490 

Grunwald, C 375 

Grunwald, Carol R 5^5 

Grupe, Mae B 5 "9 

Grupps C J - 1 "'"' 

Grupp. F. A 477 

Gruslin, R 586 

Grylls, Mary E 519 

Guard, Joan C: 511. 312, 595 

Gucker, Pauline 77, 503, "7 

Guernsey. \V. D 4M 

Guerrettas, P. L.. Ir "i 

Gutfey, Barbara F 54<) 

Guick, R 4°1 

Guiette, W. E 5S5 

Guild. R. J 4s5 

Guinane, D. G 344 

Gu'nnev, Kathleen M 507 

Guintali, Loretta 531 

Guither, H. D 573, 590. 456 

Culler. R 515, 5«6 

Gulis, A. G 586 

Gullette C. ( 77, 292 

Gulley, Barbara 77, 293, 298 

498, sos 

Gulo, M. G 77. 476 

Gumplo, E. L 44ii, ssi 

Gumz. Anna 77. S29 

Gunther. M 562, si, 9 

Guren, M 77 

Gurkow. Helen J 5 50 

Gurney, Vyra D 491 

Gussman, Vera E 5 57 

Gustafson, G. 1 477 

Gustafson, R. L 477 

Gustafson, W. A is; 

Gi'Stavson, G. E 466. 585 

Guthmann. L. B., |r 472 

Guyer, f. P ' 115 

Gwinn, Betty 220. 595 

Gwinn, Jean E 503 

Gwynn, V 175, 184, 186, 191 

Gym Annex [30 


! R 1 465 

Haan, Margaret A 519, 197 

1 1. 11 ker, D ~> n -> 

Hacker. R. F 567 

II.11 kerson, Gwendolyn E 534 

1 lai ki 1,1111. Margaret W 77 

1 I" kl M B. 78, 517. S7 , 

Hacketl M ugan 1 I 493 

Hacketl R. P 139 

Hackner, Marcia sol 

1 r \ 588 

1 : ' M 1 1 . I 193 'I 

1 1 funi ' ini 

Haebich '■'■ 1 ><;i 

Haeger, Helen F 

1 1. iii rmann Bi ■ erlj I 19 , 198 

199, ii(i 

II afermann, Ruth 1 516 

ll.illii. 1, R 1 , I ,, 

I I 'I". 1 1 M 1 

Hafner, Libb) -,, 

I I Ii', 1111. Hi I I Jg 

1 1. 11 ' 11 Marilyn a , ,., , 

1 1 1 ■■■ 'I W A 1,, , 

Hagenberg, R. J 287 

Hager, D. E 1 .■ 

Hager, G. J 59s, 1 1 1 

I lagerty, B is 1 

Hagerty, Sally A 499 

Hagi, Marge A 54' 

Hahn, II. D [45 

Hahn, J. L j (, 

I I ihn, I. R lis 

Hahn, R. E in, hi, 

Hahn, W. C ssi., sr,7 

Haigler, F 188 

Haines, H. \V., J, 78, 584 

Haines, Mai i.m J 544 

1 [all "it. Susan 1 49s s^o 

Haley, D. ( | | ■ 

Haley. E. D., Jr ' 513 

Hall, A. I... Jr 1 ,1 

Hall, A. R../r. 7 „, ,, „ 

Hall, Betsy R 50 1 ion 

Hull. D. E. ., 

Hall, G. M 144 

Hall. H. A., J, ,,, 

Hall, J. ( ;.; ,89 

Hall, Lucille 292 

Hall, Margaret P 522, S74 

Hall, Marion I .' ih5 

Hall, Mary 1- 272 273 SM 

Hall, Nancy B ' ,»i 

Hall, I-. 1<: . 471 

Hall, Shirley E s 19 

Hall, Sylvia V s .19 

Hall. \V. R 78, 563, 572' 575 

Ha a, L. G .... 78 , s-ts 

Hallam, R. M 7X 

Halleman, R. S 4 18 

Hallenstein, R, H...7H 224 '78 596 

Hallett, Frances G ' '521 

Hallc-tt. G. M., Jr 78, 347, 465 

Halligan, Margaret 1 499 

Hallman, R. S ..' vis 

Hallstrom. H. E [54 

Halper, Virginia M s:s 

I la I pci in. Bemad me sjo 

Halperin, D. A 187 

Halpern. R. J ' ' 781 

Halpin, T. I ' 446 

Halsey, J. F s K 3 

Halterman, H. D 180 

Halterman H J 572 

Halterman, Jean C asti 

Halverson, Marilyn 1 493 

Halvorsen, Marjory E 175 

Ham ( . W ....".*;; 5HS 

Hamburg, Reatha F 501 

Hamer, P. E j H ' 473 

Hamer, W. M 78, 472' 586 

Hamilton, C. S '. . , ' 447 

Hamilton, F 146 

H imilton, Gail ' ' ' ' ' ,^8 

Hamilton, Geraldine M sio 

Hamilton, Jean E 311 592 

Hamilton, j. H ., ' 454 

Hamilton, K. R 34, 

Hamilton, Marietta 78 527 

Hamilton, Mary L ' 493 

Hamilton, Nita N 535 

Hamilton, P 4S 1 

Hamilton, R. E 7g 

Hamilton. R. W 4S2 

Hammack, R. L . 47s 

Hammer Helen A 54% 

Hammersmith C 447 

Hammc-rstrom, F '.'.'.'.'. 19 1 

Hammon, N. O 475 

Hammond, C '.'.'.'.'. 559 

Hammons, Mary E 311 31 ■> 

Hampel, J. D '.'.'. ' 5^7 

Hampton, Anna J , , , , sn; 

Hampton, Margaret J sjs 

Hampton, V. J ' 235 

Hamrick, Caroline L 542 

Hamrick, N. ( atherine ' ' 587 

Hance, Margaret ,14 

Hancock, Leah C 27 491 

Handbury, R. S.. Jr. . . . ' 451 

Handel. R.J. . . . ' ' )}i 

Handlin. D. VV 7 m ', ,, 

H in.llin, Marian I 524 

Handlon, ( sii: 

Haneven, (oyce 57^, 

H infor.l. Patrica A Ssn 

Hanlt. W. E ; 444 

Hankins, H. W (86 57 1 

Hanks, K. <)., Jr | 75 ; 590 

Hanlon, F. I., Jr 573 

H.nin.l. I:. ( i X , 

Hannah, H. W '.'.'.'.24 4 ! 

Hanneken, Donna M ' 520 

H in nc nia 11, [Catherine 78, [93 

I tannins, Mary I ' s is 

1 1. insulin. Suzanne M I98 

I l.insclnian, l.ois ( s m 

Hansen, Ellen P s • - 

I I insi 11. G, K iso. 57 j 

Hansen, Gloi ia .' sis 

1 1 msen, I ine M 120 

1 1 ni.. 1. lean M 252, 19 1 

I l.mson, I lonici 1 ms 

Hansen, Leslie S's 

Hansen, Marj l ; !86, 523, 576, 595 

I lanscn. Mons I iso 

I linscn, R 1 .in |o| 

1 [anson, D. N., Ji 1 ■ 1 

1 [anson, W. ,.; 

1 Linus, S. J S5] 

Han/el, S 1 89 

H.ii.ibuicla, R |.;h 

1 l.i 1 asc k , A. F ipfi 

Harden, K. L. Jr 7s, us 

I l.llilcsly, F. G 45s 

H.udin. W. E 79, 1 1 | 

Harding, A. A ' 307 

Harding, Elizabeth [97 

Harding, R. A 235, 457 

H.ii. ly. F. P S7i 

Hardy, H. F 470 R. 1 553 

Hare, R i H6 

(Lucy. Anne M S32 

H., D |88 

Harker, C. B 307 

H irker, T. B 307 

H.11 1. in, M 528 

II, Mar;. net 490 

Harleman, VV 1 - , 

Harmon, Alice 562 

Harmony House 541 

Harms, Gail E 79, :ss, 440, 572 

573, 590 

Harms, Marjorie B 523, 576, 595 

Harms. Ri. hard 4s ; 

Harnden, Barbara J svi 

H.irnei, Mary M 26 1 

Harney, J. P 455 

Harnick, J. M 313, 462 

H.11 no, A. J 35, S82 

Harnquist, Marilyn J 493 

Harp, J. I... Jr 465, ,97 

H.upliam, R. C 475 

Harridge, W 187 

Harrington, ]. S...287, 422, 558, 591 

Harris, A. V ,72, 575 

Harris, A. H 79, 563, 575 

Huns, Barbara 511, 5811 

Harris, Beryle ,50, ,'6 

H 11 us, Briee 292 

Hams, Elizabeth 292 

Harris, F. R., Jr 79. S6S, 581 

597. 599 

Huns, G. A 196, 198 

linns, Hclene 79, 524 

H irris, J. A 473 

Harris, I. E 31 3 

Harris, L. B 478 

Huns. Marjorie 273 

Harris, Mildred 494 

Harris, R. F 575 

Harris, Shirley J 558 

Hams. W. S iso 

Harris, W. K 474 

Harrison, A. B 552 

Harrison. Ann 5 11 

Harrison, D. C 308, S74 

Harrison, E. J 481 

Harrison, Frances L 498 

Harrison, Jeanne A 492 

Hamsun, Norma Y 519 

Harrison, N 5,9 

Harrison, R. E 559 

Harshhirger, (eanne M 505 

Hart, Betty Jo 538 

Hart. I. R 447 

Hart, L. J 464 

Hart, R. 481 

Hrt Romona L ,47 579 

Hirt-1. W. E 5S9. 573 

Hartley. R. M 591 

Hartley. T. ( 1 , 

Hirtmin, A. M 5ns 

Hartman. F 4 56 

Hartman, Grace 509 

Hrtnun. No-ma J S| - 

Hirtman, P. E 438 

H irtmm, Roma M s 5S 

Hi fun, Ros« T S4n. 566 

Hirtm-n, Shirley A s is 

HartneU. Ruth IKS 

Hirtrick, J. E 79, 481 

Hirtshorn, Ann ,|S 

Hirtsbo-n. R. W Ill 

Hut-m.;, R. G 446 

HntzeM. F. M 451 

H ut-rell 1. \V 79, 454 

" u\ am H. J ssi 

Hirv-y R. B I IS 

H is.h I I 'us 

H sc""c'ci. C'l.l.i M S5S, so • 

It is-mey ". Wilnia 1 538 

II isLui J 188 

H iss, ( unL- 

II iss. T in 1 

H ssellvi .. B I s-, 

ll issel m 1 st . Suzanne 503 

1 1 ■'. 11. M 192 

H s'v, Helen 1 415 

H "1 rid ( .11. il I 

H itt's. Shirley L. 'I' 579 

Ilu.k, D, \Y 111 

11 in. ;, 1 m 461 

11 'i' 1 .ml. II. 1 >39 

ll tulenbeek, I M !27, 575, 1 is 

Hanoi G. 171 


II Hiss. I ( 1 .■■ 

llaiitei. OH 175, 188 

II lllt.l, 11. I 

ii.uiiis. n 1 '1. 

II iven, Shirley sis, ,95 

Haven, W, D 


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Decatur, Illinois 
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fodZtts qf tf&faefoe Pfofatfoe' 

Champaign, Illinois 
610 E. Green St. 


Havens, C. S 24 

Havens, Fairie L 591 

Havens. J. T 500, 575 

Hawk, Shirley M 532 

. E. J 573 

Hawkins, C 187 

is, E. C 163. 167, 200 

Hawks, Katherine P 541 

Haworth, C. R 79 

Hawthorne, Helen M 79, 507 

Hawthorne, Joan M 497 

Hawthorne, Marjorie J 490, 598 

Hawver, Dorothy J 5 >0, 566 

Hay, L. E 79, 574 

Haycock, Harriet 79. 259, 311 

509, 596 

Hayden, T. D 477 

Haye, Dorothy J 518 

Hayes, B 473 

Hayes, J. L 344 

Hayes, J. A 451, 581 

Hayes, J. C 79, 460 

Hayes, Norma C 496, 566 

Hayes, W 186 

Haygood, J. M 79, 473, 584 

Haygood, Margaret 562 

Haygood, R. C 473 

Hayn, W 473 

Haynes, Juanita L 528 

Haynie, Cornelia R 261, 544 

Hays, C. H 573 

Hays, Dorothy E 310, 524 

Hays, E 187 

Hays, F. S 451 

Hays, Robert L 588 

Hayworth, Ruth 513 

Hazenfield, Eunice C 79, 594 

Hazzard, Julia E 516 

Head, Helen L 518 

Heal. Nancy 518 

Heath, R. D 233, 445 

Heatherman, Jessie 288 

Heaton. K. D 573, 590 

Heaton, W. A 79, 554, 574 

Hebenstreit, H. R 480 

Hebner, A 238, 452 

Hecht, M 472 

Heck, Betty K 507 

Heckenbach, W. E 574 

Hecker, A 448 

Hecker, M. L., Jr 79 

Hecteman, Mary C 299, 310, 511 

Heda, R. D 344, 462 

Hede, E. J., Jr 477 

Heden, S. D 344 

(Hedgcock, W. R 313, 453 

iHediger, Marion L 517 

(Hedrick, G. E 80, 574 

Medrick, Mildred 574 

Hedtke, H. R 456 

Heepke, C. H 440, 573, 590 

Hegeler, E. C 461 

Heidbreder, H. T 80, 281, 586 

Heideman, L 345, 347 

Heidinger, R. C 474 

Heidler, Louise ...80, 226, 266, 513 

Heil, J. E 345 

Heilbronn, Joan A 526 

Heilbronner, Ruth H 520 

Heiman, R. S 478 

Heimerdinger, Shirley 496 

Heinle, D. R 313 

Heinrich, G. T., Jr 80, 480, 575 

Heinz, Barbara R 538 

Heinzmann. C. E 308, 313 

Heise, W. W., Jr 452 

Heiss, Carla E 232, 293, 298, 490 

Heiss, W. C, Jr. .375, 380, 385, 473 

Heizman, Lynn 537 

Hejda, Jo Ann 502 

Helber, G. Z., Maj 338 

Helfand, Lillian R 526 

Helffrich, S. A 458 

Heller, G 199 

Heller, L 486 

Helm, D. W 463 

Helm. M. M 463 

Helme, Nancy E 499 

Helmer, Joyce M 5 19 

Helms, W. J 438 

Helper. Sylvia 549, 569 

Heltzel, Amy R 540 

Hclwig, C. A 559 

Helwig, R. J 313 

Hemken, R. W 456, 573 

Hemmings, A. \V 557 

Hempi 1. R. \V 5H9 

Hemstreet, T. M 1^3 

Hendel, Isabel L (97 

Henderson. Dotothy A HO, MX 

Hendi rson, G. W 567 

II. ii. I. is,,n, M. I... .80, 115, 583. 5H9 

1 1, ii. I. rson, M 565 

I fendi rson, Ruth Lewis ins 

Henderson, T I 438 

Hendrickson, C. I' (84 

II... .lux. f . W 582 

ll. negai D. B no. 

ll. ..... Dorothy 1 191 

l [i on. ;mii. N. i! 444 

I [l mi. jmi ,(,11 III 

1 1, nning, ' arolyn M 522 

i l nning R 

Henricl i W I ....... 80 

i [i in , | ii qui lyn P , . . .537, 566 

Henry. J. A 287 

Henry. R. E 471 

Hensel, Emily J 80, 308, 517 

IK us,, I.I. E. Jean 533 

Hensold, W. F 465 

Hentschel, W. F 80, 483, 574 

Hcplcr, Dorothy 1 520 

Hepp, E. L 450 

Herbrig, Ina N 80, 218, 298 

299, 543 

Herbst, Shirlee 521 

Herbstman, J. 1 163 

Here her. R. T 458 

Herget. R L 441 

Herleman, W. N 574 

Herman, Betty A 518 

Herman, Charlotte 185 

Herman, S 472 

Hermanson, A. E 453 

Hernechcch, L. G 147 

Herr, R. R 80, 460 

Herran, Lois S 147 

Herrick, Dora K 504 

Herrick, G. W 473 

Herring, E. M., Jr 175 

Hertenstein, H. 427, 445 

Herting, R. L 463 

Hertz, J. P 462 

Herzog, C. R 436 

Herzog, S. A 479 

Herzstock, W. P 458 

Hess, Nancy R 546 

Hess, Rhoda F 283, 492 

Hester, G 80, 574 

Hewitt, I. M 175, 188 

Hewitt, W. L 346 

Hextell. H. C 80, 456 

Hibhard. Barbara J 495 

Hickenlooper, I. J 583 

Hickey, I. H 422, 552 

Hickman, Janet E 543, 593 

Hicks, Jane 490 

Hicks, R. G 585 

Hieb, E. 175 

Higgins, F. M 163, 168 

Highland, E. S 573 

Highland. R. A 476 

Hilbert, Dorothy H 491 

Hildenhrand, Joyce J 522 

Hilgendorf, H 287, 445 

Hilker, Alice F 599 

Hill, C. S., Jr 455 

Hill, F. J 380 

Hill, H. E 238, 573, 584, 596 

Hill, J 437 

Hill, J 187 

Hill. j. F 438 

Hill, M. W 80, 459 

Hill, R. S 426, 461 

Hillcrest 544 

Hillel Foundation 262 

Hiller, E 587 

Hillman. L. G 525 

Hilsenhoff, L 198 

Hilst, P. A 80 

Himes, Harriet E 529 

Himes, T. J 463 

Himkin, R 286 

Hinderer, C. 467 

Hindman, Shirley E 81, 598 

Hindsley, H. E 307 

Hindsley, M. H 308 

Hine, Dr. J 260 

Hine, J. S 260 

Hines, Anne L 81, 519 

Hines, B. B 585 

Hines, Evelyn B 569 

Hines, R. H 457 

Hinnen, L. K 446 

Hinton, Ellin A 527 

Hinton, R. S 563 

Hinton, R. A 286, 440, 573 

Hirons, Patricia N 500 

Hirsch, N. F 485 

Hirsch, R. A 462 

Hiischlield, Yvette 545 

Hiser, B. E 463, 581 

Hiser, Joy A 493 

Hit. Ii. Betty L 498 

Hitchen, R. L 428 

Hitter, Alyce J 307, 310, 493 

Hitzeman, R. 1 559 

Hoadley, L. E 285, 448 

Hobart, K. H 438, 592 

M. II.. J. H 308 

Hobt in. T. R 466 

I I..I.....I U.i i ha 1. 1 543 

I Im ha .. i M 175, 201 

I In. km. in. Ruth I: 518 

I todgi i i ) 339 

I I R. W 555 

I \V 81 

1 1... I., i torothy m)7 

I I." I I ' III. .11, R, F Ml •>! - 

1 1... I.. I. 1). s ' 'mm 

1 1." ilni". i , A I 567 

II... I I, . I I 454 

II...I, \V I 

1 1... I ii I. . r I' . i so 

I I... I/. I. In n- I , 524 

1 1 i . I aVern t I son, 436 

I I... in. I I , | ir; 

II" 1 ' I . ' 

Hoffman, 1 .152 

I I. .Mm .111 II I 

Hoffman, Helen P 594 

Hoffman, J 594 

Hoffman, Jean G 506 

Hoffman, Marguerite 1 81, 310 

311, 518 

Hoffman, Patricia J 502 

Hoffman, R. B 480 

Hoffman, W. 1 444 

Hoffstetz, R. F 342 

Holmann. R. E 444 

Hogan, J. D 301, 437, 465, 583 

Hogan, R. E 444 

Hoganson, A. C 575 

Hogg, R. V.. |r 468 

Hoglund, R. W 444 

Hohm.inn, John 81 

Hoke, G. A. ..81, 375, 410, 411, 445 

Hoke, W. L 550 

Holden, Dorothy M 494 

Holden, Odette M 494 

Holderman, G. B 573 

Holford, E. M 573 

Holiday. I. H HI, 174 

Holl, J. W 307 

Holland. Barbara 550 

Holland, Gloria J 542 

Holland, J. S 81 

Holland, Mary A 2H5, 503 

Hollander, L. D 439 

Holleb, C. M 479 

Holleb. Rosemary 519 

Hollenbeck, N. 1 445,552 

Hollinger, W 190 

Hollingsed, T. J 473 

Holloman, G. H 345 

Holloway, Elsie R .550,591 

Holloway, Virginia S Kl, 500 

Holmes, Lydia L 81, 311, 522 

Holmes, Martha E 220, 298, 302 

503, 580 

Holmes. Melba L SI, 260, 261 

Holmes, Nancy R 275, 5t)9 

Holmes, Paul 5 73 

Holmes, R. J ',55 

Holmes, R. G 426, 461 

Holmes, Rose M 261, 566, 596 

Holmes, Z. M HI, 456, 563, 573 

Holmgren, fsabell H 520 

Holsinger, J 465 

Holsman, Donna J 546 

Holsman, Doris 1 546 

Holstine, Lois M 2H 1,492 

Holston, Dorothy A 81, 273, 531 

Holston, Rose M 183, 531 

Holt, H. E 447 

Holt, H. W 582 

Holtzclaw. H. F 599 

Holz, H. A 573 

Holze, W. H 82, 476 

Holzman, M. M 82, 554 

Home Economics Club 576 

Homrighous. Mary E....82, 21R, 223 

234, 292, 293, 298. 299, 

301 498, 569, 580, 587 

Hon, D. V 555 

Hong, R 441 

Honn, F. B 82 

Honoraria and Professionals 570 

Hoof and Horn Club 590 

Hook, F. W 551 

Hookanson, R. P 477 

Hooks, W. S 82, 440, 573, 589 

Hooper, Evelyn J 498 

Hooper, Joyce A 530 

Hoover, A. A 460, 564 

Hoover, Richard L 459 

Hope, J. R 567 

Hopkins, C. 1., Jr 470 

Hopkins, D. F 558 

Hopkins, Dorothy R 528 

Hopkins, Elinor E 548 

Hopkins, E. F 82, 454 

Hopkins, Marilyn V 548 

Hopkins, Nancy A 498 

Hopp, C. F 242. 473 

Hopson, E. G 558 

Horenstein, S 201 

Horin, R. F 573 

Horin, W. K 573 

Hormell. Dorothy 241, 252. 502 

Horn, Henrietta R 82, 271, 507 

Hornbeck, D. D 584 

Hornstein, Simon 189 

Hornung. Nancy A 82. 506 

Horowitz. L 169 

Horter, R. E., Jr 466 

Horton, B. K.. 446 

Horton, R. K 82, 137 

Horwitch, Judith 1 526 

HorwitZ, Shirley R 82 

Hosch, D. H |5| 

Hospers, P. M 182 

Hoss, A. 1 161 

Hostetler, T. K 15 1 

Hostetler, W. R 286 

I l.istmsky, L. A 594 

Hotihkiss. C. T 422 

HotZ, W. I 82. 2is. mo 

11. umk. |. R s^5 

1 foughton, A. V 186 

II hi. hi. \V I- 152 

1 I. mill. an, I'alii. ia I 

Hoult, I ( 165 

I [ouptS, ( mist, inline II 82. 554 

I toupl , |.. 11. in II. R 5 VI 

House, E. A., Jr 430, 474 

House, Sarah J 523 

Houser, G. S 486 

Houy, Billie A 528 

Howard, A. F 286, 440, 573 

Howard, Barbara J 82, 531 

Howard, B. E 595 

Howard, Betty J 547 

Howard, E. R 444 

Howard, Janice H 544, 566 

Howard, Joan A 520 

Howard, L. L 82 

Howard, Marilyn A 544 

Howard, Mary R 267, 283, 490 

Howard, Phyllis M 490 

Howard, Shirley A 82, 490 

Howe, F. K., Jr 476 

Howe, R 465 

Howell, D. W 454 

Howell, E. C 454 

Howell, Eleanor J 82, 569 

Howell, J. E 483 

Howerton, Jean 218 

Hoy, Janet S 285, 506 

Hoyt, D. P 448, 594 

Hruda, Laurel E 83, 307, 310 

541, 585 

Hubbard, Barbara 500 

Hubbartt, D. S 465 

Hubbell, F. M 307, 593 

Hubble, G. B 83, 483 

Hubbs, P 340 

Huber, H. W 83, 375, 574 

Huber, H. D 466 

Huber, Jean C 83, 546 

Huber, Muriel R 546 

Huber, W. W 383, 471 

Hubler, Dorothy 185 

Huckaba, D. L 83, 583 

Hudak. Elaine J. ...83, 542, 578, 579 

Huddelson, R. R 256 

Huddleston, Marjorie 1 546 

Hudelson, Virginia L 506 

Hudson, C 599 

Hudson, Gloria J 83, 519 

Hudson, Mrs. Helen M 234, 268 

Hudson, Neva N 538 

Hudson, R 157, 184, 186 

Huebner. Eileen J 490 

Huegy, H 235 

Huelsen, Jean S 83 

Huelsen, W. B 83 

Huff, J. R., Jr 467 

Huff, R. H 457 

Huffman, F. C, Jr 448 

Huffman, fra E. W 83 

Huffman, R. W 555 

Hufford, Audrey D 83, 311 

Hufford, W. P 83, 518 

Hug, J. C 447 

Huggins, A 187 

Hughes, Barbara J 541 

Hughes, E. L..83, 375, 402, 406, 422 

Hughes, G. C 377, 422 

Hughes, G. K 474 

Hughes, J. L 83, 464 

Hughes, J. C 458 

Hughes, Margaret L 522 

Hughes, Richard W 445 

Hughes, Robert Gene 27 

Hughes, Robert Gilbert 477 

Hughes, Robert W 461 

Hughey, G. M 83, 344, 554 

Huie, P. L 466 

Huling, D. J 585 

Hull, H. L 441 

Hull. I. W 83, 234, 427, 483 

Hull, J 374 

Hull, Joyce M 267, 293, 298 

493. 580 

Hull. Mary E 271, 503, 566, 58(1 

Hulla, Florence E 541 

Hulla, J. A 464 

Humble, T 167 

Huml, W. F 573 

Humphrey, D. I. ..375, 399, 437, 585 

Humphreys. J. L 458 

Hunding, C. W 573 

Hunsley, L. A 346 

Hunsucker, Barbara A 509 

Hunt, Rosalie J 5ii 

Hunter, A. L 461 

Hunter, J. S 165 

Hunter, K. M 283 

Hunter, Naomi \V 598 

Hunter. R. M 57s, 590 

Hunter. R. R 308. 555 

Hunter. R. 1 137 

Hunter. Stella 1 ill 

Hunter. \V. I. 437 

Huntltigh Hall Ml 

Hurless, E. W 260, 261, 441 

Hiiihss. [.. II 589 

Huisev. Betty I 494 

Hurt, Alice 254 

Hurter, C. W 170 

Hurwich, D. 1 478, 58fi 

Hurysz, T. (. 148 

llliss. It, 161 

lliiss. R, II ,08 

Hosted. I. I- 1 ' 

HuSted, lane 

Iluslei. loan H 160 'I - 

Huston, R. \v 145 

Hutcheson, I '. ( 




Students represent 137 colleges and universities and 31 states 
Send for general catalog "Opening The Door To Business" 



Write for Bulletin A 

Special Counselor for Veterans 


President, John Robert Gregg, S.C.D. 

Director, Paul M. Pair, M.A. 

6 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago 2, III. 


Hutchins, J. S 589 

I illt. lllllM.ll. |. R lot 

nice ' i" 

Hutson, K. E 

Hyde, Elizabeth 1 84, 591 

J. B 

Hyer. Marjoiie V 528 

Hy] ind, ( atherine T 545 

Hyland, Mary J 84, 545 

Hynun, Toanne M 542 

1 lyrics, Snirley I s I - 

Hyncs, S. R 589 


[ben, Icko ill 

Iben, Sigrid Ml, 539 

Ice, E. L 513 us 

Icenogle, Eleanor I. .. !20, !6l, !69 
523, 576, 593 

Icenogle, S. T is I 

Iftner, G. R 140, 573 

[ggstrom, Darlene J 540 

Ikenn, A. B 551 

lies, Bette J 8 1 

llhana Lodge '45 

III,,,, Archers 590 

////»/, Daily 

Ulini Hall 524 

lllini-Noise 352 

Ulini Publishing Company 288 

I tin,, Rural /-//, t I lib vis. 

////;;; Scope 'Ill 

III ,„, I heatre Guild 291, 293 

////;// Union 240 

Illinois Disciples Foundation !63 

III,,, 284 

Illi-Sola 183 

lllustratoi i 591 

Ilscman, F. W.. Jr 84. 437, 574 

Ilten, Bonnie J 506 

Ince, W. J K4 

Indeck, VV 175, 189 

Indeco 525 

Ind e pi ndents 5 1 I 

Ingram, E. J 457 

Ingram, Frances D 195 

Ingram, Martha C 405 

[ngrassia, J. A i 12 

Ingwerson, B 489 

Innis, Martha ( 503 

Institute <>\ Aeronautical Sciences 591 

Interfraternity Council 258 

Intra, iitnal Sports 424 

Irish, L. R 567 

Irish, Mary L 2ir , 190 

Irvine, Patricia Z 84, 597 

Irwin, Elizabeth 1 84. 509 

Irwin, J. H..286, 344. 441), 573, 590 

Irwin, Martha 254 

Irwin, M. J 573 

Irwin, R. L 461 

Iiwin, R. E ill 

Isaacs, Betty 562 

Isaacs, T. N in 

Isabel Bevier Home Economics 

Club 576 

Isbell, Mary K 3 10 

Ise, C. M 428, 450 

Ishihara, S. / 220, 274 

Isler, Marilyn G 262, 547 

Israel, Dorothy B 84, 520, 591 

Israel. P. L 175, 192 

[sringhausen, Lois < 84 5 is 

Itil, T. D 598 

Ivan. Lucille 1 85. m. 

[vani null, s 449 

Ivens, R. W 296, ill. 513 

Iverson, S. H us 

Ives, Ailenc B in 

/' il. I 5|5 

Ivy. A. f is: 

l/ncr. S 192 


Taacks, E. II 144 

I.i.h ks, J. W 165 

I" I man [. W (36 

[ackowski, Evelyn J 532 

I " I S I nllls J.... , ' 

I." I. ."il, I ). M in 

Jackson, II R 470 

l"l' , R I 84 

I < . ... 11 

l.i' "I" k, I mil' ' 1 10 

I ' "I - 11/. I"Iiii IH7 

Jacob Carol I) 528 

Jacobs, II A 1 

!■" Ob I il.r llr II 1 

I." obs, I'm '.< ill. 1 A 84, -is 

1 1' obs, Suzanne K i08 

I 11 "I... 11, Alice K '.,11 n , 

[acob sen I \ 8 1 

acobsen, J. E.. 1 

I 11 obson ' 1 1 "I 1 V 545 66 

I i< obson, ' liarlotti 19 

I" obson, II I . 19 

I icobson, M M I 1 '.1 1 

acobson, W II isi 

I". 'I." Rnl ' 11 « \V ■ , 


ladwin, D. 1 84, (79 

In ill,. , S. F 554 

Jaffe, Jacqueline 501 

jaffe, Indith 510, 566 

Jaffe, Phvlhs II 5oh 

Jaffe, S. 1 172 

[ahnke, Elaine R 528 

I nil' s, II. A 1 is 

|. lines. Marilyn R 281, 195 

lames, P. A 158 

lames, R. E 474 

lames, R. C 473, 573 

James, W. A 136, [46 A. J 2 1 

janda. I 1I1 en ' 548 

anes, (,. W 84 

lams, M. E P2 

Janke, ( . E 475 

[anney, I. W 84 

Ian, ,s, k. I. 1 176 

[aques, Ruth A 84, 251, 286 

327, 524 

[arand, N.uline 1 541 

l.uws, D. V 547, 165 

Jarvis, Sue C 51 1, 587 

Jarvis, T. <) 183 

jazak, Evelyn 542 

Jeckel, R. 1 440, 574 

[edlicka, Lois C. 520 

Minis, R. A 313 

[efferson, [eannette L 504 

Jeffords, F. \V 175 

Jeffrey, W. L 582 

Jeffries, Patricia 85, 545 

Jeffries, Rosemary 5is 

Feffris, R. A }08 

Jelliffe, I. H [61 

Jcllill'c, Martha 1 458 

[emsek, Rose A 5 42 

Jenkins, C. N 85 

Jenkins, W. K 440, 574 

Jenne, L. A 573 

Jennings, C. B 342, 444 

Jennings, W. 1 428 

Jennings. Winifred E 533, 587 

lensen, G. D 465 

lensen, H. D 574 

Jensen, R. J |5|) 

Jensen, W. J 248, 307, 474 

Jerdan, A. H 85 

Jerry, Frances A 507 

Jeter. A. H 55 1 

Jewell. P. D 480, 575 

Jezierski, R. B 486 

Jinkins. Ann 530, 566 

Jirka, F 187 

Jobst, V 2 44 

Jobusch, A. W 443 

Jobusch, W 307, 313, 594 

Joffe, R. D 485 

Johannes. Anna B 532 

Johannsen, D. K 426. (61 

Johannesen, J 57') 

Johansen, Helen M 310, 533 

Johansson, Karin M 283, 503 

John. F. S 458 

[ohn, Margaret L 293, 298, 299 

Johngedyk, J 344 

Johnpeter, C. A 444 

Johnsen, A. J 574 

lohnsen, D. B 450 

Johnsen, J. W 466 

Johnson, Margaret 156 

Johnson, A. R 474 

Johnson, Alice B 592 

Johnson, Anita M 5 1 1 

[ohnson, A. N 85. 450 

Johnson, A. S 472 

[ohnson, Betty Marie 286, 541, 

576. 595 

Johnson, Betty Marie 85, 273 

524. 588 

Johnson, Bonnie E 532 

[ohnson, ( . E 85, 553 

Johnson, C. F 1 1 I 

[ohnson, ( . P., Jr [50 

Johnson, ( . R 553, 585 

Johnson, D. M 85 

Johnson, D. 1 244 

[ohnson, D. A 585 

[ohnson, D. ( 174 

[ohnson, D. F (66 

[ohnson, I >orothy M 541 

Johnson, E. 1 11, 

[ohnson, Evelyn A 499 

[ohnson, F I 539 

[ohnson, 1 ( 1 ln 

[ohnson, 1 1 W 375 1 1 1 

[ohn: II I ssi 

[ohm 11 P.. is 1 

[ohm on Jna I , 1 1 

Johnson, I. It 84 

Johnson, In, lull M 

(ohnson, K II g , ,, 

[ohnson Leo 1 ,,, . 

[ohn ion I I , , • 

[ohm on Lero 1 55^ 

[ohnson Lizzn I > 

[ohn 1 01 Mm' 1 ..mi 

Johnson, L. P N 

ohnson, 11 121 

[ o' 11 ■ M ' . I- 

I" 1 " M 11 '. ' 

[ohm M.11,1 n 1 in 

I " 1 ■ • Marilyi 

[ohnsiin. Mary II 185, 541 

[ohnson, Mildred 1 85, 542 

[ohnson, M. E 480 

[ohnson, Nancy < 514 

Johnson, N. ( 258, 4 42 

Johnson, (). S 85, 438 

[ohnson, Patricia 5|8 

ohnson, P. II 115 

Johnson, Phyllis E 5 IK 

[ohnson, Roberta 518 

[ohnson, R. V 221, 564 

ohnson, R. S 448 

[ohnson. R. A 287 

[ohnson, R 188 

l.ilinson. R. D 475 

Johnson, R. F is 1 

Johnson, R. M 175 

Ohnson, R. Russell 437 

[ohnson, R. 1 551 

[ohnson, R 186 

[ohnson, R. V 248, 456, 572, 573 

Johnson, R. W 85 

Johnson. Ruth G 85, 576 

[ohnson, Sally 504 

[ohnson, Shirley 1 543, 576 

[ohnson, W. M 245 

Johnson, W. H 481 

ohnson, W, K 85 

Johnson. W. S .446 

Johnston, Anne E 496 

Johnston. Dorothy J 85, 504 

Johnston, G. E 507 

[ohnston, G. T 85, 471 

Johnston, J. R 555 

Johnston, I. J., Jr 171 

Johnston. Margaret D 524 

[ohnston, Norma J 54S 

[ohnston, Paul 186, 430 

Johnston, R. H 555 

[ohnston, Ruth G 86, 2 is 

Johnston, W. M in. 

Johnstone, Edward 584 

Joley, Norma E 520 

Jonas, Maryla 304 

Jones, A. A 344, 544 

Jones, Audrey M 531 

Jones, B. A 581 

Jones, C. H 591 

Jones, C. R 556 

Jones, C. F (42 

Jones, D 45^ 

Jones, Diana M 52 7 

Jones, Edith C 311 

Jones, Esther L 86, 491 

Jones, Frances 51s 

Jones, Francis L 86 

Jones, George F 585 

Jones, H. D 175 

Jones, Harold L 86, 481 

Jones, Henry A., Jr 446, 573 

Jones, Herbert W 442 

Jones, Herman W., Jr 5 7.3 

Jones, Irene M 5 49 

Jones, Janet E 490 

Jones, Joan C 5 40 

Jones, John M 446 

Jones. John N 458 

Jones, J. P., Jr 596 

Jones, John S 463 

Jones, June L 5 14 

Jones. [Catherine L 86, 49.3, 578 

[ones, L. W 585, 585 

Jones, L. L 86 

[ones, I.ila R 285, 514. 580 

Jones, Lynham D 467 

Jones, M. Frances so 

Jones. N. B 562 

Jones, P. E 594 

Jones, Phyllis A 5.36, 566 

Jones, P. V. B -01 

Jones. P. W., Jr 442 

Jones, P. D 86 

Jones, R. J ir 

Jones, Robert L 3 11 585 

Jones, R. W 550 

[ones, R. T is I 

Jones, T. J |S4 

[ones, T. I., [r 177 

Jones, W. M., Jr 442 

Jongedyk, H. A 5-4, sss 

Jonsson, W 86 

Ionian, Aliee ( 302, [98 

Ionian, Jane 599 

.Ionian, K. R 556 

Jordan, Mary A so, 509 

Jordan, Phyllis M 86, *=. 1 1 

fording, D. J. F 5^4 

loslyn, Alice E 86, 232, 26 ', 198 

Joslyn, Elleva 185 

l"''S. II. I I ." 

Journalism, Si bool of si 

Joyce, Marjorh II 1 1 1 

Joyt'i I'. ill 11 1.1 II , , 523 

oynt, \V. I Ifiii 

In!' , R. < 196, 198 

liul.l. Dorothy J i"s 

In. Id. F. F 583 

In.k , I Joris i62 

[udson, 1'ioal B 

[udy, R V- 415 

(ulian I. T 573 "'" 

lurasin, I .1 Venn A 

I as ( il... 1 1 ... gfi, . h 

I" ■ in ill. B. 11b, 11. 1 A ,11 


Kabbes, L. J 

Kae huoubas, I 

Kaden, Vera ( 

Kadison, E. R 

Kafka, Beverly J 

Kagan, Roehelle 

Kagawa, W 449 

Kalian. 1- 

Kahn, D 

Kahn. J. I 

Kahn, N. I 

Kahn. O. S 

Kahn, Seema ( 

K.iues. G. P 375, 410 

Kaiser. P. W 

Kaisci . R 

Kalal, J. G., Jr 

Kalapaca, Olga 

Kalish, R 

Kalivoda, J. H 408, 

Kallen, T. E 

Kallick, Gloria M 

Kallio, Dorothy M 

Kamin, Lois E 

Kamin. Mollie A 

Kaminke, Janet M 

Kaminsky, < . W 

Kaminsky, I.. M 

Kaminsky, Magdalene J 

Kammerer, Marjorie A 

Kamp, R 

Kampf, I 

Kampf, T 

Kanherg, J. C 

Kane, C. W 

Kane, R. 13 

Kane, R. R 

Kane, R. S 

Kanel, J. A 

Kaneski, J. J 

Kanter, Maxine A 

Kantoi, A 260, 

Kao, H 

Kao, R. C 

Kaplan, Aaron E 

Kaplan, Arnold 

Kaplan, Barbara J 

Kaplan, C. B 

Kaplan, E 

Kaplan, Gloria J 

Kaplan, J. H 

Kaplan, Max 310, 

Kaplan. Norma 

Kaplan, S 

Kaplan, Seymour M 554, 

Kappa Alpha Pi/ 

Kappa Alpha Theta 

Kappa Dell,, 

Kappa Delta Pi 

Kappa Delta Rho 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Kappa Pst 

Kappa Sigma 

Kappa Tan Alpha 

Kappel, Deborah 

Karakos, H. I 

Karcbmer, ( harlotte 


Karkow, ,W. B 
Karl, A. I. 
Karl, E 
Karl, E 

Barbara 2 75 

R. B ,11 


Karlen, Sonya J 52 1, 

Kailos, J. P 

Karlson, Charlotte M 

Karmin, K. B 

Karns. J. M 

Karow, R. R 

K.up, C 

Karpf, B. V 87, 

Kan. ( arol 

Kan. D. W 

Kan, J. P 

Kan, is, C 

K.iisnn, \V. G 

Kaistettel, Sally J 

K.iiva, A 

K.iiw.u ki, Florence I 

Kan, Lois M 275, 312, 

K.11/1 11, R. M 

Kasap. M 5^5, 380, .384. 

K.isi Ink. Margaret M 

Kasik, Il 

Kaspi 1 . I >hth 

K.issel. II. D 

Kassover, 1 . ( . 

Kasten, Hi len V 

K.isi,,,, F. \Y 

K.ltS.UOS, (,, ( . I 

Kit/. Gertrude M Ii 111. 1 R 

Katz, I 

Katz, M 

Katzofj . In. nine II. F 

K.lulllii.inli, R I 

K. Hitman, A 

Kaufman, B 

Kaufman, I > 

K. mini, n, G. B 175 




, 189 
56 1 
5 62 

. 415 
5 19 
5 26 
54 I 
1 I 
17 I 

41 4 

46 5 

5 10 



54 4 
5 30 

1 1 1 

4 79 
44 5 


55 1 
50 4 






1 '" 

5 18 





1 fi 


1 fi 

1 11 

i" ' 









Established 1875 

Charles H. Besly and Company 

118-124 N. Clinton St. 

Telephone Franklin 1224 


For Most Complete 
Selection of 

D I A K| A C Mason & Hamlin • Conover • Knabe • 
r I A n \f J Cable • Musette • Estey • Winter 

RADIOS Magnavox ♦ RCA Victor • Musaphonic 

nr/-npi\( Victor • Columbia • Decca • Capitol • 
KCIUKV) MGM . Sonora • Commodore • Blue 

Come to . . . 










Watch for the 

1948 Edition 



"World's Greatest 
College Yearbook" 


725 South Wright Street, Champaign, Illinois 


Kaufman, J. L 573 

Kaufman, 310 

Kaufmann, R. C 183 

Kayne, Edna 87 

Kazmeirski, F 339 

Kealy, H. D 484 

Kearns, J. D 147 

Kearns, R. E 447 

Keating, Clara V 87 

Keck, ( harlotte 275, 509 

Keebler, Lois E 502 

Keefer, L. E 87 

Keeley, H. P 448 

Keeley, Kathleen 1 267, 285, 505 

Keeling, C. D 313, 441 

Keenen, A. \\ 470 

Keener, J. A 261 

Keeney, J. F 438 

Keepers, Joanne M 509 

Kehoe, Jeanne 175, 185 

Keiber, K. H 87 

Keifer, W i46 

Keighin, Alice L.. .280, ill. 319, 509 

Keine, June 1 495 

Keith, G 595 

Keith, J. M 583, 5 8') 

Keiber, C. C 591 

Keller, A. J 573 

Keller, E 187 

Keller, Mcta M 530, 576, 595 

Keller, R 468 

Kelley, Dorothy J 516 

Kelley. W. G 5^7 

Kellian, Virginia 576 

Kellogg, L 186 

Kelly, B. H 441 

Kelly, E. R 436 

Kelly, G 464 

Kelly, J. R 310 

Kelly, Kathleen E 548 

Kelly, Ralph E 87, 441 

Kelly, Richard 471 

Kelly, T. M 465 

Kelly, T. R 553 

Kelsey, Neil 311 

Kelvin, Robert 584 

Kemp, H. W 555 

Kempner, T 27 

Kendrick, Frances 1 269, 530 

Kendrick, T. L 476 

Keneipp, Mary K 5 30 

Kennedy, Alice E 183, 520, 587 

Kennedy, Betsy A 516 

Kennedy, Dorothy B 87 

Kennedy, Edna K 281, 495 

Kennedy, Eleanor M 87, 260 

509, 533 

Kennedy, Evelyn E 505 

Kennedy, J. M 444 

Kennedy, W. E 285 

Kennet, Patricia M 517 

Kenney, H. E 423 

Kent, Ann 529 

Kent, F. 1 338 

Kent, Paul 374 

Kenyon, J. R 474 

Kenyon, W. R 470 

Keoughan, Marian J 183 

Keppner, R. H (77 

Kern, R. D 87, 261, 286, 440, 573 

Kern, S. B 176 

Kerr, J 188 

Kersch, Mary M 87, 527 

Kersch, Vida June 283, 527 

Kersey, R. A (45 

Kerwood, L. 147 

Kesel, R. G 463 

Kesler, R. E 438 

Kesler. W. R (38 

Keslinger, Joyce E 516 

Kessinger, G. L 481 

Kessler, Dons M 87 507 

Kessler, F. W 445 

Kessler, Geraldine 5o 1 , 58H 

Kestner, M i ' 

Kcttlcr, Jeanne D (o < 

Kevern, W. L 558 

Kevilus, Margaret 183 

Key, C. L I (8 ( 

Keyser, W. A ill 

Khachaturian, N 87, 583 

Kharascli, [. A 551 . j 

Kibbe, J. P ' is' 

Kidder, H. M | 

Kieffer, D. E 166 

Kiel, R. E 483 

Kiely, J. P 176. 188, 191 

Kiely, J. M 176, 18 I 

Kientzle, Loretta A 

I ii si li . Adele J 51') 

Kiester, W. A i 

Kilbane, I. J 57 110 

Kilby, I. s i , 

Kilr. O i i 

Killen. R. T 81 I 

Killian foyo I ill Virginia ( J12 I 

Killip, Dl i 

Killoren, G, H., |r 163 

1. illough, K 190 

Kit ibi ir M irion i 88 

I ml" i It' ul.ih M 

Kimbli I II 56 

Kirrtbli , Tressa ] 

Kimbrell, Ellen C 88, 241, 242 

267, 513 

Kimbrough, J. D 457 

Kimbrough, M. L 475 

Kimler. Patricia A 279.499 

Kimmelshue, P. D 440, 573 

Kimmons, R. L 88, 583 

Kimpel, Evelyn 566 

Kincaid, D 436 

King, Adele E 532 

King. D. L 452 

King, E 167 

King. F. T 459 

King, G. L 88, 261, 554 

King. J. G 451 

King, 517 

King, Quintella 1 520 

King, W. R 450 

King. William R 453 

King, W. W 198 

Kingston, ( . C 88 

Kinkel, G 479 

Kinneman, Constance 519 

Kinsman, B. A 176 

Kuhy, M. l.ynettc 269, 543, 592 

Kirch, E 199 

Kirchberg, Ncysa M 522 

Kirchhoefer, Fairlene 544 

Kiriakos, J. G 449 

Kirk O. L 553 

Kirk, W., Jr 397, 445 

Kirkham, R. 88 

Kirkpatrick, Doris J 539 

Kirkpatruk, Roberta M 517 

Kirkpatrick, S. D 482 

Kirkwood, B. R 453 

Kirpatrick, R 306 

Kirsch, Laura 307,492 

Kirsh, L 88 

Kirshenbaum, Helene S 547 

Kirshner, C 553 

Kirton, W. T 467 

Kiser, G. W 86 

Kiss, L. W 453 

Kiss, W. S 453 

Kissinger, F. M 455 

Kittermaster, J. A 451 

Kitzis, J 439 

Kiellander, Ingrid M 513 

Klann, R. W 486 

Klapman, Henrietta L 545 

Klass, Shirley J 522 

Klassen, R 198 

Klein, Bcrnadine P 532 

Klein. Elizabeth A 545 

Klein, Jean B 569 

Klein, Lois H 220, 271, 283, 510 

Klein, R. C 460, 483 

Klein, W. F 466 

Kleiner, E. F 552 

Kleinman, Norma R 542 

Klemola, Jeannette A 88, 569 

Klenchuk, Virginia 149 

Klevatt, P. L 88, 472, 591 

Klier, Helen M 566 

Kliff, Beverly F 501 

Kliger, P. 1 307 

Kline, Janet M 513 

Klinefelter, Doris J 286, 327 

516, 576 

Klinkey, Lorris E 528, 590 

Klockner, H. R 585 

Klockzien, V. G 450 

Klose, J. B 450 

Kloska, Corinne G 512 

Klossing, Charlotte M 516 

Kluksdal, N 583 

Kmet, Virginia L 88, 516 

Knaphurst, D 88, 504 

Knapp, W. M 88, 439 

Knauf, Ellen M 88, 497 

Knaus, Dorothy R 524 

Knauss, Betty 199 

Knepper, T. S 437 

Knight, A. R 292, 374, 588 

Knight, I. S 339 

Knight, Marilyn R 285, 505 

Knight, Nancy A 490 

Knight, R I ')(| 

Knight. W. W.. Jr 89, 554 

Knippel, Marie 1 5^4 

Knoblich, M. M 582 

Knobloch, J. J 447 

Knodi II. J. D 445 

Knodle, R. I }11 

Knoll, lo.iime 1 332, 458 

Knopf, I . A 463 

IX R 89, 448, 5,, 1 59 , 

Knott. K. R -in ii, 

I". [1 ■.. Ci. N 573 

Knowli s, \\ . I' (50 

E. G 'i.n. 307, ->ii. III. 57} 

Knudson, Alyo E 89, 198 

' (66 

Knutzi ii, Bonnie 1 5 18 

Kobli 1 11 M 573 

Koch 1 M 133 1 1 

Koch S I) . I. ' so 

K01 1 1 \ . j 180 

Kodish I,,, 

Koebrich Eli tl th 183 >18 

K',' III, I ,\ |io 

K01 hi' r, Helen J 1 .1 >60 

, i03 

1.," LI, 1 K.J 11, 

Koehnemann, Theresa M 89 

Koenig, H. E 583 

Koenig, P 469 

Koenig, S. W 471 

Koepke, B. F 436 

Koepke, Carol 562 

Koepke, R. H 444 

Koertge, G. E 89 

Koesterer, R. A 176 

Kogen, E. R 89, 462 

Kohl, C. C 552, 583 

Kohl, Darwin 189 

Kohlenbrener, Robert 189 

Kohler, Irene L 5 18 

Kohlmeyer, A 190 

Kohn, E 552 

Kohncke, R. C 89, 585 

Kohout, Helen 1 450 

Kolb, ( arol 1 89, 505 

Kolb, H. H 443 

Kolens, W 455 

Kolkey, E. L 551 

Kolettis, G 198 

Kollman, Nancy 562 

Kondzella, M 310 

Konigsfeld, R. F 450 

Konard, H. J 481 

Koontz, H. D 558 

Koontz, Virginia 520 

Kopchak, G 557 

Koplan, Sherry 508 

Kopp, Carolyn 499 

Kopp, Emma 545 

Koppel, Deborah 262 

Koppel, Donald 189 

Koppel, S. B 478 

Korb, Carolyn 545 

Koren, J 198, 199 

Koritz, L. T 446 

Kornegger, Betty 549 

Korngold, Ruth 510 

Kornick, J 439 

Kornmeyer, M. R 307, 313, 593 

Kosobud, D 324 

Koster, W 471 

Kosterfitz, R 201 

Kostial, Betty 545 

Kostka, E. B 552 

Kostlney, J 190 

Kostyniuk, P 551 

Kotek, Doris 535 

Kothlow, R 483 

Kotlarz, R. S 559 

Kottemann, W. C 565 

Kouros, G. A 551 

Kowal, E. C 476 

Koyl, R. W 89, 313 

Kozakiewicz, D. P 163, 167 

Kozeluh, E. J 486 

Koziol, A. J 574 

Kozler, Elaine 493 

Kozlicke, C. C 460 

Kraatz, Carol 89, 520 

Krabbe, June 302, 500 

Krabbe, N. J 461 

Kraeger, J. F 448, 573 

Krafft, D. M 477 

Kraft, Frances 527 

Kraft, Mary 538 

Kraft, R. H 573 

Krage, J. J 89 

Krainovich, Helene 88, 528 

Krall, W. E 454 

Kramer, C 462 

Kramer, D. B 467 

Kramer, D. M 467 

Kramer, G. E 591 

Kramer, J. H 198 

Kramer, Johanna 260 

Kramer, Margaret 220. 293, 298 

299, 495 

Kramp, L. G 279 

Kranz, N 586 

Krapf, Koreen 530, 576 

Krase, Florence 273, 518 

Krasowsky, N 466 

Kratky, Vera 502 

Krause, H. C, Jr 465 

Krauser, W. J 176, 188 

Krautheim, W. C 454 

Krc, S 552 

Krebs, J. 474 

Krebs, Louise 538 

Krebs. Mary 497 

Kreeger, R. E 89. 179 

Kreidler, J. P 480, 575 

Kreig, R. R...89, 327, 440, 573. 590 

Kreiling, Carolyn M 518 

Kreiling, Eloise L 518 

Krell, A. M 5Si 

Krell, Harriet 1 198 

Kremen, S '02 

Kremens, Ionise 182, 183 

Krcn/kc, loanne G 502 

Kretschmer, V. 1 24, 240, 254 

Kiel/. P. E., Jr 127, 476 

Krevitt, N. D 485 

Kriedler, J 576 

Krieg. G. W iv> 

1 rieger, fean II 529 

Krigbsum, \V. R 180 

Kuril, K.l' I8J 

I ' i"' 'i F., Ii 137 

Kiii/M. t s (o 163 

Krivi, Is ss, 

Krivit, J 89 

Kromrey, J. M 89, 441 

Krone, M. Kathryn 539 

Kronenberg, N 450 

Kronst, R. E 583 

Kropp, J. E 422 

Krudas, A 468 

Krueger, A. 1 552 

Krueger, B. E 375 

Krueger, Joyce 512 

Krueger, T 385, 480 

Krug, R. F 589 

Kruh, Mary D 232, 530, 598 

Krulewitch, B. A 485 

Krulewitch, L 430,462 

Krulewitch, P. H 90,485 

Krumsiek, H. E 90 

Krupicka, J. W 163, 168 

Krupp, J. H 90 

Kruppe, R. T 464, 581 

Kruse, Mary J 539 

Kruse, R. L 454 

Ksiazek, E 198 

Kubat, Beverly J 536 

Kuby, Polly 90, 506, 591 

Kucera, G. D 90 

Kucera, Ruth F 518 

Kuderna, Elaine B 535 

Kuennen, R. E 344 

Kuenstler, Helen R 526 

Kugler, K. D 345 

Kuhl, H 188 

Kuhn, W 310 

Kuhns, Janice L 537, 596 

Kuhns, Joan E 545 

Kulesza, Clara F 517 

Kulick, P. N 90 

Kulig, Adeline E 547 

Kulisek, L. L 90, 586 

Kulousek, L. A 574 

Kumerlen, Gertrude M 311 

Kummer, N. G 559 

Kun, Elizabeth 90,260 

Kunce, Susan L 529 

Kundrotas, A. P 551 

Kunicky, E. L 589 

Kunka, H. P 176, 186 

Kunkle, Ruth J 546 

Kupferberg, C. W 479 

Kuras, Emily T 531 

Kurrus, Jane 283, 506 

Kurtay, K. H 598 

Kurtz, Marilyn J 519 

Kurtz, Rita J 525 

Kurz, Marion E 519 

Kusin, M. S 420 

Kutzen, J. J 90 

Kuznitsky, S 420 

Kvitek, G. L 287 

Kwasniewski, E 375, 380, 470 

Kyndberg, J. A 454 

Kyndberg-Robinson, Mary A 497 

Kyonka, J. C 557 


La Baren, D 313 

Lace, Jane A 90, 493 

Lachowicz, L. S 552 

Lacy, Lois E 530, 579 

Ladd, Betsy A 90,298, 499, 580 

Laechelt, E. L 573, 595 

Laegeler, Carol R 528 

I.aff, R. M.. 163, 169 

Laffer, Bernice 525 

Lahey, Therese M 498 

Lahl, Sue F 512 

Lahvic, W. R 327, 573 

Laible, D. G 573, 590 

Laing, A. K 256, 257 

Lakin, M 375 

La Mantia, Virginia M 518 

Lamb, R. R 90 

Lambda Chi Alpha 460 

Lambda Kappa Sigma 199 

Lambdin, S 308 

Lambert, Mary A 562, 599 

Lamkey, Jean 505 

Lamm, A. B 469 

Lamm, E. C 454 

Lamont, A 466 

Lamoree, D 470 

1 ampert, S 199 

Lamphier, E 188 

Lampman, L. R si; 

Lancaster, J. H 90, 308 

I anderman, Phyllis E >20 

Landholt, H. ( 143 

Landis, M 262 

Landis, Wilma 200 

Landise, T. H 163 

I, union, H. T 171 

I andrey, E, E sir 

I A, I 

U'ndy, H 1 ." 

1 .in. Alice M 562 

lane. Barbara M 50o 

1 ane, IX N.. |. us 

1 in. ,1 139 

Lane, V. P 161 

1 ane, I. W 307, HI 

Lane, R. 1. 285, 459 

Lane, R. K 146 

1 .in. , V. I "ii 





A taste sensation rich in 
its Oriental piquancy! 
Excellent with boiled or 
roast meats, steaks and 
chops, fish and game. Just 
try it with Tomato Juice! 


John Hayes Frank A. 



500 Rooms 

Attractive Rates 

Running Water $1.50 

Toilet and Lavatory 2.00 

Bath 3.00 

Suite 5.00-8.00 



64th and University Avenue Chicago 37, 


Serving Mini for 
of a century 

your Campus Hews/taper 



Laney, la i I m 

Lang, Eleanoi I 

I Madelim I 

Phyllis 233. 

R 1 

i angan, I G .. ...279, 3 

Joyce 90, 

Langebartel, R 

Langenbach, C. R 196, 

Langenbach, W. J 

Langerquist, H 

I angille, E. < 

Langly, H. R 

Lanham, Dorothy R 

Laning, Marguerite E.. . .91, $11, 

Lankford, H 

Lanman, Barbara L 511, 

Lanning, L. E 91, 

I annon, Barbara A 

Lanoff, G 

Lansing, P. F .157, 

Lantau, C. F 

LaPaglia, J 

LaPaiombara, J. G 91, 228, 

, i 122, 569, 

Lapham, V. W 

La Pire, Bernice E 91, 524, 

LaPlante, H. E 

La 1-iante, Mary M 

Lappin, L. E 

Lapping, A. I 

Larimer, D. W.. Jr 

Larimore, Helen N 

Larimore, Neva 1 273, 

Larned. Barbara 

Larner, Rachel 

Larrance, Elizabeth 1 8J , 

Larsen, Barbara K 

Larsen, Doris M 91, 

Larsen, P. W 313, 

Larsen, Shirley A 

Larsen, W. B 

Larson, C. M 

Larson, b. 1-.. ,91, 286, 327; no, 
572, 573, 590, 

1 arson, Evelyn E 

Larson, H. A 

Larson, I 

Larson, M. P 163, 

Larson, R 

Laisou, n. L 381, 

Larson, R. K 

Larson, K. I 

Larson, V 

La Rue, K 

La Rue, R. I 

Lary, B 188, 

1 as< hober, R. E 

Lasdon, W. R 

Laseter, R 

Lash, J. H 

Lasluey, D. S 

Lashmet. H. T., Jr 

Lasher, B 

Lasser, H 

Lassers. A. H 91, 345, 

Lasswell, D. L 

Latall, L. (. 

Lathrop, Justina W 

Lathrop, Veina L 273, 

Latimer, Jean 

Latowsky, Joan B 3 11, 

Lau, C. C 

Laubc, Carol J 

Lauchner, Ma.y P 220, 282, 

Lauder, Ellen 267, 

Laufer, Gwen A 

Langerman, J. B 

haulier, Virginia A 527, 

Laurt I House 

Laurent, D 

Laurenzi, G 553, 

I.auten, Polly A 271, 495, 

I .ii 1 .. W. H i is. 

I autmann, [dell 

Lauzen, L. G 

Lavoy, K. W 


Law, N 

haw, R. W 163, 

Law tier, H 

Lawler, R. 1 

Law less, J. M 

i a ■ rence, A 

Lawrence, < . W sso, 

haw son, D.uleen 

L.iwson, Helena M 

havvson, Virginia M 

Lay, W. J 

Laycock, f. It 

hay son, Dons J 275, 

h.iylon, Lee A 

I azai , l 

Lazerson, I I h 

Laziei M. M 

I '.i. h, A. ( .. }07, 3 10. ilt, (77, 
Leach, ( I 

I - .,,1. I . |. on,, M '.69 ■<• 10 

Leaf, M S 91, 

I eal , Naomi K 

Leahy, < sia 

Learner, A II 

I ) K 

I.eavitl (, H 

I tl I 

5 in I eavitt, Malka T 525 

' I I eavitt, senile 1 526 

4 9' Leban, ( ynthia F 525 

''",' U- Baron, D. A (37 

l±; Lebduska, R. L iki 

sj, I e Beau, h. J 322 

so | l.chov it/, M 470 

ios I ebow, R. ( no, 102 

(80 Lebwick, G. D 165 

L88 ls«. it. W . R 01 

O] he ( lane, L. J 195 

>.| Ledbetter, D. E 3 is 

sh Leddy, G. < 375 

so, I ederer, F. E 2S3, 552 

17 3 I ee. 1) 3 30 

587 I i e I I 447 

S83 Lee, Jeanne G 505 

(95 Lee, M 167 

ISO lee. a. H 91, 170 

176 lee. R 187 

is i Lee, S. I) 138 

H3 Lee, \V. J 170 

23- I eech, R. A 91, 308 

551 I eeds, H. E 552 

. I eex, J. R 565, 589, so- 
so i /., , man Lodgi 527 

sss Leeming, J. W 287, 173 

532 I eeper, (hailyn V 52 3 

552 l.eeseman, D. F 91 

169 I, R 102, 201 

iss Leger, G. F 464 

52 i Lehman, Helen 327 

sn Lehman, hois I S3K 

504 Lehmann, Emil ski 

521 helm. Phyllis A 197 

183 Lehning, F. E 107, 108 

528 Lehr, H 469 

195 Leib, J. R 91, ssk 

166 I eich, Ruth E 139 

497 Leifheit, D. A 91, 463 

■481 Leigh, I. 1 5S7 

■18 3 Leigh, R. H 176, 187 

so3 Leighton, M. W 345, 461 

595 Leighton, R. T 461 

536 Leighty, E. E S73, 587 

sso /.,/«./ 1 Man oi 546 

166 LeiningeT, A. J 02, 287, sis, 565 

167 S83, 597 

187 heman, R. J 02. 447 

1K0 Lembkey, P. H 448 

176 Lembkey, R. F 448 

345 Lembo, A. E 447 

184 Lemmon, E. L -4 36, sol 

188 Lenardson, J. D 92 

457 Lending, Bernice 02, 545 

I'M Lendrum, Bessie 185, 192 

440 1,'Engle, J 583 

430 henhait, L. L 486 

467 Lennarson 15ft 

453 Lennertz, Muriel 241, 250, 52 1 

476 1 ennon, A. T 471 

452 Lennon, E. J 44s 

189 Lentz, O. F 4 13 

472 Lentz, R., Jr 92 

ssi Lenz, C sso 

555 Lenz, L. H 574 

458 Leonard, B. B 92 

503 Leonard, Carmen 1 507, sso 

540 Leonard, R. M 470 

40' Leonard, Roselyn 500 

503 (cone, Catherine M 338 

573 Leone, Lena E 92 

553 Leone, William 189 

400 Lerner, H. 1 310 

496 Lerner, Renee 543 

52J Lerner, Rita S 402 

338 he Sage, M. E 286, 440, 573, 500 

so ' I cs, her, F 595 

526 Leshin, A. A 478 

180 Leslie, (eanne M 532 

500 Leslie, J. D 437 

598 Lesser, Lois P 518 

575 Lester, Gladys 310 

sio LeSueur, M. E 481 

437 Leva, Dons 520 

399 levant, G. P 478 

S3 Levanti, 1 375, 444 

375 Leventer, S. E 02 

167 Levey, R. S 430 

I 17 I evias, 1 472 

146 Li vm, Annette 1 02, 508, 594 

567 Levin, B. D 163, 176, 189, 192 

573 Levin, ( laire h 283, sio 

573 Levin, I \Y i3 > 

183 I , vin, I I > iso 

576 Le< in, I linoi A 521 

529 I e\ in. Noun. i J o ■ .in 

I ' ■. in, Rhoda M 508 

3 15 lav in. Ri\ i.m 02 sio 

310 Levin, K. B 591 

401 I , vm Ro hell B s ) > 

1 Li .in. , A.I. I. I 

179 Lcvim 1 1 1 1 , 1 , 1 ) , 1 , 

1 . 1 Levine, II s 599 

193 1 ' 1 ini 1 

LeVine, I 1 ... 192 

56( I 1 1 ini Mi on 120, 274 

1 19 I ' 3 on I'. A 1 ■ 

1 . 11. ..11 J 1 '. 

196 1 ;. 1 1 i ... 
552 I ' '. Mr,. .11, si 1 .. 

Lcviton II I ' I79 ."i 

1 I . ■ ill. A 

1 ■ ■ I . ..11 I 1 

Levy, I. A 476 

Lev v, lanet 1 92 

Levy, T. A ssi 

levy, Vardith N 531 

Lew, R, 1 574 

Lewcovich, V 481 

hewev, R. () 285, 573 

Levvinthal. S. J 462 

Lewis, Amelia, 1 542 

Lewis, D. C loo 

I ewis, 1). J 3 16, 178 

Lewis, D. 1 307 

I ewis, Gretchen 503 

1 ewis, II. uold W 313, ss7 

Lewis, I. A 313. 111, iso 

Lewis, Joanne E 250, 5 13, s. 

Lewis, J 437 

Lewis, J. R 451, 510 

Lewis, M 551 

lewis. Mary E 505 

lewis, P. H., Jr 477 

hew is, V. 1 292, ISO 

Lewis. \V. 1 161 

Ley, M. F 15 1 

Leys, E. D 02 

Liable. D 455 

l.ihman, A.I 178 

Libman, J. 1 485 

Library 40 

Lichtenberger, R. V 589 

Li( htenstein, Beryl 520 

Liddle, Gladys A 183 

Lidman, Marjorie A 93, S07 

I ii berman, 1 176, 189 

Liebcrman, 428, 4 30 

Liebling, W 176, 119 

Liebman. Barbara C 526 

Lief, Amy M 543 

1 ifshitz, M 439 

Lifvendahl, R. J i75 

Liggett, Barbara L 5 1ft 

Lilia, Ruth A 285, 505 

Lill, Dorothy 185 

Lillibridge, N, P 438 

Limacher, R. G 93, 476 

Lincoln, Patricia A 493 

Lind, Evelyn R 540 

Lind, K. C 93 

Lindahl, H. A 465 

Lindahl, H. V 445 

Lindbcrg, A. C 235 

Lindberg, R 261 

Lindblom, Joyce M 269, 322, 534 

Lindburg, A. R 234, 240, sss 

Lindell, Jams M 500 

Lindemann, J. A 450 

Linden, Jean A 93 

Lindenfelser, L. A 93 

Lindenmutb, Norma 517, 596 

Lindholm, R. A 556 

Lindsay, D. B 157, 564 

Lindsay, D. G 176 

Lindsay, Jeannette 562 

Lindsay, Josephine J 93, 517. 596 

Lindsay, K. L 281. 436. 567 

Lindsey, D 186, 192 

Lindsey, J. G 464 

Lindstedt, R. A 559 

Lindstrom, D. E 260 

Lindstrom, D. H 458 

Lindstrom, M. K 573 

Liner. E. R 93 

Linet, Helene L 526 

Ling, R 553 

Linhart, G 156, 198 

Link. J. C 93, 446 

Link, Lois Y 234, 256, 279 

322, 522 

Linke, C 186 

Linkon, Norma A 03, 545 

Linman, J. W 177, 188, 102 

Linnard, Carolyn E 203, 513 

Linsky, Ilean 210, 520 

Linsky, M 552 

Linzing, W. D (54 

Lipari, Betty F 518 

hue. 168 

Lipe. Kathryn J 93, 493 

hipin, I. L 551 

Lipman, D 590 

Lipnick, S. i: 470 

Lippincott, D 03, 564 

Lippitz, I (72 

I. ipso, 1. 1 420 

I ipton, E iso, 201 

I isV..,. R. 1 180 

I istug, R. D is 1 

Litchfield, K. W ssi 

Litchfield, I. II 03, sso, 573 


Litherland, Dorothy A 562 

I itman, A. P 93 

I ittle, I ( 163 

Little. Lsthei G "3. 167, 51 ! 

Little, (,ni< vera M 198 

1 ittli in mi, Mary I! 93 

1 nil, ton, A, ( 1,0.1 

I ii'ni in B. A iss 

Lit\ ale, .So/. nine i45 

Liu, C. H "i 

I ivet'i "oil, A . iso 

I i\ .1, Barbara I 3 10 

I i\l 11 no. I, I) II iso 

I iv( s.iv .(,.!< . . so I 

I i\ imsioii, Mary I '30 

Livingston, P 23 

Livingston, R. H Iks 

Livingston, W. S 57.3 

Livingstone, Betty I SOO 

I.laiena, P 443 

Llewellyn, R. D 94, 470 

Lochridge, J. F 04, 585 

Lot ke Manor 54ft 

Lockhart, Helen M 524 

Locklin, D. W 585 

hoeb, M. P 270, 470 

Loeckelman, R 584 

l.oellke lean M 250, 505 

I.oewen, Elizabeth A 01, loo 

Lofchie, A 472 

Lofdahl, ( 188 

Lofquist, G. A 483 

Lofquist, Sally K 308, 50ft 

l.oltis, E. W 308 

Logan, D 483 

Logan, Frances R 94, 261, 595 

ho ;an, J. M 94, 445 

I o;,m, Manila ( 04, 518 

Logue, B. \V 57.3 

Lolie, Rena 199 

Lombardi, M 198 

Londrigan, R. J 556 

Long, Baibara ii. . .241, 244, 509, 566 

Loom, Blanche 525, 576 

Loag, L. B 467 

Long, F. W., Ji 9i 

Long, Jean L 496 

Long, Marilyn J 511 

Long, R. R 465 

Long, W. 1 163 

Longacre, Peggy A 513 

Longeway, Carol! A 50ft 

I onoit, H. L. R hso 

/ ookout Manor 558 

Loomis, Eleanor G (90 

hoomis, W. R 5ft7 

Lopata, Helena Z 58 7 

l.opata, R, S 91, 4 17, 577 

Lopinot, P. L 589 

Lopneno, J 458 

Lord, D. 513 

Lorentzen, C. L 177 

l.oienz, H. F 307, 310, 486 

Lossau, L. C 4S0 

Lott, Carol R 269, 271, 522 

Lott, Mary A 04, 522 

Louis, J 187 

Louis, S. P 472 

Loune, R. N 4ft9 

Louvier, Jean G 94 

Louvier, L. Z 94, 592 

Love, J. G 466 

Love, R. G 437, 585 

Love, Suzanne 50ft, 566 

Lovejoy, Alice A 94, 509 

Lovejoy, C. E 374 

Lovejoy, Sally < 509 

Lovekamp, H. \V 573 

I.ovendahl, Jean 562 

Loveridge, Marilee J 94, 271, 495 

Lowe, A. S 466 

Lowe, Dolores J 308 

Lowe, J. A... 177, 184, 187, 192, 201 

Low e. Margaret L 540 

Lowe, R. M 573 

Lowell Hall 528 

Lowenthal, G. A 478 

Lowery, F 476 

Lowitz, Carroll D soft 

Lowitz, R 479 

Lotvry Lodge 547 

Lovvry, Norma D 56ft 

Lowry, R, E 9 1. 451, 4fts 

Luber, E. J ss: 

Lubin, R. L 472 

Lucas, V. V ss 3 

Luehs, Sally J 5 32 

Lucht, T 375 

Luedeka, W. A (54 

Lueder, H. H (58 

Luft, Virginia J 24 1, 261, 53 1 

Luken, J 187 

Luken, M. G 2 3 

Lukosus. J sso. 573 

Lulich, G. N sso 

Lulu, D 18ft 

I unak, T. E 94, 465, sss 

Lund, H. H 385, 148 

Lundahl, D. 1 481 

Lundegard, Lois B 183, 536 

Lundgren, K. I (59 

huiulin, J. M 165 

Lundquist, I . I. ss 3 

l.upien, lenice si, 

I use. I I " 1 

huse, M.nv 1 s |o 

1 usk, II ( os 

I utej \V. P 586, vs 

Luther, II. t, sso 

Luther, W. II 573 

I nthv , \ol ill. mini s I" 

Luttenbacker, ILK H)7, 310 

I 11I., I h/.lbeth R 312 

hut/, Kathivn A 233, 285, so,, 

I ut/. I . D iso. 574 

I 11I/, \Y. \Y 507 

I yddon, I. \Y os. i„ ■. ss, 

I ynch, G, A 

I Mill. I L sw.. 

I vein. 1 186 


Lyon, ( . W. 

Lyons, J. C 


95, 573 



Ma. Ju L 

Maas, J 

Maas, Marjorie A 

Maas, W. E 

Macabee, Ruth L 

MacAdoo, T. O 

Macauley, J. R 95 

Mac Caa, R. R 

MacDonald, A., Jr 

Macdonald, B. C 

MacDonald, J. E 

MacDonald, R. A 

Macdonald, R. S 

MacDougall, Janice W 

Macewicz, L. J 

MacFarlane, D 

Machala, F. B 

Machamer, R. E 

Macintire, H. J 

Mack, Alice M 

Mack, B. C 

Mack, Norma F...279, 499, 566 

Mackey, J. B 95 

Mackie, Margaret J 

Mackimm, A. J 

Macklin, Loreta A 

MacLean, M, D 

Macnamara, C 

Macpherson, A. E 

Macy, Marjorie J 

Madden, W 

Maddox, C. E 

Maddox, W. E 244 

Madison, T. A 

Madsen, Mary J 

Madsen, Muriel M 

Madsen, Vera K 

Maechtle, D 375, 380, 381 

Maeda, Edith M 183, 

Maggioli, A. F 375, 380, 383, 

Magnusson, Helena E 

Magnusson, Lucille 1 95, 218, 

234, 273, 539, 

Maguire, J, F 310, 

Mahalfey, Anna K 

Mahan, May A 

Mahan, R. D 95, 583, 

Maher, D. J 

Maher, F. T 177, 184, 192, 

Maher, T. R 

Maier, June V 

Maimon, A 186, 

Mains, M. S 

Mains, T. A 

Major, Myra J 281, 

Makarius, R. J 

Malatesta, W. J., Jr 

Malelo, A, B 285, 

Mallary, R. A 

Mallek, F. B 

Mailers, W. J 

Malley, R. G 375, 410, 412, 

Mallory, Doris M 

Mallory, T. L 95, 

Malmquist. R.N 

Maloney, J. J., Jr 

Malow, Beverly 

Malstrom, H. C 

Mamer, S. M 

Manby, Dorothy E 540, 

Manchester, K. J 96, 

Mandel, Alice W 96, 

Mandel, E. J 

Mandel, N. A 

Mandelbaum, Marjorie B 262, 

Mando, Evelyn M 96, 

Mangier, Patricia M 

Manley, Ann L 

Manley. E. J. . . 

Mann, E 

Mann, G. G 163, 

Mann, G. R 

Mann, J. R 

Mann, Mariorie 492, 

Mann, Nesta J 

Matin, W 244, 

Mann, W. C 

Manning, R. P 

Manos, J. J 

Manos, P. J 96, 


Manson, J. N 

Mansueto, M 

Mantas, Lorraine H 

Mapes, L. T., Jr. 

Mapes, Marielfa ..311, 493, 580, 

Mara, W. F 

Marberry, H. C 

Marchuk, W. S 96, 221, 2 12. 

Marcinkoska, J. C 

Marco, Jewel M 

Marcus, C 96, 

Marcus, J. W 344, 428, 

Marcus, L. J 

Marcus, S 16.3, 

Marc-da, C 




5 13 



-15 1 

5 56 

5 56 




5 39 

45 2 
5 ('9 



5 29 

Marck, Maiie A 310, 596 

Margolis, J. P 478 

Marguiles, D. W 96 

Margulies, R. P 96, 472 

Markee, Jo Ann 503 

Markel, Marilyn R 529 

Markelz, R 157, 177, 187 

Marketing Club 577 

Markovitz, J. M 177, 189 

Marks, D 279 

Marks, Gilda 543 

M irks, L. P 478 

Marks, W 58 1 

Markus, Beverly A 518 

M.ukus, Rene P 26", (97 

Marlin, K 375, 473, 581 

Mallow, G 573 

Marozick. Elaine L 5 17 

Marquardt, Carol L 529 

Marquardt, E. G 459 

Marschak, Rosanne J 96, 508, 597 

Marsden. Mary J 5 11 

Marsh, C. A 96, 175 

Marsh, J. H 96 

Marsh, Mary L 599 

Marshall, B. C 471 

Marshall, Elizabeth R 96, 542 

Marshall, Mary J 496 

Marshall, R. W 95 

Marske, R 187 

Martin, Bernice 327 

Martin, C. P 308 

Martin, C. R 573 

Martin, G 188 

Martin, G. A 474 

Martin, G. E 577 

Martin, J. E 567 

Martin, J. D 375, 4(12, 471 

Martin, June L 542 

Martin, L 198, 199 

Martin, Margaret E 518 

Martin, Marian 582 

Martin, Mary E 199 

Martin, Mary J 311, 505 

Martin, Mary L 96 

Martin, M 583 

Martin, R. 452 

Martin, R. R 281, 465 

Martinez, A 97, 449 

Martz, Alice C 533 

Maruszczak, Renee 599 

Marvell, E. M 599 

Marx, A. F 450 

Marx, J. 1 177, 189 

Marx. Marjorie J 285. 492 

Marx, R. E 485, 486 

Marx, Rosaline 97, 545 

Marzano, Frine 522 

Masemore, W. J 453 

Maseng, L. E 428 

Masc-r, P. G., Jr 97, 585 

Mask and Bauble 298 

Masley, Harriet V 533 

Maslow, W 97 

Mason, Adele 496 

Mason, Nancy L 490 

Mason, P. W 97 

Massey, R. J 450 

Mastrangeli, A. A 375. 380, 384 

Mather, Betty G 519 

Mathes, Katherine L 492 

Mathews, C. W., Jr 588, 594 

Mathews, E. S 97 

Mathews, Mary L 524 

Mathis, Florence N 97, 490 

Mathis, Kathy 281 

Mathis, W 375, 402, 404, 407 

Mathisen, R. H 471 

Mathy, L. J 97 

Matika, J 186 

Matison, R 186 

Matson. H. T 97, 308, 408, 585 

Matson, R. M 97, 460 

Matter, H. J., Jr 428, 463 

Mattes, Dorothy J 244, 269, 322 

55-1, 566 

Matteson, E. K 97, 298, i 17 

Mattheessen, W. L 453 

Mattews, J 287 

Mattix. F. M 573 

Matusiak, L. W 574 

Matusiak, R. C 552, 553 

Matychowiak, F 186 

Matz, A. H 97, 577 

Mau, Kathryn C 535 

Maunderm, D. T 468 

Mauney, Joyce 509 

Maupin, F. M 453, 585 

Maurer, Sarah S 97 

Mauterer, R.J 584 

Mautner, H. C 582 

Mautner, H. M 462 

Ma-Wan-Da 219 

Maxey, R. E 586 

Maxim, W. A 5 52, 583 

Maxwell, Barbara L 519 

Maxwell, Charlotte E 531 

Maxwell, Madalyn 97 

Maxwell, Phyllis A 97, 497 

Maxwell, R. E 599 

May, Audrey J 529 

May, G. C 444 

May, J. F 467 

May, Ruth L 513 

Mayer, C. A 474 

Mayer, C. H., Jr 437 

Mayer, I. W 484 

Mayer, N. F 481 

Mayer, P 189 

Mayer, P. S 177 

Mayer, R 575 

Mayer, R. W 511 

Mayer, S. R., Jr 485 

M.ivheld, N. D (37 

Mayhew, H. W 588 

Maynard. Alice 185 

Mayo, Marion W 457 

Mavs, J. L 97, 471 

Mazzucco, V. R 565 

McAdam, Annette R 302, 490 

McAdam, I. L., Jr 465, 566 

McAdoo, Virginia C 98 

McAleer, L. J 476 

McAllister, H. G 586 

McAllister, M. J 440, 575, 590 

McAllister, O. W 440, 575 

McArthur, J. R 238 

McAuley, Janet E 273, 275 

McAuslan. Margaret G 577 

McBride, D. W 98, 461 

McBride. G. A 446 

McBride. H. L 557 

McBride, J. T 98, 461 

McBroom, E. A 4 58 

McCabe, C. K 585 

McCabe, P. J 575 

McCall, O., Jr 545 

McCall, W. K 98 

McCammon, Anna J 98, 530, 579 

McCann, Janice H 458 

McCarthey, R. G 427, 428, 463 

McCarthy, F. J 459 

Mc( arthy, G. T 470 

McCarthy, I. T 322 

McCarthy. John 477, 554 

McCarthy, R. B 481 

McCarty, Coralie A 516, 518 

McCarty, R. H 98 

McCaslin, D 573 

McCauley, Corinne L 527 

McCleary, L. E 441 

McClellan, J. F 98 

McClendon, Rosalie 494 

McClintick, Marian R 529 

McClinton, L 184 

McClish, A. L 98 

McClow, J. H 454 

McCloy, R 591 

McClun, R. E 459 

McClure, Betty J 183, 496 

McClure, L 597 

McClure, Marilyn J 307, 495 

Met lure, M. T 30, 256, 257 

McClure, R 375, 468 

McClurg, R. Jerauldine 539 

McCollum, S. C 47 

McCommons, W. E 98, 246, 313 

477, 588 

McConnell, Jane E 536 

McCord, E. C 339 

McCormick, K 188 

McCormick, J 188 

McCormick, Rose M 9.8 

McCotmick, T 468 

McCornack, A. E 98, 437, 585 

McCorvie, A. E 444 

McCowan, Janet K 98 

McCowan, B 471 

McCracken. R. L 346 

Mc( radie, Blythe A 283, 503, 566 

McCraw, E. A 575 

McCray, J. C 457 

McCray, P. M 308 

McCreery, P. W 461 

McCreight, L. R 242, 5S5 

McCreight, Marion E 588 

McCulley, D. E 98 

McCuilough, T. M 163, 166, 168 

McCully, Betty J 267, 512 

McCune, G 480, 574, 575 

McCurdy, J. G 559, 573, 595 

Mc( utchen, Joan 1 556 

McDonald, Anna J 98, 503 

McDonald, Ila R 98, 241, 272 

273, 523. 595 

McDonald. J. R 4.57 

McDonald, R. W 582 

McDowell, A. J . 307 

McDowell, J. M 98, 480, 575 

McEldowney, J. S 308 

McElrath, Virginia E (91 

McEvoy, R. J 585 

McFadden, A. R 99 

McFadden, C. E 508 

McFarlane, Betty P 518 

McGee, J. H 338, 559 

McGehee, G. E 302, 448, 581 

McGhee. J. R 302 

McGinn, G. R 466 

McGinnis, loan F 509 

McGinnis, R 188 

McGinnis, W. J 191 

McGlone, J. L 279, 285, 588 

McGraw, R. O., Jr 4 48 

McGuire, Gloria C s 28 

McHoes, Norma J 50(1 

McHugh, J 186, 191 

Mcllhenny. Cynthia S 281, 579 

Mclntire, E. A 582 

Mcintosh, Betty J 529 


McKay, D. C 

MlK.iv, G. h 

MiK.iy, J. F 

M( Kay, I S 

McKaskie, J 

McKay, Patricia I 

Mi Kean, Juanita 

McKean, Norma L 261, 

McKee, Patricia A 

McKelvey, F. H 

McKemie, Carmelita G 99, 

McKenky, H. H...221, 227, 375, 
hi' mi. mi 

McKenley, I.yle 

McKenzie, C. A 

McKenzie, S 

McKenzie, W. J 552, 

McKeown, Sally 520, 

McKinney, Charlotte L 99, 

McKinney, Joan G 

McKin/ej Foundation 

Mi Kinley Hall 

McKinstry, W. J 177, 

McKinzie. J. F 248, 

Mi. Lane. Doris R 

McLaughlin, 1 184, 

Mi I aughlin, Mary J.. . .240, 241, 

McLaughlin, Rosalie 273, 

McLaughlin, W. W.. ._ 

McLean, Donna M....' 99, 

McLean, E. A 344, 

Mi Lean, Geneva L 99, 

McLean, J. T 99, 

McLean, Martha 283, 

McLean, R. C 99, 

McLeod, Carmeta A 99, 

McLintock, A. W 338, 

McLoughlin. Mary K 262. 

McLuckie. J. K 

McMahan, Barbara J 

McMahon, G. E 

McMahon, H. L 

McMahon, I. H 

McMillan, Marion M 

McMillan. R. E 

McMillan, R 

McMorrow, J. W 

McNamara, Ann J 522, 

McNeil, I. H 177, 

McNeil, R. D 310, 

McNeily, R. W 

McOwan, K. A 

McPhee, Mildred E 

MtPherson, Mary R 530, 

McPherson, W 

McOuillan. J. A 

McRae, Elizabeth J 

McRae, Gloria L 99, 

McRaven, M. T 

McReynolds, Elizabeth H 

McTaggart, G. D 

McVay. W. D 481, 

McWells, I 

Mead, F. C 

Mead, G. C 

Mead, Ruth E 

Meadors, Edna M 

Meagher, Mary L 

Mealiff, F. H 99. 327, w>, 

575, 590, 

Meaney, Rose M 


Medendorp, A. R 

Medendorp, Ruth E 


Medow, Beverly L 

Mee. I. D 99, 

Meehlin... W. F 99, 

Meeks, losc-Dhine 

Meek. Jane D 99, 

Meeker, Mary J 99, 

Meeker, R. W 

Meeland, T 

Median. I. C 

Meilinger. Katherine J 

Meinke, R 

Meisel, Leah 

Met'sel, S. L 

Melicher, R 568, 

Mell. June M 

MeHberg. Marilyn O 

Mellin. I 

Mellon, D. I 

Mellon. Doris L 

Mells. S. S 

Melohn, Thelma J 

Melrose, D. C 

Melvoin, H. J 

Mantel, Shirley M 

Mendel, H. D 234. 236, 

Mendelowitz. S 100, 478, 

Mendelson, W. G 

Menke, K. H 224, 394, 398, 

Menke. R. L 221, 5-5, 

Menkin, Susan 100, 

Menomee Manor 

Men'i Independent Association. . , 

Men' i Residence Hall 

Menzel, Ellen I 

Merchant, P. K 

Merdinger, D. J 

Mu ens, R. 1 

W. H 

Merkin, A 

C. L 556, 






5 i 
2 5 








5 29 


3 59 
51 1 


16 1 

54 5 



5 9') 






5 ' ' 





5 32 
2 51. 

51 I 





Merklc, F. P.. Jr 

Merkle, W. H 100, 451 

Merlo. T 311 

Mero, Virginia M 546, 576 

i < 574 

Merrion, I. 1 465 

Mersbach, R. H 447 

Meitz. R. C 313, 146 

Merwin, J. C 567 

Mesnard, R 311 

Messengei , Adele 506 

Mi ■ i Rita S 506 

Messer, R. I' 465 

Messer. W. D 537 

Mctcalf, I. M 5<>o 

Metcoff, j. L 479 

Metzger, D. E 100 

Metzger, M. S 345, 162 

Metzger, Eloise ...100, 530, 578, 579 

Metzger, R. J 558 

Metzler, Margaret B 500 

Metzler, Virginia L 539 

Meurisse, R. E 454 

Meyer, A. M 474 

Meyer, C. T 507, 145, 582 

Meyer, D. F 313 

Meyer, Dorothy 1 520 

Meyer, Eloise M 100, 4')'), 594 

Meyer, Esther 199 

Meyer, F. R 313, 445 

Meyer, G. C 447 

Meyer, H. F., Jr 552 

Meyer, H. H 454 

Meyer, John W 459 

Meyer, June L 52 5 

Meyer, K. A 23 

Meyer, Lorraine H 525 

Meyer, Morgan 188 

Meyer, N. C 381, 438 

Meyer, R. E 438, 573 

Meyers, Cecil L 595 

Meyers, D. R 100, 477 

Meyers. E. A 485 

Meyers, Marilyn 509 

Meyers, M. H 308, 588 

Meyers, W. A 410, 413 

Mezek, Marilyn G 302, 499 

Michael, W. A 307, 310 

Michaels, E. G 479 

Michaelsen, Jeanne 490 

Michaelson, L.J 582 

Michal, Shirley L 541 

Michel, Jane A 504 

Mickey, Betty L 520, 576 

Micklich, L. J 559 

Middleman, L 166 

Middleton, J. L 100, 583 

Mided, Nanette 526 

Midnight, Mary J 493 

Mieschke, Lorraine 562 

Miessler, Jerol 100, 5 36 

Migdow, B. R 375, 419, 472 

Mika, Margaret M 259, 260 

Mikesell, W. H 480 

Miles, C. K 484 

Miles, D. E 454 

Miles, E. H 484 

Miles, J. C 568 

Miles, O. F 286, 440, 573 

Miles, R. H 311 

Miles, R. H.. Jr 345 

Milgrom, B 485 

Millard. E. M 478 

Miller, Alfred A 100, 555, 575 

Miller, Arnold 100, 469 

Miller, Barbara A 520 

Miller, Bernard 1 24 1, 462 

Miller, B., Jr 444, (80 

Miller, C 168 

Miller, Celeste R 495 

Miller, D 460, 574, 589 

Miller, D. f 583 

Milier, Dorothy R 525 

Miller, Edith L 273, 275 

Miller, E. A., |i 548 

Miller, E. E 436, 585 

Miller, F. H 552 

Miller, G. F 563 

Miller, H. V 100, 57i 

Miller, H. 1 311 

Miller, Joann I 85 

Miller, Lestei H., Jr. . . . 575, 410, n 1 


Miller, Lois J 553 

Milier, L. J 437 

Millei, !.. L 574 

Miller, L. W 573 

Miller, Marjorie E 528, 570 

Miller, Norma 1 273, 513 

Miller. Patrick M 573 

Miller. R 180 

Miller. R, A 161 

Miller, R II 559 

Miller, R, 1 508, 115 

Miller, Riilh A 521 

Miller. W. II r, 

Miller, W. ( 

Miller. W. R 

Millis, Sally 1 100 !6 00 

MiIIi/iti, M.ny 1 196 

Mills. I). K 163 

Mills. I). K. . .372, 373, J74 1 

Mil-.ii in. Shirley I >1S 

n W II ion, 469 

Milton. Virginia 100, 520 

Minalga, L. A 426, 461, 581 

Mincer, Bilanca J 262, 508 

Mincer, Constance R 508 

Mincer, Elaine M 526 

Mine, Elizabeth 542 

Miner, C. L 573 

Miner, Neva 599 

Mingee, J. C 101, 344, 160, 568 


Minner, M. A 177, 189 

Minnich. Marianna T 312, 502 

Minor, G. 1 300 

Minted, Nancy A 545 

Mintun. Bettie R 532 

Mm nng. Marion M 244, 191 

Misch, Mary 1 190 

Misegades, Alice L 101, 23 1, 5 is 

Mishkin, Celeste S 520 

Missavage, F., Jr 177 

Mitchel, R. H 595 

Mitchell, Barbara A 505 

Mitchell, B. W 480 

Mil, hell, D. A 485 

Mitchell, G. P., Jr 156 

Mitchell. Joseph M 157 

Mitchell, P. C„ Jr 465 

Mitchell, R. H 575 

Mitchell, W. 1 444 

MiU hell. W. 1 165 

Mitchell, W. R 445 

Mite, E. A 461 

Mix, Shirley M 491 

Mizell. H. E 553 

Mizialko, J., Jr 101, 477 

Mizrahi, R 422 

Mlinarich, Anne R 521 

Mlsna, Dolores M. A 520 

Moberg, C. H 177 

Moberly, A. L 476 

Modgeska. G 187 

Moehle, Winifred 547 

Moeller, A. N 573 

Moeller. E. M 573 

Moeller, M. W 573 

Moes, C 3 19 

Moestenberg, Anne 185 

Moffet, D. R 238, 445 

Moffet, R. W 556, 590 

Moffett, Millicent M 401 

Moffett, R 573 

Moffett, T. H 448 

Mogg, Betty G 537 

Mogge, W. 483 

Mohan, J. T 221, 223, 234, 235 

236, 556 

Mohr, R. C 451 

Moir, J. F 101 

Molasky, S. L 485 

Mollenhauer, W. S 589 

Molner, Ro Jene 267, 283, 510 

Monahan, Jane 522 

Monen. C 482 

Money, J. H 101, 4"2 

Monger, Mary E 101, 527 

Monroe, Lois 543 

Monroe, Lois R 101, 576, 595 

Monroe, L. S 422 

Monroe, W. S 32 

Monsarrat. R. E 553 

Monson, D. A 436 

Monson, Louise E 540 

Montgomery, Julia J 541 

Montgomery, Margaret A 534 

Moodie, Joan E 529 

Moody, Barbara S 101, 260, 261 

268, 540 

Moody. J 442 

Moon, G. R 203 

Mooney, P. C 45 2 

Mooney. R. D 461 

Moore, B. 1 486 

Moore, C. W 553 

Moore, D. W 313, 473 

Moore, Eleanor 1 533 

Moore, Elene R 537 

Moore, E. 445 

Moore, F. L., Jr 101, 437 

M :e, H 90 

Moore, J. J 476 

Moore. Foy< e C 529 

M K 166 

Moore, K. R 307, 310. 455. 503 

M . K. 1... Jr 4)2 

Moon , I.. R 271 

Moon , L. W 446 

M , Mary 550, 531 

Mi Mary I 49 t 

Moore, Mary V 5K7 

M Nancy H 'in 

Moore, P 190 

Moon , Phyllis A 193 

M R, A 450 

Moon R I 428 

Moon , Ruby I 548 

M 1 ihirle; 504 

Moon S ( 588 

M ,11 '9 ■ 1 ,6 

Mori hi id, G 1 i8 

Morello Glad 1 173 

Moreno, ' 1 \ in 

Mon ttini June 1 .... 220 

Morey, II I" 

1 1 1 1 1 

Morfoot, I v 'i 

Morford, Mrs. Esther 1 

Morgan, A. J 558 

Morgan, J. J., Jr 468 

Morgan, Kathernie D 533 

Morgan, Martha A 310 

Morgan, N. D 564 

Morgan, P. B 238 

Morgan, Robert Dean... 177. 187, 200 

Morgan, R. G 281. 586 

Morgan, R. K 191, 557 

Morgan, Ruth 101, 522 

Morgan, W. H. 1 287, 567 

Morganstine, Greta 501 

Morgenstein, Bernice 101, 542 

Morgulies, D 300 

Morken, R. G 436 

Morkovm, D 177 

Moiphy. Elizabeth J 273, 546 

M s, I). G 471 

Morris, R. 1 487 

Momsey, J. D., Jr 101, 474 

Morrison, < . T., Jr 482 

Morrison, R. E 573 

Morrison. W. P 440, 573 

Morrow, G. W 177 

Morrow, Vl' 186 

Morse, Caryl 1 532 

Morthorst, Rosemary A 536 

Mortimer, J. T 557 

Mortar Board 2 18 

Morwitz. Anita 525 

Morwood, Mary A 275, 527 

Moshorg, R 562 

Moschell, W. E 101, 344 

Mosgrove, Ethelyn V...308, 312, 530 


Mosher, M 238 

Mosher, R. F 463 

Mosher, W. J 444 

Mosow. J. E 462 

Moss, Floreme E 496 

Moss, M. D 583 

Moss, P. L...375, 381, 383, 386, 473 

Mosser, E. C 573 

Motel, Lorraine R 501 

Motko, Helen E 598 

Mottier, C. H., Jr 467 

Motulsky, A 177, 192, 201 

Motz, R. H 487 

Moulthorp, R. A 101, 585 

Mountz, E. D 445 

Mouritsen, Barbara L 548 

Mouritsen, T. E 308 

Moutz, L 454 

Moyer, C. A 288, 600 

Moyer, J. A 178 

Moyers, Helen L 101, 533 

Mraz, Shirley E 269, 311, 535 

Mroz. W 375 

Muchow, W. C 102, 448, 564 

Mudge, J. G 455 

Muehling, A. J 558 

Muehling, C. L 558, 567 

Muehrcke, R. C 319, 567, 569 

Mueller. A. G 559 

Mueller, A. F., Jr 586 

Mueller, Bernice M 102 

Mueller, Charlotte R 520 

Mueller, E. K 450 

Mueller. Marilyn J 490 

Mueller, R. J 463 

Mueller, R. L 102, 427, 428 

Muench, E. G 163, 167 

Mula, F. J 591 

Mulch, R. F 456, 573 

Mullen, R. L 461 

Mulliken, Roberta N...102, 312, 596 

Mullins, G. E 473 

Mumford. W. P 468 

Mundrl, W. R., Jr 307, 557 

Munger, Grace B 498 

Munger, J. C 468 

Munkers, Marilyn 274, 504 

Munkvold, Ruth B 509 

Murphy, F. D., Jr 461, 464 

Murphy, J. C 585 

Murphy, Jeanne E 102, 275 

Murphy, J 458, 471 

Murphy, J. F 102 

Murphy, L. E 573 

Murphy, Marilyn J 302, 506. 566 

5 80 

Murphy, Patricia A 102, 244, 520 

5^ I 

Murphy, W. P 1 78 

Murray, E. W 438 

Murray, J. N 453 

Murray, Marilyn E 102, 248, 505 


Mini. iv, Mary T 542 

Murray, R. f 545, - 1 ' 

Musgrave, Genellen 522, 576 

Musgrave, S, 1) 5^3 

Miisk.i. Ruth M 555 

Musko. M 486 

Mutchler, Ruth R 502 

Mutihnik. M. E 310 

Mutman, F 598 

Muyres, Bettie J 198 

Myers, Cecil 1 523 

Myers, Marian 1 512 

Mm 1 '.. Mm v I I'M 

Myers, R 180 

Mm is, Sangenella I" I 

Sdyers \ irginia A 273, 50 > 

Myers, W, E 365 

Myers, W. E 585 

Myers, W. F 375 

Myers, W. P 102, 568 

Myers, W 187 

Myhre, B. A 308 

Mvles, W. E 102, 585 

Mylius, L. A 559 

Mysiak, Virginia J 518, 566 


Naas, R. M 483 

Nabor Home 559 

Nack, Helen J 496 

Nadworny, Edna 532 

Nagel, C. R 344, 484 

Nagel, F. C 472, 567 

Nagell, Shirley M 282, 490 

Nance, J. A 480 

Naney, W. H 279, 477, 596 

Napier, Mary 1 511 

Napier, S. D 466 

Naramore, Jean ..298, 312, 498, 580 

Narrod, S. A 469 

Nash, R. L 345 

Natale, E. T 102 

Nathan, Marilyn A 511 

Navy 342 

Navy Pier 136 

Nay, Shirley 509 

Neadell, Eileen S 101, 293, 298 


Neal, E. L 457 

Neal, M. S 447 

Neal, Patricia 499 

Neal, T. D 102, 345, 554 

Neave, A. S 445 

Nebehay, Margaret A 532 

Nebel, H. C, Jr 470 

Needier, Mary E 275, 506 

Neef, P. L 573 

Neese, Jean L 286, 327, 523 

576, 595 

Neeves, H 470 

Neff, E. G 456 

Neff, Joan P 103, 548 

Negard, John 480 

Nerburger, Maxine H 510 

Neile, Margaret 311 

Neill, Margaret R 543 

Nejedley, R 186 

Nelch, F. K 459, 581 

Nelson, Carolyn R 504 

Nelson, CD 457 

Nelson, C. E 486 

Nelson, Constance L....102, 517, 574 

Nelson, C. R 467 

Nelson, D 471 

Nelson, Donna R 307, 596 

Nelson, Doris J 539 

Nelson, E. E 445 

Nelson, G. R 591 

Nelson, G. W 470 

Nelson, G. T 445 

Nelson, J 187 

Nelson Jane A 102, 285, 500, 520 

Nelson, I. C 473 

Nelson, I. D 178 

Nelson, K. D 556, 573 

Nelson, L. D 599 

Nelson,, L. F 178, 190 

Nelson, N. A 267, 275, 506 

Nelson, P. A 460 

Nelson, R. E 477 

Nelson, R. A 451, 567 

Nelson, Rita S 103, 299, 311, 596 

Nelson, R. W 446, 581 

Nelson, Ruth L 242, 506 

Nelson, Severina E 598 

Nelson, Wilfred E 307 

Nelson, W. D 103 

Nelson, William E 448 

Nemeroff. Iris 501 

Nesby, C. W 457 

Nethcrton, E. A 573 

Netherton. V. E 103, 446, 591 

Netter, Adele E 520 

Nettnin, R. W 458 

Ncuhauer, G. C 530 

Neubauer, 1 188 

Ncuhauer, Joyce J 103, 530 

Neubauer, Shirley 268 

Ncuman, H. 1 313 

Neumann, Doris 1 520. 57o 

Neumann, H. G 311 

Neumayer, H.J 103 

Neuschwander, G. R 313 

Neveling, J. J 166 

Neville, Fredica K 103 

Neville. H. R 103 

Neville, Jeanne C 499 

Newbold, R, F 475 

Newburn, M.wv 1 261, 521. 576 

Newby, Dorothy H 241, 244, 533 

Newby, W. II 260 84 

Newcomb, R 3'). 51 

Newcomb, \V. 13 pi 

Newell. K. 1 454 

Newkirk, 1 F J83 

Newlin, < harlotte E 

Newman Foundation 

Ni ■«, Annette 1 501 


Newman, C. D., Jr 103 

Newman, Elva J 103 

Newman, Gloria P 260, 262, 510 

Newman, S. F. H 103, 462, 568 

Newmark, H. L 103, 288, 583 

589, 597 

Newmark, J. H 485 

Newquist, E. C 103, 285, 486 

Newton, R 188 

Newton, W. N 471 

Newton, W. M 346 

Neyendorf, Doris M 275 

Nibbelin, A. G 307, 467, 5<7 

Niblack, R. L 308, 573 

Nicewander, Marie 530 

Nicholas, W 467 

Nichols, D. C 452 

Nichols, J. R 573 

Nichols, Mary M 517 

Nicholson, C. H 440 

Nicholson, C. W 286, 327 

Nicholson. P 187 

Nickell, T. A 463 

Nickell, V. L 23 

Nickels, R. C 464 

Nickelson, Phyllis A 244, 513 

Nicklaus, Barbara A.... 103, 208, 299 
496, 568, 597 

Nicolai, V. 308 

Nicolosi, P. A 552 

Nienhaus. Peggy E 544 

Niesen, F. W 452 

Nifong, Harriet M 312, 518, 576 

Niggemeyer, W. B 552 

Nightingale, E. R 588 

Nihan, Mary Jean 504 

Nix, L 198 

Nixon, C. W 103 

Noble, Anne 103, 270, 271, 288 

Noble, I. H 178, 188 

Noble, Nancy 293, 298, 400 

Noble, Shirley A 469, 504 

Nohren, W. E 103 

Noland, P. R 573 

Nolen, R. K 457 

Noll, L. E 178, 187 

Nommensen, E 556 

Noonan, Nancy H 504 

NopDen, Nancy V 283 

Norberg, Betty N 104, 270, 271 

498, 507 

Norberg, R. E 44-> 

Norbut, A 1P6 

Nordheden, A. P 589 

Nordstrom, Carolyn E 334, 498 

Nordstrom, G. L 466 

Norgaard, K. 465 

Norman, A. N 554 

Norreeaard, E. H 467 

Norrell, Virginia 184, 1"5 

Norris, T. T 483 

North, Paulita 104, 533 

Northam, Joanne D 509 

Northam. Mary K 104, 503 

Norton, Isabel L 5 ^n 

Norton, Maree 374 

Norvell, S. T., Jr 178, 192 

Norwood. Mary 269 

Noskin, J. H 163, 169 

Noth, C. J 448 

Noto, J 164 

Novack, Beverly 501 

Novack, Shirley 220, 267, 501 

Novak, C. A 573 

Novak, E. R 104, 452 

Novak, H 552 

Novak, P. M .452 

Novak, R. A 452 

Novick, Renee 501 

Nowacki, C. R 559 

Nowakowski, La Verne 54f) 

Nudelman, Edith 501 

Nuemann, Heinz 593 

N« Sigma Nu 1 87 

Nusinow. R.J 4^2 

Nyman, N 186 


Obarski, H. J 45 * 

Oherfranc, J. C 474, 564 

O'Brien, Donald T 10 1 

O'Brien, Donald P 483 

O'Brien. Marguerite M 504, 580 

O'Brien, V. J 553, 584 

O'Brien, W. L 461 

O'Byrne. J. M 461 

Occupational Therapy 182 

Ochs, J. F 480 

Ockert, C. E 375, 402, 404, 407 

OTonnell, W. B 465 

O'Connor, Katherine M. E 496 

O'Connor, T. P 477 

O'Connor, W. K 480. 481 

Odegard, Shirley A 495 

Odom, E. K 474 

Odom, Jerrilene 494 

O'Donnell, E. J 550, 554, 575 

O'Donnell, W. H 487 

Odum, B. D 307 467 

Oehlert, F. W '583 

Oelke, H. R ^q 

Oeth, C. L 559, 573, 595 

Oetjen, Araba H 313 

Offenhiser, A. B 302, 471 

Offner, D. H 104, 568, 585 

Offner, Flora A... 104, 272, 273, 540 


Ogden, Helen G 505 

Ogden, J. A 104, 421, 426, 585 

0'.Hair, R. C 468 

O'Heran, W. B 483 

O'Heron, J. E 422 

Ohlsen, C. E., Jr 448 

Ohren, D. J 104, 327, 440 

573, 595 

O'Keefe, Loraine B 104 

Okerson, Delorys 496 

Olander, D. R 460 

Oldfield, J. D 444 

Oldham, Rita M 104, 517 

O'Leary, J 198 

Oleson, H. D 436 

Oliver, D. B., Jr 448 

Oliver, J. E., Lt. Col 338 

Oliver, W. A., Jr 589 

Olsen, D. A 445 

Olsen, Grace H 529 

Olsen, R. S 481 

Olson, Abbie M 269, 534 

Olson, B. L 477 

Olson, Clara M 104, 538 

Olson, D. R 573 

Olson, Dorothy C 550 

Olson, E. A 474 

Olson, E. J 104, 456, 563 

Olson, Evelyn M 522 

Olson, J. A 483 

Olson, Janet H 279, 534 

Olson, Janet R 532 

Olson, Norma J 540 

Olson, Paul R 569, 578, 579 

Olson, Philip A 178, 191 

Olson, Rodger 467 

Olson, Ruby E 104, 516, 576 

Olson, R. A 451 

Omega Beta Pi 592 

Ommen, Betty 1 518 

Omohundro, D. W 467 

O'Neal, J. E 261, 461 

O'Neal, J. T 467 

O'Neal, R. W 467 

O'Neil, Shirley M 533 

Ooms, O. J 454 

Opp, Jacquelyn 509 

Oppelt, R. L 310 

Oppenheimer, L 469 

Opperman, K. C 475 

Orchesis 274 

Ordanik, M 552 

Organizations 432 

Orland, Patricia B 285, 505 

Orlebeke, H. P 104 

Orloff, M. J 462 

Orlove, A. H 472 

Ornstein, E. M 472 

Orr, F. C 261, 441 

Ortiz, 157, 184 

Osborne, John Vincent 178, 190 

Oshiver, J. J 478 

Osinski, H. S 420 

Ostby, Jeanne A 104, 497 

Osterbur, R. E 286, 440, 573 

Ostrem, J. W 105 

Ostrom, Marie A 105, 270, 271 

530, 545 

Other Vanity Sports 416 

Ott, M. D 550 

Otter, Mary Jane 185 

Otto, J. H. 105, 471 

Ourada, Maxine H 105, 497 

Overbey, R. A 442 

Overstreet, B 471 

Owen, Betty C 105 

Owen, Richard 188 

Owens, I. H 375, 380, 388, 457 

Oyen, W 188 

Ozacar, I. M 598 

Ozeran, Bernice 545 

Ozeran, Shirley M 508 

Ozgor, E. M 449 598 

Ozier, E. W 559 

Ozier, W 573 

Ozyurt, Muhettean 598 


Pace, Betty J 105, 499 

Pace. Ruth L 582 

Pacelli, Camille C 274, 507 

Pacelli, F. T. . 22 1 , 298, 300 

Pacini, R., Jr 178 

Pack, June 541 

Packtor, Doris M 510 

Paddor, H. S 105, 472 

Paddor, Peggy L 508 

Padgett, T. C 483 

Pagac, Ellenore B 105 

Page, D. N 55 1 

Pagel, W. W 557 

Pagliarulo. Gloria A.... 319, 503, 591 

Pahlow, Georgia A 275 

Painter, J. W 552 

Painter, R. E., Jr 440, 573, 590 

Palecek, Catherine 105, 218 222 

234, 268, 534, 569 

Paley, Marjorie E 510 

Pallasch, J. J 550 

Palm, J. M 105, 461 

Palm, J. R 105, 461 

Palman, Charlene 545 

Palmen, C. E 564,595 

Palmer, Helen F 498, 569, 594 

Palmer, Jane G 509 

Palmer, J. E 481 

Palmer, Suzanne H 550 

Palmer, T. W 471 

Palmer, W. K 465 

Paluck, F. N 444, 581 

Pampe, W. R 105 

Panek. J. M 105 

Panhellenic 266 

Pape, W. 1 555 

Papke, D 567 

Paprocki, J. H 197 

Parchman, L. J., Jr 476 

Parchmann, J. A 252, 567, 574 

Parett, Janet R 520 

Parfitt, A. W.; 461 

Parish, J. W 484 

Parish, Lucy E 516, 576 

Parisot, M. L "2 

Park, A. L 105, 221, 240, 258 

324, 441 

Park, Jean A 105, 324, 498 

Parke, Jean E 531 

Parker, Bettie 261 

Parker, G. A 555 

Parker, Jean E 534 

Parker, Lillian M 544 

Parker, Mason 459 

Parker, Muriel J 500 

Parker, P 186, 191 

Parker, P. B 461 

Parker, R. N 471 

Parker, Shirley 513 

Parkerson, L 254 

Parks, Joan 498 

Parkhill, R. T 461 

Parkins, Mary 54l 

Parkes, Raymond A 197, 198 

Parry, Muriel H 275 

Parsley, E 573 

Parsons, Doris 496 

Parsons, W. A 552 

Parsons, W. D 308, 474 

Parthemer, Mary W 500 

Pasqus, V. J 342 

Passman, A. S 439 

Pasternak, Raphael A 583 

Patch, Patsy M 541 

Paton, Janet S 499 

Patrich, Lois M 105, 542 

Patrick, Frances E 549 

Patrick, J. R 596 

Patrick, Mary M 517 

Patrick, R. H 438 

Patrick. R. B 591 

Patrovsky, J 448 

Patterson, J. F 454 

Patterson, J. R 440 

Patterson, Muriel W 530 

Patterson, P. L 375, 380, 381, 383 

390, 457 

Pattison, R. K 106 

Patton, Edna B 106, 516 

Patur, Blair L 462 

Paul, C. H 106, 574 

Paul. Elsa M 106 

Paul, G. T 467 

Paul, M. B 106, 439 

Paulsen, Phyllis 1 517 

Paulson, R. E 481 

Pawlowski, J. B 381 

Payne, Patricia 516 

Pazmino, E. A 449 

Peabody. P. R 445 

Peace, D. J 345 

Pearce, Dorothy M. S 106 

Pearce, M. J., Jr 106 

Pearn, Helen G 532 

Pearson, Belva A 524 

Pearson, D. E 454 

Pearson, D. J 467 

Pearson, Dorothy A ' 504 

Pearson, R. A 422, 454 

Pearson, R. H 106, 483 

Pearson. R. L 467 

Peasley. D. D 106 

Peck, Phyllis F 106, 543 

Pedersen, E. R 482 

Pedrick, R. F 436 

Peeples, R. D 454 

Peeples, W. A 454 

Pefeis, R 583 

Peirce, J. D 375, 466 

Pelikan, E 186 

Pellar, Norma S 283, 508 

Pellar, Ruth B 508 

Pelletier, S. W 106, 584 

Pellizzari, Wilma L 542 

Pempek, C. J 447 

Penn, 1 479 

Penn, J. F 451, 567 

Pennell, Priscilla 490 

Penner, Sterra R 106, 510 

Pentz, G. C 307, 593 

Penwell, Carolyn L 511 

Pepple, O. D 573 

Perbix, G. H 106, 441 

Pcrhix, Joyce A 521 

Perbohner, A. J 478 

Perkins, C 437 

Perkins, C. R 483 

Perkins, C. M 106, 426, 461 

Perkins, G. A 443 

Perkins, Margie A 106, 490 

Perkins, R. L 106, 437 

Perlman, E ss} 

Perlman, R 591 

Perlmutter, W. M 478 

Perrine, Jo Ann 560 

Perry, Caroline M 546 

Perry, J. M 589 

Perry, L. W 107 

Perry, Theresa T 273 

Pershing Rifles 600 

Perteit, Betsy G 530 

Perz, Ruth E 541 

Peskind, Dorothy E 510 

Peter, C. J 559 

Peters, C. M 462 

Peters, J. R 450 

Peters, J 167 

Peters, Louise E 107, 273, 540 

Peters, Naomi V 107, 497, 580 

Peters, Shirley D 275, 512 

Peters, T. E 559 

Peterson, Carol R 310, 540 

Peterson, Charlotte 566 

Peterson, F. L : .... 107, 473 

Peterson, G. C 466 

Peterson, H 188 

Peterson, J. D 107, 585 

Peterson, Jane G 500 

Peterson, Janet B 311 

Peterson, K. R 198 

Peterson, Marguerite E 509 

Peterson, Marjorie L 520 

Peterson, M. N 453 

Peterson, R. L 437 

Petite Mansion 547 

Petkoff, P. P 449 

Petlak, Marguerite R 522 

Petranoff, C. V 427, 471 

Petrunich, Dorothy A 520 

Petry, J. T 375 

Petters, Evangeline C 299, 596 

Petty, G. 107, 322 

Petty, Mary L 183, 530 

Peyrot, P. A 574 

Pfau, Joan 275, 513 

Pfeffer, J. R 107, 426, 461 

Pfeffer, Marydell 530 

Pfeffer, Sally J 324, 504 

Pfeiffer, C. E 573 

Pfeiffer, R. W 107, 477, 590 

Pfisterer, T 186 

Pflaum, Marilyn J 107, 524 

Pfulb, L. C. Jr 252, 477 

Pfulb, N. B 477 

Pharmacy 194 

Pheiffer, J. E 107, 574 

Phelps, B 402, 404 

Phelps, Lynette 523 

Phelps, Margaret L 529 

Phelps, R. ..375, 376, 402, 404, 405 

Phelps, W. G 338 

Phelps, W. H 456, 573, 590 

Phi Beta Pi 188 

Phi Beta Kappa 569 

Phi Chi Theta 592 

Phi Delta Theta 461 

Phi Delta Vpsilon 189 

Phi Epsilon Pi 462 

Phi Eta Sigma 567 

Phi Gamma Delta 463 

Phi Kappa 464 

Phi Kappa Phi 569 

Phi Kappa Psi 465 

Phi Kappa Sigma 466 

Phi Lambda Kappa 192 

Phi Lambda Vpsilon 599 

Philip, R. R 477 

Philippi. Pauline 107, 574 

Phillip. A. ..107, 229, 394, 397, 454 

Phillips, C. C 476 

Phillips, D. B 573 

Phillips. Frances 107, 521 

Phillips, H. W 557 

Phillips, 1 189 

Phillips. J. D 107, 308, 440 

573, 590 

Phillips, L. D 453 

Phillips, Mildred A.... 246, 267, 499 

5 80 

Phillips, O. E 339 

Phillips, T. E 428, 476 

Phi Mil 507 

Phi Mu Alpha 593 

Phinney, P. B 487 

Phipps, Imogene L 107, 499 

Phi Rho Sigma 190 

Phi Sigma Kappa 467 

Phi SiK'na Sigma 508 

Phi Vpsilon Omicron 593 

Physical Education 36 

Pianowski, R 186 

Picard, Jean P 449 

Piccione, L 186 

Pichon, Martha J 299, 307, 310 

534, 596 

Picken, J. M 426. 461 

Pickens, K. E 428, 476 

Pickens, Thelma E 494 

Pickett. C. A 573 


t. \V. 145 

[] H. G 10 137 

, V L98 

J. B (02, fO i 16 

I. G 574 

on, R. L 155 

i sdo 

Pierson, Irene D !5 ! 10, 25 I 

Pierson, J. W 166 

Pierzhola, Alice E 518 

Pierzynski, Marcia G 191 

Pierzynski, T (82 

Pieti rs, (.. S 465 

Pietrzak, < . I 108, 55 » 

Pitt 1 7.i k, M (47 

Piggott, B 108, 575, }e0, (57 

Pigozzi, R. A 3 1 i 

Pi Kappa Alpha (68 

Pi Kappa Epsil n 191 

Pi Kappa Phi (87 

Pike, D. E 108, (75, 584, 590 

Pike, Mary 1 108, 241, 242, 505 

Pi Lambda Phi (69 

Pilkenton, G. K 461 

Pilkington, R. L 459 

Pilot. M 157. 184, 189, Di 

Pi Mii Epsilon 594 

Pinault, Joyce M 108, 499 

Pincoffs, Lolita 525 

Pinger, E. F 464 

Pinkstnn, C. S (42 

Pinkus, Marillyn D 5 is 

Pinkus, W 178. 18') 

Pipher, W. P 470 

Pipik, P 178, 188 

Pishos, Constance 108, 550 

Pistorius, A. W 586 

Pi Tau Sixm,i 586 

Pitchik, B 589 

Pittel, H. C 552 

Pittman, R. A 467 

Pitzele, Elyse S sill 

Place, Peggy S 517 

Placzek, Camile I ill. 520 

Plagge, Frances M 108, 516 

Plagge, Gretchen 260 

Plagge, R 260 

Plain, H. A 471 

Plain. R. B 252, 471 

Plambeck. Jean ' 517 

Planert, E 375, -HO, 415 

Plankenliorn, W. J 585 

Piatt, G. M 221, 282, 446 

Piatt, I. W 446 

Piatt, S. 1 439 

Plaut, P. E 449 

Player, J. M 477 

Pleasant. L. W 108 

Pletsch, Helen V 535 

Plitt. Sally 512 

Plotner, Norma J . 530 

Ploughe, Virginia 185 

Plummer, J. N 585 

Plunkett, W. K 455 

Pochis, D. S 462 

Podall, R 108 

Podosek, C. A 444 

Pohl, E. 1 573 

Pohn, G. J 108, ss 1 

Pohn, Shirley 545 

Pointer, Ima L 494 

Poitros, P. R 108, 574 

Polansky, S. M 478 

Polenske, Helen S 53"> 

Polk, C. A 544 

Polk, June in 

Polk, Marilyn 402 

Polk, Roberta M 108 

Polka, J. Eleanora 522 

Pollack, M 201, P. 1 479 

Pollack, S. R 47? 

Pollakoff, A 478 

Pollard, Betty P 108 

Pollard. C. E 461 

Pollard, r. T., Ji '555 

P II:. I. R 44? 

P°i'en. '-■ K 108, 479 

Polio, k, R. G 460 

Polniai /' k I (orothy 185 

Pomeroy, P. (,.. |g] 

Pompcr, Shirley T 108 

Pond, Mary J so3 

Pool, I II : 

Pool. Peggy I Si(l 

Poole, R. A 10s 

Pope. P. H [64, 167 

Popi Ika, Blani he M.. . . 183, 5 in, 8 ' 

Poppi Ireiter, I. N 109, (87 

P011. .MA (7g 

Porter, Barbara 1 275, (90 

Porti 1 it. rnadine ,30 

Porti 1. I). W 

Porter, I). 1 109 1 1 I 

Porti - 1 D 11 

P 1 Elizabeth A [90 

Portei 1 1 

Porl 1 Mai , I !85 198 

Portei K (, 

Porti it.. Id, Heli n 1 

Posi . Patrii 1.1 M 262, 526 

I'oskin, ID 

Po 11' i . It 179 

Poinei 11 1 109 1 ! 

Po h hi, K.I ,75, 414 

Post, Ethel B 508 

Post, II. J 109, 479 

Postcl. A 189, 19 !, 'in 

Postelnek, R. S (62 

Posi li B aite, F. Jeanne 541 

Postol, s. M : 

Pottet . Ann M (93 

Potter, ( aim. in V 313, 559, 575 

Potter, ( . A., |r (38 

Potter. Dorothy E 503 

Pottei . [eanne A 503 

Potter, I.. A ill) 

P.iii. 1. Pns.ill.i E (93 

Poust, W. I (63 

Powell, J. B (61 

Powell, P. M (36 

Powell. P. R 554 

Powell, Shirley A 494 

Powell, W.lnu I 519 

Power, (,. W 338 

Power, I. F ill 

Powers, R. F 450, 585 

Poyten, Patric ia 1 275 

Pracyk, Naydine H 178 

Pracyk, I. A 164, 168 

P1.1t. R. 476 

Prather, Elizabeth 495 

Prather, W. C 582 

Pratt, I. B., Jr 444 

Pratt, J. D 573 

Preble, W. W 448 

Pregl, Eleanor L 511 

Prelletz, W. C 197. 198 

Prentice, D 465 

Prentice, W. I... Jr 467 

Prt ibyterian ll.ill 533 

Present, M 472 

Press, Norma T 544 

Press, Valetta J s 1 1 

Pressman, R. G 462 

Preston, Bonnie M 498 

Preston, ( . . .234, 240, 242, 248, 438 

Preston, C. K 109, ' "' 

Preston, D. A (36 

Preston. W. J 436, 58 1 

Pretzlaff, E. J 593 

Pretzman, Phyllis L 527, 576 

Prezorski, I. R 466 

Price, A. L., Jr }13, ill 

Prict Club 548 

Price, C. K 474 

Price, Dorothy A 220, 271, 284 

503, 593 

Price, E. M 559 

Price, E. H 582 

Price, H 422, 439 

Price, I. M 469 

Price, M 187 

Price, Merry 494 

Price, Patricia A 220, 282 

Price. R. C 467 

Price, Rebecca D 109 

Pilchard, H. C « 473 

Pri-Der 548 

Priest, E. R 178, 192 

Prince, E 550 

Prince, Mary J 516 

Princyrali, D 552 

Pritchard, Roberta 109, 327, 520 

Pritchett, J. H 479 

Procter, B 455 

Proclan, Victoria 109, 569, 594 

Profrock, Alice M.. 269, 302, 327, 527 

Provancal, Marietta 541, 566 

Provine, L 595 

Prowell, J. D 596 

Prudent, Norma J 281, 502 

Prust, Marilyn A 503 

Prymuski, R 375, 380, 391, 464 

Pryor, Alice L 541 

Przypyszny, Mary A 521 

Psi Chi 594 

Psi Omega 168 

Psi Upsilon 470 

Publication] 276 

Puccctti. R. P 474 

Puckett, Irene A 109, 271 

Pugh, H. C. Jr 307 

Push, R. D 310 

Pulliam, F. M 594 

Pullman, E. W 592 

Pullman, M. E 462 

Purcell, Dorothy M 569 

Pulecll. W. 1 315 

Puicly, R 186 

Purdy, R. C 283, (66 

Purl, (). T 482 

Purni 11, I A 163 

Purvis, Dulcena P 512 543 

Putin. in, I. A 279 

Putnam, W. J 374 

Pyli D. K , 11 


8uei 11 Belt) I in.. ,16, 576 

uicl ' R (65 

Quinlan, I toroth) C ■ n 

Quinlan, HI , . , 586 

Ouinri A \\ I ,, 

Quinn, < arolii ,, 

Quinn, 11 

Quirl K I 


Rabin, H li, 1, 166 

Rabin, Virginia R 109 

Rab v. D, 1 5(,9 

Rabinov, K 149 

Racine, Shirley J 50 1 

Rack. 1 201 

Rai k, P. E 481 

Ri, Xenia A 493 

Radclilfe, B. G (36 

Radcliffe, D 153 

Radeke, E. F 436 

Radeke, Nancy D 293, 298, (93 

Rademacher, R. ( 441 

Radncr. Frayda 32 1, 510, I 183 

Rac, A 586 

Rartel, J 479 

Raggio, D. L 109. 463 

Ragins, H. D 592 

Rahn. Rosemary R 109, 2 34. 2 35 

256, 257, 520 

Rains, Betty J 312, 519 

Rains, Dorothy M 109, 312 

Raizen, Sarah B 526 

Ralston, H. R 483 

Ralston, J., Jr 109, 550, 554 

Ramenofsky. < . B 109, 185 

Ramenofsky, Charlotte K 110 

218, 227, 231, 2 HI. 256 

282. 510, 569 

Ramey, R 454 

Ramon, M 573 

Ramos, J. H 232, 234, 236 

Ramsey, C 186 

Ramsey, R. J 464 

Ramseyer, Dorothy A 110, 506 

Ramshaw, W. C 473 

Randall. H. M 461 

Randall, P. G 452 

Randall, R. 427 

Randoll. M. A. ...375, 419, 459, 586 

Randolph, O. A 463 

Raney, C. S 375, 474 

Raney, Doris J 524 

Rannev. T. R 470 

Ransdell, lana L 537. 565 

Ransdell, Patricia J 566 

Ransford, C. E 559 

Ransom. Lola N 110, 267, 502 

Ranz, Bernice L 562 

Raper, C. A 463 

Rapoport. H 197 

Rapp, H. C 558, 567, 585 

Rapp. loan L 533 

Rapp. R. K 558 

Rappl, R. J 484 

Rasch, Jean D 511 

Rascher, Marilyn J 518 

Rasmussen, Betsy B....507, 566, 587 

Rasmussen, H. S 453, 567 

Rasmussen, Johannes L 307 

Rasmussen, T. W J 45 

Rasmussen. Ruth A 592 

Ratajik. Alyda R 511, 5s6 

Raticoff, G. D 485 

Rau, Irma J 5 2 

Raube, Gretchen 110, 'i' 

Raudonis, Dolores J 527 

Rausch, Carolyn R 521 

Rausch, J. R 4»4 

Raushenberger, R 591 

Rautbord, C. L 4°5 

Ravlm. L 190 

Ray, Gwendolyn B 110, ? 

Ray, lean 507 

Ray, W. S 110 

Rayburn, E. L 471 

Ravburn. Roberta R 5 <4 

Raymond, H. W 451 

Raymond, R. L 110 

Reace, C. W 557 

Reace, Marie F lit), 522 

Ready. H. R 550 

Real. R. G 464 

Reaw, T. L 110, 313 

Rebok. C 484 

Rechel, E. D 458 

Reck, R. H 476 

Reckord, M. K.. Jr 451 

Recktor. M 553 

Rccny, F 585 

Reddock, Nanette 542 

Redfearn, R 471 

Redman, R. 554 

Reclmann, H 166 

Reece, I. S (52 

Reece, W. S 233. 452 

Reed, D. C 481 

Reed, Elaine M 520 

Reed. 1 1 87 

Reed, Margaret E 5 19 

Reed, Manorie J 539 

Kiel, K. JoAnn 110. 275, 5' ' 

Reed, R. A 178 

Reed, K. M I 10, 573 

Reed. T. K 556 

Reed, W. A 110 

Reedi 1. Betty 1 507, 522 133 

Reeder, R 186 

Ri edy, 1 [1 [1 n l< an 569 

Reedy, I.J...' 502, 137 

Ri edy, fean 1 10, 218, 499 

Reedy, R, M 422, 155, s,8i 

Rees, D hy A 513, 566 580 

Reeser. W. L 311 

Reeter Club 5 19 

Reeves, Annette 110 

Reeves, I. E 459 

Reeves, R. E 110, 261, 583, 584 

Regan, B. M 465 

Regan, J. E 464 

Regan, P. H 464 

Kegimental Band, First 308 

Regnell, J. A 448 

Rehbeina, LaVonne 32'7 

Rehberg, R. R 219, 223, 375, 402 

101, 105, 107, 121 

Render, ( arol 185 

Rehorst, Anita M 532 

Reich. E. L 525 

Ken henstein, M 469 

Reichcrt, C. G 574 

Ren hcit, M. F 308 

Rcichman, N. D 485 

Reid, E 444 

Reid, Ernest 583 

Reid, R. B 441 

Reid, R 187, 191 

Reid, Roy 584 

Reid, T. F 599 

Reillel, Pearl 180, 185, 192 

Reihmer, G. W 460 

Reilly, W. C Ill, 454 

Reimer, C. M Ill, 456, 563 

Reimer, 1. R 469 

Reimers, F. H., Jr Ill, 446, 585 

589, 597 

Reinert, L. R Ill, 464 

Reinglass, Rosalyn 545 

Reinhold, W. R 550 

Reinke, K. L 345, 450 

Remschreiher, J. E 551, 590 

Reis, Ann 279 

Reisch, R. F Ill, 554 

Reiss, F 563 

Reiter, G. L 475 

Re He 1, M. E 475 

Reitter, L. M 483 

Reitz, Alberta 576 

Rentier, N. A 310 

Remington, S. M 552 

Remke, C. R Ill 

Remmler, J. E 430 

Renaud, Julienne 531 

Render. O. R 311, 315 

Rennaker, Helen 520 

Rennaker, Wanda 520 

Renneckar, R. C 466 

Renner, J. F 483 

Renner, Mary 539 

Rennick, J. D 221, 474 

Rensch, P. A., Jr Ill, 483, 574 

Rensher, D. A 164, 169 

Renwick. R. H 588 

Resnick, June 543 

Resnick, R. S 485 

Resnik, L 584 

Retherford, D. E 111,261 

Rettberg, W. F 388 

Reuhing, R. H 461 

Revman, G 157 

Rewey, Joan 518 

Reyhan, A 448 

Reyner, Carla 505 

Reynolds, Betty 286, 536, 576 

Reynolds, O. C 339, 483 

Rezanlca, R. B 467 

Rho Chi 199 

Rhoades. M. R 584 

Rhoads, Mary 498 

Rhodes, Kenneth 254 

Rhodes. W. L 552 

Rhymer, Mae L 511, 580, 596 

Ribordy, J. R 444 

Rice, Anita 549 

Rice, D. M 447 

Rice, J. R loi, 167 

Rice, Louise Ill, 327, 533. 595 

Rice, T. E 596 

Rich, Helen Ill 

Rich, M. R 462 

Rich, Wanda E Ill, 535 

Richards, Dana 179, 186 

Richards, H, 186 18] 

Rn hards, Jacqueline 525 

Richards, Mary 179, 185, 55() 

Ri, hards, Mary R 192, 200 

Richards, O. L 313, 577 

Richards, R. E 575 

Richards. R m 

Richardson, < . V s<, 1 

Richardson, F. 188 

Ri, hardson, I ouise 545 

Richart, F. E 575, (18 

Richman, D. I (85 

Richter, Bernice 501, 569 

Ru liter. F. A 554 

Ricki ,. < . 1 474. 559 

Rukcr. (i. G 55S 

Kiddle, 11. (, Ill 

Kiddle. I.. P 58,. 

Riddle, 1 ouise 111." 

Ril , I, n, an, Alice V 559 

Ried. K 559 

Riedesel, Phyllis 533 

Richie. E. I (54 

Kick,,, I. . is.' 

Riese, h,i \V 545. s„(, 

Kirs, II. I' I Ill 


Rietveld, M. Marguerite Ill, 228 

240, 252, 523, 592 

Rietz, E. L 447 

Rietz, W. H 447 

Rigg, Jo Marilyn 511 

Riggs, Lois J 324, 505 

Riggs, R. C 455 

Riggs, S. E 437 

Rile, C. W 451 

Riley, Jean G 536, 574 

Ring, W. A Ill, 375, 554, 565 

568, 585, 597 

Ringger, Patricia L 521 

Ringness, J. R 260 

Ringstrand, Elizabeth M 269, 529 

Ripley, Marietta 302, 509 

Rippel, B. W 455 

Ripple, O. F 437 

Risdon, R. R 594 

Rissman, B. R 462 

Rist, Pauline M 511 

Risvold, Virginia 157, 199 

Ritchie, Mary J Ill, 260, 532 

Ritchie, T. V 311, 313, 593 

Ritholz, J 462 

Rittenhouse, E. E..112, 475, 568, 585 

Ritter, G. W 112, 481 

Ritter, J 186 

Ritter, W. T 486 

Ritz, G. J 112, 584 

Ritzinger, F 187 

Rivera, R. E 457 

Rivkin, Susan D 492 

Rizer, J. E 478 

Rizzoli, Mary J 269, 527 

Roach, C. R 468 

Roach, J. S 582 

Roach, Joan M 505 

Roan, C. C 112 

Roantree, J. E 285, 459 

Roark, Constance M 524 

Robbins, H. R 112, 583 

Roberts, E. B 448 

Roberts, Elizabeth E 546 

Roberts, F. H 463 

Roberts, J. A 112 

Roberts, J. E 112, 460 

Roberts, J. W 465 

Roberts, L. M 179, 188, 191 

Roberts, L. 465 

Roberts, Mary Lou. 112, 539, 568, 597 

Roberts, Roberta 1 502 

Roberts, Shirley J 506 

Robertson, Carita 240 

Robertson, D. M 280, 445 

Robertson, H. K 456 

Robertson, Jeanne M.. . .312, 519, 539 

Robertson, W. L 456, 573 

Robin, Rita A 525 

Robin, S 472 

Robinson, Anna M 540 

Robinson, Barbara R 220, 308 

492, 580 

Robinson, B. M 112 

Robinson, Dean 443 

Robinson, D. G 471 

Robinson, D. R 467 

Robinson, D. S 481 

Robinson, Doris A 524 

Robinson, Erla D 494 

Robinson, E. A 311 

Robinson, Frances J 532 

Robinson, G. P 287 

Robinson, Jo Ann 311, 530 

Robinson, L. M 313 

Robinson, Margaret M 112, 500 

Robinson, Marilyn J 281, 530 

Robinson, Norma 497 

Robinson, Patricia M 545 

Robinson, P. E 344 

Robinson, Rosemary S 533 

Robinson, Ruth E 548 

Robinson, Sue 260 

Robinson, T. W 457 

Robison, J. A 440, 573 

Roblee, C. L 283 

Roby, L. E 486 

Rochow, Julia A.. .112, 223. 280, 533 

Rock, J. W 559 

Rockwell, Donelda 548 

Rodeback, G. W 311 

Roder, T. M 441 

Rodger, A. T., Jr 470 

Rodgers, Jean Anne 492 

Rodgers, Maurita J 112, 529 

Rodin, N 166 

Rodrick, G. E 112, 467, 472 

Roe, K. 439 

Roe, Marilyn L 493 

Roe, Minerva J 528 

Roemhild, Frank 190 

Roerser, J. 487 

Rogal, Lenore J 541 

Roger Williams Fellowship 261 

Rogers, B. W 441 

Rogers, Dorothy J 496, 591 

Rogers, Ethel L 529 

Rogers, G. B 112, 307, 313, 590 

Rogers, J. A 573, 590 

Rogers, L. W 573 

Rogers, Margaret A 535, 576 

Rogoff, M 472 

Rogow, D. A 553 

Rohde, Phyllis J. ..260, 271, 312, 533 
Rohde, Ruth 1 311, 533 

Rohe, Marilyn L 511 

Rohling, Mary L 241, 248, 256 

257, 269, 520 

Roland, H. A., Jr 440, 573, 590 

Rolander, R. B 480 

Rolf, F. H., Jr 286, 440, 573, 590 

Rolland, P 310 

Roller, Patricia K 549 

Roller, R. S 422 

Rollman, Leades C 436 

Romieniec, E. J 112 

Romm, Betty A 241, 246, 510 

Romm, M 485 

Rommel, George 190 

Roorda, J 179, 186 

Roos, C. H 454 

Roos, J. H 454 

Root, R. A 313, 441 

Rooth, J. B 440 

Rosauer, P. J., Jr 464 

Rosche, M. G 112, 565, 583 

Rose, A. E 558 

Rose, Francoise 504 

Rose, H 375 

Rose, Joan S 275, 490 

Rose, Joyce C 520, 576, 587 

Rose, Mona 185 

Rose, Nancy 542 

Rose, Phyllis J 113, 504, 580 

Rosecrans, Roberta D 266 

Rosell, E 156, 184, 186,201 

Rosen, Harriett R 510 

Rosen, H 169 

Rosen, Janice R 113, 275, 508 

Rosen, S 478 

Rosen, W. 1 553 

Rosenau, Jane R 497 

Rosenberg, A. 1 552 

Rosenberg, L 479, 573 

Rosenberg, Samuel S 557 

Rosenberg, S 262 

Rosenberg, Sol. S 262, 588 

Rosenberger, E 186 

Rosenblum, E 262 

Rosenblum, Leigh E 479, 592 

Rosenblum, Louis 189 

Rosenblum, Vivian J 501 

Rosenburger, Barbara A 509 

Rosenburgh, Mary E 524, 592 

Rosencranz, R 559 

Rosendale, Doris 533 

Rosenfeld, D 113, 478 

Rosenfeld, Merilyn ....279, 525, 566 

Rosenfeld, G. A 462 

Rosengard, H. H 439 

Rosengard, J. L 439 

Rosengard, R. A 439 

Rosenstein, Arlene F 113, 267 

428, 508 

Rosenstein, S. W 485 

Rosenstiel, Ruth 1 536 

Rosenstone, J 462 

Rosenthal, A 469 

Rosenthal, Betty 525 

Rosenthal, H. M 472 

Rosenthal, H.llel 478 

Rosenthal, Joan C 578, 579 

Rosenthal, L 478 

Rosenthal, S. L 584 

Rosenthal, Sheldon H 472 

Rosenthal, W. R 553 

Rosenzweig, Barbara L 510 

Rosenzweig, Charlotte J 525 

Roser, Betty A 520 

Rosin, Helene M 113, 501 

Rosinski, M. A 573 

Roske, M. P., Jr 465 

Rosner, R. N 113, 344, 485 

Rosner, Shirley S 113, 544 

Ross, Alice E 302, 495, 566 

Ross, B. S 479 

Ross, H. T 476 

Ross, J. B 458 

Ross, J. E 474 

Ross, J. R 307 

Ross, Kay W 471 

Ross, Lois R 531 

Ross, Mary F 113, 542 

Ross, Mary L 512 

Ross, Rose Lee 525 

Ross, R. R 441 

Ross, Walter M 550 

Rosset, D. S 551 

Rossi, Dolores 550 

Rossman, G. A 465 

Rossman, Renee M 113, 262, 520 

Rost, R. J 473 

Roszkowski, S. J 460 

Rotblatt, M. J. ...375, 410, 413, 428 

Rotenberg, N. P 559 

Roter, A. M 552 

Roth, E. S 469 

Roth, Phyllis A 281, 491, 580 

Roth, R 187 

Roth, R. M 113, 281, 586 

Rothgangel, Martha M 113, 504 

Rothstein, M 485 

Rottman, P. R 113 

Rottschaefer, R. T 179 

Rouse, J. E 465 

Rouse, J. W 465 

Roush, Juanita 533 

Roush, W. E 468 

Routt, C. B 591 

Rowe, Barbara J 113, 500, 597 

Rowe, Duane B 459 

Rowe, H. J 473 

Rowe, K. L 459 

Rowe, M. L 374, 395 

Rowe, R. R 375 

Rowe, W. L 396 

Rowells, L. G 450 

Rowen, Betty Ann 500 

Rowitch, G 157 

Roy, R. 113, 345, 465 

Royalty, F 113 

Royer, Mary A 516 

Rozmarek, Elaine R 548 

Rozynkowicz, M 167 

Rubard, C. R 339 

Rubel, S. M 485 

Rubenstein, P 262 

Rubenzik, Marcelle J 568 

Rubin, Constance R 525 

Rubin, Helene J 285, 510 

Rubin, Marcia J 510 

Rubin, Morris 552, 573 

Rubinelle, J 443 

Rubinelli, C. A 113, 443, 564 

Rubinstein, P 262 

Rubnitz, Mary E 510 

Ruby, P. R 552 

Ruchman, L 189, 201 

Ruckman, G 447 

Rudasill, A. J 582 

Rudd, Marilyn L 491 

Ruddy, Bernice M 528 

Rudman, J. H 114, 478 

Rudnick, L. H 469 

Rudnicki, E. M 453 

Rudolph, A. D 564 

Rudolph, Mary L 528 

Rudorf, Carolyn L 537, 579 

Rueckert, R 481 

Rueff, Eileen E 524 

Ruekberg, M. A 462 

Ruesch, E. G 477 

Rueter, Mary L 114 

Ruff, L. H 114 

Ruff, Mary A 544 

Ruff. R. T 446 

Ruffolo, L. E 556 

Rumack, David 169 

Rumack, D. R 164 

Rumery, June A 539, 566 

Rummer, Hazel R 550 

Rumsey, G. B 474 

Rundle, D. B 114 

Rundle, Dorothy B 599 

Rundquist, J. F 261 

Runyon, J. B 476 

Rusch, A. M 552 

Rush, C. D 313 

Rushakoff, S 562 

Rusher, W. J 114 

Rusk, H. P 38 

Ruskamp, R. H 445 

Russ, J. B 445 

Russell, C. W 426, 461 

Russell, E. H 114, 444 

Russell, Margaret H .' 310 

Russell, Ramona J 548 

Russman, H. B 179, 189 

Rust, A. E 584 

Rust, Dorothy M 530 

Rmle Arms 555 

Rusteberg, Fern 185 

Ruth, Marjorie F 114, 503, 591 

Rutherford, Georgia D 493 

Rutledge, Robert W 114 

Rutledge, Ruth L 523, 576 

Ruyle, W. V 599 

Ruzek, Jeanne M 491 

Ryan, E. F 451 

Ryan, J. V 584 

Ryan, Jean L 241, 244, 248, 495 

Ryan, Joan L 244, 271, 495 

Ryan, K. M 114, 286, 327, 456 


Ryan, Natalie M 114, 512 

Ryan, Patricia L 495 

Ryan, Rosemary L 512 

Ryan, Thomas F 197, 198 

Ryder, Martha J 502 

Rykovich, J 375, 380, 381, 383 

387, 390, 454 


Saady, S. L 420 

Saalwaechter, E 448 

Saar, R. P 459, 568 

Saas, M. S 197 

Saaveedra, R 179, 190 

Saban, J. P , 473 

Sabath, M. C 287, 346, 585 

Sabath, Pearl R 546 

Sabin, M. 1 302, 308, 439 

Sabo, J. R 438 

Sachar, A. L 262 

Sachem 221 

Sachnoff, E. R 550 

Sachnoff , H. J 472 

Sachs I. B 114 

Sachtleben, W. C 308 

Sacks, Miriam 521 

Sacks, S 469 

Sadewater, N. R 551, 574 

Sadowsky, L 469 

Sage, Gloria M 545 

Sagle, C. H 381, 461 

Sagraves. Marjorie A 545 

Sailor, G. A 558 

St. Clair, Eloise 549 

St. Clair, Helen E 518 

St. John, J. B 55 1, 574 

St. John, Ruth E 485 

Saizow, R. E 485 

Saley, June R 548 

Salisbury, M. H 583 

Salk, A. P ......'.'.'.'. 472 

Salk, R \ 169 

Salnicky, Miriam 543 

Salyers, Charlotte A 114, 504 

Salzman, A. G .' 559 

Salzman, S 1 14 554 

Samelson, L. R 114' 586 

Samuelson, Martha E .' 519 

Sampou, Isabelle L 493 

Sampson, F. T 135, 258, 463 

Sampson, S 324 

Samson, Bette M 496, 580 

Samson, Elaine 262, 525', 566 

Samuels, E. A 469 

Samuels, Merle 462 

Samuels, T 187 

Samuelson, Dorothy J. . . . , 463 

Samuelson, T. G 456 

Sanborn, R. H., Jr 114 

Sanken, Lois 1 517 

Sandberg, H. W 438, 476 

Sandel, R. D .' 574 

Sanders, Betty J 1 14, 589 

Sanders, J. E 344 

Sanders, J. W 441 

Sanders, Shirley A 538 

Sanders, W. B 115, 445 

Sanderson, J 115, 45o[ 554 

Sandquist, Lois L 507, 566, 580 

Sands, Barbara L 509 

Sands, W. B 468 

Sandy, C. E 307 

Sanford, A. M 307, 471 

Sanford, E. T 346 

Sanford, R. M 344, 347 

Sang, Barbara L .' 514 

Sang, D. G 573 

Sang, M. H 472 

Sangdahl, D. W 454 

Sanner, A. E 115 

Santer, Betty L 518 

Santer, H. L 444 

Santos, Inez 185 

Saper, E. P 115 

Saper, J 552 

Saperstein, S. E 262 

Saposnik, Ruth 115, 579 

Sarnat, L. A 179, 189, 192 

Sartore, D. V 557 

Sasek, L. A 569 

Satterlee, Frances J 115, 548 

Sauken, E 573 

Sauer, E. W 313, 440, 573 

Sauer, G. F 440, 573 

Saul, J. D 552 

Saunders, J. A 599 

Saurs, Dolores A 498 

Savage, J. A 451 

Savage, J. R 115 

Savage, Lorraine 494 

Savat, Constance S 543, 566 

Savina, Mary 532 

Savitt, Rollie P 542 

Sawhill, C. E 307 

Sawtelle, G. W 573 

Saxon, Phyllis 185, 201 

Sayad, J 115 

Sayers, K. R 575 

Sayler, Shirley J 312 

Sayre, W. B 115, 448, 564, 595 

Scanlan, R. W 420, 474 

Schaad, Doris E 535 

Schabel, Elizabeth 497 

Schacht, C. H 460 

Schaefer, R. W 115, 454 

Schaeffer, H 584 

Schaeffer, R. D 446, 474, 581 

Schafer, W. R., Jr 441 

Schaffer, H. J 115 

Schaffer, P. R 484 

Schaiker, A. E 179, 187 

Schaller, D. F 454 

Schaller, R 468, 554 

Schaloske, Norma J 522 

Schaps, S 439 

Scarab 595 

Scharf, A 115, 375, 413 

Scharfenberg, Jeanne M 500 

ScharfT, Nancy E 267, 506 

Scharmer, R. K 551 

Scharp, G. A 552 

Schaumburg, L. J 481 

Scheck, R. W 487 

Schecter, Lois 505 

Scheele, Arah-Dean P 505 

Scheid, D 344, 445 

Scheik, W 595 

Scheineman, Marian 285, 506 

Schelt, L 590 

Schenbly, M 582 

Schendel, Lois 183, 518 

Schenk, C, Jr 567 

Schenk, L. A 115, 554 

Scher, J. S 472 


r, D. R 11' 

, Patricia C 527, 576 

; R. < 589 

Si heri, Mary 124 

Schermeister, r 197, 199 

Schermer, Eileen P 510 

Schermer, Estelle G 115, 492 

Schertz, D. J 468 

Schertz, K. F 286, 559, 571, 590 

Scherwat, D. H 445 

Scheurich, J. M 544 

Schewe, E 191 

Schewe, Janis M in. 512 

Schewe, J. H 187 

Schieckedanz, Marilyn F 524 

Schickler, Sally A 500 

Schieb, F. J 455 

Schiermeyer, Betty L 512 

Schifeling, 15. J 467 

Schiff, Pearl M 520 

Schiff, S. B 462 

Schiffman, R. H 116, 467 

Schiller. B. B 585 

Schilt, H. L 116, 559. 57} 

Schipfer, L. A., Jr 459 

Schipfer, P. C 459 

Schlegeter, R. W 567 

Schlesinger, Eleanor A 116 

Schlesinger, R. G 458 

Schlickan, D. W 558 

Schlickan, Virginia D 5 19 

Schlieper, M. D 116, 327 

Schlosser, E. C 345. 459, 552 

Schlotman, 1 591 

Schmeling, "Nancy L....267. 281, 495 

Schmelzle, C. F 395 

Schmidt, Agatha M 531, 591 

Schmidt, Barbara L 287, 502 

Schmidt, B. J 438. 583 

Schmidt, G. A., Jr 464 

Schmidt, G. D 45X 

Schmidt, J. W 470 

Schmidt, Jo-Anne 549 

Schmidt, M 583 

Schmidt, Mynne K 5 19 

Schmidt, R. G 470 

Schmeid, Jacqueline R 493 

Schmeig, Bonniejean 116, 273 

275, 481 

Schmitt, Nancy L 490 

Schmitz T. W 464 

Schmuckal, Jane M 500 

Schneider, A 306 

Schneider, Charlotte R 508 

Schneider, D. E 116, 554 

Schneider, Elinor N 513 

Schneider, E. D 478 

Schneider, J. H 483 

Schneider, J. V 556 

Schneider, K. R 445 

Schneider, L. H 307 

Schneider, Louise G 525 

Schneider, N. P 481 

Schneider, Ruth C 499 

Schnipper, Patricia J 497 

Schnirring, W. R 445 

Schnitz, S. E 462 

Schnizlein, I. G 116 

Schoback, Elinor M 116, 522 

Schoenberd, E. 1 116 

Schoenberg, M. L 469 

Schoenberger, R. S 448, 564 

Schoenfeld, G 116,262,478 

Schoenherr, E. W 460 

Schoenoff, Ann E 548 

Schoenstadt, B. F 485 

Scholastic Honors 560 

Scholes, Eleanor 519 

Scholz, C. A 459 

Schoonmaker, Jane A. ..272, 273, 496 

Schoonmaker, S 593 

Schoregge, R. D 1 79 

Schottman, E. H 116, 327, 440 

573, 590 

Schottman, G. W.. Jr 179, 188 

Schour, L 189 

Schrader, ( orali 273 

Schrader, 1). F -182 

Schrader, G. F 5H5 

Schramm. Gcraldinc A 518, 566 

Schreiber, Benita F 532 

Schreiber, R. J 308 

S, hrickcr, (). W 557 

Schroder, W. B 528 

Schroeder, C. W 179, 190 

Schroedet, H. A 585 

Schroeder, H. E 116, 443, 564 

Schroeder, Jeanne B 120, 512 

Si hroeder, J. F 182 

Schroeder, W (74 

Schroeder, Winona R 116, 267 

493, '69 

Schubert, L. O 116, 591 

Si hubert, Patricia M 116, !4l 

248, 505 

Schubert, W. r 551 

Si Ian Inn. inn. Ester M 576 

Schuder, lean 1 116, 523 

ii huh r, R. ( 117 

Schuett, f, < 117. I56 16 

.1 In,. I/. W 11 ... ,307, 51 5. 595 

1 hui D 575 

Si hulman, ' arol F 524 

Si hulman, I sti 1 ■■• I 

Si hulman, Muriel I* 545 

Schulte, T. A 308, 445 

Schultz, Barbara J 504 II. ( 448, 475 

Schultz, H. 1 162. 574 

Schultz, K 573 

Schultz, Lauretta H 512 

Schultz, Marilyn L 535 

Schultz, Paula J 508 

Schulze, Grace M 514 

Schumacher, Margaret 1 117, 504 

Schumacher, Mary A 275, 504 

Schumacher. R 117 

Schumaker. J. A 562, 594, 599 

Schunk, C. A 437 

Schupack. A 197, 199 

Schurman, J 198 

Schussele, Marjoric J 524 

Schutz. Vivian R 117, 508 

Schuelt, J 573 

Schwab, Betty R 539 

Schwalb. H. R 468 

Schwartz, Dolores J 117, 228 

280, 499 

Schwartz. H. D 462 

Schwartz, J. K 439 

Schwartz, J. W 342 

Schwartz, M. 1 479 

Schwartz, M. S 201 

Schwartz, M. S 189 

Schwartz, M. \V 189 

Schwartz, P 478 

Schwartz, S. F 573 

Schwarzbach, H. H 469 

Schweitzer, G. K 261 

Schweitzer, I. 1 179 

Schweitzer, L 190 

Schwensel, W 296, 311 

Schwcnke, G. T 117 

Schwerdt, Helen F 532 

Schwerdt, R. F 308 

Schwetz, Marion A 530 

Schwulst. W. W 443, 564 

Sciacca. R 198 

Scofield, J. R 464 

Scott, C. 1 283 

Scott, E 442 

Scott, G. C 573 

Scott, H. A 453 

Scott, J. P 483 

Scott, Kathryn J 507 

Scott, Monna R 268. 302, 519 

Scott, Patricia A 504 

Scott, Patricia L 532 

Scott, P. E 442 

Scott. P. W 573, 599 

Scott, R. P 465 

Scott, T. R 117, 569 

Scovill, H. T 35 

Scranton, E. M 455 

Seaberry, J 442 

Seal, R. F 553 

Seaman, Georgene 117, 509 

Seaman, R. F 117 

Seaquist, Barbara A 283, 302,506 

566, 580 

Sears, Beverly L 540 

Sears, J. G 596 

Sebastian, Nettie E 117, 218, 222 

503, 580 

Sebastian. N. D 476 

Sebel, Charlotte H 526 

Sebens, Anna R 566 

Sechrest, C. H 458 

Secondino, Margaret A 499, 580 

Secor, E. C, Jr 260 

Sedgwick, G. H 313 

Sedgwick, Marilyn ....117, 198, 591 

See, M. J., Jr 117. 344, 459 

Seed, Kathryn 599 

Seegmiller, Dorothy C 535 

Seehausen, R 460 

Seely, P 553 

Seeman. Dorothy C 324, 366, 499 

Seeman, O. R 552 

Sefcik, E. S 575 

Segal, M. D 117, 479 

Segedin. L. B 591 

Segelhorst, Jenny A 542 

Seghetti. Lolita L 532 

Seidcl, R. M 485 

Seidlcr, B. M 480 

Seifer, II 485 

Seifert, R. 1 477 

Seigal, N 478 

Seil, Manning 1) 56x 

Seleski, Alice 550 

Selicoi itz, I I. urn 1 117, 273, 274 

Seliger, V. 1 375, 5K0. sol 

Sclix, (,. A 483 

Sell, Elaine M....117, 218, 225, 278 

51 5. 568, 597 

Si Mi ,■ 1 lonna J 5iH, 566 

Si mi 1 us. R ir,i 

ii ngi 1 F. B 586 

Si ngi ' . J. M (61 

Senioi i 44 

\i niot I .in 1 lm i . jg2 

Si nm n. J. M n 591 

Si mn- 11. \\ I 1 •,, 

Si nsi man, R. 1 k 1 

Si mi. hi. Dorothy I .66, 526 

Sen pinas, 1 ui ill. ,. 

■ .1 I R 194 

51 I,. 1 hi i.n 1 1 1 

Sen I( M.....375 

Scilicet at Illinois 336 

Setzkorn, Ann 599 

Severns, R. 1 426, 585 

Sewell, W. P 118, 228, 234, 235 

258, 466 

Seyler, J 375 

Seymour, Barbara A. ...275, 522, 589 

Shacter, J. D 118, 313 

Shade, Barbara J 275, 522, 589 

Shadle, P. W 118, 565 

Shadwick, W. E 553 

Shaffer, Barbara J 546 

Shaffer, H. R 344 

Shaffer, J. J 574 

Shalit, E. M 221, 222, 281 

Shalowitz, Gloria J 501 

Shalowitz, Leonore H 501 

Shamyer, G. H 428, 476 

Shanafelt, D. K 567 

Shands, E. 457 

Shane, M 567 

Shaner, C. H 164, 167 

Shaner, H. J 438 

Shanin, L. H 310 

Shanker, A 248 

Shanks, E. B 594 

Shanks, Joanne E 511 

Shannon, F. A 179, 190 

Shannon, Martha J 542 

Shapiro, Anita 521 

Shapiro, B. J 567 

Shapiro, D 225, 375, 552 

Shapiro, D. L 221, 478 

Shapiro, R 462 

Shapiro, S. R 189 

Shapiro, Shirley 542 

Shapland, E. P 463 

Shapland, J. T 585 

Share, Essie 518 

Share. 1 179, 184, 189, 201 

Sharfenberg, Jeanne 284 

Sharp, Helen M 542 

Sharpe, J. H 482 

Sharts, Phyllis R 118, 531 

Shattuck, C 292 

Shattuck, Marjorie L 523, 589 

Shatzman, L 478 

Shaw, Agnes A 533 

Shaw, E. J 482 

Shaw, Jean C 517 

Shaw, L. D 118, 556, 573 

Shaw, Phyllis M 519 

Shaw, R. D 481 

Shaw, W. W 308 

Shawl, R. 1 219, 307, 311 

Shawnee 534 

Shay, Barbara J 118, 519 

Shayman. B 118, 469, 564 

Shedd, M. H 338 

Sheer, Marie 598 

Sheets, L. L 436 

Sheets, W 187 

Sheffler. P 186 

Shefveland, O. B 118, 554 

Shekleton, Margaret C 118, 505 

Sheldahl, L. D 461 

Sheldon, Barbara 1 511 

Sheldon, D. W 118, 445, 583, 589 

Sheldon, J 461 

Shellabarger, Anne 275, 545 

Shelp, R. H 118 

Shelton, S. K 448 

Shelton. W. E 593 

Shelton, W. R.. 307 

Shemwell, Marijane 493 

Shepard, L. L 324 

Shepard, R 324 

Shepherd, A. D 593 

Shepherd, Doris P 307 

Sheppard, Marilyn 509 

Sheppard, R. J 559 

Sher, Delores J 526 

Sherer, R 556 

Sherman, June P 525 

Sherman, Suzanne 182 

Sherman, S. J 478. 566 

Sherrard, Dorothy M...308, 312, 530 

Shewalter, J. B 242, 481 

Shewhart, Shirley J 530 

Shi-Ai .... 580 

Shimcr, Alice M 529 

Shimkus, G. J 180 

Shimkus, Phyllis J 118, 522 

Shimp, Jean E 502 

Shinneman, D. A 261 

Shintani, E. H 118, 449 

Shirk, Eleanor J 502 

Shishow, Vera V 528 

Shklair, Anne 545 

Shoemaker, W. D 451 

Shoenberg, Sheldon 592 

Sholem, S. H 485 

Sholota, H. M 480 

Shols, Margery J 522 

Shook, L, 15 180 

Shorely, D 595 

Short, N. H 573 

Shoulders, W 118. 507, 515. 480 

ss5, 597 

Shubert, D, W 574, 589 

Shuman, IX 1 575, 102, 10 I, 1 ft 

Shuman, II 1 ik. in 

shurson. Laurel 1 518 

Shurti . Man ia 562, 58H, 599 

Sibley, K. E 111 

Sibley, R. D 313, 436 

Sibons, G. D 465 

Sichel, T. E 262 

Sidebottom, O. M 594 

Sider, R. M 485 

Sidlo, R. J 552 

Sieberman, R. A 567 

Siebert, F. S 34, 256, 257, 288 

374, 568 

Sieck, H 486 

Sieferman, Helen L 271, 503 

Siegal, F 119, 462 

Siegel, J. J 554 

Siegel, K 461 

Siegert, H. F 375, 380, 389 

Siegfried, Joan 549, 574, 592 

Siegfried, 1. M 119 

Siegfried, K 466 

Sielaff, M 441, 564 

Siemen, Esther E...119, 286, 327, 519 

576, 593 

Siemiewiec, Lorraine 529 

Sievert, C. F 599 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 47 

Sigma Alpha lota 596 

Sigma Alpha Mu 472 

Sigma Chi 473 

Sigma Delta Chi 596 

Sigma Delta Pi 578 

Sigma Delta Tau 510 

Sigma Kappa 511 

Sigma Phi Delta 475 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 476 

Sigma Pi 477 

Sigma Tau 597 

Silber, Joyce 544 

Silberberg, J. L 478 

Silbergeld, J 485 

Silberman, Marcia 510 

Silberman, Phyllis M 492 

Silberman, R. A 313, 427 

Silberman, R. E 313, 461 

Silkin, 1 591 

Sillesen, Dawn D 119, 529 

Silva, G. J 119, 557 

Silver, Marjorie A 492 

Silver, M 119, 554 

Silver, R 472 

Silverman, Doris L 508 

Silverman, G 472 

Silverstrini, D 556 

Silvertrust, D. A 462 

Sim. J. R 395, 481 

Simkins, Patricia A 267, 319, 512 

Simkus, G 190 

Simmans, E. N 552 

Simmens, H. L 481 

Simmergren, R. M 307, 593 

Simmons, D. H 475 

Simmons, Nancy 522, 566 

Simmons, O. E 486 

Simmons, P 458 

Simms, E 442 

Simon, Corinne A 508 

Simon, D. R 586 

Simon, F. V 307 

Simon, J 485 

Simon, M. V 550, 554 

Simon, R 248, 485 

Simon, W. E 468 

Simons, S. J 164, lf9 

Simonds, Millicent A... 283, 366, 503 

Simonds,. R. J 119, 445 

Simons, D. B 479 

Simons, R. L 180, 189 

Simonson, Marian L 119, 518 

Simpson, B. H 119, 310, 585 

Simpson, Dorothy B 311 

Simpson, D. E., Jr 454 

Simpson, J. D 445 

Simpson, R 471 

Sims, D 186 

Sinclair, Annette 594 

Sinclair, B. E 573 

Sinclair, D 327 

Sinclair, G. M 468 

Sinclair, Margaret A 550 

Sindelar, Virginia M 493 

Sindell. A. F 381 

Sing, Betty 1 569 

Singer, Harriette 566 

Singer. Shirley R 312, 545 

Sinks, Ruth (.' 532 

Sirimarco, R. F 164, 168 

Sission, Janet 562 

Sitavich, Sylvia G 292, 299. 311 

5 32. 596 

Sitter, Eleanor E 119, 261, 520 

Sitton, H. D 345 

Sitz J 555 

Siucla, Marilyn 491 

Sivik. M. V 555 

Sjunnesson. J. E 119, 5X5 

Skalc. A. J 477. 565, 589 

Skarzynski. W 5 10 

Skccters. Letha M 5 39 

Skelly, Mai ye F !34, 534 

Skelton, [anice N 269. 55s 

Skelton, Mary 1 507, 5io 

Skelton, W 507, 5 10. 537 

Skill. 1 169 

SkiU s. Phyllis J. 185,302,503, 566 

Skorupa, Loretta B 543 

\lull and 1 '. icenl 581 

Slack, 1 1 (63 


Slaker, I. D 557, 575 

Slater, B. J 459 

Slavick. Esther L 542 

Slavick, L. 1 462 

Slavik, R. C 483 

Slayman, R. A 474 

Slazinski, S 119, 475, 584, 590 

Slife, F. W 119, 456, 573 

Slinkman, Georgia E 119 

Sloan, Margaret M 500 

Sloboda, Lily A 119, 540 

Slodki, M. E 478 

Slottow, R 558 

Sluser, Ruth A 119 

Slyder, R. C 120, 454 

Small, Betty A 120, 539 

Small, Dorothy L 537 

Small, Jean L 541 

Small. M. S 180, 192 

Smaller, B. 1 180, 189 

Smart, S. 1 471 

Smeeton, J. C 164, 168 

Smidl, S. A 491 

Smidl, W. C 313, 480 

Smiley, A. J 120, 222, 375, 394 

398, 410, 412, 454 

Smiley, E. J 471, 559, 573 

Smiley, 1 573 

Smith, Barbara A 509 

Smith, Bethany V 312 

Smith, Bonnie L 495 

Smith, C. E., Jr 442 

Smith, Carol J 267, 491 

Smith, C. D 456 

Smith, C. G 453 

Smith, C. P 466 

Smith, C. J 454 

Smith, D. D 459 

Smith, D. G 120 

Smith, Danis 511 

Smith, D. B 567 

Smith, D. E 307. 310, 311, 313 

Smith, D. A 473 

Smith, D. G 573 

Smith, E 198 

Smith, E. E. L 476 

Smith, E. R 585 

Smith, E. C 567 

Smith, Elizabeth R 120 

Smith, E. R 483 

Smith, Estelyn 508 

Smith, F. D 120 

Smith, F. M 442 

Smith, G. M 573 

Smith, G. W 120, 483, 555 

Smith, H. D 559 

Smith, H. R 472 

Smith, I. A 573 

Smith, Jan 187 

Smith, J. A 491, 553 

Smith, J. S 451 

Smith, J 595 

Smith, Kathryn 261 

Smith, Loren 186 

Smith, L. H 477 

Smith, Martha J 490 

Smith, Mary E 497 

Smith, Mary L 490 

Smith, Muriel 521, 576 

Smith, Patricia J.. .120, 299, 301, 311 

496, 596 

Smith, Patricia L 518 

Smith, P 120, 485 

Smith, R 437 

Smith, Ra Chella G 535 

Smith, R. L 480 

Smith, R. M 440, 573 

Smith, Rosalie 529 

Smith, R. S 550 

Smith, R. W 455 

Smith, R. C., Jr 120, 310 

Smith, Ramona 494 

Smith, Royal B 438 

Smith, S. G 342 

Smith, S. R 307, 310, 593 

Smith, S. L 441 

Smith, Shirley Janet 536 

Smith, Shirley Joyce 335, 503 

Smith, Theo L 120, 428, 447 

Smith, Theodore L 428 

Smith, T. B 583, 589 

Smith, W. R 573 

Smith, W. H 583 

Smith, W. K., Jr 458 

Smith, W. L 559 

Smith, W. N 120. 453 

Smithers, E. D 454 

Smithson. J. T 120. 300, 437 

Smykal, R 460 

Sneddon, Anna M 120, 491 

Snell, Carol B 120, 490 

Snell, L. J 594 

Snow, Catherine J 220, 269, 543 

Snow, Dorothy M 121, 576 

Snow, June D 524 

Snow, W. E 241,242,248,252 

443, 585 

Snyder, B. A 551 

Snyder, Betty A 595 

Snyder, D. W 450 

Snyder, D. P 121, 569 

Snyder, D. F 442 

Snyder, Edna M 532 

Snyder, H. A 485 

Snyder, J. M 455 

Snyder, R 121, 426, 461 

Snyder, Sonia R 510 

Snyder, W 471 

Sobinsky, Hazel W 250, 524 

Society 314 

Society of Illustrators 591 

Soderholm. N. L., Jr 455 

Soderstrom, K. W 573 

Soice, W. M 121 

Soklik, Virginia 121, 519 

Solbrig, A. W., Jr 121, 565 

Soldwedel. J. S 445 

Solin, J. R 468 

Solliday. Beverly A 522 

Solock, J 121 

Solomen 262 

Solomom, L. P 439 

Solomon, Mary L 302, 490, 580 

Solomon, Rhoda C 525 

Solomon, R. H 479 

Solomon, R. S 479 

Soltow, Barbara L 490 

Somberg, Gloria R 508 

Somer, Eleanor Z 501 

Somers, F. A 453 

Somers, J. T 573 

Somers, Mary M 507 

Sommer, D. A 451 

Sommer, Miriam L 283, 500 

Somogyi, W. J 121 

Sorem, A. L 121 

Sorensen, Gladys B 121, 591 

Sorenson, M. J 480, 574, 575 

Sorika, L 478 

Sororities 488 

Sorrentino, F. C, Jr 121 

Sorsen, Virginia M 513 

Sortor, H. E 261, 481, 575 

Sosin, S 308 

Soukup, Charlotte M 537 

Southgate, D. D 121, 476 

Spaeth, C. E 441 

Spaeth. M. S 313, 463 

Spaeth, Marcia J 496, 587 

Spahn, Janyt R 492 

Spain, P. H., Jr 484, 585 

Spalding, Patricia G 520 

Spanabel, Helen M 493 

Spangler, R. W 121, 345, 445 

Spanish Club 579 

Sparberg, Dorothy E 529 

Spaulding, A 121, 537 

Spaulding, R. W 552 

Spear, Edna 543 

Spear, W. J 465 

Speckman, Naomi J 549 

Spector, H. M 462 

Spector, M 478 

Speirs, Francie R 312, 539 

Spenader, R. G 481 

Spencer, Dorothy L 121, 496 

Spencer, E. P 121 

Spencer, J. F 550 

Spencer, J. R 450 

Spencer, Marianne J 531 

Spengler, R. H 467 

Sperlakis, Mary J 535 

Spero, Marilyn 122 

Sperry, W. A., Jr 164, 168 

Spiegel, Mildred 525 

Spiegel, Phyllis 525 

Spiegler, R. W 444 

Spielberger, Marda 285, 510 

Spieler, R. J 428, 439 

Spinner, M. L 472 

Spiro, E. R. Mrs 501 

Spitz. Patricia J 535 

Spitz, R. S 551 

Spivakousky, T 305 

Sprague, Lois J 283, 503 

Spring, W. W 573 

Springer, Elisabeth G 124, 522 

Springer, L. S 461 

Springer, M. D 594 

Springman, A. J 122, 443 

Sproat, Lois 122, 532 

Sproat, Sally D 122, 504 

Spronz, Suzanne E 182 

Sprunger, R. W 551, 567 

Spurgeon, F. C 451 

Spurgeon, LaVonne 528 

Spurgeon, Lowell 374 

Spurlock, Joyce E 494 

Squires, R. L 471, 551 

Sroczynsk, Lorraine P 512 

Stables, J. L 307, 446, 593 

Stachyra, E. H 559 

Stadium Hall 559 

Stafford, E. S 26 

Stafford, leanette L 582 

Stage and Concert 290 

Stahl, Betty A 495 

Stahl, Julia R 272, 273, 286 

523, 593 

Stahl. Mildred L 523 

Stahnke, Muriel H 512 

Staley, H. B 460 

Staley, Harriet B 518 

Staley, J. E 447, 581 

Staley, S. C 36 

Stallmeyer, J. E....122, 259, 345, 583 

589, 597 

Stampar, G. J 466 

Stanczak, S. L 482 

Stanek, L. 589 

Stanheld, Mary L 519 

Stanford, W. T 468 

Stange, Harold 375. 410, 413 

Stankey, R. A 445 

Stanley, C 187 

Stansfield, J. P 440 

Stansfteld, J. R. D 585 

Stanton, N. L 559 

Star Course 301 

Stark, Ruth 122, 569, 587, 591 

Starkey, Jeanne E 569 

Starr, D. D 599 

Starr, L. A 307, 5>M 

Stasica, S 375 

Stateler, Barbara L 285, 503 

Staton, J. A 473 

Staub, H. P 180 

Stauder, R. L 455 

Stauenger, P. L 437 

Staugas, L. W 554 

Stavenger, P. L 122, 584 

Stavroulakis, Maxine H 122, 311 

Steacy, R. R 122 

Steen, A. M 462 

Steenhausen, J. R 555 

Steers, F. L 375, 419, 473 

Steffens, R. J 445 

Steffy, B. S 465, 575 

Steger, Frances 375, 495 

Steger, R. W 380, 381. 385, 473 

Steidl, J. C 482 

Stein, A. M 485 

Stein, E. B 122, 307, 593 

Stein, J. G 472, 552 

Stein, Mildred E. Mrs 182. 183 

Stein, Sylvia Y 501 

Stein, T. A 550 

Steinberg, Beverly J 543 

Steinberg, D. J 551 

Steinberg, Elaine B 542 

Steinberg, S. M 122, 554 

Steinkamp, Phyllis A. ..280, 491, 580 

Steir, C 477 

Stelzer, R. M 122, 219. 226, 280 

568, 586 

Stenberg, R. E 567 

Stencel, Lorraine A 267, 513 

Stenger, Elizabeth E 497 

Stentz, J. L 582 

Stephens, C 459 

Stephens, M. Elizabeth 122, 496 

578, 579 

Stephens, R. B 461 

Stephens, R. M 475 

Stephens, V. E 307, 310, 313, 593 

Stephenson, J. A 440 

Stephenson, J. R 448 

Sterling, H 180 

Sterling, H. E 469 

Stern, Emily F 122,524 

Stern G 201 

Stern, G. M 180 

Stern, Joanna 310, 566 

Stern, Lois E 310, 538, 596 

Stern, L 122, 234, 236 

322, 559 

Stern, Marilyn J 525 

Stern Marjorie 267, 501 

Sternberg, Eileen M 508 

Sternberger, C. N 485, 577 

Sternburg, J. G 483 

Sternloff, R. E 450 

Steuer, U. B 587 

Steuerwald, R. W 122, 443 

Stevenin, T. G 573 

Stevens, Emma H 1 80 

Stevens, Emma R 185 

Stevens, G. D 302, 463 

Stevens, Virginia J 512, 580 

Stevens, W. S 164, 168 

Stevenson, E. U 456 

Stevenson, J 471 

Stevenson, J. L 463 

Stevenson, L. F 553 

Stevenson, Tui 123, 498 

Stewart, D. F 446 

Stewart, H. J 556 

Stewart, Louise ' . . . . 541 

Stewart, Margaret R 562 

Stewart, Marjorie A 252, 534, 576 

Stewart, Mildred J 539 

Stewart, P. N 466 

Stewart, R. G 123, 441 

Stewart, R. M 442 

Stewart, Shirley W 494 

Stewart, T. C 375, 380, 388, 467 

Stewart, Virginia L 498, 576 

Stewart, W. T 442 

Stilbolt, Naomi D 5 17 

Stice, G. F 444 

Stice, J. A 444 

Stice, Lucile 496, 587 

Stickland, J 186 

Stiegelmeier, Marilyn 520 

Stiegman, L. J 123 

Stiernberg, Joy 5 30 

Stiglitz, Laurel 220, 284, 492 

Stika, E. A 180 

Stiles, W. R 487, 585 

Still, R 186 

Stfllwaugh, J. R 444 

Stiner, Ida M 544 

Stinson, E. M 483 

Stivero, F. B 301 

Stock, Emily E 319, 530 

Stockdale, Dorothy H...299, 310, 

Stockenberg, Marjorie 

Stocker, J. H 302, 

Stockhus, W. E 123, 

Stockstill, F 307, 

Stockwell, Jane L 

Stoddard, P. H 

Stoddard, G. D 20, 203, 

Stoeber, L. O 

Stogsdill, H 

Stoltman, P. J., Jr 197, 

Stone, C 

Stone, Helen M 

Stone, Marian J 

Stone, Rema V 

Stone, R 

Stone, R. L 

Stone, Zelda R 

Stoneberg, W. A 


Stonier, T. R 

Stookey, D 

Storako, M. A 

Storm, Helen M 

Storm, Rosemary J 

Stotlar, S. D 

Stouffer, Mary 

Stouffer, R. L 

Stouffer, Ruth E.. '. 275, 

Stout, C 

Stout, Elaine D 

Stout, J 123, 

Stout, J. J 307, 

Stout, Mary Ann 

Stover, Mary Lou 233, 

Stovroff, I. J 

Stoyas, Virginia 

St. Pierre, A 

Stranaham, Delloyd 

Strand, E. E 

Strang, L. R 123, 307, 313, 

Stratford House 

Straub, F 

Straus, C. L 

Straus, M. P 

Strauss, J. G 

Strawbridge, W. E 

Strayer, R. K 

Strecker, Ellen M 

Strecker, W 180, 186, 

Streff, D. W 

Streger, Esther W 123, 271, 

Streger, Ruth M...123, 298, 299, 

Strehl, Francis W 

Streid, Elizabeth A 123, 327, 

Streid, Ruth E 123, 

Strell, A 

Stremmell, Shirley M 

Strempler, C. E 

Stremsterfer, Gloria A 123, 

Strever, Jean L 123, 

Stribling, June I 

Striegall, Correll M 

Stroker, R. C 

Strom, A. D 

Strom, H 123, 345, 554, 

Strom, J 

Strom, R 

Stroud, W. P 

Stroupe, K 345, 

Strow, W 

Strozewski, Casimir S. T 

Strub, Carol A 124, 

Strubinger, Jo Ann 

Strubinger, Lois J 

Strull, R 

Strum, G 

Strum. H 

Strunck, J 

Strunges, Rose D 

Struthers, J 

Stuart, Muriel V 

Stubblefield, G 

Studky, Carolyn 

Student Administration 

Student Affairs Committee 

Student Convocations 

Student Religions Council 

Student Senate 

Studeny, Ruth E 

Studt. C 

Stuebe, L 420. 

Stuenkel, W 484, 

Stuhr. Carolyn 

Stukus, Bertha M 

Stull, Sarah L 

Stumpe, W 

Stupner, Aylene 

Sturm, Walter Forest 

Sturm, Wallace 

Stutsman, Patricia M 

Sudar, Patricia 

Sugar, J 

Sugden. G 426, 

SulLin, R 

Sullenger, G 

Sullh .in. ' latherine 

Sullivan, Jean M 

Sullivan, leanne M 

Sullivan, Lee A 344, 

Sullivan, Mary C 124, 519, 

Sullivan, P. N 

Sullivan, R 

5 20 



mi, W. S 124, 420, li I 

Sultar. S 169 

Summcrneld, L 187 

Summers, R 573 

Sumner, Barbara A 5 S8 

Sumner, C 574 

Sundmacher, H 428, i (7 

.Suppler, N 552 

Surbcr, T 591 

Surgeon, J 573, Irvin 192 

Susman, Marilyn G 311, 312 

Sutcliffe, P 444 

Sutherd, Jean 500 

Sutherland, F 585 

Sutzer, Geraldine M 124, 528, 591 

Suydam, J 344 

Svec, 124, 536 

Svitak, D 477 

S\\ agei , E 436 

Swaim, J 441 

Swain, Martha ...124, 218, 229, 278 

569, 580 

Swain, Virginia M 124, 545, 576 

Swan, Ralph J i i i 

Swan, Robert A 454 

Swanson, Alfred B 180, 187, 191 

Swanson, Carol A 124, 218, 268 

520, 569 

Swanson, Dorothy I 512 

Swanson, D. A 124, 591 

Swanson, Eleanor L 124, 54 S, 5 74 


Swanson, Jack M 573 

Swanson, lames R 476 

Swanson, Jean D 285, 500, 534 

Swanson, Marilyn Jean 248, 269 

507, 5js 

Swanson, Norma J 534, 576 

Swanson, S. W. E 339 

Swanson, Walter E 124 

Swanson, W 292 

Sward, Wanda 261, 502 

Swarts, Suzanne L 302, so: 

Swartswalter, Marilyn R 540 

Swartzendruber, F, J 18(1 

Swatek, P. M 471 

Swearingen, V. H 17 1 

Swedlund, R. K 551 

Sweeney, E. H 556 

Sweeney, J. R 464 

Swengingson, Birgit 513 

Swerdlow, M. A 180, 192 

Swerdlow, Ralph IS') 

Sweet, F. E 124. 491 

Swigart, T. E 12 I 

Swinehamer, Jeane D 523 

Sword, R. 156, 164, 16S 

Sydow, J. D., Jr 124, 210, Mill 


Sylvester, J 302, 477 

Symon, Alison M 124, 528, 578 

579, 59') 

Symon, R. B 311 

Syrcle, Elizabeth J 521, 589 

Szosz, Grace E 520 

Szukala, N. M 125 

Szulski, R. J 125 

Szymanski, F. G 443 


Tabachnick, N 189 

Tabaka, J. M 444 

Taber, Patricia A 500 

Table of Contents 12 

Taft. A. C 573, 59!) 

Taich, F. S 462 

Talbott. Ruth B 125, 592 

Talcott, Lois R. L 550 

Tallman, J. L 470 

Talman, Doris E 542 

Tamminga, W 454 

Tan, Tze L 599 

Tanck, June D 125, 520 

Tannenbaum, Marcia 526 

Tannenbaum, Muriel J 579 

Tanner, A. T 125, 481 

Tanner, G. E 125, 558, 573 

Tanner, M. ( i6i 

Tanner, Norma V 5 39 

I an ton, G. C, Jr 125 

I 'pp. N 156, 167 

l.nbcll, ( . G 344 

l arble, M. E 125, 574 

Tarrant, J. M 471 

I Jiu.nn, J }80 

rate, Betty 1 125, 32 i 10 

rate, Helen F 125, 5 lo 

Tatman, G. B 308 

Tatman, Jacqueline D 125, 503 

l .lit, i Dorothy 180, 185 

l .in Beta Pi 565 

I tubman, Elaine M 521 

11, M . J 45 8 

1 .1,1 Delta Phi 171 

/ ,/// Epiilon Phi 179 

1 .in Kappa Epsilon 

1 a ,l'.i , Alan 190 

raylot ' i'Ii' rim A. 

' U 1 n 

I I I'll, I) I 

1 aylor, l)"ns 1 1 

I aylor, D thy M 536 

Taylor. Elizabeth A 518 

Taylor, Ethlyn W 593 

Taylor, Frances M 125, 518 

Taylor, G. E 453 

Taylor, G. P 426, 461 

Taylor, G 281 

Taylor, H. E 125 

Taylor, J. E 307 

Taylor, Jayne K 260 

Taylor, Juanita J 534 

Taylor, Katherine W 238 

Taylor, L. C 125, 475 

Taylor, Margaret J 533 

Taylor, Mary J 536 

Taylor, R I'M). I'M 

Taylor, Sara L 261 

Taylor, T. F 448 

Taylor, Wahneta 125, 531 

Taylor, Welton 1 457 

Teach, Katherine 1 52') 

Teachout, L. D 447, 585 

Technoeraph, The 287 

Tedford, E. V 481 

Tedford, Norma L 307, 311 

Teehan, H. J 464 

Tehon, Atha 1 125, 260, 307 

506, 591 

Teller, Louise 496 

Tellcz, A 126 

Telling, Martha J 126, 513 

Temple, Jean A 500 

Tenczar, Marcia A 542 

Tenczar, Mary A 542 

Tenenbaum, H 478 

Teng, C 449 

Tennes, Charlotte B 501 

Termites 430 

Terp, E. T 436, 581 

Terp, R. T 436 

Terrapin 275 

Terrell, J. M 481 

Terrill, S. W 456 

Terry, H. L 557 

Terry, Joanne M 539 

Terry, R 198, 199 

Terry, R. I., Jr 473 

Terry. W. C 444 

Tesch, W. J., Jr 551 

Thai, Henriet L 520 

Thatcher, Elizabeth C 511 

Ther, Irene L 267, 283, 503 

Theta Chi 481 

Theta Delta Chi 482 

Theta Phi 597 

Theta Vpstlon 512 

Theta Xt 483 

Thielemann, G. J 467 

Thier, S. R 564 

Thoman, A. H 444 

Thomas, D. L 1 89 

Thomas, Frances 1 518 

Thomas, J. E 459 

Thomas, L. J. 345 

Thomas, Marilyn A 493 

Thomas, M. W 573 

Thomas, Patricia J 507 

Thomas, S. J 308, 477 

Thomas, T. L 583 

Thomas, W. E 344 

Thomassen, Kaye 183 

Thomasson, Barbara R 260, 271 

Thometz, Mary F 126, 307, 518 


Thompson, A. A 126, 584 

Thompson, D. A 444 

Thompson, H. F 453 

Thompson, J. 454, 573 

Thompson, Jean 1 539 

Thompson, J. A 443 

Thompson, J. A 126, 563, 590 

Thompson, J. G 374 

Thompson, Katherine 549 

Thompson, L. W 426, 461 

Thompson, Martha G 182 

Thompson, N. H 126 

Thompson, R 187 

Thompson, R. C 437 

Thompson, R. E 180 

Thompson, R. J 456, 573 

Thompson, Rosalee 547 

Thompson, S. E 24 

Thompson, T. T 460 

Thompson, W. A sss 

Thompson, W. 1 428, 447 

Thompson, W. S 450 

Thomsen, Nancy H sis 

Thomson, lean E 550 

Thomson, R. E 582 

Thon, J. G 12 > 

Thomburgh, W. D 456, 57 3 

Thorne, F. H., Jr 47 1 

1 li ton, J. D in 

["horsen, < . K 154 

1 hot SI 11 < 1. A IK, 

I hoi ."ii M.i 1 1 A ' 1 ' 

I In. mi''. (,., Ji 187 

["hrasher, L. I... Jr 180 

Thrasher, W. I) 558, 579 

1 in«. 1, Dorothy >90 

1 in" 1. K. I soo 

1 human, E, < ■ 465 

1 hurlby, IP 1 445 

Thurow, D. R 555 

Thurow, Lois E 126 

Tice, Nancy 599 

Ticer, J. E., Jr 474, 581 

Tick, Frances E 126, 267, 510 

Tiearney, T. C 465 

Tiffany, G. E 339 

Tikulski, L. D 126 

Tilden, R. S 482 

Tilkemeier, R. W 483 

Till, H. R 588 

Tilley, Marie 1 126, 546 

Tillitt, J. C 311 

Tillma, Mollye M 569 

Tilton, G. R 556 

Timlin, Mary L 267, 493 

Timm, Dolores A 285, 507 

Timmerhaus, K. D 421 

Timoner, E 479 

Tintari, J. A 477 

Tintary, Perlee W 477 

Tirtilli, Gloria L 126, 550 

Tiss, C. J 552 

Titus, A. H 453 

Titus, R. P 238, 307 

Tobermann, C. W 465 

Tobin, R. K 447 

Tobin, R. G 454 

Todd, Helen K 126, 518 

Todd, Lois J 126, 518 

Toepke, M. L 463 

Tokman, Joyce L 492 

Toland, Lillian G 519 

Toll, E. A 346 

Tolley, H. R 126, 573 

Tolmie, T. K 313 

Tolpin, P 189 

Tomaras, W. 375 

Tomasian, Virginia D...319, 322, 532 

Tomaskovic, J., Jr 559 

Tomberlin, R. E 438 

Tomberlin, T. H 438 

Tomes, J. E 447 

Tomic, Hellen B 539 

Tomic, T. R 126, 543, 569 

Tomisek, Shirley A 127, 527, 569 

587, 594 

Tomlin, Virginia 490 

Tompkins, A. W...27, 241, 252, 471 

Tompkins, W 181, 187 

Tonkin, W. M 436 

Tonsor, S. J 556 

Tooley, C. E 585 

Toomey, R 444 

Topke, L 573 

Toppel, H. S 462 

Torch 220 

Torch, M 552 

Tormohlen, D. P 127 

Tornello, Rosemary C 246, 535 

Torrence, D. L 345 

Torrey, J. K 448 

Tosenstiel, Ruth 281 

Tosovsky, Dorothy M 512, 589 

Tountas, Betty 546 

Tourtellott, Carol J 524 

Tovey, H. A 441 

Towers, Patricia A 533 

Tozer, W 444 

Trachtenberg, Lee H 551, 592 

Track 400 

Tracy, T. S 486 

Trader, W. J 475 

Trafton, T. R 451 

Traindafillidis. G 550 

Trammell, Elizabeth 494 

Trandel, E. J 375, 402, 480, 575 


Traub, J. R 1 56, 486, 565 

Traub, L 198 

Travis, Francine M 543 

Travis, Phyllis A 496, 566, 580 

Treadwell, C. A 585 

Trebellas, Kathryn 536 

Trecker, Phyllis A 522 

Treder, Pauline 516 

Tredinnick, Mary R 127, 267, 505 

569, 588 

Treiser, W 189 

Trelease, A. W 465 

Trelease, Leah 26, 566 

Trelease, S 374 

Tressler, Eileen F 512 

Trevallion, C. M 590 

Triangle 484 

Tribbey, R. E 127, 480 

Tribe of llhni 345 

Trick. B. G 466, 589 

Trigger, K. J 568, 585 

Trilling, Arlene P 547 

1 roh.tugh, R 261 

Trogdon, R. 1 582 

Trost, C. M 473 

Trost, W. C 127 

Trotcky, S. A ho 

I rotier, A, H 311 

1 rotier, Eva M si 1 

Troup. It. ( 42<>. 461 

Trovillion, (■:. B 573 

Tiowc, Barbara 1 198 

rrovell, L. R.. . .' 146 

1 nil, up S, W 169 

I rudgen, Betty J 520 

Itucmper, J. J 473 

Trumbull, L . R 599 

Trumbull, J. W 307 

Trummel, Dorothy J 511 

Tuchman, Raiza L 547 

Tucker, Creed D 438 

Tucker, D. W 307 

Tucker. D 55 3 

Tucker, J. R 5m 

Tudor, B. A 473 

Tuggle, W 457 

Tull, W. F 430, 471 

Tunnicliff, Barbara J. ..248, 267, 497 

Tunnicliff, D. N 127 

Tunnicliff, R. D 127 

Turkish Students Association 598 

Turkberk, A 598 

Turke, G 187 

Turnbow, C. R....127, 232, 375, 418 


Turnbull, J. W...127, 260, 554, 569 

Turnbull, L. C 477 

Turner, Anita M 127, 253, 59 1 

Turner, D. G 436 

Turner, E. A 127, 533, 591 

Turner, Fred H....26, 256, 257, 288 

Turner, H. M 522 

Turner, Joanne 127, 504 

Turner, P. H 457 

Turner, R. J 127 

Turner, R. M 445 

Turner, R. R 457 

Turner, Ruth C 260, 497, 580 

Turner, W. R 58 5 

Turpin, R. B 127 

Tuthill, J. K '436 

Turtle, G. P 24 

Tweedell, K 127, 454 

Twichell, Jeannette E .' 549 

Twist, R. C 438 

Twist, R. L 438 

Twitchell, T. H., Jr 127, 381, 474 

Twomey, J. E 375, 402, 405 

_, 421, 445 

Twomey, V 375, 402, 405 

Tyler, Elizabeth 599 

Tyson, H. D 438 

Tyson, R. A 438 


Ubben, L. E 453 

Uchrke, G 198 

Uchtmann, C. G 345 

Uebenhein, Rozanna 496, 576 

Ulman, Susanne 543 

Ulmer, Estaline D 530 566 

Ulrich, R. B 300, 486 

Umbnght, Charlene E 500, 598 

Unal, M 598 

University 16 

University Chorus 311 

University Orchestra 310 

University Women 264 

Unmacht, Marilyn F. ...220, 279 493 

Unteed, D. 454 

Unteed, K. E 567 

Upstone, K. T 486 

Urban, C. J 454 

Urdangen, Dorothy R 518 

Urish, E. L 286, 440, 573, 590 

Urquiaga, J. A 438 

Ury, Mary L 506 

Usborne, R. J 459 

Ustun, S. K 449, 598 

Utne, R 187 

Uzonur, C 585, 598 


Vaag, H. 311, 313 

Vaaler, R. A 181 

Vackette, Mayme A 128, 273, 542 

Vaculik, Elaine R 491 

Vagel, R 198 

Vail. D. P 128, 454. 568 

Val Dez, Mabel A 18i. 520, 58- 

Valek, J. J 375, sun, is 1 

Van Arsdell, P. M 575 

Van Auken. F. M 428, 430, 463 

Van Buskirk, Georgia 1 539 

Vance, E. E 128, 222, .394, .398 

Vanderberg, Mary E 550 

Vanderhilt, C 16 1 

Vanderbilt, H. D 557 

Vanderhoof. W. D I 28, 573 

Vander Kloot, Mary I ill 

Vander Stoep, D. M 308. s(,7 

Van der Wcrff, A. J 128, 559 

Vandc Voordc, Jean 520 

Van Duyne, C. M 181, 18S. l"l 

Van Duzor, J. T 474 

Van Duzor, W. N 466 

Van Hcyningen, V. F 591 

Van Hook, Margaret A 128, 524 

Vaniman, I. S 1 '3 

v.m i eeuwen, \v. II 471 

Y,m M.itu. fanel I ill, )12 

sis, 196 

Van Moppen, N.iiuv s <>; 

Van Paucke, R 562 

V.m Velzer, Verna «>8. 3 10 

VanWinkle. Grace E 573 

Varland, w, E -Mi 


Varney, H. W 573 

Varzhabedian, B. M 197, 198 

Vaughan, D. J 445 

Vaughan. J. H 128 

Vause, E. H 128, 438 

Vawter, Patricia 493 

Veach, A. D 128, 307, 477 

Veatch, P. D 444 

Vebel. W 455 

Vedell. R. L 573 

Veile, Ruth E 519 

Veirs, Anne E 500, 591 

Velde, W. A 440, 573 

Vercellino, J 128 

Verdick, R. D 585 

Verdun, Mary J 128, 512, 592 

Verego, F. J 450 

Veremis, C. G 557 

Vergara, E 128, 449 

Vergara, R. D 287 

Verkler, E. L 436 

Vernon, Dorothy J 534 

Vertrees, J. W 567 

Vick, J. E 313, 574 

Vidalakis, Sylvia R 540 

Vigna, Elvira C 524 

ViTlanueva. X 344 

Vinckas, Ruth E 520 

Vineyard. W. L 436 

Vinson, D. A 573 

Vinyard, C. W 573 

Virgin, Alice L 523 

Visbaras, Sylvia F 536 

Visotsky, H. M 592 

Vitous, Helen B 536 

Vitto, Marilyn H 543 

Vivrett, W. K 128, 557 

Vodicka, Ingrid 490 

Vodicka, R. D 128 

Vogel, C. W 454 

Vogel, S. H 552 

Vogen, K. W 456 

Vogen, N. P 286, 456, 573 

Vogen, R. E 456 

Vogen, R. N 128, 456 

Voigt, Cecile J 128 

Voigt, Jean 521, 592 

Voigt, R 198, 199 

Volini, Marguerite 528 

Volkman, R. H 308 

Volkman, W. H 445, 581 

Volland, K. Althea 183, 542 

Vollmer, D. E 471 

Vollrath, Nancy A 267, 504 

Voltz, Verna 260, 270, 271 

Von Ebers, D 422 

Von Huben, H. R 308, 483 

Von Spreckelson, R 375 

Vore, Valeria 549 

Voris, D. C 592 

Vortman, L. J 443 

Vranek, L. R 458 

Vrdsky, R. J 477 

Vyse, A. F 467 


VC.A.A 272 

Wacaser, Frances A 302, 491, 592 

Wachholz, A. A 452 

Wachtel, H. R 556 

Wachter, J. J 458 

Wacker, Helen E 129, 267, 491 


Wacker, J 187 

Wacker, Sylvia L 531 

Wade, Arvena M 129, 491 

Waganknecht, T 188, 191 

Waggoner, E. E 261 

Wagle, Carol F 522 

Wagner, H. F 129, 483 

Wagner, Russell Walter 129, 293 

298, 300 

Wagoner, G 187 

VC'ahina 550 

Wahlberg, Ruth 562, 599 

Wahlstrom, M. E 375, 557 

Waibei, C. G 455 

Waitches, L. A 553 

Wakeheld, I. C 453 

Wakefield, Professor N. D 600 

Wakeland, R. J 375, 412, 453 

Wakeland, J. M 129 

Wakeman, H. L 480 

Wakeman. Margery E 129, 505 

Waldman, S 169 

Walden, Virginia E 311, 513 

Waldo, Margaret H 129, 218, 293 

298, 495, 569 

Waldorf, R. C 482 

Walker, A. W 307, 590 

Walker, Alice A. ..129, 260, 267, 499 

568, 597 

Walker, B. P 129 

Walker, Constance L 576 

Walker, D. W 447 

Walker, F. S 129, 327, 559, 563 


Walker, G. K 457 

Walker, G. R 221, 375, 402 

404, 407 

Walker, Gloria A 528 

Walker, H. L 454 

Walker, Mrs. H. L 311 

Walker, Jean 534 

Walker, R 129, 186 

Walker, R. F 483 

Walker, R. K 307, 573 

Wall, J. R 438, 581 

Wall, Mildred N 502 

Wall, V. H 559 

Wallace, Charlotte C 502 

Wallace. G. M 447 

Wallace, Harold Dale 456 

Wallace, J. C 456, 573 

Wallace, J. F 451 

Wallace, J. R 460 

Wallace, Mary M 220, 271, 509 

Wallace, Mrs. Natalie Finch 183 

Wallace, Patricia E 576 

Waller, Germaine 129 

Waller, I. H 469 

Waller, M. 1 165 

Wallin, H. L 377, 465 

Wallin, Shirley Ann 531 

Wallin, Shirley Ann 506 

Walling, Mary L 285, 503, 566 

Walling, Sada H 509 

Wallis, Norma E 533, 587 

Walovitch, M 169 

Walsh, Betty Lou 493 

Walsh, R. F 450 

Walter, C. C 443, 555 

Walter, Florence C 285, 516 

Walters, G. A 129, 241, 246, 248 


Walton, D. R 473 

Walton, J. W 238 

Walton, Margaret A 505, 509, 580 

Walton, R 473 

Walzer, J. F 308 

Wandling, H 186 

Wanen, Lois P 319, 505 

Wappel, L. W 553 

Ward, H. G 129, 450 

Ward, James H 465 

Ward, T. N., Jr 129, 242, 574 

Wardell, Hattie M 576 

Ware, J. B 465 

Ware, Mary J 546 

Warffuel, Virginia 511 

Warg, H 342 

Warlin, A 567 

Warner, Althea 183, 539 

Warnock, T. H 483 

Warren, J. W 471 

Warrick, E. S 311 

Warsaw, Beverly R 508 

Warsaw, R 478 

Wasilewski, V. T 428, 476, 586 

Wasser, N 439 

Wasson, J. A 573 

Waterman, J. T 150, 344 

Waters, J. E 468 

Waters, R. W 450 

Watkins, B. K 465 

Watkins, C. A 552 

Watkins, J. E 395, 463 

Watkins, Lorraine 439 

Watkins, M. L 261 

Watkins, S. H 130, 448 

Watkins, W. D 445 

Watson, J. C 486 

Watson, J. W 437 

Watson, J 457 

Watson, K. H 130, 554 

Watson, Mark 187 

Watson, R. A 308 

Watson, W. W 130, 437 

Watt, P. C 426, 461 

Watt, P. H 441, 567, 584 

Watters, H. C 165, 168, 583 

Watton, H. C 550, 567, 583 

Watts, W. A 130 

Waxier, G. W 455 

Wayne, W. C 567 

Wear, G. D 453 

Weas, F. C 130, 573 

Wealherly House 537 

Weathers, J. R 130 

Weaver, Jacqueline 504 

Weaver, Sybil 521 

Webb, E. M 130, 554, 573 

Webb, Ellen M 519 

Webb, J. L 130, 436 

Webb, R. K 307 

Webb. R. R 482 

Webb, Roberta M 130, 327, 519 


Webber, H. M 466 

Weber, A. E 584 

Weber, C. A 130, 300 

Weber, D. C 310 

Weber, D. D 308 

Weber, E. G 466 

Weber, Evelyn J 312, 536 

Weber, G. A., Jr 477 

Weber, G. G 375 

Weber, Leonard P 470 

Webe, L. J 308, 573 

Weber, Marilyn 1 130 

Weber, M. K 472 

Weber, Rosemary 493 

Weber. W. C 377, 466 

Webster, G 199 

Webster, Joan 311, 5 59 

Wedge, Mary J 220, 271, 498, 580 

Weedman, Helene L 540 

Weeks, Helen 518 

Weeks, Phyllis L 509 

Wehman, Doona M 507 

Wehrle, G. W 130, 568, 585 

Wehrle, R. B 556 

Wehrly, J. S 573, 584 

Weibler, Audrey M 507 

Weichert. D 476 

Weigel, C., Jr 130, 477 

Weidner, Gloria 533 

Weigerding, W 559 

Weirouch, R. G 307. 310, 593 

Weik, E. W 476 

Weil, Raoul B 449 

Weiler, W. R 375, 402 

Weiman, E. S 130, 478 

Weiman, M. R 460 

Weimer, Ruth H 220, 269, 319 

Weinard, Ruth E 130, 293, 298 

299, 498, 589, 597 

Weinberg, W. D 485 

Weiner, Frieda 566 

Weiner, Leo 197 

Weiner, Richard S 131 

Weiner, Ronald P 439 

Weiner, Sally S 537 

Weinert, C. E 131, 591 

Weininger, P 462 

Weinman, S 469 

Weinper, H D 479 

Weinress, R. A 469 

Weinstein, A. J 462 

Weinstein, Bernard 1 462 

Weinstein, Geraldine M 501 

Weinstein, H. E 472 

Weinstein, L 344 

Weinstein, Mayer 462 

Weinz, Dorothy 522, 592 

Weis, June D 542 

Weisberg, L 472 

Weishar, J. L 461 

Weisiger, G. B 374, 582 

Weisman, Elaine 508 

Weisman, H. 1 559 

Weiss, D. S 319, 578 

Weiss, Georgette A 131, 536 

Weiss, J. A 472 

Weiss, J. S 461 

Weiss, Marilyn B 285, 510, 566 

Weiss, M. E 479 

Weiss, P. J 478 

Weiss, R. C 181, 189 

Weiss, R 592 

Weiss, Robert M 464 

Weiss, S 192 

Weissman, L. H 462 

Weisz, C 469 

Weiter, R. H 583 

Weitzel, K. D 441 

Welch, Joan 493 

Welch, Louise 549 

Welch, Mary Ann 520 

Welch, R. S 582 

Welch, William Gilmore 467 

Weldon, H. P., Jr 451 

Welham, Sarah R 528 

Weiler, Marjone W 506 

Weiler, P. D 444 

Weiler, S. A 552 

Wellman, T. J 131, 313 

Wells, A. R 238, 445 

Wells, Edith M 283, 503, 566 

Wells, L. U 131, 573 

Wells, N. D 445 

Wells, Portia G 496 

Wells. R. L 482 

Wells, Virginia B 597 

Welsch, W. W ; 441, 451 

Welsh, David 188 

Welsh, D. L 461 

Welsh, Grace F 182, 183 

Welsh House 538 

Welsh, Peggy A 507 

Welyki, J 375, 421 

Wenatchee House 556 

Wenderoth, D. F 441 

Wenig, Charlotte 525 

Wenk. C. H ,485 

Wenskunas, M. P 131, 223, 375 

380, 465 

Wenzlaff, R. L 131, 460 

Werber, F. X 310 

Werner, Rosalie '507 

Wersching, J. P 165, 166, 168 

Werstler, Barbara J 495 

Wertz, C 254 

VC'escoga 549 

Wescott, G. V. 373, 448 

Wesley Foundation 261 

Wesley, Marjorie V 538 

West, D 462 

West, J. H., Jr 476 

West, Lottie 183 

West, W. B 342 

Westberg, R. N 131 

Westenhaver, J. L., Jr 283, 466 

Westerholt, H. H 553 

Westfield, Valerie A 267, 511 

Westgor, Mavis J 535 

Westlake, C. R 555, 585 

Westlake, O. 573 

Wetenkamp, H. R 573 

Wetzel, F. H 131 

Wetzel, H. J 238, 327, 440 

572, 595 

Wetzel, J. M 441 

Wetzel, Martha 311 

Wetzel, O. A 131, 450 

Wetzler, JoAnn 49 5 

Wexler, M. J 131, 554, 567 

Wexler, R 344 

Wexman, Eloise F 267, 501 

Whalin, Betty J Ml 499 

Wham, G 186 

Wham, J. B 582 

Wham, R. S 473 

Wheelan, W. K 471 

Wheeler, Elizabeth 1 183, 519 

Wherry, A. P 484, 585 

Whipple, Juin HI, 506 

Whisenand, J. L 455 

Whitaker, R. W 584 

Whitcomb, J.N 286, 440, 573 

White, A. E 573 

White, Anna L 131, 596 

White, Dolores P 549 576 

White, D. W 473 

White, Doris A 539 

White, E. A 468 

White, Frances E 566 

White, F. R 481 

White, H 447 

White, Janet L 185, 311, 520, 587 

White, J. E 311 

White, Marie P 541 

White, Mary 509 

White, R. H 300 

White, R. S 474 

White, R. B 131, 554 

White, R. C 545, 574 

White, Robert E 559 

White, R. L 445 

White, Suzanne 503 

White, W. M 463 

Whitehead, Patricia M 517 

Whitenack, Ktahryn J 576 

Whitenack, W. C 132 

Whitesel. Ritta 576 

Whiteside, J. E 307 

Whitfield, R 454 

Whiting, F. S.. Jr 465 

Whitley, Lolamae 132 

Whitlock, J. R 450 

Whitmer, R. W 471 

Whitmore, C. M., Jr 586, 588 

Whitnel, Elizabeth A 242, 506 

Whitnel, Mary L 267, 506 

Whitney, L. T 308, 463 

Whitson, Helen 562 

Whitson, Ramona L 576 

Whitton, Norma L 132, 224, 240 

250, 299, 523, 598 

Whitton, Willa 1 241, 250, 523 

576, 595 

Whitworth, J. N 346 

Whynot, Jacqueline R 530 

Wible, Norma J 260, 522 

Wichert, E. Ann 498 

Wickenden, H. R 132, 446 

Wickersham, E. D 551 

Wickert, August L 573 

Widemire, D. P 399 

Widener, Mary L 152, 502 

Wiebmer, W. R 436 

Wieczovek, Mary lS^ 

Wiederanders, RE 551 

Wiedow, Roy 375, 410, 412 

Wiedrich, R. C 300 

Wiegand, Ruth A 520 

Wien, R. E 132, 485 

Wienke, R. E 588 

Wiersema, Jean 307, 495 

Wiesner, Wight, William 261 

Wigodner, S. L 132, 554 

Wike, Sharon J 540 

Wilber, Marilyn 504 

Wilbur, D. G 181, 188 

Wilcox, Betty L 504 

Wilcox, W. E 285, 436 

Wildeman, Jane L 491, 594 

Wildman, Carolyn 533, 566 

Wildemire, D 573 

Wilens, C. E 485 

Wiley, H. D 481 

Wiley, J. P 132 

Wiley, T 437 

Wiley, W. C 471 

Wilk. Jean F 511, 539, 566 

Wilken, F. D 15:. 565. S75 

Wilkening, Barbara J 541 

Wilkes, L. W 453 

Wilkes, M., Jr 132. 442 

Wilkie, R 132 

Will, Marilyn A 547 

Will, R. E 473 

Wille, W. R 551 

Willett, Evangeline 544 

Willey, Mrs. Ruby K 132 

Williams, A. K 308 

Williams, Caroline 503 

Williams, Clara V 491 

Williams, D. F 181, 188, 200 

Williams, Dorothy J 594 

Williams, E. E 591 

Williams, Helen J 521 

Williams, Helen M 152. 591 

Williams, 1. L 54S 

Williams, J. E 344 

Williams, J 436 

Williams. Joan M 519 


Williams, Joyce M 542 

Williams, L. W 591 

Williams, L. R 574 

Williams, Margaret L 548 

Williams, Mary C 132 

Williams, Mildred M 5H 

Williams, Richard I 484 

Williams, Robert E 552 

Williams, R. J 441 

Williams, Vera L ill, 518 

ims, W. E 13(5 

Williamson, K. E 23 

Williamson, Patrii is 503 

Willig, D. E 132 

Willis, Carol W 133, 511 

Willis, Frances B 509 

Willis, H. W 344 

Willis, Mary A 509 

Willis, Norma K 549 

Willis, V. M 559 

Willison, Eloise 505 

Willman, V. 1 569 

Wills, Constance J 133 

Wilmeth, Frances H 530 

Wilmeth. Mary 307 

Wilner, J. G 472 

Wilson, A. D 450 

Wilson, Beverly G I". I 1 >1 

Wilson, C. W 522 

Wilson, D. M 573 

Wilson. Dolores A 516, 576 

Wilson, Elaine M 547 

Wilson, Evelyn 539 

Wilson, Elwyn W 573 

Wilson, Georgia M 535 

Wilson, G 188 

Wilson, H. H 460 

Wilson, Henry E 238 

Wilson, Jane P 495 

Wilson, K. E 480 

Wilson, K. L 133 

Wilson, L. E 474 

Wilson, Margaret 1 541. 566 

Wilson, Nancy A 283. 506 

Wilson. Robert 476 

Wilson, R. A 375 

Wilson, R. Edward 463 

Wilson, R. W 582 

Wilson, R. C 133 

Wilson, S. K 486 

Wilson, Virginia R 518 

Wilson, Wayne 480 

Wilson, W. L 345 

Wilson, W. M 133 

Wilton, Dorris W 133 

Wimberley, Patricia 302 

Wimberly, Letitia W...220, 311, 312 

497, 580, 596 

Wimer, D. C 563 

Winandy, Mary L 529 

Winchester, P. D 133 

Windesheim, K 234 

Windsor, G. C 197 

Winer, M. S 308, 469 

Winkelmann, Martha J 491 

Winkelman, W. G 46 

Winkelman, Mildred J 520, 566 

Winkler, R 339 

Winkler, W. G 451 

Winsberg, D. M 439 

Winslow, Alice E 133 

Winslow, R. H 133, 344 

Winter, V. R 464 

Winter, W. A 567, 591 

Winterhoff. Lila M 311, 522 

Winterowd, F. W 573, 589 

Winters, Virginia L 133, 520 

Wirth, E 199 

Wirth, G. H 133. 474 

Wirtz, M. W 573 

Wische, Sande 469 

Wise, Barbara A 542 

Wise. Catherine 185 

Wise. D 133, 238,260. 573 

Wise, Kay 201 

Wise, L. D 307 

Wise, M. J 346, 472 

Witcnsky, Beverly R 133 

Witensky, R. J 485 

Witges, Florence H 539, 592 

Witherspoon, L. T 414. 57 3 

Witherspoon. Sarah A 503 

Withum, Norma I 539 

Witort, E. A 287, 475 

Witt, K 48S 

Witt, Phyllis 1 542 

Witte, R. G 133, 554 

Wittert, E. M 479 

Witthoefft, A 453 

Witzel. () 574 

Wleklinski. J i I I. (59 

Woare, E. M.. 466 

Wojciechowski, Dorothy ....311, 522 

Wolcott, Helen M 220, 244 

511, 576 

Woleben, E. J 447 

Wolf, C 485 

Wolf, E. J 147, 581 

Wolf, Helene E 281, 492 

Wolf, H. Sheldon 4 39 

Wolf, lone 1 312. 531 

Wolf, Jane F 538 

Wolf, O. P 451 

Wolf, R. M 133, 439 

Wolf, S. H 472 

Wolfe, Dorothy M 385, 511 

Wolfe, Nancy 1 54l 

Wolfe, R. B 438 

Wolfe, Ruth A 273, 540 

Wolff, Alice L 495, 580, 598 

Wolff, Carol F 499 

Wolff, Maxine L 520 

Wolff, V. C 308 

Wolfhope, Donna R 528 

Wolfson, Janet B 492 

Wolfson, Montague 134 

Wolin, M 134 

Wolin, R 345 

Wollbrinck, W. R 399, 450 

Wollenson, E. A 139 

Wollrab, J. C 582 

Wolner, Phyllis 492 

Wolper, Caroline H 525 

Wolper, C 472 

Wolter, J. H 441 

Womack, M. L 134, 558 

Woman's Group System 268 

Wood, D. L 445 

Wood, Ethel D 547 

Wood, E. S 573 

Wood, Gene 473 

Wood, H. A 451 

Wood, J 134, 573 

Wood, J. H 443 

Wood, J. D 557, 572 

Wood, S. M., Jr 460 

Wood, Vivian M 522 

Wood, Dorris 542 

Woodburn, Margy J.... 285, 534, 576 

Woodcock, H. W 134 

Woodhouse, J. M 471 

Woods, F. W 573 

Woods, H. S 572 

Woods, J. P 134, 583 

Woods, Mina 537 

Woodward, D. C 461 

Woodworth, E 186 

Woolard, N. C 445 

Wooley, Yvonne J 233, 498 

Woolley, R. A 476 

Woolsey, H. L 559, 573, 590 

Wooters, Alice B 183 

Worack, F. P 444 

Workman, Charlene A 517, 566 

Workman, H. A 454 

Workman, M. C 308, 574 

Workman, R. W 567 

Worland, S. T 134, 445 

Worley, W. J 568, 594 

Wormood, Edith E 498 

Worsham. Nancy E 522 

Wrenn. J. M 375, 380, 384 

Wright, E. J 558 

Wright. E. H 559, 573, 590 

Wright, F 190 

Wright, F. M 1 34, 465, 585 

Wright, G. P 458 

Wright, John F 456, 573 

Wright, [osef F 25 

Wright, 1 188 

Wright. I.. E 456, 573 

Wright, Robert S 583 

Wright. S. D 134 

Wright, Shirley A 131, 361, 311 


Wright, T. J 437, 567 

Wright, W. E 302, 437 

Wrigley. Miriam 1 286, 540, 576 

Wrobel. Florence J 522 

Wrzensinski, A. R 477 

Wulf, E. B 426, 461, 581 

Wunder. F. R 565 

Wunsch, J 198 

Wurtsbaugh. J. A 466 

Wyatt. A. R 375. 418 

Wyckoff, Helen E 517, 576 

Wynn, Janet A 283, 506 

Xanders, L. E 399 

Vaffle, Gladys 526 

Yagemann, W. F 300, 483 

Yakley, Dorothy 134, 496 

Yankee, G. G 454 

Yardley, J. A 197, 198 

Yarmo, M 472 

Yarmoluk, P 134, 554 

Yarnell, Joyce 588 

Yates, T. A 476 

Yavitt, Ann 547 

Yeager, Margaret 504 

Yeaman, June 527 

Yellin, A. H 596 

Yellin, Melva 492 

Y. M. C. A 238 

Yonts, W 134, 437, 573 

Youle, Joanne 134 

Youmans, Janice 505, 576 

Youmans, John B 170 

Young, Arlene 516 

Young, B. E 551 

Young, Carolyn 267, 499 

Young, C. R 471 

Young, C. H. K...228, 375, 380, 381 

383, 390 

Young, C. T 463 

Young, D. L 134 

Young, E. B 455 

Young, Grace 502 

Young, H. C 134, 391, 484 

Young, Helen R 493 

Young, J. A 574 

Young, Jean E 135, 527 

Young, Jeanne 528 

Young, J. D 599 

Young, J. N 582 

Young, June 5 50 

Young, L. T 442 

Young, Margaret 280, 502, 548 

Young, Masco 457 

Young, Phyllis 135 

Young, P 168 

Young, R. C 135, 586 

Young, S. H 454 

Young, W. H 463 

Younge, R. G 457 

Yow, R 156, 190, 191 

Yung, H. P 308 

Yunker, Barbara 548 

Yunker, R. W 135 

Yurtman, S. H 598 

Y. W. C. A 270 

Zabierek, Wanda S *s 1 7 

Zaborac, T. F 375, 389 

Zacek, A. P 557 

Zachary. B. A 477, 581 

Zagol, S 586 

Zagorski, E. J 443 

Zahr, Jean A 490 

Zalesnak, B. D 181, 189 

Zaloga, C .' 557 

Zamis, Helen F 532 

Zampogna, M 190 

Zandier, F. F 470 

Zanotti, G. J 591 

Zannmi, Mary 259 

Zaret, Ellen 135, 518 

Zarub. Kathryn S02 

Zatkoff, S 375, 380, 390 

Zeanng. J. H 473 

Zechman, Suzanne M 13s 

Zehr, R. M 135 

Zcidenstein, S. A 165 

Zeidman, Illyne R 508 

Zeimetz, F. X 464 

Zeisler, F. 1 307, 557 

Zelken, A 472 

Zcllmann, Helen sis 

Zellmann, Jean 518 

Zellmer, G. F 346 

Zellmer, R ' ' \ [ 4gn 

Zeman, S 5^7 

Zemek, J. E 474 

Zemina, G. W _,, 459 

Zerebniak, H 313, 453 

Zering, Gloria ' 526 

Zermer. C. E 445 

Zerwekh, Sally A 135, 548 

Zeta Beta Tan ' 485 

Zeta Phi Eta ' 598 

Z'ta Psi ; 486 

Zeta Tan Alpha 513 

Ziarko, M. J 135 > 574 

Ziculich, J. D .' 559 

Ziecina, Sylvia A 524 

Ziegler, Dolores A 520 

Zeigler, Nancy E 458 

Zeigler, W. A 308, 557 

Ziegler, W. J 436 

Zieman, R. C 448 

Ziemann, E. E 480 

Zilm, Wilda C 135, 544, 591 

Zimbler, Joyce 501 

Zimkoske, E. L 135, 573 

Zimmerly, P. C 238 

Zimmerman, A. G 557 

Zimmerman, Carolyn 509 

Zimmerman, Norma G 135, 240 

322, 527 

Zimmerman, S 439 

Zimny, Marilyn L 220, 269, 535 

Zimowski, E 589 

Zimring, Donna M 525 

Zimring, Grace 281, 525 

Zink, W. W 466 

Zintel, J. F 465 

Zipperstein, Evelyn 545 

Zirner. L. E 310 

Ziskind, G. 1 485 

Zivof , Carol S 545 

Zmich, Dorothy J 183, 524 

Zobel, Evelyn L 135, 259, 521, 576 

Zogg, R. E 556 

Zonnini, Mary E 532 

Zorn, A. S 458 

Zornig, Lois E 135, 299, 307 

533, 596 

Zoub, B. 1 479 

Zuckerman, Judith A 518 

Zuliani, Mary M 532 

Zumwalt, W. F 286, 456 

Zur, J. E 165,-168 

Zwemer, T 181, 187 

Zwerin, Nora 135 

Zwillman, M. E 469 

Zworykin, Elaine V 531